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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  September 19, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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after nearly a week of living in tents, families who escaped the valley fire hear the words they have been hoping to hear. they can go home. the reaction to that news just ahead. plus fighting through the flames to save lives. meet the heros who rescued three people as the valley fire closed in on them. and coyotes on the prowl, killing pets in a san francisco neighborhood. why the city is saying just learn to live with them. it is 7:00 on this saturday morning. thanks for joining us, i'm anne makovec. >> i'm mark kelly. we have breaking news this morning. a crash in a construction zone in oakland overnight kills a caltrans worker. a car traveling westbound on interstate 580 reportedly hit a
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wall and spun into a work zone. now, officials on scene tell us the driver in the accident was arrested on suspicion of speeding and driving under the influence. the person who died was a contractor working for caltrans. let's take a quick check of your weather this saturday because it is going to be a warm weekend. it's the final weekend of summer 2015. live look at the transamerica tower this morning. we are in the 50s all around the bay area, 58 degrees in the city right now. sunshine for all today, warmer temperatures beginning today, and then peaking tomorrow, triple-digit heat, may even see some record breakers. we'll have a look at your extended forecast coming up in a few. in many hours many of the people who were chased out by the valley fire can finally go back home. the evacuation order for middletown will be lifted today at noon. a lot of evacuees who have been living in tents at a camp in talatokinga are from
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middletown. so likely today there likely be delays and traffic jams back into town. some say the haddest part will be when they get past those checkpoints >> it's like a ghosttown, and then everybody comes back in and starts rebuild, it'll be back to the small town, family town it was. yeah, it'll be great to be back to calm. >> the communities of twin lakes and rancho sikero were let in last night. two hours are still under evacuation orders, cobb mountain and hidden valley. >> before the evacuation is lifted in middletown, there is more work to do. [ chain saw noise ] >> yesterday we saw crews going street by street, cutting down dead trees. but progress is being made. the valley fire is now 45% contained. some students in pope valley were allowed to go back to school yesterday. the valley fire has burned more than 73,000 acres since it broke out a week ago. three people have been killed,
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at least 585 homes are destroyed. and as some of those evacuees head home, we're just learning about some dramatic rescues. fish and game wardens drove into these flames, deep behind the fire lines to save those trapped in their homes. now, we're talking about two fish and game wardens who risked their lives to save three people. reporter nick james spoke to the men and shows us their incredible video from inside the flames. [ sirens ] >>reporter: wind whipping, sirens burglarying, flames burning on all sides, smoke so thick it's hard to see the road >> the fire just kind of blew up behind us and on top of us. >>reporter: fish and wildlife warden tim little recorded this as he drove, scrambling to get people out in life-or-death situations. the call came in, an elderly woman trapped with her 11-month-
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old granddaughter. [ inaudible ] >>reporter: looking at what's left of the home, it's a good thing he got them out. his next stop, this home where he saved another elderly woman, unable to evacuate on her own. >> anybody in the uniforms would have done the same thing. >> later warden little snapped a smiling selfie with the baby girl whose life he saved. meanwhile as the valley fire overtook lake county, 93-year- old katherine ray was sound asleep on her couch. warden ryan and stevenson raced in, getting her to safety. he says anybody else would have done the exact same thing. >> i saw it several times, you know, all through the night people [ inaudible ] turning back out a handful of people. >>reporter: they are the humble heros of the valley fire whose stories are starting to be told, the impact of their bravery that night will linger long after the fire. >> thank you, game warden ryan, thank you. >> thank you, ryan. >> thanks to everybody helping out in the fire. >> god bless all of you.
