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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 8, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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a sho of the u.s.s. somerset getting ready for fleet week.
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called for harsher domestic violence laws. >> all of that, in chicago season victory. >> how does it feel? >> it hurts. it hurts good. >> all of that matters. >> there is photo bombing. ready for the live shot. scott pelley, governor bush right here. >> on cbs morning. >> presidential hopeful bernie sanders reportedly had a secret meeting with mayor bill de happ blasio last month. and we happen to have a secret photo. >> this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota. oet's go places. >> welcome to "cbs this
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morning." syria's military has launched ttackst calls a wide scale round offensive against terrorists. >> these missiles came from warships in the caspian sea. s haven war planes have also orthwestargets in north syria. the u.s. says this morning 90% the u. of russian attacks have not targeted isis or groups linked to al qaeda. the state department says they hit moderate opposition groups. holly williams is monitoring the fighting from istanbul, turkey. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. russia is launching its cruise missiles as part of a coordinated attack in the air and on the ground with the syrian regime. and after four years of deadly civil war, russia's air campaign may be tipping the balance in favor of the regime. blasting off from its warships on the caspian sea, russia says
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herecruise missiles are hitting qaeda-linkedrn syria where both isis and al qaeda-linked groups have a heavy presence. the russian president, vladimir distance putin, said striking targets at a distance of over 900 miles showed the high qualification of his country's military. more than a week after it began launching air strikes in syria, rtinga seems to be reasserting itself as a superpower, protected by russian air cover, syrian regime troops pushed into imbel strongholds in the country's northwest. includinon fighters hit back, including with this missile. which appears to be wasican-made. ting they as the most intense fighting they've seen in months. ehe u.s. says moscow's true potivate in syria is to prop up the regime by targeting its
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pponents, including so-called oderate rebels who are backed by america. alreadyian war has already claimed more than a quarter of a illion lives. many of them killed by the egime's indiscriminate bombing of civilian areas. but russia has now seized the initiative in syria and this coordinated offensive with the regime could be a game-changer. russia's military buildup in syria now also includes a battalion of ground troops. according to the u.s. ambassador to nato, that's despite russian assertions that it will not use ground troops in its operations usede syria. gayle? >> thank you, holly williams, in reporting from turkey. climbed to 1ning the death toll in the deadly southern floods has climbed to 19. in south carolina, 14 dams have failed, and there are new concerns that raging waters raging could flow downstream and flood
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coastal areas. flood warnings are now posted around charleston. david begnaud is in the state's capital with the dangers. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. another day in south carolina and another washed-out roadway. take a look behind me. this is what happened, two vehicles plunged below. within the last 24 hours, two more bodies were pulled from the floodwaters. they were construction workers who we are told went around a barricade set up by police, and lost their lives because of it. the police are monitoring dams to make sure they don't breach. they're doing what they can to stabilize them. the governor is telling constituents right now she is holding her breath and saying a prayer. the u.s. coast guard searched emote areas of south carolina on wednesday, looking for anyone left stranded from the historic flooding. 88-yeaound an 88-year-old woman and rescued her. medicalrunning low on medical supplies.
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err family was worried water highs could rise high enough to put her in danger. the flood water is spreading ard the am toward the coast. to be have been told to be on alert. people haven about warned. they may need to evacuate. >> this is the rain of a thousand years. we're not expected to be ready readymething like that. the is called the lowcountry for a reason. >> repor > reporter: in the capital of national national guard helicopters dropped more than 700 bags to fortify a canal. it is vital to the city's water supply. re ortion of th slow wednesday when e second time th canal collapsed for the second time this week. the bags are 3,000 pounds. some of them are filled with ocks. ith sand filled with sand. and they're being used to build a barrier because the columbia stabilizebreached. crews have stabilized the beaver dam, which was in jeopardy of failing. a breach there would have affected a thousand people. the state spent $260,000 on
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inspections and maintenance in 2014. north carolina spent more than caro $2 million and has had zero dam failures from the recent rainfall. one of your local newspapers is in calling the dam safety program flawed. isl you take exception with that? >> we have thousands of dams in amss state. 13 of those thousands have failed. so i think the analysis of this can be done after. >> reporter: and we expect to get another update from the governor around 12 noon today. senator lindsey graham of south carolina says he estimates the damage and the money it would take to rebuild things around here could exceed $1 billion. >> thanks, david. this morning a letter from a republican senator says hacker trying to get inside hillary clinton's private e-mail server. homeland security committee chairman ron johnson says the cyber attacks from china, south korea, and germany began after clinton resigned as secretary of state. he sent the letter to a company
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that supplied somewhere for her server. the democratic presidential candidate is taking new steps away from her former boss. major garrett is covering the campaign in des moines, iowa. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. hillary clinton has been distancing herself from the obama white house in part to curry favor with liberal voices in the democratic party crucial to her winning the nomination. the most recent example, her break with the president on the global trade deal known as the trans-pacific partnership. clintoretary of state, hillary gold standaed the deal and once called it the gold standard. but not anymore. >> i am not in favor of what i presiderned about it. is reporter: hillary clinton faricly rebuffed the president yeterday, saying his hard-fought trade deal didn't go to enough. set. don't have all the ortails. i don't believe it will meet the high bar i have set. in the e >> reporter: democratic rival
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bernie sanders, a long-time glad secre the 12-nation trade pact, sent a statement that he is glad that secretary clinton ags come on board and with her help, he hopes to defeat this as recentl ainton has recently relished opposing the obama administration, calling for a rebels ro-fly zone to protect syrian rebels and faulting the white to redor failing to use ence, slowpowers to reduce gun violence, slow deportations and whack down on wall street, including calls for financial in investigators to prosecute individuals for misconduct. senior obama aides described this shift as typical political maneuverings. the president said as much about ndinton's call for a syrian no-fly zone. >> there is a difference between running for president and being president. >> reporter: secretary clinton says she knows that and is
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calling for wide-ranging investigations on wall street. bernie sanders has called for these and other reforms of wall street, suggesting that hillary clinton is not just trying to fr >> major, n policy but also on the politics as well. >> major, thank you very much. president obama could face , otests tomorrow when he goes to roseburg, oregon, the scene lastst week's deadly shootings at the community college there. the president called for ,tronger gun control laws. he says, quote, this is something we should politicize. his facebook page this morning is asking gun control opponents to protest the president's visit. the white house says the trip is not meant to be political. >> the fact is that the h the ent's goal is to spend wme with the families of those who are so deeply affected by this terrible tragedy. >> mostly private meetings there. >> nman kille killed ten people including himself at umpqua ge ounity college one week ago agoy. today. sident obama delivered a rare personal apology to the
