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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 22, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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let's start again. >> break bridge? [ laughter ] >> right. we could rename it. [ laughter ] >> not too many cars. it's been hot for a long time and it's exciting. we are cooled down a little today. it's tuesday, september 22. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm not frank mallicoat. i'm brian hackney in for frank today. here's roberta with the forecast. >> you can caught it the golden break bridge when we get traffic! [ laughter ] >> she sees the bridge. i see fog. that's the way we look at it this morning. we have low clouds and fog at the coast making tracks into the inland areas. everybody is breathing a sigh of relief because that means it is cooling down due to that blankets of low clouds and fog. later today temperatures 60s to low 80s. the full forecast is straight ahead. here's liza. >> good morning. we have a police action in the east bay in san leandro. it's shut down the east 14th off-ramp from north 238. it is shut down until about 6:00 this morning.
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but all lanes of the freeway remain open at this hour. we'll have more on this and information on roadwork at the dublin interchange still ahead. breaking news in the east base. a police pursuit ends in gunfire. right now there's an investigation under way that has shut down the 238 off-ramp to east 14th street in alameda county. it all started a little before 1 a.m. this morning when oakland police were checking on reports of a shooting. officers started pursuing a car but called off the pursuit near san leandro. and later alameda county sheriff deputies spotted the suspects' car near the 238 off- ramp to east 14th street. there was an officer-involved shooting. the sheriff's office says their officers were not injured. but they don't have any information about whether or not any of the suspects were hit by gunfire. we have a reporter at the scene and we'll have the latest in a live report shortly. a hearing is set today regarding a lawsuit against a former sunnyvale family with an autistic child. kpix 5's kiet do reports from
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san jose with this unusual legal case. reporter: this case has gotten national attention and it has sharply divided a neighborhood in sunnyvale. if the judge rules in the plaintiffs' favor it could set a major precedent. neighbors are suing the family of an autistic boy to try to rule that boy a public nuisance. they say he hit, slapped and kicked their younger children when parents or sitters weren't around and the problem worsened over the six years the family lived there. the neighbors tried to work with the 11-year-old boy's parents who make sure he is properly supervised. one of the plaintiffs said it's not about autism. it's about public safety. >> a neighbor boy who has continually attacked small children including our own culminating in a brutal and vicious attack on my son's fourth birthday. >> reporter: the suit is seeking unspecified damages and an injunction to prevent future
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incidents. what's moshes the family has moved -- what's more, the family has moved out. neighbors are not dropping the lawsuit because they say the family can return at any time. the family said this is a modern-day witch hunt. court is set for 9 a.m. this morning. live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. a new charter school in sunnyvale is expected to remain closed today as emergency background checks are conducted on the employees. a lunch monitor at spark charter school was arrested last week accused of molesting an 8-year-old student. the santa clara county office of education discovered there were no records of criminal background checks which is required by state law. >> i think it was a significant failure on the part of the administration of the charter school to not have those background checks done before school started. >> the school board does not oversee the school's operations but it can revoke the charter if the school is violating its terms. flames erupt in a field chasing an elderly woman from
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her home. there was a scene in fairfield yesterday. this is it. good samaritans ran up and down the street pounding on doors telling everyone to run. they got 89-year-old dorothy todd out just in time. her home was destroyed but no one ended up hurt. firefighters don't know how the fire started. now in an effort to help with recovery efforts, governor brown is asking president obama for major disaster declarations for the valley and "butte fire" areas. that's as dozens of families head home for the first time since the "valley fire" broke out 10 days ago. one family in particular had a big surprise waiting for them. the house jim robinson built with his son is still standing even after the "valley fire" torched it. >> styrofoam and concrete. >> concrete house is an amazing idea and that's one of the main reasons why his house is still standing. >> family hopes to have the house back to normal in the next few weeks. the community of cobb is still under mandatory evacuation this
