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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  September 24, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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those without a place to go won't be able to stay at the fairgrounds. the number of the dead in the "valley fire" has climbed to 4. firefighters discovered the remains of 66-year-old robert fletcher in the rubble of his home in cobb and there is still one man missing. meanwhile, evacuees at the napa county fairgrounds will be packing up this morning. the shelter is closing its doors today to help the victims, lake county's office of emergency services is hosting a public meeting tonight at middletown high school football field. it's going to be at 6 p.m. state and local leaders will be there to answer questions including fema reps who have been touring the area over the past few days. >> fema will not make you whole. but we may provide temporary housing, crisis counseling. >> a majority of lake county victims have insurance but for those who don't fema can help issuing disaster loans but more importantly they are providing support for families hit the hardest. and the average fema payout for disasters is generally about
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$5,000. but the agency says victims of the "valley fire" especially if they were uninsured may be able to get more. live in the newsroom, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> this morning, the "valley fire" is 82% contained. hundreds of crews from all over the state have invaded middletown trying to bring back power and phone service to those affected by the "valley fire." pg&e, at&t and logging crews are working side by side to get things back to normal. specialty crews are reeling spools of aluminum conductors more than 4,000 feet long. >> with essentially two efforts, one beginning down here on the flats working west and the other effort working from the top of cobb east hoping to get those two to meet in the middle. the ground is still hot. we have stump holes, hazards, stuff is still smoking. we have to -- for us it comes down to safety. >> pg&e says the goal is to get power back to most of the area by this friday at 6 p.m. >> now it's 1 minute after 5:00 on this thursday morning. it's time to get a check of
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both traffic and weather. but i guess we are going to begin with weather. [ laughter ] why not. as you head out the door this morning, another mild start to your day. we do have temperatures into the 60s. the winds are calm in san jose. as we take a look at levi's stadium and mineta international airport, where we do have some high, thin clouds out there. 56 degrees with the cloud cover in santa rosa. later today numbers are going up. a good 9 degrees above average in san francisco. 10 degrees above normal in the concord area. mid-90s. we'll talk about the weekend never too early to talk about that but first here's gianna. >> we have a couple of accidents brewing out there. northbound 880 right at auto mall parkway cars involved one may have hit the center divide. no word if any lanes are blocked. chp just arriving on scene. 880 through oakland looks good no delays north on the southbound through that portion. now, northbound 85, that connector to highway 17 word of a motorcycle accident there. minor injuries reported. there is one lane blocked so expect some slight delays as you approach the scene. a live look at the bay bridge
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coming up. let's take you live to washington, d.c. later this morning pope francis will make history on capitol hill. he will become the first pope to address a joint session of congress. cbs news' weijia jang reports. >> reporter: pope francis will take his message to a divided capitol hill today. in the first-ever papal address before a joint meeting of congress. >> i hope to offer words of encouragement to those called to guide the nation's political future. >> reporter: while the vatican has kept a tight lid on what he will say, the holy father is expected to talk about immigration. 5-year-old sophie cruz handed a letter to pope francis wednesday hoping francis delivers her plea to lawmakers today. >> all immigrants like my dad feed this country. they deserve to live with
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dignity. >> climate change is a problem. >> reporter: it's likely he will also bring up climate change another controversial issue. pope francis will also meet with the homeless before heading to new york city this afternoon. weijia jang, cbs news, washington. >> here in california, people gathered in carmel yesterday to watch tv coverage of the pope declaring sainthood for father junipero serra. serra founded california's historic missions in the 18th century. and he is buried at mission carmel. more than 2 dozen native americans were also on hand for a silent protest. they claim that under the mission system, many native people were mistreated. and catholics have been gathering at several bay area locations for what you might call pope watch parties. >> in fact one will take place this morning at san jose's presentation high school. kpix 5's kiet do is there. good morning. >> reporter: we are here to witness history as the largest
