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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  September 27, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> glor: an emotional finale for pope francis in the u.s. a private meeting with survivors of sex abuse and mass with an expected crowd of 1 million people. john boehner's first exit interview. will there be a government shutdown? president obama arrives in new york for the u.n. general assembly and high stake meetings with vladimir putin and raul castro. and catching a wave. it is tough enough. these surfers have fought through far more. >> when we're out on the water, our disabilities completely disappear captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> glor: hi, everyone, i'm jeff gah-- glor, this is a western edition of the broadcast. pope francis wrapped up his first ever visit to the united states with what is
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believed to have been the largest mass ever in this country. an estimated crew of-- crowd of around a million people. the pope rarely addresses the public in english but did do this evening when he offers a final blessing. we start with jericka duncan in philadelphia. >> may god bless you all. god bless america. (applause) >> reporter: pope francis left on a high note but his last day here in the united states began with some of his strongest comments yet about church sex abuse. >> god weeps. >> reporter: speaking to 300 bishops this morning, the pontiff went off script for nearly three minutes and acknowledged that some clergy members caused, quote, grievous harm. >> and i commit to a careful oversight to insurance that youth are protected. and that all responsible
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will be held accountable. >> reporter: those remarks came after meeting privately with five sexual abuse victims inside st. charles borromeo seminary. barbara blane from chicago is the president of the survivor's network of those abused by priests. >> what i'm looking for is that the pope and church officials to take action that will prevent some other child from having to have his or her innocence shattered. the pope just isn't doing it. >> reporter: at a news conference this afternoon, vatican spokesperson father federico lombardi talked about the overall success of the pope's visit. >> pope francis focused on the families here in philadelphia but was very careful not to specifically mention his view of the family which starts according to him with one man and one woman. why didn't he have more to say about that this weekend?
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>> he has avoided, i think, the particular discussion because he comes for a positive message. >> reporter: the pope concluded his trip with a mass for faithful families who say the sacrifices they made to be here were worth it. the two-hour long mass came to an end with a thunderous applause. jeff, the vatican announced the next world meeting of families will be in dublin, ireland, in 2018. >> glor: jericka, thank you very much. before heading back home pope francis had traveled more than 7,000 miles in nine days. impressive but not quite as far as a family from his home country who made an epic road trip to see him. they left argentina in a vw bus named francesca. catire walker, and their four children set off from
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buenos aires on a pilgrimmage. mom and dad quit their jobs and used savings and donations to fund the trip through the americas, crossing 12 borders and staying with dozens of host families. on the way they saw the sights, even the white house. francesca the bus had its share of breakdowns but the family pressed on and finally in philadelphia their dream came true. all six were granted an audience with pope francis. the pope asked, are you the family traveled from buenos aires. you are crazy. there were hugs. then he said i need your prayers. the vatican spokesman father lombardi made a note of the visit. >> the experience of this family has touched him very much. >> glor: the family is now trying to raise money for their return trip. the mode of transportation to be determined. >> outgoing house speaker john boehner had his first exit interview today as he discussed his surprise resignation on "face the nation". here's julianna goldman. >> i've got another 30 days to be speaker.
