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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 30, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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sunday. >> weekend looks great. thank you for watching. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, september 30th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." heavy raynhamers millions overnight. and we're tracking a hurricane that could target the united states later this week. bill clinton offers a harsh critique of donald trump and the gop presidential field, comparing the race to reality tv. and icon ralph lauren is stepping aside as chief executive of his own company. but we begin with today's eye-opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> a very serious weather situation. >> a system is dumping a lot of
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rain on over a dozen states overnight. we're also watching joaquin. >> the east coast on high storm alert. >> joaquin will come very close. >> russia has launched air strikes in syria, demanding that u.s. planes get out of syrian airspace. a georgia woman has been executed despite several last-minute appeals, including one from pope francis. meanwhile kim davis says she met with pope francis during his visit to the united states. her lawyer says the pope initiated the meeting. >> you shouldn't be able to insult your way to the white house. >> bill clinton is not pulling any punches with donald trump. >> i think i'm a nice person. i help people. i love people. >> the president of planned parenthood and republican lawmakers clashed on capitol hill. >> the compensation is $590,000. >> some of the comments were pretty sexist. >> ralph lauren is stepping down
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as president of his fashion line. >> and a hard landing. a wing even scraped the runway. >> this ground ball, the ball boy set let me get that. they couldn't. >> an argument at an amateur soccer match in brazil. >> out of habit, several players presented they fell down and were shot. >> justin beeber said he wants to, quote, live like jesus. in response jesus said, dude, you're the reason i'm not coming back. >> the film career of the one, the only, mr. matt damon. where is he? >> i've got to make water and >> where's clooney? >> this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota. let's go places.
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welcome to "cbs this morning," as you wake up in the west we're tracking a hurricane that could impact millions of american. this morning the national hurricane center upgraded tropical storm joaquin to a hurricane. forecasters say it could hit the mid-atlantic by monday. the system now in new england, slammed areas from pittsburgh to new york city overnight. >> this morning new jersey is dealing with the effects of the wet weather. flash flooding in parts of hoboken left cars submerged. in maryland more than 2.5 inches of rain set a record in baltimore. >> thousands were left without power in pennsylvania. people in virginia said it was the worst flooding they've seen in decades. chief weather forecast lonne
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quinn of wcbs is following the storms and the hurricane threat. lonne, welcome and good morning. >> thanks, gayle, good morning. service right now, the toughest rain would be in central and northern new england. joaquin became a hurricane and is moving to the west, slowly. we believe this will become a cat 2. watch this, that's not a 90-degree turn. that's a 110-degree turn as it scoots its way up the eastern seaboard. we think monday, 90-mile-per-hour winds, still a very strong cat 1. what about a landfall? we think that will be on monday. look at where we think it's going to come onshore, from north carolina to the baltimore, maryland area. we keep our eye on this one. if you look at the situation out west, you've got this big storm in the bahamas. then you go out west, pretty
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calm-looking picture. there's some rainfall, yes, a light rain moving into the san francisco bay area. we don't see too much out of it. just know, if you're walking out the door in the morning, take an umbrella. you need a little bit of activity, a little bit of a covering over your head to deal with a little activity. you will be dealing with that at times today, into tomorrow. hurricane joaquin is forecast to strengthen into a cat 2, the first hurricane with landfall potential this year. the state of georgia executed a woman for the first time in 70 years. kelly gissendaner was executed despite an appeal from pope francis. he asked for her death sentence to be commuted. mark strassmann is at the prison outside of atlanta. >> reporter: good morning. despite the papal call for mercy and a flurry of last-minute legal appeals that reached to the supreme court, kelly gissendaner was executed in the prison behind me.
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the pope has intervened in executions before, but this was the first time for the u.s. to end the death penalty. >> we're still fighting. >> reporter: calls to save kelly gissendaner's life echoed outside the state prison in jackson, george tuesday night. but after five hours of delay, the 47-year-old who spent 18 years in prison for plotting the murder of her husband was given a lethal injection. >> the court-ordered execution of kelly gissendaner was carried out in accordance with state law. >> reporter: back in 1997, her then boy-friend greg owen, the man who carried out the murder, took a deal from prosecutors to testify against gissendaner. he was sentenced to life in prison and is eligible for parole in 2022. earlier today a letter from pope francis was presented to the board of paroles, asking them to stop the execution of
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gissendaner. >> i believe it would be a just act of clemency. honora >> reporter: the vatican letter referenced the speech the pontiff gave on thursday, condemning the death penalty. >> every life is sacred. >> reporter: witnesses to the execution said in her final moments of consciousness kelly gissendaner something "amazing grace." >> the vatican said this morning it will not confirm or deny that the pope met with kentucky county click kim davis who went to prison for refusing to give marriage licenses to same-sex couples. >> the pope reached out his hand, he asked kim davis to pray for him. she also asked that he pray for her. >> davis did not mention the meeting when she spoke to cbs news the next day. the pope told reports on his
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flight back to rome that conscientious objection is a human right. pquestions this morning over hi new tax plan. a non partispartisan research g claims it will add trillions to the federal debt. major garrett is in washington with the republican billionaire's response. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump says he is not i am mature but should probably tone down the personal insults. bill clinton said the entire gop race looks like a reality tv show that lacks substance, which of course is redundant. speaking of reality tv, that supposed trump boycott of fox news, not real. >> so you're back. how does it feel? >> reporter: on fox, bill o'reilly asked donald trump if he needed to be kind and her more mature. >> i think i'm a nice person. >> reporter: this in reaction to the republican front runner calling marco rubio, now gaining on trump, a clown.
