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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  September 30, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> reporter: that's one of the questions. the logo on one of the buildings here, you're seeing them all over town now and with that gross comes controversy. here's the story. with that growth comes controversy. >> reporter: dennis herrera on the results of a new planning commission report that found that 32 of the academy's 40 buildings in the city are out of compliance with code and have been for some time. >> building code violations, buildings being used and operated in ways that they are not allowed to be used. >> reporter: the buildings include converted classrooms, offices and dorms and are scattered throughout the city. >> the planning department is aware of this for 10 years and i have been screaming about this for letters to the planning department since 2012 and unfortunately the planning department hasn't enforced the law against aau like they do against every mom and pop operator.
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>> if you listen to the planning commission hearings a lot of it sounds political. >> reporter: nothing unusual with that. just about every move at city hall has a political angle. and while the academy is not overtly political, it is one of the city's biggest employers and brings millions of dollars to the local economy every year. and its president elisa stevens is a big donor to civic and charitable causes. in fact, cars from the school's world famous antique collection are often used by officials in city parades. >> if they would have enforced the notices of violations they could have enforced three, four years ago, we could have gotten in excess of $3.5 million of personalities. >> reporter: whatever the case mayor lee was in no mood to talk about the report when we met up with him. >> i'm here to talk about homelessness. >> reporter: i'm here to talk about the planning department report. >> let's talk about homelessness. >> reporter: do you have any reaction. >> i haven't read it. i don't know what report you're
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talking about. >> reporter: the one that's coming out of the planning department that says about three-quarters of the academy of arts buildings are not in compliance. >> i'll read it and i'll see what we can do about it. >> reporter: the academy of arts says that they contest the number of violations. they say that there's 26 buildings that are still requiring a certain level of appraise a they say that they have been working with the city since 2007 and that they are going to continue to provide all the information needed to get all the permits. in the meantime, city hall is still buzzing. in san francisco, phil matier, kpix 5. >> according to forbes magazine the stevens family which owns the academy has an estimated wealth of $800 million. and most of it comes from san francisco real estate. school board meetings are usually pretty mundane events. but things got wild at a recent meeting in the east bay. the school superintendent accused of going off and getting in the face of other
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board members. only on "5" our joe vazquez has the superintendent's explanation for what happened at that meeting. joe. >> reporter: ken, we're talking about a superintendent who cursed out his own bosses, the school board, in a closed session on the second floor of hayward city hall, a session that they are having right now in fact. another closed session but in this case they are trying to decide whether to discipline the superintendent. >> this individual just went out of control without warning. >> reporter: dr. luis reynoso a school board member of the hayward unified school district is talking about superintendent stan dobbs who he says went on a verbal and physical tirade at a board meeting this month. >> he yelled at us by saying, um, i have been dealing with mother f'ing punks like you all day while at the same time making contact with one of the other board members and also making contact with myself. >> reporter: you're talking about physical contact? >> yes, physical contact. we're talking about chest bumps. >> reporter: reynoso reported it to the hayward police. in a letter to the board
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members are, superintendent dobbs apologized for his language but did not mention the chest bump. he blamed his behavior on medicine he took for an unspecified procedure earlier in the day, quote, the preparation for the procedure left me with little sleep or food and i left the procedure medicated." >> he needs to go. we need to set an example for safety of our employees, for safety of our students, that this is zero tolerance for violence. >> reporter: there might be some who look at this and say you're overreacting. it's a chest bump, not an assault. >> if you chest bump a policeman they go to jail. if a student chest bumps and yells profanity at a principal they are expelled. what's the difference? >> reporter: we tried to talk to the superintendent. his people said no and handed us that letter. we tried to talk to him here at city hall but they took him in an alternate entrance. at some point today around 6:30 we expect that they will emerge. the school board will then address a public session of the
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school board meeting. we expect they will give some explanation as to what will happen next. reporting live in hayward, i'm joe vazquez, kpix 5. the rain has slicked roads keeping cops and chp busy today. four cars crashed on eastbound 80 east of the redwood street overpass just before 1 p.m. no major injuries. >> we have been literally going from call to call all day today. >> slow down, don't drive distracted. at every scene we have seen people talking on their phone as they drive by. >> a soggy scene in oakland. chp has responded to twice as many crashes as normal. so many, they lost track. on broadway in san francisco's north beach neighborhood the umbrellas were out today in full force. many other pedestrians were caught off guard and made makeshift hoodies out of sweaters. paul, they weren't the only ones caught by surprise.
