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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  October 7, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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. a bay area guy learns the hard way, don't try this at home. tonight chaos after a homeowner tries to cut down a tree and everything goes wrong. power cut off, homes evacuated for hours. just within the last 30 minutes professional crews got the tree down. >> we were there. >> reporter: the commotion started here at marin drive around 6:30 tonight. that's when we're told a homeowner had been in this neighborhood a month tried to take down a 100 foot pine tree, that's what you see behind me. he got 80% through cutting it down and with the wind gusts it
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might fall the wrong direction, and that's when the fire department was called. >> the tree fell slightly, causing the resident fo longer to continue to -- no longer to continue to be able to take it down. it was next to power lines. >> reporter: three homes were evacuate the because of the trees and the hill. that's when pg&e was called in and they cut power to ten homes in this neighborhood while they got the tree down. around 9:20 tonight that tree did come down safely. they're working on removing it from the property. . tonight a lead in a hiking trail homicide in the north bay. a man found shot to death on a trail in fairfax not far from ser francis drake boulevard -- sir francis drake boulevard. >> reporter: dozens of people were out here searching for a weapon or any clues related to the murder tonight and also the sheriff's office. now turning to the public for
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any information on three persons of interest. this man, this woman, and another man, all captured on surveillance video at a fairfax convenience store. authorities stopped short of calling them suspects but say they believe they may know something about a man who was found murdered last night near a trail in west fairfax. >> that is why we have a strong interest in talking to them to see what information they may have to share. >> reporter: authorities want to talk to them about this man, steve carter, a man found shot to death last night. his injured dog beside him, his vw jetta which looks like this gone. >> we're trying to put together as many piece of the puzzle together as possible so we have a better picture of what transpired here. >> reporter: tonight search and rescue crews looked for the gun. he and his wife had unconventional careers.
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>> he has been amazing, kind, loving. >> reporter: they were experts in kantrik dance and they founded an institute 16 years ago. a co-worker said steve and his wife devoted their lives to helping people connect their health to their sex lives. tonight there are few clues. moved to costa rica. then la . >> the couple lived in lake county until late last year when they moved to costa rica and then his wife got cancer and decided to come back for treatment. tonight san fransisco police are digging through surveillance video from around golden gate park trying to find any chews in the beating death after young tourist: audrey carey was from canada in san fransisco on a backpacking trip. her body was found in the park
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saturday morning. she suffered blunt force trauma to the head. >> when we trace people's steps back, it's common you'll be found on surveillance video. >> the victim was from montreal. friends described her as someone who was full of life. one thing that is making the investigation a little tougher, hundreds of thousands of people were in golden gate park this weekend for the hardly strictly blue grass festival so police don't know who was going in and going out. a huge turn around tonight when it comes to bay area women and breast cancer. for years marin county had one of the highest rates in the world. not any more. betty yu on the new numbers that change everything. >> reporter: fewer women are getting breast cancer and dying from it than ever before in marin county. there is a 30% drop in new cases since 2001. >> we're thrilled to know that rates are on the decline
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especially in that community that seemed so concerned about breast cancer for so long. >> reporter: tina clark with the cancer prevention institute of california says it has to do with something women stopped doing more than ten years ago. >> they quit taking hormone therapy in the mid-2000s showing that it was not as safe as it was, we saw the cancer rates come down. >> reporter: now they're about average with the best of california. back in 2003 dr. clack saw a sharp drop. since then breast cancer has been on a steadily decline in marin. >> one suggestion has been that this might be related to women, more women getting more physically active and losing weight because we know that excess weight especially after menopause can cause breast cancer. >> reporter: more research has to be done but more women
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getting screened when they could and living healthy life-styles are contributing to the trend. >> breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in women. the snoem ta county sheriff's department is denying allegations that jail guards beat more than 20 inmates. today a lawyer representing some of those inmates shared letters describing the beatings that allegedly happened in may. federal lawsuit says the inmates were beaten in an attack with inmates begging the deputies to stop. >> this is a categorical denial of allegations of torture doesn't carry weight with us. we know what he thinks is okay and what he thinks passes for policy so that he denies that these events were torture while not denying that they took place is of no serious concern to the
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parties of this lawsuit. >> the sheriff says the jail guards were responding to a disturbance threatening the safety of the staff. police say mark kun jumped off a parking garage this morning. grief counselors are available to city employees. a new arena for the golden state warriors in san fransisco. there is expressed concern about traffic, noise, and anything else that would come from thousands of people flocking to games but tonight there is word of an agreement that would address the concerns. it calls for tens of millions of dollars in transportation improvements to the mission bay area. more police patrols on game day, expanded muni service and a hospital access plan. opponents of the arena say this is no slam dunk. they're not buying the plan.
