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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  September 28, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> pelley: the u.s. shuts down its effort to train syrian opposition forces, acknowledging an embarrassing failure. also tonight, the trump tax plan, the first review is in. >> we have an amazing code. >> pelley: and we'll have more of our conversation with trump. an alternative to chemo for breast cancer. a new study finds who could benefit. and a major discovery on mars. new evidence that there could be life on the planet next door. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. the picture tells the story. at the u.n. today, two world leaders about as far apart as two can be and still exchange a toast.
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later president obama and russian president vladimir putin met privately about their opposite views over the four- year- old war in syria that has led to the rise of isis and set off an enormous refugee crisis. all of this on the same day that the pentagon was forced to concede that a key part of the president's syria policy is a dismal failure. david martin tells us the program to train and equip syrian opposition forces has been suspended. >> reporter: the $500 million program had once been a linchpin of the strategy to defeat isis, but so far it has proved a fiasco. it was put on hold after a band of fighters turned over their u.s.-supplied equipment to terrorists linked to al qaeda, an embarrassing development russia's putin could not resist mentioning in his address to the united nations. "first they are armed and trained, and then they defect," he said.
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putin has injected himself into the middle of the battle for syria with a sudden and unexpected establishment of an air base in western syria. pentagon officials say it is the largest russian military deployment ever outside the borders of the old soviet union. hiding from radar in the wake of large transport planes, a total of 28 fighter jets have flown into the base where the russians have also stationed 16 helicopters along with surveillance drones. putin claims they are ready to join the fight against isis, but he seems to make no distinction between isis and other groups trying to overthrow the regime of bashar al assad, some of which are supported by the u.s. although the jets have not flown any combat missions yet, the drones have been conducting surveillance flights to the east of the base, where opposition groups, but not isis, are located. scott, not since last year when
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isis swept across iraq have the facts on the ground changed so dramatically as in the past month. >> pelley: david martin at the pentagon. david, thank you. those new facts on the ground raise the stakes of today's meeting between presidents obama and putin. margaret brennan is at the u.n. where both men addressed the general assembly. >> reporter: russia's expanding military intervention in syria left president obama little choice but to sit down with vladimir putin for the first time in more than two years. the biggest disagreement on syria has been over the future of bashar al assad. today the president softened his stance, telling the united nations assad no longer has to immediately leave power, yet he must still go. mr. obama offered to work with russia and iran, another unlikely partner, to negotiate a gradual transition. >> we must recognize that there cannot be, after so much bloodshed, so much carnage, a return to the prewar status quo.
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>> reporter: but putin has made it clear assad must stay. and he called for a new alliance it with assad to fight isis. he said it would be "an enormous mistake" not to cooperate with the assad regime, which he said was valiantly fighting terrorism face to face. but the u.s. blames assad for allowing isis to thrive, which is why he cannot be an effective partner, and, scott, u.s. officials say today's meeting with putin was about judging whether he truly wants to fight isis or whether he's simply trying to keep assad in power. >> pelley: margaret brennan at the u.n. for us tonight. margaret, thank you. in an interview for "60 minutes," putin told charlie rose that russia's own security is at stake in syria. >> reporter: much is being read into this, including this, that this is a new effort for russia to take a leadership role in the middle east and that it
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represents a new strategy by you. is it? >> ( translated ): not really, no. more than 2,000 fighters from russia and ex-soviet republics are in the territory of syria. there is a threat of their return to us, so instead of waiting for their return, we are better off helping assad fight them on syrian territory. so this is the most important thing, which encourages us and pushes us to provide assistance to assad. and in general we want the situation in the region to stabilize. >> pelley: well, there was no stabilization in financial markets today, and china is getting much of the blame. weakness in the chinese economy helped send the dow down more than 300 points or nearly 2%. the s&p 500 was off 2.5%. one stock that is rising, however, is the political stock
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of ben carson. he has pulled into a virtual tie with donald trump in the latest poll of republican primary voters. marco rubio and carly fiorina are the only others in double- digits. trump rolled out his tax plan today, and major garrett has that. >> it will simplify the tax code. it will grow the american economy at a level that it hasn't seen for decades. >> reporter: trump would create four individual tax brackets with a top rate of 25%. currently the top rate is nearly 40%. workers earning less than $25,000 a year would pay no federal income taxes. trump's campaign said those individuals could send the internal revenue service a one- page document with suitably trumpian language, "i win." trump would preserve deductions for home mortgage interest and charitable contributions. almost all other deductions would disappear, essentially
