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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  October 5, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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mirabella avenue, putting narrow street, we want to show you the road blocked in this area, investigators are still here on scene, and the area for evidence that has been left behind. this whole thing started when officers got a call about a car burglary in the neighborhood and when police got on scene, one officer got out of his car to look around and the suspect drove into that officer, pinning him with his car. then the suspect tried to maneuver out of the area but another police car showed up in the suspect ended up getting that car in an effort to get away. he failed and officers arrested him without incident. now, police say there may have been to other people involved, those people were taken in for questioning. as for the officer who was pinned against the car, we were told that he may have broken ribs and sustained other leg entries but is in stable condition. reporting live in san francisco, cate cauguiran, kpix 5. still no sign of an american cargo ship lost during hurricane joaquin, it's last location was near cooking
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island near the bahamas thursday. the same island where debris was found saturday. a coast guard crew recovered a lifeline from the ship called el farro, search teams have searched a debris field that could be from the ship, 33 people were on board. heavy rain storms are expected to continue today in south carolina, the coast guard and local agency made hundreds of rescues including that of a woman and her 15-month-old they be. they had gotten trapped in fast- moving flood waters near charleston yesterday. rainfall totals over the weekend ranged from 14 to 24 inches and some roads were no match for all that water. >> we haven't seen this level of rain in the low country in 1000 years. that's how big this is. >> at least five storm related deaths have been reported in south carolina, in the capital, columbia, a dam break flooded major thoroughfares. a flash flood watch remains in effect for many areas because more rain is in the forecast
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today. time for our weather and a little traffic, i woke up about one clock tick in the morning, and of sunday morning, you are probably still up. and it was raining to beat the band. you wake up the next morning and everything is just so fresh. >> it felt good, didn't it? it was short-lived, though. i woke up at 1:00 this morning and did the same thing. and you can go back to sleep because you're counting the minutes before you have to come into work and the weather changes during that time as well. good morning, heading out the door this morning, a combination of things going on, gathering of low class and fog along the sonoma coast, otherwise clear skies inland, 50s and 60s, later today, toss open those windows, a lot of fresh air in. 60s, 70s to about 80 degrees. got the full forecast coming up in 18 minutes after the hour. checking the roadways right now, we have some delays on 80, we've got some road work in the marina causing backup at least two 98th, used east 580 at the alternate. here's a look at oakland
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northbound, this is where we are seeing those delays on 880, stacking of westbound 580 working for the dublin interchange. look at the bay bridge coming up. students are returning to school in tuolumne for the first time since a shooting plot was uncovered. for students at somerville high school were arrested over the weekend, sheriff's investigators say they had a list of students and staff to shoot. the sheriff says the four have confessed and an assembly will be held with the entire student body to talk about what happened. the community college campus in oregon that was the site of a massacre last thursday reopens today. however classes won't be in session. chris martinez has the latest from roseburg, oregon. >> reporter: members of law enforcement will be on hand at umpqua community college today as the campus reopens to students and staff. dozens of worshipers at new beginnings church of god where render -- pastor randy scroggins shared his daughter's story. 18-year-old lacey scroggins was in the classroom last thursday when chris harper mercer
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entered and began shooting. >> and he said, "get up, get up", and she was froze to the floor. she played dead. he crossed over lacey and shot the next one. >> i'm doing well and i'm overwhelmed by the support i've gotten from everybody. >> reporter: over the weekend, military veteran mintz, thanked well-wishers from his hospital bed. he was shot several times as he tried to stop harper mercer from taking more lives. a petition is circulating asking president. obama to award mintz the medal of freedom. chris martinez, cbs news, roseburg, oregon. >> following the deadly shooting in oregon, colleges in philadelphia are warning students to be extra cautious. the fbi and atf sent out a warning yesterday after a threat was posted on social media. the threat does not mention a specific school but does include a specific time. the man suspected in a high profile vallejo objection due in court today for an
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arraignment, matthew moeller of south tahoe facing kidnapping charges. he's accused of breaking into a couple's home in march, restraining the man and abducting the woman who turned up safe two days later in southern california. at one point, police thought the whole thing was a poke. a benicia teen charge of killing family members is expected to be in court, 16- year-old nolan buchanan is accused of killing his father, his father's beyonci and eight in half-year-old brother. police believe he shot them at their cabin in the sierra foothills last month before burning the cabin down. time is running out for the governor to sign bills sent to his desk. the governor has until wednesday to decide whether to sign or veto a controversial bill that would legalize physician-assisted dying in terminally ill patients. supporters of the bill were inspired by the story of britney maynard, the uc berkeley graduate with terminal brain cancer who moved to oregon to end her life last year. state of california has a total ban on the sale of ivory.
