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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  October 9, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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murdered. when police arrested the drifters, they found steve's stolen car, audrey's camping gear and the handgun used to kill both of them. >> the vehicle owner believed he locked his vehicle. but it was unlocked. >> the man who owned the gun didn't report it stolen until the next day. >> obviously these crimes took place over a matter of days even weeks. we have a timeline of how police and investigators say this all went down. first, it was the night of september 30th. the drifters told a gun from a -- stole a gun from a car parked on a residential street in fisherman's wharf. then saturday october 30 audrey carey is shot to death in a wooded area of golden gate park. two days later monday october 5, it was the second murder a well-known therapist shot and killed while walking his dog in fairfax. cops say that the drifters stole his car and then headed north to oregon. that's where portland police arrested them two days ago
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coming out of a community dining hall. kpix 5's cate caugiran finds out if drifters are a big problem in the bay area. cate. >> reporter: allen, we did try to speak with several drifters here in this area but many of them were hostile towards our cameras. none wanted to be interviewed. but two people said they won't even sleep here in golden gate park because it's too dangerous. it's not only dangerous but deadly. >> we are trying to find out if anyone had contact with these individuals at all. either one, two or all three of them. >> reporter: police don't know much about these three drifters how long they were in the bay area or if they had been longed to any other crimes. >> trying to find out if this was kind of an anomaly or just something they have been doing. >> reporter: the handgun used was stolen from an unlocked parked car in san francisco three days before the first murder. investigators are trying to track down surveillance video. tonight the question, do police see drifters as something the city needs to worry about? >> we get people from all over
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the world who save for a lifetime to come here because of san francisco. >> reporter: now, we have some new information for you tonight. the sfgate is reporting that the three suspects were well known in the haight-ashbury area. sfgate spoke with other drifters who said that he voided the trio known as tweakers and meth users with angry outbursts. they spent their nights at buena vista park and their days trying to steal from stores. reporting live in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> still more to find out i'm sure about those people. but the drifters murder case similar to the deadly pier 14 shooting in san francisco in at least one aspect. in both cases the guns used were stolen from parked cars in san francisco. the gun used in the death of kate steinle was found in the bay. it was taken during a break-in of a federal agent's car. the gun used in this week's killings was also stolen from a car that was parked near fisherman's wharf. a developing story now out
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of pittsburg. a man shot in the neck while driving in the 200 block of diane avenue. chopper 5 was above the scene a short time ago. police say two children were in that car at the time of the shooting. they were unhurt. the 35-year-old man was rushed to john muir medical center in creek. no word yet on his condition. a story you will see only on 5. a community mural of peace defaced in oakland. our maria medina on why city officials say they have had enough. >> for me it's just out right stupidity. >> reporter: two vandals who looked to see if anyone is watching have no idea or don't care if surveillance video is catching their every move. >> we are tired of the negativity. we just had two killings down this street. >> reporter: oakland city council member noel gallo says he is fed up. the tiny hands that make up the mural in the fruitvale district belong to oakland elementary school kids and symbolize peace.
