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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 21, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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thanks for watching. remember your next local update captioning funded by cbs good morning to our viewers in the west it is monday september 21 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." pope francis inspires hundreds of thousands to a mass in cuba. we are with the pope on his trip to the u.s. volkswagon says they have another recall that could cost the company billions. and jacquesohn dickerson reflects on his interview with hillary clinton. but first we begin with our world eye opener. >> what is your goal for america? what can we expect for the year of mercy? >> americans await the arrival
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of pope francis. >> pope francis arrives in the united states tomorrow his first trip ever to the u.s. a reordered battle to become president. carly fiorina has vaulted into second place in a new poll. >> ben carson says a muslim does not belong in the white house. >> i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. wildfires are burning in northern california. >> homes are threatened in the fire. >> the valley fire keeps growing. let's not forget what up tonight is really about, letting the internet weigh in on who looks the worst. hbo dominated the night, but the history-making moment at the best drama actress award. >> the only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. u2 concert in sweden reported after a reported bomb threat. an armed man was reportedly arrested at the scene. good samaritans rescue four people from this burning boat in galveston, texas.
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>> the whole boat was in flames. a 6-year-old asking her parents just to be nice. >> i want everything to be good as possible. and caught for the touchdown. over the middle, he loses the ball. >> and all that matters. >> give us three words that is the real hillary clinton. just three. >> just three? i can't possibly do that. i mean look i am a real person. >> on "cbs this morning." tracy morgan showed the world he's not lost his comic touch. >> i finally regained consciousness. i was just ecstatic to learn i wasn't the one who messed up. welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose is on assignment. in fact, he's making his way
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back from russia after interviewing vladimir putin on saturday. we'll bring you portions of the interview this week and on the season premier of "60 minutes" this sunday. we're looking forward to that. in the meantime nice to have you here anthony. pope francis is starting his third day in cuba bringing his powerful message to the country and the long-time leaders. a short time ago francis arrived in an eastern city to celebrate mass there in just a few minutes. the pope met fidel castro on sunday after a huge outdoor mass in havana. disdents who wanted to meet with francis were forced to stay home. this afternoon the pope will travel to santiago to visit a shrine to the country's patron saint. >> and the pope arrives in the u.s. tomorrow to start a six-day visit. the cbs news/new york times poll finds 79% of american catholics approve of his direction for the church. only 9% disapprove.
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allen pizziey is traveling with pope francis this morning. >> reporter: on arrival he called for greater freedom for the church. and in his open air mass pope francis told an estimated 200,000 people to beware of ideology and selfishness. service is never ideological, he said, as president raul castro and senior members of his communist government looked on. adding, we do not serve ideas, we serve people. among the faithful there was overwhelming gratitude for the pope's role in the new relationship between cuba and the u.s. we were waiting for this moment becky sorisano said and the relationship with the whole world will be peace. church policy seems to be to avoid controversy and win more religious freedom by capitalizing on goodwill from the vatican's role in softening relations between havana and washington.
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but several dissidents were told they could not confront the authorities. that was not efvident in the group that came to mass however. the pope met with some saying quote, he discussed problems of the contemporary world. in one of his favorite encounter, francis told the gathering they had no less hope that young people anywhere in the world. allen pizzey havana. >> pope francis spoke to scott pelley in st. petersburg square. >> what is your goal for america? to meet people he told us. just to meet with them. what can the faithful expect from the year of mercy?
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the mercy of god is so great. it will surprise us all. when you speak of immigration and the dispossessed in america america -- i shall talk about what the holy spirit will inspire me to say. >> the mayor of rome told "60 minutes" americans should expect 100% candor and 0% diplomacy from the pope. this morning volkswagon and the audi subsidiary are pulling many of the diesels out of showrooms. the company's ceo is apologizing after the epa found the automaker cheated on emissions tests for diesel cars built since 2009. volkswagon shares took a nosedive this morning at germany's main stock exchange. chris van cleacve is live with
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more. >> reporter: volkswagon is being told to stop selling diesel vehicles, and this is a black eye for the largest automaker. they cheated emissions testing by designed a feat device built into diesel models from years 2009 to 2015. that essentially would undergo when the car was in testing and would switch it to a different mode to pass the test. the ceo is apologizing saying i personally am deeply sorry that we have broken the trust of our customers and the public. we do not and will not tolerate violations of any kind of our internal rules or of the law. the allegations cover roughly 482,000 vehicles in the united states. the epa can issue a fine of up to $37,500 per vehicle. that works out to roughly $18 billion in potential fines.