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all-girl catholic school in the south bay, hundreds of children attending this morning. probably still in bed right now. they have large screens ready for the pope's address to congress. what's a high school address without a selfie station? they have a life size cutout of the pope here so people can take selfies with him and make sure that they get a lot of likes on instagram. okay, so, students expected here at 6:30 this morning. joining me now is eric buhl the director or the chair of the religion department here at presentation high school. um, tell me, what is it about, um, this event that's going to make, um, these young kids come out this early in the morning? >> reporter: i think it's fun to be part of a community that really rallies around a cause and believes in something. and this pope is very authentic. when teenagers see that type of authenticity that type of passion, they have a chance to get together with each other to witness it, it's a good event. >> reporter: even at this early
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hour? >> even at this early hour. never underestimate our students. they will rally for food and catholicism whenever they can. >> what do you want to hear the pope say to congress? >> reporter: i think i want to hear him talk about the common good, what allows us to meet our full human potential. so i think he will touch on the need to care for the refugees and immigrants. the care for our common home, the importance of the family. and poverty. income inequality especially in this area. >> reporter: eric buhl the chair of the religion department here at presentation high school. the pope scheduled to speak to congress at 7 a.m. we'll be here throughout the morning. live in willow glen neighborhood of san jose. i'm kiet do, kpix 5. >> the pope is expected to discuss immigration when he addresses congress later this morning. cbs news will have special live coverage of the pope's remarks in the 7:00 hour. a man is due in court today in connection with a home burglary in fremont that left a
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dog injured april. 21-year-old man was arrested on charges of residential burglary, felony animal cruelty and parole violation. no word on whether police have identified a second suspect. police say one of the intruders threw food on to shattered glass causing the dog's mouth to bleed when she ate. the dog has recovered. an apparent suicide caused that fire in monterey county last weekend that destroyed 12 homes and eight other buildings. the tassajara fire started saturday afternoon. it's currently 89% contained. a man's body was found just outside a car near the fire's origin. the body hasn't been identified yet but the cause of death has been ruled a suicide. it started as a family disappearance and is now a homicide and arson case according to the el dorado county sheriff. the remains of a third person were found inside the burned- out cabin that belongs to a benicia couple and their son. the remains have not been identified. but adam buchanan, his wife molly and 7-year-old gavin have
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not been seen since the fire nearly two weeks ago in el dorado county. a neighbor believes they were there the day the house burned down. >> you know, a car going in and out, you know, and it was a white truck. >> it's very difficult. we don't know who they are yet for sure. we have a lot of attention being drawn to this case. people want answers. and so do we. >> police searched the buchanans' home in benicia and towed away a white pickup truck. the family has another son 16 staying with his grandparents since his family disappeared. 5:08. still to come, san francisco police officers are sending a message to cop critics. how they are fighting back against the negative image of police. >> starbucks says it's brewing up a new latte. what the coffee giant says inspired them to create the new drink. >> near 100 degrees, near 100 degrees! i'll show you where and how
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long this heat wave will last. >> and speaking of heat, things are heating up on the roads. reports of a car fire along 101 plus delays near the bay br
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5:11. taking a look at the glassy bay waters, no winds at this hour, clouds, clear skies and temperatures going up and i have the forecast coming up in less than 4 minutes. scientists examining california's giant trees say that the sequoias are showing signs of stress caused by the drought. patches of brown dead foliage are appearing more than in past years in the towering canopies. forestry officials are trying to identify which of the 75 groves in the sierra need to be thinned through prescribed burns. that would give the surviving trees a larger share of underground water. in a series of radio ads the union representing san francisco police officers has come out swinging. they are fighting against anti- police sentiment and asking people to stop vilifying officers. the new ads are a sharp departure that ads that boasted the department's diversity just a few years ago. >> these are issues that are at the forefront of the public's attention and we're going to get our message out. >> we are responding to the
