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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  September 30, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning. it's wednesday, september 30. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. time now 6:00. and the search is on for a gunman who fatally shot an artist who was helping to paint a mural in oakland. kpix 5's keit do joins us live from police headquarters with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. this artist was shot and killed while painting a mural depicting west oakland to be a beautiful peaceful place. 27-year-old antonio ramos of emeryville was shot and killed yesterday morning as he and a group of about 10 other artists were working on the underpass at west street and 580. he died at the hospital. a gunman who wasn't part of the group got into an argument before shooting and running off. a memorial was set up at the scene last night. >> we are all in shock. it's hard to actually believe
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that he is not here with us. >> reporter: the underpass mural is one of several in the 580 corridor being produced by a group called art esteem. all of his fellow artists vow to complete the mural and planned a candlelight vigil at the city at 9:30 a.m. live in oakland, kiet do, kpix 5. new this morning police are investigating a shooting in san francisco's haight-ashbury last night. they say a man was shot in the leg around 9:00 on stanyan street. the man is expected to be okay but police say he is refusing to speak to them. new details are emerging about the second death of an inmate who died at the santa clara county jail. the inmade described as a 33 -- inmate described as a 33-year- old transient was found in the main jail on monday. he's unidentified because his family can't be found. he was previously removed from
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his cell using pepper spray and rubber bullets. >> the cause of death still needs to be determined but certainly i take responsibility for what happens in the organization. >> this is the second suspicious inmate death at the jail since michael tyree was allegedly beaten to death by three correctional deputies in august. they are out on bail and due in court in two weeks. marin county commuters will have to wait longer for relief on the richmond/san rafael bridge. in august, assemblyman mark levine introduced a bill to give caltrans an extra lane. it's expected to relieve the traffic from the eastbound span to marin. it may now be heard as early as january. roads are busy. we are going to talk about san jose where this accident is still in the clearing stages involving a big rig and the chp tells us that all lanes are open but because the commuters are saying this activity off to the right-hand side it is
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causing a backup. the accident happened north 101 approaching old oakland road. it is backing up traffic to this point right here. beyond alum rock. as we check on the 880 drive in hayward there is an accident clearing. southbound to "a" street, highway 4 slow for you in the westbound direction traffic crowded leaving antioch from "a" street stays heavy through pittsburg into concord. now, once you are in concord traffic on 4 does pick up. but there is an accident on southbound 242 approaching concord avenue. it is causing delays there. you can see the leapt of 242 now -- the length of 242 now slow leaving concord. that's "kcbs traffic." now julie. >> thank you, liza. showers today for some people in the southern portion of the bay. let's take a live look outside now. mostly cloudy out the door with
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mild temperatures areawide hovering around 60 degrees for most spots with the exception of santa rosa at 50 degrees. a look at hi-def doppler shows we definitely have some showers offshore although i do think doppler is overpainting this a bit. this is not a huge rain event likely just light rain sprinkles for the most part. right now centered south of our area over the monterey bay and south but it will likely be moving north today so we're talking the possibility of showers not an all-day event but scattered showers throughout the day from the golden gate south today. here's a look at the weather headlines pretty much sums it up. shower chances over the next 36 hours and then we warm up into the weekend. then i'll talk more about that coming up. new video surfaced of another 49ers fan brawl. this was the scene sunday in arizona. this fight broke out during
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halftime of the 49ers cardinals game. a 9ers fan appears to kick someone on the ground. a security guard broke it up and witnesses say no one was arrested. two 49ers fans beaten at a restroom at levi's stadium are suing the team. video of the attack by two drunk brothers went viral last october. the victims blame the 49ers for failing to take steps to prevent drunken violence during nfl games. one needed surgery for a skull fracture. tonight is the deadline to avoid a federal government shutdown. the dispute funding for planned parenthood. mary maloney has more. >> reporter: the battle over planned parenthood funding got heated on capitol hill. >> i pulled those numbers directly out of the corporate report. >> excuse me, [ indiscernible ] this is actually americans united for life which is an anti-abortion group so i would check your sources. >> reporter: a series of videos