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>> a big story this morning, kris. thank you so much. there's a significant change near the top of the republican presidential field. new polling shows donald trump is still in the lead but for the first time carly fiorina is in second place. she's followed by ben carson and marco rubio. this morning there's new controversy on the campaign trail over what ben carson and trump are saying about muslims. nancy cordes is in washington. good morning. >> reporter: now they are coming urned fire from some of their rivals. this is a controversy that first surfaced last week but blossomed on sunday when trump wouldn't say if he would be comfortable with a muslim as president and carson said point-blank, he wouldn't be. >> whether we all agree we it or not, it wasn't my obligation to defend him. >> reporter: on sunday trump stood by his decision not to correct a supporter who said this at a new hampshire town hall. >> it's called muslims. we know our current president is one. >> reporter: trump even echoed the bogus claim when asked if he would be comfortable with a muslim in the white house. >> you said you would have no
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problem putting a muslim in -- >> you wouldn't agree with that. >> reporter: on "face the nation" hillary clinton called trump's views appalling and potentially dangerous. >> he is fueling a level of paranoia and prejudice against all kinds of people. and when you light those fires, you better recognize they can get out of control. >> reporter: but trump's gop rival ben carson went even further sunday saying muslims don't belong in the oval office because islam isn't compatible with the constitution. >> i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree with that. >> reporter: minnesota democrat keith ellison, one of two muslims in congress accused ben carson of fear mongering and said americans should be disturbed at this bigotry. marco rubio dismissed the theories about the president's faith. >> he's born in the united
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states, he's a christian, he's a president of the united states for the next year and a half and we're going to move on. >> reporter: we asked carson's campaign what it is about islam he thinks is incompatible with the constitution. his campaign said muslim's belief in the koran as the ultimate law and subjugation of women. but most muslims reject radical islam and believe it's a perusion of their religion. >> and hillary clinton appeared on "face the nation" yesterday and called for the world to help syrian refugees. at one point john dickerson asked to show voter who is she really is. >> your friend diane blair wrote, on her death bed, clinton wants to say she's true to herself and won't do phony makeovers to please others. knowing you don't engage in phony makeovers, give us three words that is the real hillary
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clinton. just three. >> just three? i can't possibly do that. i mean look, i am a real person with all the pluses and minuses that go along with being that. and i've been in the public eye for so long that i think, it's like the feature that you see in some magazine sometime real people actually go shopping. >> all right. >> cbs news political director and "face the nation" moderator john dickerson is with us. >> she got a kick out of the question. >> it was a great interview where you covered a lot of policy as well in that interview, but first a new poll out this morning shows hillary clinton's campaign bouncing back essentially, a wide lead over bernie sanders nationally. >> right. so that's probably good news for them over there. the lls, every poll story has been not so great news. and so it shows basically she's got a big lead and, you know the other thing she can say is that she might have turned the corner. that she's been going through
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all of these different interviews and that they think is helping with these numbers. >> so how did she do yesterday in her first live interview on your program? >> we'll have to see how the polls respond to this. this is a part of a strategy right, it's a rollout of her in a more longer interview, different kinds of conversation she's having and the goal here and the reason i ask that question at the end there, is to present a different side of her and give voters something to grab onto. because obviously they are grabbing on and hugging bernie sanders. >> i wonder if people are wondering if she's a real person. i think she sits there and goes but i am real. that's what she said yesterday. >> some people said that's the way a normal person would react to a normal question like that. they would say -- >> it wasn't a goofy question. >> no but the diane blair quote comes from when she was first lady or running with bill clinton. so it's this thing that has been dogging her. and your response is the one that she has and a lot of politicians have which is the authenticity of campaigns is a little artificial.
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>> she took issue with the obama administration. i thought this was interesting. she called the effort to train fighters in syria a failed program and said that some of what she had suggested, what she worried would go wrong had, in fact gone wrong. >> an i told you say, basically. that was interesting and said she wouldn't totally scrap the syrian rebels program, which they appear ready to do in the administration. but that was notable. she said if they had followed what i wanted, which is to train equip some time ago, we wouldn't be where we are. >> is joe biden going to run? >> the biden family bubble has described to me as somebody who works with him and said they have never seen anything like this. if she's on board -- >> the bubble or the family? >> the bubble of the family. they are so tight. it's such a unit that this isn't just about a single man. and so his wife being on board is a part of that unit. and so you would think that
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would maybe suggest he's a little closer, but closer to a decision. >> if you're joe biden's campaign and see hillary clinton's numbers strength anything now how do you react to that? >> well, i think as i've been talking to people every time hillary clinton's numbers get weaker they say, well, he's more likely to get in. and so you would imagine the opposite might be true because it's going to be a hard run if he decides to run. and if it looks like she's righted the ship and we don't know if she has, that would make it more difficult. >> great interview. >> john dickerson, thanks. two americans taken hostage months ago in yemen are free. rebels released six hostages yesterday including two americans. 45-year-old scott dardon is one of them and was taken in march. a third american is still being held. iranian-backed rebels are fighting a civil war in yemen. saudi-led forces began bombing them in march. this morning the united states has a new plan to help tackle the european migrant
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crisis. secretary of state john kerry announced yesterday the u.s. will take in 85,000 refugees from around the world next year. the number will rise to 100,000 in 2017. some republicans criticize the plan. they say that the influx of migrants in the united states creates a security risk. a deadly wildfire in northern california has destroyed 162 more homes as a new one breaks out. the latest fire began burning in monterey county to the middle of middletown. the number of homes destroyed in the valley fire has been updated to killing three people. and the total number of structures is more than a thousand. it's still burning with the butte fire burning in the sierra foothills. the fires have burned more than 700 square mimes. and this morning hollywood is celebrating a historic night at the emmy awards.
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comedian tracy morgan bought the audience to its feet. it's the first time he appeared on stage since a deadly car accident last year. >> thanks to our amazing doctors and the support of my family my beautiful new wife i'm here. >> yes, he was. kevin frazier is at the e.t. studio in los angeles with the night's other big moments and surprises. kevin, it was so good to see tracy morgan on stage. >> good morning, gayle. it was a great and emotional night. there was so much more tv fans to smile apart. departing shows like "madmen" got their final emmy tribute, but it was a great night for first-time nominees and, of course african-american actresses. >> jon hamm -- >> reporter: eighth time is a charm for jon hamm after he won his first emmy for outstanding
7:17 am
lead actor in a drama series. >> there has been a terrible mistake, clearly. >> reporter: but the first time was a charm for viola davis never-before nominated, she's the first african-american woman to win a dramatic actress emmy. >> we put our confidence out there for so many years and it's our time. >> reporter: switching from the comedy category last year to drama this year didn't hurt orange is the new black's actress uzo aduba as she took home her second consecutive emmy. >> you guys are incredible and i love you mostly because you let me be me. >> reporter: inside amy schumer won in outstanding variety sketch series. >> thanks everybody who has helped me. i'm the girl who sort of gave me the smokey eye.
7:18 am
>> reporter: and the unseated show of "modern family" went to julia dreyfus. >> i'm sorry, donald trump said that. >> reporter: she was joined backstage by alison janney who won for "mom." >> we are going to throw down somewhere. >> reporter: tonight's thunderous applause was for surprise tracy morgan. his first public appearance since his fatal car accident 15 months ago. >> when i got on stage, it was overwhelming for me. and i just want to let them know i missed them. i'm going to let them know i missed them very much.
