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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. a woman stranded on a bay area cliff 80 feet up, we were there for the tricky rescue operation tonight. dramatic moments along the cliffs near ocean beach in san francisco. >> only on 5 our mark kelly saw the whole scene play out. >> reporter: firefighters, of course, familiar with these cliff rescues, but they say this one tonight was challenging. >> with the heavy foliage, the trees, it was really hard to locate the victim. >> reporter: plus it was getting dark, 7 clock tonight the victim stuck somewhere between sutro park at the top of the cliff and point lobos avenue below. >> i heard people at the top yelling, everyone trying to find where she was.
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>> reporter: eventually with their spotlight firefighters found a woman wedged near the top of the cliff. >> our aerial ladder goes 100 feet, pretty close to fully extended. >> reporter: about 30 minutes later with a firefighter as her guide the woman seemingly unhurt climbed down the ladder, a relief for those who watched this all play out. >> what we saw is that she was very calm. >> she was very calm. she was just stuck. >> reporter: firefighters say it's a lesson to avoid getting anywhere near these cliffs. >> had a good ending. everyone was clapping. it was cool to see. >> rescuers believe the woman play be connected to a homeless encampment near sutro park. first a rescue, then an arrest, two men beach this sailboat on ocean beach today. police arrive to help out. they discover one had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. witnesses say the boat was badly damaged and not fit to
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sail. >> the boat's in bad condition. the bottom was foul. the propeller looked foul. it probably wasn't working. >> that boat will be towed away tomorrow morning. a gruesome double murder in castro valley, tonight a suspect is in custody, a relative. it happened at the chetwood crest mobile home park. police were called there this morning for a welfare check and arrived to find a bloody scene of two bodies, a man and woman. a relative in the home was taken into custody. >> you'll never want to talk to them. any time you have a murder scene and there's somebody that is still there, that's going to be the person you're going to talk to. >> so far no word on a possible motive. a well known daredevil is dead tonight following a freak skydiving accident at squaw valley. the loss has hit the tahoe community especially hard. >> he was a huge inspiration to
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me, so it's a really big loss. >> reporter: the community of squaw valley is in mourning tonight after the sudden death of one of their most well known athletes. >> it's devastating. >> reporter: eric rohnert died in a pair shooting accident at the opening of the squaw valley golf tournament. he was conducting a skydiving performance, hit a tree and became entangled. he died at the scene. >> he lived his life to the fullest. >> reporter: rohnert was known for his talents on the air and mountain as a professional base jumper and skier, his talent featured on the mtv show nitro circuit and he hosted a tv show called locals on outside networks. >> something that he loved and was very passionate about. >> reporter: he was remembered as a pioneer in action sports and a man who inspired others to challenge their own abilities. >> eric rohnert was 39 years
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old and leaves behind a wife and two kids. san francisco mayor ed lee says he would veto a plan to let bicyclists roll through stop signs. >> to have a roll through stop practice that's adopted locally and have as many people that come through our city as we do is to invite potential disaster. >> the board of supervisors is considering an ordinance that would give cyclists the green light to keep going. it would only be allowed if there's no cross traffic and it's safe. campaign 2016 hillary clinton's in the bay area tonight looking for donations and donald trump's talking taxes. he says he wants to save a lot of people a lot of money. allen martin is here. this is the most specific plan that we have heard from him on just about anything. >> that's true. for weeks trump has been promising to raise taxes on hedge fund guys. today announced that he'd cut taxes across the board and reduce what the wealthiest people and corporations pay. >> it will simplify the tax
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code. it will grow the american economy. at a level that it hasn't seen for decades. >> here's what he's proposing, four individual tax brackets with a top rate of 25%. currently the top rate is almost 40%. workers who earn less than 25,000 a year would pay no federal income taxes. instead trump's campaign said that those individuals could send the irs a one page document with a note i win. trump would preserve deductions for charitable contributions and home mortgage interest. almost all other deductions and credits would disappear essentially raising taxes on the wealthy. >> the economy is what i do well. whenever they do polls, i always come out way above everybody else on the economy. >> trump's plan would cut the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15. that in turn he says would stimulate the economy and create job. most economists say the growth