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morning. all other evacuation orders though have been lifted in the area. and firefighters continue to gain ground on the blaze that is 75% containment this morning. it burned more than 75,000 acres. 1200 homes have been destroyed along with 700 other structures. the big evacuation center at the napa county fairgrounds in calistoga will close on thursday. so many donations have poured in since the fire started that volunteers are having to move them to a new location. they should being taken from the fairgrounds to a nearby warehouse. volunteer groups in calistoga will continue to sort through the bags. they say they are determined to get every item donated to a person in need. >> it's good to see how many people have donated. >> i was coming to work on sunday. my neighbor was loading up her van and she said i'm heading to middletown. >> i got an email saying you're not quick enough. we want more help. i'm doing the best we can. we got our running group
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together over in the danville area putting things together, and other areas putting things together, as well. average in southern california and everybody was asking me do you know much about the fire is, you know, they are very concerned in southern california too. now what in so cal today thunderstorms. they are getting the rain where we're getting a cooldown. right now we have the marine layer switched back onshore temperature-wise we are in the 50s and 60s and later today, numbers coming down in comparison to yesterday where we hit 102 in concord, 60s beaches, 70s peninsula, 70s southern california. 83 degrees in brentwood. it will be 80 in santa rosa. we have your full forecast coming up. let's say good morning to liza. good morning. we are going to start off in the san leandro area where the police department is on scene. police action and investigation has shut down east 14th off- ramp from northbound 238. it is closed until about 6:00
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this morning. and as far as we know, all lanes of the freeway are open at this time. we do have a reporter on scene and we'll bring you the very latest as soon as we get it. meantime, the 580 commute already slow approaching and passing the altamont pass. you can see our sensors are picking up slow traffic. now, once you get to the dublin interchange, it's the same roadwork that's going to slow you down at the 580/680 ramp. caltrans will be out there until 6:00 this morning. i'll have another update on the bay bridge and a look at bart with my next traffic report. debate is heating up in oakland over controversial plans to ship millions of tons of coal to the city. the plans include a massive export terminal which would handle up to a dozen 100-car coal trains a week from utah. the coal would then be exported to china or mexico. people had a chance to air their opinions at city hall last night. many were concerned about potential health and environmental effects. >> we are adamantly opposed to coal coming to oakland, california. [ applause and cheers ] >> the commodity that we'll have come through our terminal
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will be the highest quality coal available in the world. >> it's still not clear whether the city council has the legal power to prohibit coal exports. two gunmen are dead after a shootout in the parking lot of a department store. two police officers were wounded during the shooting yesterday in sand city. it's a town in monterey county. investigatedders say it happened as police tried to arrest the men on outstanding warrants. both wounded officers though are expected to recover. right now, pope francis is wrapping up his trip to cuba and will begin his six-day u.s. visit in just a few hours. here's cbs news' weijia jang with a preview of an event- filled day for the vicar of christ. >> reporter: pope francis returns to the shrine of cuba's patron saint this morning before he will give his final sermon there. the pope stayed way from making
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political statements in cuba. vatican spokesman said his choice to travel to the u.s. from here is more about reconciliation. >> reporter: the decision to make a trip to both countries truly is a very strong message to encourage this process, he says. the pope will arrive in dc this afternoon where final preparations are under way. in a rare move, president and mrs. obama will be at joint based andrews when pope francis lands to personally welcome him. aside from meeting with president obama, the pope will also address a joint session of congress and more than 100 world leaders gathered for the u.n. general assembly in new york. in washington, weijia jang, cbs news. there is one fewer republican making a run for the white house. scott walker dropped out taking parting shots at donald trump on the way out. >> i will suspend my campaign immediately. [ applause ]
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>> i encourage other republican presidential candidates to consider doing the same so that the voters can focus on limited number of candidates who can offer a positive conservative alternative to the current front-runner. >> walker ran out of money and he wasn't even polling in the single digits. the latest cnn poll shows donald trump still in the lead. his numbers are slipping. carly fiorina is in second. before last week's debate she was polling in the single digits. ben carson has dropped to third and the election is more than a year away. time now is 4:40. scary moments during one of the most treacherous swim meets on earth. how a man's quick thinking in the water is earning him the title hero. >> what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. we'll be right back.
