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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 23, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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wounds, treats people with compassion and love. that's the gospel message. that's what jesus did. jesus never got mad at sinners, he only got mad at the pharisees. that's why i think the crowd responds to him. >> i just want to note that he is now on the balcony waving to everyone. >> and the crowd is just going crazy. they love this pope. >> and we should note that as they went through the diplomatic room, they are on what is called the blue room balcony. the balcony above him is the truman balcony. but they are in the blue room balcony and get a nice wave to the crowd there. it's an opportunity for the pope to look beyond where he was previously and see the crowd all the way down to the ellipse, which is hundreds of yards. you can get a sense of the tens of thousands that are gathered here to hear his remarks and catch a glimpse of him. they will go inside and he will sign a guest book and then go
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into the oval office for a meeting together. i want to ask you, because there was a phrase that he mentioned, common home, and he used it twice. why that phrase? >> this is a favorite phrase of his. that the earth is our common home. and we need to protect it and care for it. and pass it on to our children and our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren. he talks about us being stewards of creation. that means not just using and abusing it but also caring for it and making sure it is as good of shape when he pass it on as it was when we received it. >> father thomas, thank you for joining us on a spectacular day that the lord has made. >> it truly is. >> thank you. charlie, back to you. >> how remarkable to see the pope at the white house and the enthusiasm. normally this would be the hour for "cbs news." but this morning, this is a special report about the pope's visit to washington and to the
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white house. and this speech in english, it was the first time that i had ever heard him speak in english, which was really interesting to listen to the infliction, the pauses and the power of what he said. >> he did very well. you said he had been taking english lessons, but he delivered it very deliberately, did he not? >> he was very passionate and kept looking at the president and it was heartfelt. and what e the said was so key, it is a great nation. he recognizes the importance of this nation. he spoke about a critical moment. he says we have time left. and the third area he spoke about was this common mission. i really liked that because that's what pontiff x means,a man who builds bridges doesn't construct wars. so i think, truly, this opens a new era of diplomatic diplomacy between two great entities in the world.
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one spiritual. in terms of working together in a war-torn region, working together where there's dire hungry, dire poverty, working together where there is so much environmental destruction. this is a great day. >> as we talked to the pope earlier as he left for the white house, as in a few minutes he'll get in his fiat and go to the white house to be introduced by the president, there was appreciation of the moment. and he also does identify with immigrants and migrants and refugees that we all have a common home and we have to ensure that we welcome those in bad straits today. >> he identifies as an immigrant from an immigrant family, but he also knows this is a country of immigrants. he wants people here, people in america to recognize when he calls people to be more
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welcoming of immigrants, that he's appealing to their history. and i thought it was not just a speech of warmth and heart but great intelligence in doing that and referring to the founding principles of the country. >> and the professor of theology from notre dame here in new york, what stood out to you? >> this is true. a lot of his conservative critics said that francis has his priorities wrong and should stop talking about the environment. and instead talk about other issues like persecution, but here we can see him responding to that when he says that it's urgent. >> all right. now we go back to washington. norah o'donnell at the white house. >> the crowd is now just starting to leave here as the diplomatic work begins as now the president and the pope are inside the white house. and we'll see them shortly walk along the oval office for a meeting together there. but i have to say, an extraordinary morning here, just
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spectacular. and to hear the president and his remarks note that the reason the excitement is because this is not just a pope, but because he's a unique person i think is the words the president used. he also said, it's your humility, your embrace of simplicity and your generosity of spirit. he said, your moral authority extends beyond your words but through your deeds. and so, you know, to see, as you guys both did, to see this pope, not only at andrews air force base but this morning arrive at this grand ceremony, the most grand ceremony that you can have in the united states on the south lawn of the white house, reserved for heads of states, not in a limo, not a big black limo, but instead a tiny fiat with small little wheels, i think the pope is conveying not only through his words but also the images he's projecting that he wants a simpler church. you know, that he is trying to display some of the extravagances of the catholic
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church to focus on the more pastoral element, the element of the catholic church that talks about social justice that helps the poor, whether feeding them, caring for them or the education of children. so i think he's trying to refocus, and yet, at the same time, you hear him wading into the hot button political issues. extraordinary for him to say quite clearly, climate change is a problem. something we cannot leave to future generations. and while science is clear on that, politically it's not been clear on that as people hold different views on that particular topic. and also on immigration, which has cleaned this country in terms of a political debate. the first words out of the pope's mouth other than thanking the president is, i'm a son of immigrants and it's wonderful to be in a country of immigrants. so he now leaves and goes inside. and i think we'll -- jan crawford is down on the ellipse, but we'll watch the pope later this morning as he visits many
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people. we'll see if he gets out of his pope mobile, which will give the secret service a little bit of a fix. i've been talking to some of the security officials and they are a bit worried about that. and then he'll meet with hundreds of bishops and a mass on capitol hill tomorrow, which we will have coverage of as well. charlie and gayle, it's been a pleasure. >> norah, it has been a pleasure. i felt like we were sitting there even though we are here in new york, just to see it uninterrupted from beginning to end. you could feel goosebumps here in the studio as well, i have to say. >> charlie, i heard you say that's the first time you have heard the pope speak that long in english. me, too. i asked father reese and said, is that the longest he's spoken in english. he said, once before in korea but not as long. and he's been practicing a great deal for this occasion. and i think it showed. >> it sure did. and it reminded me of a question, how many languages does the pope speak? >> i know. the number of languages that the pope speaks are three i am told. and then, obviously, at age 78,
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learning to speak english. if we could all do that at age 78, that would be great. >> you're absolutely right. monsinger, what do you think he thinks about all of this? >> gayle, he's been speaking about so many people touched by this day and never forgetting this day. i think the holy father is never going to forget this day. i think he'll be moved very much by this welcome. it's not his style. >> indeed. as the pope and the president go inside the white house, we go to major garrett with what they might be talking about inside. major? >> well, good morning. the pope's remarks were a prelude to the conversation the president and pope francis will have in the oval office. and the timing of the pope's remarks on climate change could not be more important to the white house for this reason. the president on the international stage in addition to dealing with isis and china