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he's talking about, 3 to 6% a year, is unrealistic and less money coming in means higher deficits for the country. >> well, clearly somebody in the trump camp is now starting to see you've got to be specific because the critics are coming out on you. >> and his opponents are not that specific. hillary clinton is in the bay area tonight looking for money and votes, andria borba on the new poll that could spell trouble for her campaign. >> reporter: with the directing flashlight from the secret service, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton makes her way toward a third bay area fundraiser of the day, the final stop of the marathon day, home of joanie bender and robert schwartz atop a windy road in orinda. outside the secret service gave out pins to kid armed with american flags hoping to get a glimpse of candidate clinton. >> we're into cars a lot, so
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we're hoping she also will be in like a tesla or something. >> reporter: clinton's bay area visit comes as a new nbc wall street journal poll shows her with only a seven point lead over senator bernie sanders with possible candidate joe biden at 17%. >> i think she's slipping in the polls because the gop candidates are getting a lot of media time and that's what's detracting from her. >> reporter: this isn't the first time the former secretary of state has shown up at this orinda neighborhood. she was at this home in particular back in the 2008 election cycle also raising money. >> clinton will hold one more fundraiser in san francisco tomorrow morning. they say a picture is worth a thousand word. one look at this toast and you can tell just how frosty things are between president obama and russian president vladimir putin. those two men held a rare
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meeting at the united nations today. it's their first one in two years. it was supposed to last an hour, but it went about 30 minutes longer. the two discussed the ongoing crisis in syria as well as ukraine. the united states and russia have completely different views on how each situation should be handled. putin describes the meeting as constructive. tonight the white house says it was very businesslike. scientists made a huge discovery on mars today and it's one that makes a lot of us californians pretty jealous. >> yes. on the surface of mars liquid flowing water was discovered by nasa. wait till you hear the story. about four years ago scientists began examining dark narrow streaks on the planet that formed in the late spring, grew during the summer and disappeared in the fall. they suspected the streaks indicated the presence of flowing water and then used data gathered on board the mars
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reconnaissance orbiter to confirm that hypothesis. this discovery has wide ranging possibilities for the planet. >> this water could be used for perhaps irrigation, drinking water and even rocket fuel. >> the rocket could help scientists determine if there is life on mars. >> we haven't been able to answer the question does life exist beyond earth, but following the water is a critical element of that. we now have i think great opportunities to be in the right locations on mars to thoroughly investigate that. >> did you ever think you'd hear that, water on the surface of mars? of course, more exploration is needed to determine the source of the water and whether it could help support microscopic life on the planet. a lot of folks took to twitter in jest. douglas flynn says nasa, we found water on march. california response, that's cool. could we have some? we have found water on our
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planetary neighbor as we're mired in a four year drought. caught on san jose, who would steal cats right out of someone's yard? >> this tree trunk has been in a bay area park for years. tonight we learn that it could be the lost work of a famous artist. >> and a whale of a
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welcome back. a live look at the bay bridge, the lights are back on, some of them anyway. it looks like they're testing the lights for the permanent
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installation. tonight a san jose neighborhood says a serial cat napper is on the loose. in fact, this surveillance video from last week shows the man sneaking up on a cat and then snatching it. neighbors say several cats have disappeared recently from the nodden neighborhood. >> so this has hit the neighborhood pretty hard to see something like this. it's an abduction really and that's what's happened. so we feel like we've lost one of our animal members of the neighborhood. >> the cat snatched in in video is 17 years old. the owner just wants it back. neighbors say they're keeping an extra close eye on their pets tonight. b.a.r.t. is investigating what looks like an inside job, lots of tickets missing, likely stolen. the open tribune is reporting a b.a.r.t. employee has been put on leave. one b.a.r.t. director called the loss substantial. b.a.r.t. is being tight lipped about what happened because the investigation is ongoing. big change coming to the