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>> pleasant surprise though. we need every drop of rainfall and these i would call bonus drops of rain. i'll explain why coming up. hi-def doppler right now as we head to the heart of the evening commute i have good news to report the rain is lessening in coverage and intensity. you add some bouts with some light to moderate rainfall in mountain view, los gatos, gilroy that rain is moving off to the north and east. same story dublin, livermore, pleasanton, san amone, a few showers walnut creek, brentwood and pittsburg, that's lifting northeast. how much rainfall fell today? a decent little amount, about .06" of an inch in san francisco. dublin .04." san jos .01." it wasn't in my forecast yesterday. it should have rained south of monterey. the rain was supposed to stay there but low pressure made a northerly trek and dragged some rain up to the north into the
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bay area. so bonus rainfall because boy, do we need it. we need more than this. we'll talk about if there is any more in the seven-day forecast coming up in about 9 minutes. new information on the death of an inmate at the santa clara county main jail. the coroner released a preliminary autopsy report late this afternoon. it could not pinpoint an exact cause of death for 33-year-old walter roches but it did say there were no obvious signs of foul play. roches was found dead on monday. he had been placed on a suicide watch. his death comes nearly a month after another inmate was found beaten to death in his cell. three correctional officers are charged now with his murder. opponents are blasting what's being "build" as an anticrime proposal in san jose. they say it could lead to a tidal wave of evictions of people who have never been convicted of a crime. it would allow the police to notify landlords when one of
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their tenants has been arrested for a serious crime like assault or selling drugs. the landlord could evict the tenant if they are never found guilty in court. >> if anybody that's remotely related to your house whether it's like a guest or somebody in your house, even gets arrested, they don't have to get convicted, then you're evicted. >> if i'm renting my property i want you to behave. if your children are not behaving causing my property value to be decreased shouldn't property owners have a right to remove criminal activity from their midst? >> the councilman says it would reduce crime. he hopes to have a city council vote in october. we all know the cost of living is going up and now the city of oakland is trying to do something about it. new at 6:00 kpix 5's cate caugiran takes a look at a new housing affordability report and gives you a reality check on it. cate. >> reporter: well, ken, that report is going to be the center of this big meeting
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that's going on right behind me. the goal, keep oakland from becoming the new unaffordable san francisco. >> it's a state of emergency. >> reporter: colima rose wants to keep oakland affordable. >> when you lose your house here you may not be able to stay in the city. >> reporter: but oaklanders are already feeling the aftermath of silicon valley's tech boom. cost of living has gone up nearly 70% since 2007. average rent in oakland is $2,200 for a one bedroom. >> we want newcomers to our community. we just don't want it to up the expense of our current residents. >> reporter: her group policy link worked to build more housing using money from bonds and fees from new developers and inclusion housing policy requiring new developers to contribute to affordable housing and making use of public land and vacant lots. >> what every city is doing is saying how can we both project the number of housing units we actually need to get built to be keeping up with the job
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growth of our region. >> reporter: but some parts of oakland's plan we have seen before in san francisco. >> following the same script that san francisco followed for so many decades probably isn't the right solution. >> reporter: robert is a land use and real estate lawyer with wendell rosen who hoped tonight's meeting would have presented more legislative type action versus taking a few pages from san francisco's playbook. >> oakland is at a point in its development where developers are still considering whether to come here or not and not a challenging time to impose an additional fee on developers. >> reporter: not to mention robert says that tactic didn't work in san francisco. now, robert says we should look for more unique and creative options specific to oakland. he says the there are some 3,000 3,000 vacant lots in the city of oakland. could work faster to transform those into affordable housing. coming up, changing the way we enjoy oysters in the bay
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area. why the this popular picnic area might be getting pulled and how the company plans to tight for its business. >> getting a break on unpaid traffic tickets. how drivers can cut their fines in half. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's been a year since the drakes bay oyster company had to close down after a long legal fight. now another marin county oyster company is fighting to stay open. this one is in tomales bay where kpix 5's emily turner is tonight. emily, what's the problem? >> reporter: the popularity. the county and folks who live here are upset about it. you can't find a space at a table much less a parking space. so in order to come into compliance with what the county wants, they are now worried that they might lose business to do that.
