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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  October 10, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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and kanye west. the change in the president's demeanor...that many in the ence are noticin >> a packed house in san francisco for president obama and kanye west. the change in the president's demeanor that many in the audience are noticing. good evening, i'm brian hackney. >> i'm juliette goodrich. the noon hour takes president obama to his next fund-raising stint in southern california but not before a whirlwind trip in san francisco. >> while the president was in town he shared the stage with kanye west and this man, mark kelly was there this morning. did people pay all that money to see president obama or kanye west. >> they wanted to see one or the other shall not both. boy, did they come out in
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droves. practically every seat in thetheater was taken up. with the pricey tickets up to $10,000 to shake the president's hand, this fund- raiser was a nice boost to the coffers. some joked they were disappointed the president didn't rap with kanye. they weren't on the stage at the same time. before kanye rapped the president spoke touting his accomplishments and his goals moving forward, especially convincing his republican colleagues that climate change is an exist enchallengeential threat. >> we've got him holding up a snowball saying it's not warming, because here's a snowball he found. i'm not making this up.
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>> he also expressed increased concern about the increase in mass shootings. he said that is a choice we make and we don't need to have that, referring to his desire for tighter gun control laws. he talked about concern of violence on the streets of oakland. >> president kennedy, when he came in in 1961, was kind of famous for being the first president who didn't go out routinely with a hat. now there's president obama, no tie. he seemed very loose, very relaxed. it seems like a change. >> a lot of people in the crowd noticed that. one guy said he seems more ready than ever to lead the country now. ironically he's on his way out. but at one point the crowd was shouting four more years, four more years. of course, the president joked michelle would not even have it. the constitution would not have it either of course. coming up at 6:30 he made a little joke about kanye west and his political aspirations of the we'll show you that at 6:30. voters in california seemed to like president obama. he's enjoying his highest approval rating in the state since the start of his second
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term. that's according to a new field poll conducted over the last two weeks. 60% of california's regs sterd voters approve -- registered voters approve of the job president obama is doing, up from may and 45% in september of last year. terror for a surfer to hit the waves off the coast of oahu. he loses part of a leg in a shark attack. allison blare talked to people who witnessed this attack. >> it may have taken a moment for people onshore to realize what was happening. >> we didn't know if it was a drowning or somebody was seriously injured. >> reporter: but in the shore break, surfers sounded the alarm. >> one of the surfers started shouting help, shark. >> reporter: collin cook was on his board when he was attacked by what witnesses estimate to be a ten-foot tiger shark. >> it looked as though when the shark bit him, he was probably in the seated position. >> reporter: a man surfing
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nearby grabbed cook, put him on his board and started paddling in. he was having trouble getting in so another man used his kayak to help him get to shore. >> i've never had that much blood on me. >> reporter: andrew was one of the people who jumped into action. he helped lay cook on his surfboard while another man immediately tired the surfboard's leash around his left thigh. >> his leg was gone. we looked at him and said you've got to stay awake. are you there? he was kind of responding with these motions. >> reporter: the rescuers managed to get cook to the road. they kept pressure on his leg and talked to him until medics arrived. >> he said three things. how's my leg? i am thirsty. and where is the ambulance? >> lifeguards in the area are warning visitors to stay out of the ocean and shark warning times have been posted along that beach. >> reporter: collin cook moved to hawaii from rhode island three years ago. he learned how to create custom surf boards and opened his own
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fiberboard shops. when his former boss heard about it, he came to the beach to help. >> there was a capable group of surfers that came in. i really want to say that these guys did, without them, collin wouldn't have made it. there's no question he wouldn't have made it. that's kind of heavy, man. >> i got there and i heard you were fighting with a shark. he started laughing and smiling. yeah, i got a couple of good cracks on him. he was in good spirits. then he asked, he was still a little worried. he asked am i going to die? >> reporter: cook's family says he lost his leg below the knee in the attack. doctors also had to take a section right above the knee in order to save the rest of his limb. back in the bay area, if you look to the skies this weekend, you may see an angel. in fact, you might see a whole squadron of them. there they go, the blue angels soaring over the bay this afternoon. the navy flight crew dazzled crowds under the golden gate
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bridge. the formation barrel roll over 650 miles per hour. if you missed them today, you have a chance to see the main attraction again tomorrow. with the blue angels came the crowds. it's estimated that more than a million visitors have descended on san francisco to enjoy all the action this weekend. thousands flooded under the marina today to catch a glimpse of the airshow. fleet week events will run through monday. still to come, si mull tin contain i couldn't say -- simultaneous explosions in turkey. new details on bill cosby's deposition in a sexual assault case and it may not be the only one. we'll cover it all after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bombs, just seconds apart, p through a peace rally in tu. 95 people are dead -- hundrs of others are injured. cbs reporter two powerful bombs ripped through a peace rally in turkey. hundreds of others are injured. the moment that a day of peace turned into a massacre. >> reporter: a traditional turkish dance saturday, hundreds ran in fear after two bombs went off almost
