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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  September 25, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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kevin mccarthy. >> reporter: a republican congressman from bakersfield. the current front-runner for baker's job. it could be important leadership for two californians. >> having house minority leader be from california and speaker of the house from california is never bad. >> reporter: boehner was always planto ave this year he said but could the pope's address to congress have played a role? >> this morning i woke up and i said my prayers as i always do and i decide i had, you know, today's the day i'm going to do this. >> it's not surprising he woke up today and thought it's not going to get any better than this ever so i might as well just go ahead and make the announcement and move on. >> here's a closer look at the front-runner to succeed him. kevin mccarthy first went to congress in 2007. four years later he took the number 3 spot in the party as whip. last year he became house majority leader. he opposes obamacare and climate change rules and was shadowed by actor kevin spacey for his role in the netflix
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series house of cards. pope francis had another jam-packed day on the second leg of his historic u.s. tour. he just wrapped up an evening mass at maddy middleton in new york. before that he addressed the u.n. everyone and visited the 9/11 memorial. he said mass at madison square garden. craig boswell reports. >> reporter: pope francis went from one end of the island to the other and a short time ago wrapped it up saying mass at madison square garden. >> reporter: in one of his biggest events of this trip, 18,000 people saw pope francis celebrate mass at new york's madison square garden. the holy father urged catholics to go out into the world and become beacons of hope. [ speaking spanish ] >> the people who walk in darkness have seen a great light. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: an estimated
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80,000 people waited for hours in central park to catch a glimpse of francis. >> for me, it might be a once- in-a-lifetime experience. so it's well worth waiting and i love him. he's a great guy, great man. [ applause ] >> reporter: the pope's dagan at the u.n. general assembly. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: speaking in spanish, francis addressed world leaders on a wide range of issues ranging from the controversial iran nuclear deal to global warming. [ speaking spanish ] >> any harm done to the environment, therefore, is harm to humanity. >> reporter: during an interfaith service at the 9/11 museum, the 78-year-old catholic leader prayed and encouraged people to embrace their differences and work together. he placed a single white rose at the 9/11 memorial and met with family members of those killed in the attacks. >> it's the pope! >> reporter: but francis seemed to enjoy moments like this the most. he learned how to use the latest technology from students
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at a catholic school in harlem. [ yelling ] >> reporter: and first thing tomorrow morning, the pope will leave new york city and head to philadelphia for the final leg of his u.s. trip. >> and kenneth, you had mentioned 80,000 people were lined up around central park to catch a glimpse of the pope. yet 18,000 made it into madison square garden for that mass. how were they able to attend? >> reporter: those two different groups got those tickets in two different ways. the people in central park were able to put their names into a lottery system with the city. the people who were able to assist at mass a little bit more fortunate, they were members of different parishes and different churches in the area and that's how they got the tickets to be at mass. >> as an aside, how is the city dealing with the traffic? >> reporter: well, things seem to have calmed down now that his events are all over. but, you know, new york city is very equipped to handle
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events like this. they have done events with the pope in the past and other dignitaries. there was a lot of traffic in the last couple of days but it's calming down now. >> i can imagine. thank you. well, turns out one of the pope's most poignant encounters with a child on this u.s. trip wasn't so spontaneous after all. millions watched as 5-year-old sophie cruz made a dash for the popemobile in washington to deliver a handwritten letter about the plight of immigrant parents like her own living in the country illegally. a coalition of immigration rights groups says it planned know that are moment for nearly a year. a driver was killed in a crash near almaden park in san jose. the accident happened on guadalupe mines road at 9: 30. the vehicle went down the hill and scattered debris on the way down. early reports said that several people had been thrown out of the vehicle but that turned out to be false. >> there was a rescue attempt
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but the subject had already -- was already dead. and there was only one person in the vehicle. >> the cause of the crash is unknown. investigators are looking at the possibility the driver may have had a medical issue two stanford professors filed a class action lawsuit against volkswagen today. they want the car maker to buy back the cars it rigged to pass smog tests. julie watts is live for us in belmont tonight at a vw testing facility that lawyers believe may have played a role in the cover-up. jules. >> reporter: that's right, veronica. the lawyers behind the class action tell me that they believe real-world testing done here may have provided evidence as early as 2013 that something was amiss with emissions. meanwhile they also believe this facility may have had something to do with the development of that so-called defeat device. >> that research facility may have obtained information as far back as 2013 that the actual performance of these vehicles when road tested here