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raising taxes on the wealthy, as trump told "60 minutes" last night. >> some people that are getting unfair deductions are going to be raised, but overall it will be a tremendous incentive to grow the economy, and we're going to take in the same or more money. >> reporter: trump would also slash corporate tax rates from 45% to 15%, consistent with republican supply-side theory that across-the-board tax cuts stimulate economic growth. how would you address the democratic argument, now three decades old, that we've tried supply side, it created higher deficits and it aggravates income inequality? >> i don't think it's supply side or anything else. i think this is a common sense, well-thought-out tax proposal that's going to trigger the economy, going to make everybody go back and really want to work. it's going to create tremendous numbers of jobs. >> reporter: tax experts we talked to said trump's plan lacked specifics on new sources of revenue, and therefore, scott, it's very difficult to calculate whether this plan will
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make america's debt and deficit situation better or worse. >> pelley: major garrett on 5th avenue in front of trump tower. major, thank you very much. in that interview for "60 minutes," we asked trump about his plans for education and the economy. >> we have to fix our country. 60% of the bridges, bridges, are unsafe. they have unsafe records. and things can happen. you've already seen bridges come down. we don't build anymore in this country. we build in afghanistan. we build in iraq. we build all over the world, but we don't build. we have military that takes care of south korea. we get nothing. we have military that takes care of germany. we get nothing. we get nothing for anything. i ordered 4,000 television sets recently. they all come from south korea. nobody makes televisions in this country anymore. >> pelley: his point at the televisions is at the heart of his economic plan. trump told us he will keep american companies from exporting manufacturing jobs.
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>> let's say ford moves to mexico. if they want to sell their car in the united states, they pay a tax. here's what's going to happen, they're not going to build their plant there, they're going to build it in the united states. >> pelley: and there is a north american free trade agreement. >> but there shouldn't be. we will break it. >> pelley: you can't just break the law. >> excuse me, every agreement has an end. every agreement has to be fair. every agreement has a defraud clause. we're being defrauded by all these countries. >> pelley: it's called free trade and it's a plank of the republican platform. >> scott, we need fair trade, not free trade. we need fair trade. it's got to be fair. >> pelley: this year's s.a.t. scores came out this month. 60% of the students who took the test are not ready for college. 60%. >> terrible. >> pelley: how do you fix education? >> so one of the things i would do is make education locally
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based. >> pelley: it is. >> well, not really. common core, if you look at jeb bush and others running against me, they're in favor of common core where it basically comes right out of washington. so, i will be very focused on education. it's a very important thing for me. >> pelley: focused on education, but help me understand how a trump administration is going to improve that 60%. >> i would have it much more state based and locally based, very important. >> pelley: in washington today, house majority leader kevin mccarthy said that he will run to succeed john boehner as speaker of the house. mccarthy, from california, promised fellow republicans he will lead the fight for conservative principles. no word yet on when the house will vote on a new speaker. lawyers for former house speaker dennis hastert and federal prosecutors revealed today that they're working on a plea deal. hastert is charged with violating banking laws and lying to federal agents reportedly about paying hush money to someone who accused him of
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sexual misconduct. pope francis returned to the vatican today, and on the flight from the u.s., he told reporters that priests who sexually abuse children violate the calling of god. the pope also coined a new word in italian to describe his reception in the u.s. it translates "beyond all limits." also beyond limits today is the discovery on mars that nasa has announced. chip reid has that. >> reporter: scientists have been puzzled over the past few years by photos from a nasa satellite showing long black streaks on mars that seem to flow downhill in warmer months then disappear when extreme cold returns. today nasa announced the stunning answer: >> mars is not the dry, arid planet that we thought of in the past. >> reporter: jim green is director of planetary science. >> liquid water has been found on mars. >> reporter: the water is salty,
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which explains how it can be in liquid form in such cold temperatures, and water on mars, of course, raises an intriguing question: >> reporter: how likely do you think it is that today there is some form of life on mars? >> everywhere we go where there's liquid water, whether it's deep in the earth or in the arid regions, we find life. this is tremendously exciting. >> reporter: when many people think of life on mars, they think of hollywood's version, like this. or maybe this. but what scientists are thinking about is this, microbes so tiny millions could fit in the eye of a needle. water on mars, though, is important for other reasons, too. >> so you found water. what are the next steps? what do you plan to do with this information? >> drink it. [laughter] >> reporter: nasa's john grunsfeld isn't kidding. water on mars could be a lifesaver for future astronauts.