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rubio in turn called trump's campaign a freak show. >> i don't know him. all of a sudden he attacks me about nothing. >> reporter: rubio followed trump on fox and said "back at you." >> it's very clear he's a very insecure person. >> reporter: retired neurosurgeon ben carson who is running close to trump nationally says it looks as if the billionaire businessman has peaked. >> it really kind of depends on whether he continues to put material out that people resonate with and doesn't, you know, become too thin-skinned. >> reporter: a full day after trump revealed his tax plan, he still refused to get into specifics. >> it's a big simplification and really great for middle income families. >> reporter: the plan seeks across the board tax cuts for all federal taxpayers and slashes the corporate tax rate. independent analysis says it will reduce revenue by 10 trillion dollars over ten years. trump says he plans to cut federal spending. >> tremendous amounts of money.
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>> reporter: asked to survey it all, former president bill clinton said the gop race is feeding on frustration and lacks focus. >> i think they believe that authenticity is created by making your campaign look as much like a reality tv show as possible. >> reporter: when asked about tromp repeatedly calling hillary clinton the worst secretary of state of history? >> the thing about branding is you can be fact-free. >> reporter: clinton says trump is a master as branding. even so, clinton has been living off the branding genius, "it's the economy, stupid," since 1992. a group of republican lawmakers will try again today to pass an amendment to defund planned parenthood, one day after the group's president faced a barrage of criticism in a congressional hearing. nancy cordes is on capitol hill
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with the latest. good morning, nancy. >> reporter: good morning. undercover videos of planned parenthood staffers are still sparking conservative outrage. republicans grilled the group's president for more than five hours yesterday, arguing that planned parenthood doesn't need federal funds and implying that the group is living the high life. >> why do you need federal dollars? you're making a ton of dough. >> reporter: republicans put meled -- pummelled the group's president. >> i just want to make sure. >> i'm happy to look at them. >> reporter: planned parenthood gets roughly $500 million a year from the government for non-abortion-related health services. richards argued 80% of it comes in the form of medicaid payments for low income patients. >> you don't get a big check from the federal government. we actually are reimbursed for
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services delivered. >> reporter: as she testified, supporters held dozens of rallies around the country, from los angeles -- >> it's not a privilege. it's a right. >> reporter: to san antonio, to portland maine. at a rally on capitol hill, democrats accused republicans of trying to roll back women's rights. >> let us recognize that we're standing up against tear annie unlike we have not seen in a long time. >> reporter: on the presidential campaign trail, gop hopefuls urged congressional republicans not to back down. >> it is certainly not about birth control. it is not even about women's health. it is about the character of our nation. >> don't send $500 million of taxpayer money to planned parenthood, a private organization under multiple criminal investigations. >> reporter: a cbs news poll showed a majority of americans, 55%, believe planned should
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continue to receive funding. and it looks as if that is what is going to happen when congress passes a short term funding bill for the entire government later today. >> nancy, thanks. moscow has begun air strikes in syria, following a request from syrian president assad for military assistance. russia just added four long range strike aircraft to its base in northern syria. we're tracking developments from london. >> reporter: good morning. the russian announcement that they've begun air strikes against the islamic state in syria comes after a rubber stamp unanimous vote in the russian parliament. and it apparently didn't take long. the russians say they struck what they called isis weapons depots. a couple of videos from groups not known to be connected to the
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islamic state show damage caused by air strikes. the group says the fighters were russian as they flew in formation, which the syrian air force, which also bombs them, doesn't. from these videos it's not possible to identify whose planes they were. moscow had given washington just one hour's notice that it was launching air strikes and it asked that the u.s. and its allies stay out of syrian air strikes while russian jets were until the air. the u.s. responded by saying it would not change its operational plans. the russian buildup has been visible in syria over the last few days. it apparently flew its fighters in by using transport planes as a radar shield. russian jets and helicopters have been seen in satellite pictures and by a european news crew. the russians are acting, they say, in support of the assad regime's war against what they call terrorists, and it's the first time since the fall of the soviet union that russian planes have been active in the middle east. >> mark, thanks. now saudi arabia's foreign
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minister says russia's moves are making it harder to solve the syrian crisis. in an interview you'll see only on "cbs this morning," adel al jubeir talks about the crisis. russia says it's in syria to defeat isis. do you believe that? >> i believe there is an international coalition to fight isis in syria. if the russians want to be part of that coalition, i doubt if any of the members would mind. >> but they're not. >> correct. why would they go to syria unilaterally to fight isis? >> what do you believe is the answer to that? >> i believe it's to support assad. >> russia says there can be a
7:16 am
fight against isis with assad in power. is that conceivable? >> not conceivable. he was the person who created them. >> so you believe russia is complicating this effort? >> i think they're assessment of the situation and their assessment of what is doable and not doable in syria may not be correct. >> would the kingdom of saudi arabia consider putting their soldiers, their boots on the ground in syria to defeat isis? >> we have our aircraft flying in syria, over syria, to combat isis. we continue to be part of this coalition. with regards to other issues, i think we have to consider all the options and do a cost-benefit analysis. >> what do you think should be done? what's going to break the logjam in syria? >> i believe there has to be more robust intervention in syria. i believe the world has to be more firm in insisting that
7:17 am
assad leave. if he wants to leave through a political process, that would be preferable. >> secretary kerry seemed to say that assad would stick around until isis is defeated. >> this could be a long time. i don't know. i think a political transition would require, as i mentioned, a governing council that takes over authority, prepares the country for elections, writes a new constitution, maintains the institutions of the state, both military and civilian, while assad departs. >> you can see it's the front page of the paper today too, arabs spurn military push by moscow inside syria. you already had ten countries that have been working with air strikes trying to get rid of isis, and isis has already grown in power. why all of a sudden is russia stepping in unilaterally? what else is russia trying to do by putting its largest presence in the middle east in decades? >> they say they want to prop up assad and secondly, they want to play a role. >> somebody needs to come up with something, sooner rather
7:18 am
than later. thank you. in afghanistan, coalition advisors fought insurgents overnight. a military spokesperson says forces clashed with militants near kunduz airport. u.s. war planes were called in for an air strike. it is the first major afghan city to be seized by the taliban since 2001. there is a massive manhunt underway in louisiana right now for a convicted killer accidentally released from prison. benjuiel johnson was serving time for manslaughter. he was transferred to another jurisdiction for a separate conviction, a clerical error led to his release. law enforcement says it is devoting all resources to find him. the father of a teenaged killer in washington state faces ten years in prison. 15-year-old jailen freyberg shot and killed people in seattle.