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way you check out. anti-fraud chips are being added to a lot of credit cards these days and business owners have until thursday to switch their card readers. kpix5kpix5's cate cauguiran finds out that might not be enough time. >> the swipe from a chip will be a small hand gestures, but for small business owners, it will mean a lot more than this. this owner of a small pickle franchise in san bruno, until we spoke with him, he didn't know about the transition. >> i actually haven't had any type of information from my bank or anything letting me know this is only three days away am. >> reporter: so elvin has three days to get a new card read are and starting thursday if he doesn't -- reader and starting thursday if he doesn't get one, he'll be liable for any illegal swipes that go through his card swiper. >> if they said it was free, i would not be more resistant to
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switch. >> reporter: it's not free. these new readers can cost up to $600. >> i've had some problems switching over to new technology and new kinds of ways to do thing. >> reporter: he's not the only one. one survey found 64% of small businesses knew about the card readers, but only about 62% will switch over. elvin said he problem won't switch unless it's required by law and we checked. it is not required by government regulations. >> the new metallic chip will be put on cards nationwide. a lot of people have been taking a close look at something in a san francisco park that looks like a fallen tree. it's been there for years. tonight christin ayers slows us it may actually be the work -- shows fuss may actually be the work of a -- shows us it may actually be the work of a famous artist hiding in plain sight. >> reporter: a piece of a fallen tree awkwardly perched on part of the western
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addition. it's been used from everything as a bench to a judge l gym. >> it's very art deco to me. >> reporter: the director of the american african arts and culture complex. >> as kids we climbed on it and looked down. >> reporter: mallard remembers the moment he discovered it's much more than a tree, a face and a bust rising out of the trunk into an embrace. no one really knows how the sculpture got here decade ago. it lay not far from here, but it's been here for the last 50 years. >> it is of globe significance. >> reporter: this historian believes this is the work of sergeant johnson, a bay area native and among the most prominent sculptors of the harlem renaissance. >> the angles and shaping of the head is very similar to a number of sculptures he did in the '50s and '60s. we have talked to curators who have talked to people who saw him do the carving.
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>> reporter: but this is city land and so far templeton has been unable to convince city officials to move the sculpture. a spokesman for san francisco's real estate division told me in a statement there are not any city record verifying it was created by sergeant johnson and the awe they want case process is lengthy requiring extensive -- authentication process is lengthy requiring extensive processes in all of this. today chunks of its head are missing and someone gouged a hole in its chest. >> it's been damaged more in the last six months than in the last 50 years. >> reporter: both men worry if the city doesn't move fast, there will be more damage and the loss of something greater than a sculpture. in san francisco christin ayers, kpix5. >> the city says it will see if the sculpture can be moved temporarily to an indoor storage facility to be authenticated. changes in the ocean making for some incredible sight closer to shore than ever before, kiet do takes us up
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close and personal to some of the biggest mammals in the sea. >> reporter: whale watching in the monterey bay has been nothing short of epic. >> on a scale 1 to 100, it's a 100. it's incredibly good. >> reporter: keith steinler with whale watching tours in monterey has gone out every day the pass five years and amassed hundreds of clips. discovery channel, eat your heart out! this year keith has captured moments rarely see this close to shore, orcas chased and corner this seal up against the boat. look closely. they didn't kill it right away. keith said they carried the live seal in their mouths to young on, as out at sea to teach them how -- young orcas out at sea to teach them how to hunt. chris arcalayo has run the
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family business since 1959. >> it's not seen often. >> reporter: the unusual currents mean anchovies are popping up near the coast attracting much of the ecosystem with them. even though the water temperature is in the mid-60s more than 10 degrees above normal, don't think el nino just yet. what do you say to people who say you're overthinking it? of course, it's el nino. >> well, from a scientist's perspective you don't announce hunches. being able to show the exact cause and effect is a harder thing to do. >> reporter: chris says yes, it's been a great year in monterey, but everyone in san luis obispo is also having a good year. how long will it last? don't wait to find out in. monterey kiet do, kpix5. >> mammals going crazy right now. we've got water on mars. what's going on? >> a lot of things happening today. you know what we low
