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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 7, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 4:30 on this "hump day." hope you're up and about. if you're not -- >> i'm okay. i thought we were going to another shots but i was a little surprised. but that's okay. hi, roberta, high, liza, how are you? >> good morning. if you are getting up slowly rising heading out the door, we have the return of the low clouds the areas of fog. not only along the coast, but into the bay this morning. clear skies inland in the upper 50s and later today it is going to pan out to be much warmer than yesterday. 60s beaches, 70s, 80s inland. the full forecast is still coming up. good morning. we have the same roadwork delaying traffic for the commute out of oakland heading into san leandro just one lane open. this is leaving 98th towards marina. i'll have an update on this and a complete look at your drive into work with "kcbs traffic." investigators are looking into a new lead in a marin county hiking trail homicide. a man was found shot to death monday night on a trail west of
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fairfax not far from sir francis drake boulevard. dozens of people have been searching for clues in the area. and for now, the sheriff's department hopes surveillance video will generate more leads. this man and woman as well as foreman are considered persons of interest in the case. investigators believe they may know something about the homicide. >> that is why we have a strong interest in talking to them see what information they may have to share. >> the victim is identified as 67-year-old steve carter of middletown in lake county. he had multiple gunshot wounds and his volkswagen jetta is missing now. his dog was found wounded and is expected to recover. three homes in mill valley were evacuated because of a homeowner who tried to cut down a large tree. the tree started falling on marin drive yesterday so it was secured by chains until crews could figure a way to remove it. >> so at this time, the plan is
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to have the tow trucks, once we have rendered the tree as safe as we can, pull the tree down into an area where it can be safely felled. >> the evacuated homeowners are now back at home. volkswagen is laying out plans for a massive recall in the wake of the u.s. emissions rigging scandal. kpix 5's kiet do is live in san jose to explain what the german automaker will have to do. >> reporter: good morning. volkswagen says if all goes as planned then the recall will begin in january and then all 11 million affected vehicles should be fixed by the end of next year. in most cases, it's a software update. but some cars could be getting new injectors or catalyzers. temporary workshops may have to be set up for the complex cases. with all the various models, vw has to come up with thousands of fixes and they set aside $7 billion to handle the recall and will likely face steep fines from the epa for rig the
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diesel engines to trick smog detectors and allow those vehicles to emit pollution 10 to 40 times the legal limit. u.s. dealers were stunned with a stop sale order of all the affected vehicles. >> it's sad to think that a handful of people have taken us down this path. but together, we're going to work through this and we're going to come out better. i truly believe that. we have all the resources to make the customer whole and to make the dealer whole through this process. and i'm encouraged that we are going to be fine as we walk through it. >> reporter: california has about 55,000 affected vehicles. now, a couple at healdsburg filed a class action lawsuit since customers paid a premium for those so-called clean diesel engines. volkswagen has a website where you can plug in your v.i.n. number to see if your vehicle is recalled. the cars are still legal to drive. kiet do, kpix 5. the rain stopped in south carolina but the worst isn't over. days of heavy rain and flash
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floods are killed at least 17 people. although the downpours have stopped, more evacuations could be ordered as receding floodwaters threaten damaged canals and rain. 11trillion gallons have fallen in the last week. >> how do they figure that out? did you see the drone hovering around in they can go into the zones that we cannot get into and photograph and assess the damage and calculate it. it would be nice to get rain here, right? we have more rain moving into southern california on sunday. if things change it would make tracks toward northern california. but right now that's not the case. what we are looking at is a building ridge of high pressure. this morning as far as the barometer, it is very high at 30.11. that means high pressure is building in, the air mass driving out and we're warming up. temperatures right now in the
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50s and 60s. later today we are talking about 70s at the beaches. 70s bayside. 80 in mountain view. upper 70s in low 80s common across the santa clara valley. up to 84 degrees if the livermore area. we're talking 90s. i'll tell you when you can expect it. first let's bring on liza battalones. good morning, the altamont pass, traffic is already slow. this is for westbound 580 leaving the 205 interchange. it's going to stay slow in pockets approaching vasco. now, you pass all that and you hit roadwork. it's the same ongoing construction which has shut down multiple lanes of 580. you can see traffic approaching the dublin interchange. be prepared for delays. you continue along 580 down towards the nimitz and then you're going to hit delays for southbound 880 leaving oakland bound for san leandro. that's where traffic is down to one lane because of ongoing construction. crews hope to be out of there in 10 minutes. close by us the san mateo bridge traffic still flowing well in both directions. that's a look at "kcbs
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traffic." back to you guys. there's an effort for a ballot measure that be would raise the statewide -- that would raise the statewide minimum wage. california's major is already set to go up to $10 an hour next year. under the proposal it would go up a dollar every year until 2021 and from there, rise with the cost of living. the mayors of oakland and san francisco are among the supporters. meanwhile, governor brown has signed the fair pay act. as kpix 5's julie watts explains, it's up to women to know how to make it work. reporter: meet kristie allbright a 30-something marketing manager in the tech field and according to data from the u.s. bureau of labor statistics, she makes 67.7 cents for every dollar her male counterparts make. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: but salary and equality like that might be about to change. fittingly at the rosie the rifter museum in richmond the governor signed the california fair pay act. take christie.