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criminal activity that's going on out there. >> there seems to be an anti- law enforcement rhetoric that is sweeping this country. >> we asked san francisco mayor ed lee his opinion on whether or not racial profiling is an issue locally. he said no. but that there's still bound to be mistakes. caught on camera a man walks into a pharmacy in san mateo and cops say he was there is to get drugs without a prescription. watch what happens as the suspect armed with a knife jumps over-the-counter on tuesday. the bottom of your screen you can see him holding the knife to the pharmacist's neck. the suspect walked out of the store with stolen medication. san mateo county is taking action after complaints about increased noise from the san carlos airport. there's been an increase in traffic because of surf air a growing commuter airline that charges a monthly fee for all you can fly use. noise complaints have come from atherton, north fair oaks and palo alto. the board of supervisors voted this week to form a
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subcommittee to look into the matter. from the just when you think you've heard it all department a case of man's best friend eating a girl's best friend. a woman in australia thought she lost her very expensive diamond engagement ring. what's that have to do with this dog? [ laughter ] after a long search, susan brewer and her family suspected grizzly the dog a 10-month-old chocolate lab with a history of eating inedible things. and x-rays revealed the unpleasant truth. >> well, we found your ring and it's stuck in your dog's intestines. >> intestines. eventually grizzly "delivered" a sparkling gift, arefund as it were. >> it's the accent, brian. the accent. >> is it true that a diamond is a girl's best friend? let's lay this to rest once and for all. >> yes! [ laughter ] >> i'm glad she got it back, then. >> yes. 14 minutes after 5:00 time for a look at the road ahead. here's gianna. >> i second that, michelle. checking the roads right now,
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let's go live to the golden gate bridge, where traffic is actually moving nicely out of marin county into san francisco. no delays right now. it's north of there though where we are getting reports of a problem. a car fire south 101 at 101, a small brush fire. toward the bay bridge, so far traffic is light at least on the approaches off the eastshore freeway. no delays there. west grand near 580 -- on 580 rather, we have reports of some backups due to construction on that westbound side so that's heading into the maze so expect some delays there but again past that traffic is looking pretty nice as you head out of oakland into san francisco across the span there. elsewhere, this accident in the clearing stages northbound 85 right at 17, involving a motorcycle, it is out of lanes but again no delays right now. looks like we are seeing green on our sensors but there is some activity there still on scene over to the right side. may cause some slight spectator
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slowing as you work your way through there. that's north 85 at highway 17. and taking a look at conditions northbound 880 at auto mall parkway this accident in the clearing stages, as well. it is over to the right side of the road not blocking any lanes there on the nimitz but again, north- and southbound some green there so speeds looking good as you work your way on 80 both directions. northbound no delays into out. southbound clear into hayward and fremont. later on things will get busy on 880. a's and rangers today the last weekday day game, first pitch at 12:35 so we'll see busy conditions there. you might use mass transit instead to avoid delays on the nimitz. the san mateo bridge so far is a nice ride this thursday morning. 13 minutes between 880 and 101. here's roberta with the forecast. >> i'm having lunch at the a's game today. that's it. there are over 16,000 people there yesterday. we want at least 20 or more today! good morning, everyone.
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we have a lot of weather watchers away at this particular time. there we go. temperatures are in the 50s and 60s. let's see who it is checking in. we have steve in los altos. ron a new weather watcher in vallejo. thank you so much for waking up with us this morning. yesterday did you see the sunset? oh!! it was awesome. this is from bodega bay. this is our particular weather watcher pat buckman, thank you so much for submitting that. right now we have a few high, thin clouds drifting across the horizon. taking a look at mineta international airport. and levi's stadium. air temperatures in the 60s for the most part. 56 degrees in santa rosa. here's what we all need to know on this second day of autumn. it will be sunnier and warmer today. cooler this weekend. no chance of rain even though we had this bad guy right there area of low pressure well to the north of the bay area. it's a huge dome of low pressure. meanwhile we have this huge ridge of high pressure that one is going to win out. dry weather through the weekend although that area of low pressure will bring in some