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>> that was nick james reporting. officials now trying to figure out where to move some of those fire evacuees who are still camped out at the napa county fairgrounds. they say the site in calatokinga is not a long-term shelter. in the meantime food and donations continue to stream in for evacuees. truckloads of items, flashlights, diapers and pet crates also being delivered. as for the damage estimate, it is still too soon to tell. state farm says, though, it has received at least 320 claims from valley fire victims, but many insurers are just starting to get into the burn area to assess the devastation, and it is a massive amount of devastation. those affected need all the help they can get. if you'd like to help out, the red cross says cash donations are best. you can give online or by phone. we've also posted a link to the red cross website on our website, butte fire evacuees are also finally headed back home. the mandatory evacuation orders
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have been lifted in amador county. that news comes now that the fire is 60% contained. two people are confirmed dead and 365 homes are destroyed. investigators say the fire may have been caused by a pg&e power line that hit a tree. an unusual predator is prowling the streets of san francisco. people in the ingleside district have spotted coyotes in driveways and their yards. neighbors are being careful, not letting children out by themselves and bringing pets in at night. the ingleside terrace's homeowner's association says since mid july residents have reported dozens of sightings and two cat killings. >> residents who open up their back door, let out there pet and there's a coyote in their back yard. >> in essence what i am doing is creating an invisible boundary using language that the coyotes understand. >> that's a woman trying to get rid of the coyotesment the association representing 750 homes has hired a woman who specializes in resolving conflict between people and
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animals. but neighbors say they should still develop some sort of coordinated plan. today is coastal cleanup day. it is an annual event backed by the california coastal commission and thousands of volunteers will gather along beaches, shorelines and inland waterways. they'll be picking up trash and recyclables that have accumulated at more than 850 locations. last year about 66,000 people took part in the cleanup, picking up anna estimated 1.2 million pounds of debris. here are a few spots in the bay area. in san francisco volunteers gathering at ocean beach near fulton street at 9:00 this morning. in berkeley, people will meet at west frontage road and university avenue, then head to the shortline. and in richmond the cleanup happens near shamada friendship park. well, pope francis is on his way to cuba ahead of his u.s. tour. the pontiff was a major player in the recent renewed relations between the u.s. and cuba. the vatican says he is bringing a message of religion and
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politics to havana. adrianna diaz has more. >>reporter: as the pope embarked on his journey, cubans thousands of miles away put the finishing touches on preparations. the pope will celebrate sunday mass from this stage in havana's revolution square. there are 3,500 seats just for special guests. lead architect luis expects thousands more. >> francis is the first latin- american pope he said, and he's played a role in this historic moment. that moment refers to renewed ties between cuba and the united states after 54 years. the pope helped facilitate that, even hosting secret meetings at the vatican. francis spoke with "60 minutes'" scott pellley ahead of his trip. >>reporter: what is your hope for america? [ speaking foreign language ] >>reporter: to meet people, he told us.
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in a message aired on state-run television here, francis told cubans that jesus never abandons us and that he loves them very much. a recent poll found that less than 1/3 of cubans identify as catholic, but author julie coreaso says the pope's style is popular in cuba. >> he's very interested in being inclusive, really speaking about social justice issues such as poverty, something that appeals to a much broader audience than just catholics. >>reporter: pope francis is expected to land late this afternoon. he'll arrive to a welcome ceremony at the airport and crowds lining the roads, hoping to catch a glimpse. adrianna diaz, cbs news, havana, cuba. well, today thousands of people are gathering to walk to end alzheimer's. you can join our dennis o'donnell and the cbs crew this morning. registration starts at 8:00 at fort mason's great meadows, ceremony at 9 cl 30, followed by the walk at 10:00. we're going to check in at the walk live in about a half an hour. well, donald trump
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obviously is not one to shy away from the limelight. but this morning he is clearly avoiding one specific topic, the fallout from what trump didn't say about the president next. and imagine your wedding day ruined by a wildfire. how the kindness of strangers helped save the day, though, for one local couple. hey, good morning, everybody. hey, i know it's college football for later on today, but i gotta give you the friday business. where the giants stand, the a's doing their thing, the 49ers getting ready to tee it up tomorrow, all that coming in a jiffy. let's take a live look outside the city of san francisco, looking south. everybody is going to see sunshine today. we have your full weather forecast
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this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing. well, donald trump still not talking about something that happened in new hampshire at a town hall meeting on thursday, a man asked him about muslims. he said islam is a problem in this country and that president obama is a muslim and is not