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>> today's announcement accomplishes nothing except for guaranteeing permanent grid lock in san fransisco. the mission bay ahighance will double its effort to defeat this. >> they want the arena project moved south to pier 80. the current plan needs to clear several hurdles including an environmental impact report. a copilot on a flight to san fransisco passes out. united airlines flight took off from houston this morning and made an emergency landing in albuquerque. the man was taken off the plan and was taken to hospital to be checked out. he is expected to be okay. yesterday an american airlines pilot died, likely from a heart alike. 17 people have died, 11 trillion gallons of rain has fallen in the past week in south
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carolina. today the sun came out and the water slowly started to recede this. is incredible story of survival. >> flood waters were filling a south carolina's family home so they sent out an s.o.s. on facebook. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: this is what's left of angela cole's home. >> oh, my god. i'm so sorry. i can't. [ crying ]. >> oh, god. i can't even breathe right now. >> reporter: she snapped photos on her phone as the water was rising. she and her family made it out, but barely. they kept climbing higher trying to escape. >> by that time the refrigerator was floating in this direction. >> reporter: they called 911 and two hours later still no hope. >> did you think you and your family was going to die? >> when i saw the water coming up, yeah, there was nowhere to
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go. >> reporter: she put a note out on facebook, if anybody has a boat, please help. if the attic she posted again, if anyone has a boat, please, please help. these three men responded. >> the look on the family faces, if we wouldn't have been there 20 more minutes, i don't think they had that much time heft. >> you guys are my guardian angels, i'm telling you. >> reporter: they thanked the man for saving their lives. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: allen martin, kpix 5. the last gun store is going out of business. so many people tried to buy guns today they had to close early. equal pay now the law in california but we found out if women want a raise they'll have to ask the right questions.
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and the state agency setting time limits on bat,,,,,,,,,,
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end of the month. tonight mark kelly learned: customers are rushing to get their hands the . the last gun store opened in all of san fransisco but it is set to chose at the end of the month. mark kelly learned customers are rushing to get their hands on the discounted weapons. >> i've never seen it this busy, ever. >> reporter: the general manager said they had so many customers today they had to lock up an hour and a half early just to
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get everyone through the line. >> i didn't expect it. i was getting dizzy from it. >> reporter: long time customers taking advantage of the going out of business sale, some products 30 to 35% off. >> i get a special. >> more than 35. >> yeah. >> reporter: management announced last month come october 31st they closed their doors for good. frustrated with a possible san fransisco ordinance requiring they turn over to police video surveillance of every customer. >>. >> i'm not an attorney but i feel that's a privacy issue. i, as a consumer, that would personal deter me from shopping. >> reporter: all the way from texas to right here in san fransisco, support for this gun store has been pouring in. >> you want to go ice fishing, go on down. >> you have friends all over the country. >> yes. >> reporter: and customers are showing their support for this store with their wallets, too. about 20 customers alone have
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bought 900 rounds of 9 mma ammo. >> they are required to report to police when they sell ammo over 500 rounds. . >> word tonight the amount of oil available for fracking in california might not be the mother lode as first thought. they are downgrading the oil reserves. according to this new report, 2100 barrels could be recovered by fracking not the 14 billion barrels tempted back in 2011. governor brown signed the fair pay act today, the toughest in the nation. julie watts explains now it's up to women to know how to make it
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work. >> reporter: meet chrissy albright, a manager in the tech field and according to the data of the u.s. bureau of statistics she makes 67.7 cents for every dollar her male counterparts make. but salary equality might be about to change. today the governor signed the california fair pay act which goers further than any law before it. for instance, take chrissy. as of today she can now demand comparable pay to her male counterparts even if they work out of a different office or city and if they have a different title as long as their work is "substantially similar." but more importantly she now has the right to ask how much her counterparts make. the law prohibits retailiation for discussing salary but does not require employers to reveal salary information. her male counterparts can make more if they have more experience or training. >> you have until now
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discrimination retaliation were common place. >> reporter: the state senator who wrote the bill says while current hawes protect people who discuss their own salaries they don't protect those who discuss someone else's and chrissy says she never thought to make. >> are you surprised to hear women in your field make 67 cents on the dollar. >> yes, absolutely. i didn't know there was that big of a gap. >> reporter: she might discuss salary ranges but not exact months. she thinks the law is long overdue. >> they're protected for asking. over in oakland the mayor is teeming up with ed lee to raise minute yum wage, bumping it up by a dollar every year starting in 2017. battle over bathroom breaks on the job. a state agency has set strict limits even if docking worker's
