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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  October 2, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> tried to block the door keep the gunman from coming in, got shot three times, hits the floor, looks up at the gunman and says it's my son's birthday today, gets shot two more times. >> reporter: cheyenne and elissa clark are friends with a 19-year-old victim who is in surgery a second day for her injuri. >> she goes back for the first three days and this happens to her. [ crying ] >> just really messed up. >> reporter: counseling now being offered for all those affected in the community. now, as for the school itself, it was shut down today and initially school officials were hopeful that they may re-open to students at the start of next week but they are telling us now that the school will stay closed through all of next week. live in oregon, i'm chris martinez, veronica, back to you. >> this isn't the first time that school has seen a campus shooting. is that right? >> i'm sorry? >> i was asking whether or not this school has seen a campus shooting before as i recall i
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think back in 2006. are you familiar with that? >> reporter: yes, veronica. we have heard that and, in fact, that's part of why the debate over whether there should be an armed security guard has been debated at this school. it was discussed this week before this shooting happened and we are hearing from people that this is going to be discussed once people start to move on from this tragedy. >> all right, chris martinez live for us tonight in oregon. chris, we appreciate it. thanks. just so happened that today bay area principals and teachers got together to talk about what to do if a gunman comes on campus to their school starts shooting. kpix 5's devin fehely joined them and learned doing nothing is not an option. >> reporter: the message of the training was clear. if a gunman was roaming these hallways, the split-second decisions educators and students make might mean the difference between life and death. >> a lot of times when you're
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in a situation that's scary, you don't always know what you would do and so what he was saying is, think about it. make a decision. you know? if that's going to happen, how are you going to handle it? >> reporter: educators from across the bay area attended an active shooter training at mission hills middle school. it was planned long before yesterday's shooting rampage, provided a timely if tragic reminder of the dangers schools face. >> you like to think that everyone is good and that there's good in everyone. but you have to know that there's situations that arise whether it's due to mental health issues or others that you need to anticipate. >> reporter: organizers say they don't want educators or students to live in abject terror but they doesn't want them to be unprepared either. they say they need to have a plan and practice it long before they ever find themselves in that terrible situation. that doesn't necessarily mean engaging the shooter. it could be as simple as locking a door or barricading yourself inside a classroom and
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calling 911. >> we don't expect teacher to be rambo either. all teachers like all police officers are different. different capabilities. and different abilities. so what we teach is specific things they can do. >> reporter: the best advice for a bad situation that you hope never to have to use. devin fehely, kpix 5. >> homeland security gave a grant for this seminar. there will be another meeting this month. we looked at the fire power on the streets of oakland. fbi agents and police raided this home in west oakland. inside, they found three semi- automatic rifles, a 100 round ammunition drum and more than a pound of marijuana. they arrested five suspected gang members. a neighbor says the neighborhood is usually pretty mellow. >> it's never been any break- ins or trouble. and so it's a community. so if people are -- people know you, you don't get into trouble.
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>> raids were carried out in antioch, vallejo and sacramento today part of "operation cease- fire." tonight for the first time we are hearing from people know the 16-year-old benicia boy arrested for killing his family at their cabin in the sierra foothills. da lin is near the crime scene with el dorado county. >> reporter: the fbi and sheriff's department locked the gate to stop people from going to the cabin down the road. prosecutors will charge the 16- year-old suspect as an adult. the big question now, what was the motive? the arrest of 16-year-old nolan buchanan shocked people in his hometown of benicia. >> a lot of people didn't want to believe it when it came out. pretty shocking. >> reporter: and the small town near the family cabin. >> it's sad to see that his life is pretty much going to be over, as well. >> reporter: people who knew him say he was a well liked kid and a model citizen. but detectives took nolan out
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of class yesterday and arrested him at benicia high school. >> he has been fine almost like nothing hand and really it was odd. >> reporter: investigators say nolan killed his father adam, his father's girlfriend molly mcafee, and his 7-year-old half- brother, gavin. prosecutors believe he shot them with a .22-caliber rifle at the cabin and tried to destroy the evidence by burning the cabin down. >> there was a little bit of fear in -- and anxiety in the air. >> reporter: with the arrest, fear has now turned to curiousty. >> something just as simple as jealousy, you know, or feeling left out or neglected on some level. >> reporter: no one knows why and detectives aren't releasing a motive. >> if he did it, if he killed that woman and boy, i think he needs to -- i don't care how old he is. i think he needs to pay for it. >> reporter: the detectives say the suspect told them he wasn't here at the cabin at the time of the killing.