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rare of doctors without borders apolou.s. air strike on a sospital operated by the medical istan.y in afghanistan. that attack killed 22 civilians. margaret brennan is at the white house with what the president said. margaret, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. after four days of differing stories about how a hospital came under attack, president and say cided to call doctors without borders and say he was sorry. white house spokesman josh earnest said the president made personaal decision to apologize. n a mistakmistake occurs, the united states owns up to it and we've vowed to get to the bottom s without bctly happened. >> reporter: according to doctors without borders, its hospital in northern afghanistan came under repeated, direct militarn saturday from a u.s. ac-130 gunship even though the the military had the hospital's gps coordinates. tients,f and ten patients, including three children, were killed. neverospital was mistakenly
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struck. we would never intentionally target a protected medical faci orter:ty. >> reporter: the head of u.s. forces in afghanistan told that afgthis week that afghan troops had requested the air cover because they were facing a taliban attack. accountly different account u.s.a day earlier, when the u.s. said american troops had been under threat. it is still unclear whether the theycan pilots knew that they were firing on a hospital. those details are the focus of three investigations. despite despite the rare presidential apology, apology, doctors without borders says it ays it cannot rely on the u.s. to investigate a possible war crime an crime, and is demanding an ector jasnt probe. .s. director jason combs. >> we've seen how over the last gineours the story has continued that it's. as anyone can imagine, it's difficult to see how three different parties to a conflict can conduct an investigation impartially and independently. >> reporter: this incident will influence the president's thinking about whether or not to
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increase u.s. troop levels in afghanistan, despite earlier white house plans to significantly cut them back in 2016. general campbell is testifying about that to congress right now. >> margaret, thanks. this morning the coast guard is looking for the data recorder from the cargo ship el faro that sank in the bermuda triangle during a hurricane. the device is three miles underwater. yesterday the coast guard suspended its search for survivors. 33 people were on board. >> reporter: as the coast guard suspended its search for survivors last night, they met with family members in person to deliver the news. woe now know 28 americans were 18 hereght different states. 18 from right here in the state florlorida. >> everybody's worst nightmare just came through. foreporter: claudia shultz is 3vastated that the search for
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her husband steven and the 32 other crew members aboard el faro has been called off. the coast guard suspended its ded itssix and a half days after it began, a decision captain mark fedor calls painful and personal. >> one of our coast guard chief petty officers had a brother that was on the el faro. >> reporter: president obama issued a solemn statement. as americans, our economic prosperity and quality of life depend on men and women who womenon ships like the el faro. the company that owns el faro has come under fire for allowing the crew to make the trip despite the threat of hurricane >> joaquin. at, you kn there was some greed make syou know, come on, we've got to make some money here. ter: aorter: a federal investigation spearheaded by the national transportation safety board is now underway. their liop of their list is inding the ship's voyage data faro's r which contains key information about el faro's hoution and speed as well as
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the communication between the envisiond the ship before it sank. >> the entire crew of the el faro that went down in the ship together, that's their final resting place. >> reporter: on wednesday, tote maritime issued a statement saying, quote, we appreciate there are many rumors and speculation surrounding this tragic each of the. for the same of the families and loved ones, we ask that you continue to respect their privacy and wait for the investigation results. >> such a tough story, thank you so much. on the new jersey turnpike, a driver with a dash cam shows a mattresrving yesterday. police say a mattress and box pike.g apparently flew off a van to he turnpike. it took firefighters an hour to put out the fire. the tanker drug driver died. an suv was involved in the crash but that driver was not hurt. lumber liquidators will pay millions for illegally importing
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its product into the u.s. the discount hardwood flooring retailer will pay $13 million in fines and fees for importing wood illegally sourced from russian myanmar. two years ago federal authorities rated the company's virginia headquarters. a "60 minutes" report said some of the laminate flooring manufactured in china contained ofh levels of cancer-causing formaldehyde. .he company said that report was hat rep avertestrike by the united auto workers against fiat has been last earrted for now. regional union leaders will be voting tomorrow on the proposed agreement. last week union members rejected a previous deal. lawmakers are questioning volkswagen's top u.s. executive this morning in the automaker's deep enning emissions rigging scandal. there are reports the ceo may have known about the emission
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problems since 2014. horn will daily vw's plans to withdraw applications seeking u.s. emissions certifications for several 2016 models including passats, jettas, and bethes beetles. in just a few hours, house republicans look choose their leader. ng thendidates are tried to stop ctvin mccarthy from getting 218 ntes. some sports news, the nfl is sp ready to decide on its return to on angeles. are expected to vote in h team oon which team or teams will be relocated. 24 would need to approve the move. andplans are under consideration. one by the san diego chargers and oakland raiders for an outdoor stadium. the other, by the st. louis rams, is for an indoor stadium
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as part of an entertainment complex. the rams want their stadium in inglewood. it will all be worked out. baseball fans on chicago's north side are still celebrating this morning. swinr the first time in 12 s, the che chicago cubs have a postseasonn victory. >> the cubs shut out pittsburgh n last night's national league wildcardd game. odedscore was 4-0. fans flooded the neighborhood ter the wrigley field after the big win. this is the cubs' first playoff hey are12 years, and they are happy. they will play st. louis in the seriesl league division series tarting tomorrow. i live the guys in the eye opener from the chicago player that said, this hurts good. grahe cubs pitcher is a tcu grad. bob schieffer would say, go frogs. frogs. rple. the bizaro purple. next, the bizarre story of a
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school principal who
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♪ san jose. despite a house rch, david nghounoi good morning. it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. >> a suspect is at large after a daring escape in san jose. despite a house by house search, nghounoi hasn't been seen since yesterday. call police if you see him. fleet week is mao in full swing. ship tours begin today from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and in the air the blue angels practice today from noon to 4:00. >> just ahead on "cbs this morning," donald trump protected himself through the economic downturn by licensing his brand. some people wonder if investing in this real estate investments was a smart move. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. track to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time, you can choose
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good morning, i'm liza battalones with your "kcbs traffic." heading for the bay bridge toll plaza, we have had extremely long delays. there was an accident at the metering lights. that accident has just been cleared. traffic is backed up solid through the macarthur maze. in fact, the eastshore freeway is backed up leaving hercules. stays heavy towards berkeley and emeryville. meantime, if you plan on make the commute towards the richmond/san rafael bridge, those delays extend to harbor approaching the toll plaza. stays heavy across the span. roberta. good morning, everybody. boy, the clouds have really cleared out very rapidly this morning. high pressure is bubbling into the bay area and the end result as you take a look at the skyline of san francisco, it's going to pan out to be warmer today. right now, very mild in the 50s and 60s. santa rosa is the cool spot at 51. otherwise, temperatures in the 70s and 80s and up to the low 90s today.