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unamerican. well, trump made no effort to correct the man's false statements about the president. >> we have training camps growing where they want to kill us. >> uh-huh. >> that's my question. when can we get rid of them? >> we're going to be looking at a lot of different things. and, you know, a lot of people are saying that, and a lot of people are saying that bad things are happening out there. we're going to be looking at that and plenty of other things. >> well, two of trump's republican rivals, chris christie and lindsey graham say his reaction was inappropriate. yesterday trump canceled an event in south carolina. now, according to a recent cnn poll, 54% of trump supporters wrongly identify president obama as muslim, he is christian. trump did say one thing, he had told "new york times" he's prepared to spend $100 million or more to win the republican nomination. the california republican party's convention starts today in anaheim. at the top of the party's agenda will be a vote tomorrow on a new party platform that will likely address issues from marriage to abortion rights. wisconsin governor scott walker
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was supposed to be the headliner, but he bailed. former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolten will speak in his place. and remember these people in san francisco's mission district, kicking off latino heritage month by bashing donald trump pinattas. trump made some remarks that some deemed insensitive about immigrants during the campaign. the fiesta starts at 2:00 this morning at casa bon ah pack in valencia. and there is a new ribbon cutting for a new segment of the bay trail along the hercules shoreline. the segment is about 2/3 mile long. it offers beautiful views of the san pab lo bay. it starts at 9:30 at shoreline park. if you want to see the vince lombardi trophy up close or how about eight of them, the super 50 mobile tour comes to the santa clara art and wine festival. that's today. it runs from 10:00 in the morning to 6:00 this evening in central park. three-time super bowl champ and
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former 49er guy mcintyre is going to be there and he will be signing autographs. and you also may see some of these near treasure island and the waters around it this weekend, the 20th annual dragon boat races start this morning. 140 dragon boat teams and 4,000 dragon boat paddlers will go head to head in the competitive festival. the event goes all the way through sunday. hey, good morning, everybody. let me tell you about the san francisco giants. their status? not good. let me put it this way, the dodger's magic number to clinch the west is just eight. arizona last night, and, oh, baby, baby, a tough night at left for diaza. yeah. got an error for that one, it cost the giants a run. got the diamondbacks on the board. arizona has a record of 7-1 at at & t park this year. they play great here. look at this grab. a.j., he goes upstairs to rob
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jared parker. diamondbacks win five straight games at at & t. 2-0 the final last night. give me some haircuts at the ballpark. is that wrong? you like that? we're in houston, a's visiting and danny valencia, a two-run, 8th inning jimmy jack, put them in front for good. the a's used the long ball to score all of its runs, won the game 4-3. astros have lost five straight games. nfl derek garst, a big topic, injured week one. he is expected to start tomorrow when they host the ravens. carsa, said, hey, don't be so quick to judge team performance. >> it's one game, guys. you know, was it the way that we wanted, was it ugly? oh, yeah, it was ugly, but you gotta answer back and that's one thing about this team, you get them out to practice, there's nothing changed. we're heading the right way, but, absolutely, that's not what we want to show our fans and we want to come back out and play better next time. >> you can catch that game
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tomorrow on kpix5, baltimore ravens are favored by a touchdown, so are the pittsburgh steelers favored by six to beat the niners tomorrow. running back reggie bush will be inactive. he is out for that game. that is sports at this hour. coming back later on this afternoon with a college football picture. >> sounds good, vern. let's take a look at our weekend forecast today. here's a live shot of sfo this morning where we have got a nice clear start, no fog to speak of out there. it will be a sunny day for all of us. here's what you can expect heading out the door today, sunny skies everywhere, warm to hot today, and tomorrow we're anticipating triple-digit heat inland, so it is going to start to crank up. let's take a look at the high temperatures for today. to the south bay, palo alto, you're going to get to 90, the same for sunnyvale, 89 in santa clara, 90 degrees in san jose. 87 for you in union city. antioch 93. 92 in danville. 95 pleasant hill.
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88 benetia, 94 if you get up to fairfield today. central bay 84 in alameda, 85 berkeley, even warm along the coast, 72 for daly city, 80 in san francisco, 90 degrees up in san rafael in the north bay. so warm tomorrow, we could see a possible record high before those high clouds then move in monday and tuesday, making it a little less warm around the bay area, and then mild weather returns for the first day of fall which is wednesday. thanks to the kindness and generosity of strangers, prior victim rachel lemon turning lemons into lemonade. the bride and groom from middletown thought their dream wedding was over when their house burned to the ground in the valley fire. the owner of starlet bridal in santa rosa stepped in and donated a gown and decided to make the wedding happen. >> i was in the back room, i'm standing by my ironing board with my iron and i'm calling every person i know.