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prompted this oversite hearing showing planned parenthood employees negotiating the sale of fetuses for profit which is illegal. >> the accusations against planned parenthood based on videos are offensive and categorically untrue. >> reporter: the hearing comes a day before the deadline to avoid a government shutdown. some congressional republicans say they won't pass a budget to fund the government unless it defunds planned parenthood. >> i think it should require 60 votes to affirmatively begin spending money on planned parenthood and this could all happen if we simply let it expire and then try to restart those parts of government that are working and that we want to continue. >> reporter: the attempts to block the bill are expected to fail now that speaker john boehner has announced he is resigning and will work with democrats to ensure funding. meanwhile the fight over planned parenthood has spread well beyond washington. in los angeles more than 200
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supporters rallied in a national take-out day. i'm mary maloney reporting. >> several pink-out national day demonstrations were held in the bay area including this one attracting people in san francisco. the vote is going to be at 7 a.m. pacific time with the house to follow later. scientists are trying to figure out what's killing endangered guadalupe fur sealed 80 found dead on the california coast since january. they are hundreds of miles from their usual habitat. they usually breed on guadalupe island near baja, california in mexico. south bay shelter treating dozens of kittens with ringworm. the humane society is treating 60 cases. it causes hair loss and lesions. it's highly contagious but treatable fungus.
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the trouble comes in finding quarantine space. >> the disease isn't deadly. but a kitten coming to a shelter with ringworm often is euthanized because of the space issue so while the disease itself is not deadly it can be a dead sentence. >> so the humane society is offering a two-hour class for anyone who can foster a kitten with ringworm. attendees will learn how to give them special baths and medicine. the oakland city council has voted to amend its contract with waste management. the changes were made to lower compost rates for restaurant owners. some said the composting charges were so high there was no incentive to separate food waste from other garbage. in redoing the contract, the city made some concessions. among them, waste management is no longer required to set up an $800,000 customer service center. some leaders in san francisco hope to offer new incentives in an effort to private developers to build more below market rate housing including increased height
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limits for those developers' projects, mayor lee and supervisor katie tang introduced the legislation at yesterday's board of supervisors meet. a bay area football coach could lose his job after a fight with students but some at the school are jumping to his defense. >> why one of the bay area's busiest streets won't look the same after today. >> and hi-def doppler showing showers already this morning south of us for now. when and where we might see them here coming up. >> and we have slow traffic in san jose because of an accident northbound 101 approaching old oakland road. oakland road. details on
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our cloudy conditions overhead. in fact, mostly cloudy. we'll have rain coming up. tell you when coming up. 6:13. new details in the security breach that put billions of u.s. government employees' information at risk. officials saying that the u.s. is pulling spies from china in the wake of the office of personnel management hack there. it includes copies of fingerprints for more than 5 million employees. officials say china is the number one suspect behind the attack. and u.s. military leaders want to keep thousands of troops in afghanistan beyond the year 2016 this after the taliban captured the northern city of this week. it's a departure from president obama's existing plan to have just 1,000 military personnel in afghanistan by the end of the next year. a high school football coach in oakland is suspended. as joe vazquez reports, it
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stems from a brawl on a school bus. [ yelling ] >> reporter: that's the coach with the baseball cap telling a student to sit down and be quiet. the student stands up and screams in the coach's face. and then it's on. >> reporter: they wrestle over several rows of seats before students urge the coach to calm down. coach decarlos anderson is an assistant junior varsity coach and p.e. at mcclymonds high school. he is suspended with pay while the school investigates. >> there is no excuse for an adult to put hands on a student. >> reporter: the coach also has his supporters. >> a lot of students at mcclymonds high school. >> reporter: this woman is a college basketball player. she says decarlos is a mentor encouraging people to keep serious about school and athletics.