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>> reporter: appearing on "face the nation", house speaker john boehner said he will have a busy final month. and promised there won't be a government shutdown next week. >> i expect that i may have a little more cooperation from some around town to try to get as much finished as possible. i don't want to leave my successor a dirty barn. >> reporter: that cooperation is expected from democrats and not the far right members of his parties who rebellion lead boehner to make his surprise announcement. must-do include long term spending bills and extension of the debt limit. failure to complete them before the next speaker takes over raises the risk of a fiscal standoff an a shut down in december as conservatives demand congress to defund planned parenthood. >> we have groups here in town, members of the house and senate here in town who whip people into a frenzy chief believing they can accomplish things that they know, they know, are never going to happen. >> reporter: boehner called the conservative faction of his party false prophets and had this to say about one
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presidential candidate. >> is ted cruz a false prophet. >> i think there are a lot of names. i will let you choose them. >> reporter: this latest congressional drama is unfolding in the shadow of the 2016 campaign. a new poll shows donald trump and ben carson virtually tied. highlighting the appeal of outsider candidates who have surged promising to fight the gop establishment. former republican congressman tom davis says those forces put even more pressure on the next speaker. >> it doesn't matter who the person is. it could be superman, these outside forces are still focusing and plurallizing forces within the conference with a republican grass roots that doesn't want any compromise with washington. they want somebody to pick up the brick and throw it through the plate glass window. >> reporter: in a nod to conservatives, boehner said there would be a special committee to investigate planned parenthood. jeff, asked what advice he has for his successor. boehner said just do the right things for the right reasons. it's not about hail mary passes, it's a slow methodical process.
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>> glor: julianna goldman, thank you. >> president obama arrives in new york today for the start of the u.n. general assembly and high-stake meetings this week with a putin and raul castro. we are joined by margaret brennan. the putin meeting is tomorrow. what can we expect? >> this is the very first time that vladimir putin and president obama have met in more than a year, since president obama very publicly froze outputin following that military intervention in ukraine. so putin has really managed to turn that u.s. strategy goo of isolating him on its head and is forcing the president to deal with him due to another military buildup, this time in syria. but despite u.s. calls to stop satellite images show that russia has sent in troops, warplanes, sophisticated military equipment. and today we learned of another complication. the iraqi who's the. is works with in the fight against isis announced they are going to coordinate with the russians, plus syria and iran. so all this really caught the white house by surprise.
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so tomorrow president obama is going to walk into that meeting and try to figure out is putin doing what he says he is trying to do, fight isis, or is all of this to buttress his own position and that of his ally bashar al-assad. >> glor: not what the white house wanted to be talking about right now. >> not at all. >> reporter: the white house would like to talk about diplomatic wins in iran with the nuclear accord and with cuba and reopening relations. in fect president obama will be meeting about cuban president raul castro who is going to take the world stage for the very first time at the u.n. this week. he didn't have a plan to meet with the president of iran. that would be politically difficult considering they are still americans being held prisoner there. when president obama takes the stage tomorrow, he is going to talk about international alliances to have peacekeeping, to deal with the refugee crisis and protect the environment. >> glor: margaret brennan, good to see you here in new york. there was a frightening moment today for republican presidential candidate carly fiorina. she was on stage in san antonio, texas, when the
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curtains suddenly collapsed on her. no one was hurt. >> typhoon due june is bearing down on taiwan. people have been evacuated from islands. the storm with winds as high as 140 miles per hour is expected to make landfall within hours. at least nine people were injured in a concert in tempe, arizona, last night after a cay oting rush toward the stage. miraya villareal has details. >> please, go back three feet, step back a couple of feet. >> reporter: tens of how fars of concert-goers hit tempe beach park saturday night for the summer ends fist val when a surge of people rushed the stage. phoenix and tempe fire department say they treated 40 people last night for dehydration and alcohol related issues. but nine fans were treated for injures directly related to the rush including one serious head injury. by 7:00 p.m. the concert was stopped aspr medics and first responders tried to
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get to people in need. witnesses described the scene as the band rebel use took the stage. >> everybody was pushing back and forth. and i saw this one girl go down. she started having a seizure. there was just like chaos. >> one. paramedics pulled me out. people started lifting me up, trying to get me out, and i did. >> reporter: concert organizers addressed the crowd asking for calm. >> all the people who need help to get out of there to get water,. >> people also took to social media to describe the chaos. it was an experience, a bad one, but considering we were literally like sixth row and dead center of the chaos, i'm glad we're safe. the concert was stopped for about 45 minutes but started back up again finishing the night's performances. phoenix fire says in preparation for tonight's can yeah west performance, they worked on strategies to reduce alcohol-related issues and minimize dehydration. miraya villareal, cbs news, los angeles. >> glor: a death in jail following a traffic
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violation. what happened? and the high school football player who dwarfs the competition when the "cbs evening news" continues.