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the tomales bay oyster company serves tens of thousands of people a year but that number is about to be cut. >> it's awful, sad, it's a great place. >> reporter: it's not because of bad business or a bad harvest. it's because of a mix-up with county permitting that will soon make it illegal for owner todd friend to operate as is. >> we are trying to get in behind the use permit that's been issued and that makes us legal. we have been hanging out there for a couple of years taking hits. so we are going to see if we can confirm to the dictates of the law. >> reporter: that law is a county issued cease and desist order limiting the company's days of operation to a half day on friday, saturday and sunday. it cuts the crew from 20 to 8. and it forces them to remove all 84 picnic spots. >> it would be really hard to not have picnic tables and grills. you basically would just pick up the oysters and go elsewhere so you don't have the community or the setting anymore. so it just becomes a roadside stand.
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>> reporter: would you drive all this way for just a roadside stand? >> probably not. >> reporter: but more than half of todd's business is from folks who drive up and enjoy the oysters on site something that won't be available after the order takes effect october 16. does that keep you up at night? >> yeah. >> reporter: so instead of sleep he tries to find our ways to get his employees work and make whatever changes needs to keep the company together. >> the company has been patient. we don't believe and are not going to accept this is forever. >> reporter: todd and his attorney say oyster company say they are doing what they can to work through the permitting process with the county to make sure they can in fact stay open and to continue to do business. obviously, they are going to have to shut all of this down these picnic tables will be gone by october 16. so if you want to enjoy it you have until then. live in tomales bay, emily turner, kpix 5. good news if you have some unpaid traffic tickets laying about. the state is instituting an
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amnesty program that goes into effect tomorrow. under the plan drivers with outstanding tickets would pay50 or 80% of what they owe depending on the income. only tickets due on or before january 1, 2013, are eligible for discounts. the drivers who have had their licenses revoked would be able to apply to have them reinstated. the program does not apply, thought, to dui violations. victims of the "valley fire" are getting an unusual donation, marijuana products. two medical marijuana dispensaries are offering $20,000 in free cannabis products for those affected by the wildfires. those with a prescription can pick up the donated marijuana products at the five bay area dispensaries participating. the oakland a's have made history. they have hired a female coach. justine siegal. she is the first woman to work as a coach for a major league baseball team. she is working with the a's instructional club in arizona for a couple of weeks.
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the a's say they will consider hiring siegal full time. vegas like what it saw from the raiders this past weekend in cleveland. they are favored going into the next game at chicago. this snaps a streak of 27 straight games in which the raiders have been the underdogs. and it's been three years since they were favored on the road. they lost that game to the miami dolphins. listen up, now is your chance to buy up a piece of history from memorial stadium. a berkeley business bought the old school wooden benches when they updated the west side of the stadium. now the wooden dock is having a blowout sale from furniture made from the reclaimed wood starting saturday. golden gate bridge got a little bit of a bath earlier today. it has been so long since we have seen any kind of rain around the bay area. some drivers may have forgotten the windshield wipers.
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>> enough rain fell in santa clara that it wet the streets and gave people a free car wash. >> i heard it, standing in the kitchen, i could hear it on the skylight. what's that, a squirrel? it's rain! wahoo! isn't it weird how foreign it feels to have rain? >> so quiet outside too. >> just rain but it's so unique. we haven't heard it in like, what, five, six months it feels like. let's just hope this is the beginning, folks. we need a wet winter and we'll take a wet fall, as well. october starts tomorrow but we are rapping up september on somewhat of a wet note. we are drying out. livermore had showers, danville, brentwood, you, as well. we see showers a couple of hundred miles offshore. the shower chance continues on and off until the morning commute. high temperatures way below average. san rafael and morgan hill the warm spots you hit 70. everybody else in the 60s
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including livermore only 68. san jose only 65. san francisco 67. we had this low pressure area which we have been watching for the past couple of days feeding in cloud cover. that happened, has been happening, was forecasted to happen, we are talking about rainfall because the rain was all kicked down to the south. south of monterey bay. mother nature said you know what? we are going to tilt this whole thing north. we are going to draw this low pressure area and feed rainfall to the bay area. only a 100-mile area. that was all the difference. 24 low pressure hangs out for 18 more hours before it exits, low pressure gone by tomorrow afternoon and quickly sunshine friday, saturday and sunday. a new guy is going to sneak in, this low pressure diving north to south getting here on sunday. we could see snow showers in the sierra on sunday afternoon, sunday evening. yet another low pressure area moves in. we are beginning to talk more and more about the wet season than we have recently. let's hope that trend continues. fremont 74 tomorrow.
