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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  October 2, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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have these two arrests like we did today add the other ones you have the makings of a crisis with the santa clara county main jail. this would bring to five the total number of correctional deputies that have been placed under arrest in the past month add to that another three that have been placed on administrative leave for other purposes. the two arrests today the most serious was ryan sanders. he is accused of illegally accessing a criminal database. sources tell me that mr. saunders does have ties to a criminal street gang the hell's angels although there's no evidence, stress that at this point, no evidence that he was accessing this information and turning it over to the hell's angels. here's what the sheriff's department had to say on that today. >> it's a criminal database with personal and information concerning arrests, um, our investigation led us to believe that correctional deputy ryan
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saunders had access the that database and had no lawful reason to do so. >> reporter: mr. saunders is being charged with several misdemeanor charges as a result of this arrest today. the other deputy that was placed under arrest is mark navaretti accused of felonies arising out of a workers' comp. claim. apparently he had injured himself playing softball and tried to claim that he injured himself on the job. he had been under investigation for months. both deputies will be on administrative leave since september 17. live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> len, it seems like we're hearing about these investigations and arrests almost every day. what can we expect and what's going on down there? >> reporter: what's happening is that there appears to be a major housecleaning going on with the correctional deputies over at the main jail. now, as i mentioned before this
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brings to 5 the total number that have been arrested including three that were arrested for homicide last month. then you add these two in so there's five that are under arrest at this point that have been arrested and facing very serious charges three more have been placed on administrative leave for various other infractions. and investigations are ongoing. i mentioned yesterday that the fbi is coming in to launch an investigation here into yet another accusation of wrongdoing by a deputy. an abuse case. so we don't have any more details on that. we'll hear more of this coming out in the future. >> len ramirez live in san jose, len, we appreciate it. thanks. just when you think you have heard it all we have discovered a cemetery that has been totally trashed. tombstones knocked over, even some of the graves unearthed. new at 6:00, kpix 5's cate caugiran learned the time of year may have a lot to do with
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why this place has been destroyed. cate. >> reporter: that's right, ken. we are told the problem is worse during halloween so right now, neighbors want a solution. the church that manages this cemetery needs resources because what's going on here at st. catherine's has been going on for far too long. >> it's not good at all. >> not too good. that's disrespectsful. >> reporter: in place of flowers broken glass. this tomb is in pieces. >> they just need to realize that these people are here for a reason and they need to respect that. >> reporter: perched on a steep hillside st. katherine st. catherine of siena cemetery. imagine finding headstones knocked over. not only that, tombs unearthed desecrated broken into pieces! and neighbors in the area tell
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me this has been going on here for years. martinez police say they don't know who is causing this mess but neighbors say it's teenagers. >> kids go in there and they drink and they do whatever kids do but they don't have any respect for the dead. >> just something to do. bored. and out there just to do stuff. >> reporter: st. catherine's says they are aware of the vandalism but the parish doesn't have money to police the area. only one volunteered to keep up the grounds. the rest falls on the families of those buried here. if what you saw was bad, one neighbor told me that a teen admitted to him that he dug up graves to see bodies just because he was curious. in martinez, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> the church says the cemetery gets hit hardest around halloween. so they have hired some private security to keep watch. across northern california today, the feds and local law enforcement went after suspected gang members. the raids happened in