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she says the coach and the football player have put the whole thing behind them. [ [ indiscernible ] >> they made up. >> reporter: i asked her to reach out to coach robinson on our behalf so we could talk to him directly. he declined comment but said he might be putting out a statement. joe vazquez, kpix 5. now it's time to see how many suvs tesla can sell. they unveiled their model x last night an all-electric sport utility vehicle. notable features the falcon wing doors. the ceo elon musk says they are not only cool, they're also very practical. >> you can stand right here. you can step into the car and put your child down into the car seat and it makes a huge difference in terms of back
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strain and comfort. >> the cost of the vehicle is high, 13 $2,000. only a handful he -- $132,000. only a handful of people got their vehicles last night. 20,000 people are on the waiting list. google unveiled its line of smartphones and tablets. it showed them off in san francisco yesterday. they are the first phones to be sold with the marshmallow operating system including a new camera, fingerprint scanner and improved personal assistant starting price $379. tonight market street will light up art projects, the event called flip the switch. six murals and buildings will be lit up in san francisco. you can see the project on market street from fifth and seventh and it starts tonight. san jose is the hot spot on
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the roads this morning. good morning. we want to talk about san jose northbound 101 approaching 13th street old oakland road where the accident happened involving a big rig and couple of other cars. all lanes have been open for quite some time. it's still causing more of a looky-loo factor as folks check it out, traffic backed up beyond alum rock. checking the rest of the commute we are going to keep things in the south bay an accident clearing san tomas, a bicyclist with injuries and traffic very slow in the area. san tomas expressway near hamilton. westbound heavy leaving antioch for pittsburg it's not jammed up down the pass but there's an
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accident clearing southbound 242 approaching concord avenue. at least one lane of traffic is shut down so that's where you will see the delays this morning. the bay bridge commute metering lights are on. drive times between the carquinez bridge and the maze, 4 minutes. the backups at the toll plaza extending to beyond the 880 overcross, 24 minutes between the carquinez bridge and the maze. the san mateo bridge is going to be fine just outside the san mateo bridge on 880. traffic is going to be slower than usual for southbound traffic. there was an accident blocking lanes. that's cleared. westbound traffic at the san mateo bridge flowing well all the way across the span into the peninsula. and the golden gate commute also in good shape. southbound traffic moving well heading into the city. we are talking the possibility of showers but outdoor this morning, 58 in san
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francisco. santa rosa 50. hi-def doppler showing -- starting to get some impressive learning on doppler still offshore most of the rain this morning has been south of the bay area. it is slowing starting to creep north. we'll see some showers especially around the south bay over the next hour or so. scattered sprinkles and showers throughout the day today. not going to be consistent not a widespread rain event. low pressure is moving in. light showers increasing later on today. showers forming just offshore. from the headlines, you pretty much get an idea of a lot of changes to come. mostly cloudy to start showers possible through tonight and clearing by thursday evening. this weekend however. we are going to see a warmup on
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the way. sunset 6:54 this evening. high throughout the day mild today across the bay topping out in the 70s for the warmest spots inland. cloud cover going to keep temperatures mild but again short-lived. scattered showers. by friday we dry and warm temperatures into the upper 80s inland on friday and saturday. and then we cool back down to seasonal norms sunday through midweek. something for everyone. >> thank you. 6:20 right now. a bay area bicyclist takes an unwanted ride on the roof of a stranger's car. and it was no acci,,
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my name is chris hughes and i am a certified arborist for pg&e. i oversee the patrolling of trees near power lines and roots near pipes and underground infrastructure. at pg&e wherever we work,
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we work hard to protect the environment. getting the job done safely so we can keep the lights on for everybody. because i live here i have a deeper connection to the community. and i want to see the community grow and thrive. every year we work with cities and schools to plant trees in our communities. the environment is there for my kids and future generations. together, we're building a better california.
