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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  October 7, 2015 3:12am-4:01am PDT

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be allowed to stay. he was told to pack up his family and leave. >> no germany? >> no. >> the crisis leaves germany with several problems. what to do with the hundreds of thousands who qualify for asylum and how to deport the hundreds of thousands who don't. successful applicants are provided with food and help. those who are rejected are ordered to leave the country. if they refuse, they are arrested, taken to the airport and sunday home. par charlie, changes. the american commander in afghanistan said his forces are responsible for the air strike this weekend that hit a hospital, killing 22 civilians. general john campbell said it was directed by troops on the
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ground after afghan forces called for help. he called it a mistake and he ordered all u.s. personnel retrained on rules of engagement. campbell said president obama should reconsider the plan to reduce troop strength to 1,000. he said it's not enough to train and support the afghans. have a look at this. like a funeral shroud, a sparp covers the building where nine were shot to death last week at umpqua community college in oregon. the first of the funerals will be thursday. the president will meet with relatives of the victims on friday. in milwaukee, two victims of gun violence are fighting back in a courtroom. adriana has that. >> officer brian testified
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against the milwaukee store that sold the gun that nearly killed him. >> how long have you had pain on your face? >> every day. >> he and his partner stopped 18-year-old julius burton from riding his bike on a sidewalk. burton shot him in the mouth. his friend was hit in the eye. the memories still torment him. >> i felt like i didn't deserve to live. i felt my duty on that street that day that i let the city down. >> they claim the weapon was negligently sold by badger guns. in 2005, 537 guns recovered from crimes were traced back to badger. it ranked as the number one crime gun dealer in america. they saw surveillance of the purchase. burton entered the shop with an
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older friend who he paid to buy the gun because burton was underage. donald floora made the sale. >> the last thing we want to do is put a gun in someone's hands that is going to mitt a crime. >> the turn defended the store. >> who are is responsible when a criminal pulls a gun from his pocket and at point blank range fires at a police officer with the intent to till him? >> on the stand, he once considered suicide, but a friend, also an officer, talked him out of it. that friend is now his wife. >> she probably until now doesn't know that she saved my life. >> cases like this rarely go to trial. in 2005, congress strengthened protections against civil lawsuits. >> the shooter in that case got
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80 years in prison. thanks very much. a decision to save money ended up poisoning a city's drinking water. we will see one of nature's rare duets. the cbs overnight news will be right back. ♪ it's the final countdown! ♪
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>> it's not safe to drink the water in flint, michigan. a city of nearly 100,000 in northwest detroit. a plan to save money backfired. here's jen reynolds. >> the people of flint lined up for free filters to make their water safer to drink. dorothy baits is one of them. >> mire tub is brown. >> last year they disconnected the water supply and began
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growing water from the flint river. it saved the city about $15 million, but the river water even after treatment was risky. that's because the chemicals used were so corrosive, they peeled lead off pipes and sent it straight to faucets in a foul-smelling brew. researchers found elevated lead levels in children two to three times what it was before the switch to the river water. they declared a public health emergency. >> it is one of the most damning things you can do to a child. >> is there any safe level of lead in somebody's blood in. >> there is no safe level of lead. >> that kept leanne up at night. the mother of twins, she noticed mental and physical development
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delays. public workers were not much help. >> we were told it's a few iq points. it's not the end of the world. >> she said that? >> just like that. >> flint mayor said other cities may face the same fate. >> i'm angriy that we have been put into this situation. we are trying to rebound and revitalize and we have one problem after another with the water sources. >> with complaints and health concerns, there negotiations to have the state help flint once again draw the water from detroit, but the city's annual river fest celebrations have been postponed indefinitely. >> den reynolds, thanks very much. before a power ball winner collected, she had business to take care of. that's next.
