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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 9, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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bowl but right now, it's kind of plain but it's friday but it still looks good. >> it's beautiful. >> good morning. it's friday, october 9. frank's favorite day. >> and yours too, i would think. everybody's. hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 4:30 on this friday. we have a little weather and traffic and roberta, you're first out of the gate. >> you know what the speed limit is on the bay bridge? >> 50. >> i now know that. [ laughter ] >> good morning, everybody! >> i found out christmas eve two years ago. >> as you head out. >> i thought it was multiple choice! [ laughter ] >> temperatures 48 degrees in santa rosa to 62 degrees in san jose. 50s and 60s common across the bay at this hour. later today, yes, 70s to the 90s. the full forecast is coming up but let's say good morning to liza first. >> no, roberta you don't get to pick your speed limit on the bay bridge. [ laughter ] caltrans is busy overnight. only one lane is open because of construction both directions of 880 between san leandro and
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oakland. marina to davis. the san mateo bridge commute still looking okay. i'll have more "kcbs traffic" for you in just a few minutes. developing news now. three people who police say killed a marin county hiker are now accused of killing a woman in san francisco two days earlier. anne makovec has new information on the suspects in custody and how these two homicides appear to be linked. reporter: police started looking into the similarities. both murders happened within a similar time frame within a couple of days of each other over the past week. both happened in wooded areas like this one here in golden gate bridge. but one of the murder victims was a young woman, the other a middle-aged man. here's a look at the suspects in this case. they are all in jail in portland this morning. 24-year-old sean angold, 23- year-old morrison lampley, and 23-year-old lila allgood. they are accused of killing audrey carey a 23-year-old from quebec, canada.
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she was here in golden gate bridge on her first solo backpacking trip. she was found beaten and shot here in the park on saturday. now, police say the murder suspects were found with some of her property in their possession at a soup kitchen in portland. police have tracked them there driving a vehicle taken from another murder scene. the killing of steve carter was in the loma alta open space preserve in marin county near fairfax. carter was a popular yoga teacher. >> it is my opinion that this was a crime of opportunity as opposed to one that was directed at that individual. >> reporter: police say those three suspects were seen in surveillance video gassing up carter's car the day he was killed and then used gps to track those suspects to portland. they are still there. they are waiting extradition. and they are wanted right now, of course, to face charges in
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both marin county and here in san francisco. live in golden gate park, anne makovec, kpix 5. spencer stone who helped stop a terror attack on a paris- bound train in august is recovering after he was stabbed in a bar fight in sacramento. kpix 5's joe vazquez has more. reporter: in the surveillance video you can see the brawl break out into the street. that's spencer stone in the white shirt. police say he was with a group of people but he appears to be fending off several men by himself. >> kind of like six on one they were fighting back and forth. >> reporter: he bobs and weaves, dodges some punches, lands some of his own. now look closely as one of the men gets behind spencer and lungs at him. this appears to be the man who stabbed him. he continues to fight off attackers unaware he was knifed. here you see a dark blotch growing on his shirt. it's probably his own blood. a few more punches are exchanged and then spencer walks away. when police arrived, he was
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losing blood and they were worried at first he was going to die. >> subject laying on the ground. two stab wounds to the side. >> reporter: spencer is still recovering from that other stab wound that he received on a french train last month. you may remember that he and two other friends stopped a terrorist from carrying out an attack. >> this guy just kept pulling weapons left and right. >> reporter: the sacramento police released this video tonight showing two men that might be the suspects getting into a black toyota camry. the driver apparently was so anxious to get away he almost drove off without the other guy. police are scouring midtown sacramento looking for more surveillance video and also hoping to talk to more witnesses. joe vazquez, kpix 5. a worker at a liquor store across the street saw the altercation that put spencer stone in the hospital. he says it looked like a young woman was fighting with her boyfriend who then punched her in the face. stone got in the middle of it. he was outnumbered and stabbed several times.