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sacramento, vallejo and antioch and oakland. in oakland, officers recovered three semi-automatic rifles, a 100-round ammunition drum and more than a pound of marijuana from a house in west oakland a block from mcclymonds high school. in all five people were arrested including one in oakland. new at 6:00 a san jose man is under arrest tonight accused of robbing a woman and then dragging her down the street with his car. police say timothy williams swiped the victim's purse out of her parked car yesterday on turn bridgeway. when the victim saw what happened, she tried to grab her purse back out of the car. and he took off dragging her nearly 300 feet. >> no one else in their right mind would do that. that's insane. >> the 50-year-old victim had serious injuries but is expected to survive. police say witnesses helped catch williams by getting the car's license plate. he was tracked down by a s.w.a.t. team hours later. one witness says the victim was doing an errand for her church
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at the time. new at 6:00 thousands of people who work in san jose thought they would be getting a raise on january 1 but just found out they won't be. it's all because of gas prices. maria medina joins us now with the explanation. what's happening? >> reporter: veronica, this is all based on an ordinance that was passed a couple of years ago. so next year, the minimum wage will stay the same at $10.30 and some say that's unfair. how do you live on $10.30 an hour? >> stretch it out. it's hard. >> reporter: she struggles to make ends meet from her san jose fast food joint. >> i'm a cook. >> reporter: sometimes she can't pay her bills and emma is a mother of four. >> it's loans, extra hours, extra shifts. pulling ends here and there to do what you got to do just to make ends meet. >> reporter: now she has
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learned her minimum wage pay won't go up. voters passed an ordinance two years ago that allows for a jump in minimum wage if the consumer price index goes up. but in the last 12 months, the cpi went down when gas prices took a drop in august. although emma lives in one of the most expensive cities in the country, the cpi is a university city average. >> do you think that's fair? >> no, it's not fair. it's getting harder and harder. minimum wage is just not going to cut it anymore. >> the mechanical operations the existing ordinance is not helping. >> reporter: mayor sam liccardo says the ordinance isn't working. he wants to see an increase in minimum wage throughout santa clara county. >> there's no question that the minimum wage at its current level is not enough to enable anyone to survive in this valley. >> reporter: for thousands like emma, every penny counts when you're making minimum wage. she says any increase in pay would help. >> it would help. it would help. it would extremely help not only me as a single mother but
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a lot of people it would help. >> reporter: and the mayor's working with other mayors to try to get the minimum wage to jump throughout santa clara county. this is the first time since the ordinance was passed that the minimum wage has not gone up. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. >> the minimum wage will remain at $10.30 an hour. well, apple is scooping up more silicon valley real estate in an unprecedented expansion. its latest real estate deal a massive complex in sunnyvale housing 4,000 workers. the campus at central expressway and wolfe road will have a curvy outline and is keeping with the look of the spaceship campus. today chopper 5 saw the progress on the cupertino building that will become apple's main headquarters. it's a few miles away from the sunnyvale complex. and 12,000 employees are set to move in next year. rounding out that land grab apple just secured a major
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campus in north san jose near the airport. combined with a previous purchase, apple would have room for 18,000 workers in north san jose. new at 6:00 a look at the bay area's newest mass transit system. the smart train and tonight for the first time we are going to take you along for the ride. jeffrey schaub takes us on board and jeffrey, this has been a long time coming. >> reporter: concern, i first started covering this story in the 1980s. i covered it a number of times here when i was at channel 5. and nobody thought this was going to happen. it was just going to be impossible. well, they started doing test runs on the tracks. so it really is happening. [ horn ] >> reporter: for the first time in half a century, people in sonoma and marin counties will be able to travel by rail. >> really smart as it provides transportation alternative to people who are commuting to work who have to suffer through