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big changes at levi's stadium. consideration of banning alcohol after halftime and boosting police patrols. the santa clara city council will consider new proposals to cut down on violence. police say they average about 30 arrests a game. still, the chief doesn't think the real problem is drinking. >> i'm not opposed to it. but i don't think that's going to solve the issue. there's a lot of violence around our country. and i think a lot of it unavoidable. so i think we need to target that small minority of fans. >> santa clara will take up the issue during the meeting tonight at 7 p.m. those proposals are being supported by three congresswomen after incidents like this. three men are facing felony assault charges related to this fight last monday. the vikings fan and a security guard were injured in the fight. so how do all of you weigh in on the issue? according to our exclusive kpix 5 survey usc a poll, the
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majority of people say alcohol sales should stop at halftime. 39% say they should be allowed throughout the game. it's one of the most treacherous swim meets on earth. earlier this month the alcatraz invitational nearly turned deadly when a swim fainted in the wasn't. kpix 5's joe vazquez says that's when a san francisco cable car driver jumped into action. reporter: at the annual swim from the rock, a navy of volunteers keeps a close watch and this is exactly why. last sunday a surfer named jesse spotted a swimmer who had passed out. jesse quickly pad eld over to the rescue -- paddled over to the rescue. >> he was floating face down and first and then he turned him around. >> reporter: jesse is a grip man. that's what they call the guy to drives one of san francisco's world famous cable cars. i caught up with him today at work on the california line. >> i got off my board and grabbed him from there and, you know, got his face out of
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the water. and he was convulsing. he was still breathing but he was blue and just convulses. >> reporter: this video captured it. the men in the jet ski are lifeguards with the national park service. they secure the victim to the back. jesse holds him in place. they rush to shore. the victim regained consciousness after spitting up water. >> jesse is a hero. >> reporter: the near drowning victim is an army war veteran twice deployed in iraq with the 82nd airborne. he was in the hospital but is back home in colorado now. says he is doing just fine and that he is grateful for jesse's quick action. >> you know, it was just a coincidence i was there. i helped him out pretty much. i was glad to -- he gets to swim another day. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> doctors aren't sure exactly what happened to the man, maybe
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a seizure or heart issue. but jesse and the others who rushed to the rescue saved his life. time now 4:45. let's check the weather with roberta. >> i'm hearing a big sigh of relief from people because it will be cooler today with 103 degrees yesterday in the livermore area, 102 in concord. we had a record high of 102 in gilroy. broke the old record in 1967. you will feel the difference. good morning, everyone. stepping out the door right now, numbers are in the 50s and 60s. it is 56 in san francisco. across the bay east in the oakland area. this is our satellite and radar and this is interesting. so cal him pressive rain showers last week. more on tan again today from this right here more subtropical moisture lifting south and north. and it will be bringing some rain showers across the mojave back through los angeles and lifting into the long beach area, as well. we do have this pattern change. this is the low, this is the
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high. we'll see a little bit higher relative humidity as a result of that low to the south of us but no precipitation on tap for us at all. what we will be the recipient of is cooler air mass as the high pressure ejects to the east. 68 degrees today in monterey. it's currently 32 degrees in truckee. cooling down. going up to a high of 78 degrees. mid-80s in throughout the central valley. 97 fresno, mercedes, modesto. swells 3 to 4 to 5 feet. 60s and 70s in the bay. 80 san jose. 79 fairfield. it's a dry weather pass across the bay area. we'll talk about the weather for the first day of autumn coming up. we are getting more information in san leandro where the chp has shut down all lanes of northbound 238 so the
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freeway is shut down as crews inspect the freeway following an early-morning shooting that happened on san leandro city streets. northbound 238 is shut down. they are holding traffic right now at east 14th and the chp says they hope to have lanes reopened and traffic released in the next 10 minutes. when they do, we'll be sure to let you know. in the meantime, continue to use your alternates. the altamont pass is going to be slow for you. another rough ride for westbound 580 jammed up from beyond the 205 interchange. stays heavy into livermore. ones you get to the dublin interchange, you have the same roadwork that will slow you down approaching 580 and 680. some ramps are closed and will be shut down until 6:00 this morning. no delays as of yet heading down the dublin grade. the chp reports no accidents on bay area freeways. the bay bridge commute looking good leaving oakland heading into san francisco all bridge commutes are moving well including the san mateo bridge. highway 92 has been fine all the way across the span.
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still no delays approaching foster city. bart is on time. no delays reported for muni or the "ace" train. that's "kcbs traffic." let's continue this vehicular theme. it's a green light for apple's electric car project code named titan. [ laughter ] >> a new report from the "wall street journal" sets a ship date for 2019 and it's been given -- i guess they gave themselves permission -- to triple their 600 person team, applying the math, 1800 people working on the car. the texas teen arrested for his homemade clock makes a special appearance at the google science fair. betty yu was there. reporter: >> reporter: he is the biggest star on the google campus. students from around the world and grownups alike took photos with 14-year-old ahmed mohamed.
