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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 25, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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the united nations. this is where pope francis will address world leaders today. good morning, it is friday, september 25. i'm michelle griego. >> is it friday? >> it's friday. >> it feels like a friday. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 4:30. a big advocate of the two-day workweek. work monday, work friday, it's a great week. good to be back. let's get you out the door with traffic and weather. that all-important weekend forecast. >> it was 100 degrees in my backyard yesterday. another day with temperatures at least 10 to 15 degrees above average. good morning, everyone. taking a look at the clear skies at sfo. look how mild it is in the 50s to the mid-60s. later today we are talking about numbers spanning from the 80s at the beaches, 80 central bay up to the mid- to high 90s inland. the full forecast plus the weekend coming up. first, good morning, gianna. >> good morning. we have a busy start to our friday drive. we have reports of an accident westbound san mateo bridge right at the toll plaza. it is blocking lanes. the tow crews are now on scene so hopefully, that will wrap up before the morning commute gets
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really busy. you can see light conditions past the accident towards foster city. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza in a couple of minutes. california's toughest in the nation emission standards could get tougher and that might cost you more at the pump. kpix 5's kiet do is live this morning with more on possible new regulations. kiet. >> yes. good morning. later today the state will vote and likely pass these new fuel standards. the governor says when it comes to fighting climate change what we need is historic virtual. if it passes it will be the first of its kind in the nation requiring a 10% cut in carbon emissions on transportation fuel sold in the state. it must happen by 2020. here's the rub to the oil industry. not only does that 10% cut have to happen with the fuel but it applies to the factories and oil rigs. it even applies to the tanker trucks used to deliver the fuel to gas stations everywhere. it's dubbed as a cut that applies from the, quote, wheel to the well.
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oil companies that fall below the baseline can sell credit to other companies. the idea is to encourage greater use of biofuels and electric vehicles. all of this of course will likely raise gas prices for drivers by a few cents per gallon. that amounts to roughly a extra 5 to $21 a year by the 2017. and by 2020 you will be paying an extra 12 to $48 a year. the oil industry has fought it saying there aren't enough biofuels to go around. next week, the state plans to introduce some new measures that will reduce methane and black carbon. live in san jose, kpix 5 news. it's the beginning of a big day in the big apple for pope francis. a live look at new york where the pope's agenda includes the united nations and the 9/11 memorial. he will also say mass this evening at madison square garden. more now from jamie yuccas. >> reporter: the vatican flag
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will be raised outside the united nations headquarters ahead of the pope's address to the general assembly. world leaders are set to adopt a series of goals to be achieved by 2030 including ending poverty and combatting climate change. shortly after arriving in new york yesterday afternoon, francis turned his attention to matters of the church during a service at the newly renovated st. patrick's cathedral. he received a standing ovation from american nuns after thanking them for their service to the church. michelle is among thousands anxiously waiting to hear what the holy father will say next. >> he speaks to all of us old, young, people that may be thought they weren't accepted in the church. i don't think they should feel that way any longer. i hope they don't feel that way any longer. >> reporter: pope francis leaves tomorrow morning for philadelphia the last stop of his u.s. tour. jamie yuccas, cbs news, new york. a busy day, another stop for the pope today will be at a school in east harlem. he is going to meet with immigrant families of our lady
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queen of angels school there. six students were chosen by the lottery to meet and ask questions with the pope. it is 4:34. let's check weather because it's the weekend and everyone wants to know what's going on. >> it's friday. >> it's going to be warm except on sunday we'll start to feel that cooldown. there's slight chance of rain in the far reaches of the north bay by monday but that's a slight chance and that's the far reaches of the north bay at least we are starting to see areas of low pressure stack up to the north of us. good morning, everybody. look right now sfo and what you can't see is really the sky conditions but it is clear. you can see the almost full moon out there. temperature-wise we are in the 50s and 60s heading out the door. later today a gentle brees out of the west-northwest 5 to 10 and another hot one. yesterday we had temperatures into the upper 90s even 100 degrees. today 70s and 80s around the coast. 90s around the peninsula.
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and also around the santa clara valley. we are talking about 97 degrees in brentwood which means towards discovery bay you will see 98 to 100 degrees. same also on the mountain house area. north bay numbers from the 60s, 70s, 80s up to 93 degrees in santa rosa. we are talking about temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above average. again, the cooldown and when you can anticipate it coming up a little later. first here's gianna. good morning. let's head over to the san mateo bridge where we have an accident just past the toll plaza. chp on scene. tow trucks as well so they are clearing it out of the left lanes westbound. past the wreck traffic is free- flowing out of hayward into foster city. no delays eastbound. taking a look at 880, north- and southbound so far, so good. you're looking at a pretty easy ride northbound 238 to the maze. only about 15 to 16 minutes and also clear at the bay bridge. it's "friday light" westbound out of oakland into san francisco. michelle. rote rage turns into an assault on an east bay freeway.