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pretty intense congestion on a daily basis. >> reporter: the sleek state-of- the-art two-car train also travel up to 79 miles an hour. >> smart is using -- these are multiple units. they are a lot like a light rail train like bart but they are bigger and heavier and carry more people. >> reporter: for three years, smart has been laying tracks redesigning crossings, building new bridges and now testing the trains. smart trains will operate at ten stations from the sonoma county airport in santa rosa through rohnert park, petaluma, novato, san rafael, and with later extensions to cloverdale and the larkspur ferry terminal. the trains will run every 30 minutes in both directions during rush hour. and the trip between the sonoma airport in san rafael just over an hour. smart cars are also equipped
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with technology called positive train control. >> what that requires is that we prevent derailments in curves from trains going too fast that we prevent trains from running into each other and that we keep trains at low speeds in work zones. >> reporter: each railcar features power outlets and wi- fi, cushioned seatings with tables. here's something you won't find on bart or caltrain, a real snack bar. >> would you like a coffee? >> i would love it! you can have that on the way in. and in the afternoon -- >> how about a doled cold beer? >> sounds great. >> reporter: and then there's the view. vineyards and rolling hills. something you might not find on a highway. well, guys, i got to tell you that this is all supposed to go into service in late 2016. and we're told there are going to be celebrations up and down the lane. >> you have been working this story since the '80s and marin,
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sonoma, they don't have bart. so this was more than smart to get this going but why did it take so long? >> they got money five years ago a tax initiative and they tried several times before that but couldn't get the dough. >> they serve peanuts with that beer or -- >> yeah. you're going to be able to get that, too. >> yeah. >> sounds good. jeff, good to see you again. >> thanks. well, they survived a "valley fire" but now these lost or abandon tests are up against the clock. the deadline to save them from a grim fate. one minute he is in school the next arrested for killing his family in their sierra cabin. tonight you will hear from some shocked classmates who call the teen a model citizen. >> and a california community desperate for water. but believe it or not they are dreading el nino. why a downpour could actually make things worse. >> nothing but sunshine in the bay area today. pretty big change from the isolated thunderstorms that we had this time yesterday. but there is a new rain chance
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the "valley fire" in lake county may be history but many animals are still separated from their owners stuck in shelters. the clock is ticking fast for people to pick up their pets. emily turner reports. >> at first she couldn't eat because of how here's she was around the muzzle. >> reporter: these faces are enough to break your heart but the fate is even more depressing. after these animals survived the "valley fire," there's the possibility they might not survive lake county animal control. >> that's what i thought too is that they are here for so long and no one claims them that they are going to either get rid of, adopt them out.
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i didn't want that to happen. >> reporter: crystal huggins made sure she claimed her dog killer after the fire but if she hadn't, he would have faced the same deadline as these dogs and cats. they have until october 17 to be claimed or they go into the regular system like any other animal to be adopted or euthanized. >> everything is going to be done working with the other organizations to try to make sure all these animals get re- homed. >> reporter: but the lake county animal shelter has a 46% kill rate so out of 50 dogs, 30 cats and livestock, almost half of them will die if they go unclaimed. lake county has already started working to avoid that but the clock is ticking for these four- legged survivors. >> it's bad because it's like why do you have a pet if you are not going to look for it if you are not going to, like, look for it after the fire after, like, a disaster or something and your pet is going to get killed and adopted away like you don't care, like, it's
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really depressing. >> reporter: i have spoken to groups to try to keep these animals alive. emily turner, kpix 5. in castro valley, a chaotic scene at an eye doctor office. check this out. a woman crashes her car right into the waiting room. the accident happened just after 7 a.m. off castro valley boulevard. chp says the driver sheared a light pole during a turn hit a utility box before flipping the car over and then on the roof running it into the office. the building was closed at the time. officers say the woman was taken to eden medical center with major injuries. the latest drought report is out and california's status hasn't changed despite some rain this week. that dark red shows nearly half of the state is in exceptional drought. the most intense level. and tonight we have a reminder that el nino isn't necessarily a solution and could even present some problems.