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hey, why doesn't somebody stop this guy? because he is a president of russia, that's why. vladimir putin celebrated his 53rd birthday on the ice scoring seven goals in the game. he and some national hockey league stars played against russia businessmen. he said right this way, mr. president. >> the score was 15-10 and scored 7 of the winning goals. >> are you surprised who won? >> i think he is a really, really good player. >> i think he's in the game of winning. >> there you go. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, does a trump name mean that he is to blame when the real estate deals go bad?
7:31 am
we investigate how the billionaire presidential candidate became the target of lawsuits over property he never even owned. plus a florida high school principal dabbles in hypnotism. three families have won a lawsuit this morning after their kid were hypnotized. find out what the principal was trying to do and how it went terribly wrong. that story is ahead. time to show you some of this morning's headlines. "usa today" reports on the faa about to start testing new technology to identify drones. it wants to track drones within a five-mile radius of an airport. this comes amid increasing drone sightings near airports. existing technology can also locality drone operators. "time"
7:32 am
of the african-american community as saying they wish the president had done more to tackle racial problems. "the washington post" reports on -- the ruling body of world soccer suspended bladder in the wake of a swiss criminal investigation. this case centers on allegations he misused fifa money and he is accused of making a 2 million dollar payment to european soccer chief who was also suspended. "the new york times" reports on an investigation that says the police officer who arrested james blake used excessive force. the former tennis star was tackled on the sidewalk in a case of mistaken identity last month. the judge found the officer used too much force and departmental charges could lead to his dismissal. city of los angeles reports on 600,000 dollars that was
7:33 am
found buried in a backyard in fontana, california. the fbi found it yesterday after receiving a good tip. the cash was believed to have been stolen last year in an an armored truck heist. the driver is now serving time in prison. i wonder if he had plans. >> he is going to be upset when he gets out of jail and finds the money is not there. when i get sued, i take all the way. you know what happens? if you settle suits, you get sued more. >> interesting. we take a closer look at a couple of cases trump settled in the 2000ship business worth is estimated at $4.5 million by forbes. today nearly 40% of the 62 buildings that bear his name are not owned by trump. julianna goldman is in washington with our
7:34 am
investigation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump began licensing deals when he started to see the market going soft about ten years ago. putting his name on projects, but not owning them meant he would not be responsible for if the developments failed. the trump licensing partnership often works like this. a company wants to develop a property and trump either manages the property or just puts his name on it and gets a fee. investors say the trump name was a great selling point and they thought that if it was good enough for trump then it must be a safe bet. >> it was just going to be a nice place to go in retirement. >> reporter: william flint is a retired financial planner who wanted to buy a vacation home for his family. in 2007 after see ago new development planned for this location in baja, mexico, he put down a deposit so he could have a beach front get-away one hour from san diego. >> it's in baja, mexico. >> reporter: donald trump plugged the property in this video as if he was the builder.
7:35 am
>> i'm very, very proud of the fact that when i build, i have investors that follow me all over. they invest in me. they invest in what i build. and that is why i'm so excited about trump ocean resort. >> reporter: but, in fact, he was never the developer. he sold his name for $500,000. at a vip party, condo buyers shared their faith in the project. >> the trump name was a big thing for us. we figured we can't go wrong with that. >> reporter: but flint grew concerned when he didn't see progress. >> checked it another time. still nothing is going on. >> reporter: then came the final notice. >> we got a letter, i believe, from trump baja telling us that the deal wasn't going to go through. they spent all of the money. >> reporter: financeyears have pulled out and it meant that the project for this location is still a hole in the ground. >> i lost $168,000. >> reporter: flint, along with almost 200 other condo buyers sued to get their money back.
7:36 am
>> how could you lose partnering up with donald trump? donald trump was an expert in these types of projects, or so we thought. >> reporter: two of trump's children bought units in the top floors. >> we invest a lot of time, energy. >> our up-front fee. >> reporter: in a deposition for a lawsuit regarding the property, trump's son donald trump jr. conceded that the trump brand could lead people to think a project was a solid investment. >> it's one of the things that you've learned through this process is that the trump name brings stability and reliability to the project? >> i don't know if it brings stability or viability, but i imagine certain people feel that. >> we thought that he was running the show. he had skin in the game. >> reporter: but illegally, trump only had his name in the game. his attorney allen garden says that trump was not the developer was clearly spilled out in the contract that flint and others signed. >> so i understand the people may have been drawn to these
7:37 am
projects because of the trump name, but they are buying luxury high-end real estate and it's incumbent upon anyone to be accountable and responsible to read the documents like you would in any significant commercial transaction. >> reporter: in the end, trump settled the baja case. around the same time there was a 52 ford trump building in tampa was that was never built and trump put his name on this 298-unit development in ft. laudlaud laud lauderdale. >> some of these projects failed because of the worst economic real estate crash since the great depression. >> some people would say that licensing during an economic downturn actually protected trump, but left investors out in the cold. what do you say to that? >> i believe -- i thought it was brilliant on his part to sort of see the bubble coming. and decide to focus more on
7:38 am
licensing than development. i think we saw the real estate prices at all-time highs and he just didn't see the value there. i don't think it left buyers out in the cold. i think buyers each need to make their own decision. >> reporter: flint says although he received a tlsettlement payment, he still lost six figures. >> the settlement was nowhere near the amount of money we had invested in the project. >> reporter: trump won one lawsuit in ft. lauderdale where the jury believed he was not responsible andadmitting no wro. he says any of the money from the deal was eaten up in legal fees. >> very interesting story there. a school principal hypnot e hypnotized
7:39 am
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,,,, ♪ if you think the traffic is bad where you live, consider this jam in china. a 50-lane backup with cars at a dead stop! thousands of chinese drivers were strand odd a 50-lane freeway leading into beijing and returning from a week-long holiday and hit a new checkpoint and it's estimated more than 750 million chinese traveled for the holiday. no thank you! >> looks like they need to work something out with the checkpoint. >> i wonder how many accidents they had with that many cars. >> geez. >> makes you appreciate your commute. >> makes you appreciate the great country we live in. >> exactly right. the family of three florida high school students who died after their principal hypnotized them have wroon a wrongful deat lawsuit against the school. each will win 600,000. the parents of one of the victims told us the case is about raising awareness, not
7:44 am
money. vladimir duthiers of wcbs is here with this story. >> reporter: the settlement marks the end of a lengthy legal battle that began after north port high school principal george kenney admitted hypnot e hypnotizing a student before he died. he also is accused of hypnotizing two other students. >> she gave up a lot of her time with her friends to study. >> reporter: the parents of brittany say they that she was driven to succeed. in her senior year at north port, high school, they went to her principal about guidance for college. >> george kenney told her he believed she had test anxiety. >> reporter: two months later the teen took her on own life. >> i believe my daughter went into her room that night and she blinked her eyes rapidly and she entered a calm and relaxed state that allowed her to go through what she went through.