7:19 am
>> allison hargraves bernard managed to get everything donated for a complete wedding, even a cancun honeymoon. she said everybody she called was willing to help the happy couple start off on the right foot. >> what a good person. well, still ahead, a lawsuit we have never seen before. next find out why south bay neighbors are suing to have an autistic child declared ,,
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tower cam this morning looking back at the golden gate bridge. fort mason somewhere down there and that is where the walk to end alzheimer's is taking place this morning. it starts at 10:00 a.m. it is going to be 68 beautiful degrees, sunny skies. we're going to have a live shot there from our dennis o'donnell coming up in a few minutes. an unusual lawsuit is pitting neighbor against neighbor. some people who live on a quiet cul-de-sac in sunnyvale are suing over an autistic boy. kpix5's devin feely found out why. >> this was our last resort, but we just couldn't sit by and watch it continue. >>reporter: robert flowers is one of the neighbors who filed a lawsuit which describes his former next door neighbor's autistic son as a "public nuisance." he agreed to talk with us, but asked that we not show his face because of the public backlash. he says he filed the lawsuit not to discriminate against the disabled, but in an effort to protect his own children and others who had been attacked by the boy.
7:23 am
>> a neighbor boy who has continually attacked small children, including our own, culminating in a brutal and vicious attack on my son's fourth birthday. >>reporter: but advocates for people with autism say the lawsuit is mean-spirited and misguided and believe there could and should have been a solution other than dragging the boy's family into court. >> as a parent of the child of special needs, you're kind of concerned, like what if there's a precedent set about this? you know, how many times might my kid have been considered disruptive or difficult? >>reporter: but neighbors say they tried repeatedly to work with the boy's parents to make sure he was properly supervised but the attacks continued. >> a lot of people are putting this on autism. it has nothing to do with autism, it has to do with behavior. you know, how a child is allowed to behave. >>reporter: the family that was the target of this lawsuit has since moved out of the area and is now renting their home.
7:24 am
we did reach out to them and their attorney for comment today, but they were unavailable. this case will head before a judge next week. on the night beat, i'm devon feely. >> well, the two sides will be back in court on tuesday. still looking for your perfect romantic match? well, if you love bacon, we have the app for you and a lot of people do. oscar mayer developing an app called sizzl, it works like the popular dating app tinder. it includes photos, hobbies and bacon preferences, whether you like it smoked, chili or peppered, you just might find the perfect match. >> what is it for snu >> i actually don't eat bacon. i don't eat pig. >> that's respectable. no bacon for tony, though, today it's all about spudz. >> we are talking about the tiny one. today he has all the tips you need to shop for those mini golden potatoes. >>reporter: well, today's tip of the day is mini gold
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toddler's head. the question this morning is why. and melee erupts following the 49ers game. this morning what we know about the three people who have now been arrested for their involvement and i'm dennis o'donnell at fort mason. today we will walk to end alzheimer's. how close are we to finding a cure? the ceo of the northern cali,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. it's just about 7:30 on this saturday morning. good morning, i'm mark kelly. >> and a i'm anne makovec. >> and we have some breaking news. a caltrans worker was killed overnight on a freeway in oakland. a car traveling westbound on interstate 580 reportedly hit a wall and spun into a work zone. now, the male driver in the accident was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. the person who died was a contractor working for caltrans. >> the vehicle left the roadway and struck the worker. the worker was thrown, you know, approximately 100 feet or so, landed on the ground. in the end he sustained fatal injuries. >> so we do know the crash happened in a coned off area where caltrans has been repairing and repaving the roadway, but that work, of course, has stopped this
7:30 am
morning so that chp can now investigate. >> very sad. let's take a live look outside this morning at the golden gate bridge. boy, it is going to be a lovely weekend if you love sunshine. we're going to see it all around the bay area. temperatures right now in the 50s just about everywhere, and it is going to be warming up significantly today, even more tomorrow. the warmer -- warmer temperatures than we saw yesterday, clear skies, triple- digit heat returning tomorrow. we might even break some records. we'll take a closer look at your extended forecast coming up in a few minutes. in a matter of hours, many people who were chased out by the valley fire can finally go back home. the evacuation order from middletown will be lifted today at noon. a lot of evacuees who have been living in tents at a camp in calatokinga are from middletown, so today there will likely be delays and traffic on the way back into town. some of these folks say the hardest part will come when they actually get past the
