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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  September 29, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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ten hours after the fact. now a jail guard found that inmate unconscious in his cell and tried to perform cpr and first aid. paramedics also tried to bring him back but he was pronounced dead after half an hour. the sheriff detective the da's office and coroner are all investigating. standard procedure. that name is not being released until the family is notified. this is the third inmate to die in custody since august. other big news two of the three deputies accused of murder last month are now out on bail. jereh lubrin and rafael rodriguez each posted the bail. the remaining guard matthew farris has a court hearing today to use property to cover the bail in lieu of cash. the da is charging them with murder for allegedly beating to death michael tyree last month. he was found unconscious an hour after cameras captured the three deputies entering his cell. the coroner said he died of massive internal bleeding. since then the sheriff has called the beating disgusting and implemented new training for recruits on how to better
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handle mentally ill patients and also looking for ways to pay for and install more surveillance cameras and the sheriff also asks federal investigators to come and examine the jail to look for ways to improve it. those three jail guards are due back in court october 13th and very likely plead not guilty. we're live if downtown san jose -- in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. san francisco firefighters rescued a woman from a cliff near ocean beach last night. she was stuck about 80 feet up between sutro park and the top of the cliff and point lobos avenue. happened around 7:00. crews had to deal with some heavy brush and trees plus the fact that it was getting dark. and with the help of spotlights, firefighters found the woman near the top. >> i heard people at the top yelling everyone just trying to find exactly where she was. >> our aerial ladder goes 100 feet. so it wasn't fully extended but pretty close to it. >> about 30 minutes later a firefighter guided her down the ladder, she appeared to be calm and uninjured. not clear how she was trapped in the first place.
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campaign 2016 and the bay area. democratic presidential front runner hillary clinton is wrapping up her local fundraising trip this morning. kpix 5's cate cauguiran joins us live from san francisco where a breakfast event will be held today. cate? >> reporter: michelle, yes, secret service will be here in just a few hours by here i mean in the pacific heights neighborhood in san francisco. getting ready for the former secretary of state and first lady. she will be starting her morning at a $2,700 a head fundraising breakfast and that will wrap up the third -- wrap up the third bay area visit for the year. yesterday she attended private fundraisers. outside the secret service gave out pins to kids with american flags hoping to get a glimpse of candidate clinton. >> we're into cars a lot. so we're hoping she -- she also will be like -- in like a tesla or something. >> reporter: a new poll suggests clinton would handily defeat donald trump in a head-
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to-head general election next year. but the nbc news "wall street journal" survey gives clinton a 9% to 39% advantage but the poll also shows clinton neck and neck with other republican contenders. now that same poll shows clinton's lead over bernie sanders shrinking in the race for the democratic nomination. in san francisco, cate cauguiran, kpix 5. all right, thanks for that. and some good news for commuters on the 10 #. let's find out from gianna. >> yeah clearing this accident out of lanes southbound 101 right at cesar chavez. only problem is it's really caused a trickle effect and a spillover effect onto the bay bridge. you're slow and go out of the maze and that accident now cleared but again slow and go across span. new wreck reported westbound 580 at grantline. this one is blocking the left lane adding to an already very busy ride across the altamont pass, stop and go conditions out of tracy and brake lights
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again through livermore valley and eases up at the dublin interchange. but still slow as you go across there. now b.a.r.t. is on time. a great choice this morning, and golden gate ferries, no delays right now and westbound highway 4 also stacking up the morning. no accidents but delays off the antioch bridge and stop and go conditions into pittsburg and eases up at the east shore freeway. oakland so far still seems to be holding steady with no delays north on southbound at least through oakland through the oakland coliseum. here's roberta. on this tuesday morning, heading out the door, we have several layers of clouds and in fact it's an enhanced marine layer. and then on top of that, we have mid level clouds and then high level clouds. so overall today, it's going to be mostly cloudy. temperature-wise, out the door in the 50s and 60s. it's santa rosa that's the cool spot at 52. however, napa has been checking in right around 47 degrees. today's number coming down in comparison to yesterday. only some partial coastal clearing today into the 60s. we'll call it partly to mostly cloudy across the peninsula and
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the 70s. up to about 81 degrees in morgan hill with a west wind 5 to 10 miles per hour. east of the bay some of the warmest numbers but still below average. 81 degrees in danville and pleasanton. about 83 degrees in cloverdale. otherwise 60s and 70s north of the golden gate bridge. full forecast though coming up. gang? thanks. sailboat still stuck on a san francisco beach this morning. investigators say two men beached the boat yesterday and when police arrived to help out, they discovered one of the men had an outstanding want for his arrest. witnesses say the boat is badly damaged and not fit to sail. >> well, the boat is in bad condition. so it looks like he would have had trouble sailing the boat. the bottom was fouled. the propeller looked like it was fouled and probably wasn't working. so he was in bad shape. >> park rangers have been guarding the boat so no one steals mega. it is expected to be towed away this morning. police are investigating a double homicide in richmond. just before 8:30 last night a shot spotter system reported