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vallejo 73. watch out for a morning shower. oakland your high 71. san francisco 66. san jose 76. back to sunshine and warmth friday and saturday but then here comes more cloud cover. here comes cooler weather a little breezy starting sunday and much of next week we'll once again be cooler. . did you say snow showers? >> i'm here to make ken happy. >> summer has been going on too long. >> thank you. a little duck is causing a big custody battle in marin. a mallard named juanita is at the center of a duck dispute. she was a resident of the bello gardens senior center until she recently escaped and ended up at wild care animal hospital. now the hospital says it can't give juanita back because the law says wild animals can't live just anywhere.
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>> joy is something that everybody needs in their lives and think that the duck is a lot -- gives a lot of that to us. >> there is a petition to allow juanita to return to the senior center and letters have been sent to the governor but wild care says it could be dangerous for her to go back. >> hm. used to be drunk driving was the enemy of the road. now there's a new one out there, drugged driving. how legalized marijuana is making things very complicated. >> how much screen time should you give your kids? you give your kids? the new recommen
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legal marijuana is complicating efforts to keep roads clear of drug impaired drivers. 40% of drivers who died in crashes in 2013 nationwide tested positive for drugs. but marijuana impaired driving is difficult to measure because the drug can stay in someone's system for more than a week. that makes it harder to say definitively if a driver was impaired. with the proliferation of tech devices, how long should children be allowed to look at things like cab let's and phones and such every day? reporter kristine lazar looks at new guidelines for screen time. >> reporter: the american academy for pediatrics is rethinking its screen time recommendations including that children under 2 have no screen time and those over 2 should
6:25 pm
not watch more than two hours a day. >> you can't get away from media or technology. they are ubiquitous. they are more common in our children's lives than a few years ago. >> reporter: the new pending aap guidelines are expected to go easier on parents who do allow screen time. aaron has two kids and admits when her second came along, her rules changed. >> until she was two we had no tv but with him it's like whole different world. she watches her youtube and he loves it. >> reporter: the aap cautions don't just hand your child your cell phone. set a timer and walk away. content matters. make sure that what they are watching is age-appropriate and hopefully educational. and the aap cautions, screens should never take the place of old-fashioned learning. >> sometimes churning on the television or -- turning on the television or giving them an ipad is easy but not necessarily the best thing to do. if they play a puzzle or they play with their legos they are
6:26 pm
really just becoming much more creative and it's more interactive than a screen. >> say bye-bye. >> bye-bye. >> reporter: this mom of two says she has no guilt about allowing her daughter the tv or ipad every day. >> the technology is everywhere. my opinion quite frankly, the sooner they start the better. >> reporter: in los angeles, kristine lazar, kpix 5. >> so the aap says that more than 30% of children, a third basically, first play with a mobile device while they are still in diapers. >> yup. well, the tech world buzzing with the news that twitter is about to hire a new ceo. cofounder jack dorsey is expected to become the company's permanent ceo. he has been the interim boss for three months. it could come as early as tomorrow. this would be his second stint as the head of the san francisco company. dorsey was the ceo from 2006 to 2008. he was ousted by another cofounder, evan williams. coming up in the next half- hour, a community rallying in
6:27 pm
support of an artist shot and killed. the crime just part of a deadly 24 hours in oakland. we take a look at the odds of any of the killers will
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our top stories tonight the superintendent of the hayward school district is apologizing for yelling and cursing at other members during a meeting earlier this month. in a letter, he blames some medication he had taken earlier in the day for calling the outburst. new report out there accuses the academy of art university in san francisco of numerous building code violations. the report found problems at 32 of the academy's 40 buildings. our phil matier asked mayor lee for his reaction. mayor said he need to see the report first. city attorney says that some of the violations date back years. the tomales bay oyster company fighting to stay open. county officials say the restaurant needs to cut operation hours and close down an outdoor picnic area. the company is fighting the county over the permit problem. it's been a grim 24 hours in oakland, four people killed
6:31 pm
