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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  October 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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to kill two people in the b area. tonight we're hearing: to kill two people in the b area. toni . police say these three drifters used a stolen gun to kill two people in the bay area. tonight we're hearing even fellow transients were fearful of being around them. >> kpix5 kpix5 andrea bosch a is at fisher man's wharf. >>reporter: every day the evidence of san francisco's car burglary epidemic and once again seems days later a car burglary has turned deadly.
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the deaths unrelated have their genesis in a residential neighborhood near san francisco's fisher man's wharf. three days before audrey was killed in golden gate park a minor but increasingly kyle happened car burglary. >> the owner believed he hobbled the vehicle. it appears the vehicle was unlocked. >>reporter: detectives say a gun was stolen from that car and recorded missing a day later and ended up in the hands of these three. shawn an gold ample reply and lyla all good. lyla carey was found dead near the site of the blue grass festival. >> unfortunately the murder really fast tracked this investigation and it allowed us to quickly link the two crimes together. >>reporter: then monday evening at the loma nature preserve near fairfax steve carter was shot and killed on a
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trail and his volkswagen station wagon was stolen. not 30 minutes later two men and one woman were called on surveillance video at a gas station in point ray station with steve's car. >> we're trying to find out if anyone had contact with these individuals at all. >>reporter: detectives classified the three suspects as drifters and caught up with them wednesday. say soup kitchen in portland where they were allegedly trying to sell steve's car. >> trying to find out if this was kind of an anomaly or this is something they have been doing. >>reporter: all three suspects have waved extradition back to the bay area and could be back any day to face their arraignment on these charges. andrea important what kpix5. >> we found lyla all good's facebook page on the left what she looked like in high school. she used to surf in her hometown in hawaii. on the ride her current mugshot. here's the timeline how police say this went down.
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night of september 30th the drifters stole again from a car in fisher man's wharf saturday october 3rd the first murder victim called. audrey a canadian backpacker shot to death in the wooded area of golden gate park. two days later monday october 5th the second murder. the well-known therapist shot and killed while walking his dog in fairfax. the drifters stole the car and headed north to oregon that's where portland police arrested them coming out of a community dining hall. they will be returned to the bay area to face charges. they don't say how long it's going to take. president obama arrived in the bay area a little over three hours ago. he was greeted by governor jerry brown and san francisco mayor ed lee. the president attended a private fundraiser at a home in san francisco tonight. from there he will spend the night at the fairmont hotel.
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this is a live look. and let's take a look. you can see the traffic looked like it was moving a second ago even though they had the barricades up they are there in the place. of course the street closures and they are there obviously for security reasons. tomorrow the president speaks at another democratic fundraiser at the warfield on market streetment rapper kanye west is scheduled to perform. after that the president flies to la for more fundraising activities. earlier today the president visited roseburg oregon where his call for tougher gun control laws in the wake of last week's mass sooting has left some members of that conservative community very upset. protesters in fact at the rose burg airport carried both signs and guns. potential nightmare of course for the secret service. the white house has indicated the president is considering an executive order that would require more gun retailers to conduct background checks. >> second amendment says no infringement that means no
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infringement. >> anybody can have a gun. somebody with mental problems. >> yes. everybody can have a gun to defend themselves. so you can't just make us get a background check because somebody might have amen tall problem. >> the president's motorcade avoided the largest group of demonstrators on his way to roseburg high school where he met privately with families of the umpqua community college constituteing victims. >> we're going to have to come together as a country to see how we can prevent these issues from taking place. today it's about the families. >> just hours before that meeting a deadly shooting on a another college campus this one at northern arizona university in flagstaff. police say 18-year-old steven jones opened fire near a dorm following an argument. one student was killed, 3 others were injured. in texas two people being questioned in a deadly shooting at texas southern university in houston. shots were fired there this morning outside university apartments killing one student and injuring another.