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all year we have been following the water struggles around lagrange, california, a community right in between two large lakes yet struggling for water. first, the drought left water levels dangerously low. and when they went drilling for relief, some of the ground water turned out to be salty. it's not getting easier. as wilson walker shows us the next problem could be the rain. >> i don't know. it's apocalyptic. it's just crazy. >> reporter: even after four years of drought, the pictures are still kind of unbelievable. >> it's dramatic and it's just empty right now. >> reporter: here on lake mcclure people have been chasing the drought downhill well past the intake filthers that were left high and dry about two years ago. >> we connect it up with pipes and cables. >> reporter: there's another problem looming over this
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troubled lake courtesy of the same thing that could provide relief el nino. >> if we have a huge amount of rain it's going to wash an amazing amount of dirt and silt and debris into the water really quickly. >> reporter: the drought hasn't just left us with less water. the exposed soil surrounding this lake has been so dry, so sun baked for so long, it's hardly even soil at all. >> it turns to this powder that is it's so light that it becomes airborne in an instant. all you have to do is drive by it. this is a very, very fine particulate matter. >> reporter: add just one serious downpour and that dust will turn this reservoir into a giant mud puddle clogging equipment and leaving people here with a full lake that provides virtually no water. >> it makes it virtually impossible to treat the water. it's like trying to chlorinate a dirty pool. >> reporter: that's something we keep coming back to with el nino. not as simple as yes or no rain
6:20 pm
or shine. more of an equation with variables. for our reservoirs, as to how much rain we are going to get, when is it going to get here and how hard is that rain going to fall? >> give it a drink. let it soak it up a little bit and then ask it if it's okay to take on more. >> reporter: another lesson in how bad things are gotten even el nino delivers a wet winter four years of drought may continue to haunt us from the ground beneath our feet. >> we want this lake full but at the same time we want mother nature to be reasonable in the way she delivers el nino. >> reporter: on lake mcclure, wilson walker, kpix 5. >> yeah. it's another reminder that we are not in control. you better sit down and get what you can get. >> we talk about average rainfall. how often does average rainfall actually happen? average is usually a drought followed by a flood you divide by two and somehow get this number we can't acquire and the problem is now we may make up a lot of the drought over the next couple of months but it might be too much for some
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locations. what are we asking for here? we want some rain. and el nino says historically that the strong el nino we'll get rainfall but in some parts of california too much rain too quickly may turn out to be a problem but we have dug ourselves such a hole we need as much rain as we can get preferably slowly throughout the entire winter. we'll see. it's only october 2. today was warm. rain is gone, sunshine is back. 88 livermore. concord 86. san jose 81. we are at 74 in san francisco. lots going on this weekend. hardly strictly bluegrass festival already happening. it will continue tomorrow and sunday. a little breezy sunday and a 30% chance of a shower sunday morning. then we have the 49ers game coming up. they are hosting -- they got the game sunday evening at 1:25 hosting the green bay packers. aaron rodgers who the 9ers didn't draft.
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lots going on. things changing rapidly in the weather. our low is now over utah. the next area is over western washington and will dive down toward us tomorrow. not arriving. tomorrow we still have the ridge of high pressure but this guy is going to sneak out and then on sunday here comes the low. you wake up sunday morning cloudier, cooler, breezy, with a slight chance of a rain shower. so two different types of when it weekend. sunny and calm tomorrow. sunday it's going to be cooler and breezy with a chance of showers. santa rosa 82. san francisco 69 degrees. slight chance of a sunday morning shower but it's going to be windy. hold on to your hat kind of weather. next week we calm down 80s inland 70s near the bay but we are talking about a rain chance. seemed like for half the year we had nothing. a little this week, a little bit this weekend. we are walking our way toward the rainy season. >> guys at the reservoir feeling good about that. >> everything in moderation.