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>> they are continuing to disrespect not just the children, but those of us that live here. >> reporter: this is actually the third time vandals have targeted this mural. each time it's repainted, the vandals come back. >> for him to find out his hand was covered by graffiti, vandalism, he was heartbroken. >> reporter: jose martinez's two kids helped with the murals in oakland. >> they are so proud to be part of anything positive in the community. >> reporter: they paint murals of peace and walk around the neighborhood to spread the message. jose says he told his kids not to allow the vandals who marred their canvas to stop them from their mission. >> we cannot let that defeat us. we are going to find out who is doing it and prosecute you. >> reporter: in oakland, maria medina, kpix 5. the parents and kids plan to walk through oakland tonight to talk to the community about their message of peace. a live look at sfo right now. air force one scheduled to land in about 2 1/2 hours from now. it is fleet week so traffic
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will be a mess in san francisco. president obama is staying at the fairmont hotel in the city. barricades are up, security is tight in the area. tonight, the president will be part of a democratic national committee roundtable. that's going to take place at a private home in san francisco. then tomorrow morning he appears at a democratic fundraising concert featuring kanye west with tickets up to $10,000 each. earlier today the president was in oregon meeting with families of the oregon college shooting victims. we'll have more on why that community was so divided about his visit coming up. one of the men who helped thwart a terror attack on a train in france is improving after being stabbed in his hometown of sacramento. doctors upgraded spencer stone's condition from serious to fair. today he even managed to get out of bed and walk around. nick janes in sacramento with new information on the fight
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that led to that stabbing. >> reporter: we're learning more about what surrounded this stabbing incident. we are told by the promoter of badlands, which a bar here in midtown sacramento behind us, that spencer stone was mere with a group of friends, in fact at one point recognized, he was called up on the stage, cheered and applauded as a hometown hero. it was a celebratory occasion. we're told by the promoter of badlands and, in fact, by sacramento police that is when the group of friends and spencer stone went outside that they encountered a second group of people. there was some sort of argument in a parking lot that led to the fight and the stabbing that you are seeing here in surveillance video. so it was not that this was one group that came from the bar. in fact, spencer stone encountered this second group of people. what's interesting in the video is it appears he got involved defending a woman who was punched in the face by one of the eventual stabbing suspects. but as you will see here in a second piece of surveillance video released last night by police, that same woman who appeared to be punched in the face climbed into a waiting car
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with the suspects and drove away. so sacramento police say that woman was not part of spencer stone's original group. they are still looking for the two stabbing suspects as well as the getaway driver of that toyota camera as well as the woman who climbed into the car, as well. so still a lot of moving parts as police are trying to sort out what led to this fight. they are not sure. but they say it is clear that this was not some sort of terrorist attack. they say that spencer stone was not specifically targeted. as you said, he has been upgraded to fair condition and was in fact interviewed by sacramento police earlier last night. in sacramento, nick janes, kpix 5. governor brown signed a series of business today regulating medical marijuana. the bill also create the first- ever statewide licensing and operating ruse for marijuana -- rules for marijuana growers. the legislation outlines pot growers' rights and allows local governments to ban or tax marijuana-related businesses. the state will begin issuing licenses in 2018. governor brown also signed
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legislation today banning cities from prohibiting drought- tolerant landscaping. synthetic grass and artificial turf are encouraged during this historic drought and brown hopes to help those who opt for it. the new legislation also trumps homeowner association rules that would ban fake turf. earlier this week the governor signed a bill to increase renewable energy. one guy in hercules found going green isn't easy. on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains he has been fighting his homeowners association for almost a year just to put in solar panels. >> the top of this ridge all the way down to this point here. >> reporter: cliff says deciding to get solar panels was easy. getting the okay from his hoa, not so much. >> three feet back. >> reporter: last november, he applied for permission from his homeowners association. >> they said nobody has ever applied for solar panels. and they, um, said that they needed to get a policy. >> reporter: but ten months later, he is still waiting. >> it's cost us money. we have lost out on the tax
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credits in 2014. >> that seems like it's a excessive amount of time. >> reporter: real estate attorney michael montgomery ao says hoas are supposed to respond to applications for solar within 45 days. >> having no policy in place could be indicative that they are a little behind the times. >> reporter: he says that any policy that is implemented must be reasonable. but hoas can lay down ground rules like where the panels cab be placed what kind -- can be placed, what kind and even preferred vendors so none of those rules can add more than $1,000 to the cost of the project. projects most agree are good for the environment. >> public policy of the state is to encourage it so i think most associations should be following that lead. >> reporter: his hoa says it is. in an email the peach tree association says they encourage solar. they just needed time to develop a policy. and thanks to drescher, they have. although it does still need to go up for a vote, a year late for him, but maybe just in time for everyone else. >> hopefully, the next more