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four gunshots being fired. a natalie court near san pablo avenue. police found two men inside a car with wounds to their upper bodies and they later died. they were the 14th and 15th homicide victims in richmond so far this year. now a matter of waiting for those who oppose california's new mandatory vaccine law. they turned in signatures for a ballot measure to repeal the law but there's unclear if there are enough ballot signatures to qualify for the ballot. earlier this year the governor signed the law that requires all kids to be vaccinated against childhood diseases before going to school. some say the state should not force parents to have their kids vaccinated. >> i'm eager to talk to the voters and i'm sure the voters of california are not interested in letting a privileges if you take away the rights of all californians to be safe from preventable diseases. today, the u.s. senate is
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expected to pass a spending bill to prevent a government shutdown this week. the government would continue to provide funding to planned parenthood over the objections of a group of con receivertive republicans. more now from cbs news' hena daniels. >> reporter: planned parenthood president cecile richards will field questions today from lawmakers on capitol hill. some who are still seething after the release of secretly recorded videos. that show employees discussing the use of aborted fetal issue in medical research. >> a lot of people want to -- that part those days. >> reporter: in testimony prepared ahead of the hearing, richards aggressively defends her organization. saying the practice is just a small part of what it does for millions of women across the country. she adds planned parenthood is quote proud of its limited role in supporting fetal tissue research. richards also goes after the founder of the anti-abortion group that recorded the videos. saying quote --
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>> on this vote -- >> reporter: the hearing comes just one day after the senate voted to advance a bill authorizing government spending that includes funding for planned parenthood. many conservatives including republican presidential candidate ted cruz have sought to end federal funding for the organization. >> it is essentially a blank check to barack obama. that's not very clean to me. that actually sounds like a very dirty funding bill. >> reporter: hena daniels for cbs news. >> today planned parenthood will hold rallies in dozens of locations across the country including a few in the bay area. today, president obama will meet with cuban president raul castro at the u. n.. this will be their second meeting since the united states and cuba began restoring diplomatic relations last year. at today's meeting president castro likely to push for a complete end to the u.s. trade embargo. and meanwhile, mr. obama met yesterday with russian president vladimir putin. for the first time in two
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years. that lasted an hour and a half and half hour longer than planned and they discussed ongoing crisis in syria as well as ukraine. the united states and russia have conflicting views on how each situation should be handled. the white house says the meeting was very business-like. time now is 6:09. a parachuting accident claims the life of a world famous sky diver beloved in lake tahoe. >> and four years after a massive overall of california's criminal justice system, we're her honoring whether it's having -- learning whether it's having the intended effect. >> cooler today than yesterday but i will show you what day this week we're going to top off near 100 degrees. again. >> and lanes are now clear southbound 101 but the damage is done on the bay bridge. plus the new wreck reported at plus the new wreck reported at ,,,,,,
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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good morning everyone, 6:12 on this tuesday. it is september 29th. and we're taking a look out towards the bay bridge where currently, we have temperatures into the 50s and 60s and later today, unseasonably cool. a run through that forecast with you coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. thank you roberta. 6:13. your time. state is now investigating the explosion of a pg and u underground transformer, two men were injured in saturday's blast in san francisco's bernal heights area and both have been reloosed from the hospital. the supervisor david campos is calling for a hearing into the safety of pg&e's underground infrastructure. a prominent daredevil is dead following a sky diving accident at squaw valley. reporter anjali hemphill says the loss hit the tahoe community hard. >> he was a huge inspiration to me, it's a really big loss. >> reporter: the community of squaw valley is mourning tonight after the sudden death
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of one of their most well-known athletes. >> devastating. devastating. >> reporter: erik roner died in a parachuting accident during the opening ceremony of the squaw valley constitute celebrity golf tournament. investigators say he was part of a group conducting a sky diving performance when roaner hit a tree and became entangled. he died at the scene. >> he -- lived his life to the fullest. >> reporter: he was known for his talents in the air and on the mountain. as a professional base jumper and skier, his tallnesses also featured on the mtv show nitro circus and he hosted a tv show called "locals" on outside network. >> something that he loved is something that he was very passionate about obviously. >> reporter: roner is a pioneer in action sports. and a man who inspired others to challenge their own abilities. in squaw valley, anjali hemphill, kpix 5. >> he leaves behind a wife and two children. california's 4-year-old criminal justice program has reduced the state prison
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population but it hasn't saved money or reduced the rate of rearrests for convicts. that's according to a new report by the public policy institute of california. the changes also did not produce a feared spike in violent crime. well, google has a little something up its sleeve today. the company is holding an event this morning in san francisco. the purpose behind the event? that's a mystery. rumor is it could be a new nexus five smart phone. we're going to have to wait until 9:00 a.m. to find out what's going on at google. and a program that places pianos in outdoor locations, that's expanding. ♪ >> the program is in its second year at several santa clara county parks and now sunset piano is doing something similar in san francisco. a piano will be set up at boeddeker park for two weeks beginning today. >> that's what i do. >> i know what is it about piano when you see one you can't play but you just -- oh that sounds great. >> yeah it's a lot of euphon though.