on city streets including a popular artist and so far there have been no arrests, not a single one. kpix 5's da lin reports. >> reporter: ken, a lot of people stopping by here to drop off flowers and cards at this makeshift memorial even though eight people saw the gunman running away in this case. as you mentioned, no arrests in this case. and given op d's low homicide clearance race some people worry the killer will go free. grief and shock over the killing of antonio ramos. 100 people remember him at the spot where he was killed. >> i don't understand what happened but i'm sad that he died. >> reporter: antonio and eight other artists were painting a mural at the time when witnesses say a gunman walked up, argued with antonio, shot him and ran off. >> i hope they find whoever did
6:32 pm
it. >> reporter: it was one of four homicides oakland police responded to in just 24 hours. the most recent happened near a park in the oakland hills this morning. police say a bicyclist found a man's body on the side of the road. he was shot dead. >> four killers in 24 hours? it's sad. it's really sad. >> reporter: and solving those cases could be a challenge. last year, oakland police only solved 35% of their homicide cases. the year before, 38%. and in 2012, police only solved 9% of the murder cases. -- 29% of the murder cases. >> i was painting on the wall yesterday when it happened. total shock and surprise. yeah, really don't know -- >> did you see the guy who took off? >> yeah, i saw him. >> reporter: the hope is with at least eight witnesses police will be able to arrest the gunman and give antonio's family justice. what do you want his famil to
6:33 pm
know? >> that he will always be there in your heart. >> reporter: oakland police still have not released any suspect information in this case. they also have not released a motive in the killing of antonio ramos. the artists will dedicate this painting to him as well as putting his picture on the wall. live in west oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. san francisco debuted a new facility that will provide services to homeless residents. mayor lee and supervisor julie christiansen braved the rain at the ribbon-cutting ceremony this afternoon. the facility is designed to help the homeless in north beach. >> we can certainly demonstrate our incredible san francisco values by investing in people on a daily basis who need some help. >> north beach citizens will serve as a resource center to help people rebuild their lives. federal government will stay open for business. congress passed a bill that will fund federal agencies
6:34 pm
through mid-december. and late today president obama signed it. that measure was approved only hours ahead of the midnight deadline when federal agencies would run out of money. russia surprised many today including the u.s. when it conducted military air strikes in syria. the move comes the same week when u.s. officials said they would make an effort to hold more open dialogue with russia. >> reporter: in a potential game changer in the war on isis, russia conducted military air strikes in syria. their defense minister said that isis military equipment and communication centers were hit but some officials believe russia's main target were forces in conflict with syrian president bashar al-assad. >> we must not and will not be confused in our fight against isil with support for assad. >> reporter: and in a move rarely seen on the diplomatic stage the united states was only given about an hour's notice before the air strikes began. and it was not given exact
6:35 pm
locations of where the strikes would take place. >> i have been dealing with them for a long time and this is not the kind of behavior we should expect. >> reporter: republican senator john mccain says he believes the real purpose of the strikes is for the russian president to gain more influence in the region. >> these strikes near the city of homs is not under control of isis of the "islamic state." so already, we are seeing the true intentions of vladimir putin. >> reporter: putin says this military operation is limited in time and there will be no russian boots on the ground. kerry says u.s. and coalition air strikes will continue against isis and he says attacks with other motives would not be welcomed by the united states. >> strikes of that kind would question russia's real intentions fighting isil or protecting the assad regime. >> reporter: in washington,
6:36 pm
reporting. >> still ahead, another transit company about to charge you for bringing your baggage on board. >> he is known for his moves on the football field. now off the field how this oakland raider is winning praise for helpi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:38 pm
now amtrak is jumping on the baggage fee bandwagon. starting tomorrow they will charge $20 to passengers who exceed the limit for carry-ons. officials say the new policy will help preserve space on crowded trains. amtrak says that its goal isn't to make money but to protect workers who have to deal with all that heavy baggage. in 1947, the world war ii peace treaties were signed. harry truman was president and foster friess opened in menlo park. now just after 6 years in business, just about one hour left until that ice cream shop closes for good. we'll take a closer look on bay area nightbeat; come join me at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12.