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than wants to put solar panels in won't have to go through all this? >> reporter: julie watts, kpix 5. >> good news. the hoa gave him preliminary approval for the panels pending residents' approval of the hoa's solar panel policy. and that vote comes next month. fleet week is here and we are going to take you on board as sailors steam into the bay. >> a money pit in san jose exposed. a new audit reveals stow golf courses are hemorrhaging money costing taxpayers millions. >> later some bay area parents keeping their kids home from school because of a problem third-grader. tonight, the student's parents admit their son has issues. they want to know why the district isn't helping them. >> the all-important weekend weather forecast with some changes ahead for saturday and sunday all coming up as we look at the sun sinking slowly into the west, after a break. ,,,,,,
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afternoon can only mean one thing: the blue angels are back. fleet week is well, the roar above the bay this afternoon can only mean one thing, the blue angels are back! fleet week is under way. and we have two reports tonight. first up kpix 5's devin fehely with the crowds that turned out to watch the blue angels' final practice run. devin. >> reporter: yeah. the people that lined the marina this afternoon had a front row seat to a pretty spectacular show. most of them came out to see the blue angels as you might imagine. if you missed them today, today's perform was largely a warmup for this weekend. ask anyone along the marina for fleet week hot undisputed fan favorite -- who the undisputed fan favorite is and you're likely to hear. >> blue angels. >> blue angels. >> reporter: so they came to
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the waterfront looking for the blue angels and the power and precision that made them world famous. >> watch them flying back and forth in front of to you hear the power of the jets, it really makes your heart proud. >> it's their talent, what they're able to accomplish. it's -- a little bit of it is our military might. >> reporter: fans came from across the bay area for fleet week. victor mendoza drove up from san jose with his family to see the blue angels for the first time in person. >> it's spectacular acrobats they do. >> first time. >> the amazing things they do in the planes. >> reporter: but leave it to a child like 6-year-old alana webster to describe the wonder and awe and enduring appeal of these special pilots. >> i saw this plane up in the sky. >> reporter: was he going really fast? what was it doing? >> it was going very, very fast. >> reporter: now, the city of san francisco has established a
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"no drone" zone during fleet week over the city. they don't want drones or their operators to interfere with the stunt pilots that are the true stars of the show this weekend. the fines are hefty up to $10,000 for violators. in san francisco, devin fehely, kpix 5. >> and fleet week's parade of ships brought all kinds of impressive vessels into san francisco bay. this morning, they made their grand entrance coming through the golden gate. and kpix 5's don ford was on board one of those mighty ships as it paraded into the bay. >> reporter: you have to start early if you want to organize a half dozen ships for a parade. >> our ship is going to be in the front and we're going to coordinate a parade around the bay. >> reporter: leading the parade is a special honor and this year's fleet week parade leader is the guided missile cruiser uss cape st. george. >> very proud of what we do. >> reporter: at dawn with
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several sailors snapping selfies, the ship left san francisco bay. a couple of hours later, 18 miles offshore, all the ships met here at the san francisco sea buoy. get in line and start back in. all systems go. and the sailors can't wait to go ashore. >> we are able to hook up with a tour to alcatraz. >> first place i'm going to is the castro district. i have heard wonderful things about it. >> try and find a bookstore. >> reporter: sure, why not? when the parade enters the bay thousands of people line the shore to watch, including the traditional san francisco fire boat. this weekend there will be six ships open to the public and the navy says if you would like to come aboard for a tour, just come on down. aboard the u.s.s. cape st. george, don ford, kpix 5. >> besides the airshows coming
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up this weekend, expect safety demonstrations, educational programs. we have a complete list of fleet week events at san jose will host it's inaugural [ non-english language ] festival this weekend. people can walk bike and skate between parks. it will take place sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. we should also mention it coincides with the super bowl 50 tour of champions where you can see all eight area lombardi trophies. from sand pits to money pits a new city audit finds san jose golf courses are deep in debt. kpix 5's len ramirez on why taxpayers are the ones in trouble, len. >> reporter: that's right. we are talking about two out of the three municipal golf courses that the city of san jose operates and right here is a good example of what we're talking about. beautiful friday evening here in san jose. yet only two golfers using the driving range. the city never expected to make a lot of money on these courses but these courses are not even