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as kpix 5's maria medina reports, the governor. signed a bill that closes some longtime blue pills. >> i think it's a great thing. there is just way too much poaching going on and got to take care of it. >> reporter: governor. jerry brown signed a law that will dramatically impact many stores in san francisco's chinatown. >> where is that ivory from? >> reporter: a kpix investigation last year from several stores selling ivory, the owners claimed they were selling it legally because the ivory was imported to the u.s. before the 1977 state ban. >> is an mammoth? >> no, this is ivory. >> reporter: that loophole is now gone with a new state law that goes into effect by first making it illegal to buy or sell elephant or rhinoceros tasks, no matter how old it is. >> my parents, they believe in it, they think it's very valuable. >> reporter: alice chow said
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she supports the new law that says many chinese including her parents see ivory as a status symbol. >> it means power. but these days are different and, you know, you are in the u.s. >> reporter: the owner of this story told kpix off-camera she thinks the new law is ridiculous and will keep selling ivory because she's retiring soon. >> something has to be done again, should have been stopped a long time ago. >> reporter: so those business owners have until july 1 to get rid of their ivory, otherwise they face jail time and possibly $50,000 in fines. there are exemptions to the law including musical instruments. in san francisco, maria medina, kpix 5. time now is 5:07, more fallout for volkswagen as new details emerge surrounding the commission scandal. the major blow, a topic it could have on the company. the warriors playing in san jose? absolutely. golden state showing a lot of
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love to the bay area. from the kpix 5 weather center, we will tell you if there will be blue skies for the blue angels. taking a look at traffic, a ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lays along the
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good morning, everyone, it is monday, october 5. welcome back. you are watching kpix 5 morning news. taking a look out toward levi stadium and minetta international airport where currently we have clear skies, 59 degrees and a bit of a brief out of the southeast at 9 miles per hour, tell you what, i've got your full microclimate forecast coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. at least nine people are dead and dozens of fishermen are missing after a typhoon pounded the northern philippines and southern china. the typhoon spawned tornadoes including this one in china's guandong province, people were evacuated before it made landfall yesterday. firefighters are on -- high alert as south australia faces its hardest start to october in 50 years. several brushfires have caused proms for clues there.
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temperatures in some parts are expected to reach a sizzling 104 degrees this week. a couple in hills park is suing volkswagen for misleading them about diesel emissions. a german carmaker meant to put software in millions of diesel cars to cheat on emissions test. reports say the holes per couple and another volkswagen owner are now pressing for a statewide class-action lawsuit. they accused the car company and a dealer of fraud and breach of contract. the world champions golden state warriors begin their preseason tonight in san jose. >> it's the first time the team will take the court for a game since their title triumph in june, kiet do is live where the warriors will tipoff versus the raptors tonight. >> reporter: good morning, we may be live here, 36 miles away from oracle arena, but this is still warriors country, the golden state warriors will be shooting up for the first time since we saw them at the end of the season when they won the championship and last time we saw them was at media day last
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week where they said the four- month off-season was short and sweet. many of the team members said to visit schools, volunteering in doing many service, for steph curry, it has been a busy month with the birth of his second child, ryan, busy with work and life. >> for myself we have had a chance to get away from the game and refresh our minds and bodies, so, i don't think fatigue or the short turnaround during the summer was going to have any effect on us and we are going to be ready to go. >> reporter: all right, you can see the trophy here in san jose later today at city hall at 11:30 in the morning. tipoff for the preseason game is at sap center at 7:30 tonight. live at downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. san francisco's 30th annual fleet week gets underway today, the biggest attraction is the blue angels and the flight demonstration squadron.