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cooler air mass by the weekend. planning your numbers out like this today. nearly 100 throughout the central valley. 95 redding. upper 80s for the most part in the truckee area. low 80s around the south shore. extremely dry conditions. 78 pacifica. 70s, 80s bayside today. 90 in mountain view. mid-90s tri-valley. dry conditions west wind 5 to 10 miles per hour. here's your extended forecast. you will notice that we do have a couple of degrees warmer today than it was yesterday. temperatures still in the 90s by saturday. oh, boy these numbers are well above average. if you are heading out to the baseball game, we have bassett on the mound for the good guys. game time temperature in the 70s climbing to about 84 degrees. so make sure you have the sunblock today and go a's. >> somebody at this desk is going to the game. >> i have been to more games
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than ever before. i'm a season ticketholder. >> well. we -- >> i didn't get an invitation. but hey -- >> next day game. which will be next season on the weekday! [ laughter ] >> got it. >> ladies and gentlemen, it's an important moment. it's time for starbucks free mention of the day. move over, pumpkin spice latte! starbucks is introducing its first new fall drink in four years. it's called the toasted graham latte. why do we cover this? it has steamed milk, flavors of graham and sweet cream. [ laughter ] >> food channel now. with cinnamon graham crumbles and it's designed to taste like leftover cereal milk? >> we cover it because it's a new drink. >> well, pete's has new drinks. we don't cover them. facebook now has a new 360- degree video experience for users. with the help of "star wars," here's how it works. as you watch the "star wars" clip, you're able to drag your cursor to change the perspective. facebook is hoping this new
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kind of interactive feature will help it edge out youtube as the top video platform. pretty cool. 5:19 right now. a pregnant mother goes into labor with no time to get to the hospital. the rare face-to-face meeting for her newborn and older son. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, why colin kaepernick's press conference has people talking this morning and can the giants close the gap in the national league west? we'll tell you about it coming up. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. looking at your commute through the peninsula, no delays both directions in fact it will take you 18 minutes north 101 from 92 to the 80 split. more coming up. good morning, everyone. if you had climbed under a rock the past few day, you may have missed the giants were crawling their way back into the pennant race thanks to four straight dodger losses. jake peavy pitches six scoreless innings against san diego but was it enough? pad days a one run lead in the ninth and a wild pitch. buster posey scores. and the game is tied at 4. a
5:24 am
rope to jed jerko, finds the alley, giants lose dodgers win, which means l.a. has a 7-game lead with just 11 to play. barry zito what have i got myself into? a's trying to play spoilers against rangers. adrian beltre stopped that three-run jack to left. he hates it when the teammates touch him. rangers win. football, so the jury might still be out on i jim tomsula as the head coach but colin kaepernick made it clear he is happy the harbaugh regime is in the past. >> i would say the biggest thing is i'm being asked to be myself this year. and i don't think anyone knows how to be myself better than me. i'm not being asked to do things outside of my character. >> did you feel like you were asked to do things outside your character? >> outside of how i would
5:25 am
normally handle situations, yes. >> yeah. it wouldn't get too specific as to what he actually meant. but you may recall that during his press conferences at the beginning of last season, kaepernick was very short and began getting more expansive as the season rolled on. it may be his freedom to run the football now. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. play of the day, the brewers and the cubs at chicago's historic wrigley field. milwaukee the bases loaded. and then grand slam, it would have been -- but what a catch by the cubs's kyle schwarber preventing extra runs. the bruce still won 4-1. -- the brewers still won 4- 1. the latest presidential poll shows hillary clinton is the favorite among democrats. good news for joe biden if he decides to jump in the race. >> and i'm kiet do live at presentation high school in san jose. you have heard of super bowl
5:26 am
watch parties? well, they have a pope watch well, they have a pope watch party here in just a couple of ,
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find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! pope embraces the people of washington during his first trip to the u.s. more on his address to congress today. >> fixing the bay bridge is going to cost millions. who caltrans says is responsible for the bill. >> speaking of bay bridge, traffic is busy there. i'll have drive times coming right up. >> here we go again! temperatures near 100 degrees. i'll show you where and how long it's going to last.