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i think it's a good idea. how we doing traffic wise on a tuesday? >> it's a busy tuesday unfortunately. we have a couple of things going on out there and let's start off with the bay bridge where the metering lights were turned on at 5:36 this morning. it is now 6:15 and you are backed all well into the maze -- up well into the maze. 23 minutes ride now you're going to see some delays as well as you go across the upper deck from the earlier traffic alert. we had southbound 101. 19 miles per hour is the speeds now in some spots there. especially as you head towards fremont just south of skyway. again that accident wrapped up but again, slow and go conditions as you work your way through there. so expect delays and you can use mass transit as an alternate. san mateo bridge, injuries reported as well it is blocks lanes. but once you get past there the san mateo bridge is looking okay between 880 and 101 on that westbound side just getting to the bridge off of 880 might be a struggle this morning. we have three accidents in that same spot yesterday. westbound 580 right at grantline. they're clearing this accident
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out of the left lane. slow and go out of the altamont pass to 680. that's a 22 minute drive now. headed towards the dublin interchange. eases up though as you work your way on 680 northbound and southbound 680 though look out for some brake lights, marin county this morning not a bad ride at all. southbound 101. only 14 minutes right now. oakland northbound some extra volume now just in the top of the screen there. as you make your way northbound past the coliseum. southbound though, looking okay through there. you're really going to see brake lights into hayward and fremont and it looks like brakes starting to -- you can see them there northbound 101 right at story road. here's roberta. hey, do you think the commuters would like it darker at this hour? >> that's a good question. >> i don't know. i kind of don't like it. i like to be able to see the sun up and right now we can't see any of this. sunup officially is at 7:03. we have an enhanced marine layer out there and we have a little bit of breaks in-between the mid and high level cloudiness and temperature-wise
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anywhere from the low 50s in santa rosa to 60 degrees apiece in livermore and san jose and winds are under 10 miles per hour. this is interesting okay, you've been seeing the clouds and they're a dramatic backdrop for the sunup and sundown. and boy making some beautiful pictures around the bay area. well, this is it right here streaming off the pacific ocean. a little bit of light rain around monterey bay area. it's going to be cooler today due to the cloud deck and also because of the area of low pressure to the north of us. high clouds will continue through thursday. and then sunnier and warmer conditions on friday. have that seven day forecast coming up but first off again, here's the stream of clouds that you have this upper level low to the north of us. that's pulling down some cooler air mass and today's temperature cooler than yesterday. but not as cool as it's going to be tomorrow. then that pattern change by friday. it's 46 going up to 76 now on the south shore. it's 68 degrees for a forecast high in monterey bay. mid 80s and fresno, manteca,
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merced. otherwise locally numbers 60s around the beaches and around the rim of the bay. 70s will be common around the peninsula today and 73 san rafael and then wrap around to the eastern portion of the district. up to 83 degrees and 76 in san jose. extended forecast, here you have it. cooler on wednesday. and then we rebond on friday with the passage of a disturbance on friday that's promising to bring about a quarter inch of rain in monterey. then lifting up towards the high sierra into the greater lake tahoe area and dry skies over the weekend. big game in town tonight. we have giants playing host to the dodgers. bumgarner on the mound for the good guys. cloud cover 61 degrees. go giants! all right roberta. thank you. time now is 6:19. another surprising turn in the case against alleged chinatown gangster raymond shrimp boy chow. why he is now being linked to a pair of murders. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell, coming up, first they had roethlisberger and then they had to face palmer. aaron rod verse coming to levi's stadium will show you
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what he did last night. did the giants prevent l. a. from celebrating a division ,,
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good morning everyone, the giants opened up a four game series last night against the dodgers. and it's simple. win every game or your season is over. do or die. as his heart pumping doesn't it? the rookie trevor brown doubles into the gap off zach greinke. that scoresbird and tomlinson. runners at second and third and ethier grounds out to second but it scores the tying run.