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in the bay area, right in san francisco, was not what was represented. >> reporter: that's what lawyers say they hope to prove as part of a class action lawsuit filed today alleging much of what volkswagen has already admitted, that the carmaker knowingly rigged emission tests tricking regulators and consumers but lawyers believe this belmont facility may have played a significant role citing this 2013 fact sheet and report from the center for alternative fuels, engines and emissions, and this volkswagen press release. lawyers believe the testing here in the bay area may have demonstrated as far back as 2013 that emissions from at least one of the now recalled carls, the jetta, exceeded legal limits. volkswagen declined to comment on the accusations citing pending litigation. but the carmaker now admits to installed the defeat devices in 11 million cars. hiding the fact they were emitting pollutants as high as 40 times the legal limit in california. >> how long will the test take? >> reporter: those cars have been recalled and once fixed
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could be less fuel-efficient. but that's not the only reason lawyers say they want volkswagen to buy back the recalled cars. >> how do you feel about the fact that you purchased a car from somebody that has intentionally dereceived you. there's no way you can fix this other than buying back the car. >> reporter: now, volkswagen's ceo resigned amid the scandal. today they appointed a new ceo the former ceo of porsche. in belmont, julie watts, kpix 5. >> volkswagen has named that new ceo as she said. it hopes to pull the company out of a growing scandal on emissions cheating. he is the former head of the group's porsche group. because of the vw scandal the epa said today it is making sweeping changes to its diesel emissions testing. it will add on road tests to standard lab testing. the idea is to detect software and other methods automakers might use to cheat. california air regulators
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today voted to strengthen the state's carbon emissions standards already considered the toughest in the nation. the plan calls for cutting carbon content and fuel 10% over the next five years. oil producers warn the strict new standards will drive up the cost of gas. the industry says drivers could pay an extra $25 a year in higher gas prices by 2017 and another $56 annually by 2020. the dmv announced today it's reached a historic milestone. it has issued 500,000 driver's licenses to undocumented people living in california a state law went into effect the beginning of the year allowing undocumented immigrants who are working to get those licenses. california is one of 10 states in the country to do so. a wild coyote kills a beloved family pet. >> i feel so very guilty and responsibility because i couldn't save him. >> tonight, a rise in attacks forcing extreme precautions at a popular bay area dog park.
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>> new survival stories from this crash on a bridge in seattle. the bay area family's close call after getting thrown from a duck tour bus. >> another warm day in san francisco. another hot day away from the water. but things are changing just in time for the weekend. i'll have details with your seven-day forecast coming up. >> are you ready to rock and roll? i'm maria medina live near at&t park. the legendary band that's about to hit the stage in just a few hours.
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new details tonight on the deadly duck boat crash in seattle. turns out that a family from fremont was on board. they had broken bones and scrapes when they were thrown from the duck boat in the collision. they were on the boat celebrating a family member's birthday. four people on the charter bus were killed when the amphibious vehicle slammed into it yesterday. they were all international students studying at north seattle college. the ntsb is investigating the
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cause of the crash. a family is mourning the loss of their pet, their dog was killed by a coyote near a san francisco park yesterday. kpix 5's lisa chan on how other pet owners are taking precautions. >> i feel very guilty and responsible because we couldn't save him. >> reporter: they are devastating they were walking the dog in stern grove thursday afternoon at 4 p.m. when their 7-pound dog was killed by a coyote. >> we saw a movement in the off and ran towards it and the coyote was -- came out from behind the tree and grabbed him. >> reporter: her husband ran after the coyote and tried to scare him to drop the dog. but he didn't. since july, residents have reported dozens of coyote sightings. two cats have been killed and san francisco recreation and park workers placed these signs in stern grove. a month ago a dog owner said
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five coyotes surrounded his bichon frise at stern grove and attacked him. this morning, some dog owners told us they were carrying their dogs instead of walking them and avoiding pine lake. >> instead of going out around the lake where the attacks have been i'll make loops in the open areas keep the dog in clear sight so they can't go out in the words. >> reporter: but lo wants something done to control the coyote population. >> you don't have a dog park and park for children and just let the coyotes run wild. and you take charge. they need do something. >> reporter: in stern grove, lisa chan, kpix 5. >> san francisco animal control says their job isn't coyote control but to educate people on how to keep their dogs safe. a lot of people going to great lengths to get the new iphone but one woman at a bay area store didn't use her hands at all. >> and we have heard of kids getting suspended for dress code violations but this is a new one. on,,,,
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at&t park is ready to rock tonight. legendary rock band ac/dc takes the stage in just under three hours. our maria medina is there for the bay area's stop of the band's world tour. are you having fun yet? >> reporter: i'm having fun. can you tell?