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>> okay, roberta. good morning, it's thursday, september 24. i'm brian hackney. >> i'm michelle griego. here's a live picture now from washington, dc where later this morning, pope francis will make history again. he will become the first pope to address a joint session of congress. >> weijia jang is live in washington with a rundown of today's events. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. and good morning to everybody. we already know based on what we've heard from pope francis that he is not afraid to address tough issues even if it's a tough crowd. they have pledged to put aside their political and religious differences for this day. >> reporter: pope francis will take his message to a divided capitol hill today in the first- ever papal address before a joint session of congress. >> i hope to offer words of encouragement to those called to guide the nation's political future. >> reporter: while the vatican
5:31 am
has kept a tight lid on what he will say the holy father is expected to talk about immigration a hot button issue he urged bishops to fight for during his first full day in washington, d.c. 5-year-old sophie cruz handed a letter to pope francis wednesday hoping francis delivers her plea to lawmakers today. >> all immigrants just like my dad feed this country. they deserve to live with dignity. >> reporter: on wednesday, francis made an unplanned visit to the "little sisters of the poor" a religious order that's suing the federal government over the birth control mandate in president obama's affordable care act. >> climate change is a problem. >> reporter: it's likely he will also bring up climate change another controversial issue. democratic senator patrick leahy says francis is the perfect pope to address congress. >> whether you're catholic or not, he reaches out to everybody.
5:32 am
and he makes it very clear that if you believe in humanity, then you have to believe in all humanity. >> reporter: but one republican congressman of arizona says he plans to boycott the pope's speech because the pope could talk about climate change. he is a catholic himself but he accuses the pope of acting like a blessed politician. >> what's the guidance they gave members of the state department before the address today? >> reporter: they should dress appropriately in dark colors and women should not show shoulders and the hemline is below the knee. they also said you can shake hands with the pope if he initiates it. and the same goes for hugs. we expect to see that since the pope seems to want to embrace everyone around him. it will be interesting to watch. >> thank you, weijia jang. locally, catholics have
5:33 am
been gathering at quite a few locations for pope watch parties. >> one is happening this morning at san jose's presentation high school. that's where kpix 5's kiet do joins us live. good morning, kiet. >> reporter: yes, we're live here inside presentation high school's gym. this is the largest all-girl catholic school in san jose. ready to witness history with hundreds of students about 500 kids will see the pope address congress on two large screens. they have a fancy sound system out here so that all these children can enjoy and experience this historic moment together. really what is a high school event without a [ indiscernible ] station so kids get excited get them engaged with the whole event. they can take this get a lot of likes on instagram. they have these papal masks [ laughter ] so what is it that will get hundreds of students out of bed early? here's the department chair for the religion department here of the school.
5:34 am
>> i think there's an enthusiasm around pope francis an authenticities and i think when teenagers see someone who is authentic, they are attracted to that kind of lifestyle. and so i think coming together as a community, realizing that this is a historic moment, they are willing to get up and we'll provide them breakfast. >> reporter: breakfast. always a winner with these young kids. so they have been told to get here at about 6:30. we'll be here throughout the broadcast but for now we are live in san jose's willow glen neighborhood. i'm kiet do, kpix 5. cbs news will have special live coverage of the pope's address to congress in the 7:00 hour. it is 5:34. let's check our weather. i want one of those pope masks. >> i want one. why not? we have a donald trump pinata there in the newsroom. why not a pope mask too? good morning. heading out the door this morning, we have some extremely mild temperatures into the 60s. we also have a few high, thin
5:35 am
clouds. did you see last night's sunset? it was stunning. right now we're looking towards mineta international airport. 60 degrees there. we do have a few high, thin clouds all associated with an area of low pressure to the south of the bay area. otherwise full-on sunshine and warmer today a good 10 degrees above average in many neighborhoods. 70s and 80s common across the peninsula today. 92 morgan hill. but 98 expected in gilroy. 95 in throughout the tri- valley. 96 degrees towards brentwood tracy antioch and mountain view. temperatures soar to 90 in santa rosa today from the 60s in stinson beach through the 70s in sausalito. all the way up to the 90s to the north in the far reaches of cloverdale. we have that full forecast including the weekend. the first weekend of autumn that's coming up. brake lights westbound toward the dublin interchange before the altamont pass. you will see delays out of tracy this morning as well
5:36 am
heading over to our maps, westbound sluggish 22 minutes now altamont pass to 680. there is one-way traffic control on vasco road this morning so extra busy on the freeway. that roadwork clearing near airway so that should ease things up. eastbound seeing delays as well so just a heads up. headed towards the bay bridge this morning that roadwork on 580 near grant has been cleared but you can see the bay bridge is starting to back up. brian. caltrans now estimates that fixing those steel rods at the base of the new bay bridge tower will cost between $15 million and $25 million and most of that money will probably come from bridge tolls. engineers say it's likely that most of the 400 rods are riddled with tiny cracks at either end because of corrosion and that's because they were exposed to water after spaces around the rods were flooded. firefighters have now put out a house fire in alamo and contra costa county. the one-alarm fire on crest avenue started shortly after 1:00 this morning.