7:45 am
>> reporter: palumbo is one of three students who died in 2011 after they were hypnotized by kenney. freeman was killed after he drove his car off a highway after he apparently hypnotized himself. wesley mckenzie committed suicide a month later. despite repeated warnings from school board officials, kenney hipt ma nobel prized students from 2006 to 2011. while there has been no finding of any direct contenection betwn the hypnotism and the deaths, the principal resigned. he received no jail time and served one year on probation. >> the school board is as negligent as dr. -- or mr. kenney, i was said. they failed us as parents. >> reporter: the school board
7:46 am
said the settlement was in the best interests of all parties involved. >> we wanted something more. this wasn't about any type of money situation. >> i need those other families to know that i'm trying to help their kids and their families so that they don't end up like my daughter and my family. >> reporter: george kenney gave us his teaching license in 2013 and banned from reapplying. he dent respond to our calls. >> he said he was trying to help them concentrate and live a better life. he doesn't feel he did anything wrong. >> so bizarre. how many students in total? >> a lot. >> like dozens? >> he also says that students were seeking him out. >> without the families knowing or with the families knowing? >> the families knew. >> vlad, thank you. the investigation into the fantasy sports scandal intensifies ahead right here only on "cbs this morning." we speak to the attorney general
7:47 am
leading the probe. an energetic young baseball fan takes his devotion this morning" sponsored by voya financial. how does it feel
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7:52 am
>> john kasich is in our studio 57. we will ask him what he would did about vladimir putin and if he agrees with hillary clinton on the pacific trade deal. you're watching "cbs this morning." >> hillary clinton revealed yesterday she sent a copy of her book "hard choices" to some of the republican presidential candidates. ironically, giving those candidates a very easy choice.
7:53 am
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killing a therapist, on a m county hiking trail. surviellance vi good morning. at this hour, three suspects are all in custody suspected of killing a therapist at a marin county hiking trail. surveillance video led investigators to the suspects in portland, oregon. oakland police have identified a suspect in the deadly shooting of an ice cream vendor. police are looking for 23-year- old joevan lopez accused of shooting the man over the weekend. coming up on "cbs this morning," how employees working at fantasy sports website cost have an edge on inside information. got that story and a little traffic and weather coming up.
7:57 am
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good morning. i'm liza battalones with your "kcbs traffic." if you are planning to make the peninsula commute 101 is packed in both directions now between sfo approaching the peninsula area approaching palo alto. if you plan to make that commute, you are going to want to take 280 instead. there you go. looking at pictures of our graphics here, redding for the rest of the commute it has been extremely slow as well for the san mateo bridge. westbound traffic heavy from 880 approaching the toll plaza. you can see our sensors are picking up very slow traffic all the way across the bridge heading towards foster city. roberta? >> i am taking your golden gate bridge shot. it's beautiful. clouds are clearing out from the golden gate bridge. we still have a few clouds lingering around the immediate seashore. otherwise temperatures in the 50s and 60s. it's very mild inland. 63 in livermore. today's high will top off the 90 degrees. that's simple floor yesterday. but warmer in san jose. and to the north in santa rosa 73 in san francisco.
7:59 am
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♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, october 8th, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including republican presidential candidate john kasich in studio 57. how the governor weighs in on syria, free trade, and the campaign. but first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. russia is launch iing a coordinated attack in the air and on the ground. two vehicles plunged below. within the last 24 hours, two more bodies were pulled from the waters. secretary of state hillary clinton backed the deal and once called it the gold standard, but not anymore.