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as of take, she can now demand comparable pay to her male counterparts even if they work out of a different office or city and if they have a different title as long as their work is, quote, substantially similar. but maybe more importantly, she now has a right to ask how much her counterparts make. the law prohibits employer retaliation for discussing salaries but does not require employers to reveal salary information. her male counterparts can make more if they have more experience or training. >> up until now, discrimination retaliation were common place. >> reporter: the state senator who wrote the bill says while current laws protect people who discuss their own salaries, they don't protect those who ask about someone else's. and christie admits she never thought to ask. are you surprised to hear that women in your field make 67 cents on the dollar? >> absolutely. i didn't know there was that big of a gap. >> reporter: she says she might discuss salary ranges, just not exact dollar amounts, and while she doubts there is disparity at her startup, but she thinks
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the law is overdue. >> women are now protected just for asking. >> reporter: julie watts, kpix 5. it is 4:38. today the group doctors without borders will demand some answers about the u.s. bombing of its medical clinic in afghanistan. more now from cbs news' don champion. reporter: the organization doctors without borders will publicly call for an independent investigation today into the deadly u.s. bombing of its medical clinic in afghanistan. general john campbell the commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan answered questions about the bombing from a senate panel tuesday. >> a hospital was mistakenly struck. we would never intentionally target a protected medical facility. >> reporter: the pentagon says the hospital was mistakenly hit saturday as u.s. forces were helping afghan soldiers fight the taliban. >> to be clear, the decision to provide aerial fire was a u.s.
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decision made within the u.s. chain of command. >> reporter: 22 people were killed including doctors, staff members and patients. doctors without borders says the gps coordinates of the hospital were frequently shared with military officials. general campbell believes the incident underscores the challenges that remain in afghanistan. he is calling on a slower draw down of troops in the country in direct contrast with president obama's plan to drastically reduce u.s. military forces on the ground. the white house said yesterday, the president is reviewing campbell's recommendations. don champion, cbs news. dramatic video of a raid on suspected arms smugglers who were trying to sell materiel to make a dirty bomb. they thought the buyer was working on behalf of "islamic state" terrorists. the buyer was an undercover agent. police in moldova conducted the raid in february and arrested several smugglers and recovered components needed to make the
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device. time now 4:39 on this wednesday. san francisco's last gun store is shutting down. more to come on a gun owner whose's mad dash to buy firearms. >> what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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23-year-old audrey carey of montreal was in golden gate park, as part police hope surveillance video will provide clues in the case of a beating death in san francisco. 23-year-old audrey carey from montreal was found in a park after suffering blunt-force trauma to the head. >> when we trace people's steps back, it's common you'll be caught on camera throughout san francisco just because it's so densely populated, there's a lot of coffee shops, a lot of stores, that have video surveillance set up. >> there's one thing that's making the investigation especially difficult. hundreds of thousands of people were in the park last weekend
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for the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. so police don't know who was going in and out of that area at the time. the last gun store in san francisco is set to close at the end of the month. as mark kelly learned, customers are rushing to buy discounted guns. reporter: >> i have never seen it this busy ever. >> reporter: the general manager says they had so many customers today, they had to lock up an hour and a half early just to get everyone through the line. >> i didn't expect it. >> reporter: long-time customers taking advantage of the going out of business sale. some products 30 even 35% off. >> i can get a special. >> a little more than 35. >> yeah. >> reporter: management announced last month come october 31, they close their doors for good, frustrated with a possible san francisco ordinance requiring they turn over to police video surveillance of every customer. >> i'm not an attorney but i feel that's a privacy issue. i as a consumer, that would
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personally deter me from shopping at this place. >> reporter: all the way from texas to right here in san francisco, support for this gun store has been pouring in. >> minnesota, you want to go ice fishing, come on down. >> reporter: you have friends all over the country. >> yes, it's great. >> reporter: customers are supporting this bernal heights store with their wallets, too. about 20 customers alone have bought 900 rounds of nine- millimeter ammo. >> going out as fast as they come in. >> reporter: in bernal heights, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> managessers say they are required to report -- managers say they are required to report any ammo over 50 rounds to 500 rounds to police. a state agency is facing backlash after setting strike limits on bathroom breaks for employees. manager at a sacramento dmv office said some employees weren't spend enough time working at their desk.