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good morning. the giants are 3-0 against the dodgers this season when madison baumgarner goes against clayton computertion. san francisco needed to be 4-0 after last night to keep their play-off hopes alive. could baumgarner channel his world series pitching magic against kershaw to prevent l.a. from clinching? 2-0 dodgers. justin solo shot at baumgarner next pitch ellis went deep it was 4-0. that was enough run support for kershaw a complete game one hitter struck out 13 giants hitters. giants win 8-0 to win their third straight national league west title and they eliminate the giants from play-off contention. the a's won't be playing in october so may as well go to
6:25 am
the play-offs right now. angels 4-0. eric aybar triples to right two runs score to make it 6-0. the angels win 8-1 and they move a half game ahead of the astros in the american wild card league race. number one play, the yankees guys drop one drop two then the ball boy felt bad for him and tried to give him a ball, he dropped three balls hit right to him or tossed right to him at yankee stadium. that's when we say three strikes and you're out. so am i. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. >> imagine going to work today that guy? are you the guy that missed all those balls in yeah. play of the day, european soccer pitch. a big night for munich superstar robert lewandowski.
6:26 am
>> it's a hat trick. another look at the second of his three. he has a total of 10 goals in the last three matches. these like three homers a game in three straight games. he is a stud! he also gets your play of the day. it is 6:26 right now. hundreds of people lost their homes when the "butte fire" tore through northern california and now some of them are suing pg&e. >> and an artist is shot and killed in oakland while painting a mura,,,,
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a bay area bicyclist takes a wild ride on the hood of a hit-and-run driver's car. we'll hear his story coming up. and a welcome sight for fans of the recently shuttered la boulange bakery. and hi-def doppler shows showers headed our way. who will see it and how much, that's coming up. >> it's looking like rush hour at the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is already stacked up from the foot of the maze. i'll have details. good morning. it's wednesday, the last day of september, the 30th, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:30. an emeryville man is dead, shot while helping paint the community mural. kpix 5's kiet do joins us live from oakland where police are trying to find the artist's killer. kiet. >> reporter: good morning. friends and family of antonio ramos are planning a candlelight vigil at the scene today to remember him. they are calling him an incredible spirit and an amazing person who loved to do this kind of work. city leaders say his death was
6:31 am
heart-wrenching and senseless. >> i just can't understand why someone would do this, like he was such a good person to everyone and we had so much fun together and i'm really going to miss him. >> reporter: candles light a dark overpass on west street in oakland after a volunteer artist named antonio ramos was gunned down. friends say he drove to the mural yesterday to paint with a smile on his face. he was carrying a speaker to listen to music. >> i'm in shock. we are in all shock. it's hard to actually believe that he is not here with us. >> reporter: david burke a fellow artist was just feet away when the shooting happened and wonders whether it was a robbery. others say there was a dispute over a can of paint. whatever happened, burke says he heard the gunfire and ran to antonio's side. >> we were just trying to keep him conscious and support him until paramedics arrived. >> reporter: but antonio died at the hospital. we checked the numbers and he
6:32 am
is oakland's 72nd homicide victim this year. in the last nine days alone have have been 12 homicides in oakland. as of last week murders were up 20% over last area. a fact which neither the mayor nor the police chief touched on in their brief remarks at a press conference. >> it's with a very sad heart that we learned of this death. >> today you have somebody trying to make a positive difference in the community, um, not doing anything wrong, and -- and lost his life in the process and it is -- it's -- it's gut-wrenching. >> reporter: and antonio's fellow artists have vowed to finish the mural in his name and dedicate it to him. they have the candlelight vigil at 9:30 this morning. kiet do, kpix 5. we are following breaking news now. the russian defense ministry just announced jets are carrying out air strikes on "islamic state" positions in syria. a ministry spokesman says the air strikes are targeting positions ex-vehicles and warehouses that russia believes belong to icist militants. earlier today they gave the
6:33 am