7:19 am
raymond freyberg was found guilty of illegally owning guns that were used in the school shooting. a plane's right wing briefly touched the runway tuesday while landing in texas. no one was hurt here. the american eagle flight was operated by mesa airlines. passengers left the aircraft no normally. the jet was removed from service. ahead, why safety concerns are forcing school boards to make emotion
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announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by prudential. bring your challenges. ralph lauren . ralph lauren is removing himself as ceo. >> ahead, why the fashion icon is bringing in new leadership for the brand he created nearly five decade ago. >> the news is back in the
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drawing criticism over hits legality. plus how a sky divin good morning. it's 7:26. here's what's happening at this hour. oakland police are searching for a gunman after an artist was fatally shot while helping to paint a mural in the city. 27-year-old antonio ramos of emeryville was shot yesterday morning as he and others were painting an underpass at west street at 580. he died at the hospital. oakland city council has voted to amend its contract with waste management. the changes were made to lower compost rates for restaurant owners. and up next on the next half-hour of cbs this morning, the story of a high school that's scrapped a football program amid,,,, ,,
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good morning. i'm liza battalones with your "kcbs traffic." we do have long delays this morning leaving redwood city bound for palo alto. an accident involving a transit bus and another car blocking at least one lane of traffic. this is as you approach university. traffic again backed up for miles into redwood city. use 280 as your alternate. meantime over at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are still on. traffic is crowded through the macarthur maze. i-80 very slow through berkeley in emeryville with a 40-minute drive time between the carquinez bridge and the maze. north 101 jam-packed leaving san jose. julie? >> liza, hi-def doppler showing shower activity moving into the south bay right now. all of us have a chance of some scattered showers throughout the day today south of the golden gate. not a huge rain event but just enough to make sure you bring that umbrella with you. highs today staying mild in the 70s and 60s areawide. we warm up though friday and saturday into the upper 80s and cool sunday into next week ,,,,,
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. rough day for this young man. he if a foul ball he could not make the play on and this ground ball he couldn't make the play on. then the ball boy, said let me give him one. but he got the ball. he got the ball. >> rough! >> announcers calling foul on a yankees fan who botched three attempts to call a ball in last night's game against the red sox but the fan was able to pick up one last one and keep it as a souvenir. the ball boy gave it for him. everybody is laughing at this guy. he doesn't have a mitt. he doesn't have a glove. i think it's because he is so well-dressed and he looks to studious but everybody is hammering him. >> you're sitting there, you want a glove. >> i feel bad for that guy. >> i'm sure he appreciates us playing it over and over again this morning!
7:31 am
>> all around the country, everybody is laughing at him! >> remind him what a great catch he is. >> that's okay, mr.dexer, y poi you look good! i don't know if that is his name. he is cute. >> the lady with him is beautiful. >> she is and she is going like this, charlie. sit down, please, dear, please, stop! coming up in this half hour, dimming the friday night lights. some school district are cutting their high school football programs. ahead, what is prompting athletes to ditch the pigskin for other sports? >> ralph lauren is handing over the chief executive duties of his fashion empire and we will show you why the famed designer is not giving up everything. that he is ahead. "usa today" reports on volkswagen's proposal to fix rigged diesel cars. as many as 11 million vehicles are installed with software to.
7:32 am
it will notify owners about a fix in the, quote, near future. it did not say whether it will compensate vehicles owners. "the washington post" says the cia pulled a number of officers from the u.s. embassy in beijing and federal personnel records were disclosed earlier this year. china is expected in the hack. senior american officials say the theft was to identify spies or people who might be recruited as spies. "the new york times" reports on president obama's meeting with cuban president raul castro. the two met yesterday at the united nations for the second time in six months. according to the white house the president and castro talked about the recent visit by pope francis. president obama highlighted efforts to further improve ties with cuba. the indianapolis star reports on the resignation of state representative judd mcmilan after a sex video emerged. the republican lawmaker resigned
7:33 am
yesterday. the surprise decision came of a sexually explicit video was sent from a text message from his cell phone. it's unclear who sent or received the text. mcmilan sent a separate text message apologizing to anything they received and said he lost control of his cell phone. >> i got almost confused listening to that. all right. now to this story this morning. a wake will be held toot in new jersey for a high school quarterback who died from an injury on the field. fellow students built a memorial on campus for 17-year-old evan murray. he is the third high school football player in the u.s. to die this season from injuries in a game. school districts across the country are debating whether to keep playing. don dahler other schools
7:34 am
across the country who have scrapped their football program out of concerns over injuries. the maple wood blue devils made it to the missouri state championships in 2010. nelson mitton is the school board president. does this school have a proud football trardition? >> yes, it does. i've spent many times, hours are alumni dating back to the 1960s and talking about the tremendous football teams they had going back until ten. >> reporter: after last season, the high school football program has been cancelled. >> one of our students suffered a head injury that put him out the rest of the season. then we had at least one broken ankle. >> reporter: mitton said the team had so many players hurt last fall they had to forfeit a game and only 14 players on the roster at season's end and down
7:35 am
from 40 just seven years ago. >> the board did assessment of interest in the program and found there was probably insufficient students to maintain a team and decided to cancel a team for this year. >> reporter: maple wood isn't alone. schools in maine and new jersey have cancelled or cut short their seasons this year due to injuries or low student interest. the total number of high school students playing football across america has dropped by more than 25,000 over the past five years. >> few participation is declining. high school participation is declining and this trend is going to continue. >> reporter: sean gregory reports on football for "time" magazine and writes about the danger of concussions on the gridiron. >> i'm not ready to call friday nights off in the next ten years but i wouldn't be surprised if coaches are having a harder time to attract new players. >> reporter: here they are trying out for the new cross country and soccer team. isaac is on the soccer team and
7:36 am
his older brother played football at maple wood high. football is a part of your family a long time. why did you decide to play soccer? >> i kind of grew up around soccer. my mom said if soccer is soccer. not football. charlie? >> don, thanks. this morning, fashion icon ralph lauren is preparing to step down as chief executive of the brand he created nearly 50 years ago. lauren has hired new leadership to help boost the company. last night, cbs news financial contributor mellody hobson spoke with ralph lauren. vladimir duthiers is here with the changes. vlad, good morning.