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>> thank you. golden gate park hopping tonight with the sounds of bluegrass and wedding bells. you meet the couples who planned their big day around this music festival. >> what is that you're doing? dancing? >> bluegrass. >> i couldn't tell. >> they already played their swan song in sold-out concerts but could the dead be headlining super bowl 50? the petition gaining steam. ,,,,
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6:25 pm
nearly a million people jamming into golden gate park this weekend for the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. pictures chopper 5 show thousands and thousands -- that's a stage right there. but thousands of people enjoying the music right now. there they are. there is extra muni service all weekend long and if you want to ride your bike, there will be places to park it and lock it up, please. this is the 15th year that organizers have put on this free music festival. ♪[ music ] >> kind of bluegrassy. 100 musical acts will be
6:26 pm
performing on seven stages including emmylou harris, los lobos, and the indigo girls. for many the festival is tradition. we found one couple today who planned their day around the event. ♪[ music ] >> me and her just got married on monday. so we kind of planned it around hardly strictly. we love it because it's free. it's beautiful music. beautiful people. >> beautiful, man. there will also be food vendors of course but no camping is allowed. the only downside, traffic. well, you know, san francisco. the festival runs through sunday night. and speaking of music, how does a super bowl halftime show featuring the grateful dead sound? deadheads have started a petition calling for the dead to provide the entertainment at the big game in santa clara next february. among the reasons, the band got its start only about an hour away in san francisco. so far the petition has about
6:27 pm
13,000 signatures on it. >> just in case you want to sign. >> that would be fun. coming up in the next half- hour, some new insight into the gunman who opened fire on an oregon community college. what a letter that he left behind is revealing about a possible motive. >> plus bay area schools are asking, what if it happens here? the simple strategies that could mean the difference between life or death. >> and a 16-year-old charged with shooting his family in their
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jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans
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and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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our top stories tonight, a cemetery in martinez totally trashed. vandals have been knocking overhead stones unearthing the tombs and leaving behind scattered glass at st. catherine's of siena. the church says it doesn't have the money to police the cemetery. san jose city officials will not be raising the minimum wage because of low gas prices. the minimum wage reflects the consumer price index. officials say because of low gas prices, the cost of living has not increased. the gunman in the oregon
6:31 pm
school shooting left behind a note and a cache of weapons in his apartment. police say he targeted christians. we are learning more about who the victims are. cbs reporter chris martinez has the latest from roseburg, oregon, chris. >> reporter: ken, we are also learning new details tonight about the shooter including that he was himself a student at this school and enrolled in the class with those victims where the shooting happened. toes victims including a professor, a mom, and three teenagers. >> the victims are lucero alvarez. >> reporter: the douglas county sheriff recited publicly for the first time the names of the dead in the umpqua community college shooting rampage. they range from 18 to 67 years old. >> rebecca ann carnes. >> reporter: a state police sergeant read a statement from the family of 18-year-old lucas eibel. >> we have been trying to figure out how to tell everyone how amazing lucas was.
6:32 pm
but that would take 18 years. >> reporter: shooter chris harper mercer killed nine people and wounded 9 others. cbs news has learned he left a note several pages long suggesting he may have been depressed and angry. some of the surviving victims are recovering here at mercy medical center. three of the most seriously hurt were taken to a hospital in eugene. >> reporter: there's a "go fund me" page for chris mintz. >> he was shot three times, hits the floor, tried to keep the gunman from coming into the room, he says it's my son's birthday today and he shot him two more times. >> reporter: cheyenne and elissa are friends with a 19- year-old victim in surgery a second day for her injuries. >> she goes back her like first three days and this happens to her. just really messed up. [ crying ] >> reporter: counseling is now being offered for all those affected in the community. initially school officials were hoping to re-open the school to student at the beginning of
