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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 22, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. >> kpix5 first exposed a secretive plan to bring coal trains through oakland. only on 5 tonight we learned just how far they're willing to go to get their way. more than 100 people rallied at oakland city hall tonight. >> our christin ayers learned many of the coal supporters were paid to be there. [ singing ] until recently the plan to ship millions of tons of coal into oakland had been quietly moving along. >> i'd been totally behind the scenes and the developer really homed that nobody would ever find out -- hoped that nobody
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would ever find out that coal was coming through here until it really did. >> reporter: once the sierra club and kpix5 exposed the deal the word got out and tonight the public got a chance to weigh in. >> we are adamantly opposed to coal coming to oakland, california. >> the commodity that we will have come through our terminal will be the highest quality coal available in the world. >> reporter: at issue a massive export terminal set to be built here in west oakland. it would bring as many as a dozen 100 car coal trains a week from utah for export to china or mexico. the developer of the project has been so illusive that we had to corner him in july to get any answers. it's no wonder. we discovered e-mails from utah officials calling news coverage of the project unfortunate. phil tagami had been pleased at the low profile bumping along and urged everyone to downplay coal and discuss bulk product. >> there's a host of products
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that could be coming through and there's products that come through ports up and down the west coast every day. >> reporter: tagami didn't show up tonight, but we heard from multiple sources that his company, california capital investment group, paid for the yellow shirts people were wearing. many were laborers on the clock bussed in and didn't even know why they were here. do you know anything about coal in the bay area? >> not really. >> reporter: are you getting paid to be here? >> we're getting paid our hours or salaries. a lot of people are getting paid their salary. >> reporter: is it clear why they wanted you to be here? >> no. nobody -- a lot of people don't know why they're here. they just told to us show up. >> reporter: ray bird who is homeless told us he just showed up, too. he knew nothing about the issues but said he was given a free meal to wear the shirt. >> they were handing them out and i was one of the lucky people who got one. >> reporter: no decision is expected tonight. it's unclear whether the city council has the power to
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prohibit coal exports. after all, the city signed an agreement that effectively leaves the council out of the decision making process. >> four utah counties offered to pay $53 million to get the coal deal done, but now we're hearing from our sources in utah it is not a done deal. the utah attorney general has yet to approve it. an 89-year-old woman escaped from a fast moving grassfire in fairfield that completely destroyed her home. the fire started just before 4:00 this afternoon. good samaritans ran up the street sounding on doors telling everyone to get -- pounding on doors telling everyone to get out. dorothy todd got out just in time. >> oh, gosh, it was awful. it reminded me of the pictures i've seen on tv of those fires in middleton. >> firefighters believed flames erupted in a field behind those homes. they don't know yet how the fire got started. nobody was hurt. tonight governor brown is asking president obama for major disaster declarations for
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the valley and butte fire efforts. that would free up federal money to help recovery efforts. tonight we tagged along with one family who finally got to go home for the first time in a week. >> reporter: that pile of rubble is what a lot of evacuees in loch lomond returned to, but one lucky family returned home to this. >> it's all concrete. >> reporter: the house jim robinson built with his son still stands upright even after the valley fire torched it. >> i was pretty much expecting worse. the front door still opens. >> reporter: jim is impressed but not all that surprised. when they built the home, it was to last all mother nature's fury. >> styrofoam for insulation and concrete on the inside. >> reporter: thanks to that concrete the home still has all its walls and inside many of its treasures. >> they really liked this.