7:37 am
>> reporter: good morning. nearly five decades, ralph lauren has crafted an image of american style. his mark was made in fashion, home goods and fragrances and makeup and accessories. now 75-year-old lauren is handing over the ceo reins but will remain on as executive chairman and design chief. ♪ >> reporter: ralph lauren made billions by taking risks. and staying true to his vision. >> part of this is breaking rules. is knowing the rules. and breaking the rules and making them even better. >> reporter: lauren founded his company in 1967 with a line of neckties and became a trail blazer in the american fashion industry. his brand polo becoming synonymous with classic preppy style. >> he is one of the last designers who is also the ceo of the company. there are very few of those. >> reporter: kate betts is a fashion journalist. >> i think his legry really he has created this dream, his personal idea of the american dream and he has formed it in the fashion business and brought
7:38 am
the idea of hollywood glamour of the american west. his iconic american ideas and visions to the fashion world. >> what you thought you could buy in england, what you thought contrary graham was wearing and fred astaire, you could not walk into the store and buy. when came along, the business was not at all like this. the things i make, you could not buy. you couldn't find it. >> reporter: in one of his only television interviews, lauren sat down with charlie rose in 1993. >> i was very influenced by movies. i was very influenced by a world that had a dream. >> reporter: shares of ralph lauren rose nearly 5% on tuesday after stefan larsson was named ceo. >> the stock is now up over 4% after hours. >> reporter: larsson worked for swedish fashion chain h&m 15 years and three years as the global president of old navy, a division of the gap. >> so there is a market move
7:39 am
there or idea about sxanexpandi into mass markets even though it is considered a luxury brand. >> reporter: the ralph lauren brand has 20 brands at various price ranges and larsson will be in his new role in november. >> wishing him well and know he will still be involved. >> a moment in the fashion world. >> a huge moment, indeed. vlad, thank you. tonight, powerball jackpot is 300 million and growing but players in one state don't have to wait in line. up next the new smartphone app that buys the tickets for you. set your drvvr so you can watch "cbs this morning" any time. we will be right back. ♪
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♪ a new york state lawmaker says the legislature plans to investigate a new iphone app that sells lottery tickets to new yorkers. this app launched this week and allowed people to play the numbers without standing in line at a dealer.
7:44 am
a legislator tells the "new york post" that nobody can tell lottery tickets without a state license. anna werner is here. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the creator of this app claims that it is legal and it's already up and running and gaining in popularity. this man is buying $40 worth of powerball tickets but not for himself, the tickets were purchased on people who order onned them through jack pocket. >> you pick your own numbers or do a quick pick. >> reporter: with a few finger taps, it allows users to ball powerball and megamillions and other lottery tickets. a jackpot employee fulfills those orders by buying the tickets. >> it started here by myself. one person, one desk. >> reporter: the app is the brain child of peter sullivan. tickets are scanned and the user
7:45 am
can see them on their phone. if they win over 600 the tickets are sent to them so they can claim the prizes. . sullivan started working on the app two and a half years ago and he was inspired by his father who often crossed state lines to play the lottery. >> i remember growing up being embarrassed because we were late for practice due to the fact he had to play his numbers. >> reporter: so the lottery was to blame? >> i wouldn't say that but, yes, it could be, yes. >> reporter: attorney judy albany says the app doesn't break any laws. >> in 2011, the department of justice determined that buying lottery tickets online was completely legal. >> reporter: jackpot monitors help people play to flag problem gambling and the app limits purchases to 100 per person and something powerball itself does not do. for now only people in new york can. >> reporter: jackpocket but sullivan is hoping to expand to other states.
7:46 am
jackpocket already has 10,000 registered users. tuesday night, 20 orders were being placed every minute. do you feel bad at all about making it easier for people to maybe spend money they don't have? >> if we can make it convenient for the people that want to play and if we can be responsible with monitoring their play, i think that is a win/win. >> reporter: the app is free to use so they make their money by splitting commissions with the stores where the tickets are bought. we reached out to possibly awer megamillions and new york lottery and they had no comment. is the app legal? they are investigating it. he says they have jumped through all of these regulatory hoops and they have worked through the process and they want to work with state and be an authorized provider and see where it ends up. >> he is on to something. a lot of people are thinking how do i get it? >> surprising they didn't have it before. with all of the apps in the world. >> thank you, anna. a group of sky divers make a
7:47 am
world record to new heights. ahead, how they linked up more than a mile above earth to create this.,, announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota p let's go places. et but to the ends of the earth. from coastal highways let's go places. let's go places. let's go places. .let's go place. let's go places. jooirks.
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. a group of sky divers set a new record high above the california landscape. 230 jumps from various countries created the formation yesterday. the sky divers jumped from nine planes and linked to create a pattern and broke apart and came together again for gna new formation. >> you want to keep looking at it saying what are they going to do next? love that but something i would never try. there you are up in the red, norah. >> i might try it.
7:52 am
>> i know you would. king tut may have revealed a new discovery. ahead what could lock more than 3,000-year-old mystery. you're watching "cbs this morning." we will be right back. ears. all you can think about is where is the closest bathroom and how can i avoid embarrassing myself? a gastroenterologist told me that my symptoms were irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea, ibs-d. it may be caused by changes in my gut. and that i can do something about it. it was the greatest news. ask your gastroenterologist if your symptoms could be ibs-d and learn about prescription treatment options.