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>> everyone who bought a lottery ticket dreams of doing what julie leach did. she won last week's $310 million power ball jackpot and today she answered the obvious question. you leaving your job? what are your plans? >> i quit automatically. i was done. >> leach plans to buy homes for her boyfriend, three kids and 11 grandchildren. after taxes she will get a lump
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sum of $140 million. >> the twin images captured off norway are priceless as the northern lights danced above a pod of hump back whales down on the bottom of the screen. they were playing in the shimmering light. a bit of water ballet thrown in for good measure. >> in a moment, another opening, another show. not just another star. >> announcer: this portion of the cbs evening news is sponsored by pacific life. for life insurance, annuities and investments, choose pacific life. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> we end this autumn evening with an awakening. teenagers coming of age. this production has a real life subplot about a 20 something making broadway history. >> it's not easy keeping pace with ali. the 28-year-old is rushing to work. handing out free theater tickets and making last minute back stage preps. all as she prepared to be the first person in a wheelchair to be in the revival of spring awak awakening. >> i never saw anyone in a chair
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on broadway. i wanted to make it happen. nobody of ever done it. a part of me was like i'm not going to get my hopes up because maybe it's not possible. >> she rolled over most barriers. she was 2 years old when a car accident left her paralyzed. five years later she caught the acting bug. >> i was a little girl in a wheelchair and when i started to perform, i felt like i was now an actress and a singer and it gave me another identity. >> she wowed audiences from the playhouse to the kennedy center. she had to choreograph her own
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movements to match the cast. she had to learn sign language. half the cast is hearing impaired. >> for creates a different lens and adds a layer of vulnerability to the show that is so raw and real. >> i learn something from her all the time. >> what is it like took on stage with her? >> she ems a fierce woman, brave, courage touous, unstoppable. that girl is a broad. >> ♪ >> she turned most obstacles into opportunities and has no plans to slow down. >> cbs news, new york. >> that's the cbs overnight news
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for this wednesday. for some of you, the news continues. for others, check back for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city. >> this is the cbs overnight news. >> welcome to the overnight news. the floodwaters continue to rise in south carolina and so does the death toll in the wake of record rain and flooding. it's turning towns into islands and neighborhoods into swamps. david is there. >> for angela, coming home was hard. >> oh, god. i can't even breathe right now. oh, my god. this is just -- >> she does a breeshiate that her family is alive and her
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family kept trying to escape. craig smith is her partner. >> by that time the refrigerator was floating. >> that they dialled 911, but still no help. >> did you think you and your family were going to die? >> when i saw the water coming up, yeah. there was nowhere to go. >> cole posted a plea on facebook. >> for anyone has a boat, please help. i have two children. with special needs, she wrote. smith feared help would not get there before his family drowned. from the attic looking down, he took photos and she posted. if anyone at all has a boat, please, please help. these three men responded to the family's plea. >> the look on their faces, you can't imagine. they thought they were done for. i don't think they had 20
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minutes left. >> you guys are my yardian angels. >> today angela and craig got a chance to thank the men for saving their lives. >> thank you so much. >> two days after the family was rescu rescued, you still needed waders to walk through their yard. getting back to normal will be tough. she said i tried to get a rental car and realized i can't even find my license. cbs news, columbia, south carolina. >> it's being called the worst american cargo ship disaster in more than 30 years. 28 americans and five polish nationals on board were lost. the latest on the search for answers. >> woeft guard searchers recovered more pieces today. each hour makes them more pessimistic about finding
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survivors. >> everything inside of me says my daddy is coming home. i believe that. >> her father is 62-year-old larry davis, one of the missing crew and an able-bodies seaman serving most low as a look out. >> do you have hope? >> he always came home and had a story to tell. everything in me just knows that i need him to come home and tell this story. >> jacksonville's community knows they grew up around the port. 17 of the crew lived here. they have questions they hope to answer, how and when the ship lost power and propulsion near the eye of a monster storm. why the 53-year-old captain decided to beat the storm given the ominous forecast we reported last tuesday.
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>> joaquin is a tropical storm. is it going to be a hurricane? >> that looks likely. >> rod sullivan, a former merchant marine is now a maritime lawyer. >> he could have turned back or cut through the windward passage that took him further south and out of the path of the storm. >> karla doesn't blame the captain. >> we all make judgment calls every day. >> no bitterness? >> not at all. he knew what he was facing. he had no doubt in his mind that his captain of that vessel made the right call. >> they acknowledged the captain of a ship without power has few options. the owners hired their own team of investigateors. cbs news, jacksonville, florida. >> come in milwaukee where
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officers are suing a gun shop. they claim the store was negligent to sell the weapon. >> i have still a lot of bullet fragments or shrapnel. >> officer brian norbert testified against the store that sold the gun that nearly killed him. >> how often do you have pain on the right side of your face. >> right now. every day. >> norbert and his partner stopped 18-year-old julius burton from riding his bike on a city sidewalk. after a brief struggle, he shot them in the mouth and eye. the memories of the shooting still torment him. >> i felt like i doesn't deserve to live. my dude on tty on the street, ie city down. >> they were negligently and unlawfully sold by badger guns.