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>> glor: in michigan a 32-year-old man was sentenced to 30 days in jail for a traffic violation. 17 days later, he was dead. the question, was it an accident or neglect. here's don dahler. >> reporter: the jail surveillance video is disturbing. it shows the steady deterioration and eventual death of a human being. in june of last year david stojcevski was serving 30 years in the macomb county jail for failure to pay a $772 fine for careless driving. at the time, stojcevski's family says he was being treated for drug addiction with methadone, xanax and klonopin, psychologists say those drugs are crucial to staving up deadly withdrawal symptoms. robert ihrie is the family's
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attorney. >> he was receiving treatment that was wholly inadequate. if he was receiving treatment at all, it was minimal. >> reporter: he was stripped of all clothing, according to jail protocol for his own protection. and placed in a special unit. he began to demonstrate withdrawal symptoms including convulsions, cell mates can be seen eating his food. stojcevski eventually lost 50 pounds. denied his medication, his behavior became erratic. at one point he fought with a fellow inmate. afterwards he had the cell all to himself. but on the jail video, his declining mental and physical state became even more pronounced. the 32-year-old would often hide under the bed. >> it is an example of a larger problem. that exists nationally with respect to the proper treating and handling and maintaining of young people who go in to local jails and state prisons with health and addiction problems. >> reporter: a little over two weeks into his sentence,
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stojcevski layed down on a thin mat on the concrete floor. he can be seen twitching, his breathing labored. eventually jail employees entered the cell and began cpr. stojcevski was pronounced dead at the hospital. the family has filed a lawsuit, even though the cell was under 24 hour surveillance, the family alleges no one came to help him despite him being on the floor and not eating. the sheriff's department is not commenting on the case. >> glor: don dahler, thank you very much. >> up next here, a base ball between teammates.
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>> glor: a rare spectacle in the sky tonighting a total lunar eclipse and a supermoon on the same night. for the first time in 33 years since 1982. it won't happen again until
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2033. peek viewing started a little after 7:00 pacific, and goes for an hour plus. a violent file today between major league baseball teammates. outfielder bryce harper and jonathan papelbon exchanging words in the dug out when papelbon lungs and grabs harper by the throat. harper left the game after this. it's not clear exactly what lead to that fight. >> at today's st. louis rams pittsburgh actualers game there was drama before the contest am a stray pyrotechnic during team introductions set the turf on fire, at least part of it. the game had to be delayed 30 minutes while crews cleaned up the mess. a high school football player in california is towering above the competition these days, literally. senior lineman john krahn from riverside is 7 feet stall and 440 pounds. taller than any player in the nfl. it's an advantage on the field, less so off the field, according to his mom, cindy.
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>> he can't go to disneyland because he can't fit in any of the rides. >> glor: krahn is looking at college in montana for next year. he says if football doesn't work out, he would like to be a police officer. >> still ahead here, the most memorable moments of an historic visit.