green light to russian president vladimir putin's request to send troops to syria. time now 6:32. a deadly "butte fire" in calaveras county prompting lawsuits against pg&e. victims took part in a town hall meeting yesterday in san andreas. lawyers are offering to represent those who suffer losses in the wildfire. so far two people have sued the utility for negligence. they say pg&e didn't maintain power lines that started a wildfire. many victims are frustrated in their attempts to get help. >> we have loves our computers and everything and when you go into the center where they have everybody set up, the very first thing they say is, get on the computer and you're like, oh, yeah, the one in my house that burned down. >> so far, there's no official cause. two people were killed. 475 homes were destroyed in that fire. pg&e did release a statements saying, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and individuals who lost their homes in this fire. we will respond to this lawsuit
6:34 am
in the normal legal process." 2015 will go down as one of the driest and hottest years ever as the water year wraps up today. water watchers keep track of presentation of and storage using october 1 as the starting point. the 2015 water year saw the highest average temperatures in 120 years. intensifying the effects of the drought. conditions were so dire, the governor announced water conservation restrictions. won't do much for the reservoirs but there might be a half dozen plants around the bay area -- thank you for the misty rain that might come down. >> yeah. i like the half dozen plants around the bay area. [ laughter ] >> hi-def doppler painting an impressive rain shield now. i think it's overpainted but we are going to get showers over the next couple of hours. outside now no showers in san francisco or -- this is actually san jose. no showers in san jose just yet but you will likely be one of the first spots in our viewing area to see showers this
6:35 am
morning. san jose 59. 50 santa rosa. 60 in livermore right now. 60 concord. temperatures mild areawide thanks to all the cloud cover out there. here's a look at hi-def doppler. definitely impressive rain returns offshore. heading towards san jose right now i think you will start to see just the first sprinkles here over the next, oh, half- hour or so in the south bay, although everyone in the bay area has a chance of showers by the end of the day south of the golden gate bridge. this morning we have been seeing showers south of the bay area really monterey bay south. headlines today plenty of clouds for everyone shower chances over the next 36 thundershowers and then a warmup into the weekend. i have details on that and we are going to time out the rain coming up in a bit. first liza has traffic. good morning. it's going to be a slow commute for highway 4 drivers leaving antioch bound for pittsburg. no accidents or anything, just a lot of folks making the commute this morning. sensors picking up slow traffic from "a" street through pittsburg. it's crowding up towards
6:36 am
concord. once in concord, remember there is still that accident in the clearing stages southbound 242 approaching concord avenue causing delays now. the lanes of 242 will be backed up with southbound 680 slow approaching north main. meantime, the rest of the commute over at the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights have been on for about an hour now and since then we have delays into the macarthur maze. drive times are up now to 33 minutes between the carquinez bridge and the maze in oakland. now, over at the golden gate, just north of the span there is a pickup truck which broke down just outside of the waldo tunnel. if you plan to make the commute watch out for southbound traffic flowing well leaving southern marin. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." now to frank. volkswagen says it's weeks away from fixes for the rigged emissions tests. dealers don't know if it will be a software upgrade or
6:37 am
mechanical fix. it will determine how quickly repairs can be made. despite last-minute appeals including one from the pope georgia executed its first woman in 70 years. kelly gissendaner was put to death by lethal injection last night. the 47-year-old was sentenced to death for convincing her lover to murder her husband in 1997. her execution was delayed more than five hours as lawyers filed three appeals in an attempt to get a stay. san francisco police are looking for the driver that struck a bicyclist and then took off. the hit-and-run ended up like this with the cyclist dangling on a hood of that car. the picture may not tell the whole story and police say they would like to hear from the driver to see what he has to say. cyclist though tells our mark kelly he feared for his life. >> i was frightened. i was in shock. >> reporter: maxwell wallace says he was just trying to bike to work monday when he ended up face first on the roof of a stranger's cadillac. >> very scared.