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simultaneously, about 50 meters apart. many were still holding flags to be used in a peace rally about to start. more flags were left behind next to the cashage. cashage -- carnage outside the main train station. more than 300 victims hurt or killed in the bombing. procuredthe event was planned to call for greater democracy and an end to the violence between kurdish rebels and security forces which flared up since july. no one has taken responsibility for the attack. but turkey's prime minister called for a three day official mourning period for the
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victims. wendy gillette for cbs news. >> this is one of the deadliest attacks in turkey's history. tonight we know more about the deposition of comedian bill cosby, accused of sexual assaulting a 15-year-old girl in 1974. the deposition took place in boston and lasted several hours. gloria allred is representing the woman suing cosby, julie huff, who will be questioned on thursday. allred will seek a second deposition from cosby. a california judge will decide in december if the testimony will be made public. cosby also faces a defamation lawsuit by three women who say he drugged and sexually assaulted them decades ago. cosby has denied all allegations. and tonight rising above, how one has inspired to give back after the valuable lesson she learned when she was taken in by her grandmother. temperatures will be rising as well in the bay area. the last hot spell of the season? we'll see. the details of the forecast after a break. , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> fire in the hole. >> pumpkin, creative engineering. guys that want to get together and figure out the best way to get their pumpkin down range as far as possible. pumpkin chunken. nothing says fall like grown men hurling pumpkins in the annual pumpkin chunking contest. 14 teams are competing this weekend. it's a two-day tournament
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includes 7 rounds of competition and the winner will be announced tomorrow. we'll make sure we find out who that is. actor randy quaid and his wife are in jail for trying to cross the canadian border into vermont. they were taken into custody on outstanding felony warrants in california over a longstanding dispute over property in santa barbara. the quaids claimed asylum in canada in 2010. they said they were escaping the group they feared were out to kill hollywood celebrities. it's not clear if such a group exists. border guards say the quaids are fugitives of justice in the united states. all right, great video out of albuquerque. this is the last weekend of the international balloon festival, one of the most photographed events in the world. the balloons are not really flying that fast. this is time lapse videos. balloons of all shapes and sizes took flight. one balloon experienced a hard landing, but there were no
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injuries. and the fiesta ends tomorrow. >> that sure is pretty. we had nice day for the blue angels today. a repeat performance tomorrow. that much warmer than today. a significant warming trend coming into the bay area next week. mostly clear skies around the bay area except right at the shoreline. concord still as 82 degrees in livermore, it's 83. san francisco 67. santa rosa very warm 82 degrees. and also at the beach, a little heads up because we've got over the week generated a as well, a hurricane that was southeast of the hawaiian islands. a rip current exists because of that and problematic if you're heading to the beach tonight. high pressure, warm temps this weekend. it will warm up a little bit more tomorrow. the pressure builds in and will get to the mid-near 90s by tuesday in the bay area.
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maybe one last hot spell of the season coming our way next week. futurecast shows we have relief in the form of a few low clouds forming along the shoreline along the peninsula. things remain fairly clear within the bay but stratus outside the bay that will keep the coastline mild. a little warmer tomorrow. it 8 warm uneven more on monday. by tuesday, 94 degrees inland around livermore. except that warming trend coming in. heading out of the bay area, low 90s at fresno. patchy dense fog in eureka and outside the golden gate in the wee small hours. overnight tonight we're looking for temperatures to be in the mid-50s and sunup tomorrow morning at almost a quarter after 7:00. so taking awhile for the sun to rise in the morning this time of the year before daylight savings time end in a few weeks. high temperatures tomorrow. 75 in san francisco. 86 at concord. san jose 83 degrees. oakland 80. all of these numbers fairly
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well above average and we'll stay that way all the way through mid-week next week, that is above average. temperatures in the south bay, low 80s for the most part. a little warmer at morgan hill. in the east bay tomorrow, mid- 80s to upper 80s. livermore 88 degrees tomorrow. north bay, low clouds to start. low 80s to finish. right at the shoreline and at the beaches will be in the mid to upper 60s. it's still warm up by clear lake and lakeport, mid-80s. the extended forecast, we'll be looking for temperatures to warm on monday and tuesday. they peek in the mid-90s. by the end of the week we'll cool off. in the mid-80s for thursday, friday and saturday. you might be curious as to whether or not there's any rain coming. there is. we just don't know when. >> all right. about a third of our students rising above grow up without their parents. wendy tokuda shows us how one woman stepped into a role she hasn't played in years to save her grandchildren. >> reporter: takeshe graduated
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this year in african-american studies. >> i'm so happy. it was a long road. i'm really excited. >> i'm very happy for her. and myself. >> reporter: she shares the accomplishment with her grandmother, may walker, who raised her. we met them five years ago when tanesha was a senior in oakland. but this is where she went after school. working at the boys and girls club in west oakland. >> part of the game is speed. >> they come in and don't even say hi. hi, ms. megan. they say is tanesha here yet. >> she was a saved child in a neighborhood where many were not. she is too young to understand, but her grandmother remembers what the police told her. >> as long as this woman doesn't have a place to stay, she cannot have these kids, whether you keep them, whoever. she can't have them.
