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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  September 18, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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this family says their landlord is doing to force the them out. [ non-english language ] [ crying ] >> reporter: you don't need to speak spanish to understand the trauma. they said since the landlord bought the now december he harassed and intimidated them to get them out. they said he wouldn't take their rent check. >> saw my baby go down. >> reporter: two weeks ago they say he slammed this metal door against their 3-year-old son's head. they filed a police report and took their toddler to oakland children's hospital after he started bleeding. [ non-english language ] >> screaming and say why you doing that to my son, my son have nothing to do with your anger. >> reporter: they don't want to show their faces but say the man would pound and kick their front door. >> and bang the foot on the metal. mettle hear so nobody >> reporter: are you afraid of the landlord? >> yes. >> reporter: they say the
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landlord threatened to call i.c.e. to deport them. [ crying ] >> the children start to crying as soon as they see him because they afraid to see him. >> reporter: the children's teachers and community organizers are stepping in. >> i think there's a cultural right now building of landlords from hell. this is a extreme and tremendously frightening case. >> reporter: oakland police are investigating the attack on the 3-year-old but say it's unlikely the district attorney will press charges against the landlord. >> how do you prove intend? how do you prove that it was purposely planned this way? >> reporter: we went to the landlord's house even called him on his cell phone to try to get his side of the story. he had no comment. the family, there's not a lot they can do. so they are going to move. live in oakland, da lin, kpix 5. >> the landlord gave the family a 30-day eviction notice. they are look firing new place firefighters battling the "valley fire" will be keeping an eye on the weather this
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weekend. the forecast is calling for a mini heat wave. we'll have more on that in just a moment. but first, the latest. some students returned to school for the first time since the fire erupted. pg&e crews are working to restore utilities in the area. that's one of the things keeping evacuees from returning home. the "valley fire" is now 40% contained. in a live look right now from middletown, where a small army of workers is making it safe for people to return back to their homes. part of that process, of course, is cutting down the trees and we're looking at some live pictures right here. you can see the workers there. wilson walker has more. >> 46 years i have done this. it's hard to explain what we've seen in the 6 days we have been here. >> reporter: for a town that suffered so much devastation rebuilding starts somewhere. this is it. >> if you were to go through town now, you would see way
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more outside of the area, people putting up power poles and driving fire engines than would you see any locals, that's for sure. they may not necessarily try to put everything back together right now. but they are absolutely going to try to make things safe for the general public to come back in the area. >> reporter: middletown is now swarming with workers stringing up power lines, phone lines, fixing roads, putting out hot spots, pretty much anything required to get least some of the residents back into their homes. >> it's not going to be one large, you know, lifting of the evacuation order. it's going to be neighborhood by neighborhood in some cases. smaller community by smaller community. >> when we say there's work going on, on every street, there is no exaggeration. for example behind me is lincoln street. lincoln street right now is double-parked with utility vehicles. [ chainsaw ] >> reporter: over here on jefferson street they are taking down every, single tree. >> i'm trying to help these people get things back to normal.