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now employees have filed a grievance against the so-called potty policy. it claims managers are deducting pay for workers who take longer than 7 minutes on a bathroom break. >> that gives you time to walk there and walk back and no time to do anything else. >> the employees filed the grievance and haven't commented publicly. a spokesman says the agency is looking into it. the drought is so serious in one northern california city, restaurants are ordered to use disposable plates, cups and cutlery. fort bragg has declared an emergency. the river water levels are so low, ocean water is getting into municipal pipes. the sign was given to all restaurants in fort bragg says it's a necessity to use disposable tableware during the water crisis. residents and businesses are required to cut water use by 30%. whatever we can do.
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it's 4:45. a check of weather now on a good day. >> pretty good day. all we need is this. this much for a hurricane to change paths. we could see some rain across northern california but right now doesn't look like it's going to happen. this hasn't happened since 1949 when we have a hurricane taking a direct aim on the pacific northwest. we'll share that with you. but right now i like this imagery. this is our live weather camera towards sfo. like it because you can see the low clouds. the marine layer has pushed onshore. we have cloud cover in san francisco at 60. it is cloudy in san jose at 62 degrees. cloud cover in santa rosa in the low 50s. clear skies and upper 50s in livermore and in concord. it is now 60 in oakland. the coast is cloudy at this hour but we have clear skies inland. everyone is going to clear out. air mass is going to dry out as the relative humidity drops. you will feel the difference in the atmosphere. then we have blue skies for the blue angels daily. this is interesting.
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this is a plume of subtropical moisture from the hawaii islands where we have hurricane oho a category 2 hurricane on a scale of 1 to 5. we generally don't see anything develop south of the hawaiian islands this late in the season. but nevertheless, because of warm ocean waters due to el nino we are seeing the formation of this hurricane. it wants to take a path and miss the state of california right now. we could see some gusty winds and maybe the potential for some heavy rains in the pacific northwest as the remnants of what was once a hurricane moves into the area by the weekend. we will be watching it. meanwhile we have activity north of the bay area. as the high pressure begins to strengthen today the warming begins. mid-80s throughout the central valley. 74 degrees in the high sierra where currently we have an air temperature of 36 degrees on the south shore. 70 degrees in monterey where currently it's overcast and 60 degrees. temperatures here locally 70s
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beaches, 70s bayside. 80s inland. outside number 86 degrees. flat winds. 90s begin thursday through saturday. inland areas. pristine conditions for fleet week which the best day of the two coming up over the weekend, saturday, 77. good morning, everybody. we are going to talk about the wednesday commute for caltrans, busy at the bay bridge. a brief delay through the construction zone in the noncommute direction as you leave san francisco bound for oakland. just one lane is open. that construction in place until 6:00 this morning. now, the westbound commute leaving oakland heading into the city, it is still wide open at the bay bridge toll plaza. so enjoy it while it lasts. still very light traffic leaving the east bay heading for the city. 18 minutes between the carquinez bridge and the maze in oakland. over at the golden gate, you can see bridge crews are there. now they are preparing for the morning commute and then in a few moments we'll have four
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southbound lanes available heading into san francisco. delays on the nimitz. southbound 880 from oakland to san leandro, there is roadwork backing up some traffic towards hegenberger just one lane open. and they expect to clear the scene there. caltrans expects to have all lanes open by 6:00 this morning. live pictures of 880 show traffic still flowing well approaching high street. meanwhile the silicon valley commute no delays. no delays on mass transit. that's "kcbs traffic." guys, back to you. >> thank you. 4:49. a new report card on rail transit stations in california giving some high marks to san francisco's muni system. they got a b grade. bart got a b minus and the santa clara county's vta they got a c minus. the report is not based on the train's reliability. it considers neighborhood walk ability and access to housing and jobs. the study singled out the muni church street station as the best in the state. bart's best is the civic center
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station in san francisco. the vta's best is in san jose. the japantown station. the worst for muni the marin station. the san francisco station got the lowest. the vta middlefield in mountain view. governor brown has signed legislation allowing san francisco to keep cameras mound on muni buses. the purpose of the cameras is to cite drivers who block bus lanes. the cameras capture license information. $110 tickets are sent to the violators. the pilot program is now permanent. an alleged insider trading scandal exposed but this has nothing to do with stocks. it involves fantasy football. the "new york times" reports an employee with the company draftkings admitted to using insider knowledge to win $350,000. the entry was made on rival fantasy football website fanduel. the federal government doesn't define fantasy sports as