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and everything else is working very hard behind the scenes to create the momentum internationally for a break through in paris in december at global climate change talks. the president and everyone in his administration will use the pope's remarks on the south lawn of the white house about climate change to try to drive the climate change forward. that's not the only thing they will discuss in the oval office, but a very big part of the conversations and the timing of the pope's visit and his amplification about the words of dealing with global climate change and making efforts on the international stage to lower air pollution and reduce greenhouse gases, though not typically part of the vatican's approach to global issues is certainly one for this pope, it is completely resonate with the president's political message on that, both here at home and internationally. and one other thing to point out, the pope is clearly a transitional figure in the political dialogue in this country. usually popes talk about families, marriage, abortion. this pope talks about
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immigrants, climate change and global income inequality. those issues are much closer to president obama. and one of the reasons there's this grand ceremony at the white house is to give that message white house validation, white house amplification and white house ceremonial tribute. >> major, we also know that the papacy and the pope and the church played a role in connecting the president with the cuban community. through cardinal ortega and others. that was a central role played by the church in developing that relationship between the united states and cuba. >> it was a crucial moment for this white house, the vatican and cuba. because the popes before francis and francis always said we would like to see the united states and cuba resolve their differences. that was not new for pope francis. what was new was the willingness to intervene, willingness to be an intermediary, willingness to operate secretly on behalf of both governments to give them
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space and time to try to resolve some of these issues. that was a key moment, not only for this president, this pope and the cuban government, but for all the international community. and when the pope referred to reconciliation and trying to find ways to create common ground internationally, he was using the vatican's role in that very long-standing difficult issue between two nations as an example. >> it's a very interesting example of a pope because of his moral authority being able to have a huge voice in the international affairs. >> a huge voice after the fact. it was so interesting for all of us who wore covering the white house and who covered the state department. this was done with a couple of white house people in canada with the vatican's good offices as an intermediary and all of it top secret. there was a sort of element to it that is kind of unusual for the vatican to play such a pivotal and yet private role in such high stakes international diplomacy, yet it worked and the president relied on the vatican, the vatican relied on the
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president and the cubans. and it was an interesting triangle largely carried out in secret, but nevertheless effective. and it's a testament to the trust and relationship that's built up between this president and the pope. and it's something that i think the president will try to use in the context of climate change. and when the pope talked about martin luther king and basically linked the civil rights movement in our nation and its long history to the future in global climate change, the president found that a resonate message and i'm sure he'll try to use it to his advantage both politically at home and in paris come december. >> thank you, major, very much. our coverage of pope francis' visit to america will continue throughout the day on this cbs station and on our 24-hour cbs network, cbsn. there's a complete wrap-up tonight on "cbs evening news" that will be anchored from washington. >> those of us in the west, stay with us on "cbs news this
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morning." i'm charlie rose with gayle king. cbs news, new york. >> for news 24 hours a 2 a day, to we'll continue here for those of you in the west. joe biden is still considering whether to run. democrats in a new bloomberg poll give clinton the edge about the vice president got a strong boost. a quarter of democrats favor him. the fbi reportedly recovered personal and work e-mails from hillary clinton's private e-mail server. they were thought to have been deleted. clinton's use of e-mails has been under scrutiny since march, when a house committee tried to determine whether she turned over all her work-related
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e-mails. nancy cordes is in washington with more. >> reporter: good morning. clinton's lawyer told that committee months ago that there was no point in handing over her server because it was, quote, blank. but the federal investigators who have the server now have reportedly discovered it didn't blank at all. the fbi has been able to make clinton's once-deleted e-mails disappear. investigators examining clinton's private server are in the process of sorting private messages sent during her time as secretary of state. next, they'll determine which e-mails are official state department business and if any were classified. a clinton spokesperson said, we've cooperated to date and will continue to do so. >> we're campaigning to be the first woman president of the united states. >> reporter: the state department revealed tuesday that it first reached out to clinton aides last summer when the agency was in the process of responding to congressional
7:15 am
document requests relating to the benghazi taattacks and stat department officials realized they had relatively few e-mails from the secretary of state. clinton implied that request was routine. >> when we were asked to help the state department make sure they had everything from other secretaries the state, not just me, i said, great, i'll go through them again. we provided all of them, more than 90% were already in the system. >> reporter: the e-mail news came as clinton revealed her long-awaited stance on the keystone xl oil pipeline. >> i think it is imperative that we look at the keys stone pipeline as what i believe it is, a distraction from the important work we have to do to combat climate change. and unfortunately, from my perspective, one that interferes with our ability to move forward to deal with all the other issues. therefore i oppose it.
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>> reporter: intelligence officials have argued that sensitive state department materials, classified or not, should not have been sitting on clinton's home server. the fbi's probe into her e-mail server is expected to take several more months, charlie. yogi berra died tuesday at the age of 90. he was a legendary yankee player known for accomplishments on the field. he also had a charming humor that captivated fans for generations. >> it's not over until it's over. >> yogi berra had a quick wit and an even quicker bat. it was his unique take on the english language combined with his play on the field that endeared him to generations of fans, even presidents. >> we may be lost but we're making good time. >> when you come to a fork in the road, take it. >> a high drive. that's trouble. >> berra played the game big
7:17 am
despite standing only 5'8" tall. he was an integral part of some of the greatest yankee teams assembled, playing alongside joe dimaggio and mickey mantle. berra had as many world series rings as he did fingers. >> a no-hitter! >> this is his iconic leap into pitcher don larson's armies after larson pitched a perfect game in the 1968 world series. his exuberance burned into the culture. i spoke to the catcher. >> it's deja vu all over again. it was hard to have a conversation with anyone, there were too many people talking. 90% of the game -- okay. you finish them. i'll tell the first half. you can observe a lot by
7:18 am
watching. >> you don't have to be a manager either. >> the future ain't -- >> what it used to be. >> it ain't over -- >> until it's over. >> after meeting the pope, you said you tried to do to mass once a week. berra said, the pope said, hello, yogi. he replied, hello, pope. the yankees say they are deeply saddened by the loss of a legend and an american hero. >> he was certainly that. a man who was larger than life. >> it was fun watching you watch that. it brought back a lot of memories. >> he was a wonderful man who was -- i never saw him when he wasn't cheerful and had a smile on his face, talking about his love of baseball and love of the yankees. >> a class act to be sure. he was 90 years old.