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[ chainsaws ] >> reporter: on some streets the only thing standing that isn't burned is the brand-new telephone pole that was installed about an hour ago. just another sign that the rebuilding process here will be a long one. but with an army of workers and volunteers, at least the job is under way. >> this is what it's about. we help each other whether we know them or not. >> reporter: wilson walker, kpix 5. >> as for the damage estimate, it is way too soon to tell. state farm says it's received at least 320 claims from valsvik tips so far. many insurers are just start to get into the burn areas to assess the devastation. they received at least 320 claims from victims so far. there was a break from tent city for the last six days. a high school football game is helping bring people's spirits
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up. emily turner reports. >> reporter: it is bringing people's spirits up. calistoga right now is ahead and not just ahead they are way ahead and if they can clinch that win that's a victory not just for calistoga but from the folks who are here from middletown, as well. that momentum is something they so desperately need moving forward. it's the wrong field and the wrong game time but everything else about this calistoga high school football game is right especially the reason they are still having it. >> we wanted to give the evacuees a sense of normality and a little football, live football game and watch calistoga take it. >> reporter: calistoga usually plays here. >> your home is on the edge. >> reporter: but the fairgrounds are taken over by more than 1,000 "valley fire" evacuees so rather than cancel the game they moved it to unlit athletic field. it will hopefully be a bright spot in a dark time. >> it will be stress leaf. it's going to make the kids
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forget about the fire for the night. it's a big deal. >> reporter: especially since this was supposed to be middletown's homecoming weekend. now a homecoming of any kind for some of these folks is impossible including players. >> there's a couple of kids on the team. no renters insurance. so when they came home, they had just what was in their pockets. [ cheering ] >> reporter: but tonight at least they will have football and everything special that means to a community that's going through so much. >> forgetting to be around that football. when we have our football games up there, we'll have, you know, three or four hundred people come to every game, you know what i mean? that's a place for the community to get together and, you know, root for a team and -- and, you know, have some camaraderie. that's what it does. >> it's for the "valley fire" victims. go calistoga.
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come on valley. >> reporter: one thing you may not know is calistoga high school's athletic booster club they were here on the grounds serving the evacuees before the red cross got here cooking food for them. and so for the cooks from middletown, this is a great way for them to not only support the football team but also to say thank you to a community that's supported them. live in calistoga, emily turner, kpix 5. things are getting back to normal in pope valley. the k through 8th grade school reopened today. school buses pulled up eager kids filed in. only about half the students showed up. but it's a welcome change from weeks of displacement and parents and students alike. >> it's nice to know what tomorrow is going to bring. >> the "valley fire" displaced thousands of people many who now live in this makeshift tenth city. on monday, all schools from the kelseyville district and another district will be back open. firefighters are concerned hot temperatures this weekend will make things more difficult
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on the fire lines. paul deanno with the numbers. >> reporter: we are talking 90s. it will be 90 degrees if not hotter tomorrow in lake county. hotter still coming up on sunday. and as the temperature increases, the relative humidity decreases so the already extreme fire danger is going to get that much worse. we did have some rainfall this week but make no mistake, a four-year drought is not solved with one rain event so the dry weather is back. it's going to be with us for a while. we'll see widespread 90s away from the water this weekend including up toward middletown and the fire. winds have turned. they were southerly for most of week. it's northerly today pushing the smoke that's remaining to the south. and a northeast wind will develop over the weekend. that's an offshore wind. not that strong, only 5 to 10 miles per hour with some higher gusts. big story is going to be the heat in lake county and everywhere throughout the bay area. san francisco you will hit 80 tomorrow. your average is 70. that's 10 degrees above average and concord 94 degrees tomorrow. it's been comfortable the past several days but we leave the comfort zone getting hot as we
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medical toward the weekend. over my -- as we head toward the weekend. over my shoulder, eight super bowl trophies. coming up, how you can take a picture with all eight of them in two different spots. we'll talk about that coming up in eight minutes. a brutal beatdown outside levi's stadium was caught on camera. it happened after monday night's game. the video shows people beating up a fan wearing a minnesota vikings jersey. security guard tries to break things up but even he gets injured. santa clara police say they have studied the video to find those suspects. they arrested these three men and a teenaged girl. turns out one of the spokesmen a 9ers season ticketholder. the team has revoked his season tickets. a judge granted bail for three correctional officers accused in the beating death of a santa clara county inmate. the family is outraged. kpix 5's kiet do on the text messages that were used against