5:37 am
firefighters were able to get it under control and then put it out without anyone getting hurt. we have heard that some live power lines are still down. a good sign for a community ravaged by fire. today the evacuation center where so many have been staying since the "valley fire" broke out is closing. kpix 5's cate caugiran is live in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: this morning more people will get to go home. the community of anderson springs will re-open today but the last few evacuees at the napa county fairgrounds will have to find a new place to stay because that shelter is shutting down closing their doors today and the evacuees there will be packing up this morning. but many of them still don't have a place to go. to help those victims lake county is hosting a public meeting tonight at middletown high school football field at 6 p.m. state and local leaders will be there to answer questions including fema reps who have been touring the area over the past few days. >> fema will not make you
5:38 am
whole. but we may provide temporary housing. crisis counseling. >> a majority of lake county victims have insurance but for those who don't, fema can help. they will be issuing disaster loans but more importantly they are providing support for families hit the hardest. the average fema payout for disasters is generally about $5,000. but the agency says victims of the "valley fire" especially if they are uninsured may be able to get more. reporting live in the newsroom, cate caugiran, kpix 5. the republican presidential candidates are busy on the campaign trail. front-runner donald trump was among those campaigning in south carolina. one of the early primary states. carly fiorina was also in south carolina where she criticized democrat hillary clinton for the handling of her private email server. >> a whole lot of people in the intelligence community and in the military would have been fired for doing this. >> on the democratic side the latest national polls from bloomberg show hillary clinton's lead is down. 33-25% lead over vice president joe biden, who isn't in the
5:39 am
race yet. bernie sanders is a close third at 24%. none of the other democrats is above 2%. the average annual cost of an employer health plan rose 4% last year twice the pace of inflation. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins us with tips for saving money on healthcare. good morning, jill. and i guess employers cover most of the cost of premiums but the numbers are still big, right? >> reporter: oh, absolutely. a family plan now costs a total of more than $17,500. and workers pay about $5,000 of that. now, that $5,000 is up by 83% over the past decade. 24% in the last five years. deductibles are also on the move. they are on average now nearly $1,100. that's up 67% from just five years ago.
5:40 am
255% over the past decade. we are certainly shouldering more of the healthcare burden than we used to. >> how can we save money on healthcare? >> well, you start by choosing the right plan for you. that means you're going to have to go through all the different choices and know what the plans cover how much the plan costs including your out of pocket costs and whether your doctors are in the network. now, here's some interesting news. a lot of large employers have started to introduce high deductible health plans offering lower premiums. they are usually paired with something called a health savings account. that allows you to set aside pre-tax money to pay for unreimbursed costs. so if you are generally healthy and you want to save for future healthcare expenses, this is a very attractive choice. finally, in the category of i have to do this too, yes, you do. you have to take control of your healthcare by asking questions. you want to know, is there a generic drug for this instead of a name brand label? make sure that a test or prescription is really
5:41 am
necessary. and please, check every bill for coding errors. you don't want to be the person paying $600 for an aspirin, do you? for more on health choices, go to >> jill schlesinger, thank you. uber will soon take over the iconic sears building in oakland. but some oaklanders aren't happy about it. many took to twitter showing their dislike for the decision. mayor schaaf says the city hopes to work with uber to fight possible displacement and hire locally but uber is under no obligation to cooperate. and representatives are dodging questions about how diverse the company's staff is. >> we are just not at that point to share those numbers. again, we just got healthcare for employees which is more important. >> full-time employees at the oakland headquarters will receive benefits like healthcare. uber is appealing a recent california court decision that would force the company to provide those benefits to drivers, as well. now 19 minutes before 6:00
5:42 am
on thursday morning. scary moments when a mother goes into labor with no time to get to the hospital. why her 11-year-old son is being crowned a hero. >> and taking a live look out at 880 this morning in oakland, traffic is moving along pretty nicely from this view. but gianna is going to have more on what to expect on the more on what to expect on the roads out the door. ,,,,,,,,
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♪ ♪ with the new chase freedom mobile app, you can simply redeem, pay, and go. the new chase freedom mobile app. the card is for the essentials. the cash back is for the fun.
