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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  October 10, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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he was only in the bay area for about 16 hours, but that was long enough for president obama and one of the world's most famous rappers to collect plenty of campaign cash for the democrats. good evening, i'm juliette
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goodrich. >> and i'm brian hackney. air force one left for southern california early this afternoon but this morning, a bit of an unusual fund-raiser at the warfield in san francisco. after the president rallied the crowd kanye west took the stage and the tickets were not cheap. mark? >> reporter: not at all. the price of the tickets went for $10,000. now, some people came to see the president. others to hear kanye west perform. but everyone i spoke to left feeling the experience was worth every penny. the warfield theater can fit 2,300 guests and with two big names on the ticket, every seat was practically gone. >> be honest, were you here for the president or kanye? >> the president, of course. >> reporter: in front of the democratic friendly crowd, president obama took a friendly jab at republicans, calling them grumpy. >> i know it's political season, but listening to them, you would think that everything
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was terrific back in 2008. >> reporter: while the president spoke inside the warfield, people outside had their own political message. >> there needs to be a change. >> reporter: debra copes would give anything to have the president here. >> what would you want to tell president obama if you saw him today? >> please help the children get the resources that we need. >> reporter: in fact, the president mentioned our streets and encouraged an end to gun violence. >> the biggest audience response was gun control. >> we don't have to have young boys in oakland getting shot every day. we don't have to have kids in classrooms feeling threatened because somebody's got an ak- 47. >> reporter: this speech had somebody saying the president seems more comfortable than ever in his own skin. >> he probably most ready he's ever been to lead. ironically he's going out. >> reporter: if this fund- raiser is any sign, the president still has a long to- do list. >> i love you, san francisco. let's get to work. >> reporter: there was also
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celebrity experiences that the crowd were not expecting. some of the golden state warriors showed up with libby shaft. in the newsroom, mark kelly. >> he also poked fun at the republicans ongoing struggles in washington. he opened with a joke. >> you may have heard about kanye is thinking about running. [ cheers and applause ] >> for speaker of the house. [ laughter ] >> he's already said that he plans to run for president in 2020, said kanye, and president obama had this advice. >> here's some stuff that i picked up along the way. first of all, you've got to spend a lot of time dealing with some strange characters who behave like they're on a reality tv show. you've got to be cool with that. >> of course, that comment refers to west's wife, kim kardashian and her famous family. the president is in los angeles right now attending a few more
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fund-raisers before heading to san diego for the night. well, if you didn't see the blue angels over san francisco today, you probably heard them. the roaring flight squadron dazzled the crowd as part of the fleet week festivities, but not everyone is happy to have them here. >> reporter: the events of flight week have been ramping up since about thursday. today's big highlights of the 35th fleet week in san francisco was the airshow and the blue angels. they came to the waterfront to watch the annual display of military might over the san francisco bay but any place with a patch of blue sky was good enough to capture the blue angels in action around the city. >> it's always impressive to me to see them go at literally a third of their top speed. it's just impressive to know
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that they're just cruising along. >> very beautiful. it's not something you normally be able to see any day. it's just nice to see that. some people are kind of out, always on their phones and away from technology. >> it wasn't just the airshow and the blue angels. there was also the parade of ships and tours of those ships happening at pier 80. of course, not everyone was thrilled about the airshow, including san francisco district 11 supervisor dan avelo who tweeted this out, maybe the rain and fog means no blue angels. hashtag, wishful thinking. in response to a constituent, he had this to say: you expect me to like warplanes with feel- good. just a thought of a crash over the city should be enough to shut it down. if you missed the airshow today, it is happening tomorrow. the blue angels fly around 3:00. >> one more day to see or hear them. thank you. one thing you won't be seeing in the skies during fleet week, drones. they're banned for a five-mile
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radius around the blue angel air shows. violenters could face a -- violators could face a fine. fleet week is one of several big events going on around the bay area this weekend. if you plan to be out on the roads, give yourself plenty of time. kpix 5 news traffic reporter is keeping track of all those hot spots. >> traffic delays, especially in san francisco where we've got fleet week activities today and tomorrow. expect traffic backup along fishermen's wharf and along the waterfront. also the sharks home opener at 7:30 p.m. expect backups around downtown, san jose. sunday the raiders take on the broncos at 1:25 p.m. for more info go to
6:37 pm information about the drivers they stop, including their race, available online. they say the public database is part of an effort to boost transparency. by logging on you can find the time and the location of the stop, the reason for the stop, and the age, the gender and the race of the driver stopped. the database does not list names or other identifying information. and if you drive a car in california, you'll soon be registered to vote as well, whether you want to be or not. governor brown just signed off on the so-called motor voter law. eligible voters will automatically be registered when they obtain or renew their driver's licenses. it aims to boost voter turnout. people shouldn't be forced to sign up. the governor also approved the nation's toughest limits on the use of antibiotics in livestock. it prohibits meat producers from routinely giving the drugs to healthy animals to promote growth. studies show the excessive use
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of antibiotics reduces the effectiveness of the use in humans. the law takes effect in 2018. >> the governor signed bills slapping regulations on the marijuana trade. it will create the first ever state-wide licensing and operating rules for marijuana growers. legislation also outlines pot growers' rights. it allows local governments to ban or tax marijuana-related businesses. the state will begin issuing the licenses in 2018. and still to come, there's a new push to regulate another growing business. >> we're one major accident away from the government saying we're shutting down the drone industry. >> how the government plans to start spying on drones. and the ceo of tesla delivers an epic burn to apple and its ambitious ,,,,,,,,,,