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gambling. instead, it's called a game of skill. >> this business is unregulated. we have come a long way from the dorm room with friends to corporations. >> draftkings and fanduel ban their employees from taking part in gaming on their own websites. they are now banned from rival sites, as well. draftkings occasionally purchases advertising time on kpix 5. time now is 4:51. a scare in the air forces another bay area-bound plane to land early. what happened to the copilot in the middle of that flight. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. it's "hump day." look at these temperatures. they are going up. it's cloudy at the coast but
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becoming sunny, 60s and low 70s. 70s to the 80s across the peninsula today. good morning, morgan hill at 83, bested by the east bay temperatures in the 80s. 83 degrees in concord, clayton and walnut creek. 60s in bodega bay through the mid-70s in novato. good morning, clearlake at 83 degrees. bridge crews are busy with roadwork on the bay bridge, eastbound 80, two lanes open until 6:00 this morning. the westbound commute at the toll plaza still in great shape with no big delays. and bart is on time. we'll have a look at your drive into work with "kcbs traffic" still ahead. it's 4:54 on this wednesday. ntsb investigators continue to search for clues at what caused an american container ship to sink. the 90-foot ship vanished in the bahamas during hurricane joaquin last week. relatives of the 33 people on board including 28 americans are holding out hope their loved ones will be found alive.
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another scare in the air when the copilot on a flight to san francisco passes out. the united airlines flight took off from houston yesterday morning. it had to make an emergency landing in albuquerque. emergency personnel say the copilot walked off the plane himself and was taken to a hospital to be checked out. he is expected to be okay. on monday, an american airlines pilot died on a flight from phoenix to boston. his wife says he likely had a heart attack. that plane also landed safely. sonoma county sheriff's office denying serious allegations jail guards beat more than 20 inmates. yesterday, a lawyer representing some of the inmates shared letters describing the beatings that allegedly happened in may. the federal lawsuit claims the inmates were systematically beaten in an attack that took place over the course of hours with inmates begging deputies to stop.
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>> the sheriff's categorical denial carries no weight. we know what the sheriff thinks is okay and passes for policy. >> the sheriff says the guards were responding to a mass disturbance that threatened the safety of the staff. chelsea clinton made a stop in the bay area to inspire students to make the world a better place. she visited middle and high school students in san francisco yesterday. the students presented projects that demonstrate the message of clinton's new book called, "it's your world: get informed, get inspired and get going." students say her talk inspired them to do more. >> it kind of showed even the smallest thing can help the environment and the world basically and there are so many small things that i'm not doing that i could help to change the world. >> part of clinton's message is for kids to reach beyond the classroom to build sustainable and empowering solutions to poverty. time now 4:56. a murder mystery on a popular bay area hiking trail.
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the new clues investigators hope will lead them to an arrest coming up. >> and volkswagen has finally announced plans to recall all those millions of cars that were cheating the system. i'm kiet do with a live report coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, october 7. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5:00 on this wednesday. this morning, investigators are following a new lead in a marin county hiking trail homicide. a man was found shot to death on a trail near fairfax not far from sir francis drake boulevard. kpix 5's christin ayers has more on the surveillance video that could crack the case. reporter: the sheriff's office now turning to the public for any information on three persons of interest. this man, this woman and another man all captured on
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surveillance video at a fairfax convenience store. authorities stopped short of calling them suspects but say they believe they may know something about a man who was found murdered near a trail in west fairfax. >> that's why we have a strong interest in talking to them, to see what information they may have it share. >> reporter: authorities want to talk to them about this man, steve carter, a hiker found him shot to death in baywood canyon. his injured dog beside him. his v.w. jetta which looks like this was gone. >> we are trying to put together as many pieces of the puzzle together as possible so we have a better if not a clear picture of what happened here, what led to this incident last night. >> reporter: search-and-rescue crews fanned out with special dogs searching for the gun used to kill him. friends of steve say he and his wife had unconventional careers. >> he is an amazing loving gentle kind being whose mission was to bring more love into the world. >> reporter: they were experts in tantric


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