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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  September 27, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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crowd. but not everyone -- was happy to see him. tonight, the prime minister of india cast off his visit in front of a huge crowd. not everyone was happy to see him. good evening. kpix5 is live in san jose tonight where the crowd outside sap center was nearly as loud as the sold out crowd inside. >> reporter: that is right. hours ago there was a lot of energy and excitement. thousands of people were out here but they were joined by protesters. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: thousands watched history unfold in silicone
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valley. india's prime minister to san jose. the first visit in california in decades. >> amazing. i was waiting for this event for a long time. >> reporter: tens of thousands applied for the appearance, only 19,000 got one. hundreds waited outside to try to get a ticket. >> reporter: this man traveled from texas to get a ticket. >> waiting to get a ticket, yes. >> tell me why you are so excited to see him? >> because he has done so many good things in india. >> reporter: they focused on technology. but not everyone gave him a warm welcome. >> he should not have been given a visa to come. he is a criminal. >> reporter: 3,000 visitors applied to stand outside of the center. [indiscernible] >> fighting him. >> reporter: they watched the
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crowds closely. this man says supporters accused him of being a protesters. >> he went from the back holding my neck. >> reporter: it was a day filled with emotions no matter what side you were on. and so things appear to get a little tense at the end of the night with protesters. the police say there were no significant incident. >> he started his day with facebook boss. he said they should pay close attention to india for the next frontier for tech. then, he met with jerry brown, the meeting lasted 45 minutes. during that time they talked about climate change, renewable energy and a digital economy.
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tonight, the san jose police department is forming its own home security network. putting together a network of homeowners who are willing to share their security camera video with investigators. so far they registered more than 200 surveillance systems. the city hopes as the network grows, officers responding to burglary calls will be able to contact the person with the camera. now on friday, ken jenson's daughter was standing at the window. >> she said hey, someone is running up to the house. >> reporter: he is a tech junkie and installed cameras in front of the house. they captured the whole thing. a car pulling up, a man hustling up to the front of the
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house and snagging the ups package and running back. that is when bruce wayne turned into batman. >> i got to the car and my first reaction was, you know, i can reach in and grab the keys, i can stop them somehow, until the cops get there. >> reporter: he grabs the arm of the women passenger and saw she had a purse in her lap. >> in a split side i am thinking she has id in here. you know, the victory dance, i have your purse. >> reporter: the purse was not much help to the police but then ken posted the videos. and the folks at the local online news blog said it looked similar to a story from 2012. >> i pulled up the old news clip. this is the exact same guy. i mean he really has not even changed his clothes much, right? [ laughter ] >> reporter: so, long story short he tells the cops and they arrest daniel price from concord, again, for package theft. it should serve as a warning to thieves, the cameras are getting better, and there are a
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lot more out there. and as for daniel price he may want to look into another line of work his film career is not working out so great, back to you. >> according to the homeowner the thieves were so bold they can see his daughter watching from the the window and they tried to steal the package any way. middletown schools will reopen tomorrow, two weeks after the valley fire left much of the community in ruins, tonight, the fire is 97% contained but nearly 2,000 buildings have been destroyed. now, a lot of people who lost their homes still do not have anywhere to go tonight. mark kelly shows us one san jose man may of found the answered in his rv. >> reporter: back from burning man and feeling good, he was quickly devastated to see these images from the valley fire. people's homes burned to the ground. >> they lost everything. so, they are really in shock and grief. >> reporter: but taking those
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lessons he went to the nevada desert about community. he had an idea to help. >> welcome to my coach. >> reporter: it was parked outside his front door. >> maybe someone should stay if my rv for the winter instead of me puts it in store annual. -- storage. his rv, just back from burning man, will house a fire evacuee, a place to call home for a few months while they rebuild their own home. >> if i can get them something to call home right now that feels safe and private and theirs i figure that would be a powerful thing. >> reporter: but he did not stop there. connect other rv owners with evacuees he launched rvs without borders and the response was quick. >> and i said, wow. maybe it will work. >> reporter: he admits it is all an experiment. but, if it works -- it can give fire victims a little bit of comfort. >> even more than shelter, it
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is about reaching out. >> reporter: in san jose, mark kelly, kpix5. >> since the fire lake county loosened the rules when it comes to recreational vehicles. people with one acre of property will be allowed to live in an rv for up to a year e. meanwhile the feds are urging victims of the valley fire and the butte fire to register for help. between them the fires destroyed hundreds of homes. and workers from fema and the small business administration say temporary housing is available at the state level. the department of finance is transfer 10 million from california rainy day fund to help pay for fire cleanup. volkswagen is facing a fraud lawsuit. in california, a group of car owners are looking to make it a class action lawsuit. cover all californians that bought or leased the vw that had the device. one of federal lawsuits filed