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one estimate of the total amount of surface water on mars is that it's only enough to fill 38 olympic-sized swimming pools. that may not sound like much, scott, but today on twitter someone imagined this exchange. nasa: "we have found water on mars." california: "that's cool. can we have some?" >> pelley: chip reid in washington, chip, thank you. a former prison worker is about to become an inmate. she was sentenced today to up to seven years for helping two convicted murderers escape in upstate new york. anna werner is following this. >> reporter: former prison worker joyce mitchell entered the courtroom in tears today and begged for mercy. the 51-year-old admitted she helped inmates richard matt and david sweat escape from prison by smuggling in the tools they needed to break out. mitchell said she did it because matt threatened to kill her husband.
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the judge didn't buy it and said mitchell's actions hurt the community. >> reporter: more than 1,000 officers hunted the convicted murderers for three weeks. in the end, matt was shot and killed by police. sweat was arrested two days later. district attorney andrew wylie prosecuted mitchell's case. he says he would have liked a longer sentence. when asked how long... >> certainly a lot more than seven years. >> reporter: two others still face charges in connection with the case. one of them is escapee david sweat, who is currently in solitary confinement. the other, scott, is prison guard gene palmer, who has pleaded not guilty to promoting prison contraband. >> pelley: anna werner reporting. anna, thank you. a new study could change the way doctors treat breast cancer. teammates fight in the dugout. now one is paying the price. and, the rare spectacle that had us looking up when the "cbs evening news" continues.
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visit our website for savings on larger size. >> pelley: chemoth >> pelley: chemotherapy is standard for most breast cancer patients, but a new study out today says some don't need it. here's dr. jon lapook. >> reporter: in 2010, ann louise puopolo was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, the kind fueled by estrogen. her tumor was analyzed using a genetic test that can help predict recurrence. results showed she was at low risk, so doctors treated her with hormone-blocking therapy alone, sparing her the side effects from what's usually also given, chemotherapy. >> why do that if it wasn't going to give me a different outcome than i would get for not having the chemotherapy? so it made sense to me to opt out of it. >> reporter: today's study in the "new england journal of medicine" followed 1,600 women with a low risk score. they received hormone-blocking
5:48 pm
therapy but no chemo. after five years less than 1% had their cancer recur in a distant part of the body. breast cancer specialists say this provides the clearest proof of the accuracy of a test that's been used for more than a decade. oncologist dr. harold burstein of the dana farber cancer center treated puopolo. >> it allows the doctor to sit up a little straighter in the chair and look the patient in the eye and say, you know what, it really looks like you have a good prognosis and chemotherapy is not going to improve that prognosis. >> reporter: today's study looked at women whose tumors were at the lowest risk of recurrence. the next step is to see if chemo can also be avoided when the tumor risk is somewhat higher and the hope is to use this kind of genetic fingerprinting to precisely tailor treatment for a wide range of cancers. >> pelley: good news for a lot of patients. jon, thanks very much. you might be surprised to hear where america's future immigrants will be coming from. we'll have that next. ill be coming from. we'll have that next.