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7:58 am
which has been cleared up from lanes. all lanes are now open. but it still is very crowded through the macarthur maze almost one hour drive time now between the carquinez bridge and the maze in oakland. meantime at the san mateo bridge it's going to be sluggish across the span heading into foster city. close by in hayward, southbound traffic very heavy from beyond "a" street approaching highway 92. and over at the golden gate, southbound traffic still looking good. there will be some delays now for 101 heading through central san rafael. that's your traffic. here's julie. grab the umbrella out the door. light scattered showers expected today south of the golden gate. hi-def doppler already showing -- painting some of the rainfall, it looks ominous but the rain will be very light. we'll see scattered showers and sprinkles from time to time. temperatures will be mild thanks to the cloud cover out there topping out in the upper 70s for the warmest spots. ,,,,,
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, september 30th, 2015. last day of the month. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, including credit cards with a chip. melody explains the deadline coming up tomorrow. first, here's a look at today's eye opener at 8:00. >> hurricane joaquin, we thin monday, 90-mile-per-hour winds. what about a landfall? >> moscow asks that the u.s. and its allies stay out of syrian air. kelly gissendaner was executed in the prison behind
8:01 am
me. >> donald trump says he's not immature but should probably tone down the personal insults. bill clinton said the entire gop race looks like a reality tv show. the vatican says this morning it will not confirm or deny that pope francis met with kentucky county clerk kim davis. russia says there can be a broad coalition in syria with assad in power. is that conceivable. >> inconceivable. >> everybody is laughing at this guy, but he doesn't have a myth or a glove. it's cute. he's a good looking guy. >> and the lady with him is beautiful. >> she's going like this, charlie. sit down please, dear, stop. millions of people are bracing for dangerous wet
8:02 am
weather after overnight storms. this morning the national hurricane center upgraded tropical storm joaquin to a category 1 hurricane. it's headed for the united states. right now the storm is near the bahamas with sustained winds of 70 miles per hour. it could make landfall in the mitt atlantic by monday. >> this morning, the heavy rain created tough commuting conditions. in pennsylvania, the storm's strong winds brought down trees. the weather system hammered the south yesterday. water poured on to the come pus of james madison university in west virginia. flad watches are in effect from north carolina to new england. this morning, donald trump's boycott of fox news appears to be over. he was on with bill o'reilly last night. o'riley asked trump if his attacks on other candidates were mature. trump citizen he only attacks
8:03 am
when sun attacks him first. >> bill clinton weighed in on the republican race. >> we've had two withdrawals and there will be more in the coming weeks. i think as the field whittles down, i hope it will get more serious. the american people deserve some sense of what the heck you're going to do if you actually get the job. the day after you take the oath of office -- >> it's yours. >> -- you can't level an insult or have a -- you're not in an episode of "survivor." you're actually supposed to show up and run the show. >> the presidential race spilled over to the u.n. on tuesday. denmark's foreign minister might have gotten a little ahead of himself speaking to vice president joe biden. >> through partnerships between the agencies and the counter part in africa has been extremely useful. mr. president -- vice president, sorry -- well, could have been,
8:04 am
can be, who knows? if you have some news to tell us here, please let us know. >> the vice president smuld and said something that we could not hear. this morning, archologists in egypt could be on the brink of solving an ancient mystery. they discovered marking on the walls of king tut. alex ortiz is in egypt with the significance of this remarkable find. >> reporter: what brings us here now is a secret of the queens. nicolas reeves from the university of arizona is on an expa addition beneath these sacred sands. >> this is a burial chamber. >> reporter: but reeves beliefs he's found one greater and in
8:05 am
the same room. markings on the walls that could indicate a man made door to more chambers. >> i was astonished to find that there were certain, what looked like artificial features absolutely straight line at 90 degrees to the floor. >> reporter: another possible clue, the art and design in tut's tomb suggests it wasn't built for a king. >> that is a tomb type favored by queens. >> >> reporter: and he has one in mine, the 14th century beauty whose burial chamber has never been found. on the other side of this wall is where they believe the egyptian queen lies buried. but they can't just knock it down. they had to find another way to see through it. noninvasive radar and thermal imagery will be used to test his theory in the coming months.
8:06 am
>> i think it is most important. >> reporter: over the years, many people have claimed to have found the queen's tomb. >> if i'm wrong, i'm wrong. we move on. but i think it's something that we can't just ignore because if i happen to be right, then it will change everything. >> reporter: they won't stop digging. for "cbs this morning," alex ortiz in the valley of the kings. >> how beautiful is that. >> it's great, isn't it? she's beautiful. she looks a bit like amal clooney. >> alex will bring us the update if they find her. >> makes you want to go to egypt. >> absolutely. nearly half of americans have received new chip-enabled credit cards. ahead what it means for customers and why many retailers are not,,
8:07 am
8:08 am
supger songwriter john fogerty is 70 and he's still ready to play. ♪ the front man for credence clear water revival talks about the songs that made him a store and led to an endless number of hits on "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. ♪ wheel keep on turnin' ♪ ♪ proud mary keep on burnin' ♪ rollin', rollin', rollin' on the river ♪ ♪ cleaned a lot of plates in memphis ♪ ♪ pumped a lot of pain down in new orleans
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i'm a gas service rep for pg&e in san jose.. as a gas service rep we are basically the ambassador of the company. we make the most contact with the customers on a daily basis. i work hand-in-hand with crews to make sure our gas pipes are safe. my wife and i are both from san jose.