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they arrived in oakland yesterday. >> they take it to another level and they fly in extremely close formation, in a very dramatic way. so, it takes a lot of practice on those specific skills to make it look as good as they do and as the size as they are able to do it. >> before yesterday's arrival, the blue angels delighted the crowd at an air show in san diego. fleet week kicks off today on san francisco's waterfront, catch the blue angels and maybe leapfrogs during airshows scheduled friday to sunday, the fleet fest with live music and shift towards takes place on sunday and next monday. >> it's fun walking through the streets of san francisco this week, all of a sudden you look up. you can hear them practicing away. time for traffic. how are we doing on a monday, gianna? >> a lot of roadworks causing some delays as you work your way along especially on the southbound side near the marina, backed up to hagan berger at this point, late
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working roadwork, also on the westbound side of 580 as well heading toward the mesa. to plan for that this morning, taking a look at 880, the freeway north of their near oakland, traffic is doing okay, not too bad both directions as you work your way between 238 and the maze on the northbound side. elsewhere in the bay area, we are seeing brake lights westbound 580 as you work your way toward 680, the dublin interchange 17 minutes now for your drivetime from the passive you are headed toward 680. have reports of an action grant line and 11, also westbound 580 at corral paula. you might see some delays there, some lanes blocked. most of stop and go conditions begin out of tracy, westbound 580 around 205, that's where the brake lights begin and builds throughout the morning. westbound a bridge, through the maze, and 18 minute ride, extra by now but still no delays, no brake lights there. metering lights are still off as you work your way along the golden gate bridge this morning, traffic is very light,
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and the san mateo bridge, extra volume on that westbound side with cars headed toward foster city, overall, some nice travel conditions, travel times are looking pretty good, richmond's right now between the nimitz freeway and 101, and 101 itself looking pretty good, if you but a flight to catch at sfo. we are seeing some highway let's, things getting busy coming off the antioch bridge, 35 miles an hour and some spots was up there as you head into pittsburgh, traffic eases up a little bit and no delays to hit the eastern shore freeway, traffic looks pretty good through that area. let's take a look at your forecast. here's roberta. 16 minutes after the hour, i've got the best weather watchers in the whole wide world because not only do they wake up early with us right here on kpix 5 but they write me a little notes. i know you can't see them but when they report in their observations, 59 degrees, steve said to me, welcome back, roberta. we missed you.
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i was in southern california taking care of my dad. i appreciate that a lot. pictures sent to us, darrell yee, you outdid yourself, a glorious sunset in alameda. right now we are still waiting for sunrise but instead we have areas of low clouds and fog, pretty dark out there still, official sunrise not until, oh, boy, right before 7:00 or right after 7:00, i should say. temperature wise in the 50s and 60s, we have clouds gathering at the coast, otherwise clear skies inland. let's wind out of job southwest wind, 5 to 10. this is a real energetic area of pressure, produced over 1000 lightning strikes throughout the san joaquin valley, still looks pretty precipitation across the desert southwest the begin to exit in an easterly direction. as a begins to slide out, we will see high pressure building, today and tomorrow pretty mild, it's going to strengthen and we see warmer temperatures wednesday through sunday, just idealistic
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conditions for fleet week. 81 degrees at the state capital, 71 in monterey bay, 60s with a few lingering scattered showers. 60s and 70s pretty common across the bay today, looks like upper 70s in our inland areas, a bit of a breeze. real refreshing conditions, going with an outside number 80 or perhaps 81 degrees in lakeport, otherwise we are talking low 90s by saturday. that is a look at your forecast and i've got to tell you, i like the blue skies for the blue angels all week long. yeah. >> that's good. clear skies. >> happy monday. all right. thanks. is a pumpkin or a flying saucer? this enormous -- by tim matheson, 1806 pounds, but it's saucer like shape is what is getting all the attention there. by the way the biggest duncan on record was over 2100 pounds. big. today, california's biggest utilities will ask the puc to cut the amount of credit for people with solar panels.