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they brought that back from bali. >> reporter: jim's son has been out of town, but tonight jim called him with the good news. >> he was relieved and happy. you could hear his voice start to break. >> reporter: even firefighters were impressed. >> thank you. >> the con creech house is an amazing idea -- concrete house is an amazing idea and that's one of the main reasons why his house is still standing. >> reporter: with thehouse still intact, the family homes to move back in next week. >> the fire is holding steady at more than 75,000 acres. tonight cal fire tells us more than 1,200 homes are destroyed, mostly middletown and the big evacuation center at the napa county fairgrounds in calistoga will close thursday. donations have been pouring in as you can see. volunteer groups in calistoga are sorting through bags and
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bags of donated items. there is so much stuff the overflow is being tape from the fairgrounds to this nearby warehouse. volunteers say they are determined to get every item donated to a person in need. wild shootout at target, two police officers were shot during a gunfight in the parking lot with two armed men. the bullet began flying late this afternoon outside the target store in sand city near monterey. the officers were trying to arrest the men on outstanding warrants. both suspects were killed in the gunfire. the target store closed the rest of the date. the officers are expected to recover. meanwhile in san francisco rescue teams pulled a man out of a car that plunged over a cliff near lands end at 48th avenue and sutro mights. the driver ended -- heights. the driver ended up wedged up in side down inside his car.
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he was also tangled up in power lines. he was rushed to the hospital. a rough week for 9ers fans after last week's brawl at the stadium. video surveillance faces showing another fight of a bunch of fans beating up a guy wearing a colin kaepernick jersey. it happened yesterday after the 9ers lost to the steelers. the person whoest positived the video online said -- who posted the video online said it started when the 49er fans meted with the wrong group inside that -- messed with the wrong group inside that restaurant. there is now a proposal to ban booze after halftime at levi's stadium. >> i was disgusted and felt shock and i had a hard time watching it. >> reporter: and it wasn't the first time. last time a fan was caught on tape being brutally beaten in a
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bathroom. >> the phone hasn't stopped ring. >> reporter: as a result, gill more and two fellow council members plan to make safety at the levi stadium a front burner issue. >> we need to take some more action. one of our big issues is people are coming to the stadium drunk. >> reporter: according to police, they average about 30 arrests per game. >> most of them are drunk in public. we'll have maybe one or two assaults. >> reporter: still the chief doesn't think the real problem is drinking. >> i think people have to remember we have close to 70,000 people in the stadium for a large event and the people that are misbehaving is really about 1.10 of 1%. >> reporter: gilmore and another council member disagree and are suggesting tighter tile gating rules, even a ban on -- m tailgating rules, even a ban on booze sales after halftime. >> i'm not opposed to it, but i don't think that's going to solve the issue. there's a lot of violence
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happening around our country and i think a lot of it is unavoidable. i think we really need to target the small minority of fans. >> all i know is it's too much and we don't want to tolerate about. >> according to our exclusive kpix5 survey the majority of people say alcohol sales should stop at halftime. 39% say they should be allowed throughout the entire game. a brand new charter school in sunny veil had to be closed today and will -- sunnyvale had to be closed today and will be closed again tomorrow while the school conducted emergency background checks. a lunch monitor at spark charter school was arrested last week for allegedly sexually assaulting an 8-year- old student. there were no records of criminal background checks which state law requires. >> i think it was a significant failure on the part of the administration of the charter school to not have those background checks done before school started. >> the county office of
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education does not run sparks because it's a charter school, but the county could revoke that charter. tonight another republican candidate is walking away from his run for the white house. wisconsin governor scott walker and he took a few parting shots at donald trump on the way out. >> i will suspend my campaign immediately. i encourage our republican presidential candidates to consider doing the same so that the voters can focus on a limited number of candidates who can offer a positive conservative alternative to the current front runner. >> walker ran out of money and wasn't even polling in the single digits. a new cnn poll out tonight shows donald trump still in the lead, but his numbers are slipping. look at who is in second place. this is a pretty big shakeup, carly fiorina. before last week's debate she was pulling in the single digits. ben carson dropped to third. tomorrow pope francis