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ice cream before dinner. that's the way to go. we have some rainfall out there today mainly cloudy skies even if you didn't receive any rain and highs shy of 70 degrees. hello, fall! we are going to do this again anytime soon? there actually is one more rain chance in the seven-day forecast. we'll tackle it next. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. eliminated but not defeated coming up. >> here we are, finally got knocked out. >> defeated but not eliminated. >> i'm not too big on feelings. feelings aren't going to help me win a game. >> at least 49er fans can get into the game. >> i couldn't get jesus tickets. >> amen to that. i think. ,,,,,,
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ride, understand, succeed and hope, or "r.u.s.h. for literacy," it's the message of tonight's jefferson award winner. >> allen martin is here with
6:43 pm
how an oakland raiders player and his wife are putting books, education and brighter futures into the hands of some east bay kids. >> they have the kids' attention, too. justin and lauran tuck moved to the bay area two years ago when justin was signed to play for the raiders. the tucks say they didn't think twice about bringing their "r.u.s.h. for literacy" program with them. ♪[ music ] reporter: on the field he crunches quarterbacks. on his days off -- >> how many of you guys have dreams? >> reporter: -- justin tuck pushes the power of reading to middle schoolers and at 6'5", 270 with two super bowl wins, these kids at alliance academy in oakland tend to listen to the raiders defensive end. >> i grew up in alabama. we didn't have programs like this. >> reporter: he was born and raised in kellyton, alabama, population about 200. after graduating from the university of notre dame he was
6:44 pm
drafted by the giants. during those first years in the nfl he and his wife also a notre dame grad started tuck's "r.u.s.h. for literacy," read, understand, succeed and hope. >> for us we thought the number one stumbling block to a great education is literalcy. up until third grade you learn to read and from them on you read to learn. >> reporter: in its ninth year "r.u.s.h. for literacy" provides free books to middle school students, 86,000 place interested in schools and another 14,000 have gone directly to students. the nonprofit has also provided more than $600,000 in grants including $250,000 to the super bowl 50 fund's early literacy initiative called the read zone. when "r.u.s.h. for literacy" began, the tucks didn't have children. now they have two boys including a five-year-old who is apparently getting the literacy message. >> his tooth fairy money he took and bought a book. that's just something that we are trying to embed in him and
6:45 pm
hopefully he understands that his education will play a key role in what type of man and what type of life he has going forward. >> reporter: it's also working upon brando borbolla. >> anything that has a series, i love, because it keeps going and going and going. >> reporter: brando won last year's "r.u.s.h. for literacy" essay contest and hopes to repeat as champ this year. >> it's not about the prize. i i like to make my family happy because my parents sacrifice a lot for me. so that's what i like, to win things for them or make them happy. >> reporter: so for inspiring middle school students in oakland to read, understand, succeed and hope, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to justin and lauran tuck. allen martin, kpix 5. >> with the "r.u.s.h. for literacy" grant, the super bowl 50 fund hopes to purchase up to 50,000 new books for low income children in the bay area. and you can nominate your own local hero for a jefferson award online at >> weather time.
6:46 pm
>> it rained in the bay area today. keeping temperatures down with the cloud cover it's not about the numbers. it's about the clouds. it rained in the backyard. roxanne this is her weather station. >> even if you didn't get the rainfall you got some beautiful cloudy skies. it looked like rain. it did rain. >> the task for these third graders was make arcade games out of cardboard. >> the kindergartners, first and second graders got play the game today. this is models after cain's arcade the youtube video with more than 4 million hits. a 9-year-old made an arcade in
6:47 pm
his dad's auto shop. cool. got rain all around the bay area. rain in san jose, san francisco. you got some rainfall in martinez. you got some rainfall in hayward and still the chance of showers this evening although the radar currently is dry. 63 in san francisco. san bruno 65. cloudy tonight, scattered showers for the morning commute tomorrow. san francisco 59. have to talk for a few seconds about the big weather story back east. this has the potential to be very big. it's a category 2 hurricane, hurricane joaquin east of the bahamas. more importantly for the united states where it is forecast to go. landfall as a hurricane somewhere in north carolina. virginia, maryland, new york city. the cone of uncertainty includes 75 million people who may have a hurricane by sunday and monday.
6:48 pm
for us benign weather. low pressure tracked farther north. the rainfall came up to the bay area from monterey bay and we saw rain in the bay area today. with the same players in the atmosphere until lunchtime tomorrow there will be some scattered showers overnight tonight and impacting your drive to work tomorrow until this guy moves out. high pressure builds in for two sunny days friday and saturday and then a new low pressure area dives in from the north. this guy will sit over northern and central california firing up rain and snow chances in the sierra and showers possible late sunday into monday next week. sunshine friday and saturday, tomorrow morning showers, afternoon sunshine. napa high 72. san francisco 66 degrees.