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[ laughter ] >> reporter: all right, veronica. ac/dc fans they will get this. it probably was like a highway to hell to get here because of traffic but they know it is a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: it's the band that changed the rock 'n roll scene decades ago. ♪[ music ] >> it's a long way to the top if you want to rock 'n roll ♪ >> reporter: and tonight ac/dc will play their music live for thousands of its fans. >> rock all the way to the top here. you know? this is ac/dc kind of fun metal did you understander head rock. >> reporter: music critics say ac/dc is one of the pioneers of heavy metal with the lead guitarist schoolboy uniform the band's trademark. >> when that band emerged on the american rock scene there
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was nothing that sounded or looked like them. >> reporter: their music legendary so tonight at at&t park, let there be rock. all right. so if you are not an ac/dc fan, you have likely heard their music in lots of commercials and movies like varsity blues and coming up tonight at 6:00, we're going to talk to fans about how the music has influenced them and just how much the most expensive ticket costs for tonight's concert. live near at&t park, maria medina, kpix 5. >> you want to give us a hint? >> reporter: give you a hint? in the thousands. it costs almost just -- almost as much as my car that i bought. >> the next time we see you, you should come back in black because you're wearing white. >> reporter: i know. i wasn't dressed for today's occasion. sorry. >> thank you. >> dressing for the weather. bicyclists fighting for the ride to ride on the golden gate bridge for free. there was a call for the governor to sign assembly bill 40 to halt sidewalk tolls on
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state-owned bridges for pedestrians and cyclists. the golden gate bridge district is considering a toll in the next few years to deal with the $33 million operating deficit. no decision on how much the toll would be. bay area headlines. san francisco police need your help identifying a hit-and-run driver who left a man with critical injuries. this sonicblue ford ranger similar to the one police say was seen speeding way from the crash. it happened september 13 on san jose avenue near rice street. police say the truck should have some front end damage near the passenger side headlight. the victim still in the hospital and is expected to survive. a traffic mess in san francisco. a big rig clipped a tree and they fell on muni wires at 8 a.m. mission between fourth and fifths was closed for five hours while crews cleared it. no one was injured. muni buses were rerouted this is what's left after
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a hash oil explosion last night in santa rosa. police say that a shed on humboldt street blew up at 10:30. firefighters evacuated the neighborhood as they put it out. a 23-year-old man suffered some severe burns. no one else was hurt. schools in middletown will re-open on monday. that's about the same time crews say they will have full containment on the "valley fire." right now, that fire is 90% surrounded. the wildfire has killed 4 people and destroyed over 1900 structures. fema is on the ground now working with families that have been burned-out. and crews have made major progress with the "butte fire." officials say it could also be contained by next week. it's killed two people and destroyed over 820 structures. paul deanno is outside enjoying the last bit of a friday and it's a spectacular evening after a pretty warm day. >> reporter: it was warm in the city not as warm as yesterday but everybody above average and inland running about 5 to 15
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degrees above average. we are clear sunny skies in san francisco. great shot from our rooftop looking towards the bay bridge san francisco bay and oakland and berkeley and emeryville off in the distance. it's going to be a fine weekend to get outside and if you are not a fan of the heat, it will be cooler coming up this weekend. livermore in the 80s off a high of 96. west wind is kicked up for you. 89 degrees your current temperature santa rosa 89. san francisco remember 90 yesterday? about 66 today. so the onshore flow is already increasing and san bruno a west wind now in the 20s and a current temperature for you 72 degrees, san jose checking in at 76. comfortable tonight mild away from the water fairfield livermore san jose 60 san rafael tonight 56 san francisco 59. it is a weekend in september which means there are lots of things to do. maybe you want to go see all those super bowl trophies this weekend the super bowl tour that 50 tour will be at the
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pacific coast fog festival. kpix 5 the mobile weather lab will be, as well. both saturday and sunday in pacifica. ironically there will be some low cloud cover and fog but not as much as one would expect in pacifica. should be a pleasant day with a high of 68 degrees tomorrow. here's the reason why things are changing. we have a large area of low pressure off the coastline and it is inching closer as a ridge of high pressure begins to move away. so as we get that transition of power from the ridge to the low we are going to pick up a stronger on show flow and it's that simple. if the fan from the pacific ocean is stronger we are going to cool off more efficiently and that's what will begin tomorrow. it's going to last for about 4 or 5 straight days to the point that we will be below average by the beginning of next week and we'll stay there for three or four days. we'll miss out on any rainfall but temperatures will begin to drop tomorrow and that drop will continue for almost a week. so we are mild tonight inland fog near the water especially the coastline. gradual cooling a few degrees each day that will begin this weekend. we'll be dry with zero rainfall over the next several days. here's a look at your highs