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12th inning now. giants with runners at southbound and third. the pinch hitter -- second and third, the pinch hitter flies deep to left. deep enough to score byrd. the giants win 3-2. their playoff hopes still flickering trailing l. a. by five games with seek to go. zito will start in anaheim on wednesday. bottom of the 9th tied at 4 but the angels' daniel murphy singles in cowgill to win it for l. a.. 5-4. angels stay a half game back of the astros in the wild card race. former 49ers' quarterback alex smith facing a guy who could have been a 49er. aaron rodgers. the packers' quarterback threw five touchdowns three to randall cobb as the packers beat kansas city 38-28. green bay will be at levi's stadium on sunday. and jim tomsula saying colin kaepernick will be the giants'
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starting quarterback. the giants have won seven against l. a. at at&t. tail have to unguent -- they'll have to win again tonight to stay alive. i'm dennis o'donnell, see you tonight. play of the day, out the wrigley field. we have royals and cubs and score and it's the bottom of the 11th and bang, see you later chicago. denorfia says game over. caps out a walkoff home run and like the giants the cubs go 12 and like the giants, cubs win, cubs win. 1-0. and more importantly they got the play of the day. >> more importantly is right. 6:25. b.a.r.t. recently made some changes to speed up the commute. but at one station in particular, it's having the opposite effect. >> reporter: and another week, another inmate has died here at the santa clara county jail. i'm kiet do, ,,,,,,
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democratic presidential front runner hillary clinton wraps up her bay area fundraising swing this morning. i'm cate cauguiran live in san francisco with the details. and police are on the lookout for a man who's been snatching up cats from a bay area neighborhood. and from the from the kpix weather center, good morning everyone, we'll be taking a look at the weather watchers and forecasting weather where you live. and reports of a brand new wreck on the san mateo bridge. also delays continue at the bay bridge. thanks gianna. good morning everyone. it's tuesday, september 29th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:29. another inmate has turned up dead at the main jail in santa clara county. the latest incident happened yesterday. kpix 5's kiet do is? san jose with details about the
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latest case and an alleged beating that happened earlier. >> reporter: good morning, this is the third inmate to die here at the jail since august and it happened at a time when the jail itself is in crease sis. this happened around 10:30 yesterday morning when a jail guard found the inmate unconscious and tried to perform cpr and first aid. paramedics a tried but he was pronounced dead. the sheriff's detectives and d's office and coroner are always investigating which is standard procedure. that identity is not being released until the man's family is notified. in other big news with the jail, two of the three jail guards accused of murdering an inmate last month are now free on bail. jereh lubrin and rafael rodriguez each posted bail. the remaining guard matthew farris has a court hearing today trying to use property to cover the bail in lieu of cash. the da is charging the three with murder for allegedly beating to death michael tyree last month. tyree was found unconscious an hour after surveillance cameras
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captured the three deputies entering his cell. the coroner said he died of massive internal bleeding. as a result, the sheriff called that beating disgusting and implemented new training for recruits on better handling mentally ill patients and also looking for ways to pay for and install more surveillance cameras and also asking federal investigators to some and examine the jail. the three guards are now due back in court october 13th and very likely plead not guilty. we're live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. the ongoing drought may tom insurance companies to -- prompt insurance companyup insurance companies to cop -- insurance companies to drop in high risk areas for coverage. the customers could be forced to shop for more expensive insurance plans. jones making the comments yesterday and meeting with wildfire victims and volunteers in the county. meanwhile cal fire hopes to fully contain the valley fire by thursday. it's burned more than 76,000
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acres and lake napa and sonoma counties. it is now 97% contained. all right, roberta says that a bit of a cooldown, but it's going to warm right back up. >> today and tomorrow and by the way tomorrow is a huge valley fire fundraiser in rutherford. and it's just amazing when we have the earthquake in the napa valley. how the whole valley comes together. it really is remarkable to see. so big fundraiser tomorrow for a cooldown in the rhetterford area: good morning everyone. as michelle said, it's cooler today than yesterday. but not as cool as it's going to be tomorrow and then we warm up at the end of the workweek. cloud cover out there. several decks. we have a layer of low clouds and areas of patchy fog. then what you're looking at right there is mid and high level cloudiness and temperatures in the 50s and 60s. later today, boy average high in san francisco is 70 but instead 66. look at the difference in concord. 82 typically but instead in the mid 70s. no clearing really at the