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police don't yet have a motive tonight. they say they are looking for a third person of interest. tonight a bay area teenager is accused of plotting a mass shooting at had is school. the 15-year-old hercules high school student was arrested last night. it was after a school employee reported overhearing the boy tell a friend he planned to quote shoot up the school. police say a search of his home turned up documents confirming his plans. they say the motive may have been related to bullying. tonight april admission from an east bay dad whose son is being accused of terrorizing his classmates. as we first recorded it's gotten so bad other parents are keeping their children home. only on 5 the father is now speaking out. he told our da lin the school is partially to blame. >>reporter: the father of the third grader knowsness his son has major behavior ral problems but didn't know it was to the point of disrupting the entire mount diablo elementary school. >> he punched someone in the
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stomach. one of the kids got hit with the cone. >> it breaks our heart to hear those stares as to of the things we found out we were choked we didn't know anything about it. >>reporter: bob tranchida doesn't want to show his face. they gave the mount diablo school district an individual education plan for their special needs son a plan they say worked extremely well in his previous school. but weeks into the school year they say the district still hasn't given their son any extra resources. >> they have failed our son. they have failed the community. they have failed these other parents and they have failed these other children. >>reporter: about 30 parents pulled their kids out of school this week after the principal locked down the campus because the third grader acted out. parents also worried about reports of punching kicking and biting of other kids. >> i totally empathize with them wanting their children to be safe. >>reporter: the family adopted the boy before he turned 3. they say he does not have add
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or autism. but suffered from a lot of trauma. >> beautiful little wonderful child, but he suffered greatly in his early years. he had 11 placements. >> 11. >> so he had been to 11 foster care homes bounced around. his mother was a heroin addict. his father was in jail. >>reporter: they are not asking for sympathy they want more pressure on the district to give their son one-on-one help. the school district would not answer any questions about the story. they also would not tell us what their policies are when it columns to dealing with students with special needs. in clayton i'm da lin. did kpix5. >> a man a who tried to stop a -- today his condition was upgraded from serious to fair. the fight had nothing to do with stone's involvement in stopping the terror attack in france over the summer.
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they are still looking for those suspects who got away in a black toyota camry. the hunt is on for a new house speaker and many republicans are pushing paul ryan to run. the wisconsin congressman says he would rather focus on leading the ways and means committee. but republicans are in a fix. yesterday frontrunner kevin mccarthy of bakersfield surprised everyone by announcing he would not run. as the bright now ryan says he is not interested. tonight the white house got some color it is all lit up in pink for breast cancer awareness month. the white house tweeting one in 8 bill in america will develop breast cancer. when hollywood releases a movie called steve jobs, the bay area buzzes. so we sent kpix betty yu to san francisco's castro theater to check it out. >> i sat in the garage inconveniented the future. >>reporter: steve jobs the movie isn't about the inventory
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we have come to know it's key pot in his life. behind the scene look at three major product launches. >> when you see what the movie is they got it right. >>reporter: apple co-founder is played by seth rogan in the move. >> it's really more of a personality movie and it's partly a painting. there's a lot in it is based on real things. a lot of it is true and a lot of it you have to make up scenes. >>reporter: the movie isn't about glorifying steve jobs. >> it's very much like an element of steve jobs like the ultimate of his genius and his negative sides too not caring about what other people think and not caring about what they do. >>reporter: director dany boils says it's more of an investigation into jobs character. >> did you feel extra pressure responsibility because this was a movie about real people, about sex? >> well yeah. you do feel that because it's a very interesting approach to -- it's not a biopic it's not an attempt to make a biopic or
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anything like that. it's almost abstract in many ways. >>reporter: the movie did get push backs from people like apple tim cook and steve jobs' widow. steve jobs opened today in new york and los angeles. it will open here in san francisco next friday. in san francisco betty yu kpix5. >> billboards have the bay area buzzing and the message is hard to miss but what does it all mean? tonight we find out. the odds of a wet winter are looking more like a sure thing. tonight climate scientists say the el nino brewing in the pacific is too big to fail. and you could call it a crash of the tech titans. how a tesla got into a tangle with a google car. ,,
