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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  September 27, 2015 7:30am-8:31am PDT

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makovec. i'm phil matier. i'm mark kelly. there s a lot to talk about in our ne it's 7:30 am on this sunday morning. good morning. >> we have a lot to get to in our next hour. >> that's right. first, the pope. after another full day of meetings and one last mass pope francis wraps up his first visit to the united states today. we are live in philadelphia where the pontiff has a full day of events. >> our political insiders will weigh in on the style of the pope's visit. california has some of the toughest air quality standards in the nation. now state air regulators are
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making them tougher calling for 10% carbon cut over the next five years. the strict standards could drive up the cost of gas but by how much. >> that's a question everyone is asking. in santa clara city council members are mulling a plan to limit booze sold at niners games. this is after recent alcohol fueled fights between fans there. why the police chief doesn't think drinking is the problem. we will talk about that. first, we will take a quick check of your sunday morning forecast. here is a live shot of the golden gate bridge. it is socked in with fog but that will change later today. oakland is at 59. livermore is the same. san francisco is cooler at 57 and san jose is also 59. heading out the door, a partly cloudy start, coastal fog and near seasonal highs later today. we have changes in your temperatures coming up in the work week. we'll have more on that but first we will look at your headlines.
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two people are recovering from injuries after a transformer blew up in san francisco. pg&e is investigating that explosion. people heard a loud bang early saturday and debris went flying. about 4000 people lost power. it took pg&e crews all day to restore service. oakland photographer jennifer little recovered one of her stolen cameras and lenses at the colosseum flea market yesterday. the 21 hard drives with 70,000 photos are still missing. her home was burglarized last wednesday. thieves made off with eight cameras and the hard drives containing her life's work. a chaotic scene at a concert in tempe arizona. people were injured when a crowd stampeded the stage. all those hurt were juveniles. it happened at the summer end
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music festival. folks in cob are heading home after fleeing the valley fire. all traffic restrictions were lifted yesterday afternoon. cob is where the fire first broke out on september 12. today the 76,000-acre fire is almost fully contained, but close to 2000 structures have been destroyed. that's a look at your top stories on this sunday morning. back to you. pope francis is ending his six day trip to the united states in a grand fashion. >> you are taking a live look now at his final mass. he turned his focus to families and compassionate an event last night though in the city of brotherly love. don champion joins us live from philadelphia. don. >> reporter: good morning betty. the pope has made headlines on every stop of this american tour. this morning was no different. within the past half hour or so, we did learn that the pope was able to meet with five church sex abuse survivors,
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three women and two men. afterwards he offered very powerful words to bishops gathered from around the world saying that those responsible would be held accountable saying "i carry in my heart the stories, the suffering, and the pain of the minors that have been sexually abused by priests." right now the pope is visiting with inmates at a local correctional facility. later today he will end his grand trip to america in a grand way with a huge open air mass. pope francis broke from his prepared speech to talk about the church sex abuse scandal before bishops from around the world. >> god weeps. the sexual abuse of children, these cannot be maintained in secret. >> reporter: the leader of catholic church promised all
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abusers would be held account. >> i commit to a careful oversight to ensure that youth are protected. >> reporter: this is the last day of the pope's tour of the u.s. saturday night he spoke spontaneously and passionately about the need for family in today's society. >> let us look out for the family. let us protect the family because it is the family that our future is at play. >> reporter: earlier in the day pope francis went to independence hall where colonials declared independence from britain and said freedom declared in 1776 still attracts people to america this day. back out here live, you can see some of the thousands of people who are showing up and converging a center city, philadelphia at this hour for the huge open hair mass that the pope is going to be holding
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later this afternoon. about 1 million people are expected to show up on city streets to hear what the pope has to say. then he boards a flight to head back to vatican city around 5:00 california time. back to you. >> don, i want to ask you if you can talk about the importance of the pope's meeting with sex abuse victims and also the importance of that to the city of philadelphia. >> reporter: most definitely. there was so much talk about whether or not the pope would meet with these church sex abuse survivors. it was very important that he did so because philadelphia of all the arch diocese was really rocked by the sex abuse scandal. in fact it was the center of three grand jury investigations. again, the pope is offering up some very powerful strong statements to those bishops about the church sex abuse scandal promising those responsible would be held accountable. >> don champion, thank you so much, live in philadelphia this morning. in california containment of the devastating valley fire