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seashore today into the 60s partial clearing around the peninsula. into the 60s and 70 ever. we'll call it partly to mostly cloudy in morgan hill at 81 degrees and east of the bay we'll have some mid and high level clouds up to about 83 in the warmest locations towards antioch brentwood and discovery bay and mountain house areas. otherwise 60s stinson beach with the west wind up to 10 and 15. 75 in nova that and upstream we do to partly cloudy conditions. 83-degrees in cloverdale and i tell you what coming up at 48 minutes after the hour we'll talk about 96 degrees and when and where you can expect it. but first here's gianna. thanks. a map of 92 right now the san mateo bridge where we have reports of a multi-vehicle accident blocking the two middle lanes and kcbs air 2 just flew over the scene and said traffic is backed up at least to 880. we're also seeing delays coming off of 880 southbound heading over towards the bridge. once you get pasta accident -- past the accident, traffic eases up niecely. but from 880 to 101, that's at least a 24 minute drive time this morning. slow and go off the east shore
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freeway right now headed towards the bay bridge. really bogs down near pal street and also seeing delays off of viii 0 and 24. westbound out of the maze and metering lights are on and you're slow across the span as well from an earlier accident that was cleared. westbound 4 at harbor and pittsburg reports of an accident possibly stuck in lanes and backed up anyway into antioch. and south 680 at industrial, a wreck there causing a little backup. still clearing the accident westbound 580 at grantline. slow anyway through the altamont pass. you're going to see brake lights as you hit 680 in the dublin interchange. but the golden gate bridge, that looks good out of marin county. all right gianna thank you. a plan aimed at improving b.a.r.t. service is causing some frustration in the short run. social media is packed with complaints about the new crowded service. b.a.r.t. ridership is expanding but ill still has only 669 cars and they're making trains longer and running them more often in some areas like downtown oakland. but places like concord who
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once had plenty of room are now like sardine cans. >> they are not happy they have more crowding on the platform and we understand that. what we're trying to do is run as officially as possible. >> you're stuck with standing room only open a crowded -- on a crowded b.a.r.t. train and that's a long ride for people who are going into san francisco generally or montgomery. >> b.a.r.t. is getting new trains but probably won't be online for at least another year. san francisco mayor ed lee says he would veto a plan that would let bicyclists roll through stop signs. >> to have a roll through stop practice that's adopted locally and have -- as many people that come through our city as we do -- is to invite potential disaster. >> that ordinance being considered by the board of supervisors would allow cyclists to bypass stop signs only under safe conditions with no cross traffic. bay area democrats appear to be in a giving spirit as their party's presidential
6:36 am
front runner wraps up a local fundraising swing. kpix 5's cate cauguiran joins us live from san francisco where a breakfast event is planned for hillary clinton this morning. cate? >> reporter: miche, well, the former secretary of state and first lady will start her morning in san francisco's pacific heights neighborhood at a $2,700 a head fundraising breakfast. the bay area visit comes as a new poll suggests that she could defeat republican front runner donald trump in a head- to-head general "next" year. the -- general election next year. it gaves her a 49% to 39% advantage. but fiorina and ben carson and jeb bush are head-to-head. the same poll shows clinton lead over bernie sanders shrinking in the race for the democratic nomination. >> i think she's dipping in the polls because the gop candidates are getting a lot of media time. and that's what's detracting from her, not her as a
6:37 am
candidate herself. >> reporter: yesterday, she attended private fundraisers in three neighborhoods and at the same house in orinda where she attended a fundraiser during the 2008 election cycle. this will wrap up clinton's third visit to the area this year, reporting live in san francisco, cate cauguiran, kpix 5. people want san jose neighborhood are watching closely their pets. maines say several cats have disappeared recently from the nodden neighborhood and this surveillance video from last week shows the man speaking up on a cat and then snatching it. >> so this has hit the neighborhood pretty, pretty hard to see something like this. this is an abduction really. and that's what's happened. and so we feel like we've lost one of our animal members of the neighborhood. >> now the cat taken in this video is 17 years old according to its owner. she just wants her cat back. a san francisco prosecutor told a federal judge he has evidence linking raymond shrimp
6:38 am
boy chow to the murder of chow's predecessor. chow the leader of a san francisco chinatown fraternal organization. the prosecutor wants to use that evidence in chow's november racketeering trial. chow has not been charged in the 2006 death of his predecessor allen long. the double homicide in castro valley and the suspect is a relative of the victims. it happened at chetwood crest mobile home park and police were called there yesterday morning for a welfare check. and when they arrived they discovered a bloody scene. a body of a man and a woman inside. police say a relative was in the home and that person was taken into custody. >> you definitely going to want to talk to him. you know anytime you have a murder scene and there's somebody that's still this, that's -- going to be person you're going to talk to. >> so far no word on a possible motive. newly released data on police stops in berkeley this year is revealing a ballot earn of discriminatory conduct against african-americans and latinos. of the more than 4600 people