7:19 am
>> reporter: now tracy presented the final award, outstanding drama series. "game of thrones" broke a win with 12 wins this year. what a night. >> what a night. >> i thought so too. >> viola, jon hamm a great night. ahead, what an accused gunman is saying and what announcer: this portion of "cbs
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this morning" sponsored by prudential. solving financial challenges for 135 years. prudential. bring your challenges. migrants search for new ways around european countries that don't want them. >> ahead why refuge families are fighting each other on their journey for a better life. the news is back here this morning on "cbs this morning." announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by
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about monday morning, everyone. time now 7:26. here are some of the headlines on this day. cal fire says the valley fire destroyed more than a thousand homes so far. right now the fire is at least 69% contained since it start add week ago saturday. the valley fire has burned more than 75,000 acres or about 118 square miles. 15-year-old santa cruz boy accused of killing his 8-year- old neighbor will be arraigned today. adrian gonzalez is also charged with kidnapping and sexually assaulting maddie middleton. her body was found in a repsyche -- recycling bi
7:27 am
7:28 am
good morning everybody. big delays continue approaching the san ramon valley where a fatal accident has shut down multiple lanes, southbound 680 beyond the canyon because of the accident investigation. those lanes are expected to be shut down for quite some time. only one lane open. traffic is backed up almost to highway 24 at this point. your alternates are jammed up as well. the highway forks commute delayed because of an earlier motorcycle accident in the westbound direction. southbound 880 in fremont we have a five-car pileup being cleared up. julie? we're off to a warm start already a. heat advisory in effect later on today. out the door this morning, temperatures taking near 70 degrees right now for some of the warmest locations. later today, we're topping out in triple digits for many inland locations. 102 in livermore, 92 san jose. relief on the way. tomorrow dropping significantly. 10 to 15 degrees. and we're saying fall-like for the rest of
7:29 am
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♪ >> diving in the end zone for the touchdown! >> nice move in the nfl. carolina quarterback cam newton led the panthers on an 80-yard drive in the third quarter against houston and he scored on a two-yard rush doing a frontflip over a defender into the end zone to give carolina the lead and the panthers beat the texans 24-17. >> i mean, we knew cam newton was good but that is awesome. >> look at that! >> that's impressive. >> i don't know how you defend against that. >> no. >> the giants fans are in fetal position after losing again yesterday. guys are talking about it this morning. ow. still love you. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour arizona police make an arrest
7:31 am
after a series of phoenix freeway shootings but they say that the danger is not over yet. ahead, why the suspect says he is innocent and the evidence that police say proves otherwise. a nonprofit wants to you rethink your burrito claims. it argues that 'cha chipolte food is not as good as they say. more than three dozen apps were affected popular chinese apps were compromised and included we chat. it allows passwords to be stolen. the apps were removed. "usa today" reports the obama administration is considering abstaining from the annual united nations vote condemning the u.s. trade embargo against cuba. it would mark the first time the u.s. would accept a u.n. trade of the embargo without a fight.
7:32 am
the "atlanta journal-constitution" reports on sentencing today for a peanut company executive in a salmonella poisoning case that killed nine people and hundreds became sick. stewart parnell the owner of the peanut company could get life in prison. he was known of knowingly shipping sal there is growing concern about huge price increases for older drugs. >> i thought i had read that wrong when i saw those numbers. the houston chronicle reports on a good samaritan who rescued people from a burning boat. the vessel was spotted sat off
7:33 am
galveston. the good samaritan on another boat rescued all four people on board, including a 6-year-old boy. there were no injuries. officials believe that the fire may have started in the engine room. this morning, the man suspected in at least four of the arizona freeway shootings claims he is innocent. leslie merritt jr. was arrested on friday and he faces more than two dozen charges including terrorism. we are in los angeles with the clues that led police. >> reporter: the shootings have feared drivers on interstate and a busy highway that runs right through the heart of phoenix for nearly a month. police believe leslie merritt, a landscaper and father of two, owns the gun responsible in four of the incidents but merritt insists he is not the shooter. at his first court appearance on saturday leslie merritt
7:34 am
of these incidents. >> reporter: police contained merritt's fingerprints from a gun in a pawn shop and say his fingerprints match. they added at the time of the shootings in question the firearm was not in pawn status. this video of merritt firing a gun was posted on his now deleted facebook page and he has not been linked to the other interstate ten shootings and officials say copycats are possible. >> there is some simulation here that this piece of the pie has been solved but we are still feverishly work to go wrap up all of the loose ends. >> reporter: merritt has charges against him. investigators say he posted about the i-10 shootings on social media. he was taken into custody friday night while shopping at this
7:35 am
walmart with his girlfriend and infant daughter. in an interview with cbs affiliate kpho leslie merritt sr. who has a lengthy criminal his criticized the way police handled his son's arrest. >> and level the weapons at a 6-month-old child with him? how big is this man? if he is responsible for the shootings then he would have owned up to it. >> he is a tremendous father. fiance to his girlfriend. he is either at work or spending time with his kids. i know my son. there is no way he could have done it. >> reporter: merritt is being held on a $1 million bond. right now his next court appearance is scheduled for friday. but police are skill trying to figure out who might be responsible for the other shootings so they are going to keep up all of those billboards and they are asking the public for any of their help that they can offer. they are also offering a $50,000 reward still.