6:33 pm
next week but they now tell us they will keep this school closed and cancel all classes through all of next week. they say in part, that's because they just need more time to heal. in roseburg, oregon, chris martinez, back to you. today bay area principals and teachessers talked about what to do if a gunman came to their schools and started shooting. this exercise took place in mission hills middle school in union city. the plan doesn't mean engaging the shooter. it could be as simple as locking a door or students barricading in a classroom. the message was strong. split second decisions could be the difference between living and dying. >> a lot of times when you're in a scary situation you don't always know what you would do and so what he was saying, think about it. make a decision. if that's going to happen, how are you going to handle it? >> today's seminar was possible thanks to a homeland security grant and there will be a follow-up meeting later this
6:34 pm
month. a teen is behind bars tonight accused of murdering his family. da lin went to el dorado county to talk to the community that knows him. >> reporter: at rest of 16-year- old nolan buchanan shocked people in his hometown of benicia. >> a lot people didn't want to choose to believe it but when it came out -- pretty shocking to everybody. >> reporter: the small town of cool near the family cabin. >> it's sad to see that his life is pretty much going to be over, as well. >> reporter: people who knew him say he was a well liked kid and a model citizen. but detectives took nolan out of class yesterday and arrested him at benicia high school. >> he is just really been acting fine almost like nothing happened. and odd really. it was odd to see that. >> reporter: investigators say nolan killed his father adam. his father's fiancee molly mcafee and his 7-year-old half- brother gavin, also. prosecutors say he shot them with a .22-caliber rifle at the
6:35 pm
cabin and tried to destroy evidence by burning the cabin down. >> there was fear and anxiety in the air. >> reporter: with the arrest, fear has now turned to curiosity. >> something just as simple as jealousy, you know, or feeling left out or neglected on some level. >> reporter: no one knows why. and the detectives aren't releasing a motive. >> if he did, if he killed that mom and the boy, then i think needs to -- i don't care how old he is, i think he needs to pay for it. >> reporter: detectives say the suspect told them he wasn't here at the time of the killing but they have evidence saying he was here and his story didn't add up. in el dorado county, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> law enforcement officials say he will be tried as an adult. a container ship and crew are in trouble tonight after getting hit by hurricane joaquin. the u.s. flagship el faro sent out a distress signal yesterday near the bahamas. the coast guard says it has been unable to find the 700-
6:36 pm
foot ship or make contact. the crew includes 28 americans. the apple watch may not be the only wearable gadget to get your hands on. tonight, the rumors of an ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:38 pm
pretty ugly jobs report today. the u.s. economy only added about 140,000 new jobs in september. about 200,000 new jobs per month is considered healthy. still, the nation's unemployment rate remained at about 5%. and that is a 7-year low. the jobs report sent the market plunging for a time. but the sell-off didn't last. in fact, the dow bounced back closing up 200 points. it's the biggest reversal in four years. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 also closed up about 1%. first the apple watch, and now the apple ring. according to a recently published patent application, apple is planning to expand
6:39 pm
their wearable technology to your finger. possible features for the apple ring include access to your smartphone, built-in microphone and camera, motion sensors and motorification vibrations. -- notification vibrations and reading hand signals. you can rate restaurants, shops and now other humans. tonight the app known as the yelp for people is facing growing backlash. i'll that story tonight on bay area nightbeat; come join me at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. she got through college on her own while caring for a sick parent. if that's not impressive enough, this student rising above made a film shown at the cannes film festival. >> tony bennett once famously sang your golden sun will shine for me. look at the golden gate now. we pre-sunset on a fantastic friday evening.