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the supervisory board of volkswagen is reportedly meeting today to discuss a massive cheating scandal over pollution tests. members are hearing directly from ceo martin winterkorn. the german auto giant faces a class action lawsuit seeking billions of dollars in damages. the country recently admitted their cars contained device to cheat pollution tests in america and other countries. pope francis at the white house right now. we're following his meeting with president obama. his popemobile will hit the streets of washington. thousands are waiting.
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guns, cleavers and
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. president obama has signed a disaster declaration to help victims of the "valley fire." fire victims can get grants for temporary housing and home repairs. today oakland mayor libby schaaf will officially announce a major economic development in the city. some speculate uber may be opening an office in oakland in the old sears building. stay with us. tr,,
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good morning. i'm liza battalones with your "kcbs traffic." an accident in concord delaying some of the traffic along 242. you will see this now in the concord area in the northbound direction. 242 approaching concord avenue is blocking the two left-hand lanes so it's counter-commute. the commute direction very heavy at this hour leaving highway 4. in fact, highway 4 is extremely crowded because of earlier problems leaving antioch through pittsburg heading down the willow pass. meantime, "ace" train 5 running about 10 minutes late because of freight train traffic. bart has had a great morning still no delays for the bart system. here's roberta. how about this? it's the first day of autumn it's going to be warmer today than the last day of summer and we have the abundance of sunshine now looking out over the bay where the temperatures are crisp out the door. 40s in napa. livermore 56. later today 70s and coast is clear. 70s and near 80 around the bay today.
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pope francis walked out just moments ago. the two will now meet in the oval office. earlier he told the crowd that action to stop climate change cannot wait. >> we'll bring you live coverage of the pope's parade when he leaves the white house. right now, here's a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> climate change is a problem we can no longer be left to our future generation. >> pope francis begins his first trip to the united states. president obama welcomed him
7:31 am
later at the white house. >> later he'll go to the national basilica of the national sunshine. and many recovered e-mails thought to be deleted from hillary clinton's server. >> so we just declare bankruptcy? >> when you get up to the $24 trillion, that's the number we become a large scale version of greece. >> wow, i don't like feta cheese. volkswagon board of directors meet today to discuss the emissions test scandal. they could decide the fate of the ceo. the passing of a baseball legend. former new york yankee catcher yogi berra has died. >> it ain't over til it's over. >> that's the one most people remember. the president of china arriveded in the u.s. amid allegations of hacking attacks from china are approaching epidemic levels. dig in to find to a chocolate shake from the famous shake shack. all that -- >> and a mom and dad decide to give their son a quick birthday
7:32 am
celebration. >> blow, blow here. you're terrible at this. and all that matters. >> chris christie h given the order of the national guard to lose weight. >> if you're not familiar with chris christie, he looks like this. >> on "cbs this morning." >> everyone is talking about the fiat the pope is riding around in. >> he's in the backseat of the fiat. excuse me, your holiness. your holy x is here. >> presented to you by toyota, let's go places. we're live in washington, d.c. as you see a lot of excitement there. why are we there? we are covering the pope's historic visit. right now he's meeting with president obama in the oval office. later he will celebrate his first mass in the united states at the basilica of the national shrine of the emaculate
7:33 am
conception. he's the third pope to visit the basilica on the catholic of america campus. chip reid is there to bring this to us. chip, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. most people up around here call this the basilica or the shrine. and it's a gorgeous building, so i'm going to step aside and let you take a look at it. and you can see that elaborate temporary outdoor alder they have set up there. and all of that was designed by architecture students here at catholic university. they had a competition for who would design the one that they really wanlted to have up there. and a lot of people are milling about, they are doing sound checks and making sure everything is ready. and you can see how many chairs there are. there are 15,000 chairs and another 10,000 people will be in the standing room only sections. and one of the highlights of this ceremony will be the canonization or the making of a
7:34 am
saint of a missionary in what is now california in the 1700s. and you can see a picture of him on that banner, a painting of him on that banner there on the outside of the building. the pope will be speaking in his native language of spanish. so there will be instant translation, but i think he'll be much more comfortable speaking than he was at the white house earlier. he has been taking english lessons as we know, but the vast majority of the speeches and masses he's doing in the united states over this six days are going to be in spanish. there are only four in english. and this will be a very long service, probably two-and-a-half hours and virtually all of it in spanish. gayle? >> chip, people say the english lessons paid off. he did very well this morning. thanks very much. tens of thousands are getting ready for the papal parade through washington. jan crawford is along the
7:35 am
ellipse just south of the white house where huge crowds are already waiting for francis and his pope mobile. jan, they have been there a long time, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. and, you know, it's just moments away from the big event that they have all been waiting for. many of these people got here yesterday afternoon. i talked to a woman who was here at 7:00 last night, they camped out overnight hoping to get one of those prized spots right in front. and they are hoping the pope will get out and talk to them, but if not, they got their cell phones ready. and it's just such a cross-section of america here in this spot. you have young children with hand-lettered signs that say, "we love the pope." you have older people, you have people of different races and religions all here. and what they told me, we have been out in the crowd now for several hours, we got here very early this morning, and what they all said was that he may speak a lot of different languages, but he speaks one universal language, and that's the language of love. i heard that over and over again
7:36 am