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pay if they take too long. one employee is saying not so fast. >> reporter: when nature calls, time is of the essence. but managers at a south sacramento dmv office say some employees aren't watching the clock during their trips to the toilet. >> that's terrible. >> reporter: according to the seiu local 1,000 employees union a grievance was filed against a potty policy. the union says dmv managers are deducting pay and/or leave time for employees that take more than seven minutes on a bathroom break. >> that gives you time to walk there and walk back and no time to do anything else. >> reporter: managers have become concerned that some employees weren't spending enough time doing their duties at their desks. a spokesman said "the dmv is
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aware of a grievance filed by the union and the dmv is in the process of preparing a response. the dmv takes these matters seriously and is looking into the allegations." . >> the employee who filed the grievance has not commented publicly. more spectacular that the northern lights? watching a pod of whales under the sky. a dream for many aurora photographers to see the whales and those northern lights simultaneously. >> now we need impactful music. >> yes. sure, bring it on. [ laughter ]. >> that would be nice. >> spice it up a little bit. not the island chain of hawaii, but it's happening just south, and that is a hurricane. hurricane oho which is now setting to the south and east of the islands. won't have that much of an
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effect on the islands, it could affect the pacific northwest by early next week. we'll see if it has any effect on us as well. unusual to see a hurricane take that path this late in the hurricane season. actually, at almost any time of the season. we look at coit tower, concord 63, san fransisco 61, and in santa rosa 67, a pesky low over california and the bay area on saturday night now over arizona. they had flooding in that phoenix. that will pin wheel around and come back over california sunday av afternoon. we go from mild to warm and along with it plenty of sunshine, too. overnight lows readings mostly in the mid to upper 50s. sunrise tomorrow at 10 minutes after 7:00. and daytime highs tomorrow close to where we see them this time of year.
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69 in the city, 75 at oakland, and 80 in san jose. upper 70s for the south bay and over in the east bay you'll make due with mid-80s. mid-70s at petaluma, 80 for santa rosa and in oakland 75. 86 for lake worth. extended forecast, one more mild day, one or two, and then friday, saturday, and sunday, warm it up to 90 degrees. dry. and as we look into next week, unless the moisture from that hurricane wreaks havoc with the computer models, it could be next week. >> no classical music. >> next time. they missed the ... they missed the ... >> coming up on the lat,,,,,,,,,
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast it's acquiring portland-bas stumptown coffee roasters. under the deal, peet's would
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have access to stumptown's . >> tonight sun can coffee roasters, they would have access to the high end specialty coffees. terms have not been disclosed but sun town will operate independently. foodies and franco philes are happy. the bright blue door is back open today on pine street in san fransisco under a different name. [ french spoken ]. >> people arrived in droves at the former pine street location because, as the sign says, if bake it, they had come. he made his name in this city being an amazing chef who has incredible quality product
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and we get to partake of it once again. >> we have the bonbon at the register, and you feel like a kid again at a french restaurant. >> tour de france. starbucks bought out and closed the bakeries. the founder is now resurrecting six of them. it's set to open a week from today. >> i demand that they reopen the one on polk street. >> really? >> yeah. my hang out. they have this little blt, mini ones, $3, latte, and it's just -- ....
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toniight, he was asked to p on 3 days rest against the . houston was the american league's only 20 game winner but
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tonight he was asked to pitch on three days rest against the yankees in a one game wildcard payoff. astros 70 million for the pay off. arod goes looking, keuchal was pitching. the first pitch of the 2nd inning was the difference maker, ramirez, his 26th allowed this year. astros win 3-0. they face the kansas city royals in the american league division series. >> you know, as you're walking out, that's the most adrenaline i've had in this chair in my short managerial career. 6th inning, alex rodriguez, and the potential cy young award winner on the mound. all their key players
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returning, the warriors are not the favorites to win it this year. that would be cleveland. now, this is something the warriors will use as motivation as they get set to defend their crown, even if they won't all admit it. >> you got any motivation for this season? >> not getting me in trouble. >> this is all the motivation we need. reflect on all the hard work we went through last year. >> we weren't picked last year and i don't think we're picked to win it this year. so, all the motivation is already there for us. >> to you great media answers but that wasn't going to be my answer. [ laughter ]. >> green would not take the bait today. we'll be right back.
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. . >> the late show with stephen >> the late show with stephen colbert is up,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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