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in 2005, 537 guns recovered from crimes were traced back to badger. that ranked as the number one crime gun dealer in america. they saw surveillance of the purchase. burton entered with an older friend who he paid to buy the gun because burton was underage. donald floor on made the sale. >> the last thing we want to do is put a gun in somebody's hand that will commit a crime. >> james defended the store. >> who is responsible when a criminal pulls a gun from his pocket and at point blank range fires at a police officer with the intent to kill him. >> on the stand yesterday, norbert said he once considered suicide, but a friend, also an officer talked him out of it. that friend is now his wife. >> she probably until now doesn't know that she saved my
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life. >> the two biggest names find themselves behind the eight ball. they used insider knowledge to win hundreds of thousands of dollars and the scandal could lead to new federal regulations. >> the ads are everywhere and so is the money. one week leagues are paying $75 million a week. the business model is under the microscope after allegations of what amounts to insider trading. >> play for your share every single day. pick your sport. >> according to a reporter in the "new york times," a draft kings employee admitted he released early data on what players were most used ahead of the nfl's third week. getting that early information account serve as an advantage. they won $350,000 that week, betting on a rival website, fan duel. >> it gives an edge. it's no different than taking
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>> it was nearly 50 years ago that they invented a new genre of journalism. his widow is trying to keep the gonzo spirit alive, turning their legendary owl farm into a museum. >> not far away, there was a cabin that gave rocky mountain high a new meaning. it was a home of hunter s thompson, journalist and counter culture hero. despite nearly 40 years of binge
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drinking, chain smoking and hallucinations, what under wrote the owl farm. >> i got paid to drive me mad. >> the sky was full of what looked like huge bats. >> it's a cult classic and starring hunter's friend, johnny depp. >> there was a teenage girl. he was like a teenage girl trapped in the body of an elderly dope fiend. >> she was hunter's writing assista assistant. it ended up his second wife. >> did you watch him write? >> absolutely. he would pull the typewriter for the and start clicking and it was beautiful in the house. >> that's a good sign. >> for made him happy and everyone happy. >> when they married, hunter
3:42 am
promised her a good ten years. she only got two. he committed suicide in front of his typewriter in 2005. >> so many years i'm expecting hunter to be at that chair. >> what do you miss the most? >> his physical body. his presence. his voice. him being here. >> anita left everything much as hunter left it. nixon masks hanging off a cactus and reading glasses. >> for brought me comfort to keep things as they were. that was the reason i was doing it. >> some fans couldn't leave her in peace. >> the trespassing is a problem. we deal with it not like hunter dealt with it. he shot out the window or shooting at them. >> she decided to invite a select few to visit, making it a museum of sorts, as long as she approves the guest list.
3:43 am
>> it's ten years and it's not the same, but the feel or the spirit is the same. >> there is i lot of energy here. you feel it when you walk in. >> do you still? >> absolutely. it's palpable. >> this is the room. >> this is where he did everything? >> this is where hunter wrote fear and loathing in las vegas where he started the campaign for sheriff. this was his sacred room. >> left behind are old credit cards and press badges and a pack or two of dusty dun hills. >> the only thing that changed is i moved the spider webs away. >> the famous convertible is as shiny as ever. >> this is the red shark. >> mini bottles still full rest where most drivers put their coffee. >> tank ray. you knew it was summer.
3:44 am
he loved gin in the summer. >> that was a monument to mischief. he saw guns and bombs as two of life's big pleasures. the beer keg floating around still. he and his pal who owned the farm once strapped dynamite to a jeep for fun. >> the penitentiary thing is we would experience a shock wave. >> you wanted the shock wave. >> we are standing there together. now we can drink. >> it's quieter than in hunter's day, but anita uses his shotgun to blow things up once in a while. >> all right, hunter, we love you! >> there is no explaining. even fans lucky enough to get an
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invite may be more baffled than enlightened. >> literary icon, genius or both? just keep your head down while you are here. when you move, degree motionsense reacts with unique microcapsules activated by movement that release bursts of freshness all day. motionsense. protection to keep you moving. degree. it won't let you down.
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well, things in the bedroom have alwaysyeah, no complaints. we've always had a lot of fun, but i wanted to try something new. and i'm into that. so we're using k-y love. it's a pleasure gel that magnifies
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both of our sensations. right, i mean, for both of us, just... yeah, it just takes all those awesome feelings you usually feel and it just makes them... rawr... dare to feel more with new k-y love. >> people talk about life
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imitating art, but a visionary considers his art to be a new form of life. some of his works are 12 feet tall and all can walk. >> this is a strand beast. an intricate collection of pipes with plastic ties. designed to move, scoot across beaches, powered by the wind. strand beach means beach creature in dutch. >> you refer to them as animals. are these living things to you? >> can imagine them as animals. it's a game. after a while if you play a game long enough, it becomes real. >> he spent 25 years tinkering with the design and making them
3:49 am
more real and alive. they a peesh stoob a strange mix. spartan insect and part poers. the key to the movements is in the legs. >> go to the ground and give can't to the animals. that might be the reason why it looks like the movement of real animals's legs. species have been spotted in massachusetts. recently they made it a plaza in boston to cheers of delight. >> what is it that brings out the child in us when we see the objects? >> for a child, life is new. every experience is new. if you see something new, you forget you have grown up.