6:39 am
stopped by berkeley police, more than 1400 were african- american. 66% of those people stopped were released without an arrest or citation. berkeley's african-american population is roughly 8% of the total population. and during that same period of time, police stopped 543 people described as latino. more than half of latinos stopped were released. it is now 6:39 on this tuesday. the deadline fast approaching for a nationwide switch to upgraded credit cards. but what's good for customers will likely be a big blow to a number of small businesses. >> and some tension moments before a -- tense moments for ba,,
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good morning everyone. your time check is now 6:42. taking a look at the
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temperatures in and around the microclimates, about five degrees below average. we have 60s at the beaches today and 60s and 70s pretty common across the peninsula up to 81 degrees across the santa clara valley and morgan hill. east of the bay, your numbers will span from the high 70s to the low 80s. and against slightly below average. and with the partly to mostly cloudy skies in the north bay,. thes from 60s and -- temperatures from 60s 234 stinson beach to the 70s in san rafael. daly city at 64 cool degrees. i got your full forecast in just a couple of minutes. sounds good. thanks. u.s. home prices rose at a solid pace in the month of july reflecting both the tight supply and a strengthening economy. >> here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> good morning michelle and good morning frank. we've certainly seen evidence of the price increases in the bay area rising at a level that we really don't see anywhere else in the country. according to the case shiller index in july, bay area prices were up .6%. that was a stronger gain than in june and they were up 10.4%
6:44 am
from to a year earlier. that was the biggest year over year gain out of the top 20 markets. followed closely by denver. and we also saw strong growth across the country with home prices up by 5%. year over year. tesla launches its model x crossover delivering the first car tonight at its factory in free font at 7:00. we don't know much in the way of details about pricing for the models yet and we will get that later tonight. but we do know that the fully loaded signature series that's delivered later today will come at a price tag of $132,000. market looking to rebound after a heavy selling yesterday. the dow lost 300 points and nasdaq down 3%. and pretty flat so far this morning. let's look at the big board and see how we're doing. and starting to move a little bit lower now and dow dropping over 40 points and s&p is down 4 points. >> michelle is going tesla shopping today aren't you? >> if you're buying.
6:45 am
okay. thank you jason. have a good one. thanks so much. it is 6:44 now. big changes coming to the way you check out at your stores now. >> antifraud chips are being added to credit cards and business owners have until thursday to switch their card readers. kpix 5's cate cauguiran found out that it might not be enough time. >> here we go. >> perfect. >> reporter: as the customer the switch where a swipe to a chip will mean a new hand gesture. but for small business owners, it's a little more than that. >> okay. >> reporter: elvin is an owner of a mr. pickles franchise in san bruno and until we spoke with him, he didn't know about the transition. >> i actually haven't had any type of information from my bank or anything letting me know that this is only three days away. >> reporter: so elvin has three days to get a new card reader and starting thursday, if he doesn't get one, he'll be liable for any fraudulent charges that go through his card swiper. and if we haven't covered the cost of the machine -- >> they say hey it's not free
6:46 am
then i would be more resistant to switch. >> reporter: it's not free. they can cost up to $600. >> i had some problems switching over to new technology and new kinds of ways to do things. >> reporter: he's not the only one. one survey found 64% of small businesses knew about the chip card readers but only 42% will actually switch over. so mr. pickles customers won't be using their chip cards here because elvin says he probably won't make the switch unless it's required by law. and we checked. it is not required by government regulation. in san bruno, cate cauguiran, kpix 5. thank you. the new metallic chip will be put on cards nationwide. a major discovery on mars, water, about four years ago they began examining dark narrow streaks on planet that formed and grew during the planet's summer and disappeared if the fall. share -- in the fall. they suspected that was the presence of water and then used data from the mars
6:47 am
reconnaissance orbiter to confirm it. >> it changes everything because it means that this liquid water can be used for perhaps irrigation, drinking water and even rocket fuel. >> more exploration is needed to determine the source of the water and whether it supports microscopic life. but the nudities coverry increases the chances -- new discovery increases the chances to investigate that. late show host stephen colbert welcomed michelle obama last night on the show. she talked about the post-white house plans including her campaign to promote girls' education as well as some ordinary things. >> like open a window. [ laughter ] i mean -- >> do you have to get -- i'm sorry. >> i want to go to target. >> i'm sorry madame first lady don't have security clearance to open that window. >> i really can't. >> never thought of that but i guess the white house -- you can't do that kind of thing, mrs. obama previously appeared