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but they say they have evidence suggesting he was here during that killing. and they say his story didn't add up. live in el dorado county, i'm da lin, kpix 5. an optometrist office in castro valley closed after a car plowed into the building. kpix 5's anne makovec with more on the wild ride. >> reporter: looking at the mess of torn metal and glass, it clearly won't be business as usual at this optometrist office for some time. a woman's car careened into the front waiting room. no one was waiting there yet. it was just after 7 a.m. >> from what we got from witnesses she was driving fast. >> reporter: she tried to make a right turn on to castro valley boulevard but instead hit a pole, a utility box and ran over the center median. >> at which time we believe she overturned and went into the building. >> reporter: landing on her roof hanging by her seatbelt. >> she was conscious. she had a pulse and was
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responsive. >> reporter: power and traffic signals were cut for the morning. >> scary. >> reporter: as nearby business owners began to arrive at work. >> lucky not happen to me. >> reporter: why the woman may have been speeding and lost control is still under investigation. >> could be caused by impaired drivers, by someone who is reckless driving or by someone maybe having a medical issue at the whole. >> reporter: the damage to the building is extensive. the owner said it's a lot. they spent a large part of the day canceling appointments for the near future. in castro valley anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> the injured driver was taken to the hospital with major injuries. we just spoke with the chp and they are still investigating what caused the crash. other bay area headlines, this afternoon hazmat teams called to a nitrogen leak near the apple campus. the building on bandly drive was evacuated about 7 a.m. it's owned by apple but not on
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the campus. no one was hurt. everyone was back inside about an hour later. in san jose, a gas main break closed a busy intersection and prompted a brief evacuation. this happened in meridien and minnesota streets just before 11 a.m. pg&e says the contractor hit the three inch line. fire crews evacuated some people in the area. crews were able to cap that leak about an hour later. san francisco restaurant famous for its late night cheap eats and, um, well, kind of surly service is making a comeback. sam wo had to shut its doors for 2012 for health code violations. the 100-year-old restaurant reopens on clay street a little later this month. and as is tradition, they are open late until 4 a.m. a container ship and its crew are missing tonight after getting hit by hurricane joaquin. the u.s. flagship sent out a distress signal yesterday near the bahamas. the coast guard says it is unable to find the ship or make
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contact with it. the crew includes 28 americans. here's a look at hurricane joaquin churning northward as captured from space. the category 4 storm was captured from the international space station. and as the storm continues to pound the bahamas, the threat here in the u.s. is lessening. cbs correspondent weijia jang is live for us in kitty hawk. weijia. >> reporter: veronica, that is true. but all day long we have been slammed with strong winds and heavy rain and this might just be a small preview of what's to come. the carolinas expected to take the brunt of joaquin's impact on the u.s. creating a dangerous situation over the next several days. the waves are crashing on virginia beach as a powerful rainstorm makes its way up the east coast but forecasters say the conditions won't be as bad as they could have been now that hurricane joaquin is not threatening a direct hit in the u.s. >> almost all the models in
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good agreement now. it's a northward movement well away from the east u.s. coast. only chances of land bermuda or possibly nova scotia. >> reporter: the category 4 hurricane is whipping the central and eastern bahamas for the second straight day. moisture from the storm is causing the heavy rainfall along the east coast. streets are flooding in ocean city maryland. on the jersey shore bulldozers created sand piles to act as barriers just in case. >> we are not getting the amount of rain that we thought initially we were going to get which is good news from a flooding perspective. >> reporter: here in north carolina, the main concern is coastal erosion. you can see how powerful storm surges could wash away what's left of the beach barrier even though it's lined with massive sandbags. >> no one wants the beach to wash away. no one wants these restaurants behind it to flood out. >> reporter: the flooding could continue through the weekend. folks here in the outer banks
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got some good news today. officials decided an evacuation order is not necessary. but they certainly are taking a lot of precautions against severe flooding. live in kill devil hills, north carolina, weijia jang kpix 5. the taliban claims credit for a crash of a military transport plane that killed 14 people including six americans. that plane like this one went down at an airbase in afghanistan. it was carrying u.s. military service members and civilian contractors. the pentagon dismisses the claims of a terrorist attack but says the cause is under investigation. the u.s. education secretary arne duncan is resigning. president obama said today he is reluctantly accepting duncan's resignation after 7 years. that makes duncan one of the president's longest serving cabinet members. he said he is leaving at a time when high school graduation rates are at an all-time high. >> arnie has done more to bring our educational system