8:12 am
my kids and their friends live in this community. every time i go to a customer's house, their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me. one of the most rewarding parts of this job is after you help a customer, seeing a smile on their face. together, we're building a better california. this morning retailers have just day this morning retailers have one day left to upgrade their credit card terminals to accept the new chip-enabled credit cards. not everybody is ready. just under half of the consumers
8:13 am
have received the cards with the chups and only about a quarter of the business owner wills have the new machine ps. melody hobson is president of ariel investments and she joins us at the table to explain should we be worried? doesn't sound like everybody is ready. >> everyone is not ready and especially small business owners. this new card reader technology costs between $100 and $600 plus there's an expense for the software. this is a big expense. on top of that, the card is five times more expensive than a traditional credit card. it costs almost $3. >> and i assume they're doing it because it's a safer way to go. >> this is all about security. the technology that we have in this country and the world has allowed people who want to purpose trait fraud to do so. they've gotten very good about it. in this situation, america is way behind the rest of the world. >> why is that in. >> way behind. years behind. there are a lot of reasons for it. some people say because
8:14 am
upgrading to all of the systems is so expensive and it's cheaper to pay the $5.5 billion that the credit companies pay each year to backstop the fraud. others say that the scale of the retailers makes it harder. >> what about ralph lauren. >> you talked to him earlier. >> ran into him last night at dinner which was very exciting, considering -- >> was it at his own restaurant. >> at his own restaurant which is an interesting room to be in. i walked to him and said congratulations on your retirement. and he said i'm not retiring. he was very emphatic. his son david made it very clear that he's very much involved. he'll be chairman of the company and he will be hands on. >> why did they do this? >> my sense is that he probably thinks there are new ideas and it's time. he's always had a coleader. i think that's been lost in this story. there are people who worked with him over the years who really
8:15 am
carried a lot of weight inside of the business. and i think he probably wanted to go back to that model. those people are not house hold names to us but in the retail industry they are. >> but i think many people thought it was going to be david. that's why it was a big surprise i think in the paper. >> he didn't rule it out in the interviews. he said perhaps. >> do you have any more questions about the chip? >> the earnings are down at ralph lauren and you announce a new ceo, that can help rebuild confidence. >> the stock went up five on the announcement. in question about that. he's been doing this for almost 50 years. you could say he's playing long ball on this one. i don't think this is about a short term earnings. >> if you don't have the chip, what would you do? >> your card will be coming this year or in 2016. if you tonight have a card, they'll key in the number which will make the transaction take longer. but it's coming. hooray for the chip. ahead, all of the benefits
8:16 am
of experiencing nature without leaving your desk. >> the sovereignty and solitude of a cab nn the woods. we'll introduce you to the internet entrepreneur who has turned on millions with what he called cabin porn. this g-rated story coming up on "cbs this morning." ♪ it's easy to love your laxative when that lax loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases and softens to unblock naturally, so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax.
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san fwhile this parking loting lies still. life, proposition d and mission rock will create a new neighborhood right here with 40% affordable housing, 8 acres of parks and open space, all connected to public transit, and generate $25 million a year in revenue for san francisco. vote yes on d to turn this into this. ♪
8:20 am
studies show a few days in nature can lower your blood pressure and increase your mood and produce creativity. many getting their outdoor look by looking at images of nature online. reality is even better. chip reid went to barryville in cat skills mountains. >> reporter: you want to climb up inside? let's do it. whether building tree houses or bridges, zach klein is living his boyhood dream with his get away in the woods. >> i work on the internet and so i could live in the woods later. >> reporter: did you think it would come this soon? >> i was surprised at how quickly things worked out. no. i thought it would take me decades to get to this spot. >> reporter: it didn't take long to get here because as the designer and cofounder of the video sharing website he found
8:21 am
himself flushed with more than enough disposable income to acquire 55 acres of serenity in upstate new york. what is the best thing for you about being out here in the woods? >> by professional, i'm a designer and when i come on out here, i'm reminded just how perfectly designed nature already is. >> reporter: to get ideas of what would be built here, klein started a blog featuring pictures of structures and natural settings calling it cabin porn. >> where did name come from? >> we are young once and all made mistakes. it was the first thing that came to my mind because it was provocative. i'm not certain it would be as popular as it is if it didn't have such a viral name. >> reporter: he recently cureritaed 200 images of his website full of cabin porn.
8:22 am
there is this idea out there that staring at little cabins in the woods is therapeutic in some ways. is that the way you see it? >> i never intend the defendant that way, but it is remarkable how often we receive letters from people letting us know this is their way to relax or destress themselves and it inspires them, i think. >> reporter: to inspire others to join him, klein started a school. >> full length like that. >> reporter: design experts teach building techniques and develop the property he has named fever brook. this one joined and finds the time a great escape from her career as a tech ceo. so you're wired in all the time? >> i am on my computer for eight to 12 hours a day. >> reporter: so is that one reason you're out here? >> it's a huge part of why i'm out here. i think there is an increasing
8:23 am
prevalence of technology everywhere and taking over everything in our lives and getting outside and unplugging i think is an essential part of staying sane and happy in today's world. >> there is no electricity, no plumbing, no nothing. >> reporter: klein insists he is no henry david thoroug and says it's in sharing it and the norm devices we use don't connect here a different kind of social network can take shape. is having fun mostly what this is about? >> yes. exactly what it's about. it's about building relationships with each other through projects that we find rewarding. >> reporter: as rewarding as living in the woods with his family and friends can be, it is not a year-round endeavor. yes, even zach klein spends most days plugged in. okay, job stage. >> reporter: most recently as the ceo of an online school called diy.
8:24 am
>> this was actually on the property when we moved here. >> reporter: but for about six weeks a year, he recharges right here at beaver brook. >> the internet is pretty one-dimensional when you compare it to woods here. there are so many wondering beholding here. you just have to look down at the ground to see them. >> reporter: what may have been his biggest discovery about building a cabin in the woods, it doesn't really cost that much. >> new york state you can get an acre of agriculture land for about 3,000 bucks which is the price some people pay for their television. i think what is compelling to people is the realization that their anticipation they are saying is luxury is pretty attainable for anybody who wants it. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," chip reid, barryville, new york. >> i was into it but we took a turn with no bathroom. i think toilet paper is a good thing! two-ply, please!