7:36 am
gayle? >> thank you, maria. the european country of croatia is facing a huge new challenge this morning because of the migrant crisis. the government says that 27,000 refuges have independence the nation since hungary shut its border with neighboring serbia last kick the problem down to the road to the next and that is exactly what has been going on here. [ screaming ] >> reporter: the frustration is taking its toll. tension, not just between the refuges and cunning holding them back but between the migrants themselves. as the weather turned cold and wet, these have become the huddled masses and they are yearning to get out of balancekan
7:37 am
countries that don't want them and get further into europe. now croatia, a route for the refuges authorities wait on a train and nobody taking a ticket. the competition here is between families with children where official are trying to move on first, and single men of which there appear to be more. things don't get more orderly when the refuge crashes up against the next border in this case the border between sober and slovenia. they are moving buses through for people toward austria. here again families get separated. the stress, especially on the kids, approaches the breaking point. they are moving but it isn't quick and it isn't pretty. mohammed is from syria. have you been told how long you have to stay here until you can move on? >> they say a matter of hours but you can see it's a matter of
7:38 am
days. >> reporter: this latest wave of migrants has left its mark onenias are building a border fence and their message is -- don't bother coming here. an ad campaign claims woman: my mom and i have the same hands. same eyes. same laugh. and since she's had moderate alzheimer's disease, i've discovered we have the same fighting spirit, too. that's why i asked her doctor about
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♪ nonprofit organization plans a new round of ads this week attacking chipotle restaurants. the campaign follows chipotle's
7:43 am
announcements they will not use medically modified ingredients. they say they claim to be a healthy alternative than burger and fries. anna werner is here with more. >> reporter: the group that put out those ads is called the center for consumer freedom and it accuses chipotle of being misleading but they say the group has answers to questions. the company says the food it serves does not contain genetically modified ingredients but a campaign against chipotle showed this overweight man claiming eating two of their burritos a week could help you gain 40 pounds a year. the ad makers alleging the science behind chipotle's
7:44 am
philosophy doesn't ad up. who is running that campaign? something called the group for consumer freedom. >> chipotle has tried this. i don't think their stuff is any worse or any better than than anybody else's mexican food. >> berman has been the subject of many websites and articles himself. the center got its start from a donation from philip morris despite anti-smoking violations in bars and restaurants. he now has a host of nonprofits funded by donations from food companies and others and his targets have including unions the humane society, to mothers against drunk driving. in 2007 he was profiled on "60 minutes" and sitting down with morley safer. >> let me say the things your critics have said about you.
7:45 am
seedy, egregious. he is one of the lacking people in america. >> i grew up in the bronx. name calling is is not something i've been subjected to. >> reporter: one of the complaints is his anonymous. they received this audiotape from berman in june of last year. >> we went through all of this stuff through nonprofit organizations that are -- from having to include donors. people don't know who supports us. >> reporter: attorney lisa graves heads that watchdog group. >> what he is a pr guy who fronts for corporations. >> reporter: berman puts it this way. >> you give me the money but you don't have to worry about somebody saying you funded that ad. >> reporter: the companies don't want people to know that they are involved with your -- >> it doesn't fit their culture is really what it amounts to. >> reporter: what about the chipotle ads? bermman insists they were his own idea and not specifically funded by any other company.
7:46 am
but chipotle spokesman chris arnold isn't buying it. >> on our website, we talk about our policy towards gmos and we talk about our policy about antibiotics. mr. berman, on the other hand is the an tijtethis. >> they say arnold has been transparent what is in his food and berman's claims are not true but berman is not con. he plans to fund-raise for a broader campaign on the controversial issue of antibiotics used on animals which just so happens to be one of his key criticisms against chipotle and once again those legal donations will remain anonymous. anthony? >> hard to understand what his motivations for this campaign may be if there is some outside donors involved, you know? anna, thanks. if you don't pay for hbo now, you may have another option. we will show you the stunts by emmy's host andy sandberg to
7:47 am
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7:51 am
don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work. really really worked. andy samberg gave out his hbo password on live tv last night and yes, it worked. the ceo of the premium cable network said previously on "cbs this morning" he doesn't mind people sharing pass records for the paid screaming service. samberg put that comment to the test and people on twitter said they were able to logon with
7:52 am
samberg's information. >> i thought andy did a great job and i went on because i thought it was part of it but it actually worked and they did say that. >> the link no longer is working. >> that is smart to share because it gets you to go to the app. jeffrey tambor honored for his portrayal of a transgender woman and he delivered an emotional speech for his emmy win last night and bringing many to tears. ahead as we join kevin frazier from los angeles. you're watching "cbs this morning." for those who've served and the families who've supported them we offer our best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. ♪ take zzzquil and sleep like... the kids went to nana's house... for the whole weekend.
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good morning. it's 7:56. today the public has a chance to speak out on a plan to export coal at the port of oakland. a new waterfront terminal is set to be built at the former oakland army base. opponents are concerned about the environment. cal fire has just provided an update on the valley fire in lake sonomo and napa counties. it's now 70% contained but has grown for nearly 76,000 -- to nearly 76,000 acres. the fire is linked to three deaths and has destroyed over a thousand structures gldz in the next half-hour, cbs this morning, the winners and losers at the
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning. a sigg a-- sil alert for 608 for a fatal accident that happened at 4:30 this morning. multiple lanes remain shut down with just one lane open, traffic has been bumper to bumper. it's almost backed up now to the highway 24 interchange with over one-hour delays being reported. our second disengts of the morning for westbound highway 4 is delaying traffic out of antioch. the bay bridge toll plaza delays, it's stacked up through the mcarthur maze. highway 24, a are 45-minute drive time now to get through this backup into downtown san francisco. julie? another warm one on the way today. temperatures starting out out the door this morning near 70 degrees for many locations. later today warming up into triple digits inland. 102 livermore. 99 fairfield. a heat advisory in effect for inland locations. warm, though, by the way and -- by the bay and along the coast. 80 for san francisco. 70s along the bay. cooling begins tomorrow. back down to seasonal norms for the rest of