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solar owners are compensated for energy they feed back into the electric grid and currently, the credit equals the cost of other forms of electricity. but, now, pg&e and some others want to cut credits in half, charge higher connection fees. they say solar owners don't contribute enough. computer experts say a well- intentioned hacker is targeting unprotected wi-fi routers and making them more secure. the custom-built software called "if watch" has snuck into 10,000 internet connected devices, it tries to kill any malware on your router and offers a device updates to protect you from computer viruses. so far researchers say they haven't seen any malicious activity. just getting started on this monday morning, 5:19. not flying with the governor apparently, a new bill cracking down on drug use suffers a big setback. details coming up in the next half hour. coming up, there were six lead changes in the raiders game yesterday, but who had the lead last?
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and, colin kapernick, at least he did not throw for more interceptions. we will tell you all about it coming up. we want to know about your school, email your name and nations to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, welcome back.
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a live look at conditions near 880 eastbound, early morning roadwork, also some gravel in the lanes, the roadwork is round the marina but causing delays, use 580 as an alternate. we will look at the bay bridge coming up. "the martian" opened just days after nasa amounts there is flowing water on mars. viewers drink in the film to a tuneup $55 million to take in the number one spot. last week's box office winner, "hotel transylvania" took second place, -- and "maze runner" round out the top five. good morning, everyone. the raiders were favored to win in chicago yesterday looking for their third win of the year, matching their total of all of last season.
5:24 am
jay cutler returned after being sidelined last week with an injury, jay cutler along the sidelines to get chicago into field-goal range, two plays later, from 49 yards out, it is good, that is a heartbreaker, 22-20, oakland drops to 2-2. aaron rodgers and the packers have had their own version of magic showtime, green bay had a six minute opening drive and half of it seems to come on display, rodgers, to the fellow cal alum, richard rogers, his only touchdown pass. as for colin kaepernick, rough day at the office, four interceptions, sacked six times. the rockies scored seven times in the ninth to come back and beat the giants 7-3, san francisco finishes the season 84-78 and the season also came to an end for the a's, they
5:25 am
finish with the worst record in the american league at 68-94. i don't have a lot of good news to report. but, how about the gridiron football teams? you've got cal, they are 5-0, they win again, and stanford now ringed 16th in the aap, college football, proteins on the way down. i am degrees six, see you tonight. >> that deserves a good go bears. how about some football for your play of the day, check out defensive and williams, you're not going anywhere on rashad james, that was a good stop at the bills could not stop the g- men new york wednesday 24-10, despite the wwe performance right there. >> it looks like it. 5:25 now. take victory for wildlife conservation groups, details on the new law aimed at slowing the decline up an iconic species. we are getting close to
5:26 am
finding out whether there will be another democratic contender for president, the sign say vice president joe biden, they make a run for it coming up. >> reporter: i'm cate cauguiran where a police officer is recovering in hospital after a burglary suspect ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. some new corrosion concerns on the eastern span of the bay bridge, what was found in why there is fear for public safety. the warriors are playing in san jose tonight and yes, they brought the championship trophy with them. i'm kiet do, we got a report
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coming up. from the kpix 5 weather center, we talk about whether there will be blue skies for the blue angels. and delays along a 80, details coming up. good morning, it is monday, october 5. i'm michelle griego. >> monday is here. i'm frank mallicoat. time now 5:30. developing news in san francisco where a police officer is recovering from injuries after being crushed between two cars. kpix 5's cate cauguiran joins us to explain how it happened. >> reporter: moments ago a tow truck arrived here to take away the white bmw left behind here along with other evidence that investigators are processing here at the scene. let's give you a rundown on what we know. san francisco police say they got a call around midnight about a car burglary near mirabella avenue when one officer got out of his patrol car to investigate the area, that's when a suspect tried to run him over, ended up hitting