when asking people why they were here, what does he mean to you? they said he means love. this is a pope, one woman said, who is a what would jesus do pope. he's brought new meaning back to the church to give them a connection with it. the excitement has been building since earlier this morning when they opened the gates at 4:00 a.m. they were camped out on the other side. and now it is almost just this quiet anticipation. they are just waiting and waiting. so any moment now, and you can bet the crowd is going to explode with joy. charlie? >> jan, thanks. when the pope leaves the white house, we'll bring you live coverage. in other news, donald trump brings his presidential campaign to south carolina today. sunday on "60 minutes" scott pellago goes one-on-one with trump. they spoke at trump's apartment yesterday with their conversation touching on the candidate's controversial response to a question that incorrectly suggested president obama is a muslim. here is a preview. >> we were with you in new
7:37 am
hampshire when that man stood up and said, we have a problem in this country and it's muslims. you let that pass. and i wonder what that tells us about you. >> well, he said much more than that. that was part of the statement. but then he went on to say other things. >> but the bigotry part. >> look, he mostly said about obama -- i don't have to defend president obama. he's not going to defend me. so whether you agree with the man or don't agree, and there were people in the audience as you probably noticed that did agree with him. >> it was a testing moment for a man running for president. >> i don't think so. >> you never know when they are coming. >> i don't think so. >> but here you have a bigot that you could slap down. >> you don't know that he is a bigot. >> a problem in this country is muslims? >> he said, there's a problem in this country and it's muslims. i love the muslims. i have many, many friends, people living in this building that are muslims, phenomenal
7:38 am
people. but like many others, they have problems. there's no terrorism, there's no crime, there's no anything. they didn't knock down the world trade center. to the best of my knowledge, the people that knocked down the world trade center, you know -- they didn't fly back to sweden. >> you can see the full interview sunday on the season premier of "60 minutes." and there's something special on "60 minutes," your interview with vladimir putin. that's an exclusive. we are getting a close look at the unusual items that don't fly with the tsa. kris van cleave is in washington. >> from nunchucks to who doesn't want to leave their cleefr, the unbelievable things people try to bring through the checkpoint. we'll show them to you coming up on "cbs this morning." >> so leave your cleavers or nunchucks at home. but if you're leaving, set your dvr as we'll be here the next two hours to watch "cbs this morning" any time. we'll be right back. pope francis' plane touched down in washington today at 4:00
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i was just commenting that i noticed you are much better behaved than usual. >> that's the president making a comment about the press moments ago. we got our first look at pope francis with the president in the oval office. they are meeting right now. coming up, we'll have live coverage of the papal parade through washington. eventually they are supposed to have a gift exchange. what does one give a pope and what does one give a president? i don't know. an iphone? i don't know. >> a priceless painting. >> it will be interesting to see what that is. federal officials are showing off surprising dangers hiding in carry-on luggage. the tsa is on track to set a record for the number of guns it has confiscated across the united states this year.
7:44 am
kris van cleave is in washington with the challenge of uncovering those items. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. flying out of los angeles airport or seatac airport, you can only bring small liquids through the checkpoint. most of us still have to take our shoes off, but you'll be surprised at some of the things people try to bring past security. it took just two days to fill this table full of prohibited items passengers tried to bring through tsa checkpoints at dulles airport outside of washington, d.c. items like stun guns, knives, cleavers, ninja throwing stars, replica guns and nunchucks. >> just baffling. it seems like this is clearly -- could be a weapon. >> it is baffling. >> reporter: scott johnson is the federal security director all dulles. >> i'll ask a passenger direct to the face, do you have anything prohibited in the bag? no. we open the bag, there's a fake knife, a none juk in there, and
7:45 am
i have to laugh at them, do you think you can bring this on? >> reporter: women's purses with handles like these have been stacking up with the clasp resembling brass knuckles and won't fly as a carry-on. neither will a fake hand grenade. dulles fills a 55-gallon drone up like this daily with prohibited items. some of the biggest scratchers end up on the instagram feed with more than 336,000 followers. it's an attempt to put out what not to bring. through august officers stopped nearly 1900 nationwide. 18 at dulles alone. >> we have actually got a .357 magnum out here at the checkpoint. yesterday we had 63 rounds of ammunition in the bag. >> reporter: despite the successes, there's concern about what is not being caught after details of the inspector general report leaked that officers at tsa checkpoints failed 67 of 70 tests allowing undercover agents
7:46 am
to repeatedly bring potential weapons through checkpoints. douglas kidd is with the citizen group critical of the tsa. >> what i think their biggest failure is not looking at the whole picture of airport security. because if anything's going to be a real danger to us, it's not going to come through the checkpoint but come around the checkpoint. >> reporter: bringing a firearm or concealing a weapon like a knife in your luggage can prompt criminal charges and significant fines. one other item left at the checkpoint that really adds up, last year nearly 700,000 dollars in loose change was left at airports and the tsa gets to keep that to spend on security. gayle? >> sounds like they could use the money. what is one doing with a meat cleaver on a plane? what are you doing in makes no sense. thank you, kris. stephen colbert says he forgot to pick up pope francis from the airport. he's one of the late night comics sharing what the
7:47 am
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100% real milk. no discomfort. and for a creamy and delicious treat, try lactaid® ice cream. i love this pope, i really do. but i wonder about this tweet he had, i ask you to join me in praying for my trip to cuba and the united states. i need your prayers. thanks, we're excited to see you, too. >> pope francis will fly on american airlines while traveling between washington, new york and philadelphia and not, as i assumed, virgin. >> pope francis arrived in america today, and i feel terrible because i was supposed to pick him up at the airport. i totally spaced and now he's not answering my texts. i don't even know if he charges his phone. he's an old guy. >> he's an old guy clearly with it. i like jimmy kimmel's joke about
7:52 am
the uber x car. it's a lot of fun. we'll take you back to washington where children and adults alike are very excited about the pope's visit. he'll see thousands of them before he leaves the white house for the papal parade. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." softer, smoother skin after just one shower? dove body wash with a breakthrough formula. just one shower gives you softer, smoother skin. my skin is really silky smooth. dove body wash. softer, smoother skin after just one shower. i love yoplait greek 100 whips. the texture's quite nice. it's like...a little fluffy cloud in my mouth.