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tomorrow. we are basically just cooling back to where we should be for the final weekend of september. mountain view comfortable 79 degrees and sunshine. cupertino 83. upper 60s half moon bay. pacifica hayward 74. 84 for walnut creek. antioch 86. fairfield, vacaville. snow. 81. alameda tomorrow 72. each day temperatures drop a couple of degrees cooler. tuesday don't hit 80 inland. by monday don't hit 70 near the bay. a rebound this time next week but the overall theme is for the next several days cooler weather but we get to keep the sunshine. the best part, is that it won't be as hot but it will be as sunny. i know we need the rainfall, guys, we are not in the rainy season yet so let's enjoy what will be a very pleasant weekend both saturday and sunday. back to you. >> we'll do that.
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thank you. in new jersey, an 8-year- old girl found herself suspended because the green shirt that she wore to school wasn't the right shade of green. little kiely was sent home from school monday because the color of her blouse apparently broke the rules. her south jersey school district says shirts must be white, navy blue or dark green. and her mom got a stern warning. >> he wanted me to know that she can't wear that shirt and if she does wear that shirt again she would be suspended. >> the school says it wasn't just kiely. a boy was also sent home for violating the dress code. well, it is not often another gadget steals apple's thunder at an iphone launch. how one woman got some high- tech helping holding her spot.
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well, a san diego woman really wanted the new iphone. but camping out on the sidewalk sounded like a drag to her. >> she really wanted it so she decided that a robot would be just right for the job. the woman sent this robot to the palo alto apple store. rhianna says the store manager let her pay for the phone by credit card while the robot just simply spun around there and waited its turn. but she says she never took her eye off the prize. >> i'm just at home, um, using my keyboard to control this it's called a beam, it's all in real time and i can see everything that you guys can see. so like this is what i see right now which is terrifying. [ laughter ] >> really wanted that phone. after the robot scored the phone, they locked that phone in the store for safe keeping. briana says she is going to head up to palo alto on monday to pick up her new iphone in person. >> is that cheating? i mean -- >> wait a minute.
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you pay for a robot, you pay for a roundtrip ticket to palo alto. >> camping out in front of the store like all those other iphone fanatics. >> it's a publicity stunt for the robot maker. in tonight's jobs report jill schlesinger looks at careers in the insurance industry. >> reporter: september is national life insurance awareness month an opportunity to stress the importance of protecting against unforeseen events. because most people are reluctant to confront the topic alone, insurance agents are key in fostering this kind of conversation. insurance agents earn a median annual wage of $63,730. but the commission-based pay scares off many from what could be a lucrative career. if you are looking to get into the field, most employers require agents to have a bachelor's degree. the highest earning agents often receive the chartered property casualty underwriter designation which is considered to be the equivalent of a master's degree in insurance. this designation is offered through the insurance institute of america but you must pass
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eight courses and five foundation courses. to learn more about the insurance industry and how you can earn the cpcu designation in the bay area, go to i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5. ,,,,,,,, female announcer: sleep train's best rest event
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coming up new at 6:00 tonight, hundreds of people on the verge of losing their homes and jobs. the shutdown affecting some of the bay area's most vulnerable.
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plus crossing the bay on a bike. our paul deanno tests his skills and his pedal power on water. >> pelley: an earthquake shakes >> pelley: an earthquake shakes the house. >> this morning, i woke up, and i said my prayers, as i always do, and i decided, you know, today's the day i'm going to do this. >> pelley: also tonight, donald trump, thin of skin? an impression is created, though, that you like to dish it out, but you can't take a punch. the pope plays the garden and gets treated like a rock star. and steve hartman with football's toughest yard and a half, measured vertically. >> you have heard about, like, the little dog with the big-dog heart. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. as parades go, it was st. patrick's day and thanksgiving


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