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in lake county is at 95%. that's good news. >> yeah, it started two weeks ago in cobb and spread to middle town and hidden valley like. more than 12,000 homes were destroyed and four people died. it covered 76,000 acres. cal fire expects to have the fire fully contained by next monday. public schools in middle town though are set to reopen tomorrow. at the same time federal authorities want victims of the valley and butte fires to register for help. temporary housing is available. at the state government level department of finance is transferring $10 million from california's rainy day fund to help pay for clean up involving the two fires. we know this is just the start of a very long process. >> exactly. they're also taking money from the drought and putting it into the fire on the idea that part of the reason we have such a big fire is because of the drought. we are using drought relief
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money as well. >> the big thing is getting back to normal. we are starting to see with the football games. people are slowly beginning to move in. >> that normal is a long way off. the roads have been buckled or damaged because of fire. infrastructure has been damaged. this doesn't go away because television cameras move on. bicyclists fighting for the right to ride on the golden gate bridge for free. >> walkers as well. the bay area -- call for the governor to sign assembly bill 40. that would halt the idea of sidewalk tolls on the state owned bridge for pedestrians and cyclists. the district is considering the toll as part of a package to deal with $33 million operating deficit. there is no decision yet on how much the toll would be if in fact there is going to be one. >> i think people say that's a national monument, a landmark. you should be able to go on it
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for free. >> exactly. >> not the case though. >> it's more than a bridge. when you pay there you are helping subsidize a bus service that goes throughout marin county in san francisco and the ferry service that takes those cyclists or walkers back to san francisco at a cost. by the way, just for your trivia, until december 1970 there was actually a $.10 toll for walking on that great monument. >> they're bringing it back. >> people probably wouldn't mind paying that. >> it won't be $.10 anymore. the cost of driving on the golden gate state is going up as well. >> regulators voted to cut carbon content in fuel by 10% over the next five years. that means it will cost you more at the gas pump. officials estimate by 2017 drivers will pay about $25 moraine allly for gas. you were say -- more annually
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for grass. >> they're trying to increase biofuels in gas to make it cleaner. if you change it and mandate it on the refiners' part you can get it. it will probably cost more. we are already paying $.10 a gallon more for clean air fund for cap and trade so going green cost green sometimes. >> we see more people driving the tesla cars and the hybrids. >> not on my paycheck. when the price comes down a bit, you might. still talking cars, it turns out volkswagen was warned years ago about this cheating on emission tests. >> the car maker was told by several sources not to use the software that fools u.s. emission tests. 11 million vw december i will cars built since 2008 are affected because they chose to cheat it. the company pledged to provide a free fix meaning vw owners
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however aren't buying it. >> i'd like my money back. it's only been a month. >> dealers have been told by vw not to sell the remaining 2015 tdi cars that are on their lots. this is more than just a straightforward recall that we are talking about. >> this is big. the lawsuit is changing the whole company, the whole image. >> a class action lawsuit, the e.p.a. adding rules with the on road testing. that was announced so hopefully they can detect if car makers try to do this in the future. >> game changer. santa clara is considering a move to try and curve drunken brawls at levi stadium. >> it may involve banning the sales of booze past half time. a fight broke out in the parking lot after the season opener. you are looking at the cell phone video. it was not the first incident of its kind. last year a fan was beaten in a
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stadium bathroom. some on the city council have measures that could include restrictions on tailgating. >> one of our big issues is people are coming to the stadium drunk and impaired. >> people have to remember we have close to 70,000 people in the stadium for a large event. the people that are misbehaving is about 1/10 of 1%. >> that's santa clara police chief. he says a tiny minority of fans are causing this. he doesn't think restrictions on alcohol consumption will solve the problem alone. in att park they stopped the alcohol or beer sales at 7th inning. >> right. there is a lot of money involved. those beers go for $10 a cup. >> how many can you really drink? >> they can make a lot of money on it. at least three members of the council are serious. this issue is not going away. they do not want to see more videos going out about santa clara. >> i was at the meeting. the police chief said one of
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his concerns is this will lead to binge drinking or stockpiling the drinks. >> they will have to come up with something. this is a small town. the people aren't happy about the conduct they're seeing about the stadium. they can and probably will do something about it. president obama is joining forces with kanye west. it could happen right here in san francisco. >> aggressive pr move by bay area cops. how they're fighting back against what they see ,,,,,,,,,,