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sometimes kicking and screaming into the 21st century than anybody else. >> duncan in turn thanked the president for enabling him to make reforms. the president has asked duncan's deputy john king, jr. to take over the department when duncan leaves in december. why is homeland security targeting the mayor of stockton? it's happened again. what the mayor speculates is behind all this sudden scrutiny. >> and they survived the "valley fire" thanks to one man's commitment. meet the man who is taking care of the four-legged victim. >> sunshine is back for your friday. but guess what? there's more rain in your seven- day forecast. find out when the showers are making a return coming up. >> and a restaurant worker assaulted in the most bizarre way. the stra,,,,,,,,
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the mayor of security stockton was detained by
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homeland security and they took his electronics even demanding his passwords. mayor anthony silva was coming back from a mayor's conference in china. he said they didn't present a search warrant saying it was routine to confiscate personal property. the mayor says he watched them approach other people of color. quote, as i was being searched at the airport, there was a latino couple to my left and an asian couple to my right also being aggressively searched, end quote. homeland security officials have declined to comment. it's taken almost a month but tonight firefighters have finally crushed the "butte fire" in the foothills east of stockton. cal fire says it is now officially 100% contained. the "butte fire" killed two people destroying almost 500 homes. it burned nearly 111 square miles of calaveras and amador counties. in lake county the "valley fire" is still burning. 90% contained, though, tonight.
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but only after destroying 1300 homes four people there lost their lives. lake county will need years to recover. many people lost everything. tonight, emily turner shows us a veterinarian is going above and beyond to make sure that when it comes to their pets, people don't have to worry. >> reporter: after treating hundreds of areas they can start to run together -- hundreds of pets after the "valley fire," they start to run together. but not for this man who owns middletown veterinary hospital one of the few buildings that weren't destroyed. he is answering the call for help from the community doing it all for free. >> when we lost everything, we lost money, we don't have -- hard to take care our animals. >> reporter: she lost her house and all but one of her dogs in the fire. that dog's treatments are free. the meds are free. its food is free. dr. smith is not only treating animals pro bono, he is running
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a donation center for families to get food and supplies for the animals. >> i think that when you have that pet there's some kind of solace or feeling of compassion, unconditional love, that you get from them that helps you get through, you know, the loss of these physical things that, you know, hopefully for the most part you can replace. >> reporter: it's a noble cause but not cheap. he still has to pay his staff, buy meds and keep the hospital up and running. >> this couldn't put you out the business, could it? >> well, i guess that's anybody's guess. >> reporter: to make sure that doesn't happen and this continues to happen, he started a "go fund me" account to keep his doors open and continue caring for animals. >> i don't have money to feed them and then i see them there helping everyone and it was amazing for me. it was like, uhm, opens my heart. it was one less thing on my heart to worry about it. >> for those of how are interested in donating to that "go fund me" account, we have
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the information and the link at then coming up tonight at 6:00 i have another story about more animals that also need help. they have survived the fire but unfortunately, you guys, they may not survive the shelterer in now. >> so a good callout for people who can help. you see the images, people can help that vet. >> they need that help. >> thank you, emily. tens of thousands of people are descending on golden gate park this weekend for the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. ♪[ music ] it began today featuring 100 musical acts on 7 stages. some of the performers include emmylou harris, indigo girls and los lobos. this is the event going on right now live from chopper 5. >> wow, woodstock! >> in addition to all that
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music, there's going to be 50 food vendors selling everything from pizza slices to tamales to veggie wraps and it ends sunday night. in case you want to catch i, it's free. >> when are the people showing up? >> whoo! [ laughter >> now you know why traffic is bad in the city. weather couldn't be more perfect but we have another low pressure area another rain chance. >> wahoo! ken is happy. hopefully you are, too. 85 in livermore. 75 in oakland. we have actually dropped to 65 in san francisco but still comfortable with sunshine. san jose 77. san bruno 69 degrees. tgif, the weekend is here. tomorrow morning's temperature in your town pick the one closest to you: >> changes this weekend with a new low pressure area. one change will be the wind
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tomorrow night through sunday morning. especially in the hire elevations above 1,000 feet in the north bay. we can see sustained winds 30 or 40 miles per hour that's a strong breeze meaning isolated downed trees so a wind advisory in effect for the north bay hills tomorrow night. the breeze will impact the sonoma county harvest fair where the super bowl trophies will be this weekend. saturday and sunday in santa rosa. dry for most of the weekend but a shower chance early on sunday. so i mentioned two things that are change. we increase the wind and the shower chances coming back. this low pressure area right here is not coming back. that's the guy that gave us a few isolated thunderstorms yesterday. it's now over salt lake city, utah. so what's next? we have this ridge keeping us dry but notice the center is well offshore. a different low pressure is going to slide down the coastline and arrive in the bay area on sunday morning. tomorrow still the ridge in effect. it's still going to begin to retreat but it's close enough to give us mainly dry sunny day. if you liked today, tomorrow will be the same. sunday though different. it will be cooler.