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since the epa revealed the scandal last week. vw said it set aside more than $7 billion to deal with the problem. now, the good time to fill up, gas prices dropped an average of 9 cents in two weeks. the average dipped $2.35 a gallon. here in california it is around $3. it is a little cheaper in oakland and san jose at $2.92 and a little steeper in san francisco at $3.07. tonight, the police are looking for the vandals that defaced the statue of a saint. they struck his carmel mission overnight. knocking over a statue and splashing green and white paint over stones, signs and grave sites. volunteers spent the day cleaning up the mess. a pastored there should not be permanent damage. it happened days after the pope cantinized him. they e posed sainthood. claiming many people were
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mistreated by the mission system. huge crowds gathered in philadelphia today to bid farewell to pope francis as he wrapped up his historic visit to the united states. he waived to the crowd as he boarded his plane back to rome. we go to philadelphia tonight with the pope's final message to the people. >> reporter: juliet pope francis spent his final day here in philadelphia ministering to the faithful in groups large and small. >> reporter: pope francis waived farewell at the airport in philadelphia. he boarded a plane for rome. vice president joe biden led the u.s. delegation to see him off. the pope made a final request to end his historic visit to
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the u.s. >> . >> reporter: at the begin of his last day he met with sex abuse survivors and vowed those responsible will be held responsible. >> i remain overwhelmed with shame that men entrusted with the tender care of children violated these little ones and caused harm. >> reporter: a victim want the pope to do more. >> he is a monarch. if he says they are gone, they are gone. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of people celebrated a mas with the holy father. -- mass with the holy father. >> faith grows when it is practiced and it is shaped by love. >> reporter: cell phones captured him. an emotional moment for a woman. [crying] >> reporter: many felt personally touched by the holy father. >> each one of us can say his message of truth and joy of love is for me. >> reporter: this evening pope
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francis announced that the next world meeting of families will be in 2018 in ireland. a country that has had some of the worst sex abuse scandals and recently legalized same sex marriage. >> all right, thank you for all of your reports. one family told pope francis how far they come to see him he literally replied "you're crazy" they traveled 13,000 miles in a remodeled vw bus. mom and dad quit their jobs, trained up their savings, loaded up their 4 kids for the 7 month road trip, it paid off, maybe not economically when the vatican heard about their journey they called the family to meet the pope this morning. still to come, the curtain falls on fiorina. this close call tonight for the presidential candidate. and did you see it? could you see it?
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the rare event in the sky that had the bay area buzzing tonight. and it was not so bright. a guy with a lighter nearly blows up a gas ,,
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a curtain came down as fiorina answered questions in san antonio.
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thankfully the rigging just missed her and she was not hurt. neither was anyone else. no word on exactly what went wrong. final days in office, john boehner is not expecting a shutdown. >> i expected cooperation to get as much finished as possible. i don't want to leave my successor a dirty barn. >> in an interview with "face the nation" he said that it would not happen. he has been under pressure to push through a bill that would takeaway funding from planned parenthood. heed that partly played a role in -- he said that partly played a role and private words from pope francis brought it. >> i would repeat it but it would cause me to cry. >> he has been house speaker since 2011.
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hilary rodham clinton will be back in the bay area to make a withdrawal from the california cash machine. he will go to fundraisers at private homes. tickets for each event are $1,000 to $2700. on tuesday, she will have breakfast as a 4th fund raiser before departing for tennessee. >> reporter: it is more than 30 years since we have seen something like this. if you missed tonight's rare super moon eclipse it will be a long way before you get your next chance. kpix5 saw it. skywatchers were in oakland tonight. >> reporter: at the science center an overflow crowd of more than 500 patiently wait with telescopes and cam ras for the sun to disappear so they can get a look at a magical moon. >> it is exciting. you don't get a chance to see something like this very often. >> reporter: this rare phenomenal we are witnessing tonight it is two events in one. a super moon and a lunar eclipse. they call it the super moon
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because it appears very large. 14% larger than normal. that is because in the oval shaped
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[lost connection. [ low pressure, now, a push means more low clouds tomorrow morning and high clouds as well. so, put it all together, cooler week ahead. at least through midweek. then by the end of the week, high pressure builds in and we will be warming it up by friday and saturday. we have plans for next weekend it looks like a nice warm weekend. here is the outlook, plenty of high clouds, over the bay area, frozen at 10:00 tomorrow morning, a lot of high clouds to start off with and fog along the shoreline. day wears on and that disturbance moves through the atmosphere and sunshine is revealed for all by later in the afternoon. so, to sum it up as we look at
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the bay bridge with not many people approaching the plaza at this hour. it will begin tomorrow. it will stay mild through midweek and then warms up by friday. so, nice week last week of september in fact. 90 degrees in sacramento, heading out to the bay area, now, 93, now, overnight tonight, looking at low 50s to middle 50s for the most part. skies including up by the morning, temperatures cooler than average. upper 70s, low 80s. now, over by the shorelines. 64 at half-moon bay. in the east bay, most of the numbers will be near 80 degrees tomorrow. middle 80s as you go to fairfield and 90 degrees at brentwood. in the north bay, the numbers will be pleasant. monday, temperatures closer to the bay. temperatures, nice, it is like low clouds you will mike tomorrow. 88 degrees at clear lake. extended forecast, cooling it down between now and wednesday. warming it up for the weekend.