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the officers. >> reporter: the judge set the bail for each guard at $1.5 million saying the prosecutor did not prove they were a threat to public safety. we finally got our first look in public of these three guards today in court. rafael rodriguez, jereh lubin and matthew farris appeared in shackles and jail uniforms that said alameda county where they are being held in protective custody. they all face murder charges for allegedly beating a mentally ill inmate to death last month. michael tyree was found unconscious an hour after surveillance cameras captured the three deputies entering his cell. the district attorney asked for a $10 million bail each saying the guards posed a threat to public safety because of some incriminating text messages. >> we don't know how authentic
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they are, the context or what came before or after. or whether in fact they are actually texts traced directly to our clients so we have to take more time to investigate the case and figure out exactly what it means. >> reporter: the next court appearance is september 28. in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> in a statement, michael tyree's family said the guards got special treatment and bail because they are a part of law enforcement. still ahead, a comeback for a south bay police officer. a breakthrough deal brings this cop back to the department she started in but find out why she says it's still a big risk. >> a disabled child being called a public nuisance. neighbors are ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the san jose police department is in the middle of a revival. a agreement between the city and police union is bringing cops back to the force. only on "5", kpix 5's len ramirez spoke to one of them. >> reporter: officer lee an alfonso is back in blue once again wearing the uniform of the san jose pd. >> when i put the uniform on for the first time, um, to see the patches on my arms and -- it just was a very good feeling to be coming back. >> reporter: after 18 years as a cop in san jose, alfonso left the department earlier this year because of measure b, the pension reform plan that took more out of her paycheck and covered less of her disability and retirement. >> i had to make a decision for my family. >> reporter: she works six months for another department. but now with an agreement between the city and the police union to scrap major portions of measure b, she is the first of the so-called comeback cops to get rehired by san jose.
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>> everybody has been extremely supportive. everybody understands the goal of this place is to be able to move past measure b and continue to rebuild this department. >> fantastic. i mean, quite frankly we never wanted individuals to leave in the first place. >> reporter: plenty did. since 2012, the department is down about 400 officers because of retirements or lateral moves to other cities. assistant chief eddie garcia says since the agreement, the exodus has slowed and is starting to turn around. >> we feel that there's a lot of people getting ready to wanted to come back. >> a took a huge leap of faith in coming back before the things are finalized. >> reporter: the agreement still needs to be approved by a judge and could go back to the voters next year. but for alfonso coming back to the city where she started out as a cop is worth taking a chance. >> we all want to come home. this is where we call home. >> reporter: in san jose, len
6:16 pm
ramirez, kpix 5. >> under the tentative deal police officers who returned to the force get a 5% signing bonus. a legal battle in south bay has autism advocates outraged! kpix 5's devin fehely on why some neighbors are suing a family with an autistic boy to get him declared a public nuisance. >> reporter: there has been an intense outcry and public backlash against this lawsuit. people say they cannot understand how anyone could file a lawsuit against a family with a child with autism. but the neighbors behind this lawsuit say they are parents too and that their goal is not to discriminate against the disabled but simply to protect their own children from a boy who is violent and out of control. responsible for attacks on pets, people and young children in this neighborhood. but advocates for people with autism say the lawsuit is mean- spirited and misguided. >> as a parent of the child with special needs, you're kind of concerned, like, what if
6:17 pm
there's a precedent set about this, you know? how many times might my kid have been considered disruptive? or difficult? >> a lot of people are put there is on autism. it has nothing to do with autism. it has to do with behavior, you know, how a child is allowed to behave. >> reporter: the family that was the target of this lawsuit has since moved from the neighborhood. they are currently renting out their home. we did reach out to them and their attorney today but they could not be reached for comment. the case will go before a judge next week. in sunnyvale, devin fehely, kpix 5. >> some orinda parents showed up at back to school night to a not so sweet surprise. new school district snack guidelines discourage sweet treats including birthday cupcakes. the district hopes to encourage parents to bring healthier alternatives instead. but some parents say the school district has gone too far. >> it's getting to a point where we are controlling too much of what our kids are
6:18 pm
doing. >> not so sweet surprise. applied to school celebrations -- >> there is a currently a petition to overturn the decision -- a pecks to overturn the decision. paul deanno is live in fremont with the 50 tour. a lot of hardware there. >> reporter: tell you what, if you are a football fan, this is the best place on earth. more super bowl trophies in one location than any other place we. we have eight in the bay area. san francisco 49ers are you a fan of the niners? there are the five super bowl championship trophies. [ indiscernible ] >> the oakland raiders. three super bowl championships. there are the three super bowl trophies there. wasn't jim plunkett amazing in the super bowl, mark s. allen, tim brown, you can a raiders fan, 9ers fan, just a fan of football. it's in fremont tonight.