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some neighbors are energy saving superstars. how do you become a superstar? with pg&e's free online home energy checkup. don't let your neighbor enjoy all the savings. visit and get started today. it happened last night alone 91-freeway in corona. investigators say the cr the temporary nine workers were hurt when a bridge collapsed along the 91 freeway in corona. the crew was tearing down the temporary bridge when it fell. all nine were taken to the
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hospital. no word on the extent of their injuries. bridge officials are moving ahead with plans for a new suicide barrier along the span. the project is scheduled to go out forbids this tuesday. a -- for bids this tuesday. a construction could begin march. the entire project is expected to take three years to complete at a cost of $76 million. with close calls on the rise, the feds are making a new push to regulate drones. the faa is looking into new technology to detect the remote- controlled aircraft around airports n. just the past two weeks, four pilots coming into lax reported dangerous encounters with drones. in july a drone narrowly missed a jet approaching jfk. >> we're one major accident away from basically the government saying we're shutting down the drone industry. and that would be bad for the
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economy. that would be bad for all of the people that one day work in this industry. >> meanwhile, california lawmakers are working on regulations of their own. governor jerry brown signed antipaparazzi legislation forbidding them from flying over private property. tesla ceo doesn't think much of apple's plan to build an electric car but doesn't mind giving them the workers for it. he told a german newspaper we call apple the tesla graveyard. if you don't make it here, go work for apple. he said the cars are very complex compared to a phone or a smart watch. still to come, there's billboards that have the bay area buzzing. the message is hard to miss, but what does it mean? >> we'll let you know, by
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assignment. how much is it going to warm up and when? i'll tackle that after our break. [announcer] right now at sleep train, get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train.
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of people talking... about . they read: "porn kills love. fight for love." the a new billboard campaign popping up around the bay area has a lot of people talking about porn. they read, porn kills love. fight for love. the campaign is the work of the utah-based nonprofit, fight the new drug. its website calls porn unhealthy and bad for relationships.
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but some say the billboards aren't necessarily appropriate, either, especially for kids. >> we walk out, make a left, the kids can read. mom, what does that mean? good luck, mom, explaining that one away. so i'm a little upset, sure. >> there are 80 of these billboards around the bay. the group behind them says they will be up through november. time for weather. >> brian. >> speaking of no socially redeeming importance, which i think is one of the definitions of pornography, we come to the weathercast. we show you the golden gate bridge and strong rip currents at the shoreline expected to persist through tonight. it's the aftermath of what was a hurricane southeast of hawaii. that hurricane generated a as well that now is -- a swell that now is affecting the west scoast -- coast of california. it produces the danger of rip currents so that's a little bit after hazard this weekend
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through tomorrow. have a care if you're headed to the shoreline. in the meantime, let us giver you the golden gate bridges. 76 degrees in concord. livermore 75. 67 in san francisco. 70 in san jose. 78 for santa rosa. here's how it looks again, that beach hazard statement is posted for a strong rip current condition right now and through 11:00 tonight. that swell out of the northwest to 8 feet. there will be clouds and fog forming along the shore tonight. with the high pressure offshore now beginning, it's kind of leveled out. by monday it will build back in. we continue with warm temperatures inland. they'll get warmer by mid-week. expect things to change not too much tomorrow. it's monday we expect the numbers to begin to go north. futurecast shows the low clouds hugging the shoreline at 6:00 tomorrow morning. and you'll notice that some of the clouds are actually pushing their way through the peninsula and coming over to the east bay shoreline. we'll start out much the same we did today with low overcast along hayward and fremont.
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later in the day it brings back to the shore and should be another pretty good weather day for the blue angels and their performance tomorrow afternoon. mostly sunny skies then. temperatures about the same as today. a little warmer maybe. it really does begin to warm up more on monday. we'll be in the mid-90s inland by tuesday. last hot spell of the year. maybe. travel weather forecast we're looking at numbers in the 90s from redding to fresno and up at tahoe and yosemite. overnight lows tonight in the 50s. sunrise tomorrow morning at 7:14 a.m. forecast, highs warming than average. 75 in san francisco. in concord 86. san jose 83 degrees. in oakland 80 degrees as well. in the extended forecast, we're going to be looking for things to warm right up on monday and tuesday and wednesday. tuesday we'll be in the mid-90s inland. thursday and friday we'll bring in clouds. begin to cool it down a little bit. by and large no dramatic
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changes except for tuesday. you will feel the heat out there in the east bay. and speaking of red hot. ladies and gentlemen, mr. glen's here. >> that's right. i've got maybe the best- conditioned athlete no one's talking about. they're going to see action tonight. speaking of action, quarterback, could tonight be the game of his career? today, national exposure-wise. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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books... baseball playoffs saturday up top. i've got mets, dodgers, pitchers coming up on the late show. i've got one game already in the books. st. louis, n.l. division, game 2. cardinals and rival cubs. top second, cubs, addison russell, well played. go ahead run scored to break a tie. later in the inning, now 3-1, sorer, a single, that's a big fly. it's a two-run homer and a five- run inning. cubs stop a seven game losing streak. they won it 6-3. and tied the series at a game apiece. college football, huge stage with cal football tonight at fifth ranked utah. huge consequences if the bears win and get to 6-0. they're underdogs. they made the call this morning on college game day live from salt lake city.