6:18 pm
paying for their own expenses. whether it's young people just learning to play the game or seniors keeping active, golfers say san jose's municipal courses are some of the only affordable and accessible places they can play. >> there's a lot of people from the local area that play over here. >> reporter: san jose runs three courses but two are losing money year after year and it's taking a big bite out of the city budget. >> could the two combine the city subsidizing more than $2 million a year for the past several years. >> reporter: city councilman is pushing a new plan for the two courses operating in the red. the 18-hole los lagos and 9 hole rancho de pueblo. >> combine them and one course instead to cut down the loss. >> reporter: a big part of the problem is that golf is not as popular as it once was. combining the two courses would mean one of them could be turned into a park, soccer or softball fields. but the plan is facing fierce opposition from groups that use the course like first tee
6:19 pm
silicon valley. >> we would have to find an alternative to serve 800 kids again. >> reporter: the program teaches low income kids golf and gives them life skills. >> the negative alternatives and things could get into, it provides a great option to them to become good citizens. >> reporter: it's working for students. this is the only place one can afford. >> i have been here since i was in fourth grade. just coming here gives me a sense of happiness. >> reporter: now, the easy solution or maybe not so easy is to increase the number of golfers but this course rancho del pueblo would have to increase by 128% to break even. so the other course that we are talking about, the third city course is the one that is in the black, that is san jose municipal golf course, that's been well established over the decades and that's making money. the only one here in san jose. len ramirez, kpix 5. in southern california, rescuers are trying to help
6:20 pm
this whale in a bind. the orange county sheriff's office got a call this afternoon about this whale that's entangled in either a net or a rope of some kind. the team from the pacific marine mammal center tried to free it but apparently the whale got away. it's said to be moving toward san diego. >> and then cabo san lucas and the sea of cortez if everything works out well. things look good especially for the blue angels. low clouds at the shoreline now at the peninsula and city of san francisco way over there by ocean beach a little bit. but as we look out toward the golden gate nothing but sunshine and clear skies right now. concord is 84 degrees still. in the city 68. livermore 85. san jose 76. santa rosa 79. if you are heading to the ocean this weekend, rip current hazard with large northwesterly swells and big breakers. so be careful at the shore all as a result of what was hurricane oho offshore the swell now reaching the california coastline.
6:21 pm
futurecast shows we have low clouds packing in along the shore this weekend so we'll get low clouds and cooling. as the day goes on things clear up and it looks as if the blue angels should get away with a pretty good show but you can see most of the day on the western peninsula there are some low clouds so it's not going to be perfectly clear. cooler then this weekend with temperatures recovering to 90 degrees inland monday. and no rain on the horizon. not yet anyway. heading out of the bay area temperatures will be from the upper 80s to mid-90s in the great valley. and overnight lows tonight in the bay area, temperatures hit the low 50s in some spots. mid-50s elsewhere. sunrise tomorrow morning, 7:13 a.m. daytime highs tomorrow it looks nice. low 70s in the city. mid-80s in the east bay. and low to mid-80s in the south bay. low 80s for the north bay. so fairly warm weekend just not as warm acetated. but we will heat up again in the bay area with temperatures reaching the low 90s on monday, tuesday and wednesday.
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so cool it off a little bit. and then warm it up into the mid-90s by tuesday next week. >> heat is on. >> yup, it is. >> thank you. a new movie about apple cofounder steve jobs opens tonight. will the film tarnish his legacy. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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theatres in select cities t. as michelle griego reports: film is re- opening a debate over the former apple c-e-' legacy. nd the new "steve jobs" movie hits theaters in select cities today. as michelle griego reports the film is re-opening a debate over the former apple ceo's legacy. >> reporter: michael fastbuilder stars as the apple cofounder. >> he was an extraordinary person who changed the way we live life. >> reporter: "steve jobs" takes place back stage at three pivotal apple product launches. >> it's a system error fix it! >> fix it? >> yeah! >> you're issuing
6:25 pm
contradictory instructions. you're insubordinate. >> reporter: pressure mounted at the tech giant with clashes. >> as difficult as he was, you stayed with him because of that genius. even if you have to take verbal abuse from this guy. >> i'm begging you to manage expectations out there. >> it took me about 30 seconds to realize that it was you on screen. great. that's really -- that was -- that was part of the -- that was part of the plan. >> you have to tell me. >> reporter: kate winslet perfected an eastern european accent to play the head of marketing joanna hoffman to pushes jobs to pay more attention to his personal life. >> joanna in the film really allows the audience to see that he was a father, that he did have feelings. >> she is not my daughter! >> you must be able to see she looks like you. >> reporter: his widow and colleagues are reportedly unhappy with how the new film portrays him. the screenwriter says he took artistic license in portraying one of the silicon valley's most iconic figures.