8:01 am
after four days of differing stories about how a hospital came under attack, president obama decided to call doctors without borders and say he was sorry. the coast guard suspended its search for survivors. we now know 28 americans were from eight different states, 18 from right here in the state of florida. the cubs shut out pittsburgh in last night's national league wild card game. the score was 4-0. >> your stuff may not have been as crisp as we've seen it the past few months. how would you categorize how you pitched? >> well, i'm not sure what game you were watching. >> i want to be trained in diversionary tactics. >> i asked you twice to stop pulling chelsea's hair. now you get a flip hand grenade! get on the ground! get on the ground! it's nap time! captioning funded by cbs i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. syria's military's attacking in
8:02 am
a major new ground offensive. it follows another military escalation by russia. russian warships on wednesday fired 26 cruise missiles from the caspian sea. they hit areas controlled by opposition groups. those groups are fighting back, possibly using american-made weapons. >> the u.s. claims this morning that 90% of russian attacks have hit moderate rebels backed by the u.s., not isis or groups linked to al qaeda. at a nato meeting this morning, britain's defense minister said that russia should use its influence to stop syria from bombing its own people. >> our major garrett asked republican presidential candidate jeb bush about the conflict in syria. the former florida governor says the u.s. needs to take more decisive action. >> to begin with, a no-fly zone over the areas where we're supporting remnants of the free syrian army. how about starting there? >> russians are now attacking. >> yeah, this is point. this is what happens when american leadership goes away. >> jeb bush tells president
8:03 am
putin, get your aircraft out of there or we will shoot them down? >> i don't think we need to have a conflict like that. >> democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is calling for a no-fly zone in syria, opposing president obama. clinton is trying to distance herself from the administration she once served. she came out yesterday against the president's new pacific trade deal, saying it doesn't reach the high bar that she set for it when she was secretary of state, clinton called the treaty the gold standard. clinton's trade position is in line with her main rival in the democratic race, bernie sanders. he is also against a trade deal. he says it will hurt consumers and take away american jobs. governor john kasich has said he's generally in favor of trade as long as there's a way to make sure workers in the united states are not being cheated. we're pleased to welcome governor kasich to studio 57 again. welcome. >> always great to be here. [ laughter ] >> nice to have you here, governor. >> really good. >> well, we thank you for that. let's first talk trade. as the governor, you've supported trade, as i've said, as long as workers are
8:04 am
protected. do you support this bill? >> i think so, charlie. i mean, i haven't seen all the details. the senate's going to look at it. but look, we want to have a strengthened group of people in asia to interface against the chinese. and trade can help do that. my concern about trade is when countries dump material into our country, we wait for a year or two years before we get a resolution as to whether they cheated or not. so, by the time we find out they dump dumped, people are out of work. i think we need an extradited process, somebody to stick up for the american worker. so, free trade, but no looking the other way, no bureaucratic slowdown -- >> but you support -- >> oh, yeah, because i think it's good for the u.s., not only in terms of economics, but also in terms of foreign policy. trade can make a difference in strengthening us around the world. >> okay. >> let's talk about the 2016 presidential race. you have taken a risk within your party, differing on a number of issues, whether it's immigration, on gay marriage, even on obamacare.
8:05 am
do you think the party's platform needs to evolve on those issues? >> first of all, i'm not for obamacare. i don't favor it, and i have a plan to replace obamacare. i'm not just against it. i have a program that drives us towards quality health care, rather than quantity health care. it would take some time to explain, but it's actually a legitimate alternative to keep prices down and make sure people have access. on gay marriage, look, i believe in traditional marriage, but the court has ruled. and when the court rules, you know, that's -- >> does the party need to evolve on that issue? >> well, i don't know if they don't have my position, they don't say much about it, but that's my position. and then the first one you raised was -- >> immigration. >> oh, well, look -- >> you don't believe in a wall, yeah, or do you believe in a wall? >> i believe in a wall, but what i believe is that we should have a guest worker program, and the people who are here who have abided by the law should be able to have a path to legalization. it is not practical to think we're going to take take 10, 11, 12 million people, and what are we going to do? how are we going to get them?
8:06 am
are we going to ship them to the border and yell "get out of our country"? it's not practical. by the way, these folks who are here, many of them are creating a wonderful, stronger america. so, i think this can pass. i actually think this can pass. in this campaign, we should stop talking about pie in the sky and start talking about real solutions. i've been a reformer my entire lifetime but i know how to land a plane and get it done. >> but the question is, has your party moved to the right so far that as a conservative, a longtime conservative, it's too far right for you and you're too far center for them? >> i think i have a right to define what the party is, charlie. we've risen -- i was up in second place in new hampshire and i've come down, but these polls are very volatile. we've got the best organization in new hampshire. we're building out in iowa and south carolina. look, if i win, i have a right to define what the party is, and along the way, i'm defining what it is, and you know what it is? it's a party of economic growth and economic growth, not an end
8:07 am
unto itself, but also can help people who live in the shadows -- the mentally ill, the drug addicted, but i'll tell you who else, those people in their 50s who faced job loss because their company left america or their company shut down. they have become depressed, alienated, lonely. these are people who have to get some opportunity to be trained so they can get work and support their family. i think this is a conservative message. >> but let's talk about the poll numbers for just a second. even in your own state you're down. donald trump is beating you in your own state. people say you are one of the most experienced, one of the most qualified. what do you need to do, do you think, to break through? what's your strategy? and is it frustrating for you, governor? >> first of all, my approval rating is well over 60% in ohio. i mean, i've got like very little negative and very high positive. and nationally, my positive ratings are very high as opposed to my negatives. i have a big ceiling because people don't know me yet. look, you're all experienced. you know that places like iowa
8:08 am
and new hampshire are launching pads. >> mm-hmm. >> if i do well in new hampshire, you're going to have me back every day, you know, so -- >> i wouldn't go that far, governor. >> here's what i wanted to say. you can build a campaign where you rise real fast, but you have no underpinnings. >> yeah, we've sort of seen this with one candidate who led and dropped out. we're building the base to be able to be sustaining victory. >> to go the distance. >> let's get you on foreign policy here. the big headline today, of course, in syria and what russia is doing. there are reports that moscow is deliberately targeting u.s.-backed rebel groups. >> i'm sure they are now. >> you're sure they are? >> i mean, we're reading the press reports that they are. look, i think -- >> what would you do to stop president putin from doing that? >> first of all, i called for a no-fly zone a week, two weeks ago, whenever it was, a sanctuary for people, and anybody who violates that no-fly zone, i don't have red lines that i don't stand by. you come into that no-fly zone, you will suffer the consequences -- >> you would shoot down a russian airplane? >> i would say that if anybody
8:09 am