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>> i'm going with utah. [ cheers and applause ] >> to prove old coach wrong, cal is going to need a big game from the quarterback who could jump into the heisman trophy conversation with a win. the junior already set 23 school records. although it can be a tough sell on the teammates who go against him in practice. >> we kind of give him a hard time like his record, we're sitting there, man, two of those don't count. you barely pitched the ball to lasco who did all the work. we give him a hard time with records ask stuff. they're going to start inventing records like first guy to throw a touchdown with chin strap unbuckled. we mess with him like that. many faces of jim harbaugh.
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opening kickoff, this found the near side and he gone. 96 yards. check the kaepernick bicep kiss in the end zone. love it. pressure coming, quarterback threw it up trying to make a play. wrong jersey. jordan lewis came up with it and toted the rock to the house in a big house. 3 straight games, three straight shutouts. the amazing blue beat northwestern 38-0. to get to 5- 1. coach charlie strong in texas, red rivalry game with oklahoma. nice game here. longhorns came to the game with a record of 1-4. tackle breaking 24-yard play. that's texas on the board. up 7. late in the game, tyron swoops, another score and texas upset fifth ranked oklahoma 24- 17. that's maryland coach shiny
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white attire giving top ranked buckeyes a try. from inside the 5, perry ellis crashed in. this tied the game at 21. the buckeyes flipped the switch. jones pump faked and hit him on the dead run. ohio state scored 28 straight points and the buckeyes won 49- 28. record now 2-4 was seen shaking hands with players before the game. he was asked if this was maybe anticipating a dismissal. >> have you been to any of the games since i've been the head coach here at the university ofmaryland? >> yes, sir. >> if you would notice, i do that every single game. every single game. out of the respect that i have for these kids and what they go through. every single game. [ applause ] >> every single game.
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i got it, coach. nfl, 49ers an underdog at the new york giants sunday night. denver broncos a favorite to beat the raiders in oakland. that game will be homecoming for broncos safety t. j. ward. the alum is in his sixth year in the league. it's not his first game in the bay area. so good luck getting game tickets. >> how many tickets did you have to buy? >> i'm not doing that this year. everybody got to get their own tickets. my parents and siblings, that's it. >> popular decision? >> you know what? i really don't care about being popular or unpopular at this point. hey, if you don't like me, then you don't have to speak to me after the game. that's cool. >> hey, so that's where the high school prom suits go. golf president cup matches, we're in south korea. the 8th hole and, bam, it is hard to beat the americans in their match. but jordan spieth from the cat
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box at 12, spieth and patrick reed won their match. the u.s. leads by a point. they could wrap things up by "the late show" since it's already tomorrow in south korea. >> when you're confident, you'reconfident. >> and i mentioned the best conditioned athletes nobody's talking about, the san jose sharks had their home opener tonight against anaheim. those guys, man. they can do anything. >> they can do it. all right, stay tuned. thanks for watching. we'll see you again at 11:00. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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,,,,,, >> judge judy: he left, and he left with the baby. >> he cursed and he said, "you'll never see this baby again." >> announcer: was it a kidnapping... >> i asked him where the baby was, and he told me it was none of my business. and, um... >> announcer: ...or a rescue? >> there were drinks that were opened, and they do have medical-marijuana cards. i didn't know what to do. i was nervous. i was a brand-new dad with a brand-new baby. >> judge judy: who has custody of the baby now? >> announcer: "judge judy."
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you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution jeannie freeman is suing her estranged son-in-law, 20-year-old joseph hemme, for a loan to bail her daughter out of jail after she was arrested for biting him. >> byrd: order! all rise! your honor, this is case number 223 on the calendar in the matter of freeman vs. hemme. parties have been sworn in. you may be seated. ma'am, have a seat. >> judge judy: miss freeman, i assume this is your daughter? >> yes, ma'am. >> judge judy: and mr. hemme is soon to be your ex-son-in-law? >> yes, ma'am. >> judge judy: they have one child? >> correct. >> judge judy: a boy? >> yes. >> judge judy: what i gather is, when your daughter and mr. hemme brought their son home from the hospital, they came to your home... >> yes, ma'am.


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