8:25 am
>> outdoor plumbing is not bad. just go in the woods! good morning. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 8:25. in the headlines, this morning oakland police are searching for a gunman after an artist was fatally shot while painting a mural. 27-year-old antonio ramos of emeryville was shot yesterday morning as he and some other artists were painting an underpart at west street and i- 580. market street in san francisco will be brighter and it all starts tonight. murals and sculptures will be lit for the first time along the busy stretch of market street. and coming up next on "cbs this morning," bay area rock legend john fogarty talks about
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. i'm liza battalones with your "kcbs traffic." delays continue on the nimitz because of an earlier accident that happened northbound 880 just beyond highway 92. all lanes are open but this multi-car wreck at one point had a couple of lanes shut down so traffic is still recovering backed up out of fremont. if you are heading for the bay bridge toll plaza, that is holding steady at delays extending through the macarthur maze. 47-minute drive time between the carquinez bridge and the
8:28 am
maze in oakland. more sluggish traffic heading across the bridge into downtown san francisco. meantime, for the san mateo bridge westbound traffic has been sluggish from end to end. you may want to think about taking the dumbarton as your alternate. and heading for mass transit, all of the earlier delays we had on the bart system have cleared out. they are now back on time. that's your "kcbs traffic." here's julie. >> well, we are tracking rain on doppler this morning. break out the umbrella. scattered showers the story areawide mainly south of the golden gate but we are starting to see a few returns north of the golden gate so, folks, get ready for some showers from time to time throughout the day today. temperatures mild because of the cloud cover. not going to warm up too much. topping out in the upper 70s for the warmest spots inland. 60s along the coast. the extended forecast shows a chance of showers today and maybe lingering on into the first part of thursday. but then drying out on thursday evening. temperatures increase into the upper 80s this weekend friday and saturday, cooling sunday. ,,,, ,,
8:29 am
[announcer] right now at sleep train, get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale is on now at sleep train.
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♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, a nurse once held a tiny burn victim in her arms. and 38 years later, that patient, look at though eyes. that patient finally got the chance to return that hug. we will show you the very happy reunion that happened all because of a picture on facebook. plus, john fogerty became a star nearly overnight with creedence clearwater revival. then he and the band disappears almost as fast. now he is reemerging.
8:31 am
ahead, he talks about the songs we have never forgotten. right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. time" is reporting that calcium supplements do not prevent bone health or fractures. one study found only minor increases in bone density. in response to the studies a trade association representing dietary supplementary says, quote. one of those studies that is going to be confusing to people, especially women who take calcium in their later years. >> you're right. "chicago tribune" says united americans quietly added real-time server free bag tracking. you click on track your bags and enter your last name and one of two numbers. the service will let you know right away if your bags are on
8:32 am
the wrong plane. >> finally! >> exactly! >> let's use technology for this! everyone has the bar code. >> that will come in handy. >> scares me to death whenever i check a bag! >> i try not to check bags. me too. the faa believes up to a million drones could be given as gifts during the holiday season. their prices have plunged and the agency is worried about lack of consumer knowledge. the faa plans to plify the design if he had the chance to start over. tim stevens from our partners at c-net test drove one of the new suvs. you just got off a red eye to be with us here.
8:33 am
thank you, sir. >> you look good. >> happy to be here. >> showered on the plane? >> i didn't. >> how good is it? >> it's very good. talking about a car that weigh almost as much as of an es escalade. the handlizing very good. i have to apologize to our cameraman who is in the back seat and probably got a concussion when i drove it. >> here it is. >> i have a honda minivan is aged a a bunch f food in the cracks but this could fit seven kids but the price is a little high? >> right. they are only filling the signature editions. it starts at 132,000. a lower cost version will come probably early next year and probably down to 80 to 85,000 so still not a cheap car. it's about -- >> you're getting lower cost one or the higher cost one? >> i think she is getting a
8:34 am
trampoline and bells and whistles. >> the doors open like this? >> it makes this much more family friendly car because it makes it easier to load your kids in the back and strap them into a child's seat. >> sensors in the roof to make sure they don't smack into the ceiling. >> why such a big deal? >> big deal because tesla means to move mass market and this is more generally appealable car and work better for families in the model s and think the families who have that will want a model x to sit in the garage to them. >> any cons? >> the cost is high. the range we are talking about 250 miles which is good but maybe not for a long road trip. >> how many miles to the gallon? it's electric? >> it's equivalent of about 90 miles per gallon but tesla has super charger stations all over the country now and charges up to 80% charge in 30 minutes. not a bad idea to pull off the side of the highway and recharge and get a cup of coffee and hop
8:35 am
back in again. >> my birthday is september 28th. >> would you like to have a car? >> you don't want a big one, do you? >> i want a sedan. >> i'm very excited about this. but you can't get them for a year? >> that is the problem. if you order now you probably won't get it by december 28th. >> charlie rose, thank you. >> you can get one next year. >> thank you, tim. two new york women are reunited for the first time in nearly 40 years. this picture was taken in 1977 shows a nurse cradling a badly burned infant in an albany hospital. the patient recovered and spent years looking for her mystery caretaker. yesterday these two were reunited in albany. mitchell mill michelle, i love this story. >> both had treasured that black and white photograph for years andld ever meet again. after one posted it on facebook last week, they got their answer.