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>> glor: pope francis has finished his first ever u.s. visit and is on his way back to the vatican tonight. foreign correspondent allen pizzey has been with the pope, sometimes very close. the entire way all the week. he filed this reporter's notebook. >> reporter: from the moment pope francis took his first steps on this trip, there were events that stood out and at times bemused. >> who else but cuban president raul castro could make a welcomeing speech that equated a socialist revolution with the ideals and aims of the catholic church. >> ode cubans, however, had only one thing on their
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mind. with the pope's efforts mean an end to the u.s. trade embargo. his arrival in the u.s. was classic francis. welcomed at the steps of the plane by the president, and then climbing into a fiat. what better way to show americans what they were about to see and hear something exceptional. >> the raptureous reception when he hit the streets was familiar. >> there it is, there is the fiat, right down there. >> did you see him. >> but this reporter wasn't prepared for the rapture of a fellow correspondent. >> and i think he was waving directly at you. >> did you hear my excitement. i felt like a little girl again. >> reporter: the commentary made it clear how privileged we who travel with the pope actually are. to get to shake his hand, look him in the eye and feel the warmth that emanates from the man. >> we are living at a critical moment of history. >> reporter: francis speech at the white house was the first i had ever heard him deliver in english. unlike his homilies in
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italian or spanish, he barely deviated by a word. the deliberate delivery, diction and emphasis drove home his message the way no translation ever could. >> god bless america. (applause) >> reporter: and then there was the extraordinary security. never was so much carbon emitted to protect a man so concerned about global warming or who in the words of his press spokesman is happiest when there is no security at all. the classic home is when this little girl breached the line and francis had her brought over for a blessing. >> do unto others as you would have them do unto you. >> reporter: as for the pope's breaches of the barriers of politics, you didn't have to be a policy wonk to figure out who stood where on the controversial points like climate change and immigration laws. but it was the enthusiasm of ode people which stood out above all. one was left with the overall impression that the reaction to francis and his messages will linger.
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and the politicians ignore it at their peril. allen pizzey, cbs news, aboard the papal flight. >> glor: coming up, catching a wave is only one of the challenges at this unique surfing competition.
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>> glor: we close off the coast of san diego where there was a first ever competition for disabled surfer, carter evans has the steer. >> for these competitors the biggest herdel is just getting out to sea physically it's difficult for me to get through the sand, to get out there. but once i'm out there it's just pure freedom. >> alana any coles paralyzed from the waist down is a top paralympian, one of 90ate lets from 17 countries taking part in the world adaptive surfing championships. >> people with disabilities don't have the same opportunities as our able-bodied counterparts so we just want to feel like any other person getting out there, and honestly, when
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we're out on the water, our disabilities completely disappear. >> as they have more mike cats from hawaii, who lost his right foot to a shark when he was just 16. >> i wanted to be a competitive body border. >> you were so young when this happened. >> i was. >> and you had your whole future ahead of you. >> i was. >> i thought i would never compete in a heat again in my life it feels absolutely incredible. and it's willing something that i guess dreams are made of. >> they're also made from pure desire to do the incredible. 15-year-old lucas retamales of chile was born blichblted a spotter helps him find the waves, he does the rest. >> when lucas came ashore, the hugs with coach stefi arraya and his father said it all. >> there was an emotional moment when you came back to shore. what was behind that? >> to have a future in surf, this moment, is have a dream and it's coming true. >> out of all the disabilities out here, who do you think has the most challenge as far as surfing. >> i would say probably the
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blind surfer. she must be incredibly in tune with the ocean on a whole different level we can't even comprehend. >> nichols says the same drive that got them this far has the desire to compete. >> it doesn't matter if you are somebody that is missing all four limbs, i still want to beat you. and the person next to me doesn't care how paralyzed i am. we just want to compete. and that really helps us feel like ourselves, like normal. >> wheelchair or not, that is about as normal as it gets. >> right on! >> perfect. >> carter evans, cbs news, la jolla, california. >> that is the "cbs evening news" tonight. later on cbs, the season premier of "60 minutes" and first thing tomorrow, cbs this morning. we leave you tonight with pictures of pope francis as he departs from philadelphia, ending his first ever visit to the u.s. i'm jeff glor, cbs news in new york. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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first time. wait til you hear how police finally nabd him. a huge turn out in san jose a talk from the prime minisr of india. why the interest --- and what he hopes to ga from his visit to silicon valley. blood moon --- a celestial spectacular in the skies ov the bay area tonight... as a rare lunar eclipse converges with a super moon. kpix 5 news is next. tonight, thousands turn out for an historic visit f,
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prime minister of india to e bay area. what he hopes to


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