7:59 am
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oi . good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday september 21st, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is nor real news ahead including the history of papal visits to the united states. why some people may not like to hear what pope francis has to say on this visit. first, here is a look at today's "eye opener at 8." with one more day to go in cuba, the pope is on a roll. hopes if not expectations were high and he's hit all the right notes. >> the epa alleges folks wagon cheated emissions testing. >> carson said he wouldn't be comfortable with a muslimist president. >> i wonder if people get tired
8:01 am
of hearing that people wonder if she's a real person. >> some people looked at it and say that's the way a normal person would react. >> they've been paying the miserable game of pass the refugee for days now, each country tried to kick the problem down the road to the next. so much for tv fans to tell you about. >> i have been off of television for six weeks, whatever it is. this is the first applause i've heard. it is a barren waste land out there. >> desperation heave into traffic. trent well off his hands and into the hands -- a touchdown for the rebels! oh my goodness! i'm gayle king with norah o'donnell and anthony mason. charlie is on assignment. but guess what? he is coming home, as we speak from his interview with russian
8:02 am
president vladimir putin. we'll bring you portions of that "60 minutes" interview in the weeks ahead. knowing charlie, it will be very special, only charlie rose would do. >> pope francis landed this morning in the eastern city of ogeen. he celebrated sunday mass in havana for an estimated 200,000 people. he said service is never ideological. we do not serve ideas. we serve people. >> the pope also met with long-time cuban leader fidel castro and president raul castro. i'll be anchoring from washington as the pope visits on wednesday and thursday. we'll have special reports from several of the events. the newest republican presidential poll shows donald trump still in first place but his numbers dropped 8% in the cnn poll since earlier this month. for the first time carley
8:03 am
fiorina is in second place among republican voters. after the poll came out, trump again blasted fiorina for her record as a tech ceo. on sunday she was asked about criticism of her time leading hewlett packard. >> i led hp during the worst technology recession in 25 years. the nasdaq dropped by 80%. it took 15 years for that stock index to recover to its dot com highs. >> miss fiorina, if i may, you're selective. you're saying where the stock was, the nasdaq dropped 80% in 2003. by 2005 when you were let go it had only dropped 23%. >> yes that technology heavy stock index dropped again. if you look at it over 15 years, you will see what i'm describing is correct. there are people who look at a stock one day at a time. i never led that way. >> a new cnn poll finds hillary
8:04 am
clinton widening her lead in the democratic race, finds 50% of democrats would support her if vice president joe biden does not run. clinton made her appearance with john dickerson on "face the nation." >> some people who know you and have worked with you say what this e-mail situation suggests is there's nobody around you to say, secretary clinton, this is a bad idea, don't do this. do you have such a person? >> i have too many actually. >> everybody is giving you advise. >> this is done by prior government officials. >> but not at this level not solely a server just for you. >> it was done by others. let me say that, yes, when i did it it was allowed it was aboveboard. now i'm being as transparent as possible more than anybody else ever has been. >> they worry that people who are inside are too inside that that's why the economic situation is tilted against the
8:05 am
middle class. they always feel like everybody can wiggle around the rules and that's something you have to deal with. >> of course it is. i have an economic policy centered on raising incomes. i want to go back to economic policies where we create millions of new jobs and where people's incomes rise, not just at the top, but at the middle and the bottom like they did for my husband. i'm not running for bill's third term i'm not running for president obama's third term. it would be foolish of me to say, you know what? that worked better than what the republicans offered. >> when asked to describe herself, she said i'm a real person with all the pluses an minuses that go along with being that. iranian lawmakers will likely approve the controversial deal with the united states and others. president rouhani spoke last night. he asked about the hostility with the u.s. following the landmark agreement. >> since the deal the ayatollah
8:06 am
khomeini has endorsed even praised the chanting of death to america, death to israel during friday prayers by demonstrators and continues to call the united states by the great satan. do you believe the united states is the great satan? >> translator: the am anity that existed between iran and the united states, the distance the disagreements, lack of trust won't go away soon. what's important is which direction are we heading? are we heading towards amplifying it or decreasing it? i believe we have taken the first stops towards decreasing it. >> president rouhani is scheduled to address the u.n. general assembly in new york next week. one woman is rocking the boat in the cruise ship business. anthony, that could be the song. ahead, the woman who broke the mold as the first american
8:07 am
8:08 am
away with an emmy ahead. how the best actress in a drama made history and other surprising moments from the prime time emmys. you'll have that ahead. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ ♪ you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh
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8:12 am
♪ ♪ ♪ last night 67 prime time emmy awards featured historic wins and a lot of tear-filled exceptions speeches. first time nominee winners viola davis and jon hamm. entertainment tonight co-host kevin frazier was backstage with the winners in los angeles and joins us bright and early from california. hey, kevin. >> hey, gayle, how are you? >> i'm great. i saw one headline for jon hamm which said "hammer time." a lot of people cheering him on after all those nominations. >> you're absolutely right. a great night full of surprises.
8:13 am
it was dragons who dominated. "game of thrones" capturing a record setting 12 emmys. the night belonged to women of color. viola davis made history when she struck gold for "how to get away with murder." >> viola davis. >> viola davis is the first african-american to win lead actress in a drama. >> the only thing that celebrates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. >> somehow it's like they always say the purpose of life is a life of purpose, and i just remember, i grew up in such abject poverty, and for god to have bring me to this moment is kind of miraculous. it's as miraculous as a tree growing from a seed. >> when she tried to share the miracle with her 5-year-old daughter genesis. >> she's not picking up she probably already fell asleep.