6:48 am
on his former show "the colbert report." >> yes. and she wants to go to target too. >> and shop and just be a regular gal. 6:48 right now. let's get a check on the roads. hi. >> will guys, the san mateo bridge they just cleared an injury accident out of lanes westbound just before the toll plaza and hayward but the damage is done. delays southbound 880 as you work your way through hayward over towards the san mateo bridge. it's still packed there as well looks like on the southbound side use the dunbarton bridge as the alternate. westbound 92. 880 to 101 looking at upwards of 31 minutes now for the drive home. we have reports of a b.a.r.t. delay. the directions five to ten minute delay and hopefully get that cleared up pretty quickly here. elsewhere towards the bay bridge lots of brake lights and lots of company. westbound 80 off the freeway commute headed towards the bay bridge is slow and go too as you head to approaches there on the 580. and of course the metering lights are on. very busy across the span. we had an earlier accident southbound 101 at cesar chavez, we're still busy as you head
6:49 am
into san francisco. lets go flying over the altamont pass, westbound 580 slow and go. looks like you're seeing speeds dipping to about 28 miles per hour in some spots. stays sluggish at the dublin interchange and 680 delays on the southbound side. south 680 north of there though right at industrial we have reports of an accident. no blocked lanes but there are some delays there and delays continue westbound highway 4. here's roberta. >> we have so many weather watchers around our bay area but one in particular, scott. he's not checking in with us right now. he's in whispering pines and he did write to me yesterday and said he's back in his home after being evacuated for a couple of weeks because of the valley fire. he's probably not checking in this morning because it's -- feels so good to sleep in his own bed right? but we're so happy for scott. his house is okay and back with the weather watcher programming. let's see this morning. let's go upstream a bit here and past the clear lake area. i know past cloverdale, brand new weather watcher this
6:50 am
morning. 49 degrees so says scott. and yucaipa with clear skies there. thank you scott for checking in with us here with our weather watcher program. good morning everyone. this is a scene looking out -- wow -- isn't that pretty? gave me some sound effects gang. >> yeah. >> ooh. >> okay work with me here. mostly cloudy skies. but we do is a little hint of some sunshine out towards mount have coo and temperatures this morning in the -- mount vaca and temperatures this morning in the 50s and 60s as you wake up and head out the door. i love this, the clouds right here at. are making for some great sunrises and sunsets. also clouds a little bit of light rain showers around the monterey bay area into carmel valley. i exaggerated. really not rain showers. just a few rain drops. cooler than average today all the weightily thursday and high clouds stay with us and then sunny and warmer on friday once you see that seven day forecast but again those clouds are actually going to squeeze out rain showers on thursday. for monterey, lifting into the high sierra. we have an area of low pressure pulling down some cooler air mass that's why our
6:51 am
temperatures today cooler than yesterday. but not as cool as it will be tomorrow. working your numbers ow like this today. 83 degrees in sacramento and currently it's in the 40s going up to 76 in the high sierra with again rain showers by thursday. 67-degrees in monterey bay and near hi 90 in fresno. sunup slated for 7:03. by the time it sets tonight we have two minutes less of daylight time than yesterday. 60s and 70s for the most part. few low 80s. there you have the cooler forecast wednesday. some clouds on thursday and then 96 degrees in the inland areas on friday. make it a great day everyone. thank you. some dramatic moments along the cliffs near ocean beach in san francisco. >> only on 5, our mark kelly saw the whole scene play out. >> reporter: firefighters of course familiar with these cliff rescues but they say this one was challenging. >> with the heavy foliage and the trees temperatures really hard to locate -- temperatures really hard to locate the victim. >> reporter: plus it was getting dark. the victim stuck somewhere
6:52 am
between sutro park at the top of the cliff and point lobos avenue below. >> i heard people at the top yelling everyone just trying to find exactly where she was. >> reporter: eventually with help from their spotlights, firefighters found the victim. a woman wedged near the top of the cliff. >> our aerial ladder goes 100 feet. so it wasn't fully extended but it was pretty close to it. >> reporter: about 30 minutes later, with a firefighter as her guide, the woman seemingly unhurt climbed down the ladder. a relief -- [ applause ] for those who watched this all play out. >> what we saw is that she was very calm. >> she was very calm. she was just stuck. >> reporter: firefighters say it's a lesson to avoid getting anywhere near these cliffs. >> had a good ending and everyone was clapping then it was cool to see. >> reporter: at ocean beach, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> rescuers believe the woman may be connected to a homeless encampment near the park. time now is 6:52. president obama sits down with cuban president raul castro for only the second time today.