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it's in santa clara this weekend. i'll have the forecast for you and the tour continues all fall long. this super bowl thing is not just a week of the super bowl. it's going to be the entire 16, 17 weeks leading up to the super bowl and we all get a chance to take part in fact activity. it's cool. take a look at the highs today on this beautiful gorgeous clear day outside where livermore you hit 89. morgan hill 88. san rafael 85. san jose your high today 81 degrees. fremont 80. and san francisco a very comfortable 74 degrees. received some rainfall this week. now the north wind is taking over and temperatures climbed about 5 degrees today compared to yesterday. lots going on this weekend. the giants hosting the d-backs. the giants pretty much need to win out to get a chance to get to the play-offs. they need to start that this weekend. 7:15 first pitch clear skies 68 degrees. the walk to end alzheimer's, dennis o'donnell will be the emcee of that event tomorrow morning fort mason in san francisco. 60s in the morning, 72 degrees your high in the city tomorrow. santa clara art and wine
6:20 pm
festival that's where the 50 tour super bowl trophies will be tomorrow. if you can't make it to fremont tonight, it's there tomorrow and sunday. central park santa clara sunny hot 90 degrees. and the raiders they play at home against the ravens on sunday at 1:00. your kickoff temperature a very balmy 86 degrees. light offshore winds as high pressure builds in over the weekend. that's why we are warming saturday and sunday before we cool off monday. highs tomorrow 90 in san rafael. fremont 88 degrees. about 10 degrees warmer than today. santa rosa 92. oakland 85. concord you're one of the hot spots at 94 degrees. extended forecast hottest day sunday. could see some record highs. mid- to upper 80s near the bay 70s at the coast, nice day to go to santa cruz with the kids. inland we'll see some spots out toward the delta at 100 to 102 degrees. somewhat cooler monday. cooler still coming up on tuesday. as we head toward the middle to the end of next week we'll drop to the 70s inland and the 60s
6:21 pm
near the bay. here's the great thing about the bay area. we have two awesome teams to root for. raiders and 9ers fans. you can valid the straddle the line. you can see all eight super bowl trophies. hot over the weekend but nice to head out to santa clara see the trophies. i lean -- i like both teams. >> which way do you lean? >> you can see both. >> yeah. if you add that on to all the giants world series championships, the a's world series championships, a pretty good place to be the bay area. >> reporter: they would need a bigger truck. we have been on a nice run the past several years ago. the warriors trophy, giants. we have a lot of champions here, yes. >> thank you. still ahead, billed for classes he never took and the classes he never took and the money wasn't the only problem.