5:31 am
the officer with a car. and another police car arrived on scene but he was not able to get away, police say two other people may have been involved in were detained. as you can see here back out live, mirabella avenue, a pretty narrow road, it would have been difficult for the suspect to get out. as for the officer who was hurt, he may have broken ribs and sustained other leg injuries but is in stable condition at this time and coming up in the next half hour we will give you a listening to that dramatic police call that went out as this whole thing unfolded. reporting live in san francisco, cate cauguiran, kpix 5. still no sign of an american cargo ship clustering hurricane joaquin, the ship's last known and was near crooked island in the bahamas on thursday, the same area where debris was found saturday. a coast guard crew recovered a life ring from the ship called el faro, search teams have searched a 220 square mile
5:32 am
debris field. 33 people were on board. heavy storms and flooding are expected again in south carolina today. the coast guard and local agencies have made hundreds of rescues including a woman and her 15-month-old baby. they were trapped in some fast- moving flood waters near charleston yesterday. rainfall totals over the we can range from 14 to nearly 2 foot of rain, so far at least five storm related deaths have been reported in south carolina. >> they will just continue to get more rain today. >> they have more rain in the forecast again today. can you imagine that? >> 2 feet of water? >> that is more water than we receive all year long in many inland locations. it's hard to wrap your mind around that. good morning, heading out the door this morning you may need a light sweater especially in the santa rosa area where the temperatures are down to about 53 degrees, 58 in livermore. now 58 in the san jose area. here's what you need to know today. temperatures spot on for this time of year, 58 in pacifica,
5:33 am
upper 70s around morgan hill and east of the bay, 80 degrees in danville and pleasanton as well as black hawk, 60s at the beach, but, -- bay, mid- seventies but some warmer temperatures will be in the far reaches of the north bay, up to 81 degrees in cloverdale. full forecast coming up in 48 minutes after the hour. first here's gianna. let's get you updated with conditions on 880, southbound at marina, early morning roadworks, they are picking up the cones and we are seeing vehicles move better through that, drive times are steep at 28 minutes southbound 880 as you work your way down the maze 238, on the flipside, northbound 880 not seeing any delays right now. we did have some road work on westbound 580, as you head toward the maze, that is clear, everything looks good. heading toward the bay bridge, you've got this, metering lights should be on within the next couple of minutes, slow up the incline. new safety concerns regarding the new eastern span of the bay bridge. the project lead designer has told caltrans the main cables
5:34 am
are vulnerable to corrosion. these are the cables that run diagonally from the top of the tower. the cables are anchored under the roadway and rainwater has been leaking into those anchorages. an engineer says photos clearly show white rest indications of zinc protective coatings wearing off. >> the problem is when you have corrosion you have loss of metal, and eventually in an earthquake it might be enough to damage the cable enough that it could collapse. >> caltrans released a statement saying, quote, corrosion protection is an issue on every still bridge and is not at all unique to the bay bridge. all cables that holdup operatives are vulnerable. today students return to school in tuolumne for the first time since they shooting plot was foiled , four students at somerville high school were arrested over the weekend. sheriff's investigators say they had a list of students and staff to shoot. the sheriff says the four have
5:35 am
confessed. and assembly will be held today at the school with the entire student body to talk about what happened. the community college campus in oregon that was the site of a massacre last thursday reopened today. however classes will not be in session. chris martinez has the very latest out of roseburg, oregon. >> reporter: members of law enforcement will be on hand at umpqua community college today as a campus reopens to students and staff. the fall semester had only been in session for four days when tragedy struck, adding the small college to a string of schools rocked by a mass shooting. >> we did not want to be part of the sandy hook club, but we are now members. the senior members are all taking care of us. >> reporter: people in roseburg flocked to churches throughout the city sunday to pray for victims and show support for survivors. dozens of worshipers at new beginnings church of god heard pastor randy scroggins share his daughter's story. 18-year-old lacey scroggins was in the classroom must thursday when chris harper mercer entered and began shooting. >> and he said, "get up, get