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then, it looks like a good one ahead. speaking of what is coming up ... a crush at the vineyards. how the heatwave is a good thing. now, delay of the game when an nfl field catches fire. . i'm dennis o'donell coming up next on game day. now, breaking it down, can you imagine the difference in the flight coming home from arizona and cleveland today? >> there probably is cold beer noing. >> raiders, big flow, -- cold beer flowing. >> raiders now, they go down big in arizona today. we will ,,,,,,,,
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now, earliest harvest in 80 years and we found out that it could leave wine lovers with a good taste in their mouth. >> reporter: this year the grapes are ready to be harvested. more than a month earlier than normal. >> we are having fun with it. >> reporter: the owner of the winery says not only is it the earliest in 78 years for this area he says the grapes ripened all at once from last week's
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heatwave hit. >> they all got ready at the same time. instead of having a staggered kind of set of fruit that would be ready over the next few weeks we were dealing with a big rush. >> reporter: this year he said his vineyards and many others got hit hard by a cold snap in may. he says instead of producing 60,000 wine bottles he will likely get 40,000 out of this year's harvest. >> on the coast, ... >> reporter: while he may be working with fewer grapes this year he insists the flavor will be just as good. >> despite the fact that it is a lightyear we will make great wine. >> reporter: so the early -- light year we will make great wine. >> reporter: so, the early harvest means the bottles will be coming out next fall. still to come, one for the spider. that is all i would call it. it. >> a guy ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it might just be the strangest game ever. ram's field was set on fire. their match up with the steelers started 30 minutes late after the mess was cleaned up. >> i got the weirdest -- that was the weirdest fire. >> that was on accident but this one, a driver nearly burned down a gas station
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trying to kill a spider. he was hanging around his gas tank when he tried to torch it with a lighter. instead, the pump went up in flames. the station attendant saw the whole thing and shut the pump down while the driver grabbed an extinguisher. >> we saw it on camera you dumb -- [ laughter ] do you know gas go boom? he did not have anything to say for stpheuplz he was sorry. he apologized he was sorry. he did not know and, you know, one of them things that happen. stupidity, that is all i would call it. [ laughter ] pure stupidity. >> the gas pump was charred but no one was hurt. believe it or not the man's car was barely damaged. >> and the spider? >> walked away. [ laughter ] >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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thanks for watching, "gameday" ,,,,,,,,,,
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last word on sports in the y area..and one word won't ger done tonight..that's why jey newberry is in-studio to brk down nfl sunday and were the 49ers go from here.. the news was much better for the raiders..for years, thek about changing the culture s just now, something is emerging..firsn impressive win over baltimore last week..b you can't change culture unlessu win on the road, and in the eastern time zone, where th raiders haven't found the w column since 2009. cleveland decided to start
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mccown over johnny manziel..initially, it look like a mistake.. derek carr and ami cooper, more chemistry toda a gain of 40 yards inside t cleveland 15 yard line. coor had 8 catches for 134 yards.. a f plays later the raiders find paydirt.. the fake to latavs murray and a perfect strikeo andre holmes. 10-0 raiders. 10-3 raiders at the end of e first half.. seth roberts caught e game winning touchdown last week, caught another big ba today with a linebacker drad all over him. 17-3 raiders the break.. third quarter..s is what raiders fans have been hoping to see from the running game for years.. latavius my runs through a big hole off right side and goes 54 yards into browns territory. set field goal and a 20-3 lead. yards for murray.. browns tg to hang around... on third , mccown rolls out and finds barnidge for the touchdown. cleveland within0 points.. raiders allowing an opposing tight end to have another big game.. but the defense couldn't hold up thr end of the bargin.. marcel e


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