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california's jobless rate fell to 6.1% in august. that's the lowest that it's been since january of 2008. industries that saw job gains include construction, transportation, education and health services, also government. when it comes to tuition community college is usually a good deal, that is unless you get billed for a course you didn't take. consumerwatch reporter julie watts on a family's frustration
6:25 pm
over a bill that turned into a nightmare. >> they kept telling me it's tyler, tyler, tyler. but they wouldn't show me any documentation. >> reporter: samantha santana says she did what any mother would do when her son tyler told her the college of marin had ruined his credits. she says tyler enrolled online in 2013 but quickly changed his plans. >> never attended this school. it ended there. >> reporter: or so they thought. until tyler was denied for a credit card because of unpaid tuition. >> it blew us all away. we had never received a bill. >> reporter: first santana called the school. >> they kept telling me that they couldn't do anything. >> reporter: then she went down in person. >> i said, okay, this is not acceptable. >> reporter: two offices and several conversations later, she said they told her tile we're have to come back from -- tyler would have to come back from ohio to deal with the bill himself. >> he is not coming back. he never had anything to do with this school. nothing! >> reporter: consumerwatch
6:26 pm
volunteer roger had a tough time getting answers too. >> they never answered an email from me. >> reporter: when he tried media relations? >> the email bounceed. >> it took three months for this to be -- oh!! it's just been a nightmare. >> reporter: but roger wouldn't give up. eventually he contacted the office of the president and about a week later, the charges were finally reversed. >> you guys gave me that extra backing to take that extra step for them to say, okay, yes, we will remove it. >> reporter: although that's not exactly the college's position. in a statement, they say had her son withdrawn from the class, the matter would have been avoided entirely. they say instead, as a no show, he was eventually dropped but it was after the eligibility date for a full refund. remember, if you have a consumer problem give us a call 888-5-helps-u or send us an email at coming up in the next half-
6:27 pm
hour, saints or sinners? as the pope gets ready to canonize a central figure in early california history, some tell us he is far from deserving. >> and on the campaign trail, fallout tonight over what fallout tonight over what toghov wt
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it's 6:30. we have breaking news just minutes ago, cal fire announcing that some evacuation orders are being lifted at the "valley fire." starting tonight, people living in the communities of twin lakes and rancho zener did row are being allowed back home and tomorrow at noon evacuation orders will be lifted for people living in middletown. we just showed you all the work that has been going on there to make that community safe. middletown will be open to residents only. authorities will be checking ids to keep everyone else out. other top stories at this hour. tenants in east oakland speaking out. they claim that their landlord has harassed and intimidated them in an effort to get them out. they say the landlord even slammed a door against their young son's head. oakland police are investigating. a judge has set bail at
6:31 pm
$1.5 million for each of the three correctional officers accused of killing a mentally ill inmate in santa clara. rafael rodriguez, jereh lubin and matthew farris all facing murder charges for allegedly beating michael tyree to death when he refused to take his medication. final preparations are readying for pope francis's trip. president obama and mrs. obama will greet him when he arrives from cuba on tuesday afternoon. wednesday he will visit the white house and he will say mass at the national basilica of the shrine of the immaculate conception. thursday he will address a joint session of congress and will greet a crowd of thousands of people in front of the capital. >> this is a rock star pope coming to a country that is immensely important for the
6:32 pm
catholic church. >> the pope will also visit st. patrick's cathedral in new york city, address the u.n. general assembly, and say mass at madison square garden. he will wrap up his trip in philadelphia. while the pope is in washington, he will conifer confer sainthood on junipero serra, the founding father of california missions. some think he is not worthy of the title. [ catholic bell ] >> reporter: saint or sinner? >> it is a sin to destroy indigenous people. father serra did that. >> reporter: missionary and man of god. >> he was definitely a man of his time. >> reporter: or a monster? >> they were enslaved. their cullure that was taken away from them. >> reporter: the popes plan to canonize father serra. it raises questions about what
6:33 pm
the founder of california's mission system accomplished and at what cost. >> junipero serra was a man who believed that the native peoples of the americas were better off if they were catholic and spaniards. >> reporter: santa clara university professors recently published a biography of father serra. the franciscan priest established nine california missions. remote out posts of the spanish empire. father serra's personal mission was converting the natives to catholicism. but his mission and methods are under fire. >> the missions were brutal! and that brutal mission system was developed by junipero serra himself. >> reporter: valentine lopez is the chairman of the tribal band. dreck descendants of native americans colonized and converted to catholicism to by father serra. he and his tribe are outspoken
6:34 pm
critics of the canonization writing letters to pope francis about the brutality of serra and the dark and violent reality of mission life! >> they could not speak their language. they could not wear their clothes. they could not sing their songs. they could not say their prayers. >> reporter: father serra's critics say treated his native american converts like indentured servants if not out right slaves. they weren't tree to come and go as they pleased, were forced to work at the mission and face harsh physical punishment including flogging if they failed to obey its rules. >> the punishment is very, very difficult to read about when you read about it being administered to native people's but it was a punishment which, um, unfortunately, was a standard punishment in the 18th century. >> we're not talking about someone administering a spanking. i mean, the flogging was a whipping. it was very, very painful. >> reporter: the church describes father serra as the great evangelizer of the west a man of deep and abiding faith.