7:31 am
checkpoints. >> it'll be like a ghosttown for a little bit, but once everybody comes back in and things start rebuilding, it'll change and we'll be back to the smalltown, family town it was. yeah. it'll be great to go back home. >> the communities of twin lakes and rancho cicaro opened last night. two areas are still under evacuation orders this morning, kon mountain and hidden valley. >> before that evacuation order is lifted in middletown, there is more work to do. [ chain saw noise ] >> yesterday we saw crews going street by street, stringing power lines and cutting down dead trees, but progress is being made. new numbers this morning show the valley fire is now 48% contained. some students in pope valley were allowed to go back to school yesterday. now, the valley fire has burned more than 74,000 acres since it broke out about a week ago. three people have been killed, at least 585 homes are destroyed. animals also among the victims of the latest
7:32 am
wildfires. kimberly mcdougall shows us how the veterinary hospital at u.c. davis is stepping up to help some of the non-human survivors. >>reporter: burned feet, singed whiskers and a bad case of smoke inhalation, this little cat was rescued from the valley fire, but is now getting much needed care at u.c. davis veterinary medical teaching homent. >> we received about 18 or 19 patients, most of those are dogs and cats. we have a few livestock as well. >>reporter: the valley and butte fires burned so fast it caused people to flee their homes with only a short time to prepare, sometimes without their four-legged friends. recently volunteers and u.c. davis veterinary doctors have been able to go into the areas deemed safe and save some of the animals. rescuers have found so many animals in need of care, local clinics are full, so a handful have been brought back to u.c. davis for care. >> most of these patients are burn victims. some of them are minor, but we do have a number of patients that have significant burns
7:33 am
with secondary complications. >>reporter: u.c. davis has about a dozen cats, two pigs, a goat and two horses. they're caring for those. one of the most serious cases is this female goat found wandering along the highway at the valley fire. she has burns on her face, tongue, neck and side. she's so bad they've had to feed her a liquid diet and do breathing treatments every four hours. >> burn patients are always a real challenge. the initial burns are significant, but the secondary problems that can set in are sometimes the more significant issues. >>reporter: so far u.c. davis has only been able to track down a couple of cats and two pigs' owners. it was an emotional reunion. >> we have people that have been devastated by wildfires, sometimes their houses have burned down and to receive a pet back after you think it might have died in the fire is pretty special. >> that was kimberly mcdougall reporting. u.c. davis is posting pictures of all the animals in their care, hoping to find their owners. you can find them on the u.c. davis vet med facebook page.
7:34 am
butte fire evacuees are also headed home. the mandatory evacuation orders have been lifted in namador county. that news comes now that the fire is 60% contained. two people are confirmed dead, 365 homes are destroyed. investigators say the fire may have been caused by a pg&e power line that hit a tree. another case of bad behavior caught on camera, this time it is at levi stadium at monday's home opener. this morning three people are under arrest for beating up a vikings fan. police arrested felicks shavera and juan hollis and eric martinez from san jose. a juvenile female was also cited and released for her involvement in that parking lot fight. investigators say that video was key in catching those suspects. >> as we said earlier this week, we're going to fasttrack this case and that's what we did. we put a number of investigators on it to bring this to a very quick resolution. >> now, police praised that
7:35 am
lone security guard you can see there in the yellow jacket. he was the only person trying to break up that melee and he was actually injured in the process. in a statement, the 49ers say during the investigation we learned that one of the assailants was identified as a 49ers season ticket member. as a result of his behavior, the 49ers are revoking his season tickets. police would not say if the victim in this case was a local fan of the vikings or traveled to the game from minnesota. three santa clara county jail guards had their bail set at $1 1/2 million each. the trio is accused of murdering a mentally-ill inmate. the deputies are charged in the beating death of inmate michael tyree last month. the family claims the guards are getting special treatment because they worked in law enforcement. prosecutors had asked for no bail, citing graphic text messages between two of the guards, talking about beating other inmates. >> so we don't know how authentic they are, we don't know what the context was. we don't know what text messages came before those,