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good morning. here we go beginning! ! temperatures from the coast today 60s and 70s, otherwise across the bay today, climbing to about 84 degrees. peninsula high climbing to the mid- to high 80s. we are touching near 100 degrees in gilroy. the weekend and what we all can expect coming up. a stampede happened today
5:45 am
on the outskirts of mecca in saudi arabia killing at least 717 people. it happened in mina. it's a valley where pilgrims camp overnight before the final trek to mecca. saudi officials say people surged toward a bridge that overlooks the site and that's when the deadly stampede broke out. it happened on the third day of the annual hajj pilgrimage. a top official with volkswagen expects more resignations in the wake of a scandal over rigged u.s. tests. martin winterkorn resigned from the company yesterday but denied any personal wrongdoing. the environmental protection agency says volkswagen installs defeat devices in nearly 11 million cars worldwide to make it appear the engines ran cleaner. an 11-year-old georgia boy delivered his baby brother after his mother went into labor at home. the mother was at home in
5:46 am
marietta on tuesday. the baby suddenly decided, i'm ready! there was no time to get to a hospital, so her son james called 911, followed instructions from the dispatcher and delivered his baby brother. >> i was like i got a doctor in the house! hey! need anybody? he got you! [ laughter ] >> mother and newborn are doing fine recovering at a hospital. they are expected to go home today. >> all right. so maybe he will be a doctor. that's amazing, 11 years old. able to stay calm and take direction and there you go. >> not freak out with blood. [ laughter ] >> thanks for sharing. >> on that note. [ laughter ] let's check the roads. we'll head to the altamont pass. we have a lot of brake lights this morning. you are busy out of tracy westbound 580 pretty much as you work your way towards isabel break lights towards the dublin interchange. one-way traffic control on vasco so extra busy on the freeways this morning. on the flip side, eastbound we
5:47 am
do have some roadwork to report so you're going to see delays as well near hacienda hopyard to santa rosa so bitsy along 580 this morning. as we make our way around the bay we have reports of a medical emergency towards the bay bridge. on the west grand approach blocking the left lane. chp on scene as well as emergency crews so expect some delays there. early-morning roadwork on 580 slowing down early this morning. we have some delays past the toll plaza for a stalled vehicle so it is busy at the bay bridge. your approach though off the eastshore freeway still holding steady 20 minutes westbound 80 carquinez bridge to the maze. but you might skip the bay bridge right now and use bart. it's on time this morning. checking the golden gate bridge, southbound 101 out of marin county looking good into s no problems for your marin county commute. it's been quiet this morning. and the san mateo bridge is starting to stack up on the westbound side. we are seeing a few more cars still 13 minutes rest bound 92880 to 101. that's your morning drive. let's check the forecast. it's live our weather
5:48 am
camera. good morning, everybody. we are looking at a dark sfo. but we'll keep you posted if there's any possibility of airport delays because we have a few high, thin clouds lining the horizon this morning. temperatures mild again into the 60s. santa rosa with cloud cover at 56 degrees. here's what we need to know out the door this morning. it's going to be warmer today than yesterday. it's going to be sunny and bright with a few clouds. otherwise, we'll begin to cool down along the coast on friday. then gradual cooling over the weekend. rain chances not even close. okay, maybe a slight chance by monday, tuesday in the far reaches of the north bay. we have this area of low pressure. it's impressive actually well defined. then we have this huge ridge of high pressure to south of us. guess which one is going to win out. the high pressure. it's a strong ridge. temperatures up to 98 in gilroy today. lowering relative humidity, as well. but this area of low pressure gets closer to the coast that's when we cool down beginning tomorrow and over the weekend.