6:35 pm
but critics say his is a much darker legacy one of disease and death and the mistreatment of the very people it was his mission to save. >> horrible conditions that eventually led to the loss of over 150,000 lives of california indians. and how can that be saintly behavior? >> reporter: devin fehely, kpix 5. >> controversy tonight on the campaign trail. the issue, donald trump's response or lack thereof to a comment about president obama. cbs reporter craig boswell has the fallout. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: a question during a packed town hall meeting in new hampshire thursday has donald trump facing increased criticism for his lack of a response to a claim by one of his supporters. >> problem in this country, it's called muslims. we know our current president is once. he is not even an american. >> reporter: the gop front-
6:36 pm
runner did not correct the man and say that president obama is not a muslim. republican and democratic opponents sounded off. >> he should have from the beginning repudiated that kind of rhetoric. >> if someone brought that up at a town hall meeting of mine i would have said no listen before we answer let's clear some things up for the audience and i think you have an obligation to do that as a leader. >> reporter: the white house responded. >> is anybody really surprised that this happened at a donald trump rally? >> reporter: the trump campaign says president obama is waging a war on christians and trump didn't hear the questions. >> he hears what he wants to hear and therefore says what he wants to say. >> reporter: gop strategist calls it revealing. >> i think what it reveals is that he is not -- he does not have the ability to speak creditably on another issue on matters of national security and foreign policy. >> reporter: donald trump canceled a friday campaign appearance in south carolina citing a significant business transaction. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> still ahead, it's not for a
6:37 pm
faulty bolt or switch. the unusual recall affecting nearly half a million drivers. >> this bride-to-be lost everything in the "valley fire." her home, her car, but coming ,, female announcer: get sleep train's very best mattresses at the guaranteed lowest price.
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tonight volkswagen comes under fire by the feds. the epa has ordered the carmaker to fix nearly 500,000 vw and audi diesel cars. officials say they were intentionally violating clean air laws by using software that dodges emissions standards. the carmaker is facing billions in fines. california issued a separate compliance order and the california air and resources board is investigating the case. a pack of coyotes killed a cat in a san francisco neighborhood and some people are telling us the wild animals are making themselves at home in their communities. i'll have much more on this tonight on bay area nightbeat; come join me at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12.