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are back -- flying over the area . >> you know what that sound means. the blue angels are back flying over the bay area for fleet week. the famous navy jets showed off their skills over san francisco this afternoon. they are some pilots aren't they. people came from all over to catch a glimpse of the aerial acrobatics. they were not disappointed. >> i trust them flying back and forth in front of you to hear the power of the jets. it really does make your heart proud. >> it's their talent. what they are able to accomplish. little bit of it is our military might. >> that wasn't the only draw on the bay. earlier thousands of spectators lined the shores as parade of ships made its grand entrance under the goad ingate bridge. fleet week continues throughout the weekend and for a complete list of events go to cbs
11:15 pm week. any new billboards popping up around the bay area have people talking about porn. sharon chin on the message that is hard to miss and the group behind it. >>reporter: porn kills love fight for love. this billboard sparking concern outside the barber shop for adults and children. >> you walk out make a left you know these guys can read. a mom what does take mean? >> good luck mom explaining that one away. i'm a little upset. >>reporter: the utah based upon frost. has put up 80 billboards in the bay area since september. the group founded by mormons say they are continuing a # year campaign against pornography. its web site called porn unhealthy bad for relationships disrespectful and abusive. the group's ceo says the billboards target the bay area because it's filled with world capers some say it's
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inappropriate subject matter for their neighborhood. >> this is an old school town. where is the old school? i mean, yeah porn is and but we don't need to see it on the sign. >>reporter: some pornography supporters tell us that the billboards are offensive and claims are wrong. but most people we talked to didn't have strong reaction to either way. >> i wouldn't put a billboard up about it. >> i don't see anything wrong with it but i do think everybody is entitled to their own opinion. >>reporter: it's schedule to stay up until november. they plan to introduce a documentary with the same message next summer. tonight there's talk of major layoffs ahead for twitter. according to tech outlet recode, cuts will be made company wide beginning next week. no word on how many will lose their jobs. twitter currently has more than 4,000 employees. the company growth has not reflected user group growth. all of this coming days after the company named co-founder jack dorsey its new ceo.
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he had been serving as interim for the past three months. this one could be called clash of the tech titans it turns out one of google's self driving cass was rear ended by a tesla. the dmv just released details of the august accident in mountain view. a google suv had apparently stopped for a pedestrian. its test drier took control to be cautious and that's when a tesla model s crossed a lane and crashed into the google car. it was only going about 10 miles per hour. the google driver was shut down for minor back pain. the governor signed a trio of bills slapping the first ever statewide regular lays on the medical marijuana trade. the bills will create the first ever statewide licensing and operating rules for marijuana growers. the legislation also outlines pot growers rights and allows local governments to ban or tax marijuana related businesses. the state will begin issuing licenses in 2018. the governor also signed a bill
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banning cities from prohibiting drought tolerant landscaping. it also trumps any hoa rules banning fake turf the bill aims to encourage more homeowners to make the switch. they say it is too big to fail. take a look at the side-by-side images from fast say. on the left is the el nino of 1997. the right the event stronger one forming in the pacific right now. it shows a huge band of warmer ocean water. that could bring even heavier rains than we thought in 1998. tonight climate scientists are saying there is no long ernie chance this el nino could fizzle out and it won't just follow southern california. the chances for a wet winter here in the bay area now stan at more than 40%. i don't know brian what do you think too big to fail. >> the chance of a wet winter
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40% doesn't that a mean a 60%. >> two sides a coin. >> that's calculus at work ladies and gentlemen. on the thus there's an important announcement by the cdc looking the ahead at the next three honest in terms of how much precip we will get. that's happening on thursday. in the meantime we've got some low clouds moving into the airport at sfo and that's going to cool us down for tomorrow. it's 67 at concord. oakland 62. livermore 66. san francisco 62 degrees. here's how it looks. beach hazard warnings are posted up and down the bay area coast lines because a big rip current hazard earlier in the week we were talking about hurricane 0 hoe. it has dissipate but it left behind a big swell and that's going to be hitting the california coastline that means the potential for strong rip currents. be careful going to the beach this weekend. high pressure builds in warm temperatures as well. not as warm as we had today. nevertheless still going to be in the mid to upper 80s inland. warm through the weekend jrue