5:36 am
up", and she was froze to the floor. she played dead. he crossed over lacey and shot the next one. >> i'm doing well and i'm overwhelmed by the support that i've gotten from everybody. mike over the weekend, military veteran chris mintz thanked well-wishers from his hospital bed. he was shot several times as he tried to stop harper mercer from taking more lives. a white house petition is are collating asking president. obama toward mintz the medal of freedom. chris martinez, cbs news, roseburg, oregon. >> the pastor says the shooter gave the student an envelope with a flash drive inside. law enforcement officials have not said what's on the drive. a man suspected of killing his mother in fremont is said to be arraigned tomorrow, omar pettigan was arrested yesterday
5:37 am
in kensington. police have been looking for him since tuesday. that's when fremont police found a dead woman in her 60s while doing a welfare check at an apartment on monroe avenue. newly released surveillance video shows a violent home invasion in san francisco. the images from last monday show a man struggling with an armed robber in a garage on la playa street. the victim finally managed to snatch the handgun from the robber who was able to run off. san francisco police hope someone will recognize the suspect in the video. honorbound -- governor. brown's send a bill to close a loophole on the selling of ivory in san francisco, the old law banned the sale of ivory if it was imported before the 1977 state ban. the new law bans all elephant and rhinoceros tusks. san francisco is the second largest market in the united states for ivory trinkets. one woman says elderly chinese people see ivory as a status symbol. >> my parents believe in it, they think it's very valuable. >> i think it's a great thing. there is just way too much poaching going on. got to take care of it. >> violators could face fines up to $50,000 and possible jail
5:38 am
time. there are still small exemptions to the law including musical instruments. meanwhile the governor vetoed three bills submitting restrictions on drones, the bills would have been drones over schools in session, prisons and jails, also given firefighters immunity for disabling hobbyist drones. vice president joe biden could make a decision on a presidential run in the next week. people familiar with his planned tells cbs news he is leaning toward entering the presidential race. saturday night, he gave a keynote address at the human rights campaign national dinner. >> there are -- still left, most of them running for president, i think. >> even if biden announces he's running before the parties first debate next tuesday, sources say he likely won't participate. at another name to the list of politicians who want to replace house speaker john boehner, republican jason chaffetz of utah says he's running for the
5:39 am
position. he's championing himself as someone who could unite himself. majority leader kevin mccarthy of bakersfield remains the favorite. the house republicans have a secret ballot vote scheduled for thursday. a california-based clothing retailer has filed for bankruptcy but intend to stay in business. >> let's find out more, joe -- jill wagner, cbs money watch, she is live in new york. >> reporter: we will see if there's any more fallout from that weak jobs number we got on friday. the dow finished the day 200 points higher mostly because oil prices rebounded. the nasdaq jumped 80 points, most analysts say the weaker job numbers we saw friday make it less likely the fed will raise interest rates later this year, there were speculation they could even raise rates this month. you are paying more than ever for your own money, fees on out- of-network atms are at a record level. the average cost to withdraw money is $4.52. the study finds the average
5:40 am
overdraft fees are at a record, $33.07. and american apparel files for bankruptcy protection, the california retailer will restructure business while keeping production in the u.s. american apparel has lost customers to rivals like h&m and has been doing with legal fees after sexual harassment allegations on the ceo. >> jill, for the first time in 60 years we had a that disney maintained a formula for ticket pricing? >> reporter: that's right, disney is looking to change the way it charges for ticket prices based on demand. they will reportedly raise ticket prices on if your days to keep crowds under control and lower prices on slower days. disney says it can keep vacations within reach of middle income families. >> with a really lower it, though? i mean, come on. >> it's already high enough. >> have you ever been to disney when it's not crowded?