6:49 pm
friday and saturday sunny and warm 80s inland. then sunday here comes the cloud cover again and cooler temperatures and cooler than average from sunday through wednesday of next week. ,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
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i had visions of being live at at&t all week as the giants mounted a comeback. i know, ken. i know. there's always next year. [ laughter ] >> they were going to catch the dodgers but apparently clayton kershaw had other ideas. dodgers ace retired the final 19 batters he faced to cap off his one hit shutout the most dominant division clinching performance since mike scott tossed a no-hitter against the giants during the reagan administration. and while the gipper never had to deliver a concession speech, bochy gave his while the dodgers were popping champagne in the clubhouse. >> i told them how proud i was of them. all those go through, four concussions, three obliques and here we are in september 29th and finally got knocked out. i meaners this fought hard. >> barry zito makes his second start since being called up by the a's. scoreless in the third, he
6:53 pm
throws an 85-mile-per-hour fastball down the heart. mike trout gone 41st home run of the year for that man. but zito would bounce back. an inning ending double play. so he allowed four runs in two innings. a's ahead in the 7th inning. colin kaepernick is taking the heat for the 49ers being blown out in arizona but there's plenty of blame to go around. right about it on my blog right now at there's no denying that kaepernick had his worst performance as a pro last sunday. two career high four picks were returned for touchdowns. it was so bad, jim tomsula stopped calling passing plays for part of the first half just to try to settle down kaepernick. >> are you surprised by how many people seemed to be questioning your ability? >> that's not really something i'm concerned with. i have confidence in myself as
6:54 pm
far as as far as being able to help the team win. how i go about things isn't something i worry about. >> how do you subscribe the way you? >> feelings aren't going to help me women win. i'm focused on doing what i can to help this team win. >> now, as for the opposing quarterback at levi's stadium this sunday? >> how disappointed are you that you will not be a 49er? >> not as disappointed as the 49ers will be that they didn't draft me. >> aaron rodgers did his best to back up those words -- [ simultaneous speakers ] >> the reigning mvp is picking up where he left off this year. through three games he leads the nfl in touchdown passes, fewest interceptions. rodgers pumped the brakes on thinking about a second trip to levi's for the super bowl. >> just slow down a little bit, thankful for the, you know, the three wins and like to keep it going like this throughout
6:55 pm
the season. >> a lot of people say he is playing better than ever. i have looked at this guy for years. i don't know how he plays better than he ever played. he always played that good. clemson and notre dame this saturday the first meeting between them since jimmy carter was in the oval office. tickets are hard to come by even for the clemson head coach. >> it's just the way it is. i got people calling me i ain't talked to in 20 years. hey, man, got any tickets? i really want to come up this week. just me 5. i said i couldn't get jesus tickets. so -- [ laughter ] >> -- that's the truth! >> good night, that is a huge fish! ♪[ music ] >> wah, wah, wah,wah! wah! >> oh, my goodness! >> so cute. >> 4-year-old avery eden prairie minnesota, reeled in a
6:56 pm
20" bass. she used a par a barbie fishing pole. she started fishing when she was two and said fish love her. maybe you can be the catch of the day. send your pictures to this fan in new york missed three balls. the last one thrown to him by a ball boy! his girlfriend got quite a kick out of it. i don't think the guy had quite the time. you know, who cannot catch a ball thrown to them from four feet way? >> that guy. >> oh!! >> that was ken's ball. >> he did catch the girl, >> he did catch the girl, though. by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [applause and cheering] steve: how are y'all? how you doing? thank y'all very much. i appreciate that. thank y'all very much. thank y'all very much, now. wow. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. listen, we got a good one for you today. we got a family here returning for their fifth and final day, with a total of 41,560 bucks, from suwanee, georgia, it's the champs. it's the cox family. [applause and cheering] and from chicago, illinois, it's the siolidis family.
7:00 pm
[applause and cheering] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and remember, today, if the cox family wins today's game, they're driving out of here in a brand-new, state-of-the-art ford edge, right there, folks. [applause] let's go meet the siolidis family. hey, jen. jen: steve. [speaking spanish] steve: [speaking nonsense syllables] yeah. i don't know what you said, but i get with it. yeah. yeah. what do you for a living, jen? jen: i am a court reporter, stenographer. steve: oh. you sit there and do the... jen: yes. i can type up to 250 words a minute. [audience "oohs"] ha ha ha! steve: wouldn't have been no problem with me, 'cause all the times i went to court, i said as little as possible. [laughter and applause] how you doing, man? what do you do? >> i'm ilio, and i'd first like to say it's a great honor to meet you, because along with


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