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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  October 1, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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we're following breaking news. a gunman goes on a rampage at a small oregon community college. at least 10 people are dead and more than 20 are injured. good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. the shooting happened at umpqua
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community college in roseburg, oregon about 180 miles south of portland. roseburg has a population of about 2 2,000 people. about 3,000 students are enrolled at that community college and another 10,000-plus are part-timers. here's what else we know at this time. according to oregon state police at least 10 people are dead, more than 20 have been injured. the shooter is reported to be in custody. school is on lockdown with some students reported to be trapped inside the classrooms. here's what the responding fire department tweeted within the past hour. active shooter u cc please stay away. multiple casualties, all points transported. media requests are being handled by the douglas county major crimes. one student tweeted this. students running everywhere. holy god, and a minute later she wrote again, oh, my god, there's someone shooting on campus. we'll continue to follow this breaking story and bring you the latest coming up.
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women who got kicked off the napa valley wine train filed a lawsuit today. kpix 5's anne makovec has details on the claim of racial discrimination. reporter: >> in my wildest dreams never did i imagine that, um, our annual trip to napa would end up with us being kicked into a dirt lot in the hot sun to waiting police officers. >> reporter: members of the book club sis stas of the reading edge lined one tales of humiliation and a lawsuit filed in federal court. >> ready to get on the wine train. >> reporter: as you can see from their cell phone footage, things started out fine as the group of 11 was headed out on a three-hour tour of the napa valley wine train in august until they were told twice to quiet down and then were told they would be kicked off the train. >> i said what?! kick us off the train?! i can't believe this.
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and sure enough, that's what they did. >> reporter: katherine neil is 85 years old. linda carlson the only white woman in the group. >> we were singled out when we got on train. >> reporter: they were escorted through six cars with other guests and met outside with the saint helena police. >> that's the most humiliating experience in my life. >> reporter: made worse by comments posted on social media and news articles. two of the women believe it cost them their jobs. >> it's horrible. it really is. the things that have happened to us people don't think it is real but it absolutely is real. >> reporter: the napa valley wine train has apologized to the women. the business has been sold. but a spokesman said the napa valley wine train takes the allegations of discrimination very seriously. we are conducting our own
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investigation. the new owner is honored to continue to improve and build upon the napa valley wine train experience. the lawsuit seeks $11 million in damages, one million for each woman kicked off the train. in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> the company has hired a former fbi agent to lead its internal investigation. at the same time, the incident has spawned a hashtag on twitter called, quote, laughing while black. a three-alarm fire gutted a house in daly city this morning displacing five people. the fire started around 5:40 on knowles avenue. a tenant on the lower floor reportedly opened a door to the garage saw some black smoke. everyone who lived in the building did get out safely. firefighters put the main fire out by 8:00 and then continued checking the walls and the ceilings. >> the fire was knocked down but they are checking for hot spots. our firefighters are very careful to make sure there are none left. >> there may be some damage to
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the building next door. two firefighters are now hurt although it's not clear how seriously they are injured. the cause of the fire is under investigation. for the third month californians have met a mandate to save water during the drought. the state water board says californians reduced water use by nearly 27% in august. while good, july's numbers were better with a record 31% water savings. for june, july and august, the cumulative statewide savings rates was nearly 29%. one person killed today and flooding in south carolina. the storm linked to an approaching hurricane. it happened in spartanburg where several cars were submerged under water. hurricane joaquin is now bearing down on the bahamas and is likely to strengthen as it moves towards the u.s. officials say it's quickly becoming a category 4 storm, heavy rain is in the forecast for the carolinas to new england over the next few days. another round of rain in the bay area. julie watts is keeping an eye on our hi-def doppler.