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yesterday afternoon, two vehicles stopped along interstate 680 in creek after an accident one of the -- in walnut creek after an accident. one of the drivers stabbed the other and took off in a black nissan. he is a hispanic man in his 20s with tatoos on his arms and neck. the panel overseeing the bay bridge project is ordering the main contractor now pay up. the panel approved an $11 million fine yesterday for the bad bolts on the new eastern span. bolts are supposed to help the bridge survive an earthquake but more than 100 are sitting in saltwater and may have to be replaced. testing and temporary fixes have already cost millions. and at least two lawsuits have already been filed in california over volkswagen's tampering with emission testing on the vw and audi vehicles. a lawsuit seeks class action status for californians who bought or leased certainly diseased powered audis. the other suit was filed by a dealer seeking damages over the
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loss of value of used volkswagens. new leads this morning on the mystery of a missing family from benicia. adam buchanan, his wife and their 7-year-old son haven't been seen in almost a week when they went to their cabbie in the sierra foothills east of auburn. the cabin burned down and human remains were found inside. joe vazquez has newinsight into the case. >> reporter: the cabin was burned to the ground almost unrecognizable now rubble on a foundation in the backwoods in el dorado county. while investigators work to formally identify the remains of the three people found inside the cabin, kpix 5 has learned investigators are also focusing on a family member who is alive and well. adam buchanan's 16-year-old son was at home in the bay area at the family home in benicia when investigators arrived with a search warrant. detectives impounded a white pickup that was parked out front. the sheriff's department says the teenager was detained for a short while, while detectives
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searched for evidence. >> i can disclose that our detectives have contacted him. >> reporter: what's the situation with him? is he not a suspect? is everyone a suspect until we know what happens? >> we are not ruling anything out. >> reporter: we asked the buchanan family attorney about the young man. was he up there at one time? >> i'm not authorized to speak to that. um, there's, um, -- there's movement -- there's legal movement to protect. and that is what we're going to do. >> reporter: kpix 5 has learned investigators here in el dorado county have been asking neighbors to checker that surveillance video for a white pickup truck -- check their surveillance video for a white pickup truck leaving the area and one business owner handed over two clips to investigators. investigators here in el dorado county say they are frustrated because even though the family attorney has identified the buchanan family, they are still work here in the county to identify the remains. they have even called in experts from the state. and until they get that formal identification, they say their
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investigation is stalled. until el dorado county, i'm joe vazquez, kpix 5. former 49er ray mcdonald scheduled to appear in court today. he is facing charges after officials say he raped a girl who was drunk. the victim says she is fell and hit her head in mcdonald's home last december then woke up in his bed. he is set to be arraigned in san jose. he has had previous legal problems related to domestic violence cases. he faces a maximum of 8 years in prison if convicted. samsung is growing its business and expanding in silicon valley. the south korean company just opened its newest u.s. offices in north san jose. the campus is 1.1 million square feet and houses their semi-conductor business. it's an office tower, parking garage and gym. it can accommodate up to 2,000
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employees. smockit's near apple in cupertino. apple enthusiasts lined up this morning as the new iphones go on sale in a couple of hours. here's a live look at an apple store in san francisco. >> there's no secret sauce. we are crazy. but we do it. you know? >> we had a homeless man waiting in line because somebody paid him to stay there. and he was just passed out sprawled out cold. he finally just left. >> or you could wait a couple of weeks and buy one. some of them said they are most excited about the 6a four k video recording rose gold color and live photos. so get them while they're hot. time now 4:40. a big surprise for some east bay students after their bikes were stolen. how oakland police officers are
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stepping in. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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people from several countries were killed in a stampede in saudi arabia. 719 people died yesterday when two giant waves of people collided at an intersection. it happened on the final day of the hajj pilgrimage. at least 131 of the dead were from iran, 14 from india and 4 from turkey. more than 800 people were injured. a pair of good samaritans helped rescue two men from a burning home in the north bay. the fire broke out yesterday in a vallejo home. you can see that thick smoke and flames pouring out of the house. a city worker was nearby when screams from help were heard. >> i heard a person calling for
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help and everything, so i immediately ran in there and my eyes was burning from smoke. >> one of the victims was a double amputee and likely wouldn't have made it out without help. the second victim had second- and third-degree burns before being pulled from the home. the house is a complete loss. a dead whale is attracting a lot of attention in fremont. whales down the usually surface this far down the bay where the water is far too shallow but there it is. u.s. fish and wildlife got reports of it on saturday. biologists are running tests to determine cause of death. they are going to let the whale decompose at the beach. a new study has some unsettling results about the fish we eat. as kpix 5's betty yu reports, it has to do with what the fish ate before they were daughter. >> reporter: if you are in the market for fresh fish there's a chance it didn't eat the healthiest dinner. a new study out of uc-davis