7:36 am
came after those. >> now, the next court appearance is set for the 28th of september. a family in oakland says their landlord has resorted to violence to try to force them out. they say the landlord bought the house in december and he has harassed and intimidated them since. he wouldn't even take their rent check. they say two weeks ago he slammed the metal door against their 3-year-old son's head. they filed a police report and took the boy to children's hospital after he started bleeding. [ speaking spanish ] >> my son had nothing to do. [ indiscernable ] >> allegedly the landlord pounded their front door and threatened to have them deported. the children's school and community organizers are stepping in to help. police are investigating the attack on that child. if you believe in the old adage what goes up must come down, then the latest study by datatracker core logic on bay
7:37 am
area home prices will hold true. last month the median price for a home or condo was $650,000. that's down 1.3% from july. so is the market cooling off? we asked the san francisco association of realtors. >> kind of what i like in that is if you're on a jet and the jet goes from going really, really fast to really fast, you're going slower, but you're still going really fast. >> fewer homes were sold last month in the bay area as well, 8,062 and that is down 11.7% just from july. now, compared to the rest of the nation, prices here are still far from a bargain. the website curbsf reports that even teardowns are super expensive. for example, this home on lake street in san francisco just sold for a whopping $1 1/2 million back in april first responders even removed a mummified corpse from that victorian. now, the place was filled with trash, mold, even rats, and
7:38 am
clearly needs a major renovation. a san francisco man has died while trying to climb mount kilimanjaro in africa. 33-year-old scott dinsmore was hiking with his wife. he was killed last weekend after a cascade of boulders rolled down and one hit him. his wife was not hurt. that hike was part of a yearlong trip they were taking to travel the world and visit 20 countries before taking on the mountain in tan tan. dinsmore's father says he died doing what he loved. well, in just over two hours a big walk gets under way to fund research into a serious disease, alzheimer's. it is something that has touched so many of our lives. >> yeah, kpix5's dennis o'donnell joins us live now from fort mason in san francisco where he's the master of ceremonies for today's walk to end alzheimer's. good morning, dennis. >>reporter: good morning, guys. i think you should have done the whole newscast out here. it is a beautiful morning. let me set this theme for you. we were at at & t last year for the alzheimer's walk. they moved it here to fort
7:39 am
mason which is such a beautiful backdrop for the alzheimer's walk, which, by the way, has been going on since 1992 and the backdrop, of course, is the golden gate bridge. and for everybody at home, there's plenty of time to get off your couch, put your coffee down, come on out and walk. it doesn't start until 10:00. bill fisher, come on in. bill fisher is the ceo of the northern california alzheimer's association, a good friend of mine. and i'm going to ask you the this question, bill, because it's the one i get all the time, how much closer are we to a cure for alzheimer's? >> well, alzheimer's, is certainly going to be a long game, dennis. but there are drugs in trial right now. we're anxious to wait and see how they come out. so i want to say to the audience there's promise, but we got to keep after this, we gotta keep after it as the alzheimer's association, we're the largest nonprofit funders of alzheimer's science. we're working with the federal government to increase funding for alzheimer's disease. right now the budget committees in congress have been -- have proposed increases of over 50% to alzheimer's funding for next
7:40 am
year. we'll keep our fingers crossed on that. >>reporter: now, we're going to raise over $1 million, that's the annual goal here to raise money for research that i see directly given to researchers, doctors who look for a cure. if you're at home today, what difference will it make for people to come on out and support this cause, bill? >> oh, it's a huge thing. so alzheimer's is such a difficult condition for us to look at and talk about. over half of the cases are never diagnosed. nobody survives this disease right now. our real work and walk is so important to this is to raise the public visibility of this issue and this cause. it's how we're going to get there. we gotta bring it out of the closet. there was a time when people didn't talk about cancer. that's kind of where we've been with alzheimer's in the last several years, and the walk in many, many ways is thant dote. >>reporter: that's bill fisher, ceo of the northern california alzheimer's association. i know people watching this newscast this morning know somebody or a friend of somebody who has had this disease, and it's difficult on the patient, also very difficult on the caregivers.