6:26 pm
michelle griego, kpix 5. >> this is the third major film about steve jobs since his death. >> there'scy special screening tonight in the castro. steve wozniak will be there along with the screenwriter aaron sorkin. in the next half-hour a bay area third greater terrorizing other students. tonight his parents tell us the school district refuses to help. >> trouble at twitter. days after they get a new ceo, tonight there is talk of big layoffs coming next week. >> turn your eyes to the screen because this is the billboard that everybody is talking about in the bay area. here it is. it says porn kills love. the story behind it. ,,
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be brought back from portla next checking our top stories tonight. three drifters accused in two bay area murders will be brought back from portland next week to face charges. they are suspect in the shooting death of a backpacker in golden gate park and a therapist in fairfax. the three were known on haight street as tweakers, meaning meth users. a mural in oakland made by children has been vandalized and city officials are fed up. this is a third time this mural has been targeted.
6:30 pm
parents and children plan to walk through oakland tonight to send a message, enough is enough. spencer stone is improving after being stabbed in a brawl in his hometown of sacramento. stone was one of three men who stopped a terror attack in france. his condition has been upgraded to fair and is up and walking around. a third-grader accused of wreaking havoc at an elementary school in clayton bullying and beating up other kids. tonight only on 5 da lin talks to that child's parents and a child psychologist to ask, what can a parent do? >> he is the victim here. >> reporter: the father of the third-grader blames the mount diablo school district for his son's violent behavior at this elementary school. >> without the right trained individuals in place he can get very frustrated. some of those may manifest itself in some aggression. >> reporter: bob doesn't want to show his face fearing it would harm his 8-year-old. when the family moved to clayton for a new job over the summer they gave the district an individual education plan to help the boy thrive a plan they
6:31 pm
say worked extremely well at a previous school. but they say the district never followed the plan and didn't give the special needs student any extra help. >> they have failed our son. they have failed the community. they have failed the other parents and they have failed these other children. >> reporter: child psychiatrist michael eleven never treated the third-grader but said in cases like this the child needs a lot of support from the school. >> we have to discourage antisocial behavior and encourage pro-social behavior and that has to be implemented, consistency between home and school. >> reporter: about 30 parents pulled their kids out of school this week after the principal locked down the campus because the third-grader acted out. parents also worried about reports of punching, kicking and biting of other kids. >> he punched someone in the stomach. >> i totally emphathize with them wanting their children to be safe. >> reporter: the family adopted the boy before he turned three. they say he does not have add or autism but suffered in a lot of trauma.
6:32 pm
>> beautiful little wonderful child but he suffered greatly in his early years. he had 11 placements. >> reporter: 11. >> he had been to eleven foster care homes bounced around. his mother was a heroin addict. his father was in jail. >> reporter: they are not asking for sympathy. they just want more pressure on the district to give their son one-on-one help. the school district wouldn't answer questions about the story. they also would not tell us what their policies are when it comes to dealing with students with special needs. in clayton, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> the parents of the third- grader and other upset parents plan to attend monday's school board meeting. they want the district to get the third-grader the help he needs. two college students are dead four others are recovering in two separate college campus shootings today. the first happened overnight at northern arizona university in flagstaff. the other happened this afternoon on the texas southern university campus. officials say the student who was killed was a freshman
6:33 pm
there. he hasn't been identified. he was shot in the parking lot of an on campus student housing. in arizona a student is dead and three others hurt all members of the same fraternity. the alleged gunman old fire during a confrontation between two -- opened fire during a confrontation between two groups of students. steve jones was arrested immediately after the shooting. >> makes you forget all the little things. there's this situation that really puts life into perspective and it is shocking. >> the victim who died colin brough was originally from colorado. all this came as president obama flew to roseburg, oregon today to meet with family members of the victims of last week's shooting at a community college. this despite a handful of protests from residents who didn't want him there. some are protesting because of president obama's call for gun control. they say this is a mental health issue not a gun problem. the white house says the intention of the visit was