6:40 pm
it will not look this sunny this weekend. find out when we see a change coming. that's next. >> ahead this friday 49ers try to get happy. >> i'm frustrated. you're frustrated. >> raiders in a rare position. and a father-son baller after story. sports is next. ,,,,
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growing up poor and being the first in your family to go to college is more of a challenge than you might imagine. >> two-thirds of the students end up leaving school but tonight, wendy tokuda tells us about one student rising above who not only stayed in school but did it while caring for her dying mother. >> melissa lewelling. >> reporter: when melissa graduated from san jose state, the one person she wanted to share it with was not there. >> i think i had loved in the
6:44 pm
fantasy that she would just always be there. sick but there. and then one day she wasn't. >> reporter: graduating summa cum laude was only the beginning of her accomplishments. she went into a good job at a pr firm but her biggest achievement may have been during her first year of college when melissa became caretaker for her mom. >> her memory wasn't the best toward the end so just making sure that she took her meds. she had to take those three times a day. >> i have never seen anything like that. and i have never seeing someone her age 19 and she was literally doing the hospice care for her mother. >> reporter: this was the the first time melissa was with her mom at the hospital just a baby in her arms. they were poor month to month in downtown san jose. melissa was 14 when the doctors told her mom she didn't have
6:45 pm
long to live. it was an immune disorder. >> melissa's mom came to the church and she was really looking for a family for her daughter. >> reporter: she found that family in javier and lorna and their kids. >> she loved her daughter so much that she wanted to make sure that melissa was going to be okay. >> she would tell me over and over, you have to let people in. you have to let people help you because they don't know how. >> reporter: tammy lewelling lived long enough to see her daughter graduate from high school. she died in 2011. >> she was my best friend. the worst day of my life -- >> reporter: but melissa did have a family. >> it meant the world that, you know, a family would take me in and love me as their own. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: and in her last year of college, melissa entered a student film contest with this five-minute film on
6:46 pm
foster kids. the film won honors in the national campus movie fest. it was sent to hollywood and the capper it was shown at the international cannes film festival. >> indescribable there are no words. >> reporter: her film is called, more than a number. wendy tokuda, kpix 5. >> well, to help students like melissa go to college and beyond go to weather time on a friday night and we have our kpix 5 weather watchers reporting in sunshine top to bottom in the bay area. and temperatures that are pretty comfortable. we don't have the extremes outside today. take you to the south bay where we have 79 degrees reported by andria in san jose and comfortable humidity. 60s in the city and the east bay. napa where the warm spot is lee
6:47 pm
gray reporting in sunshine and 83 degrees. livermore 82. san francisco 63. san jose 75. santa rosa 78. the big duran duran concert tonight in berkeley weather should be perfect and when it comes to rainfall we are hungry like the wolf. get it? 56 degrees in redwood city. ken got it. did you get it at home? i hope. gosh. 55 in concord. san jose 57. [ laughter ] >> waited all day to do that. your forecast for tahoe this weekend not banner weather to get outside but they need the rainfall just like us. i'm told the lake levels are super low. a chance of showers saturday night. 69 degrees. and a better chance of showers early sunday with a high of only 64. there is a wind advisory in effect for the bay area late saturday into sunday as the weather is changing about 24 hours from now. the north bay hills we could see sustained winds above 1,000 feet in elevation to 30 or 40 miles per hour some downed trees are possible in the higher elevations of the north bay. so what is changing? we have a ridge of high pressure giving us the sunshine
6:48 pm
today. it sticks around tomorrow. but a parade of low pressure areas coming down from canada. first one got us a few days ago with rainfall and thunderstorms yesterday. now we are looking at the ridge hanging out for one more day before it retreats. as it does here comes second low breezy to windy conditions. we'll have a chance of a couple of morning showers on sunday and cloudier and cooler so if you want to get outside and you have a choice saturday or sunday tomorrow would be the better choice because sunday won't be as pleasant outdoors. sunshine and mild and a 30% chance of some late saturday early sunday showers but it will be breezy and cloudier for everybody on sunday. san jose 80 degrees tomorrow almost exactly average. nice day in sunnyvale 79 for you los gatos 83, pacifica 66. danville 76. antioch 82. benicia, martinez, around 80. novato 77 for your saturday. berkeley 72. mill valley 73. and beautiful saint helena sunshine for saturday, 82 degrees. different story sunday. cooler cloudier breezy slight
6:49 pm
chance of a shower. temperatures don't move that much nor will they throughout next week as the sunshine returns. no rainfall monday through friday with highs in the 70s near the bay. ,,,,,,