7:41 am
5 million people today in the united states has alzheimer's. get up, everybody, come on out, help me find a cure, that includes you two guys. >> we would love that. it looks like a gorgeous day out there, dennis. thanks for that live report. this morning some good news about sea lions. more than a handful getting to go home after an oil spill four months ago. how scientists hope they will help provide answers to the problems plaguing a lot of sea lions this year. plus it can be tricky for kids, even some adults. how a bay area woman, though, is taking the frustration right out of mack. let's take a live look this morning in the south bay, a live look over san jose. clear skies everywhere, warm temperatures. temperatures. more on your weather forecast
7:42 am
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7:44 am
pope francis is getting ready to land in cuba. the historic four-day trip is seen as a celebration of this new era of diplomacy between the u.s. and cuba and the role pope francis played in thawing the chilly relationship. tomorrow morning thousands are
7:45 am
expected to turn out for an open-air mass in havana's plaza day revolution led by the pope. >> he's going from cuba to the united states, i think that's highly significant. i think the sea between miami and havana is what the berlin wall was to the germans. >> i already feel the positive impact of pope francis and are now hopeful for their future. some parents in arenda showed up to back to school night for a not-so-sweet surprise. the school district snack guidelines discourage any sweet treats, including birthday cupcakes. the district hopes to encourage parents to bring healthier alternatives instead, but some parents say the district has just gone too far. >> it's getting to a point where we're controlling too much of what our kids are doing. >> not-so-sweet surprise applied to school celebrations. >> there is currently a petition to overturn that decision. now, math can be a tough subject for young students. >> we're older and know.
7:46 am
but as alan martin reports, some in san mateo are getting help from this week's jefferson award winner. >> so make sure that i bought kids in the right group. >>reporter: when it comes to variables, coefficients and irrashal numbers, marlo can relate to the kids she helps. >> i was dreadful in math. i was an a student in everything but math, and when i was able to get a c or a d in math, my parents had a party. >>reporter: after 25 years of the school -- as a school counselor, marlo busy became the pastor of st. james ame church in san mateo and quickly saw a need. >> what was happening is kids were being put in classes to repeat a class in 9th grade when they had already gotten an a or b in eighth grade. >>reporter: it's called misplacement. in particular busy saw it happening to plaque and hispanic children. >> it's a dream killer. when you tell a child that you're good in school but you're not good enough, you
7:47 am
need to prove it to me one more time that you're that good and then i'll let you through the door, i mean, come on, do they not have enough barriers in the way? >>reporter: not only were students being misplaced, many were falling behind and struggling. both groups needed help. so two years ago reverend bussey create the st. james community foundation. three afternoons a week, about 50 middle school students fill the church's community hall for a hot meal and math. camilleo tupak is a seventh grader who struggled. >> i was really bad with my grades. >>reporter: especially math. >> math, really tough for me. >>reporter: now his grades are up, along with his confidence. adrianna was one of the first students in the program, now a high school junior, she's back, tutoring the kids. >> before i went in, i didn't really understand it. when i started coming here, like, i was, like, excelling more than my other classmates because of this, so every
7:48 am
single test, i didn't have to study. everything else i would always get a's on. >>reporter: so for giving children in san mateo a boost in math as well as for their futures, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to the reverend marlan bussey. >> remember, you can nominate someone you aid mire for the jefferson award for public service online at let's take a look at our weekend forecast. looking like a nice one too. it's going to get hot as well. here's a live shot of dublin this morning. nice and still out there, a clear start, no fog. sun for all of us to start off our saturday. here's what you can expect heading out the door, sunny skies everywhere, warm to hot today and tomorrow we are looking at triple-digit heat if you are further inland. let's take a look at some of our highs for today, first to the south bay, las altos 89 degrees. 89 for santa clara, 90 in san jose, union city 87 degrees.
7:49 am
95 in brentwood, danville and ran ramone tie for 92. concord 94 degrees and vallejo 88 degrees. 87 up in richmond today, san francisco 80 degrees, even warm along the coast, 72 for you in daly city and the north bay, santa rosa 92. stinson beach 72. let's take a look at our seven- day forecast. it's going to warm up. we're going to see those possible records for tomorrow, triple-digit heat inland before the high clouds roll in both monday and tuesday, bringing down those temperatures a little bit, and then mild weather, first day of fall, there it is on wednesday. well, sea lions who were sickened by a summer oil spill have now been returned to the wild. >> sea world released seven of them on friday. four months ago a spill near santa barbara killed more than 100 sea lions, but the rescue team found 62 alive, and yesterday, look at them go, it was time to return the last of them to the ocean. now, one female has a tracking
7:50 am
device to provide information on why hundreds of sea lions seem to be starving. >> she had the attitude of a survivor, and to see her get through this and be back out there now and be a scientist at sea for us, this is what we've been working towards. >> in a normal year rescue crews save about 200 sea lions, but so far this year they've helped about 800, and that's not just due to the oil spill. there's apparently been a disruption in their food supply, possibly due to changes in water temperatures. we have got a new friend in studio this morning, precious. she knows her name. she's looking at me. she lives up to her name as well. well. we'll show ,,,,,,,,
7:51 am
welcome to fort green sheets. welcome to castle bravestorm. it's full of cool stuff, like my second in command... and my trusty bow. and free of stuff i don't like. and in my castle we only eat chex cereal. chex cereal. it's full of delicious crunchability. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free.