5:41 am
>> exactly, every day. >> jill wagner, thank you. a new bill to regulate corporate shuttle buses in the city which bring employees to their silicon valley workplaces have drawn complaints from san franciscans. the -- from sfta said that the program succeeded in addressing concerns, they now have to decide whether to make the program permanent. time now is 5:41. keeping cars and cyclists at a safe distance. details this morning on changes coming to mount diablo. let's go outside and take a look at highway 880 that looks like a bit of a logjam but believe it or not is actually improving. what happened? we will fill you in. ,,
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good morning, welcome to your monday, welcome to fleet week in the bay area. clear skies over the bay bridge, clouds are letting the coast, we have your full fleet week forecast coming up at 48 minutes after the hour. details are emerging about four firefighters terrifying experience during the valley fire. they took shelter in a metal garage last month when the flames overtook them on cobb mountain, they struggle to get their shelter blankets out, the heat was so strong that plastic covers melted forcing one firefighter to share a blanket with another. all four men suffered second- degree burns but are expected to recover. meanwhile, tens of millions of dollars earmarked to prevent fires in california remain up spend. the sacrament tone bee says property owners pay more than $300 million through a fire
5:45 am
prevention fee, but the fiscal year has ended in more than $40 million is left over. some say the state is holding onto it to fight a class-action lawsuit filed by critics who say the fee is an illegal tax. mount diablo scenery has made it one of the bay area's most popular spots for cyclists but the ride can be dangerous or deadly at times. the problem is bicycles moving slow-moving cars moving right into the lane of a cyclist, stealing downhill often at unsafe speeds. it caused deaths and injuries including an accident last week when a woman is worked over to avoid having to drive alongside a cliff. >> when you are going into the corner, if you can see, you've got to assume that something bad is going to be around the corner. >> park management posted warning signs and tell drivers entering the park not to pass on corners. get ready for some basketball, the golden state warriors on their quest to win back-to-back titles starts tonight in san jose.
5:46 am
>> tonight's preseason contest is the team's first game since the nba finals back in june. kiet do is live at sap center where the warriors tipoff against the toronto raptors. hi, kiet. >> reporter: the warriors will be showing their love for san jose with the first 10,000 fans getting a steph curry bobblehead, and the bobblehead will be wearing a sharks jersey. they suit up for the first time since their win at the end of last season, the last time we saw the team was that media day last week where they said the off-season was short and sweet, just how they like it. many of the team members bended visiting schools, volunteering in doing committee service, for dramont green, winning the championship was amazing but so was the wedding of his teammate. >> onto andre's wedding was the most fun i've had in a long time. that was pretty amazing. i mean, you know, it was,
5:47 am
really the first time all of us had really been back together, you know, since the championship, you know, i had never been to cabo. >> reporter: sounds like a great wedding. you can see the trophy in san jose today at city hall starting at 11:30 in the morning, get in line because you can bet that line will be really long. tipoff for the preseason game starts tonight here at sap center at 7:30. live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. it sounds like most of the guys are back, right? bring it on. >> if you go girl you get a bobblehead, i already got mine it is a curry bobblehead wearing a sharks jersey. i think i will put it on the hour kpix 5 facebook page, a picture of it so you can take a look at it. >> i want one. >> i love mine. >> you can't have it. >> last connection to the roadways, 880 actually looking
5:48 am
a little bit better, i know it still shows some yellow on our drive times but it has gotten a lot better. early morning roadwork at marina that has been cleared, they got the gravel out of the lanes. it is sluggish but improving, southbound side 24 minutes, south 880 as you head from the me down to 38, northbound nothing delays until you head for the parade bridge where you will see brake lights. you can see that 880 delay extends beyond 238, its sluggish heading into a word this morning. bay bridge backed up, metering lights are on, actually turned on at 5:33 this morning, five minutes earlier than usual. 21 minutes from the cartoonist bridge to the mains on the east shore freeway, inching up a bit but still bearable. westbound 80, 25 minutes now, had a couple of early morning accident, everything is cleared out of our lanes but we are backed up to 205 now, traffic is backed up from tracy toward the past, tour dublin, 25 minutes for that right, -- brake lights to antioch, a few brake lights through pittsburgh, eases up once you
5:49 am