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found that one out of four fish have bits of plastic and mostly fibers in their gut. the researchers sampled 64 fish including salmon, anchovies, bass and tuna and tested fish from indonesian waters and found they only had plastic in their gut but no synthetic fibers. they suspected the fibers found in california fish come from clothing, the water from washing machines goes thruways water treatment plants emptying out into the ocean. because of bad filtering system the fish eat those fibers. >> i always thought, hey, it goes down a special sewer treatment plant. i didn't realize it was being dumped back out here. they need better filtration because that damages the fish. >> reporter: sport fisherman william com says the findings won't stop him from eating fish and researchers say it shouldn't. the health benefits of eating seafood generally outweigh any
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costs. half moon bay fish market says people don't eat fish whole so he is not too worried. >> i'm more concerned about they do a little more research to see if it's affecting the needs. what they found in the gut. >> reporter: researchers are still studying whether the chemicals in plastic can transfer into the meat of fish on your plate. in half moon bay, betty yu, kpix 5. >> and in a separate study released this week, they found high levels of plastic in the san francisco bay. it's blamed on so-called microbeads tiny pieces of plastic found in cosmetics and toothpaste. a flagrant water waster is busted in beverly hills. >> do you know there's a drought in california? there's a severe drought. >> hidden cameras caught a man using a high pressure hose along rodeo drive. he power washed the sidewalk and soaked the planters using thousands of gallons of water for more than an hour.
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this happened on privately owned land a violate of rules. they will be cited and the wasteful conduct will stop. the water police are out there. we talk about it all the time. you're out in the yard and your neighbor goes by and says, what are you doing? >> i was out there at 9:30 last night watering because it was dark and nobody would see. sometimes you have to understand like i take 3 minute showers and that's a rule in the house. we conserve at every extent in our house. that was extreme violation obviously what was going on there but be very mindful when scolding your neighbors, they may have their own water rationing ideas. as you head out, we do not have a raindrop in sight. we have nothing but clear skies and calm winds. bay waters are like glass. very mild out the door this morning. you can anticipate another day with above average temperatures and extremely dry conditions. rel tv humidity in the teens. this is our satellite-radar. we had clouds in the bay area
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yesterday. today, more sunshine. more warmth. in fact, this area of low pressure to the north of us taking its time moving into the bay area. but when it finally dips to the south we'll see some cooler temperatures at least by the latter portion of our weekend but today again another hot one as that high pressure builds in. we'll see the gradual cooling beginning on sunday through the beginning of next week. meanwhile, triple digits in fresno, merced where it's 62, going up to 82 in the greater lake tahoe area, currently it's 40. 76 in monterey bay. our numbers stacking up today 81 in pacifica. 85 in oakland. 90s on the peninsula up to 98 degrees today in the gilroy area. mid-90s common to the east and also to the north. cool sunday and monday. giants and the a's sonny on the mound for the good guys.
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leake on the mound for the giants. game time temperature 68 degrees at 7:05. go giants. we have reports of an accident northbound 880 at marina. it's a vehicle stuck on its side not blocking lanes over on the right shoulder. speeds are okay through there northbound as you work ur way into oakland. southbound no troubles hopefully that will clear out very quickly here. quiet on westbound 580. overall traffic is light westbound 580. conditions on the altamont pass look good. 15 minutes westbound out of tracy heading into the livermore valley. accident westbound 92 out of lanes no delays. lots of free-flowing conditions westbound 92. 880 to 101, only 13 minutes
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this morning. same for the bay bridge, a nice ride clear out of oakland into san francisco. golden gate bridge early- morning accident here. an injury wreck traffic looks good clear out of marin county. lots of green on our sensors and bart is on time. ferries starting on monday they will switch to the fall-winter schedule so plan for that. back to you guys. >> thank you. 4:50 your sometime. big surprise for students at a charter in oakland. police officers showing up yesterday with 10 bicycles replacing stolen ones. monday students from a bike mechanics class discovered about a dozen of their nearly rebuilt road bikes were gone. several toolkits were also missing. but oakland police officers stepped on in with some of the donating -- with some donating their own bikes. >> it's our way of giving back. these young children are doing the right thing. they have a very robust bicycle program where they fix up bikes and donate them to local
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charities. we want to be part of that. >> most of the bikes came from the police department's bicycle recovery unit. >> the president of starbucks is urging the coffee company's store managers to improve workers' schedules. the "new york times" reports the company has not followed through on a year old promise to do so. the complaints include schedules not being posted not far enough in advance and workers scheduled to close stores at night and return to open early the next morning. just getting started on 4:51. crawlies in the library.