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you're about as excited as the kids are to meet this guy? >> i am, yeah. [ laughter ] >> i'm a teacher and that's the kind of kid that you want in your class, that is inspired and wants to do cool things. >> reporter: a week ago the freshman from texas ended up in handcuffs after he brought this homemade alarm clock to school for his teacher. >> he just felt like i was a criminal. i was profiled as a terrorist. i was just an innocent normal kid straight "a" student. >> reporter: after his story went viral, google tweeted we are saving a seat for you. he toured projects on display from 20 finalists from around the world today and attended the awards ceremony. >> i think it just makes us glad that he is having a good time and that he can be with kids that are interested in the same things is. >> these young scientists that are really going to change our future. he is a part of that. these kids are part of that.
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>> reporter: los altos teen julia is ahmed's age. she has been following his story. >> it taught me that it's okay to be different and do what you want to do. >> reporter: this was the teen's first trip to california. on top of the google science fair, he made time to tour san francisco, stop at in-n-out and have barbecue at google. on the google campus, betty yu, kpix 5. >> ahmed tweeted this photo with google cofounder sergey brin after the big day and the teen has even more big plans coming up. he plans to visit the white house in october at president obama's invitation. well, golden state warriors star steph curry made a trip to new york for an appearance on late show with stephen colbert. they discussed curry's charity which raises money for mosquito nets to curb the spread of malaria in africa. >> every time i hit a three i
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make a donation. i encourage you to follow along. i have been shooting really well the last few days. >> the two later competed in a contest throwing laundry into a hamper. [ laughter ] >> it ended in a tie. donald trump will be among colbert's guests tonight. that he was at 11:35 right here on kpix 5. and we'll b,,,,,,,,,,
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time check now, 4:54. taking a a look at the temperatures, 80s in los altos. good morning, morgan hill.
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your high temperature 84 degrees. down from 100 degrees experienced yesterday. hey, livermore you're at 102 yesterday. today 83 degrees. so you're going to notice about that 20-degree drop in your temperature. 81 degrees in pleasant hill. stinson beach in the mid-60s. mid-70s mill valley. up to 80 degrees in santa rosa. and sunshine in cloverdale at 80 degrees. an update from the chp who tweeted out that 238 is now open. northbound traffic is moving once again but you can see our sensors are picking up slow traffic for the length of 238 between 580 and 880. all of this because of a police action ongoing in the san leandro area. i'll have an update on this and a complete look at your "kcbs traffic" in a few minutes. a pilot's quick thinking may have saved his life after his jet crashed in a field 45 miles south of fresno. boy, look at that. smoke poured from the wreckage of the f/a-18 fighter jet
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outside lemoore naval air station yesterday afternoon. a base official says the pilot ejected for the crash safely to the ground. it isn't clear what happened. the man accused in a bizarre kidnapping of a vallejo woman says he is not guilty. no cameras were allowed but matthew muller was surrounded by u.s. marshals as he made his first appearance in federal court in sacramento. he is accused of abducting denise huskins in march. vallejo police dismissed it as a hoax. yesterday some of muller's family and friends showed up to show their support for him. >> how is he doing? >> i'd say he is fragile right now. this is a -- being on the other side is an overwhelming situation for him. so he's -- um, he's fragile right now. >> mr. muller is, i can't comment upon my communications with him. but he is in need of some very hard work on the defense side. >> muller's next court date is
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two weeks away. in ohio two jewelry thieves wish they had taken the stairs instead of the elevator during the getaway. surveillance video shows the suspects breaking into a jewelry store and making off with dozens of diamond rings. they tried to get to the getaway car in the garage below the store but the elevatedder got stuck. investigators say the pair quickly standard the diamond rings in the ceiling of the elevator but police got to the scene quickly and they are in jail today. a carjacking in oakland ends in a while shootout in san leandro. now, one suspect is dead. we'll have the deta,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's tuesday, september 22. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney in for frank mallicoat this morning.
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breaking news now after a pursuit ends with a police- involved shooting. the incident started in oakland. it ended in san leandro. kpix 5's cate caugiran is live near northbound 238 and east 14th street where the shooting has that ramp shut down or did have it shut down for a while this morning. cate. >> reporter: it is right now. this was one wild chase that started in oakland. it ended in san leandro near this off-ramp. we still have officials here on scene investigators, as well. two people were shot. one of those was the suspect and that suspect is dead. late last night oakland police responded to a shooting and carjacking. the suspect shot the driver and took the car and led officers on a police chase. the suspect ditched the car and then chp got the call of another attempted carjacking with the suspect matching e


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