6:34 pm
simply to comfort survivors. >> there are going to be i think moments as we go forward where we're going to have to come together and figure out how do we stop things like this from happening. >> he said if the community needs any help on the federal level he will do what he can to be there for them. president obama will be in san francisco beginning tonight for two fundraisers. he leaves tomorrow morning. there's increasing drama on capitol hill right now. republicans struggle to find a new house speaker. reporter craig boswell says pressure is building on a possible candidate who has repeatedly said, he is not interested. >> didn't feel like chaos today. there's always tomorrow. >> reporter: one by one republicans emerged from a closed-door meeting with few answers on who will become the next house speaker. >> who can get 218 votes? >> i don't know, we'll see. >> reporter: one name was the topic of conversation. >> paul ryan has the clout and
6:35 pm
stature that he could overcome a lot and bring people together. >> reporter: for now jason chaifetz of utah and daniel webster from florida are the only declared candidates. both are closely watching to see what ryan does. >> i'm not challenging him. i'm challenging the process and i'm going to make that point until hopefully we get some change. >> i would absolutely back paul ryan. that's the reason i got in the race. >> reporter: ryan insists he is not interested. >> i'm just going to make it home for dinner. >> reporter: leaving the question, who is? >> do you want the job? >> no! >> does anybody is >> we'll find out. >> reporter: it boils down to numbers. to get the job it takes 218 votes. that will have to include a group of about 40 conservatives who call themselves the freedom caucus. >> until we find out who else is running, we interview the candidates, we are really staying noncommittal at this time. >> the outgoing speaker of the house john boehner wants a decision by the end of the month. craig boswell cbs news, capitol
6:36 pm
hill. >> tonight there's talk that major layoffs at twitter are days away. cuts will be made companywide beginning next week. so far, no word on a number. twitter currently has over 4,000 employees. company growth however has not reflected user growth. a couple of days ago twitter named cofounder jack dorsey its new ceo officially. it's one billboard that definitely is getting noticed tonight. the story behind it next. >> punished for his patriotism. why a student was sent home from school for wearing a shirt supporting u.s. troops. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
popping up around the bay a they read "porn kills love. fight for love" and they are causing quite the controver. you may have seen billboards around the bay area that read porn kills love, fight for love. and they are causing quite the controversy! the city has roughly 80 of these billboards up. and they will be up through november.
6:39 pm
a group in salt lake city is behind the campaign. they say pornography is the new drug and they want to start a conversation around the subject. questions about why an 8th grader was sent home from school for a display of patriotism. it's because the shirt has a gun on it. the older brother of the student is a marine in iraq. a lot of people are speaking out against the principal's decision to reprimand the student. >> it's sad to see it. >> i didn't see anything wrong with it. we are proud men, and i really didn't think that that shirt was offensive. >> so much so the entire family as you see now has those shirts? >> the district no comments. school dress coast does ban students from wearing clothing that promotes drugs or violence. coming up, there's a few changes in the offing for saturday and sunday. we'll document them in the weather forecast coming up.
6:40 pm
but first, let's get our camera and look towards the city of san francisco from oakland. mighty fine sunset. and forecast in a minute. and straight ahead this friday, wait until you see the piece of not this underdog, this underdog in the baseball play-offs. bogus? cal bears quarterback sadistic? >> we give him a hard time. >> it's shark week in san jose. stick around for sports. fun for the whole family. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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parents. wendy tokuda shows us how o woman stepped into a role sh in years.. to save mr. a thirds of our students rising above grow up without parents. wendy tokuda shows us how one woman stepped into a role she hadn't played in years to stave her grandchildren. >> reporter: she graduated from ucla this year in african- american studies. >> exciting. i'm so happy. it was a -- a -- it was a long road. i'm really excited. >> i'm very happy for her.