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but he didn't cry out in pain or even stumble. >> he didn't look hurt at the time. he was walking with his arms up. i saw the back of his shirt a red mark. and there was another like random person walked by and kind of like, i think you got stabbed. >> the woman got into a car and left not with stone but with the suspects. the blue angels will take to the skies over the bay area this afternoon. [ sound of jets ] >> always fun to watch. this is yesterday's practice run for the san francisco fleet week festivities. the federal government will enforce a "no drone" zone around the airshows this year. violators will be fined $10,000. meanwhile, the airmen are looking forward to impressing the crowds with their aerial acrobatics. >> we have so many opportunities to fly down in awesome cities all over the country and to go to an iconic
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place like san francisco is amazing. >> it was briefly a reason for concern yesterday. one pilot had to touch down at oakland international airport after reporting engine trouble. it wasn't serious. remember, today's blue angels show begins at 3 p.m. the schedule of fleet week events can be found on our website, >> i was driving home yesterday after the bay bridge and they were going by practicing. it's so cool. >> you hear them. >> i saw them latest. i was guilty of being one of those drivers like this. don't do that. keep your eyes on the road. it was just an awesome sight yesterday. it's going to be some pretty awesome conditionals for the flying of the blue angels all weekend long. good morning, everybody. out the door today, we do have some patchy fog we'll see the same scenario again this weekend in the morning hours. then the fog quickly wipes away revealing temperatures in the 70s in the city by the bay for the flying of the blue angels. right now we have some overcast conditions. temperatures 48 degrees in santa rosa for the cool spot.
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currently mid-60s in livermore. temperatures similar to yesterday. 60s and 70s beaches. 80s peninsula. upper 80s low 90s santa clara valley. up to 95 degrees warmest spot in the east bay. and 68 to about 84, 85 degrees north bay. full forecast is minutes away. good morning, everybody. happy friday. we are going to talk about the san jose commute where the chp is clearing up an accident that happened a few minutes ago southbound 880 approaching coleman. this accident involving a couple of vehicles blocking the center lane of traffic. at this hour since it's so early it's not doing too much to slow down your drive. we'll let you know if the chp clears it up. 880 the same roadwork. the last few mornings it's caused backups southbound 880 one lane open as you leave oakland bound for san leandro. that's your friday commute. in arizona one person is dead three wounded in another campus shooting early this
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morning at northern arizona university. a campus spokesman says the alleged shooter is in custody. the shooting happened in a parking lot outside a dormitory. no word on what happened. today president obama will be in roseburg, oregon to meet with the families of those killed in the umpqua community college shootings. the president called for stricter gun control laws after the shootings. gun owner advocates will protest the president's visit today. a man killed nine people and wounded nine others last week before taking his own life. a mad scramble on capitol hill. congressman kevin mccarthy of bakersfield the house majority leader abruptly ended his bid to become speaker of the house. as kpix 5's allen martin reports, it's now anyone's guess who will replace outgoing speaker john boehner. reporter: >> i think i shocked sock of you. reporter: house republicans had gone into a closed-door meeting to elect their next speaker when the front-runner told them he was pulling out. >> if we are going to unite and be strong, we need a new face
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to help do that. >> reporter: his fellow republicans were stunned. >> we were all in shock. the room was in total silence. >> he would have gotten i would say probably 90% of the vote of republicans. >> reporter: speaker john boehner who had thrown his support behind mccarthy has postponed the vote to replace him for now after recently announcing his resignation after pressure from his party. he is scheduled to leave congress at the end of the month amid looming fiscal deadlines. mccarthy says his comments linking the benghazi select committee to hillary clinton's poll numbers helped lead to his decision. >> that wasn't helpful. i could have said it better. >> reporter: mccarthy's decision upends a race that now has no clear front-runner. florida's daniel webster and jason chaifetz of utah are in the race. >> our conference is going to have to do a lot of deep soul searching. >> reporter: colleagues say mccarthy's endorsement will be closely watched. >> i believe he is going to be the most influential voice as
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to who we can get to get to 218. >> reporter: mccarthy is expected to stay on as house majority leader. allen martin kpix 5. >> the vote will be in the next few weeks. john boehner asked paul ryan to run. ryan is not interested. a democracy group from tunisia is the winner of this year's nobel peace price. casey coleman fi chairman of the committee made the announcement in oslo this morning. tunisian national dialogue quartet was honored for its contributions to the first and most successful arab spring movement. the group was cited for its decisive contribution to the building of pluralistic democracy in the north african country. time now is 4:40. a suspected catnapper is captured by police in the south bay. the disturbing discovery officers made when he was arrested. >> and we want to know what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. we'll be right back.