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musician kanye west seems to be flirting with a presidential run. according to the chronicle west will perform for president obama at a democratic fund raiser in san francisco next month. tickets range from $250 to $10,000. >> expect some long lines for that one. let's take a look at the forecast today for your sunday. here is a live shot of the
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trans america building. we had a beautiful sunrise with those clouds out there. it really made for a nice picture. here is what you can expect. a partly cloudy start. we have coastal fog still lingering. sunday is sunshine. it will be mild to warm later today. we'll have a cooler start to the work week. first, your highs today, we will see a lot of 80s in the south bay. 84 in santa clara, 82 fremont, 79 in union city today. far east bay, 90 in brentwood, 87 in san ramon, 89 fair feed, 82 in vallejo. san francisco is staying warm with 71, 83 in the north bay in san raphael same for santa rosa. we are heading into a cooling trend as we head into the work week. we have 70 degrees tomorrow for your monday around the bay. those temperatures are going to bottom out below seasonal for
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this time of year, 68 degrees tuesday, 66 wednesday. the good news is by the end of the work week, those temperatures will be bouncing right back up. san francisco police officers have a message for people who are quick to criticize the cops. stop ville fiing our officers. they have launched an aggressive ad campaign on the radio raising questions on city sanctuary policy to racial profiling. joining us is the police officers association president. what was behind this ad campaign? this is a departure from your posture of we are all one, we are all family. everybody is happy. >> this current ad campaign is focusing on racial profiling and that our officers in san francisco do not racially profile individuals in san francisco. the previous campaign last month was regarding sanctuary
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city. next month will be about body worn cameras. >> let's take a look at this racial profiling. you say that san francisco cops don't racially profile, but statistics show an inordinate amount of especially african- americans are arrested in san francisco, 6% of the population, 40% of the stops. also in oakland and other communities as well. is that profiling? what is that? >> i don't believe that's profiling. what law enforcement does is we respond to the victims' request and we investigate these cases. if it leads us to persons of color, then that's where the arrest occurs. if you look at the stats i don't think that report went far enough. if you look at the stats it will show those who report crime, victims of crime, the percentage of african americans based on the percentage of whites and hispanics, the arrests that are made are only
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1% or 2% different than the actual reported crime. >> you are saying that the victims of crime are as big as the people you are arresting, the numbers are. >> the victims of crime are mostly vulnerable in areas of san francisco with higher crime rates. >> is there a catch 22 situation? the politicians send police into east oakland or bay views of the world and say clean it up. you go out there and make traffic stops. it's a common practice. you check for registration. the person doesn't have a license, they may have warrants, you search the car and find a gun or something like that goes on. is that what you are doing surrendered to police. >> partially. we are going to community meetings and responding to requests from the community. they want more cops in the district. we respond to the request. >> how do you resolve the two factions? you have one group that says we want more cops possibly doing
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stops and the other says no, you are picking on young african americans and giving them criminal records unwarranted. >> i don't know if you are ever going to resolve it. we are doing p.o.a.s. we are trying to get our message out through psas and the videos. educating the public is what we do. we invited members of the media to our police academy to go through the training, shoot, don't shoot. every member of the media failed the scenarios. it is not easy. policing in the united states in the 21st century is not easy. it is more difficult now than ever before. >> i will give you that but it is also frustrating for the public. we do have this debate about racial profiling and body cameras and sanctuary city of most of us are going why is my car getting broken into. when i talk to the cops i hear "we don't have enough staffing." or even if we do they're not
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prosecuted and they're back on the streets. we're not getting any answers on there either. you going to do an ad on that? >> we may. we will do campaigns over the next months. i ask those same questions. my vehicle was broken into two months ago. the chief's car was broken into last year. i ask those questions but a lot of it has to do with ab109 and proposition 47. >> it sounds like you have plenty for future ads. we will keep an eye on that if you want to talk about burglaries, car thefts, and people being mugged on the streets. that's all our time. thank you for joining us. thank you for joining us. donald trump is expected to,
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pope francis took the nation by storm sweeping both the nation's republicans and democratic leaders and the media up in his wake. we sat down with our political insiders and asked what was the secret of his success. >> i think the secret is he gets down to the real message of what leadership is all about. he sat there in congress and told those politicians for once hey it's not about you. it's about the folks out there, the working folks. i don't think elected officials hear that message very often. >> i think he did an excellent job of being the pope.