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take a good look at the temperatures. we are still averaging 10 degrees above normal in many of our neighborhoods. we are stacking up in the 80s and 90s in the peninsula. 94 in morgan hill down from 98 degrees yesterday in livermore to 96 degrees. you will barely feel the difference. 97 degrees in danville and brentwood and in pleasanton. numbers in the north bay 60s, 70s and 80s. good morning, napa, your high temperature at 92 degrees. 90s in cloverdale. >> and 880 right now, chp on the scene of an accident northbound near marina boulevard. it's off to the right side but we are getting word of a new wreck just south of there, north 880 in fremont at alvarado niles. big rig involved. more details coming up. >> thanks, gianna. federal investigators looking into a deadly collision between a duck boat tour vehicle and a chatter bus in -- charter bus in seattle. the duck boat was loaded with
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tourists swerved, overcorrected and t-boned the bus on the aurora bridge. >> i got out of my car and there were bodies everywhere people lying in the street. >> maybe the traffic slowed down and veered out of control and we hit the bus here and just spinning around and people being thrown out of the duck and things like that. >> the bus had 45 international students from north seattle college. four died. more than 50 others were injured and brought to area hospitals. the driver who crashed a car into a livermore gym reportedly had a prior close call at the same location. tuesday the 80-year-old driver plowed through the gym's storefront right into the a workout class. a woman inside the gym died and several others were injured. the driver says she mistook the gas pedal for the brake. a witness told police the same driver jumped the curb in the same parking lot last year. months after an attack with a hammer on the streets of berkeleyry man is now facing charges. the attack caught on camera during a street protest in
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december. the victim was trying to keep things calm and prevent looting when the suspect hit him over the head with a hammer after studying the video and working leads this week police arrested a 20-year-old oakland man. he is now facing assault, felony battery and burglary charges. an infestation of bedbugs has forced the shutdown of a public library in palo alto. they turned up in chairs in the mitchell park branch on wednesday. exterminators are treating the problem and dogs are sniffing out other libraries to find more. the city hopes to re-open the library on sunday. why gas prices are set to go up over the next couple of years and why that's a good thing according to the state of california. >> reporter: i'm lisa chan live in union square at the apple store where some people have been camping out here since wednesday. all to get their hands on the new iphone. we'll talk,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. good morning, it's friday, september 25. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. happy friday, everyone. nearly 5:00. and today, california regulators are set to restore rules requiring an even bigger cut on fuel emissions and that could end up costing you some cash. kpix 5's kiet do is live to explain the new regulations. he is live down in san jose. good morning. >> reporter: yes, good morning. later today the state will vote and likely pass these new fuel standards. when it comes to fighting climate change, governor brown says what we need is historic virtue. if this passes it will be the first of its kind in the country requiring a 10% cut in carbon emissions on transportation fuel sold in the state. this 10% cut must happen by 2020. here's the rub to the oil
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industry. not only does the 10% cut have to happen with the fuel itself but also applies to the factories and the oil rigs. this cut even applies to the tanker trucks used to deliver the fuel to gas stations everywhere. it's dubbed as a cut that applies from, quote, wheel to the well. oil companies that fall below the baseline can sell credit back to other companies. the idea being to encourage greater use of biofuels and electric vehicles. all this, of course, will likely raise gas prices for drivers by a few cents per gallon. that amounts to roughly an extra $5 to $21 a year by 2017. and then by 2020, you will pay an extra $12 to $48 a year. the oil industry has tried fighting this one saying there are not enough biofuels to go around. by the way, next week the state will introduce measures to reduce methane and black carbon. we're live in san jose. kiet do, kpix 5. this is perhaps one of the busiest days for pope francis on his trip to the u.s. his stops today include the 9/11 memorial and mass at


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