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suspected in a cat-theft can san jose. k-p-i-x five's betty yu has details on whe the suspect was found... ane grisly dis syria this morning a man is in -- this morning a man is in custody in the death of a cat. betty yu has details on the suspect and the discovery at the scene. reporter: >> she was the queen of the house. [ crying ] >> reporter: miriam martinez is talking about her cat thumper rescued nine years ago. her face is plastered on posters all around the neighborhood. she got a call from san jose police. thumper was found dead in a shopping center parking lot nearby. >> not knowing that somebody could have tortured my poor cat. >> reporter: miriam fears this man may have something to do with her cat's death. just two miles away, police arrested 24-year-old robert farmer in this home depot
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parking lot in cambrian park sleeping inside his car next to a dead cat. investigators say robert matches the description of a catnapper seen in this video. he snatched go-go from someone's lawn and the tabby cat hasn't been seen since. >> seems like terrorism by somebody who is killing people's family members because that's what cats and dogs are. >> reporter: it's happened more than once on camera. new surveillance video from saturday shows a man neighbors say looks like robert running down the street holding a bag. >> he had come into a neighborhood down the street and was trying to stuff a cat into a backpack and while that was going on, the other cat that was in the backpack got out. >> reporter: those two cats are safe. miriam is waiting for thumper's necropsy results. >> i speak for a bunch of cat owners and a bunch of the great neighbors that we have. we need some closure. [ crying ] >> reporter: robert farmer was booked into the santa clara county jail on one count of
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felony animal cruelty. neighbors here in cambrian park also tell us that his father is a retired officer with the san jose police department. in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. investigators are trying to find an oakland man suspected of crashing a car during a police chase then leaving his injured 6-year-old daughter behind. he is identified as kelvin govan. police thought a car might be connected to a robbery. they say govan ran away after the car crashed on 85th in oakland. police found the child in the back seat. she is in the hospital recovering. two men in custody accused of stealing equipment from a santa clara store called drones plus. surveillance video captured last month's break-in. two men are clearing the shelves hauling away everything they could carry. police say they retrieved the stolen goods. another incident in the
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ridesharing incident. in may someone accessed a security key that uber made public. it was used to download personal data for some 50,000 drivers. sources say the ip address chases back to the chief technology officer of a rival company lyft. this point there's no way to confirm that because some information is blacked out in the court documents. lyft told reuters it already looked into the situation found no evidence connecting anyone at lyft to the data breach. uber has not commend. it is 4:46 right now. let's get a check on the weather. very important weekend we have coming up. >> we have so many things going on around the bay area including a big football game this sunday. we have the forecast for the raiders coming up but right now i want you to take a look at this. it's our live weather camera looking towards the bay waters and bay bridge and what do you see when you look at this? >> something up top there. >> yeah. that's the waning crescent moon about 10% full. what's impressive is that this
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time 24 hours ago we were completely shrouded in areas of low clouds and fog but we'll see that waning crescent over there. temperatures cooler with clear skies in santa rosa. 48 degrees. 66 extremely mild in livermore. cloudy at the coast, clear skies everywhere else. it will be warmer today. this is our satellite imagery. yesterday clouds made for a dramatic sunset last night. clouds are now moving out of the area. and the coastal fog will retreat early as it does so ample sunshine. temperatures above average. low 90s in sacramento today . 82 in the high sierra. 75 monterey bay. temperatures today 70s beaches, 80s across the bay, 80s peninsula, 94 livermore, 95 brentwood. temperatures look at these numbers. 90s through wednesday inland
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areas. it's a stagnant weather pattern resulting in great conditions. blue skies for the blue angels this weekend. we have a football game on sunday. speaking of the weekends, as the warriors -- warriors. the raiders play host to the denver broncos. at kickoff, 74 degrees. liza? >> it's going to be a busy weekend. we have fleet week, sharks are playing saturday. raiders on sunday. and we do have lots of traffic we are expecting throughout the weekend on bay area roads. now, this morning, be prepared for just a brief delay in san jose. chp working on that accident that happened on 880 southbound approaching coleman. at least one lane of traffic is shut down. but since it's so early, it's just a very brief delay there. no delays for 101 leaving san jose bound for santa clara. and over at the bay bridge toll plaza, westbound traffic still rolling well leaving the east bay heading for the city. a quick 18-minute drive time between the carquinez bridge and the maze. over at the golden gate, southbound traffic fine leaving southern marin. all the roadwork from overnight
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is picked up. for both 101 in san rafael also all lanes are now open in livermore westbound traffic now flowing well through livermore. you're going to see some delays leaving the altamont pass from the 205 interchange but it's no longer backed up at the dublin interchange. it was slow overnight because of the ongoing construction. all lanes are open at the 580/680 interchange this morning. bart is on time. no delays reported for the "ace" train. no delays on any mass transit. 4:49. the head of volkswagen apologized to congress for the emissions cheating scandal. more than 11 million volkswagen vehicles have sophisticated software that beat u.s. pollution tests. the company blamed rogue german software engineers for the defect and suspended three workers but lawmakers don't believe top executives were in the dark. >> the american people, the epa and the their counterparts around the world -- and their counterparts around the world have been defrauded by volkswagen.