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linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. good morning, it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. still no leads after a home invasion in sausalito last night. police say an armed man broke into a multi-million dollar home. a woman was home alone at the time. she was not hurt. some neighbors in hayward awoke to the smell of smoke when a home caught fire early this morning. the front of the home near "a" street was damaged by the ,,ames. my name is chris hughes
7:57 am
and i am a certified arborist for pg&e. i oversee the patrolling of trees near power lines and roots near pipes and underground infrastructure. at pg&e wherever we work, we work hard to protect the environment. getting the job done safely so we can keep the lights on for everybody. because i live here i have a deeper connection to the community. and i want to see the community grow and thrive. every year we work with cities and schools to plant trees in our communities. the environment is there for my kids and future generations. together, we're building a better california. good morning. i'm liza battalones with your "kcbs traffic." major delays at this hour on
7:58 am
caltrain. we are just getting word that they are holding all service in the southbound direction at the san antonio station in mountain view train 210 involved in an incident involving a pedestrian. again, they are holding all service. big delays at this hour on caltrain. and if you plan to make the southbound 242 commute, there is an accident in the clearing stages southbound just before concord avenue blocking a pair of lanes. meantime over at the bay bridge toll plaza, heavy from the may see. roberta? >> good morning from the kpix 5 center on this first day of autumn. it's going to be warmer than the last day of summer. right now out the door, we have clear skies except in santa rosa with fog. otherwise we are in the 40s in napa and 50s in mountain view. later today numbers stacking up in the 70s at the beaches. 70s across the bay to 80s around the peninsula. 88 degrees across the tri- valley today. 86 in santa rosa. a west wind at 15 miles per hour. outside number today 90. bested by 95 degrees on
7:59 am
thursday. ad,,,,,,,,
8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, september 23rd, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead including pope francis at the white house. he says action to stop climate change cannot be left to the future, but first, here is a look at today's "eye opener." >> you can see the little fiat with its little wheels. i have never seen anything like it. >> i know. >> i'm happy to be a guest in this country. >> the pope's remarks were a prelude to the conversation the president and pope francis will have in the oval office. >> many of these people got here yesterday afternoon.
8:01 am
they camped out overnight hoping to get one of those prized spots right in front, and, of course, they're hoping that the pope will get out. >> clinton's lawyer actually told that committee there was no point in handing over her server because it was, quote, blank, but the federal investitors have reportedly discovered that it isn't blank at all. >> i never saw him when he wasn't cheerful and had a smile on his face talking about his love of baseball and love of the yankees. >> it was a testing moment for a man running for president. you never know when they're coming but here you had a bigot you could have slapped down. >> you don't know that. he asked a question. >> donald trump has never been one to interrupt. >> make it works -- >> excuse me, jeb, jeb, listen. just one second. just one second. >> when he asked florida to have casino gambling, we said no. >> wrong. >> norah o'donnell is at the
8:02 am
white house. pope francis is about to see the white house after making his first speech on his visit to america. president obama welcomed francis to the united states at his ceremony on the south lawn. more than 15,000 people were there. >> and right now the pope and the president are finishing up a meeting in the oval office. he will soon get into his popemobile for a parade in downtown washington. we'll bring that to you the moment that it happens in just a few minutes, but nora was there on the south lawn for this morning's ceremony. she's still there but moved over to the north lawn of the white house. nora, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, and i think president obama after he welcomed pope francis here to the white house, the third pope ever to come to the white house, the president said this was a spectacular day that the lord has made. certainly the weather is gorgeous and it was striking to hear president obama praise pope francis' humility and modesty, and then we heard his holiness tackle hot button issues. he talked about immigration.
8:03 am
he talked about climate change saying it is a problem we cannot leave to future generations. in some way even invoking martin luther king to tie the civil rights movement to climate change in his remarks. he talked about our common home and protecting that, and as both of you who watched the ceremony with me noted, this was the first time really we've heard pope francis speak in english for an extended period, and i'm told by people close to him that he had been practicing his english. now, after his holiness concludes the oval office meeting with president obama, he will get in his popemobile, and he will travel along a parade route where there are thousands hoping to get a glimpse of pope francis or maybe even a handshake, and that's where we find jan crawford this morning. jan? >> reporter: well, that would be as good as it gets, right, norah, if he would get out right where you were standing and shake a hand or even take a picture. i mean, that's what these people
8:04 am
are hoping for, thousands and thousands. many of them arriving here last night camping out overnight hoping to get right up in front when he drives by that brief moment in the popemobile, andits is just such an exciting scene. they opened up the gate to let all the people who had been waiting the line in at 4:00 a.m., and all morning it's just had this feel of almost like this excited festival where people are just -- can't wait to see the pope, and they're talking about what he means to them and how much it means that they are here. this is a once in a lifetime moment i have heard over and over. and, you know, the crowd has stayed very like in their spots. they got out and they stayed there. they have a big jumbotron over behind them on the mall, so you could hear the pope's remarks. when he said god bless america, the crowd erupted. >> jan, thank you so much.
8:05 am
an extraordinary day here in washington. i want to show our viewers a live picture now of st. matthews cathedral, and look at that. you can see 300 bishops, north american bishops, who have gathered to have a midday prayer with his holiness. so a very special mass, indeed at st. matthew's. it's a busy schedule for the pope today because after he meets with those bishops, he has other work to do and then tomorrow of course, a visit to capitol hill. charlie and gail? >> this morning the fbi sorting through more e-mails from hillary clinton that were thought to be gone forever. bloomberg reports it is unclear how many deleted e-mails fbi recovered. clinton's servers were reportedly wiped after aides sifted through them. >> on sunday's "face the nation" hillary clinton repeated her decision to turn over thousands of work-related e-mails was in response to a routine records request, but on tuesday the state department described it
8:06 am
differently. it says in the process of responding to congressional requests regarding benghazi, state department officials recognized it had access to relatively few e-mail records for former secretary clinton. the state department said it contacted clinton at least three months before the agency as three of her predecessors to provide e-mails as well. clinton responded yesterday telling the des moines register, all i know is that they sent the same letter to everybody. that's my understanding. the news is now overshadowing her announcement she opposes the keystone excel pipeline. president obama is opening up about his recent trip to alaska. he told "rolling stone" magazine that his visit was to highlight the importance of tackling climate change now. he also talked about getting international partners involved. it was a challenge he faced at climate negotiation this s in d narcotic. he said copenhagen was a disorganized mess. i literally had to rescue the entire enterprise by crashing a
8:07 am
meeting and strong arming with them with at least coming up with a document that could build some consensus going into the future. >> very candid, huh? >> i want to read this. >> me, too. grammy winner don henley is here this morning. he's in studio 57 after more than 40 years with the eagles, he's giving fans a new sound. he's excited to talk about how his new album is also a homecoming, bu
8:08 am