7:55 am
he made sure that no one thought he was running for president, that no one thought he was running for congress or u.s. senate. he didn't scare a soul. he made them feel like priests make you feel when you leave service on sunday. >> if you left a typical catholic church sunday there would still be questions about gay rights, women in the church, abortion. on those, he would be on the wrong side of half of that audience there. on the other side is the climate change. he would be on the wrong side of half of that audience. what is it about american politicians and american media that put that aside? >> i think he is giving them a lesson. despite the political differences within the catholic church, his message has been it's not for me to judge. i think that's something congress has got to learn. the fact that this divisive
7:56 am
toxic costic atmosphere has to stop and i think that was his message. >> the perception of the pope has nothing to do with politics by the people in the chambers in washington yesterday when he made his appearance. there's no attribution of whether or not he would take that podium opportunity to push anything that was unacceptable. he literally made sure he laid low on everything and he spoke almost as if he was at a confession. >> let's get down to a bit of style here. style has to do with perception. mayor brown, would his reception, do you think, have been as good if he had shown up in a cadillac rather than a fiat? >> absolutely. because it had nothing to do with how he showed up. i think that fiat was his tweak period. i don't think people cared how he arrived. i don't think people really care what kind of car you show up in. i relied upon that as part of
7:57 am
my career. >> a lot of his success is the fact that he presents himself as a symbol at every turn of being on the poorer side as opposed to the jeweled side. >> it is always about humility. it is always about the average people. that's where politics loses its way so often. >> mayor brown, did his presence here have any effect on you personally? >> not really. >> i didn't think so. >> we are not going to see a ham humbler brown in a fiat. >> certainly not in a fiat. >> the trip has been a success. >> sure. >> a million people in philadelphia. that's a message politicians are looking at. >> i do think people are going to be looking more into fiats and jeeps after seeing the pope. >> i don't know what he said to
7:58 am
john boehner but he stepped down. obviously he has a lot of influence. >> can't deny that. still to come. >> san ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back to kpix 5. the time is 8:00 straight up. i am phil matier. >> i am mark kelly. we have a lot to get to in the next 30 minutes. >> we sure do. we start with the pope after another full day of meetings and one last mass. pope francis wraps up his first visit to the united states today. we are live in philadelphia where the people's pope has a full day of events. >> richmond police department has had its share of problems. we have covered them. the feds are pointing to it as an example other agencies should be following. we will tell you why. >> uber is on the move to the east bay. it is moving to the iconic sears building in oakland which has sat empty for years. not everyone is happy just by promises that -- despite promises that it will bring thousands of jobs to oak land. before those stories, we will take a quick check of your weather. you can see fog is still
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holding on to the coast. concord is at 60. livermore is at 63, san francisco 357, san jose, 60. today you can expect a partly cloudy start with the coastal fog near seasonal highs later today. we have changes coming up for the work week. we will talk about that in a little bit. first let's take a look at your headlines. pg&e is looking into the cause of a blown transformer that left two people injured in san francisco. people heard the blast a little after 7:00 am. two people were hurt when debris just went flying there. one was knocked unconscious. the other suffered minor burns. about 4000 people lost power in all. it took pg&e crews all day to get that service back up and running. oakland photographer jennifer little recovered one of her stolen cameras and lenses at the colosseum flea market yesterday. the 21 hard drives with 70,000 photos are still missing.