8:14 am
>> you see how i handle all this success. this is it. people are not impressed. >> another emotional moment is crazy eyes in "orange is the new black." >> i want to see thank you to my family. >> she's the daughter of nigerian parents and once told me she was thinking of quitting the business. >> that made that a powerful moment. >> that's how i feel every single time because it's not like the path behind me is so far gone that i can't remember it. i can feel it right here. >> jeffrey tambor picked up his first emmy ever for "transparent" had people reaching for their hankies with his speech. >> i'd like to dedicate my performance and this award to the transgender community. >> my little daughter came to the set. i said how do you feel? she said i understand, daddy, your character is more happy
8:15 am
being a woman. she got it immediately. >> i apparently brought my blotting thing up with me as well. >> allison janney's speech got off to a rocky start, but she had a big finish. >> to my team. ♪ ♪ >> i decided sometimes lists get so boring. i thought maybe i'll just sing it, no idea what key i was singing or what song. i thought it would be more interesting to listen to if i sang it. >> jon hamm. >> the place went crazy when jon hamm won lead actor in a drama after previously losing seven times for "mad men." >> i think i turned around and that's when i stopped remembering what i was doing. >> when you saw the standing o. >> pretty terrified. it's been a long, long journey and it's really nice to be here and a good way to say good-bye. >> we are all going to miss don draper. one of the possible explanations of why there was so much diversity in the winners including game of throwns this year is there was a change in
8:16 am
voting. for the first time ballots were open to all academy members, not just an exclusive blue ribbon panel. >> oh, that's good. >> that sounds like it made a difference. >> sounds like a good idea. >> i think so, too. you said at the beginning it was a great night for women of color including regina king who won. she seemed stunned when they called her name. >> it was amazing. she actually told me backstage that she didn't think she was going to win and then she saw tar raji open the envelope and gasp and that's when she thought, oh my goodness i might win. the two are very good friends. regina came backstage with her son'sian. i asked him about her win. he said she's his hero. she's been instrumental in his life. she told him, we're going to have fun tonight but you're going right back to school
8:17 am
tomorrow. comedian amy schumer, a big night for her. she's had such a breakout year. >> this has been a huge year for her. she came backstage with her sister kim. they toasted to their trophies. they are best friends. amy shared a text from her new bff jennifer lawrence they're writing a movie together. jennifer texted you looked great but not very smart. that's the way those two go back and forth. >> oozal was backstage with her mother and sister. adrian brody's mom was on the carpet taking pictures. the way julius viola's husband looked at her and said i love you, it was amazing. >> it was great to see tracy morgan come back to the show and seeing his sense of humor. how did he seem to you? >> i was in the media center at the time he walked out on stage.
8:18 am
nobody knew. all of a sudden a hush came over the media. you know that's something when the media gets quiet. one of the people said watch this. you're going to cry. there wasn't a dry eye in the back, and that was the moment. boy, having him there was amazing. it was amazing, it really was. >> how they kept that a secret i'll never know. i hear it was 106 degrees on the red carpet. >> gayle, it was crazy, it was crazy. >> nothing like sweating when you're all dressed up. thank you, kevin. we'll bring you all the big emmy moments this evening on "entertainment tonight." that's kevin's show. check your local listings. pope francis is coming to the u.s. for the first time in his life. we'll remember his papal visit and show you why this year's pilgrimage may be more important than all the others. that's coming up on "cbs this morning." ♪ ♪ the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder... ...whether i should seek treatment.
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♪ ♪
8:22 am
(vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. are friends and family and fans are remembering best selling novelist jackie collins this morning. the 77-year-old author died saturday in los angeles after a long battle with breast cancer which she kept largely private. collins family calls her a true inspiration, a trail blazer for women in fiction and a creative force. don dahler has more. >> reporter: jackie collins was a literary star in every right
8:23 am
and sold more than 500 million copies of her book worldwide and continued writing as long as she could. her latest novel is in stores in june. >> excellent. thank you. >> reporter: for more than 40 years, jackie collins gave remember readers an inside look at the lives of hollywood elite with characters driven by lust power and greed. >> i wanted to divide the woman who was not a slut or a hooker and had her own true sexuality and could get out there and do her things. >> reporter: collins described a wild child was thrown out of her all girls boarding school at the age of 15. >> my parents actually said to me one day, you know, it's reform school or hollywood. >> reporter: she chose hollywood. following her older sister act res joan collins. that same year collins had a brief affair with marlon brando twice her age. >> that was a very short thing and he was my favorite movie star, and, you know, marlon is great. >> reporter: collins described writing as her lifelong passion
8:24 am
jibing out pages in longhand and- she wrote some 30 best selling novels and several of which hit the big and small screens but her work wasn't without controversy. barbara called her work nasty and filthy and disgusting. earlier this month collins referred to "people" magazine she had been diagnosed with stage iv breast cancer and only her three daughters knew. she told the magazine i did it my way as frank sinatra would say and no one has ever known until now that i should come out with it and now i want to save other lives. >> i know high readers$my readers on love what i do and they have fun with it and that is the most important thing. >> funeral services are being planned in the uk and the united states. joan collins wrote on twitter farewell to my brave baby
8:25 am
sister. i will love you and miss . good month morning. i'm frank malcoat. it's 8:26. the cal fire destroyed more than a thousand homes. right now the fire 170% contained. since it start add week ago saturday, the valley fire has burned more than 75,000 acres. that's about 1189 square miles -- 118 square miles. the 15-year-old santa cruz boil a-- boy accused of killing his 8-year-old neighbor will be arraigned today. adrian gonzalez is also charged with kidnapping and sexually assaulting made middleton -- maddy middleton. cher body was found in
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. we're going on over three hours now where we've been dealing with this accident in san ramon. multiple lanes remain shut down as cleanup continues. a fatal accident happened at 4:30 this morning involving a motorcycle and a big rig. crews have been on scene cleaning up a diesel spill. one lane open. that's it. so traffic is backed up solid through the walnut creek interchange. it is backed from 242 in concord with 90-minute delays being reported for that commute. it's been a long drive for the east shore freeway. the problems on 680 are spilling over to the outlying
8:28 am
commute. i-80 as result. also a 90-minute drive time to san francisco. bay bridge toll plaza backed up through the mcarthur maze. it is spare the air day. you may want to hop on a bart train to get yourself into work this morning. no delays on the system but a five-minute delay on the ace train. here's julie. another warm one out there today. in fact, a heat advisory in effect for inland locations. temperatures topping out in the triple digits for the warmest spots inland. a little cooler this afternoon along the co. and bay but still -- coast and bay but still going to be a warm one. near 80 in san francisco. 70s alonged coast. 90s and triple digits inland. relief is on the way tomorrow. we drop by 10 to 15 degrees. wednesday the first day of fall, nice and cool now. we expect to see the return of that morning fog. more seasonal temperatures for the latter half of the workweek. highs 89s on inland. -- 80s inland. 70s by the bay. 60s along the coast. back to where we should be for
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour from "nci new orleans" scott bakula is in our green room. they are getting into risky business this season. we will do a little time travel today and looking back to the classic series. you remember quantum leap? that is ahead. time to show you some of this morning's headlines around the globe. the telegraph in london reports on u2 cancelling a concert in stockholm. the globe arena was evacuated because of a show. reports say a gunman entered the arena after he claimed to be an off-duty police officer.