>> reporter: a big week here at the white house from pope francis to the chinese president. ahead, what treasury secretary jack lew told us about china's financial future. plus, will women play a larger role on american money than expected? that's next here on "cbs this morning." how does it feel
8:09 am
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breaking news, the ceo of volkswagen has just resigned. he is quitting because the automaker recently admitted that 11 million diesel cars contain
8:13 am
devices to cheat emissions tests in the united states and other countries. in a statement he said he's taking responsibility for the scandal. volkswagen, the world's largest carmaker, faces a class action lawsuit seeking more than a $1 billion in damages. let's go back to norah o'donnell in washington. >> reporter: ts a very busy week here at the white house because not only is the president welcoming pope francis here to washington and the white house but just as pope francis leaves, president obama has to welcome the president of china. in fact, the chinese president xi jinping will be here tomorrow and friday after a visit to seattle on tuesday. and a major topic for president obama and china's president will be the economy there and the world is closely watching its performance. on tuesday i talked with treasury secretary jack lew. i asked him about u.s. confidence in china's economy. what's your biggest concern about the chinese economy? >> china's economy is going through a long and what will be a hard transition from a heavily
8:14 am
industrial export-driven economy to something that is more of a consumer-driven economy. they have to continue to open up their markets to competition. they need to have an exchange rate where they're willing to let it go up as well as down when market forces determine. >> but they're not doing that. >> well, you know, i think if you look over the last several years, they have moved in the right direction. what we saw in the last several weeks was kind of a question of whether or not they're changing direction. they have restated their intent to have market forces play a stronger role. they have agreed to refrain from competitive devaluation, and ultimately it has to be proven by the policy steps taken, not just the commitments at the meetings. >> the $10 bill, you said there's going to be a woman on the $10 bill? >> what i said was we're going to put a woman on our currency. we're looking at the $10 bill as the next bill we're going to be issuing, and we have spent the
8:15 am
summer listening to the american people, and i should say i'm really pleased how many people we've heard from. >> when does that decision get made? >> it's a decision that ultimately i'm going to have to pull these pieces together and make by the end of the year. >> by the end of the year. and are you saying it might go beyond just the $10 bill, that there may also be a woman on$5 ? >> what i'm saying is as we look at the series of bills that come out with new security features, our fundamental responsibility is to make sure money is safe. the reason we picked the $10 bill is it's the next bill that requires updating but, you know, we have multiple bills that are going to be redesigned, and one of the things that's come out of this conversation -- >> there are women across the world cheering. >> one of the things that's come out of this conversation is very few people know what's on the back of any of our bills. >> so you're going to put women on the back of a bill?
8:16 am
>> i'm saying we're going to tell the story of american democracy as we unveil the new series of bills and women will be a prominent part of that. >> reporter: so there you have it. women will be a prominent part of that and there's different ways they can change the $10 bill, both the front and the back, so we'll have some redesigned currency that better reflects our society. gayle and charlie. >> thank you. >> do you know the answer to the question, sir, what's on the back of the $10, the $20 -- >> $20 is the white house. the $1 is the word "one." i don't have a $10 bill so i don't know the answer to the $10. >> what's on the back of the $10? >> u.s. treasury. >> u.s. treasury. >> alexander hamilton is on the cover and he was the secretary of the treasury. the pope parade in washington is just about to begin. we'll have it for you coming up next on "cbs this morning." did you know that good nutrition
8:17 am
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>> he directs his security good morning. it's 8:25. i'm michelle griego. president obama has signed a disaster declaration to help victims of the "valley fire." fire victims can get grants for temporary housing and home repairs. >> today, oakland mayor libby schaaf will officially announce a major economic development in the city. some speculate uber may be opening an office in oakland in the old sears building. stay with ,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. i'm liza battalones. major delays now for the bay bridge. an accident in san francisco has temporarily shut down all lanes of westbound 80. this is approaching 9th street the civic center exit. an overturn accident involving a van on its side has shut down at least one lane. in fact, the chp has temporarily shut down all lanes to work to clear up this accident. at this point traffic is backed up from treasure island. they will be slowing down the metering lights at the bay bridge and traffic is going to be backed up from the foot the process. from the foot how does it work?
8:28 am
who is called to see the pope? is he the one that makes that decision? >> yes. my understanding is it's members of his security detail where he will nod to them and motion to them. i think there are some spotters ahead of time but he motions and sort of bows his head a little bit as sort of an affirmative nod, if you will, to say the child can come and i want to kiss that child's head. you can see him there making the sign of the cross to both sides, but no doubt, i mean, there are likely hundreds if not thousands of small children, so it's not clear what the decision is, which child he decides to kiss or call over, but a blessing indeed. >> is there any sense he will get out? >> reporter: there's no sense that he will get out. i did ask the skecret service director that, chancy, when i saw him, and he said we'll see. saw him, and he said we'll see. i spoke with chief bratton about
8:29 am
decides to stop and get out. maybe it's something that he sees that strikes his interest, but they say they are prepared for that. while they're worried about it, they say they're prepared for it. >> but the pontiff clearly has no fear, you know. he likes to reach out and talk to the people, and they clearly want to connect with him. i think he's in very good hands today. pulled out all of the stops in washington to make sure that he's well protected and they put on a quite a show for the pope today. >> reporter: i have to say, we see this in an inauguration, remember when a president is inaugurated and we see the secret service at the four corners of his black limo and the president usually walks down pennsylvania avenue. this is a much different scene for his holiness but yet the crowds, huge crowds. imagine this, we don't yet have a crowd count, but you can see we're talking about 10 or 20 deep for almost a mile. extraordinary. >> all right. thank you very much, norah
8:30 am
o'donnell. we'll be back with you in a second. we want to pause right now to welcome other parts of the rtuntry for a speciaiaia this is a cbs news special report. i'm charlie rose with gayle king in new york. norah o'donnell is in washington. where pope francis is driving through the streets right now. with us in the studio is -- there he is driving through the streets of washington as we watch the pope. monseigneur, you have seen this before. how -- this means a lot to this pope. >> it really does. he's a man who loves every single person and wants to reach the heart of every single person. i bet he'd love to be walking those streets, touching the people and allowing them to
8:31 am
touch him. i have seen crowds in rome, all over the world, but i'm really impressed by the numbers out in washington, and i think this is a great testimony to the american people but also to this holy father. you know, the holy father means a pope, it means he is a father, and a father loves all of his children, especially the weakest. >> monseigneur, we've seen him make two stops so far, and both of them were very young children. is that who he gravitates to do you think? >> i do. the little ones. >> the little ones. >> and they can be little children. they can also be the weakest members of society, the sick, the handy capped, the elderly who are very sick. often in wheelchairs. often in rome he will stop with very old people and those who are neglected, those who have no one to look after them for care for them. he visits prisons, visits hospitals. they're the ones he gravitates to, gayle. i'm told that the popemobile has just passed jan crawford's location. jan, we'll go back to you.