8:36 am
these women aren't long lost relatives or friends. they don't even know each other. but they did meet once. captured on film 38 years ago in a hospital recovery room. >> people would ask me, is that your mother? i'm like, no, it's actually a nurse and i don't know who she is. >> reporter: that woman was sue berger, a 21-year-old recovery room nurse at albany medical center. the 3-month-old in her arms is a third-degree burn patient fresh out of surgery named amanda scarpinati. >> she was so good and i know i held her for a long time. >> reporter: were you mesmerized? the way you describe it. you sound like you were smitten! >> i was smitten! i was quite smitten. >> reporter: scarpina tirks, had been accidentally scalded by a vaporizer and berger, this
8:37 am
patient stuck with her. you did not forget her? >> no, i didn't. i remember how calm and trusting she was. it was unusual actually for a baby so tiny coming out of surgery, she must have been in pain. >> reporter: that pain lasted for years. countless skin grafts and surgeries, and through taunts from schoolyard bullies over her scars. yet one thing got it through her all. >> the reason i would look at those pictures, it would just -- it would comfort me somehow and you see the bond. this doesn't happen, you know? >> i was constantly, you know, looking at it. >> reporter: turns out, scarpinati has been searching for that nurse for nearly two decade. two weeks ago, she searched again. this time employing the help of social media. less than 24 hours later, the mystery was solved. >> i went to bed and woke up to
8:38 am
a whirlwind. by the time i made it into work, 9:00 in the morning, my coworkers go, my god, you're on the news. >> reporter: berger's former colleague angela pleary recognized the photograph and recognized her by her pearl earrings. >> i said i think she moved to the syracuse area and i know her husband's name is ron. those are the things i could remember. so next thing i know, they found her. >> reporter: nearly 40 years later, a reunion at the same place where the women first met. >> oh, my god, you're real! >> reporter: you looked into each other's eyes today, what were you thinking? >> i said i just wanted to hug her is all i kept thinking. i just wanted to hug her! >> for
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
♪ creedence clearwater revival became the world's biggest band almost overnight with three hit albums in 1969 alone but the group had one of the infamous and acrimonious breakups in history. in his memoir, john fogerty wants to set the record straight. he shows john blackstone, he hasn't lost a beat. ♪ big wheel keep on turnin' ♪ ♪ proud mary keep on burnin' ♪ ♪ rolling ♪ ooh ♪ rolling ♪ ooh ♪ rolling on the river
8:44 am
>> the rolling on the river part was magical. >> reporter: magical, indeed. "proud mary" transformed john fogerty and his band creedence clearwater revival from struggling musicians to superstars. >> i just absolutely knew that it was a great song, and usually i'm kind of a modest person and i probably would be wanting to say, well, it was kind of good, you know? it was okay. no, at that moment, it was great. >> reporter: it also came at the time when you knew you didn't want to be a one-hit wonder? >> yes, yes! >> reporter: fogerty quickly followed up with a remarkable string of hits that would become platinum. >> looking out my back door ♪ >> look at me. >> reporter: you wrote a lot of
8:45 am
great songs in 1969. >> that a heck of a year. the year that me and my band put out three albums in one year. >> reporter: his list draws from a short but prolific career. >> who will stop the rain. fortunate son, "proud mary." >> reporter: as you give me those titles, i can hear the lyrics of every one of those songs. what is it like to have had that impact on a generation, more than a generation? i'll tell you, john, i just feel really grateful because, as you know, i had sort of a long very dark period. >> reporter: fogerty writes about that long, dark period in his new memoir "fortunate son." this is the story of a kid from el cerrito and his musical dream. it came true and then it turned
8:46 am
into a nightmare, because am lmt as quickly as they became the biggest rock band on the planet it disintegrated. tom fogerty went on another career and two other members of the band demanded more creative control. >> they wanted to write songs or sing the songs they wrote or either it was this way or we would fall apart right here so i agreed. >> reporter: cliff and cook would later say fogerty sabotaged the album and forcing them to write to prove a point. . when marr when mardi gras was released, "the rolling stone" said it was the worst album i have ever heard from a major rock band. creedence clearwater broke up. i haven't seen a string of
8:47 am
lawsuits following ccw. how many times have you sued each other? >> i don't keep track. >> reporter: the record company that signed him as a teenager and claned ownership of his iconic songs. >> the fact that i don't own these, you know, wonderful songs certainly has not at me. >> reporter: they are still your songs. >> i think the phrase i used was "the whole world knows those are your songs." and that is a really good thing to know. ♪ i want to know have you ever seen the rain ♪ >> reporter: today, at the age of 70, fogerty embraces the songs he wrote that made him and creedence clearwater music legends. >> it's a really happy time for me. >> reporter: and you're performing with your son? >> yes. ♪ >> those are amazing moments in life when you get to share that
8:48 am
closeness. after all, it's in his dna. ♪ >> reporter: at his home in los angeles, fogerty and his sons shane and tyler have built their own recording studio where they invited us to listen in on a family jam session. ♪ every time >> reporter: what is it like? you're out on the stage. you're with a rock 'n' roll legend, or you just out there with dad? >> just dad, yeah, more like that. it's fun. >> i think it's because it's fun. it never gets dodgy like how it sounded when you just said rock 'n' roll legend. >> reporter: john fogerty is a rock legend who is still on a roll. ♪ rolling on a river >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," john blackstone, in los angeles. >> i learned a lot from that story that i didn't know. >> he is right. the whole world nose. john fogerty, those are your
8:49 am
songs. and now with his sons. i love that. >> i wish i could play an instrument with my kids like that. >> nice job, john blackstone. really love that. makes wee want to put on my ipod which i will do today. tomorrow the story of a legendary writer's home that is set to become a museum. >> reporter: it used to be if you approached this old farmhouse uninvited, chances are you would be shot at. not any more. i'm lee cowan. coming up tomorrow on "cbs this morning" why this is about to be open to the public. ♪,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. it's 8:55. i'm frank mallicoat. in the headlines, oakland police are searching for a gunman after an artist was shot and killed while painting a mural. 27-year-old antonio ramos of emmyville was shot yesterday morning as he and other artists were painting an underpass. he died at the hospital. a crowd in fremont as tesla unveiled its model s an all- electric sport utility vehicle. they have falcon wing doors. cost a few bucks too. the oakland city council has voted to amend its contract with waste management. the changes were made to lower rates for restaurant owners.
8:56 am
and as for the weather, here's julie with a wee bit of rain. >> it's coming. gray skies from this live look over san jose. we are seeing gray skies areawide this morning. hi-def doppler showing the leading edge of showers moving onshore right now. not all of this hitting the ground right now. mainly light scattered showers. we could see a little bit more judging by what we are seeing offshore right now. overall today, the headline grab an umbrella. not going to be a drencher but you may see showers south of the golden gate. temperatures mild topping out below that 80-degree mark for most temperatures. cooling on sunday. traffic after the break. this is the dawn of an old day. because at&t and directv are offering
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