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>> pelley: america, of course, is a nation of immigrants with more on the way. a new research study out today from pew found the number of immigrants will grow from 45 million now to 78 million in 50 years. by then, 38% of immigrants will be asian, overtaking hispanics, who currently make up nearly half of all immigrants. we saw a rare tandem event in the sky last night. the moon made its closest approach to earth, creating a super moon, appearing 8% larger. and then, there was a lunar eclipse. in the earth's shadow, the moon turned red. some call it a blood moon. we won't see that again for 18 years. also rare is a fistfight among baseball teammates. in washington, nationals reliever jonathan papelbon seemed to yell at the team's young star bryce harper for not hustling, then it got physical, as you see. both later said it was like brothers fighting.
5:53 pm
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at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most. nightmare for thousands of riders. next weather talent appears at wx center with generic >> pelley: the federal government has designated this national yoga month. if you have any doubt about the good yoga can do, listen to our story with a twist from elaine quijano. >> spark your toes. fire them up. >> reporter: dan nevins commands his yoga class with authority. >> create the inner fire right now. >> reporter: but for nevins, teaching yoga is much more than a job. he says it actually saved his life. 11 years ago while serving in iraq, an i.e.d. exploded under his army vehicle. the blast destroyed both his legs.
5:57 pm
>> i just remember having this revelation, i'm alive, i'm alive, but i better do something to keep it that way. >> reporter: he spent 18 months at walter reed medical center, and with the help of the wounded warrior project, he learned to climb mountains and play golf, but two years ago while recovering from another surgery, he was bedridden and started having flashbacks. >> and those thoughts of not-so- great experiences from combat just kept coming back. and i didn't get to the point of suicide, but i finally understood in those eight weeks at home, and i knew that i needed help. >> reporter: a friend suggested yoga. >> i was like no. one, i'm a guy. two, i'm an army guy. three, i don't own any spandex. and no. >> reporter: he finally relented and took the class. >> i got into this one warrior pose, and i felt this real surge of energy from the earth up into
5:58 pm
my body and into my soul. it shot up. i was like, oh, my god, i get it. it was like the earth was saying, where have you been the last ten years. inhale. >> reporter: last year he completed yoga instructor training. >> it's this infinite source of energy. what i'm telling you, you can plug into it. >> reporter: now hundreds of people come to his classes. >> i felt, if he can do it without legs, what's my excuse? >> reporter: nevins hopes to reach both veterans and non- veterans alike. >> namaste. >> reporter: a warrior on a mission to save others. elaine quijano, cbs news, new york. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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it's taking what's already a rough commute and making it a lot rougher. >> new at 6:00, thousands of bay area b.a.r.t. riders thrown off track. how the scheduled changes b.a.r.t. just made to ease the commute are backfiring big time in one city. >> it all started with this explosion and tonight we've learned a work stoppage at the biggest construction site in the south bay could have a domino effect on the whole project. >> and is the bay area job market too healthy for its own good? why the growing workforce could seriously shrink your savings. i'm juliette goodrich in for veronica de la cruz. >> i'm ken bastida. b.a.r.t. thought it could put an end to jam packed rush hour trains by changing up its schedule. tonight some riders are telling us that new and improved is anything but at one station.
6:00 pm
kpix 5's phil matier is in concord tonight where the commute is being thrown off the tracks. phil. >> that's right. and they feel like they're being thrown under the tracks. here's the story. basically there's only so many b.a.r.t. cars to go around. as you said, other stations and other lines, they're getting longer trains, more of them, but here in concord, it's a whole different story. let's have a listen. >> i spend almost the whole way going to concord. >> if you go at 6:12 you can get a seat. >> it's taking what's already a rough commute and making it a lot rougher for the folks at concord. >> reporter: they aren't alone. call up social media and you'll get an eyeful of complaints about the new service. here's a sample. the new schedule is horrible. or houbtd -- or how about this one: royally screwed over, having to stand a majority of the time. or this: thanks for ge


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