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and that's something even my brother ... sister can understand. we are going to see sunshine all around the bay area today. there is a live look in san jose. skies are clear and it is going to be warming up today and even more so tomorrow. down in santa clara, the art
7:53 am
and wine festival is going on today. that is in central park and all of the bay area super bowl trophies are going to be there. you know who else you'll find there? kpix5 monday through friday morning anchor frank mallicoat. say hi to him. it's going to be 90 degrees, though, so dress light. joining me now is nancy with friends of alameda animal shelter. nancy, you got precious here she's absolutely adorable. tell me about her. >> she is a 4-year-old chihuahua. she came to us from alameda. she's a known surrender and she's looking for a new home. >> she's got quite a story. so the owner could not -- had to give her up. >> had to give her up because of rental increases and needed to move, and so she came to our shelter and she hasn't had a lot of socialization. she's been with one owner and so we've been fostering her for the last three to four weeks
7:54 am
and she's getting to know a lot more friends and making some acquaintances with some other dogs and she loves everybody. >> so you've seen a difference too, she's really improved? >> a big difference. she sort of lost her mojo, if you will when she came to the shelter. she was a pretty confident dog before, and then she realized, ut-oh, i don't think i have a home anymore, so she came and she's been loved by so many people and volunteers, so that confidence has come back and she's really excited to find her new family. >> so if you want to be that new family, how can you adopt precious? >> so you come to the friends of the alameda animal shelter. we are in alameda, and you can give us a call too, and i think that you had our phone number on our website, it's 510-387- 6565 and she will be available. >> precious is a little chihuahua and she's looking for a home. absolutely adorable. thank you, nancy, for joining us. >> thanks so much, mark. >> we've put the information on
7:55 am
>> we've put the information on our ,, with awe have made it even steasier to orders. your favorite ice cream cake. baskin robbins onlin ♪i can't find my way through the trees♪ ♪ ♪so so so so don't don't don't don't wait wait wait wait♪ ♪for for for me me me me me me me to get home♪ sometimes you can feel the indulgence of nature. sometimes, you can taste it. sweet granola clusters, a touch of ooey gooey almond butter. savory almonds, and a hint of salt. nature valley sweet and salty bars.
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later today many of the people who were chased out by the valley fire can finally go back home. the evacuation order for middletown will be lifted today at noon. a lot of evacuees who have been living in tents at a camp in calastoga are from middledown. they will likely be facing delays and traffic jams on the way back into town. latest numbers show the valley fire is now at 48% contained. some students in pope valley were allowed to go back to school yesterday. the valley fire has burned more than 74,000 acres since it broke out about a week ago. three people have been killed, at least 585 homes are destroyed. and we are going to continue to follow this story all throughout the day after a crash in oakland killed a caltrans worker. a car traveling westbound on interstate 580 reportedly hit a wall and spun into a work zone and right into that worker.
7:57 am
how officials on scene tell us the driver in the accident was arrested on suspicion of speeding and driving under the influence. we're going to keep a close eye on that story. let's take one last look, though, at our forecast for today. >> yeah. it's going to be really warm outside, san francisco 80 degrees, concord 94, santa rosa 92, san jose 90 degrees. it is going to be even warmer tomorrow. take a look at your extended forecast. we could break some records on sunday, even up to 102 inland. a little bit of a cooldown, the first day of fall on wednesday. >> perfect temperatures to go and adopt a pet like precious, right? >> she just wanted to make one last appearance before we leave for the day. >> a little chihuahua. >> she is so sweet, somebody has to pick her up. >> well socialized, friends of alameda animal shelter. you can head over there to adopt precious. thanks for joining us this morning. we're going to be back tomorrow at 7:30 with phil matier. join us for
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