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not as warm as we've seen it lately. goes it's going to get warm again tuesday, wednesday. purpose cast shows all the low clouds in along the shore line filling in the bay by 10:00 tomorrow morning. we'll start out overcast close to the bay shore line and the ocean shoreline we from have- low clouds sticking to the peninsula. the blue angels show should be okay close to the shoreline it's problematic. still warmth weekend not quite as warm. warm up on monday still no rain in sight. forecast highs for tomorrow we will see near 80 degrees south bay toll. not as warm as it was today. over in the east bay we'll be in the mid 80s. 85 at walnut creek. 85 antioch. north bay low clouds will start tomorrow morning for the first time in a few days will we'll recover the highs in the low 80s away from the bayshore line. extended forecast we're going to be looking for things to cool down and then things to warm up. tuesday we'll be in the mid- 90ed inland for the last time
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this season. it's getting pretty late. >> no. no. you guys keep saying that. >> do we? >> we'll do what paul says he'll be back on monday. >> have a good weekend. >> he survived a shark attack off the california coast. tonight the victim says that shark actually saved his life. what doctors found when they checked him out. coming up on the late show with steven colbert. late late show host james cordon. journalist shane smith and musical act paul say we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see
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♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪
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. in southern california rescuers did their best to help a whale in a bind. the fin whale was spotted off orange county coast entangled in some kind of net or rope. a team from the pacific marine mammal center tried to free it but the whale got away. it was last seen swimming south. a surfer is in critical condition after a shark attack in hawaii. it happened on oahu's north shore a surf spot know as left overs. another surfer helped the man back to shore. he had a bad bite on hi leg and cuts on his hand casing he
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fought off the shark. a shark attack in southern california earlier this summer wound up saving a man's life. kind of a wild story. eugene phinney was vacationing in huntington beach when a shark charged him in the water. he was left with a huge gash across his back. later i experienced some chest pain so he went to the hospital. here's where it gets interesting. doctors took an x-ray and discovered a small cancerous growth on his kidney. >> if this hadn't happened with the shark causing me to go in with this chest pain i would have never known about this cancer. >> never know right. doctors were able to successfully remove the tumor. phinney is cancer free all thanks he says to that shark attack. see you never know. >> you never know. >> interesting. >> you're staying out of the water. >> i am. i am. i'm staying out of baseball managing. >> oh, really. >> longevity not good.
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baseball manager shown the door today four baseball playoffs on the menu. it's the pitching. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"postseason"... ...sounds better... . when i say lloyd mclendon was let go by the seattle mariners i'm talking about baseball but i'd like to talk about postseason baseball. you know these kids were they even born? 9 year post soap wait for the met fans. at the dodgers. jacob degrom the donningers some batting good-bye adrian gonzalez you're not alone. one of 13 strikeouts he was better than clayton kershaw. left them loaded in the 7th. david wright also the team captain brought home two more runs. it was all new york metropolitan. they took game one final 3-1. cardinals a's john lackey in his office. still national league game one. he faced the cubs lackey in command. good-bye chris bryant in the 7th. lackey pitched 7 and a third shut out innings. bottom
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st. louis won the game. final of 4-0. the mound 'tis put this in canada. toronto hosted the rangers. american league regional series game 2. this one went 14 innings before pan sir alberto brought home the go ahead run. rangers won the game 6-4. they have a 2-0 series lead. they can take them out sunday in game 3. the other american league games from kansas city game 2 with houston. royals came from behind erased a 4-1 deficit. ben zobrist got mercedes escobar in the 7th. royals won 5-4. this best of five series is tied at one game apiece. quick football note for you see tight end vernon days he's going to stay there. you got to find another tight end he's going to miss sunday night's game with the giants with a knee injury. 49ers touchdown underdog and
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the ravens a 4.5 to 6 point dog at home on sunday. >> being the underdog doesn't mean it raid, may overcome that. >> i just don't think this is going to be the blowout that folks normally would expect when denver comes to town. i just got my spider sense is tingling. >> okay spider pan. >> maybe it's like funny bone. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrt 5-30. news and weather upda . have a good weekend. >> good night. captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: jon batiste, everybody. >> stephen! stephen! stephen! >> stephen: thank you very much. ( cheers and applause )


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