8:31 am
they have rescheduled the concert for tuesday. "usa today" reports on the best way to boost brain power. a new study says it's through prove eating and not taking dietary splimts.upplements. researcher founss found eating leafy greens every day and eating serving vegetables each day and whole grains three times a day and using olive oil as primary cooking oil and eliminating cheese butter and sweets. chip reid good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this will be the tenth time a pope has set foot on u.s. soil for pope francis, of course, it will be his first. but this could be the most earth shaking of them all. >> on the ground. >> reporter: in 1965 pope paul vi made a historic landing in
8:32 am
new york. he was cheered on by millions as he made his way through manhattan. >> the pope is in the general assembly hall. >> reporter: where he addressed the united nations and met with president lyndon johnson. the pope's enthusiastic reception was a sign of changing times. for many years anti-catholic sentiment had been widespread in the u.s. fueled in part by fears that a catholic american president would take orders from the vatican. that began to change when john f. kennedy affirmed his belief in the separation of church and state in a historic campaign speech in 192060. >> i do not church for my church in public matters and my church doesn't speak for me. >> anticatholicism in a sense
8:33 am
died with john kennedy. john kennedy became an american hero. so his assassination kind of, you know, put anti-catholicism to rest. >> reporter: more than a decade passed before another pope visited the united states in 1979 john paul, ii delivered 60 speeches and sermons the final stop in washington where he visited the white house by invitation of president jimmy carter. >> own a devoutest president could invite the pope to come and visit the white house. >> reporter: was he well-received or was there some fear of the pope coming to washington? >> the church was changing by that time and americans in general who were very anti-communist saw the pope and john paul as an ally of the united states against communism. >> reporter: in a 1987 tour of america, john paul, ii spoke on human rights. in san francisco he blessed
8:34 am
catholic aids patients and in detroit he preached against abortion. a message he continued to deliver in a 1993 address in denver and his final address in st. louis in 1999 where he visited with president bill clinton. in 2008 pope benedict xvith highlighted the sexual abuse scandal involving catholic priests in the united states. during a visit to the white house, president george w. bush in a lighter note. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> reporter: he and first lady laura bush celebrated pope benedict's 81st birthday. as pope francis makes his way to washington, he will be making history as the first pope to address the u.s. congress. father reeves says his message could also ruffle some feathers. >> this pope is concerned about the poor the environment, and is he critical of libertyarian
8:35 am
capitalism? he is not afraid of challenging people and sometimes when he challenges people, they get mad. >> reporter: do you expect him to challenge congress? >> i don't see how he can. >> reporter: according to a recent study the number of catholics in america has been steadily decreasing in recent years but they hope the visit by the pope francis will put that trend in the other direction. >> while church attendance has declined our new cbs poll says a stunningly positive assessment. if they can put more seats in the pews i think that will please catholic leaders. >> people just like him. we are so excited. you want to be in the room wherever he is. thank you, chip. actor scott bakula is here this morning. fans got to know him as a time traveling physicist in a series that won him a golden globe in
8:36 am
1992. nci new orleans most watched new series. in tomorrow night's season premiere, they are along for a bomber on a new orleans bridge. here is a preview. >> there he is. >> got our suspect. jackson square. he is running! ncis! stop! get down! get down! he has got a gun! everybody, get down! easy. put the gun down. >> put the gun down! what is he going to do? scott bakula is not going to
8:37 am
tell us. >> i'm not. >> that would spoil it. let's talk about you, mr. bakula. since you're here let's talk about you. >> we can talk about you, you if you'd like. >> that with be boring. >> i have heard comments but, right? i just happen to have them here! >> no, that's okay. that's okay. very boring stuff. let's talk about you because it says scott bakula is the best reason to watch and even root for a series. what makes you so great? go ahead and impress us, mr. ba baku bakula. >> do i have to follow that? can i stop there. >> what a great compliment to what you do and i hope you're having as much fun as you appear to be. >> i'm having a great time. we are shooting in new orleans every day. i have today off which is nice. part of the day, then i fly back tonight and get back to it tomorrow. you know, this part is a great part. obviously, the franchise has been so well received around the planet. >> were you nervous about coming on a franchise that had already been established? >> oh, yeah. >> joining it? i was wondering about that.