8:03 am
her home was burglarized last wednesday. thieves made off with eight cameras and the hard drives containing all of her life's work. a shooting spree in southern california town of banning leaves two dead and two people hurt. two random shootings were reported within a mile of each other. one of the surviving victims told police the suspect got away in a white suv, a lead that helped officers identify the suspect. the motive for the shooting though is still unclear. folks in cobb are heading home after fleeing the valley fire. all traffic restrictions for the area were lifted yesterday afternoon. you might remember cobb is where the fire first broke out on september '12. today the 76,000-acre fire is almost fully contained but still close to 2000 structures have been destroyed. the death toll from thursday's stampede in saudi arabia has risen to 769 according to saudi
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state run media. 934 more people were injured in the tragedy at islam's holiest pilgrimage. the dead came from 13 countries including at least 136 from iran. today is the final day of the visit by pope francis to the u.s. this morning he met with five survivors of clerical sexual abuse. then he told a global gathering of bishops that abusers will be held accountable. the pope met with inmates at the largest jail in philadelphia. later he will hold an outdoor mass on the benjamin franklin parkway. you are looking at live pictures of the pope now. he is going to head back to rome tonight. that's a look at your top stories. u.s. attorney general is looking at how richmond turned things around for the effort to reduce crime. >> loretta lynch was in east bay city friday as part of her
8:05 am
national community policing tour. once considered the most dangerous city in california, richmond in recent years recorded some of the lowest homicide rates on record. >> it is clear to me that richmond is working towards really a holistic and comprehensive approach to public safety that's more than just an arrest. >> the city credits work with church leaders, youth groups, a gang outreach program called operation cease fire. now they're giving richmond money to hire five more police officers and pledging funds to outfit all officers with body cameras. we can't forget at the same event there were protests for shooting death of richard perez. some people want answers still on that. >> it's a different phenomonon with crime. we hear about programs and then we hear about the ebb and flow. it seems to go in cycles. it is going to be around for sometime. >> i think richmond has built that trust with the community
8:06 am
over the years. they haven't just made a lot of arrests. they go back to the root of the problem and start from there. >> very community oriented. sometimes the the criticism of the chief is he is too community oriented. a san francisco police captain who has been fighting the crack down on bicyclists finds himself the subject of embarrassment. >> he may have been caught breaking the law he is trying to enforce. a video in golden gate park shows the captain of park station john stanford riding a bike and it shows him slowly rolling through a stop sign there. the department says the captain was still following the spirit of the law. >> we are not looking for cyclists who are slowly going through stop signs. we are looking for cyclists who are blatantly going through stop signs who aren't showing any regard for any vehicles or pedestrians in the area. >> cyclists agree that the real
8:07 am
focus should be on people who completely blow through the stop signs. they say the way bikes run on the road is different from cars. i have covered a bunch of these stories. they made it clear every time that you have to make a complete stop, no different than a vehicle. the video shows otherwise. >> heit was a bike ride he had organized as well. >> maybe his brakes didn't work. >> there was no traffic and no pedestrians. it was bad timing. >> it was a gotcha moment and he got got. in case you haven't heard or heard or heard, uber is moving its headquarters to oak land. >> city officials are applauding the plan to move into the iconic sears building which has sat empty for years. the mayor calls it a game changer. some oaklanders are concerned the change could end up being negative. they say it will not contribute to ethnic diversity or housing
8:08 am
affordability. >> it falls in with everything else. maybe new oakland will love it but the old oakland, it doesn't fit in. >> these types of shifts can negatively impact housing affordability. >> the mayor says the city wants to work with uber to find displace thement -- fight displacement and hire locally. uber is under no obligation to cooperate. people are hopeful as they're coming into town and they're fearful and concerned. >> the uber situation is different than san francisco with mid market. those tech companies were brought in. there were tax incentives and therefore the community benefit developed a result from that. in oakland, this is a private deal. >> it is. oakland didn't have the tax to give them a tax break from. it's not part of the attractiveness. they're focused on getting downtown oakland up. it's going to be controversial. there is going to be tug of war between affordability and oakland trying to rise up. >> we will see if they are good
8:09 am