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
nfl up top. two days before we get to talk
6:52 pm
about what happened and why. the raiders. hold on to something. favorite to win in chicago. last time they were favored was in 2012. you don't want to know what happened. 49ers and packers on sunday. kaepernick and the time would like to put last week's four interception game behind them. it was a 47-7 blowout loss to the cardinals. coach tomsula says the team is disappointed but they don't have time to dwell on it. not with the packers an 8 to 10- point favorite one of the league's power teams coming in. >> what do you want me to tell you there's no frustration? i'm not going to lie about it. everybody is frustrated. all right? it's where you go with it. okay? some people have the ability to spend all week being frustrated. the bottom line is the guys in this building don't have that luxury. they have an hour and a half monday and an hour and a half
6:53 pm
on tuesday and that all better be in the right place or one game leads into two games leads in three games leads into four games. >> couldn't have said in better coach. 9er tight end vernon davis doubtful for sunday. he has 8 catches this season none in the cardinals loss. if you are the son of an nfl player, chances are you got skills. if you are the son of a pro football hall of famer, could bring like father like son comparisons. let's take you to the east bay. number 26 is defensive back rod woodson. 17 nfl seasons, 71 career interceptions, 2009 pro football hall of fame. and now raider assistant coach. and this number 26 is his son, play making senior wide
6:54 pm
receiver defensive back for dublin-based valley christian high school. and this apple does not fall far from the tree. dad ever tell you how to jam a receiver? >> all the time. he has all the talent from my mom. >> a little tape issue but hey we'll just tell you that valley christian is at albany tonight. he says while everybody looks at rod woodson as this larger than life football hall of famer, to him, eh, he is just dad. take out the trash, do the dishes, whatever. hey, look, selfies. instead of paying attention to the diamondbacks game, the ladies of alpha ki omega from arizona state chose to do the joint selfies throughout the game. ah the league of millennials sports fans. they just keep on growing. pay to see a ballgame. >> love it. >> take nothing but selfies
6:55 pm
throughout the game. >> that's what they do today. >> what will they do tomorrow? >> they take it and then they check it. make sure it's okay before they send it. >> no, no. >> then you have to instagram it and tweet it. >> did you hear what the announcer was saying? he was making fun of them for making all the faces. >> you know. >> couldn't take a picture without sticking out their tongue or -- >> selfie section. >> that's what it was? it was the selfie section. >> could be a nightbeat topic. 10 tonight. >> let's not talk about that. >> what kind of weekend do we have? >> i have one graphic prepared. we have some changes coming up this weekend not much tomorrow you get through tomorrow beautiful day. this is the issue for sunday morning. the north bay hills we are going to see a wind advisory in effect. we do that when we get winds in excess of 30 or 40 miles per hour. could be windy in the higher elevations. we could see some downed trees. this is an area of low pressure moving through. even if you are not covered by the wind advisory sunday will be a very windy day. sunday we'll have a couple of showers and sunday will be
6:56 pm
cooler and cloudier so changes coming after a beautiful day tomorrow. >> yeah. you say downed trees possible. there's a lot of weakened trees out there because of the drought. >> if you. for news throughout the evening, the latest is always on >> and join us tonight for nightbeat; come join me at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. we will not be talking about those selfie girls and join us again back here tonight at 11:00. >> you have to check it. >> captions by: caption colorado find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh!
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! ["family feud" theme playing] give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: good job. thank you very much. appreciate you now. thank you very much. i appreciate y'all. thank you very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their fifth and final day, with a total 21,475 bucks, from the boogie-down bronx, it's the rosado family! audience: [cheering] steve: and from marietta, georgia, it's the neubert family! audience: [cheering] steve: well, everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash, and remember today, folks, if the rosado family
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wins today's game, they're driving home in a brand-new, fuel-efficient ford fusion hybrid right there. audience: [cheering] steve: let's find out what's going to happen. let's play "feud." give me mario, give me brad. ["family feud" theme playing] steve: [chuckles] top 8 answers on the board, here we go. we asked 100 men, what do you think is the best female fashion trend of all time? mario. >> the bikini. steve: the bikini. yes! number 1! audience: [cheering] >> we're going to play! >> play, steve! steve: they're going to play. audience: [cheering] steve: all right, you ready to play, mama d? >> i am. steve: we asked 100 men, what do you think is the best female fashion trend of all time? >> miniskirt.


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