hit 80, taking a look at the golden gate bridge, not bad as far as traffic goes. how is that forecast, roberta? this is my favorite time of the year, not because of the weather but because it is fleet week. good morning, everyone. clear skies as we take a look out for the bay bridge, temperatures in the 50s and 60s, santa rosa the cool spot at 64, wind has been at 5 miles per hour. here's what we need to know as we kick start a new workweek, clear skies inland but clouds are gathering around sonoma and santa cruz coastline, otherwise wind today will be west southwest at 10. sunshine today and tomorrow, then we bump up the levels. i love this area of low pressure, it is so energetic it produced over 1000 lightning strikes over the weekend, in throughout the san joaquin county area. we saw some lightning as a result, now this area of low pressure spinning its wheels, it's going to kick out an easterly direction and as it does so it allows the marine
5:50 am
layer to form this morning off the coastline. it will move back onshore toward the evening hours and just flirt with golden gate bridge before moving inland overnight. so we kickstart our tuesday with a partly cloudy start but otherwise we see sunshine in between. meanwhile, area of high pressure building in, we have mild conditions today and tomorrow, and then a bump up in the temperatures wednesday through the weekend. 80s throughout the central valley, lingering showers behind sierra, backing to have to him today due to that area of low pressure, sunrise at 7:09, by the time it sets we will have seen temperatures pretty close to average. 60s beaches, 70s bayside and peninsula, up to 79 degrees, refreshing for the tri-valley. upper number will be 81 in the cloverdale area. we are back into the 90s, just in time for fleet week. enjoy your monday. live: 50. no vip treatment for one no vip treatment for one airline executive, the ,,
5:51 am
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good morning. take a look at your tv screen, that's what you can expect your first full week of october in the bay area. mild conditions monday and tuesday and it warm-up wednesday through the weekend. meteor lights are back on, the east side not going to bad but the 580 approach sluggish, a look at 880 coming up in just a few minutes. 5:54, the ceo of a major airline got a little taste of his passengers frustration, alaska airlines ceo bradley tilden says his own carrier lost his luggage as he was flying to dc last week. not a good move. the back was delivered the next day. alaska airlines was the nation's first major carrier to offer a guaranteed to deliver passengers bags within 20 minutes of reaching the gate. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a four alarm fire that tore through a san jose shopping center. yesterday morning the fire destroyed the cho's center market, an asian grocery store on center road.
5:55 am
one of the employees told the kpix he's not sure what to do now. >> maybe i can find another job. yes. but not now. i'm now very, very sad. >> the fire also temporarily closed several stores nearby, they are expected to reopen today, it also forced evacuations of the homes at a nearby mobile home park. in southern california a woman has filed suit to claiming brutality against carlsbad police. bystanders capturing an incident on video two years ago, cindy hahn was leaving a birthday party with her kids and asked an officer on the street about a car alarm going off. she says after she called to complain about the officers response, she was pulled over, held down and beaten. >> is this your car question mark -- is a car? and i said, no, sir. and he said mind your own f-in'
5:56 am
business. >> i've never seen a police force testified that what you need to do is plug a woman in the face. >> hahn is charged with battery on a police officer and resisting arrest. those charges were dropped. police are not commenting on the incident. a new york university student is reportedly about to be released. south korean officials say won- moon joo is expected to be handed over to south korea at the border today, he had been arrested by soldiers in april after crossing into north korea from china. joo is a permanent u.s. resident from south korea. 5:56 your time, in san francisco, we've got a full rundown on all of the week's activities when we come back. a san francisco police officer is recovering this morning after a burglary suspect pinned him with a ca,,,,
5:57 am
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5:59 am
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good morning, it's monday, october 5, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. time now is 6:00. a san francisco police officer is recovering from serious injuries after he got caught between two cars. kpix 5's cate cauguiran is live to explain what happened. >> reporter: frank, they are clearing out the scene here in this neighborhood, they just took down the crime tape, two cars were taken away by told trucks in for evidence, we do know that the police officer certainly had a lot on their hands, just based off of the call that we heard this morning. >> [ screaming ] >> [ inaudible ]


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