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>> because she was homeless. >> yeah, she was homeless. >> even when they were ordered to court, her parents didn't show up. >> why didn't they come? why didn't they like cooperate with them? like this is, did they not want me? what was the reason behind it? >> may took in all four grandchildren and at the age of 55 went back to work to support them. >> you just be busy. like i used to tell the pastor, i go to bed tired and i wake up tired, so what else do you want to know? >> i know she didn't have to do this, but she did it. it makes you feel wanted. >> reporter: the healing began with the grandmother. >> she always loved education. she used to make us read every night before we went to bed. i really enjoyed reading. >> i collaborated those two ideas together. >> reporter: which paid off and so did the help from students rising above. >> there's a lot of people who helped me on this journey.
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especially her. and this is a lot of different bosses from my old job at the boys and girls club. the church. >> reporter: she is setting a new example now. >> if i can make it, you can make it. >> it would encourage others to do the same, to walk down the same road that she did, and they see that at the end of the rainbow, there's a pot of gold. >> reporter: wendy tokuda, kpix 5 news. >> she needed more than a grandmother to rise above. to see how you can help go toour website. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:53 pm game already in the books... st. louis...oasis of the arch...cardina baseball playoffs saturday up top. one game already in the books. st. louis. the oasis of the arch. cardinals and rival cubs game 2. top second, cubs. addison russell, well played. a run scored. it broke a one all time. later in the inning, 3-1 now, call it the big fly. a two-run job. cubbies snapped a 7-game losing streak. they won the game 6-3. tied the series at 1 game apiece. local interest, college football wise, no question. cal and fifth ranked utah, huge
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consequences for the bears if they can run its record to 6-0. here's how espn called it this morning on college game day live. >> salt lake city. >> i'm going with utah. [ cheers and applause ] >> they proved him wrong. cal will need a big game from the quarterback. who could jump into the heisman conversation with a win tonight. the junior has already set 23 school records. although he can be a tough sell on the teammates who will go against him in practice. >> we kind of give him a hard time about, like, his record. we're always sitting there like two of those don't count. you barely pitched the ball to lasko who did all the work. we give him a hard time with all of his records, and stuff. they're going to invent records for you. first got to throw a touchdown
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with his chin strap unbuckled. we mess with him like that. >> jim harbaugh, i miss you so much. michigan hosted northwestern. here's the kickoff. and he gone. 96 yards. ends up with a little kaepernick kiss of the bicep. second quarter, pressure coming, nobody open, throw it anyway. he took it right back. michigan's defense three straight games, three straight shutouts. they beat 13th ranked midwestern 38-0 to get to 5-1. how about texas coach charlie strong. red river rivalry game with oklahoma. watch this run. longhorns came into the game 1- 4. marcus johnson turned the tables. got texas on the board. a 7-point lead in the fourth.
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early fourth quarter. tyrone swoops, texas upset oklahoma 24-17. nfl, the 49ers a touchdown underdog at the new york giants sunday night. the broncos a favorite to beat the raiders in oakland. that game a homecoming for safety t. j. ward. friends and family status for tickets? >> i'm not doing that this year. everybody got to get their own tickets. my parents and siblings, that's it. >> unpopular decision? >> you know what? i really don't care about being popular or unpopular at this point. if you don't like me, you don't have to speak to me. that's cool. put your hands together, it's golf's matches.
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that's bay from south korea and, bam, he and his partner beat the americans in their match. but the americans have jordan spieth from the cat box at 12 and bottom. they won their match. the u.s. leads by a point. they could wrap things up by "the late show." first team to 15 1/2 wins the whole thing. the u.s. is already at 9 1/2. the big story tonight, cal, a 7:00 game at utah. if they can pull this off, for the first time in a long time, cal will be right up there with the 49ers and the raiders kind of in the football bay area discussion. >> we'll take it. >> and you miss heir harbaugh's theatrics? >> i miss the winning that comes in his wake. >> all right. thank you. thanks for watching. we'll see you back in half an hour with news updates>> and
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we'll be back here at 6:30. ,,,,,,
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>> axelrod: it's the last thing they need. tonight, torecialg downpours add to the misery and devastation in the carolinas. a show of force and fighting words from kim jong-un. we're inside north korea. >> reporter: this is one of the largest-ever ceremonial displays of military might in modern north korea. >> axelrod: a terror attack at a peace rally kills dozens. >> what flavor? >> axelrod: and puzzles bakery, where workers with disabilities have found good jobs and a missing pies. >> i get dignity. i get respect. i get acceptance. it's important. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> p


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