violates the no-fly zone, there will be severe consequences, and i don't believe in painting a red line and removing it, okay? >> but what is a severe consequence? you'll shoot down warplanes? >> look, when you're going to be commander in chief, you've got to be steady and you've got to be calm. i served on the defense committee for 18 years, okay? just everybody would understand what i'm saying without having to use fiery rhetoric to get a headline, okay? don't violate the no-fly zone. secondly, we should have been supporting those rebels, and we must continue to support the opposition to assad because it's an iran/assad/russian deal. the russians are there. they're there because there was a void, but in the long haul, russia doesn't have the influence that they're seeking in the middle east. we have to reassert ourselves in many different ways, in establishing a no-fly zone, helping the rebels, training people, creating a relationship with the kurds, with the sunni. we can make a big difference there and send multiple messages about the strength of the united states reasserting our leadership. >> governor, we've got to leave
8:10 am
it there, but who are you picking for your running mate? >> are you available? you are looking -- >> i'm very busy. >> you're smart, you look great, you're articulate. >> thank you. >> would you think about it? >> i will give it some thought. >> you'd have to get married first. >> oh, no, no, no. we'll take her. we'll take her as she is. >> that would be a winning ticket. >> we've got to go. john kasich, we thank you. >> gayle is very versatile. >> and very smart. we are getting breaking news from california. one of the americans who stopped a potential massacre on a french train is in critical condition this morning after surgery. airman spencer stone was stabbed repeatedly last night in the chest in sacramento. remember that stone and two of his friends tackled a gunman on that train back in august
8:11 am
the controversial movie depicting steve jobs' life will open nationwide this month. writer aaron sorkin says the movie is crafted with a point of view. sorkin and director danny boyle
8:12 am
will be right here in. >> danny boyle. >> you're thinking about the song, oh danny boy. >> i was going to say academy award-winning director danny boyle, right? that's ahead. >> i think you were thinking about the song. >> okay, i got it. i got it. ♪ apsing multiple sclerosis? this is tecfidera. tecfidera is not an injection. it's a pill for relapsing ms that has the power to cut relapses in half. imagine what you could do with fewer relapses. tecfidera may cause serious side effects, such as allergic reactions, pml, which is a rare brain infection that usually leads to death or severe disability, and decreases in your white blood cells. the most common side effects are flushing and stomach problems. tell your doctor about any low white blood cell counts, infections, any other medical conditions, or if you are pregnant
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8:16 am
in u.s. daily fantasy sports are scrambling to reassure customers and prosecutors in the wake of a scandal, compared to insider trading. draft kings and fan duel permanently banned employees wednesday from playing in daily contests for money. they are bringing in legal help after new york's attorney general demanded answers. only on "cbs this morning," new york attorney general eric schneiderman is with us. >> good morning. >> what have you found in this inquiry? >> we just begun the inquiry. looking for the most basic information because these are totally unregulated gambling venues. fan duel and draft kings have no public regulation. they are exempt from the internet gambling act of 2006 we want to know how they aggregate data. these are sites more than 30 million people are playing on
8:17 am
these sites and billions of dollars bet on these games and we have no guarantee other than tag their word for it that employees or friends of employees or relatives of employees aren't getting information data to give them a competitive edge. we want the playing field to be level like it's supposed to be in the nfl. we have no way of knowing if it's level now. >> are you asking the question whether there is illegality here? >> no. either illegality or fraud. if they make representations to people you got as much of a chance as anyone to win a bet, essentially they do. and that is not true because there is a whole group of people have accessed information and ables them to fix football players every week that are more likely to result in a big win than a casino. we have no way of knowing that right now. this has been totally unregulated. >> both companies saying they are bringing in a former u.s. attorney general and one is bringing in a former u.s. attorney general. is that a good start? does that at least give you some encouragement they are trying to work out the problem? >> they are certainly making all
8:18 am
of the right noises and immediately imposed a ban on their employees on other sites. can you use the data from your site you work for to bet on another site. but that also indicates to us that there wasn't a ban on that before this incident occurred. i mean, we have this one incident of an employee getting data, they say he didn't misuse the data -- >> he has been cleared. >> he won $350,000 but they brought in two very respected law firms to do internal investigations. i think they will come up with their own rules and protocols very quickly to restore public confidence. i think at the end of the day we will see government regulation. this is a big business that did not exist when the statute on internet gambling was passed and it was given an exemption under circumstances that don't apply today. >> if they are found of wrongdoing what are the consequences? >> if they are committing froued, we have anti-fraud statutes in new york and other states. with we are are not prejudging
8:19 am
but looking at the data. >> what are the timing of this in erterms of the inquiry and a possible indictment? >> we have given until october 15th to comrcomply with the fir request of information. this is going to take sometime and i wouldn't prejudge it to suggest there is going to be an indictment but it clearly is an area that requires regulation. i would suggest both internal regulations by the companies and some form of government regulation. unlike our securities markets where there are rules about insider trading and strict guidelines there is nothing here to govern how the employees and they use the data and potential for abuse in fraud is tremendous when you have no regulations at all. >> i think it's important to point out you've found no wrong dog does so far? >> we have found no wrongdoing at this point. they were quick to clear their one employee of no wrongdoing.
8:20 am
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this changes everything.
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8:23 am
how to hit a receiver. you even taught him how to hit the open man. but how much time have you spent teaching him... what not to hit?
8:24 am
♪ this morning, a student on yale's debate team says they want to challenge an unusual group that just took down harvard. they took it down. that team won't be hard to find because they are doing time. inmates from a barred college prison program outsmarted the ivy leaguers at a new york state lock-up last month despite having no internet access and they also defeated teams from the have the and west point. >> they had a lot of time to practice. >> i wouldn't say it was a surprise. i knew our students are quite good and i know just how much work and thought they put into it. but, of course, it was gratifying and i know how pleased they were. >> i'll say. the program handed out nearly 350 college degrees to the prisoners. i want to know what the topic was.
8:25 am
but good for them. don't you think? >> yes. incredible. they are giving me a tim jo spite a house by house search, the suspect 't good morning. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 8:25. here's what's happening. a suspect is at large after he escaped in san jose. despite a house by house search the suspect hasn't been seen since yesterday. this is his photo. if you see him call police. fleet week is now in full swing. ship tours begin today from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. then the blue angels will practice from noon to 4:00. just ahead on "cbs this morning" two oscar winners discuss their controversial new movie "steve jobs." that story and traffic and weather coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. i'm liza battalones with your "kcbs traffic." it's been a busy morning commute. those delays continue at the san mateo bridge. westbound traffic is virtually stopped heading across the bridge. expect long delays. the toll plaza backup extends to 880. across the bridge on the peninsula, heavy traffic in both directions of 101 especially in that southbound direction leaving san mateo bound for palo alto. take 280 instead, 280 looking good. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on. it's taking a while for it to loosen up.