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the company's word isn't worth a dime. >> also yesterday, the german prosecutors raided the company's headquarters in germany to secure documents and data storage devices. volkswagen is still proposing a fix for the cars but warns it could take years to repair them all. plastic microbeads found in personal care products are on the way out. governor brown signed a bill yesterday requiring the state to phase them out starting in 2020. the exfoliating beads are found in soaps and toothpaste. the tiny plastic beads can harm fish and other marine life as they flow into waterways. a move to overturn california's new mandatory vaccine law has failed. fewer than half the signatures than needed to get it on the november 2016 ballot. the bill the governor signed in june eliminates all exemptions for children attending public schools except medical. netflix raising movie and programming prices. the streaming service is raising the cost of its data
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plan from 8.99 up a dollar. it allows people to watch programming on two devices at the same time. current subscribers will see the increase sometime next year. 4:51. bill cosby's legal trouble will bring him to court in los angeles today. what we are expected to learn when he takes the stand.
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good morning. it's friday at 4:53. temperatures above average 70 in pacifica, cool spot half moon bay. otherwise anticipate 70s and 80s around the peninsula. good morning, morgan hill at 86 degrees. 95 in brentwood. 95 blackhawk.
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low 80s around suisun bay. mid- to high 60s in stinson beach through the 70s in mill valley topping off at 82 in petaluma. 80s and 90s in the far north bay reaches. >> so far it is "friday light" for westbound 92 approaching the san mateo bridge continues light all the way across the span into the peninsula. there was an overnight accident at one point the ralston avenue exit from 101 was shut down. it's now open and bay area roads are moving well. i'll have a look at "kcbs traffic" still ahead. at least nine inmates are confirmed dead after a fire broke out at a maximum security prison in the philippines. the fire started on thursday afternoon inside the maximum security area which houses more than 1,000 inmates. prisoners were trapped in their cells when the blaze broke out. a library in palo alto is going to the dogs. the rinconada library is close for dogs to inspect. they were found on chairs last
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week. the main library in menlo park reopened yesterday after the sniffer dogs gave it a clean bill of health. singer selina gomez is fighting lupus. the 23-year-old has been undergoing chemotherapy so she has been out of the spotlight. lupus causes someone's immune system to attack healthy tissue instead of fighting bacteria and viruses. in spite of the health, the pop star is releasing a new album soon bill cosby will give a deposition today in a sexual assault lawsuit. cosby has already admitted he gave sedatives to women he wanted to have sex with. one woman is accusing him of assaulting her in 1974 when she was 15 at the playboy mansion. she is more than dozens of women who accuse cosby of raping them sometimes after he drugged them. cosby claims the sex and drugs were consensual. the city of north charleston, south carolina has settled with the family of walter scott. he was the unarmed 50-year-old shot to death by a white police
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officer following a traffic stop. last night the city council voted unanimously to give the family $6.5 million before a lawsuit was even filed. the family lawyers says they have now closed "one" chapter in the quest for justice. >> without a brick being thrown, without a name being called this city council and this mayor has made this city proud and this nation proud today. >> cell phone video six months ago captured former officer michael slager shooting walter scott in the back. he is now charged with first- degree murder. a date for his trial hasn't been set yet. a connection between two local murders. three suspects under arrest. coming up next, the clues that led police to them. >> reporter: and i'm kiet do live in san francisco for fleet week where major celebrations start kicking off today. we are talking about the parade of ships, the airshow including the blue angels coming up in a live report. ,,,,,,,,,,
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reporter: police started looking into the similarities. and i'm frank mallicoat developing news... three pe who police say killed a mar county hiker are good morning. it's friday, october 9. it's about 5:00 on this friday. three people who police say killed a marin county hiker are now accused of killing a young woman in san francisco two days earlier. anne makovec is at the scene of the first homicide with new information on how these two homicide appear to be linked. good morning. reporter: police have been looking into similarities of these two homicide. they both happened in wooded areas like the one i'm standing in here in golden gate park. that is where the young woman was killed. the other victim a middle-aged man but they were killed within the same time frame within the
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past in the bay area. 24-year-old sean angold, morrison lampley and lila allgood are accused of killing audrey carey a 23-year-old from quebec, canada. she was in golden gate park on her first solo backpacking trip and she was found beaten and shot here in the park on saturday. now, police say the murder suspects were found with some of her property in their possession at a soup kitchen in portland. police have tracked them there driving a vehicle taken from another murder scene. the killing of steve carter was in the loma alta open space preserve in marin county near fairfax. carter was a popular yoga teacher. >> it is my opinion that this was a crime of opportunity as opposed to one that was directed at that individual. >> police say the suspects were seen in surveillance video gassing up carter's car the


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