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>> it's tapering off this midday. we are starting with a live look over san jose and you can see some blue skies, some breaks in the clouds there. [ chuckling ] >> hi-def doppler showing we definitely do still have some green on the screen on the radar. you can see most of the rain is pushed off to the east but if we zoom in over san francisco still a few cells, light showers passing through. we'll likely see unsettled weather for the remainder of the early afternoon. got your full forecast coming up in just a bit including your rain totals. not a lot but at least it was something. [ chuckling again ] bedbugs have invaded two public libraries in palo alto. kpix 5's mark sayre reports on how a problem now has the city inspectors at all the libraries. >> reporter: the doors were unlocked this morning at palo alto's rin canada branch after bedbugs were found. palo alto is inspecting all libraries with bedbug sniffing dogs since being notified of a problem that is week at the
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mitchell park bran >> customer told us they saw some on a chair. they informed staff, the staff informed me and we talked to the city and we decided to close the lie bay area in day just to be safe. >> reporter: tom lutz was the first through the door today and says he did not initially know why the library had been closed. >> well, i came here yesterday and the library was closed. and the sign said that there were going to be a delay -- but the library would be open today. >> reporter: last week palo alto closed the mitchell park branch where the bedbugs were first discovered. a pest control company treated the furniture and surgeon rounding surfaces at mitchell park over the weekend and here at rin canada over the past two days. howard says there's no way to know for sure how the bedbugs got into the libraries in the first place but there are some theories. >> since we found it on the furniture on a chair, it's likely brought in by somebody who is just sitting in that same seat all day long and so that's probably how it started.
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>> reporter: tomorrow palo alto plans to close the main downtown library to bring in bedbug sniffing dogs and complete the inspection of all of its city libraries. in palo alto, i'm mark sayre kpix 5. within the past hour a key leaf pitcher for the giants announced his retirement. jeremy affeldt has been with the giants since 2009 and part of a core of relievers that helped the team win three world series titles since 2010. and he is known for getting lots of ground ball out. up next, changes coming to millions of credit cards. why it could mean longer wait times in the checkout line. >> someone in the east bay just became an overnight millionaire. coming up, where a winning coming up, where a winning powerball ticket was sold. ,,,,,
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breaking news earlier in the newscast. at least 10 people are dead and more than 20 have been hurt in a shooting at a community college campus in oregon. the shooting happened at up q&a college in roseburg, oregon about 180 miles south of portland. here's what we know at this time. according to oregon state police at least 10 people are dead, more than 20 injured. the shooter is reportedly in custody. the school is on lockdown with some students reported to be trapped inside classrooms. there is about to be a new millionaire in antioch. the california lottery says someone matched five of six numbers after last night' powerball drawing sold at raley's. it's worth $1.7 million. this shell station in southwest michigan sold someone a winning powerball jackpot ticket worth $310 million. twitter cofounder jack dorsey is going to be named the
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company's permanent ceo today. that's according to rico. dorsey is currently the interim chief of the san francisco- based social media company and runs mobile payments company square. get ready for a change in the checkout line. a new antifraud chip is being put on credit cards to add an extra layer of security. starting october 1, fraud liability falls to whichever side has not yet made an upgrade to new technology. the bank or the retailer. this change consumers won't notice. >> they will still be reimbursed for any unauthorized transaction on their accounts so there's really no difference or change in liability as it relates to the consumer. >> reporter: another change? they will. millions of consumers are receiving new credit cards, chip cards, smart cards or emv cards already used in many other countries. the transition for the u.s. is big and matt schultz of says that's why it's likely to be slow. >> it's the biggest change in the way we have used credit cards in decades and people aren't ready yet.