8:28 am
still crowded from the foot of the maze. the drive time between the carquinez bridge and the maze. is up to over an hour. part of this is because of earlier accidents in pinole. meantime heading for the richmond/san rafael a long wait at the toll plaza. good morning. in san jose, mostly sunny skies. a few scattered clouds at this time. overall warmer temperatures than yesterday. 52 in santa rosa at this hour. 63 mild degrees in livermore. san francisco 60. 60s and 70s today at the seashore, 70s and 80s peninsula, 86 in morgan hill. good morning, tri-valley. your high temperatures topping off in the low 90s. 80s in pittsburg. north bay 68 in stinson beach to 84 degrees towards petaluma and 990 degrees in cloverdale. this weather pattern is going to continue each day all the way through wednesday. ,,
8:29 am
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♪ 1-2 1-2-3 ♪ >> coming up in this half hour, apple cofounder steve jobs never stopped pushing the limits of technology. now oscar winners aaron sorkin and diana boyle are in our toyota green room with the battle to get their picture on the big screen. that's ahead. right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. business insider reports on the sandwich chain blaming pope francis for disappointing sales. the company said francis interrupted business when he visited washington, philadelphia, and new york last month. 30% of cosi company-owned
8:31 am
restaurants were impacted. sales of those locations down 4.5% at the month. >> i think i'd find another person to blame besides the pope for that. i don't know if that is a good move. "the plain dealer" reports on the nominees for the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. they include nwa. riding the success of the movie "straight out of compton," nwa may be selected in its fourth try. other nominees including the cars and cheap trick and deep purple and also steve miller and janet jackson. eight of them are on the ballot for the first time. the induction ceremony will be .
8:32 am
in my interview last month, kelly said her boss had to intervene. >> neither one of us wanted any sort of a war with donald truvetruvemp. we didn't think that benefited the channel or me or donald trump and i think donald trump would say that now. we sort of wanted to move forward, put a period at the end of it. he was, obviosly, upset. that's fine. you know, he is running for president. it's not a fun business and there is going to be ups and downs and i know he considered that a down. so we just wanted to forge forward and try to put it behind us, not pour any more fuel on that fire. >> do you want him back on your show? >> i'm sure he'll come back on eventually. >> sooner, rather than later? >> well, it has to be just right. i think that will be a big moment. don't you think that will be a big television moment, right? >> do you like that idea that young women are looking at megyn kelly and saying, that is who i'd like to be? she is respected. she is strong. she has a remarkable presence.
8:33 am
she loves what she does. >> yes. >> i have lots of friends who are also strong women and they want to be constantly making news and helping us remember how much we need to do with respect to women and equal pay. >> right. >> where are you on that frontier? >> i'm not really an issues advocate when it comes to women or anything else. >> even pay? >> no, no. it's not appropriate, given my role. it's really not. i don't speak out on those things. i'll let other people take those positions. because i have to cover those stories. i have to cover those stories objectively and fairly and i shouldn't be weighing in on that on a personal matter. but having said that, i'm all for female empowerment and not at the expense of men. i don't -- i don't -- i don't like the women who stand up for the empowerment of women at the expense of men and try to demonize men and suggest men want to keep us down which is one of the reasons i don't like
8:34 am
that label feminist. >> megyn kelly, all right. i like the question would you like donald trump back on your program? >> yes. >> i think that will be an event. >> i think so too. >> put it on pay-per-view! >> you might be starting your day by checking your iphone. maybe you're writing e-mails on your computer or your mac or you're listening to your itunes. they are the legacy of apple cofounder steve jobs who died four years ago this week. a new movie bearing his name explores his genius and his flaws. >> we have things to talk about. >> like what? >> like a million and the first 90 days. >> joanna, look. >> i'm begging you. >> those are -- >> this is my field! i'm begging you to manage expectations out there. >> i'm fanning expectations. >> millions. the first 90 days. >> everyone, everyone, everyone, everyone! everyone is waiting for the mac.
8:35 am
>> maybe. but what happens when they find out that for 2495 there is nothing you can do with it? >> oscar winner aaron sorkin is a screen writer who brought you "the socially network" "moneyball" and "the west wing." and danny boyle brought us these movies. everybody is fascinated by steve jobs. tell u.s. exactly the movie you want to make and why. >> sure. what i didn't want to make is a biopick and a cradled grave structure where you land on a character's greatest hits along the way. i thought that was familiar to audiences. instead the entire movie is just three scenes. all three scenes take place in real-time. real-time means that 40 minutes for you and the audience, the same as 40 minutes for the characters on screen and all three scenes take place in the back stage in the moments
8:36 am
leading up to one of his big product launches. >> 1980s? >> 1984, 1988 and 1998. >> do you feel a bigger responsibility when you're writing about a real person, especially a real person so well known? >> yes. the approach aaron and i took was rather than try to skim across the whole life, when facts become absolutely essential, it's we took three -- the three occasions and you can go behind the scenes of an industry. one of the industries that he revolutionized products launches and introductions. but before you get on stage, you see everything but that moments really. it is based on facts but it is our version this extraordinary man. >> the precursor to this was wat walter isaacson's book. the movie has a lot about his personal life, specifically his relationship with his first daughter. why that much on the personal life? >> that's right. that is the part that interested me, those conflicts. this isn't really an infantion
8:37 am
story about inventing the mac or the ipod or iphone. steve jobs was a complicated man who had complicated relationships as you mentioned with his eldest daughter lisa. he did he understand paternity the first part of his life and they had an unusual relationship after that. a relationship with his partner steve wozniak and onetime boss john skulley and joanna hoffman who was the director of marketing. >> but does that, in some way -- we know that tim cook is the current ceo of apple, as long as lauren jobs, steve jobs' late wife went to the studios and tried to block this movie. how was that pressure, danny? >> you got it. when you believe in something, like the guy himself, when you believe in something, you sometimes have to continue that belief, despite the forces that
8:38 am
might be reined against you. the people who don't want you to do or the people who don't believe it. when make up your mind about something, you have to go forward. >> the idea that i think they reflect is that you say this is art. this is not journalism, this is not fact. it's art. but they feel that the public doesn't know the difference and the portrait you paint of their husband and former boss is not accurate. >> not flattering. >> it's not flattering. it's not inaccurate. first of all, i think it's very important to say that they haven't seen the movie. so whatever portrait they feel we paint, they are guessing at. >> did they read the script? >> no, they haven't. and they also, i think, are underestimating the audience in terms of being able to tell what is a painting and what is a photograph, what is art and what is journalism.