6:53 am
what could come out of this rare meeting. >> reporter: another inmate has >> reporter: another inmate has died here at the santa ,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
misswill turn anan asphalt parking lot into a new neighborhood for san franciscans. a vote for "yes" on "d" is definitely a vote for more parks and open space. a vote on proposition "d" is a vote for jobs. campos: no one is being displaced. it's 40% affordable units near the waterfront for regular people. this is just a win-win for our city. i'm behind it 100%. voting yes on "d" is so helpful to so many families in our city.
6:55 am
6:56 am
how many gasolines clean better tthe answer is a big fat zero. chevron with techron. care for your car. five things to know at the :55. the president of planned parenthood testifies on the hill today. comes after the release of secretly recorded videos accusing the group of illegally profiting from the use of bortsed fetal issue. yesterday the senate advanced a government spending bill which include funding for planned parenthood. president obama meets one- on-one today with cuban president raul castro outside the u. n.. castro is likely to push for a complete end to the u.s. that i had embargo -- trade embargo. yesterday the president met with russian president putin focusing on syria. hillary clinton will attend
6:57 am
a private fundraiser in san francisco today. this is the last in a series of events spread all around the bay area since yesterday afternoon. tickets are $2,700 apiece. google is expected to announce two new nexus smart phones at an event in san francisco today. the phones will come loaded with the latest android operating system. this would be the first time google is launching two new nexus phones at once. and california's restruck chucking of the criminal justice system hasn't saved money or reduced the number of convicts rearrested after they were released. the changes didn't produce a spike in violent crime. in 2011 the california shifted responsibility for lower level offenders to county jails. >> reporter: and i'm kiet do live here at main jail in santa clara county. where an inmate died yesterday around 11:00. but it took some time for the sheriff to make it public. we didn't hear about it until ten hours later. a jail guard found that inmate unconscious inside the cell and
6:58 am
tried to perform cpr and first aid and he was pronounced dead after a half hour. detectiving the da's office and coroner are all investigating. and that inmate niece name is not being released until the family is notified. this is the third inmate to die since august. big news with the jail, two of the three deputies accuse of murdering the inmate last month where now out on bail. jereh lubrin and rodriguez each posted the bail. and the remaining guard farris has a court hearing today to use property to cover the bail in lieu of cash. the da is charging the three with murder for allegedly beating to death michael tyree last month. he was found unconscious an hour after the surveillance cameras captured the men entering the cell. they are due back in court on october 13th and very likely plead not guilty. we're live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. and let's head over to the first reports of a serious accident involving a motorcycle
6:59 am
that rear ended a vehicle, possible a second accident as well. i'm going to show you is a shot here of the area and we just lost it. but south 101 right at alexander in sausalito is stacked up because of this accident. making very light past conditions there to the golden gate bridge. elsewhere we have some stop and go conditions on the san mateo bridge. that earlier wreck now cleared before the toll plaza. but still slow and go 23 minutes between 880 and 101. good morning everyone. from mount vaca where we have mid and high level clouds streaming overhead. these clouds will continue to be with us all the way through thursday. 52 santa rosa to 60-degrees in livermore and oakland and later today partly cloudy conditions. 60s beaches and 70s around the rim of the bay to the mid 70s across the peninsula. 80 degrees in throughout the tri-valley. yes cooler than yesterday but not as cool as it will be on wednesday. and then you have nearly -- well, 100 degrees by friday. not a rain drop in sight. >> boy, but at least it's cooling down rest of the
7:00 am
weekend right? >> yeah. >> that's good. thanks so much for watching good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, september 29th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." presidents obama and putin clash over conflicts in syria and ukraine. details of their first formal meeting in more than two years. congressman kevin mccarthy tells us why he's the best person to replace john boehner as speaker of the house. first on "cbs this morning," forbes unveils the wealthiest people. first, your world in 90 seconds. >> strengthening in the atlantic ocean,


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