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arrives in the united states after a busy trip to cuba. today the pope visited santiago and prayed before cuba's version of the virgin mary. earlier he visited the birthplace of cuba's president raul castro and his brother fidel during an open air mass in front of nearly 150,000 people urging cubans to overcome their resistance to change. tomorrow the pope will hold a final mass in cuba before leaving for the u.s. on thursday francis will make history becoming the first pope to address a full session of congress. it's hard to believe anyone could survive this. a fighter jet crashes crashes in california, the split second decision that saves the pilot's life. >> tonight this boy is the guest of honor at the google science fair. >> tonight we log onto the dark we,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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september smoke pours out of the wreckage -- smoke pours out of the wreck age of an fa18 fighter jet about 40 miles southwest of fresno. a base official told us the pilot ejected before the crash and parachuted safely to the ground. right now it's not clear what went wrong with that jet. from shunned student to silicon valley star, betty yu shows us the texas teenager who
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was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school is getting high praise tonight at the google science fair. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: he's the biggest star on the google campus tonight. students from around the world and grown high pressure ups alike took photos with 4 -- and grown-ups alike took photos with 14-year-old ahmed mohamed. you're always excited as the kids are to meet this guy. >> yes. i'm a teacher and that's the kind of kid you want in your class, that kid that is inspired and wants to go out and do lots of cool things. >> reporter: a week ago the fresh man from texas ended up in handcuffs after he brought this homemade alarm clock to school to impress his teacher. >> i just felt like i was profiled as a criminal, a terrorist. i was just an innocent normal kid straight a student. >> reporter: after ahmed's story went viral google science fair tweeted we're saving a seat for you. he toured projects on display
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with 20 fine lives from around the world -- finalists from around the world today and attended the award ceremony. >> i think it makes us glad that he's having a good time and he can be with kids that are interested in the same things that he is and these young sciences are really going to change our future and he's a part of that. these kids are part of that. >> reporter: julia coalstaid is the same age as ahmed and has been following his story in the news. >> it taught me that it's oak to be. it and do what you want to -- okay to be different and do what you want to do. >> reporter: this was the teen's first friday to california. he made time to tour san francisco, stop at in and out, and go to google. >> tonight ahmed tweeted this photo with google's co-founder and next up for the teen a visit to the white house in october at president obama's invitation. tonight there's word that apple is fastraking its electric car project code-named
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titan. wall street journal is reporting the cupertino company has set a target ship date for 2019 and it's been given permission to triple the 600 person team. >> of course, it's still speculative, but it does appear that apple is at least looking into creating its own car or perhaps partnering with an auto manufacturer. apple would design certainly the software and the user interface of all the electronics, but they probably won't manufacture their own car. >> rumors have been swirling since this mysterious minivan popped up on the streets of concord. earlier this year the dmv says that it is leased to apple. tonight we'll take you inside the secret world on the internet called the dark web. it's a place where you can buy and sell illegal things anonymously. kpix5's christin ayers find out just how easy it is to steal everything about you. >> the tools are out there.
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we're going to connect. >> reporter: meet this principal threat analyst at fire eye, one of the top internet security companies in the world. he's taking us on a journey into the dark side of the internet. we started by downloading the tor network, a free software program that allows you to surf the web anonymously. you're basically ununtraceable when you have tor on? >> you're much harder to trace. >> reporter: it took just a few minutes. then we went shopping. the currency bitcoin. the selection endless. >> it's an underground market that has basically a lot of illegal contents. >> reporter: guns, drugs and a virtual marketplace for identity thieves. that's mark's specialty. >> we'll go into the fraud section. >> reporter: credit cards, bank accounts, social security cards, birth certificates, lifelong subscriptions to services like netflix and pandora. they're all there and they're going cheap. this doesn't really look anything different than
1:57 am except they're birth certificates and credit cards for sale. to the layman it's shocking, but mark says this is like the flea market of the cyber criminal underworld. there are higher levels of virtual shopping malls where you can buy much more powerful and expensive malware. >> as you move your way into the more effective cyber crime underground, they become increasingly picky about who they let into their networks. >> reporter: so there is sort of a hierarchy. >> yeah, definitely. >> reporter: the hot ticket item these days? point of sale malware that targets credit card swipers in stores. >> there has been a huge spike in new point of sale malware especially targeting u.s. retailers. >> reporter: that's because unlike europe and canada most u.s. retailers still haven't switched to new chip and pin technology. >> there's an increased pressure for the cyber criminals to maximize the fraud that they can conduct in this time period. >> reporter: how do they get in? mark says the newest malware