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it will be cloudier. it will be breezier with rain showers over sunday morning. if you are heading to disney this weekend it could be raining steadily sunday into monday into southern california. they need the rainfall, too. clear right now, fog at the coast. tomorrow nicer of the two weekend days but this is nice as well. a chance of showers late saturday night into early sunday and everybody gets breezy as that low passes overhead the second half of the weekend. temperatures tomorrow a couple of degrees cooler but close to average. 80 degrees for san jose. fremont you hit 75. redwood city 74. half moon bay 65 degrees. san ramon tomorrow 77. pittsburg 82 with sunshine. benicia 80. breezy tomorrow evening. upper 60s in san francisco. petaluma 79. windsor tomorrow 81 degrees. sunday whole different ballgame cooler cloudier chance of showers and breezy and even though we'll get sunshine for next week we'll stay cool with 60s at the beach and 70s near the bay. >> that's cool. >> how excited. >> after five months of dry, dry, dry followed by dry, it is
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-- >> five years. >> well, yeah. that, too. >> yeah. >> it's time for a change. >> it is. >> thank you, paul. a birthday present with a bang. >> a surprising discovery inside a box from toys 'r us. and it wasn't what mom ordered. ,,,,
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a virginia mom thought she was ordering her son a toy for his birthday and instead she got ammunition. jasmine stevenson says inside the box from ties are us she found 800 rounds of nine- millimeter bullets. she says she called the company and they told her to send it on back. they blamed a shipping mix-up and they are looking into it. a hot temper and hot soup leave a restaurant worker with minor burns. a customer is caught on camera hurling hot soup at a server at a springfield, missouri cafe. the woman was angry over the size of the soup she ordered. when the waitress explained there's only one size, the customer got even more angry and flung the hot liquid at the waitress who was not hurt. the customer may be charged with assault. and in today's bay area job
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market report, cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger has tips for a career in customer service. >> reporter: next week is customer service week a time to celebrate the many unsung heroes of the workforce. as the front line of companies these workers are vital to almost every organization because they handle customer complaints, process orders and provide information about products and services. customer service reps are employed in nearly every sector of the economy and here in california, they earn a mean wage of nearly $40,000. but for high performers in industries like cable companies, insurance carriers and professional scientific and technical services, income can rise to above $60,000. 20% of customer service reps work part time allowing them to earn money while working towards a college degree or juggling family responsibilities. hr professionals say time spent in customer service honing listening skills and patience
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and resolving issues in a variety of ways could lead a position as a sales rep where you could earn more. i'm ji,,,,
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coming up tonight at 6:00, resting in pieces. a bay area cemetery trashed. the tombs unearthed. it's teens that are causing this mess. why the church can only sit back and watch it happen coming up. thank you for watching. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> remember, more local news right back here at 6 p.m. we'll see you then. captions by: caption colorado ,,,
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>> pelley: roseberg remembers the victims of the college massacre. >> we have been trying to figure out how to tell everyone how amazing lucas was, but that would take 18 years. >> pelley: also tonight, how do we stop the killing? we'll listen to voices against violence. >> the president ought to take full charge and do whatever is necessary to protect the lives of united states citizens. >> pelley: the search for 28 americans lost at sea in hurricane joaquin. and the latest on where that storm is headed. and steve hartman takes us for a ride on the gravy train. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition.


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