neighbors and good partners in oakland. >> on both side. wait until occupy needs another place to demonstrate. >> that's right. we have heard about price gouging but increasing the price of a prescription pill by 5000%? >> daraprim is used to treat a disease that can be deadly with those with a suppressed immune system as those with cancer or hiv. >> i see how it looks greedy but there are altruistic properties to it. >> in what way? >> we can spend all that on the patients who need the new drug. >> there is word that the drug company is considering lowering prices enough to make a smaller profit. >> altruistic means the money
8:10 am
goes back to research. >> the question is how much of the profit goes back in? bernie sanders was weighing in all this and all the politicians. >> everybody can see that. a birthing hotel. it's a popular destination for pregnant women. i understand you took a long look at this. >> i did an investigation on these kind of homes. most visitors come from china. this house in particular is at least one of two locations, it's on the internet under the name california baby care. everything is included. at the end of all this, a passport for the newborn. some neighbors say it's obvious what's going on but zo says he doesn't know anything about california baby care. >> i don't know what you are talking about. >> this house is not right for a birthing center. that's why we are here. it is advertised online as a birthing center. >> i don't have any comment. i don't know what you are
8:11 am
talking about. >> earlier this year, agents raided three addresses of similar businesses in southern california where they found dozens of women from china pregnant or who had just given birth. when we showed up at the house he claimed to have nothing to do with the center. there were boxes and boxes of diapers piled up in his garage. >> interesting. >> still he denies it. >> what do neighbors say? >> the neighbors are very aware that there are multiple pregnant women walking around the neighborhood, you know, getting in and out of cars, walking in groups. >> when you see the ad for this, does it offer services? does it say doctors will be available? >> this is a full service kind of thing. you get food. you get people to take you to shopping centers. you get top of the line treatment but these are all cash payments so this leads to
8:12 am
tax evasion, immigration fraud. >> interesting. a misunderstanding turns into a great opportunity for an innovative student. this texas teen arrested for his home made clock makes a special appearance at the google science fair. he ended up being the biggest star on campus. students and grown ups took pictures with the 14 year old. his trip to google was the fist since the story went viral. >> it makes us glad that he is having a good time and he can be with kids that are interested in the same things that he is. these young scientists that are going to change our future, he is a part of that. these kids are a part of that. >> this was ahmed's first trip to california and he hopes to visit president obama in october. he's gotten a lot of publicity out of this. you met him? >> i did. he is a very cool kid. >> anything that becomes big, there is always a bit of
8:13 am
controversy. he was arrested for bringing what he said was a home made clock to a texas school. >> that's right. >> they said it was possibly a bomb threat. now i understand that on the internet there is a conversation about whether or not he made a home made clock. >> there is a lot of outrage. people don't believe that he built this clock. they believe he took a clock and assembled parts but did not build this himself. people are calling him a fraud. >> yet he is going to meet the president. >> he is not worried about that. >> when you become famous, watch out. >> it's a media storm after that. there is always controversy underneath. feeding people in need body and soul. how this east bay man is using ,
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donald trump's campaign says he will release his tax plan tomorrow morning. he has hinted at changes he would make including cut for middle class and hike for hedge fund managers. so far he hasn't been too specific about what the plan would contain. trump suggested taxing the very
8:17 am
rich but again he has been short on specifics. the plan is supposed to be published on trump's website after his announcement. >> should be interesting. let's look at our forecast today. that's also somewhat interesting. here is a live shot of the trans america cam. we have nice high cloud out there and it made for a beautiful sunrise. expect a partly cloudy start, coastal fog. temperatures will be mild to warm. we'll have a cooler start to the work week. today we will see a lot of 80s in the south bay, 82 in mountain view, 83 in san jose. 90 in brentwood, 87 in san ramon and danville. concord is at 87. alameda is at 75, san francisco 71. novemberwe are going to see a bit of a dip in temperatures as
8:18 am
we head into the work week. this cooling trend bottomed out by the middle of the week with below average temperatures. then they will bounce back up to the end of the work week where thursday we will see a 69 around the bay and 75 and full sunshine by saturday. when his life was left in ruins he decided to move to the bay area and help others. this week's jefferson award winner. >> good morning. >> they come in beat and broken. >> reverend donnie clark senior known as papa clark. the 68 year old pastor leaves the love and action program for word assembly a family of churches in oakland. >> we supply them with a great meal, a balanced breakfast and a word to encourage them. >> let me hear you say forgiveness. >> many are homeless struggling