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can sneak in through an innocuous looking pdf or word document. >> i can send an e-mail to a company gilled as another company that they do business -- disguised as another company that they do business with or i can send a resume to an hr department. >> reporter: once in the corporate network the thieves find their way to the server for the point of sale card swiper and start harvesting. >> while there are still a lot of attacks against individuals, there is an increasing number against retailers and any company that operates point of sale systems because they may be harder targets to get into, but the payoff can be huge. >> reporter: but even top notch cyber sleuths admit catching the big guys is not easy. >> there's so many people involved to make a successful operation and really they can be located all over the world. >> what can you do to protect yourself? you've heard it before. about don't swipe unless you -- don't swipe unless you can't
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use a new pin card and if you can, use credit instead of debit. the thieves won't get your pin. significant weather change beginning right now. the winds are turning onshore. tomorrow will not be anywhere close to the temperatures we saw today, beautiful view from treasure island looking toward the bay bridge. it is mainly clear outside. this time tomorrow night some fog will return to san francisco bay. check those temperatures. it's kind of uncomfortable away from the water, livermore 77 and santa rosa 59 degrees. your low tonight in santa rosa 53. we'll drop down to the upper 50s in vallejo, concord, san jose, mountain view. it's been a hot month. the hottest september in san francisco since 1997, the last time that we had a very strong el nino. we are running 4 1/2 degrees warmer than average for the entire month. at least temporarily thing will change because the wind direction is changing and this time of year that is everything. low pressure to our south gets some rainfall to southern
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california, flooding rain for new mexico and arizona. we will not get the rain. we will get the wind direction change because that low draws up a southerly wind tomorrow. that's a return to the onshore flow. that's the first low pressure system area that gets us cooler. it is the second low pressure system area coming down from the north the remainder of the week that will keep us cooler. the heat is gone and not coming back. fog along the coastline tonight. tomorrow away from the water we're talking a 20-degree temperature drop, but we will not receive any rainfall. san jose 80 degrees tomorrow, remarkedly cooler than today. berkeley 71, san rafael down to 75 and cloverdale will drop to 80 degrees. extended forecast, we'll stay in the 80s inland, stay in the 70s near the bay right through the weekend. the heat is gone. normal weather is back.
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in a city where the median home price is well over $1 million, we found a house on the market for just $350,000. >> but don't get too excited. there is a catch. look at this two bedroom shack in the outer mission about 750 square feet built in 1906. it need work or obviously it's a tear-down -- needs work or obviously it's a tear-down. of course, it's the land that has the value. >> i see a 30 story high rise right there. >> it's charming. that's what they would say. >> yeah, got a lot of personality, a little fixer- upper, no problem. fixing up, the jury remains out on the 201549ers, but hey, ,
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the bank of the west sports report is next on kpix5. >> last week at this time the 49ers were celebrating a very impressive opening win over minnesota. what a difference a week makes. yesterday in pittsburgh san francisco trailed by 26 at the half. they lost 43-18. they are now 1-1. head coach tomsula knows one goodwin won't make a season. neither will one bad loss. >> we were outplayed. we lost the football game whether win, lose, draw. we talked about that a week ago, too. we won a football game and
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we're being crowned, a lot of people crowning us. i said it then. i'll say it again. it's a 16 week season and we don't need to get on a roller coaster. >> nobody is crowning andrew heck and the colts. early season -- luck and the colts. early season struggles for the jets. new york recovers, one of five colt turnovers. jet win 20-7 to go 2-0 while indianapolis favored to reach the super bowl, they're 0-2. opening preseason against vancouver, overtime, canucks score, game winner, preseason hockey vancouver winning 1-0 in overtime. [ speaking french ] yeah. in french to winnipeg, the
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second baseman diving catch against a quebec capital and that ended the inning. may, you know stephen colbert is coming up next? >> yeah. >> guess who is on th,,,,,,,,a,
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♪ all of our legendary racing heritage. all of our pioneering four wheel drive experience. come together in one amazing new vehicle. this is the all-new gle coupe. a mercedes-benz suv with the heart and soul of a race car. the late show with stephen colbert is up in next with hopefully riley curry. >> there are rumors. >> we're hoping.
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>> if you're worried about ,,,,,
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