5:49 am
96 degrees at the state capital today. 82 degrees on the south shore where currently it is 40. 77 degrees in monterey bay. here's your sun-up and sundown. smack in between today numbers stack up into the 70s in many beach locations moss and montera beaches also pacifica. 84 degrees across the bay into oakland, piedmont and emeryville. 88 redwood city. 98 to the south. mid-90s to the east. 90s also to the north. temperatures come down a couple of degrees on friday and then there you start to see the cooling trend. temperatures seasonal monday through wednesday. and there you have it again. sfo in all its glory. make it a great day. an oregon man was in for a surprise when he checked on the balance of his cell phone bill. >> your total amount due is $2,156,593.64. >> yes, verizon was asking ken fletcher and his wife for more
5:50 am
than $2 million. a previous bill was for several hundred dollars so they canceled their service but the bills kept coming. >> mistakes are always made and what not but the number of errors and the comity of which they happen is -- is -- is astounding to me right now. >> verizon blames it on their automated voice response system. 10 minutes before 6:00. a hack attack on the government worse than first thought. who do you suppose is behind it? the answer after a break. ,,,,,,
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
this is live look at washington, d.c. pope francis will make history ahe is degree the congress. the crowds getting pictures with him, this is what pope francis has been about. he will make history today with his address to congress. he gets up close and personal with the crowds. now we are seeing it again the line of people wanting to get a glimpse of him and touch him. you can see people holding out their rosaries and hands.
5:54 am
and cards. he is expected to address congress, make history. he is holding out holy cards, hoping they will be blessed by the pontiff. the vatican is tight-lipped on what he is going to talk about but the holy father is expected to talk about immigration later today. >> they prepared for security for this for a year. a chicago woman knows for certain that her brother was killed. in san francisco 36 years ago. the remains were found as part of an investigation into several serial killings although the body isn't linked to those killings. she stood with the sheriff yesterday as he announced her dna matched that of a boy shot to death in the 179. the match occur -- 1979. the match occurred during the work to identify victims of a serial killer john wayne gacy. >> believe me, although i'm
5:55 am
terribly sad, the knowing is better. no matter how invisible you think your relative might be there's likely a good amount of information that can be found. >> the woman's brother is not one of gacy's victims but the sheriff says with their investigation into those remaining unidentified victims, his office has identified 12 other missing persons. that is thanks to family members providing dna. gacy was executed in 1994. a high school football coach is now committing he told two of his players to hit a ref preduring a game earlier this month. the referee denies making racist comments before he was blindsided on september 4. at the same time, the players' attorney is criticizing the school district for the not going public with a letter in which the coach admitted telling the players to attack. >> they have never said the coach told us september 4 that he ordered these boys to do that. they have just left the boys out there to hang. we're not happy about that. you know, we'll really felt that the boys have been
5:56 am
villified that the story wasn't completely out there. >> the two suspended students appeared yesterday at disciplinary hearings. both were ordered to complete 75 days in an alternative school. the theft of federal employee records is worse than previously thought. the office of personnel management says hackers stole 5.6 million fingerprints it had on file. five times more than originally thought. anybody with those records could use them to see if a diplomat secretly working for an american intelligence agency was at work. u.s. officials say that china is the number one suspect behind that attack. in the next half-hour a major "valley fire" shelter closes its doors today. now evacuees are asking where do we go next? i'm cate caugiran live in the newsroom with more on what the feds and state are doing to help those victims. >> i'm kiet do. we are live at presentation high school in san jose. you know, you have all heard about super bowl watch parties? about super bowl watch parties? well, this is ,,
5:57 am
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good morning, everyone. it's thursday, september 24. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney in for frank mallicoat. we are going to start by taking you live to washington, d.c. later this morning pope francis will make history on capitol hill. he will become the first pope to address a joint session of congress. weijia jang is live in washington and what's the latest, weijia? >> reporter: tens of thousands of ticket holders are outside. ering this going to hear the speech from big l.e.d. screens whenever the pope delivers his message


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