6:44 pm
and myself. [ laughter ] >> reporter: tanesha shares the accomplishment with her grandmother, may walker, who raised her. we met them five years ago when tanesha was a senior at excel high in oakland but this is where she went after school. working at the boys & girls club in west oakland. >> point of the game is speed! >> they come in and don't even say hi. hi, miss meaghan. is tanesha here yet? >> reporter: she was of a saved child in a neighborhood where many are not. she was too young to understand but her grandmother remembers what the police told her. >> as long as this woman doesn't have a place to stay, she cannot have these kids whether you keep them whoever keem them she can't have them. because she was homeless. >> reporter: even when they were ordered to court, her parents didn't show up. >> why didn't they come? why didn't they -- [ inaudible
6:45 pm
] they did not want me or like what was the reason behind it? >> reporter: mae took in all four grandchildren and at the age of 55 went back to work to support them. >> you just be busy! like i tell -- i used to tell the pastor i go to bed tired and i wake up tired. so what else you want to know? [ laughter ] >> i know she didn't have to do this but she is loved us and everything. so it was like makes you feel wanted. >> reporter: the healing gand with her grandmother. >> she -- began with her grandmother. >> she used to make us read every night before you go to bed. i really enjoyed reading. >> i collaborated those two ideas together. >> reporter: which made off and so did the help from students rising above. >> there's a lot of people that helped me through this journey so, um, so -- [ indiscernible ] >> and just a lot of different bosses from my old job at the boys & girls club, the church to the --
6:46 pm
>> reporter: she is setting a new example now. >> it would encourage others to do the same to walk down the same road that tanesha did and they see that at the end of the rainbow, there's a pot of gold. [ laughter ] >> reporter: wendy tokuda, kpix 5. >> tanesha needed more than her grandmother to rise above. to find out how you can help, head to our website, website, all right. let's go to brian hackney and see if the blue angels have to rise above any fog tomorrow. >> a little bit. you can see it on the view we are about to show you. you can see right up here coming over the peninsula into the presidio there's a little bit of low cloudiness out there and that will be something of a factor tomorrow. the vast majority of the bay area will have sunny skies -- excuse me, sunny skies except right at the shoreline. tonight mostly clear. concord 84. san francisco 68 still so fairly mild in san francisco. 76 in san jose. and santa rosa boy still warm
6:47 pm
79 degrees. and here's how it looks. high pressure still over the west coast. but we get a little bit of relief in the form of low clouds coming back to the shoreline. so after having fairly warm weather for the past couple of days, we are going to cool it down a little bit tomorrow and sunday. just because of the presence of the clouds. and then this high builds back in and things warm up again monday, tuesday and wednesday especially tuesday. so it's still pretty warm through the weekend. the numbers are still in the 80s in the north bay the east bay and the south bay just at the shoreline things significantly cool. so the beach forecast calls for low clouds in the morning, sun in the afternoon. there's also a beach hazard statement because of a strong rip current that will be present at the ocean this weekend. so have a care if you are headed coastside. futurecast does show these low clouds blooming overnight and then by sunrise tomorrow morning, you can see there's fairly good penetration all the way into the east bay but then the day goes on, the clouds pull back, hang around, around south san francisco and in the western side of the peninsula but elsewhere it will be a
6:48 pm
sunny day for saturday. to sum it up, cooler this weekend. it will warm up on monday but still no rain in sight. heading out of the bay area, to redding 89 degrees. 96 fremont. i'm sorry, 96 at fresno. 88 sacramento. 76 at lake tahoe. 73 at yosemite. overnight lows tonight looking at 50s for the most part. sun rising tomorrow morning at 7:13 a.m. a little warmer than average. 74 in the city tomorrow. 84 concord. 81 san jose. 79 oakland. down in the south bay tomorrow, we'll see numbers near low 80s for the most part. over in the east bay, mid-80s should do it. 85 at walnut creek. 86 at danville. north bay tomorrow low clouds to begin with, sunshine to finish. and readings in the warm locations will be in the low 80s but near the shoreline in the 70s. and still warm. ukiah, lakeport, clearlake and cloverdale all in the mid-80s. extended forecast we are going to be looking for numbers to moderate a little bit this
6:49 pm
weekend. and then as we get into monday, tuesday and wednesday, look at tuesday, we'll be back into the mid-90s inland as that high pressure bounces back. thursday and friday will begin to cool it down a little bit. that's what's coming up in weather. as for what's coming up on the nightbeat, here's veronica. tesla ceo elon musk dissing apple employees calling them his company's leftovers! i'm going to have that story and much more tonight on bay area nightbeat; come join me at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
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chicago rookie kris bryant, many hands can he slap? nlds baseball up top. keyword layoff. got a bunch of moving pictures already. chicago rookie chris bryant. how many hands can he slap? nlds game one at st. louis. cardinals starter john lackey is fired up. struck out bryan in the 7th. he pitched 7 shutout innings. bottom of the 8th 2-0 cards there goes the amador valley kid ex-stanford cardinal a two- run homer.