6:38 am
i was holding on to the windshield. i was, you know, shaking. >> reporter: according to the cyclist he was on this bike path on fulton street headed to downtown san francisco. and at the point when he got to this intersection, davisadero and fulton, is when he came across the driver. and it was in the middle of that intersection where he sideswiped a cyclist. >> i yelled stop. i was pretty shocked that he didn't stop. >> reporter: maxwell says after the sideswipe, he got in front of the cadillac, trying to snap a photo of the license plate but the driver he said hit the gas. >> didn't imagine that when, you know, you go after somebody hits you to talk to them get their information, that they would try to run you over. >> reporter: maxwell says to avoid getting run over, he jumped on roof and stayed there for about 100 feet before the driver took off. >> i jumped and because i jumped quickly i'm alive. but if i hadn't, i don't know where i'd be. >> reporter: maxwell says this is his first run-in with a
6:39 am
vehicle but honestly tensions between cyclists and drivers have been building in san francisco for some time now. just last month one cyclist even facing charges accused of attacking a car with a driver still inside with a metal bike lock. in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> officers say it's unclear who is at fault but they add that the driver would still be charged for hit-and-run because he fled the scene. starting today caltrans will periodically close the bicycle path on a new eastern span of the bay bridge. there's a good reason for this. crews are using torches to demolish the nearby old span. that will create a lot of smoke on occasion so public safety is an issue. the closures are scheduled to last until october 15. bay area pastry lovers, get ready! some good news. the recently closed bakley are soon re-open -- bakery will soon re-open in san francisco. the former la boulange on pine and fillmore is going to open
6:40 am
up as la boulangerie. starbucks bought the chain but closed the stores. the chain's founder is re- opening a few of the old stores in san francisco under the slightly altered name. time now 6:40. a fight breaks out between a bay area football coach and a high school student. what started the altercation. >> and we are learning more about previous confrontations between santa clara county correctional officers and ,,,, [announcer] right now at sleep train,
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welcome back. time now is 6:43. and here's a look at your high temperatures around the bay today. keep in mind, sprinkles and scattered showers likely the major headline today. but temperatures mild in the 60s and 70s for the south bay as well as east bay topping out in the upper 70s for the
6:44 am
warmest spots inland. 67 in daly city. 71 oakland. 79 napa. 83 ukiah. your full forecast is coming up. the departure of a gap executive sending shares down. here's kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. a lot of concern on wall street over san francisco-based gap after old navy global president stefan larson left the company to become ceo of ralph lauren. old navy has been the big winner for gap over the past year while the flagship chain and banana republic have seen weakening shares. gap down 6%, to its lowest point for the past year. the job market continues to firm up. private payroll tracker adp reports a gain of 200,000 jobs in seat. that's stronger than when it reported for the month of august.
6:45 am
the labor dew point delivers its report on friday for september. economists looking for a gain of 200,000 continuing the strong trend over the past couple of years. tesla debuted the model x last night in fremont. top signature model going for $144,000. investors pretty excited about a new model for the company. shares in tesla flat this morning slightly lower. stock is up over the past several days in anticipation of the model x debut. stock market is rallying this morning. we saw a mixed market yesterday still some struggles for the nasdaq. this morning, though, the dow up by almost 200 points. nasdaq gaining 75 points. and s&p up by 25. frank and michelle. back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs news. san francisco startup is taking the wait out of eating out at the latest trendy restaurants. >> yes, but it comes at a price. open table is testing out surge pricing. here's how it works. people pay a $25 premium to book a reservation at popular
6:46 am
restaurants. the company says it's just getting customers what they want. the restaurant gets to keep the extra fee. >> cash is king. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." >> gayle king joins us from new york. are you fixing an earring? >> caught. >> you yes, i know. it fell off. but i have to tell you this. i was in san francisco two weeks ago for "salesforce"? i watched you guys, you had on a blue shirt, blue tie. michelle you had on magenta with a killer necklace. i started to email you and say hey i'm watching good to see you guys on tv every. >> unbeknownst to me i gave you a shoutout on thursday but you must have flown out thursday for the conference. so you probably caught us on a friday. good to have you home. >> i flew in that morning and then out. but it was great. good to see you guys live and in color on tv. right now we are tracking hurricane joaquin.