8:32 am
>> reporter: well, you know, of course, people have been standing here for hours and hours, and we couldn't see the pope. we could see the emergency vehicles at first, but you could tell that he was on his way because it was like a wave of almost like sound. you know at a sporting event where people raise their arms. here everybody has their arms raised with their cell phones, but you could just hear the sound of the crowd screaming with excitement building and building and building as the pope got closer. then, of course, when he made this turn, the crowd was just overjoyed. people are waving flags and holding their banners and trying to get pictures of the pope as he went by. so it was just quite -- it was an astonishing moment and for the people here who didn't have tickets, who were inviteed as the members of the public, spent time for hours and hours coming from all over the country. what a moment for them to have seen the pope as he made this circle and now going back up 15th street to the white house. >> it was kind of a rolling enthusiasm, jan, as the people who were standing by and have waited for so long realized that
8:33 am
he is beginning to come in their vision. you can sense the enthusiasm and the emotion rise and as it goes down the street it sort of rolls down the street. >> reporter: that's right. like i said, it was just like this wave of sound that just reached you just as he rode by in the popemobile. of course, everyone here, they have stood here for hours for this moment just to get a glimpse of the pope that means so much to these people and, charlie, not a single person along this parade route has moved. it's like they just want to take in what they've just seen and no one has kind of started making their way to the exits. they're all standing there i think just trying to process the moment that they saw pope francis. >> it's extraordinary to me though that this means that people are looking to something that adds real meaning to their life. you know, and this is a real connection because of the values that he represents. people feel that there's a
8:34 am
connection that they -- that adds value to them by just seeing this man who they've come to admire not only because he's pope but because of his obvious love of people, especially those who have less than others. >> yes. a term that pope francis often uses is encounter, encounter. very often, and that encounter is so key when one knows that they are loved, they are loved. then they can entrust their lives to someone. >> and that's a word they keep saying about him, too. when they get to see him in person, what do you think they get to learn about him as a man just face-to-face to him? >> i really see him as a grandfather. >> a grandfather. >> a grandfatherly figure who is wise but is tender, is tender. knows when to encourage, knows when to teach, knows when to correct. but always with a spirit of love. there's a great saying, love and
8:35 am
do what you will, and i think that's what this pope is doing. >> maybe that contributes to his endurance. >> absolutely. he certainly has that endurance. he's giving of himself to the end. a man at 78 who could be retired, have his feet up. >> how is his health? >> actually i think he's invigorated by being out with the crowds. he has a very long day, as you know, begins at 4:00 in the morning. he gets up at 4:00 in the morning. >> tiny apartment i understand. >> tiny apartment and he spends the first two hours of the day praying and preparing all of his talks, preparing his day, and then it's a very long morning. usually lots of meetings. he has lunch amongst many others at his resident. >> how often does he see the former pope, benedict? >> probably i would say about three times a year. he is encouraging pope benedict to cop out more, and he actually says pope benedict for him is like a grandfatherly figure. so it's a wonderful relationship
8:36 am
actually. i mean, a few years ago remember we all thought this would be so strange. >> there's not that much difference in their ages. >> actually there isn't, no. but it's just great to see how a church of 2,000 years' tradition can change. >> he has very long days and sometimes he calls you. pick up the phone and the pontiff is there. >> that's right. and so many others, too. >> it's really a story of how one person can change an institution or at least provide the impetus for change. >> absolutely. and, again, you know, he took the name francis because he said st. francis changed the world, and actually he's changing the world by being extremely normal but reaching out to everyone. i mean, i know atheists, i know people of other religions who love this pope. >> not a believer but i love your pope. >> absolutely, absolutely. and, you know, he's building those bridges, which i think is great. this is going to go beyond the catholic church i'm sure. >> thank you very much, monseigneur for joining us. >> always a pleasure.
8:37 am
>> our coverage of pope francis' visit to america will continue throughout the day on this cbs station and on our 24-hour digital network, cbsn. there will be a complete wrap up of the pope's day on tonight's cbs evening news. scott pelley will be anchoring tonight in washington. >> those of you in the west sta with us for continuing coverage on cbs this morning. this has been,,
8:38 am
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don henley has a successful solo career, four albums went platinum and gold. the won two grammys and was inducted in the rock and roll hall of fame with the eagles. now he is making a comeback. ♪ you've got desire but i've got a few of my own ♪
8:42 am
>> in 1970, don henley, an aspiring drummer and singer traveled from his home in east texas to los angeles. >> and good evening, we're the eagles. >> and built what would eventually become one of the best selling american bands of the 1970s. ♪ everybody loves you ♪ so don't let them down >> the eagles' ability to blend rock and roll with country led to massive success. ♪ and take it to the limit one more time ♪ >> and a string of number one hits. ♪ welcome to the hotel california ♪ >> their greatest hits album is the best-selling record of all time. ♪ take it easy ♪ take it easy >> but it wasn't always easy. the band split in 1980 prompting henley to launch a successful solo career.
8:43 am
♪ just another day in paradise ♪ >> they reunited in 1984 and spent the last two years traveling and on tour. but henley has already been hard at work on a solo project for his latest album "cass county" he drew inspiration from his texas hometown. "cass county" is don henley's first solo album in 15 years. good to see you again. welcome back. >> good to see you. >> why does it take you 15 years to create another solo album? >> because the eagles never stop touring. and because i have three teenagers at home i like to spend with when i'm not touring. >> you never had time to write the songs. >> i have never been terribly prolific. i write in the space this is between but the eagles are my first priority or have been.