6:53 pm
st. louis won the game, 4-0. toronto favorite needed to win game 2 with the rangers. they couldn't hold a lead in the 8th. rangers mike napoli tied the game bass deshield is high fiving. game went to 14. alberto brought home odor who bumbled in for the lead. texas won 6-4 with a 2-0 series lead the underdog rangers can eliminate toronto sunday in arlington in game 3. give me a bird's-eye view, kansas city. game 2 hosting houston. top third astro ahead of the series leading 3-1 got another big fly from rasmus his third of the play-offs and the astros were up 4-1. but the royals rallied. ben zobrist broke a 4-4 tie. he singled in escobar and gave the royals the lead. they won 5-4. and they tied this best-of-five series at one
6:54 pm
game apiece. nfl. the raiders tall order this weekend. 4.5 to six-point home underdogs to the unbeaten broncos sunday. denver has the number window fence but look out for number 26 raiders running back. nice move and touchdown. the danville native's first look in silver and black against chicago and after four years with the redskins he is terrific as an alternative tow latavius murray. he was certainly the most seasoned. >> with respect to the nfl experience, for the rest of the guys carrying the ride, do you feel like an og? that's it? [ laughter ] >> no. not necessarily. partially just because i'm new tooth team. last year i felt more like an og. i was there for three years going into the fourth so i seen all the younger guys grow up into the organization. >> you see tight end vernon davis on the sideline? he is going to stay there. fantasy football players sent him. he will miss sunday night's
6:55 pm
game with the giants with a knee injury. second straight game he will miss. the giants are a touchdown favorite to win. college football cal quarterback jarrett goff headlines the biggest game of local interest saturday undefeated bears at equally unbeaten 5th-ranked utah. a win could put the junior into the thick of the heisman trophy discussion. goff holds 23 school passing records. doesn't always get the star treatment from the guys who face him in practice though. >> we kind of give him a hard time about like his record. we are always sitting there man two don't count. you barely pitch the ball to lasko. lasko did all the work. so we give hm a hard time about some of his records and stuff. like they are going to start inventing records for you like this first guy that throw a touchdown with his chin strap unbuckled with one strap. so we just mess with him i like to. san jose sharks this morning at their practice facility. eve of their home opener
6:56 pm
against anaheim. nice start for new goalie martin jones. now, jones backed up jonathan quick last two seasons with the l.a. kings. 2014 he was on the stanley cup championship team. that's a prize the sharks have coveted into his 25th year in the league. >> pretty special to be part of that team and to go through that. it's something you dream about as a kid and it lives up to expectations. so you know, having had a bit of a taste for it, you know, you get that hunger to do it again and, think we have the group to do it here. >> kind of a weird schedule. they have one home opener tomorrow and back on the road again. >> weird >> welcome backy stuff. >> but the shark -- wacky stuff. >> but the shark tank will be packed. >> for the latest through the evening go to captions by: caption colorado sorry.
6:57 pm
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6:59 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! steve: how you folks doing? how you folks doing? how's everybody doing? i appreciate you now. thank y'all now. i do. i appreciate it. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey and we got a good one for you today, folks. from anniston, alabama, it's the duncan family. [cheering and applause] and summerville, south carolina, it's the infinger family. >> whoo! steve: everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new stylish ford fusion hybrid right there.
7:00 pm
let's go. give me steven, give me cedric. let's go. top 7 answers on the board. name something you might text your boss about because you're too chicken to tell her-- >> i quit. steve: i quit. >> i'm sick. steve: i'm sick. >> yeah! >> play! >> we're gonna play, steve. steve: they're gonna play. cedric? >> yes, sir. steve: how you doing? >> doing great. how about you? steve: so, what do you do for a living, cedric? >> i am a gifted teacher for a middle school and high school students. i'm the sponsor of the top 100 students at our school. steve: what makes a gifted child? what's the criteria? >> their academic aptitude, their approach to problems, problem-solving.


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