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pressured el nino bring? rainfall -- what we helped el nino bring? rainfall. kind of a fall-like night tonight, chilly outside, santa rosa down to 52, 50s in san bruno and oakland, livermore 62 and widespread low, napa 51, fremont 54, mountain view 53 degrees. the sun comes up tomorrow morning, may need a jackets for the kids heading off to school. rainfall in september depends where you are, livermore and san jose not a drop but santa rosa 68% above average. that's because the north bay received up to 2-inch of rain a couple weeks ago. for us it's all about an area of low pressure that fed into some cloud cover and fed in a pretty strong onshore flow. with that low not moving until about thursday it's feeding in the chilly ocean air. we will have mother a flat's air conditioning three more
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days, rather -- nature's air conditioning three more days, rather cool and cloudy. then that ridge moves out. high pressure moves to us and temperatures climb starting friday. next couple days cooler than average, feel a little like fall, but sunnier warmer weather friday lasting through the first weekend in october. concord, san jose 70s. 76 in san jose tomorrow, hayward 74, 708 walnut creek, venetia 75, san francisco 64 degrees, petaluma tomorrow 75, cloverdale 78 degrees. on the cool side of average through thursday. we warm up starting friday and heading into the weekend should be sunny and warm, waiting for that rainfall impatiently, but it will be here soon. we have learned tonight another inmate has died at the santa clara county main jail. the sheriff's office says the inmate was found in his cell by correction officer just before
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11 a.m. they called for help and tried cpr but could not save the man. it's not clear what happened and the death is under investigation. it comes weeks after another inmate was allegedly beaten to death by three deputies at ,,,, ♪ great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry.
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well, two scientists from the bay area have been awarded genius grants from the macarthur foundation. christopher ray, a 36-year-old computer scientists from stanford analyzes dark data and 44-year-old kadol yang is an in organic chemist at cal, something i will never be. he created a synthetic leaf made out of nano wires. they each get a $625,000 grant for their cutting edge work as geniuses. >> genius, yes. and a special guest tonight on the late show with stephen colbert, first lady michelle obama. she's promoting her let girls learn campaign. >> can i call you michelle? >> you can. it's my name. >> do you have a favorite pope at this point? >> no. they're all great. >> you can catch the first lady
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on the late show with stephen colbert right here on cbs5 right after the news. is jim tomsula considering benching colin kaepernick? >> and folks it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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giants open up a four-game series at home against the dodgers and the equation is simple. win every game or your season is over. do or die game, bottom of the 2nd inning, rookie trevor brown doubles into the gap of zack greinke and scores marlon byrd. giants led 1-0. andre ethier grounds out to second, but it scores seeinger to tie the game 2 -- seager to tie the game 2- 2. the pinch-hitter wins it for the giants. he flies deep to left to win it for the giants. 3-2. their playoff hopes are still alive. they trial l.a. by five games with six -- trail l.a.
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by five games with six to go. bottom of the 9th, the angels daniel murphy wins it for los angeles, 5-4. angels stay a laugh game back of the astro -- half game back of the astros in that wildcard race. in yesterday's blowout loss in arizona over 20% of colin kaepernick's passes were intercepted. so is there now quarterback controversy in santa clara? >> i believe in colin kaepernick. >> he's your starting quarterback no matter what happens? >> yes. ♪ stand by your man ♪ . >> but i've had no thoughts of him not being our quarterback. >> alex smith facing a guy who could have been a 49er, aaron rodgers. the packers quarterback threw five touchdowns, three to randall cobb as the packers beat kansas city 38-28. a question for my brilliant news anchor team, where does aaron rodgers come next? >> oh, he comes to levi
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stadium. >> on sunday after throwing five touchdowns. so the 49ers will have a roethlisberger, carson palmer roethlisberger, carson palmer and now aaron ,,,,
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