8:44 am
so i have been doing it in my spare time. >> eagles are all on good terms with each other? >> yes, we are. >> good. >> but you have talked about this new music, which by the way i have to say congratulations, i love country music and i never thought of dorn hn henley as coy but you said you have been working on this for five years. >> five or six years. some of it is country, some of it could be in the new category they call americana and some of it is blues. it doesn't really fit into any particular box or genre but it leans to country. >> but it goes to your roots of texas. >> i'm from a very small town in northeast texas which is called linden, texas, the county seat of cass county and there are only about 30,000 people in the entire county, and the median family income is $28,500. so it's a very rural place, and it was a good place to grow up. >> but you wanted to tell a story, don, it seems from the lyrics about small town and small town living, true? >> i wanted to give a nod from the town i come from.
8:45 am
it was an extraordinary place to grow up and i had a lot of support from my parents and from the people who live there, and i just wanted to give a nod to my hometown and they don't get much attention down here. >> good for you. you also collaborate with interesting people, dolly parton, mick jagger. >> yes, indeed. >> you call them up and say i've written this song about my hometown and i want you to join me. >> something like that. sometimes you have to go channels. >> through people. >> my people have to call their people but some of them are my friends, and everyone that -- nobody said no. everybody said yes. >> did that surprise you? >> sometimes, yeah. but i was thrilled and delighted they all agreed to do it and there's some incredible talent. >> "hotel california" is the best thing you ever wrote? >> don't know. >> it's your favorite? >> no, i don't really have a favorite. my favorite -- >> it's the one that everybody loves most. >> it's the one that's the most well known over the world. but my favorites tend to be the
8:46 am
things i've written lately. i like the newer stuff. >> like take a picture of this. it starts out one way and ends. it's actually a very sad song, don henley. >> there's a little twist. i ka you will it the empty nester song. >> but you say you have songs in your head every day. every day there's a song rolling around in there and you don't always write it but it's there. >> i'm not very organized at getting it down, but i do get it written eventually. but this album is dealing with the duality of place and where we come from. i think all of us have conflicting feelings sometimes about where we come from. we sort of have a love/hate relationship with the place where we spent our formative years. i know that i do. and so i'm still trying to figure out my hometown and the changes that have happened there and the difference between the way it was then and the way ts n it is now. >> but you give lie to what thomas wolf said, you can never
8:47 am
go home again. you have gone home again. >> i have been involved in civic affairs for the last 25 years. you can go home again, you just can't necessarily stay. >> take a look at this. this is you and stephen colbert about donald trump. here it is. ♪ you don't have to be right donald trump all the time ♪ now listen, mr. trump -- ♪ empires rise and empires fall ♪ ♪ you stick around here long enough ♪ ♪ you see it all >> you just want him to respond, don't you, don henley? >> that was just something spontaneous that came out of my mouth. the song is called "too much pride," and if you recall i had a wonderful high school english teacher who was named margaret lovelace who taught for 50 years and she talked to us about the seven deadly sins and pride was one of them. i think there's a fine line
8:48 am
between pride and arrogance. >> and where is donald on that line? >> over the line. but between pride -- a little pride is a good thing but when it gets over into hubris and arrogance, then you're in trouble i think, and so i thought that song was an appropriate place to perhaps give a little reminder. >> watch out, you'll be getting a tweet. >> that's right. >> fine. actually i don't tweet. i don't tweet. i don't do facebook, i don't do any social media so i'm fine. >> listen, you were one of the most famous rock stars but they say you don't like the limelight. that's true? >> i'm never -- i've never been particularly comfortable in the limelight. i like my private lift. >> your children. >> i have three children. i like to life them away from the limelight. i live a very normal life in dallas, texas. i go to the supermarket and push the cart around, i gas up the car, i moe the lawn but i can't escape my music.
8:49 am
you haven't lived until you heard desparado while staring at the frozen peas. >> my request would be "heart of the matter." >> that's a good one. >> i love that song. thank you, don henley. >> thank you for having me. >> a pleasure to meet you. "cass county" goes on sale -- here ts. >> in vinyl, by the way. >> in vinyl goes on sale on friday. you can get it. ♪ forgiveness, even if, even if you don't love me ♪ you're watching "cbs,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:50 am
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8:52 am
what a day, pope francis just arrived at st. matthew's for a meeting with american bishops. it follows an elaborate white house visit.
8:53 am
norah has been there all morning. we'll see you tomorrow from capitol hill. coverage of the pope's visit continues all,,,,,,,,
8:54 am
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good morning, it's 8:55. i'm michelle griego. no leads after a home invasion in sausalito last night. police say an armed man broke into a multi-million dollar home. a woman home alone at the time was not hurt. three san francisco 49ers fans involved in a fight outside levi's stadium have all been officially charged. they are accused of assaulting a minnesota vikings fan last week. here's roberta with the forecast. good morning from the kpix 5 weather center. we have a crisp temperature out the door this morning. in fact, we have already dipped
8:56 am
into the 40s in the napa area. otherwise in the 50s across the board except for 60 in oakland. winds will be out of the west today five to 15 miles per hour. and it's going to pan out to be a warmer day than yesterday from 70s at the beaches, 70s with full-on sunshine to 80s around the peninsula? nearly 90 in livermore. it will be 90 degrees today in brentwood and in antioch. otherwise, warmer on thursday downright hot inland on friday. temperatures gradually eased over the weekend to seasonal highs by tuesday. liza battalones in the house with traffic next. ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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good morning. i'm liza battalones. the chp has issued a traffic advisory for san francisco drivers. this will also impact traffic off the bay bridge a major accident involving an overturned van with two lanes of traffic shut down. this is westbound 80 just before the 9th street civic center exit. so there's just one lane of traffic getting by there. traffic has been bumper-to- bumper all the way across the span. in fact, bridge crews have slowed down those metering lights. as it stands now, traffic is backed up solid through the macarthur maze. 580 is jammed up from highway 24. and the rest of the commute is also very slow. you can see traffic bumper-to- bumper for the san mateo bridge. delays continue on caltrain. they are no longer single- tracking through mountain view but expect those delays because of an earlier accident at the san antonio station. t ev
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