3:50 am
the child comes back. >> they were there for a talk he gave at the massachusetts institute of technology. the ability to move smoothly and effortlessly captured the imaginations of engineers and physicis physicists. the museum displays them in an interactionive exhibition. >> it reminds people of their own power. >> this is a person whose creativity doesn't respect the boundaries of this is art or science or story telling. it's an amalgam of all three. >> what is your ultimate hope that this will grow into? >> before i leave this planet, i would like to leave a new specimen on earth. these animals will live in the future. >> he is taking steps to make sure they continue even after he
3:51 am
is gone. he found a clever way to help them reproduce and evolve. he openly posts the formulas on his website like how to store the wind energy and how the legs work. he encourages people to create their own versions. that is exactly what people do. these are considered back beasts. the ones that are hamster powered. there is nothing like the majesty of the original creations. >> do you have a favorite? >> yes, my favorite is always the one i still have to make. the that keeps me awake at night. that's my favorite. >> salem, massachusetts. >> wearable technology is a $5 billion a year business. it attaches to your head and designed to change your mood. we have the story for cbs this
3:52 am
morning. >> if you talk to coffee for a jolt or a glass of wine to relax, a wearable tech company wants you to consider electric currents. >> what are is the basis behind the concepts of electric stimulation to change your mood? >> we have nerves on the head and neck that connect to our brains and those nerves normally give a lot of input about what's going on around us. we are signalling those nerves electrically to just trigger your body to respond. >> the new device called think costs nearly $300 and fits on the forehead and the back of the head and comes with energy or calm. controlled through a smart phone app, because it is a wellness or style product rather than a medical device, it is not subject to fda regulation. izzie is the ceo of think. >> who is the ideal person to use think? >> somebody with an attitude
3:53 am
that they have a full life, conquering and conquering your day or on the calm mode, somebody who wants to unwind because live is stressful. >> they deliver a low dose of currency and claim the pulses or what they call vibes change brain activity by stimulating nerves on the face or the back of the head. they demonstrated the device to first time users in new york city. >> my heart rate is low. >> users are advised to wear the product between 10 to 20 minutes a session and for no more than 60 minutes a day. >> the design is really different and futuristic. >> think believes humans can't control their biological responses. randy browno disagrees.
3:54 am
>> what you drink and what you eat, these are all active choices we make to change our mood. >> she skeptical if the testing proves the wearable changes the brain's physiology and chemistry. >> is it really activating a part of your brain? they don't know that. they need to do more research. >> i wanted to learn what it felt like. >> this goes on your temple. >> choosing the calm setting in the middle of my day. >> i feel like someone is tickling my hair. my head. it's interesting. >> this is about a journey where there is another choice. now the question is, this choice of digital versus a chemical, language whether it's this or anyone else, we are using programs. it's not just a gimmick. it really helps people to feel
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motivated and relax. it helps,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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archaeologists in egypt are close to solving a ancient mystery. they found markings on the walls of king tut and queen nephrotiti. >> sunrise in the valley of the kings. what brings us here now is a secret of the queens. egyptologist nicholas reed is from the university of arizona and on on an expedition. >> this is a burial chamber. probably the greatest archaeological discovery ever mead. >> here believes he found one even greater and in the same room. >> it's a definitely cry. >> markings that could indicate
3:58 am
a man made door to more chambers. >> i was astonished to find what looked like artificial features. >> another possible clue. they suggest it was not built for a king. >> that are is a tomb favored by queens. >> he has one in mind. queen nephrotiti. she could be king tut's mother. on the other side of this wall is where they believe the egyptian queen lies buried. they can't knock it down. they had to find another way to see through it. >> noninvasive ra bar and imaging will be used to test his theory. >> i think it is most important. >> more important? >> over the years, many people
3:59 am
have claimed to have found the queen's tomb. >> if i'm wrong, i'm wrong. we move on. but i think it's something we can't just ignore because if i happen to be right, then it will change everything. >> they won't stop digging. for cbs this morning, alex ortiz in the valley of the kings. >> that's the cbs overnight news for this wednesday. if are some of you the news conditions. for others, check back for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city.
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captioning funded by cbs it's wednesday, october 7th, 2015. this is the "cbs morning news." as south carolina starts to dry out from historic floods, the aftermath comes into focus and recovery from the deadly storms could take weeks. better late than never. facing flipping poll numbers. hillary clinton says she is putting her husband to work on the campaign trail and his latest stop is on "the late show" with stephen colbert. a mother's outrage at united airlines when she is told she has to use her breast pump in an airport restroom for


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