6:40 pm
the super bowl is not until february. but the super bowl tour is active tonight. super bowl trophies, you can get a picture with all eight of them from the bay area. tonight in fremont, we'll talk more about where it's going this weekend and have your weather forecast on this wildly comfortable friday night. that's coming up next. ahead this friday, a pre- game ritual only a mother could love. napa will be tiger free. and the height this young lady is climbing. >> da, da, da, da. >> the plot thickens. you got to stick around for this one. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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like a little puppy! the award-winning geico app. download it today. a bride was ready to push back her wedding plans after the "valley fire" completely destroyed her home. >> but tonight reporter kelly ryan shows us how an entire community is coming together to
6:44 pm
give her the wedding that she has always dreamed of. >> reporter: justice every just two days after rachel lost her entire home to fire, she came here to try on wedding dresses and what happened next is bringing a community together. >> the house is gone. my car is gone. um, i'm okay. >> reporter: that call from rachel lemon's fiance was hard for her to comprehend. >> at first i thought he was joking because i couldn't be, you know -- didn't think it could be true. >> reporter: but it was. she and her fiance' home in middletown burned down after the "valley fire" swept in. her fiance barely made it out alive. then more bad news from her mother. >> my house is gone and my daughter's house is gone. >> reporter: living in a tent on her future mother-in-law's front yard rachel wasn't going to keep an appointment at starlet bridal in santa rosa but her mother insisted. >> silly to think about spend pentagon n any or a wedding when -- spending money on a wedding when everybody lost so
6:45 pm
much. >> reporter: her mother was determined. >> you have to think of the good stuff. >> reporter: while trying on gowns, store owner alison hargrave bernard learned about rachel's mom and her goal to not let the fire ruin the couple's wedding plans. >> alison said, don't worry, we are going to take care of her. and i was confused. >> i immediately said to the mom, the dress is on me. have your daughter pick out whatever she wants. we immediately all start crying. >> i was stunned. when they looked at me like she was in shellshock too. >> we just -- crying. >> crying. >> reporter: but that was just the beginning. >> i went in the back room i'm standing by my ironing board with my iron and i'm calling every person i know. >> reporter: she wanted a complete wedding for the bride and groom. >> i called the photographer. a jeweler. bakers. cupcakes. everything you could possibly want. >> reporter: flowers, champagne, wine a deejay even a place to honeymoon in cancun. >> everybody she asked said yes. >> reporter: and she was not
6:46 pm
surpriseed. >> just have to pinch yourself. you know? give me a pinch. yeah. >> we just got another update. the "valley fire" now 45% contained. rachel and dan say they will rebuild and stay in middletown. their wedding is planned for next summer. time for a look at weather. paul deanno is live in fremont tonight. hey, paul. >> reporter: it is a perfect evening outside guys. it's in the mid-70s right now with mainly clear skies. we are talking super bowl. i know the game is not until february. but we have eight super bowl trophies here. three from the raiders. five from the 9ers. the raiders fans are getting loud two days before the game. >> whoo! >> reporter: they are waiting in line. 9ers fans to see their trophies and raiders fans to see their trophies. the pittsburgh steelers are the only team to have more than the 49ers but when you add the two bay area teams which are coexisting peacefully until 30 second ago we have eight super
6:47 pm
bowl trophies in the bay area and you have the opportunity tonight at fremont and this weekend in santa clara to see the trophies and get a picture with you and your family. why are all we raiders fans always louder? all right. hopefully the raiders beat the ravens this weekend. let's talk weather. 69 degrees in san bruno right now. in oakland, home of the raiders, it's 77. livermore 84. san francisco 66. san jose 77 degrees. right now santa rosa 81. beautiful night tonight a little cool for the north bay santa rosa down to 50. concord 57. vallejo 56. fremont 57 degrees. if you are traveling out and about northern california tomorrow state capital 94. yosemite warmer 91. monterey 76 degrees. the weather is changing because the wind direction is changing. it was a southwest wind all week long had some rain had cloudy cooler conditions now the winds are offshore. they will be north to northeast. that will warm us up because it minimizes the influence of the pacific ocean so we are warmer today. we'll be warmer still tomorrow. hottest day will be sunday. we'll see some triple digits
6:48 pm