6:47 am
it's a mess in a lot of places. plus tesla unveils its electric suv. we'll talk to the create of a new app that that letting you buy lottery tickets on your iphone. easy way to lose money. the news is become in the morning. see you at 7:00. the powerball is over $300 million. >> i'll have to get a ticket today. frank got his yesterday. >> thanks for watching us. >> have a great show. >> bye! it's 6:47. a check of traffic now on a wednesday morning. how we doing? >> it's very slow in the san jose area. we have had a series of accidents all of them on 101. now, we'll go to the live pictures now 101 approaching alum rock. that's where we're going to see those backups.
6:48 am
the newest accident is north 101 approaching mckee so just this picture here. our second accident this morning in san jose. expect delays at least one lane of traffic shut down for that commute. meantime checking the rest of the bay area drive into work, 580 slow going leaving the altamont pass but the backups extending beyond the 205 interchange. it stays heavy to 680. so now several miles of very slow traffic again leaving the altamont pass. it's going to stay heavy now almost to the dublin grade. as we check on the san mateo bridge, that's going to be a little crowded now. westbound 92 slow from end to end. no accidents this morning. a lot of folks making that commute out of hayward bound for foster city. the golden gate commute southbound traffic still rolling well. just beyond the waldo tunnel we are getting reports of a car that broke down blocking a lane of traffic. so watch out for that if you plan to head out the door right now south 101 just outside the waldo tunnel. the traffic is still flowing well heading across the golden gate. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are
6:49 am
still on. traffic is backed up there. we have had a nice ride for the last hour on bart still no delays. that's a look at your "kcbs traffic." now to julie. you know, liza, we are tracking showers on hi-def doppler this morning. and i think it's important to note, though, it looks much more impressive on doppler than i think we'll actually see on the ground but you can see shower activity heading into the santa cruz area and over the santa cruz mountains right now. i think in this area we are seeing yellow and orange. that's likely where we are going to see sprinkles on the ground. right now not a lot of shower activity in the bay area. most of it along the coast, santa cruz, monterey bay south. throughout the day, though, we are going to keep increasing chances of scattered showers and sprinkles throughout the day low pressure offshore as it moves in when we'll see showers, again beginning later this morning and continuing on through maybe as far as tomorrow morning. the possibility of just a little bit of scattered
6:50 am
showers. partly to mostly cloudy for most, showers through tonight. clearing by thursday evening. and then we have a warmup in store for this weekend. temperatures today mild thanks primarily to all that cloud cover out there. 79 in fairfield as well as in livermore. 78 in concord today. 60s along the coast. pacifica 66. san francisco 68. 74 your high temperature today in san rafael. the five-day forecast shows scattered showers possible today and tomorrow mild temperatures in the 70s. then bumping up as high pressure builds back in friday and saturday. we are talking 80s -- upper 80s for warm spots inland. a beautiful weekend. cooling once again. like a yo-yo here on the seven- day forecast. temperatures back down to the 70s. closer to seasonal norms sunday into midweek next week. a high school football coach in oakland is on paid leave after a fight with a student on the team's bus. cell phone footage shows coach decarlos anderson of mccloudy months to syd down and be
6:51 am
quiet. the student stood up and screeched in the mcclymonds coach's face and they wrestled until the students urged the coach to stop. >> regardless of the provocation there's no excuse for an adult to put hands on a student. >> oakland unified school district is investigating the incident. so far anderson has declined to comment but says he may put out a statement soon. some new details are emerging about the second death of an inmade who died at the santa clara county jail. we still don't know the cause of death but we have a better idea now about his last week in custody. len ramirez learned guards hit him with a rubber bullet. >> reporter: correctional deputies found the 33-year-old male inmate unresponsive in his cell in the main jail and pronounced him dead at 11 a.m. monday morning. >> we are not jumping to conclusions on the cause of death. that still needs to be determined. but certainly i take responsibility for what happens in the organization. >> reporter: the inmade a transient with a history of arrest and jail terms is not
6:52 am