8:39 am
the movie announces itself very quickly. >> you're saying you're doing a painting, not a photograph? >> we are dotting a painting, not a photograph. >> on the other hand, you had the cofounder steve wozniak saying it was very authentic. is that validating to you? is. >> i think it is. steve wozniak knew him very well. you will speak the truth. he wasn't very impressed with our trailer. he was very clear about that. thank god he liked the film. so it's an uncompromising portrait and by that, i mean, that it shows the extraordinary gifts of the man and some of the flaws as well. >> seth rogen is brilliant. >> and kate winslet. >> and jeff daniels. >> keep going. >> brilliant. >> screen writing also. >> yeah, the screen writing, norah! >> i mean, the dialogue.
8:40 am
you got someone who knows how to do dialogue on that. >> and the director. >> let's talk about i think one of the interesting things about you read steve jobs, the book, but the idea steve jobs not a programmer or a coder. he was really a mass marketer, a businessman with sort of an incredible drive about what he believed in. >> i think he was more than that actually. he had an extraordinary talents. he acknowledged and seth rogen points out he has the abilities you need like programming and designing and engineering. but that he was able to identify the people, brilliant he could do this and bring them to a central vision is one thing. he asked them to believe in something. the film makes it clear he is asking you to believe in something we have a friendly computer. remember, there were banks of steel with blue flashing lights
8:41 am
among every breakthrough and it was terrifying to us. the news was full of would we take over? now we take them to bed with us. they are in our pockets. it's the last thing we look at. >> they are right here on the table. >> he said to his daughter at the end of the movie i'm going to put music in your pocket which is that idea. you're right. you had to carry around the big walkman and now we have things this small. >> i'll say it's a lasting legacy. >> thanks, aaron. >> thanks very much. >> we have to push it to commercial real quick. aaron sorkin and danny boyle, great to see you and congratulations on the movie. "steve jobs" opens in theaters october 23rd. >> robert mathis returns to his hometown h
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
doesn't that look good is in the road to super bowl 50 continues tonight here on cbs with the indianapolis colts visiting the houston texans. colts linebacker robert mathis is the star of this week's nfl honor roll celebrating this milestone season. mathis helped win super bowl xli and he brought a golden football to his alma mater along his high school coach and nfl films is
8:46 am
capturing the journey and james in business takes us to mcnair high school in atlanta. >> reporter: the mcnair mustangs in atlanta, georgia have produced one super bowl champion. a pass rusher extraordinaire. >> in the air. the colts got him from behind! that is mathis! >> you're a man's ma and a pro's pro. a hundred sacks, robert. >> reporter: young robert mathis learned the importance of hard work from his mamma a single mom. she cleaned homes to provide a stable home for her family before succumbing to cancer. >> you have to move along. she was my number one inspiration. >> back in the old neighborhood? >> yeah. legendary holy baptist church and helped raise me and help shake me.
8:47 am
>> your mamma passed. been back since then? >> no. i just back and embark on the good times. ♪ >> reporter: maejs mathis used to sing in this choir, alongside his mother.this used to sing in this choir, alongside his mother. >> the songs they were singing, the song my mom used to sing when she was in the choir and choked me up a little bit, but it was joyous. just a lot of great memories, and so the day was just a great day. >> reporter: for mcnair's most famous mustang, things got even better. >> today's gift is very special. he was the youngest of six children and was raised by his mother. in super bowl xli, he was part of an effort that earned a
8:48 am
lombardi trophy for the indianapolis colts. please welcome home one of our very own super bowl champion robert mathis! >> it makes you feel good, because it lets you know that the people coming up behind you, and that is the football team at the school that you attended, let them know good things do happen down on the southeast side of atlanta. you don't have to be a professional football player just to be considered successful. doctors, lawyers, businesses, anything on earth that you want to be, you can be. please don't let anybody tell you that you can't be what you want to be. i'd like to present this golden football to my home on the he said. thanks for everyone you've done and i always come back home. this here is my home. somebody planted a seed for me so you have
8:49 am
night football" here on cbs tonight starting at 7:30. night football" here on cbs ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ you are correct. >> benjamin harrison. herbert hoover. who is stature? what is all of the lights we cannot see? >> good. >> "jeopardy!" faith are warming up to matt jackson who is a paralegal from
8:53 am
d.c. and he has won the last nine episodes and racking up ,,, ,, ,,,,
8:54 am
8:55 am
getting word this morning tt france good morning. it's 8:55. i'm frank mallicoat. here's some of the headlines at this hour. we just are now getting word this morning that france train attack hero spencer stone was stabbed last night in sacramento in the chest. he is reportedly in the hospital undergoing surgery. we are going to have more on this story coming up at noon. and the search continues this morning for an escaped prisoner. the suspect has been on the run since yesterday. he got away from a bail bondsman in san jose still wearing his handcuffs. and three suspects are in custody suspected of killing a therapy on a marin county hiking trail. surveillance video and a digital footprint led the investigators to the suspect in portland, oregon where they were arrested. it's fleet week. blue angels practicing today
8:56 am
and the weather could not be better, right? >> they are going to be maneuvering all over the bay area today. good morning, everybody. yes, blue skies for the blue angels. this is the scene looking out from the transamerica pyramid towards the skyline of san francisco. the coast is clearing out. temperatures 50s and 60s as you head out. cool spot napa and santa rosa in the low 50s. today a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday. we were 72 in san francisco. tagging on one degree there to 73. it was 90 in livermore. same but low 90s towards pleasanton and danville. we are going to hang on to this weather pattern through fleet weekend. liza battalones has traffic coming up. [announcer] you're on the right track to save big for a limited time,s triyou can choosee. up to 48 months interest-free financing on a huge selection of tempur-pedic models. or choose to save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets.
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good morning, i'm liza battalones with your "kcbs traffic." we do have very long delays along the eastshore freeway. westbound 80 commuters have been sitting in backups from highway 4 into berkeley. so a long backup as well heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on and traffic is backed up into the macarthur maze. slow traffic also for highway 24 westbound heading through orinda. meantime, if you plan to make the commute towards the richmond bridge we have had delays. the toll plaza isn't too bad but it's still crowded across
8:59 am
the span.
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