8:38 am
>> i think that is always a hard thing. certainly something as successful as this because there -- it's unprecedented in many ways. >> what do you think it is about this franchise has made it so enduring? >> i think people like the kind of show it is. for me as a viewer i like trying to solve mysteries, trying to figure out who did it. there is, obviously, there's lots of shows like this and on television right now. a great thirst for that. a little bit of escapism in it. and then these characters are great and they are fun to be with and fun to see how they handle this crazy intense work and then their life on the side. >> but nobody does it like "ncis." and new orleans. this is a city that gives you a lot to work it. >> it sure does sure does. i had never been there until a couple of years ago and shot a movie down there and people said you'll come back. i said i've never been here my life and i don't know if i'll be back. i'm back and a couple of ladies
8:39 am
on the crew, we told you! weird stuff going on down here because you're right, i'm back. fascinating to get to know the city and why it's so enduring and why people come back to it because you watch some of these events on screen and stuff like that and years ago. you sometimes when you're not there, you look and say, why would anybody return? and then i've spent the time there, and you get it. >> your character plays piano? is that right? >> yes. >> you play piano? >> i play piano. odd. isn't that strange? interesting that they would have picked clara netire clarinet. >> is that going to happen on the show? >> yeah. we have worked it in so i can play some piano. >> will you lay out the musical side of you? >> it's out. dr. john in the first episode that airs tomorrow night and knock on wood there is other great musicians from new
8:40 am
orleans." perfect down. if you're bringing that out, that is the perfect place to do it. >> yes. my character actually buys an old run-down bar this year and we start refurbishing that so that is a place to potentially do more music so i'm very excited about it that. the music scene down there as a musician to be in the place where jazz was born and to be around that environment, is breath taking to me all the time. >> what is your favorite thing to sing? because if i could do anything i would like to sing. i'm just a bad singer. >> what would you like to sing? are youing and asking me what style? >> yes. or if you'd like to show us. >> i'm a broadway musical theater guy but i also love all of the standards and so, you know, grew up listening to big bands and so i kind of love everything. and i love jazz. i've seen billie holiday singing and that was so nice. >> what place in your heart does
8:41 am
"quantum leap" hold for you? people see you and say, i remember. >> i do remember. i do remember. it was a unique experience. kind of unprecedented. we ran for four and a half years. i wasn't on the set five days the rest of the time i was there first shot to the last shot. it was kind of a marathon every year to try to survive mentally and physically. but the exposure the kinds of stories that we did what the show was about and it's longevity has been amazing to me. now we are in this world where people can see things so i have children of fans coming to me all the time and saying from russia saying, i saw this when i was a little girl in russia and my mother and father. >> we like it because you're a part of the cbs family me too. >> continued success. you can watch the season premiere of "ncis new orleans" at 8:00 april after the season
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
canada. but what wasn't typical, who was in command. >> everyone has a stereotypical cal idea of a captain. i'm missing some pounds. i don't have entirely gray hair. i don't have a beard or a parrot, but i think when the guests meet me they are pleasantly surprised. >> no parrot? >> no parrot. not yet. our miniwheel. >> reporter: for captain kate mccue, this voyage has been 25 years in the making. what was it like for you to put the four stripes on? >> it was great. instantly recognizable by the guests. how are you? >> i read about this! >> some guests do a double take. >> reporter: they sort of whisper behind you? >> they do but when i hear the whisper, i usually turn around and go have a nice conversation
8:47 am
with them. >> how are you? >> doing well. >> reporter: the 37-year-old is the first american woman to helm a cruise ship. her first day began at 3:30 in the morning with a nonstop series of inspections and checklists. making sure the cabins are ready. the galley is fired up. >> hello, everybody! >> reporter: the ride out to sea goes smoothly. >> and the wind will be pushing us south so we are going to be a little bit higher than usual. >> reporter: and, most importantly, the guests are happy. >> nice to meet you too. welcome on board. >> reporter: part of your job is public relations? >> the biggest part is safety and health on board. >> reporter: followed by a handshake? >> followed by a handshake. hi there. where are you from? >> reporter: like many captains before her she is following one maritime tradition. i notice the tattoo. >> every sailor has to have a tattoo, right? so this is mine. my anchor to keep me grounded and then i've got my compass rose and wheel to see where i'm
8:48 am
going. >> reporter: kate wanted to command her own vessel when she took her first family cruise to the bahamas at 12. >> i told my dad i wanted to be a cruise director. the dad said the words that would change my life. he said you can do anything you want in the world, including drive the thing. >> reporter: she started as a cadet at the maritime academy in 1996 where men at the school outnumbered women 15-1. 19 years and ten ships later, she is now a master mariner, in charge of her own ship. when you finally got the word that you were becoming a captain, who did you tell first? >> i asked for special permission to tell my dad on father's day and when he finished the letter he looked up at me and then he looked back down at the letter again and at me and he said captain? tears were were streaming down his face. >> reporter: the moment isn't lost on her boss. lisa perlow. celebrity cruise line's first female executive. >> i hope it makes girls and
8:49 am
women raise their hand and say, yeah i'd like to do this do. >> reporter: the captain in cruise ships remains a provision still domed byinated by minute. >> i think this is the greatest job in the world. travel and meeting new people and getting paid for it and it's amazing. >> reporter: and being the boss. >> and become the boss. >> reporter: her husband works on the industry as but not on the same ship because kate says she can't be the captain at sea and at home. >> i love it. toot tu tattoo and but no parrot. >> she is doing i
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
that does it for us. a good show. >> feels like we just got started.
8:53 am
>> for news any time anywhere watch our cbsn and see
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8:55 am
good monday morning. here's what's mapping at this hour. today the public has a chance to speak out about the plan to export coal. a new waterfront terminal is set to be built at the oakland army base. there's environmental concerns. an update on the so-called valley fire. it's now 70% contained but has grown to nearly 76,000 acres. the fire is linked to three deaths and has destroyed over 1,000 structures. police are still seeking two suspects after a weekend freeway shooting in san francisco. two people were wounded when someone opened fire at the split causing a big traffic tieup for that late saturday afternoon. about your monday forecast, and the heat is still on. >> that's right. a heat advisory in effect for this afternoon for inland
8:56 am
locations. we have a spare-the-air date today. you can see a little bit of haze as we look off toward the golden gate bridge. clear skies and plenty of sunshine. warm temperatures once again. we're talking triple digits for the inland locations. likely going to see a little bit of a sea breeze, but still going to be a warm one topping out at 80 in san francisco. 70s along the coast. triple digits for the warmest spots inland. tomorrow, relief, a big transition as we move into fall for wednesday. temperatures dropping down into the 80s for the rest of the week for the warmest spot inland. 70s by the bay. 60s along the coast. a check of that traffic coming up after the break. wow. sweet new subaru, huh mitch? yep. you're selling the mitchmobile!? man, we had a lot of good times in
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this baby. what's your dad want for it? a hundred and fifty grand, two hundred if they want that tape deck. you're not going to tell your dad about the time my hamster had babies in the backseat, are you?! that's just normal wear and tear, dude. (vo) subaru has the highest resale value of any brand... ...according to kelley blue book ...and mitch. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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good morning, everybody. i i have your traffic. the canyon road onramp to 6801 now open in san ramon. we've had the freeway shut down for hours. traffic is backed up through the wall creek exchange. now, the delays on 680 is also affecting traffic on the east shore troy with a 90-minute commute to san francisco. meantime, over at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's still stacked up
8:59 am
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