being identified because his family cannot be found. it was the second suspect death since august when michael tyree a transient with a history of mental problems was allegedly beaten to death by three correctional deputies. >> there was no compliance. and at that point, they actually physically went into the cell. >> reporter: undersheriff john hirakawa said the unidentified inmate had been jailed twice this month and on the last occasion had been removed from the cell by physical force including pepper spray and rubber bullets but that happened a week before his death. >> it happened on the 21st. it was all captured on videotape. so we are able to see everything that happened and capture a timeline. >> reporter: that video will be a key piece of evidence that's now a second major death investigation moves forward at the county jail. so far this year, there have been six in custody deaths including inmates who have died of natural causes. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> meanwhile, the three guards charged with killing another
6:53 am
inmate last month are out on bail due back in court in two weeks. time now 6:53. it's one of the bay area's busiest streets and after tonight it's going to lot brighter. coming up. coming up. >> reporter: an artist has be,,, san fwhile this parking loting lies still. life, proposition d and mission rock will create a new neighborhood right here
6:54 am
with 40% affordable housing, 8 acres of parks and open space, all connected to public transit, and generate $25 million a year in revenue for san francisco. vote yes on d to turn this into this. ♪
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6:56 am
they're inevitable. but messy engine deposits don't have to be. always use gas that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. five things to know at the :55. today congress is expected to approve a 10-week stop-gap measure to fund the federal government and avoid another shutdown for now. the budget battle has divided gop lawmakers. some congressional republicans say they won't pass a budget bill without a provision to defund planned parenthood. the only woman on death row
6:57 am
in georgia executed this morning. gissendanerkelly gissendaner was sentenced to death for arranging the death of her husband. hurricane joaquin is going to get stronger over the atlantic. a hurricane warning is in effect for the bahamas most of the eastern u.s. will feel an impact later in the week but it's too early to tell if it will be a direct hit. today is the end of the 2015 water year. october 1 the starting point used to track annual precipitation and storage. over the last year california has experienced the highest average temperature ever recorded. market street in san francisco will be a whole lot brighter starting tonight. a series of murals and public sculptures will be illuminated for the first time. it's part of a larger effort to revitalize the busiest stretch of market street. i'm kiet do live in oakland where friends a.m. fayly of an artist killed
6:58 am
yesterday will be -- and family of an artist killed yesterday will be holding a candlelight vigil this morning. he was shot and killed while painting a mural that depicted west oakland to be beautiful and peaceful. 27-year-old antonio ramos was shot yesterday as he and other artists were working on 580 underpass. a man not part of the group got into an argument with ramos, old fire and fled. they set up a memorial at the shooting scene last night. >> we are all in shock. it's hard to believe that he's gone. >> reporter: there is no indication ramos knew his killer. that underpass mural is one of several in the 580 corridor being produced by a group called art esteem. artists have vowed to complete it in his honor. that vigil is 9:30 a.m. live in oakland, kiet do, kpix 5. a sea of brake lights for 101 in san jose.
6:59 am
northbound traffic jammed up beyond alum rock. in fact, the delays begin leaving blossom hill stays heavy to trimble because of earlier problems. all south bay freeways very slow northbound traffic on the guadalupe parkway bumper-to- bumper. as with the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on. traffic is backed up through the macarthur maze with a 41- minute drive time between the carquinez bridge and the maze in oakland. scattered showers possible today throughout the bay primarily south of the golden gate here's a look at hi-def doppler where you can see significant returns on doppler. i think doppler is overpainting, not much rain, just scattered showers and sprinkles, maybe a couple of pockets of slightly more moderate rain but just scattered showers the headline today through tomorrow. then we warm up this weekend bumping up temperatures into the upper 80s, cooling again by sunday.
7:00 am
>> weekend looks great. thank you for watching. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, september 30th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." heavy raynhamers millions overnight. and we're tracking a hurricane that could target the united states later this week. bill clinton offers a harsh critique of donald trump and the gop presidential field, comparing the race to reality tv. and icon ralph lauren is stepping aside as chief executive of his own company. but we begin with today's eye-opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> a very serious weather situation. >> a system is dumping a


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