8:19 am
with addiction or making too little to get by. he serves free breakfast at the east side campus every weekday and every third saturday plus week night dinners at the westside campus. >> tastes good? >> reporter: he and his crew arrive early for breakfast. for many, it is the only hot meal they'll have all day. with ten volunteers and individual donations, papa clark fed 10,000 people last year. he also helps in other ways with job referrals and advice. he is a steady rock to trina. >> he is very positive and every time i talk to him and need anything, he is there for me. >> in the name of jesus christ we offer this prayer. >> love and action was founded by one of his two sons but he took over the program seven years ago. he and his wife moved to the bay area after losing everything in hurricane
8:20 am
katrina. papa clark felt his recovery from drug addiction made him the perfect person to run oakland ministry. >> i made a miraculous train. 30 years of heroin addiction. it will be 22 years on the 17 17th of october. nobody but god does that. >> reporter: he is an inspiration. >> he will give you a solid. number one, that's the word. number two, that's love. number three, that's him. >> reporter: what do you want your legacy to be? >> i love god and man. let's give god some praise. >> reporter: feeding thousands through love and action this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to reverend johnnie clark senior. >> you can nominate your own local hero for ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this week's politics in the united states looked like a nascar rumble with lap after lap of skids and collisions from the presidential race, who is in and who is out, to the question of who will be leading congress in the coming year. >> it's just that no one really noticed. as you will recall over the last several confrontations involving congress, you have had the pain of watching boehner try to hold it together. so his wheels have been going a long time. he finally just gave up for his own sanity. >> boehner has been getting drop kicked by the conservatives for a long time, rush limbaugh and the rest of them. i think he says enough is enough especially with the looming shut down. >> is it enough to say enough is enough. usually somebody is saying it's
8:24 am
over. you have ten minutes to say enough is enough if you want. >> that's the message he got. >> he was pushed. >> are you kidding me? you think you would leave that cozy wonderful job where you meet with the president with regularity, you show up and hang out with the pope? you don't walk away from that particular position. that's the ultimate. you have been trying all your life to get that kind of power. you are also third in line for presidency. there is no ever walking a way from that job voluntarily. >> who is next? >> kevin barker from bakers field. i don't think it is a totally done deal because as the mayor says this is an office where a lot of people have their sights on it. certainly kevin mccarthy has positioned himself very well and this can be interesting for california. >> conservatives in the house, tea party people have been organizing for a long time.
8:25 am
remember they threatened to challenge boehner's last reelection. so for sure they're ready. >> what can you tell us about kevin mccarthy? >> he may have already cut a deal with them by the way. the evidence was who walked out ahead of the pope? kevin mccarthy. >> my last question, do you have his cell phone number? >> i do, and he has mine. >> that figures. >> kevin mccarthy has risen up fast to where he is now. >> it's interesting because we can have a house minority leader from california and a majority leader but it is not good news for jerry brown. mr. mccarthy is not a big fan of high speed rail. he is also pushing for more water to the ag interest. i don't think his agenda is on the same. >> familiar to silicon valley though. that's a lot of tech like cyber
8:26 am
security. >> interesting. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
8:27 am
let's take one last look at our weekend forecast and what we are expecting for your work week. today san francisco you will get to 71, 83 in san jose, 87 in concord. san raphael in the north bay, 83 and the same for santa rosa. look at some of these temperatures. they're really starting to cool off. monday around the bay, 70. temperatures bottom out below seasonal for this time of year tuesday and wednesday with 68 and 66 degrees. they will pick back up by the end of the week with 70 degrees, full sunshine by friday and our following weekend. >> still hanging onto summer. >> we are trying. >> nothing like fall any bay area. >> face the nation is up next. >> your local news continues in a couple minutes.
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>> dickerson: today on "face the nation." >> john boehner stuns the political world. he's here to hell us why. john boehner was all smiles when he met reporters of a her his bombshell announcement. >> it's been churning for a couple of months. not good for the member. not good for the institution. >> dickerson: will his stepping down fix the chaos. speaker boehner here with us to stalk about his decision and what impacts that emotional day with the pope had on him. and talk with bernie standers sand long time boehner friend and republican, ohio governor john kasich. we'll have political analysis take look how just for a moment it wasn't business as usual in washington.


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