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there's a lot of confusion out there. >> reporter: doug johnson of the american bankers association says that about 70% of cards will be chip-enabled by the end of 2015. but less than half of retail devices will equipped to handle them. so swiping will be an option for a while. >> you will still see the mag stripe, the magnetic stripe on the back of the card, so essentially, if the point of sale device has not been essentially refreshed and -- and brought new, um, with, um, the ability to read the chip, um, the point of sale device will be able to read the mag stripe. >> reporter: even after chip transactions become the norm, schultz says the same rules apply. >> consumers definitely still have to take the same precautions they have been taking for years even with this new chip card because the most important thing to remember is that nobody cares as much about your money as you do. >> reporter: that includes checking online statements and credit reports regularly. and when something looks suspicious, flag it to the card
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issuer. one of the biggest things you may notice that stores related to the change today long lines as people get used to a new way to pay getting through the line may take longer than normal. california is launching a ticket amnesty program to get suspended licenses back. during the last eight-year 4.2 million california drivers have lost their licenses because they couldn't afford to pay traffic ticket fines so the licenses were suspended. the new program offers reduced rates but doesn't sweep the records clean. >> you're still getting the point violations on the dmv record so you're still taking 30% insurance increase over the next 39 months that that point remains on your record. >> the program only applies to tickets due on or before january 1, 2013, depending on drivers income. fines could be reduced by 50 to 80%. the program does not apply to parking tickets or other major
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violations like reckless driving or dui. we are continuing to cover this breaking news in oregon, a mass shooting at umpqua community college. >> it's so concerning what's going on. how this happened. who this person was that came on to the campus. there are so many unanswered questions right now. >> a lot of questions and not many answers for sure. this map shows you umpqua community college. if you are just turning on your television and wondering what are they talking about, shootings this morning on the umpqua community college campus in roseburg. the ucc campus with 3,000 students and we understand thousands more part-timers who were there, taking classes of all sorts, the college has been there for quite some time. now, we are again hearing that the shooter is no longer
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active. we heard earlier but we don't know if he is dead. we don't know if the shooter is alive and has been caught. we have no information. but we do know from what we hear from the authorities that the shooter is no longer active. the shots were fired in snyder hall, the confirmation from state police in bill fugate is that there are 7 to 10 victims confirmed dead in the shoots in roseburg this morning and the latest numbers we have are that as many as 20 others were injured in those shootings. those numbers may change as we go through the day. and that's why we will spend a lot of time there were reporters on the scene to get the latest information to you. so keep your television on to kval and, of course, you can also go to we'll get the latest information up on our website for you so you can follow the information there, as well. again, the reportings that we
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are getting is multiple emergency services and police are on the scene. >> right. >> our reporters are there and we also have reporters going to the hospital so as we get more information we'll bring it to you immediately. >> you are just watching our affiliate kval in eugene, oregon talking about the mass shooting at umpquah community college. they said 7 to 10 people are dead. they said the shooter has been listed as not active but again we do know if of the shooter is alive or death dead. it's near portland, oregon. umpqua community college. >> we'll keep you updated as more details come in but for now let's check in with julie on our forecast. most of the rain has pushed off tories. we are looking at hi-def
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doppler. we'll likely see this throughout the morning. the showers have pushed off to the east. scattered showers from time to time. keem thekeep the umbrella with you. we'll get peeks of blue sky and clouds throughout the day today. rainfall totals not real impressive but we'll take what we can get. we are talking about .05" for san francisco, concord, san jose, oakland, .04" for hayward and .2" for mountain view. it was something. if you were driving around it may have seemed like it was more than it was in terms of totals. right now temperatures are mild. 69 in san jose. we are seeing breaks in the clouds and blue skies. but don't let that fool you. we could still see some stray showers from time to time. showers this afternoon and a brief warmup tomorrow friday
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and saturday. temperatures back up into the 80s. another chance of rain on sunday. even as early as late inside into sunday. we could see showers. the low onshore is keeping us unstable caterred showers throughout the day today but we'll definitely see some breaks in the clouds with scattered showers throughout the day. sunset tonight 6:53. sunrise tomorrow morning 7:06. high temperatures below average today. 77 fairfield. 77 concord. 68 san francisco. 63 pacifica. showers tapering off later today. tomorrow sunshine and temperatures in the 80s for friday and saturday, although chance of showers returns saturday into sunday on medicare fraud. the health care law gives us powerful tools to fight it. to investigate it prosecute it and stop criminals
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our senior medicare patrol volunteers are teaching seniors across the country to stop, spot and report fraud you can help guard your medicare card don't give out your card number over the phone call to report any suspected fraud we're cracking down on medicare fraud let's make medicare stronger for all of us
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we want to update you on the breaking news we have been following. >> a mass casualty shooting at a community college in oregon. this happening at umpqua college in roseburg about 180 miles south of portland. here's what we know according to oregon state police. 10 people are dead, more than 20 injured. the shooter is reportedly in custody. there is no longer a threat at the college. school is on lockdown though with some students trapped inside classrooms. >> these are photos from a local newspaper. you can see emergency responders transporting injured victims on stretchers to the hospital. there's also a crowd of people outside the campus building and it appears police are searching through bags and then a third
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photo, this shows the number of ambulances at the hospital. and, of course, we'll have the very latest on an "early edition" of kpix 5 news at 4:00. you can also check our website, >> we have the football game at 4:30 but much more coming up tonight at 4:00. that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. >> have a good afternoon, everybody. we'll see you again tomorrow morning. captions by: caption colorado
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