away from the water. clear skies tonight even you along the coastline will be clear half moon bay pacifica bodega bay. sunny weekend for everyone saturday and sunday. and record highs are possible our hottest day will be sunday. take a tour we'll start down south. union city 87. los altos 90. hayward your high tomorrow 82 degrees. sunshine in san ramon 92. 93 for antioch. benicia 88 degrees. berkeley hot on the cal campus tomorrow 85 degrees. mill valley 88. sonoma wine country low 90s with sunshine. and up toward the fire relative humidity drops as the temperatures climb lakeport 94 windsor 93 degrees. the rain helps. we could use some more help from mother nature. winds will be light this weekend. hot sunday. triple digits away from the water. mid-80s near the bay. 70s at the coastline. we'll begin to cool off monday more significant cooling tuesday and wednesday. down to the 80s inland. back blow average and 60s and 70s near the bay with more cloud cover. we are out here the 50 tour part of the fremont street eats every friday night they bring
6:49 pm
the food trucks out. the wind direction is coming from the trucks. it smells amazing. it is a beautiful night in fremont as we head toward the weekend. we have sports coming up next. ,
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
nfl up top. and the raiders they have had almost a week to think about this. now, a near touchdown underdog how are they going to respond sunday when they play the ravens? the raiders let's face it blowing out of their own stadium by the bengals in week one. swelling has gone down in the throwing hand of quarterback derek carr who has taken almost all the snaps in practice. so it looks like it's thumbs up for the raid other fence. carr one of the most positive guys i have met says raider nation is not time to panic. >> it's one game. was it ugly? yeah. but you have to answer back of the that's one thing about the team. you have practice there was nothing changes. we are heading the right way but absolutely that's not what we want to show our fans and we want to come out and play better next time. 49er business. on a flight right now to pittsburgh, steelers favored by
6:53 pm
6. if reggie bush is on your fantasy team, sit him! jim tomsula tomsula says bush is out for sunday's game because of a calf strain. defensively, didn't look like they missed a step against the vikings. that's after they lost personnel in the off season. linebacker aaron lynch had one of san francisco's five sacks. secret to his success? >> give plea one routine thing that you must do on game day. >> talk to my mom. >> okay. >> talk to my mom for the game. done that in high school and college. i did it last year and i'm going to it this year for the rest of my years playing in the league. i got to talk to my mom. >> reporter: has there been a moments where mom's not picking up? >> no, she is always on call. >> jordan spieth anxious to get going outside of chicago. bmw second round world's number 2 player with a lot of shots like this. par five 18 from 265.
6:54 pm
eagle tied at fourth at 11 under par but jason day, he is playing like he invented this game leads the field by five shots 8-under 63 today. impressed ricky fowler. two round total of 143 ties the tour's all-time low for a two round score. this afternoon, tiger woods announced on his twitter account that he has had surgery on his back, had it on wednesday. that means no frye' open in napa next month of he is shutting it down until 2016. it's the second back procedure woods has had since march of last year. all right. next time your daughter says, hey, can i have a bike? consider the story of kate courtney. not even 20 years old, and her star keeps on rising. let's take you to the birthplace of mountain biking, marin county.
6:55 pm
>> reporter: don't overlook kate courtney. >> i have been known have a very scary game face. [ laughter ] >> reporter: can you duplicate it? >> something like -- >> reporter: at age 19, few women are better on a mountain bike. and she has ten national championships and two world cup titles to prove it. >> 15 seconds before you start, they play a heartbeat sound. like dunn, dunn, dunn, dunn. >> national champion in our sights right now 2015! welcome her home, welcome back to racing, kate courtney! >> i grew up where mountain biking started and it's been something that's really inspiring to me every step of the way. >> reporter: this marin county native is taking her number 4 world ranking and navigating not towards a 2016 olympics, but the 2020 tokyo games she has circled.
6:56 pm
and every continent, every terrain, hill, turn she takes, the third year stanford student tells herself -- >> am i going as hard as i possibly can right now? i have never found something like mountain biking where i love to train, i love to ride, but there's something so fun about being in the race, um, and actually competing. >> all right. now, some of you are going why is he just going to rio olympics for 2016? she says she is getting herself ready for 2020 because her game will be even more refined. just nudged out for third in the world and get this, she has six sponsorships. her bike $10,000. and she says the u.s. invented it but europe has perfected mountain biking. >> we'll see her in 2020. thank you. thank you. captions by: capti by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom."
6:57 pm
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