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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  October 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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aboard. good evening, i on a small plane slams into a house in south lake tahoe and bursts into flames with two people aboard. >> a witness posted this video on facebook right after the crash. as you can see, the plane is burning in the pinistries around the house we're told nobody was home, but there is no word on the fate of the two people aboard. >> reporter: neighbors say the homeowners were out for the day but arrived to see their house on fire. firefighters contained the flames to this small area. deputies handed over the investigation to the naa. the agency will confirm the
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condition of the two payments. all they say is no one in the house or nearby is injured. clearly a lot of unanswered questions out here, including how this plane lost control after takeoff and crashed. a very scary situation for the people in this small lake tahoe community 35 bonan from the lak >> the aircraft appears to have split in two on impact. it appears a bicyclist hit and killed by a freight train in richmond intentionally rode around the barriers. it happened this afternoon near cutting and carlson boulevard. the train was traveling nearly 40 miles per hour at the time
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and all crossing signals were working properly. no one on the train was hurt. san francisco police have the guy behind a rash of car break-ins in the marina district. he was carrying $13,000 in cash and a gun when they arrested him at a home in glen park earlier this week. he is facing multiple counts of burglary and weapons charges. if you didn't seat blue angels in action over san francisco today, you probably heard them. >> the annual air show brought thousands of spectators to the waterfront this afternoon. most of them enjoyed the view. at least one city leader is glad fleet week is fleeting! >> reporter: just in the past hour, traffic on the embarcadero has finally started to clear out from the hundreds of thousands of people who came into the city to enjoy fleet
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week and all its festivities. but not all were happy about it. >> reporter: weekday rush hour traffic on the ground. >> reporter: an angelic aircraft buzz in the sky above san francisco bay. combined it can only mean one thing. 2015 fleet week as arrived. >> very beautiful. it's not something you'd normally be able to see any day. it's just nice to see that some people are away from their phones. >> reporter: every patch of grass and sand was taken to watch the blue angels perform. >> it's always impressive to me to see them go at one third of their top speed. it's impressive to know that they're just cruising along. there were wasn't just spectators flooding the streets of san francisco. it was the sailors and marines themselves. thousands of them shaking off
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their sea legs and looking for a little fun on solid ground. the parade of ships and service members has been ramping up all week. not everyone is happy with the military display on and above the bay. district 11 supervisor johna, vales on tweeted this out. >> reporter: if you missed the air show yesterday, you saw a chance to catch it again tomorrow. flying at 3:00. >> thank you. president obama is in san diego tonight where he plans to play a few rounds of golf. he's take a break from another whirlwind fundraising swing through san francisco. plenty of time for the president to raise some seerts campaign cash for the democrats with the help of one of the world's most
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famous. >> reporter: with two big names on the ticket, every seat was practically gone. >> it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> were you here for the president or kanye? >> the president, of course. >> reporter: in front of the democratic friendly crowd, he took a friendly jab at republicans. calling them grumpy. >> i know it's pril season, but listening to them, you would think that everything was traffic back in 2008! >> reporter: while the president spoke inside the war field, people outside had their own political message. >> there needs to be a change. >> reporter: deborah would give anything to have the president hear. >> please help. get the resources that we need. >> reporter: the president mentioned our streets and encouraged an end to gun violence. >> the biggest audience response was gun control. >> we don't have to have young boys in oakland getting shot
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every day. [ cheering and applause ] >> we don't have to have kids in classrooms feeling threatened because somebody's got an ak-47! >> reporter: this speech had people saying the president seems more comfortable than ever in his own skin. >> he's probably the most ready he's ever been to lead. ironically he's going out. >> reporter: and if this fundraiser is any sign, the president still has a long to- do list. >> i love you san francisco! [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: and there was a celebrity guest appearance that the crowd was not expecting. some of the golden state warriors showed up. dollars -- to 10- thousand. while he was here: the president >> ticket prices ranged up to $10,000. and while he was here, the president also poked a little fun at the gop's ongoing leadership struggles in washington. >> you may have heard about
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this kanye is thinking about running. [ cheering and applause ] >> for speaker of the house. [ laughter ] >> kanye west's ambitions run higher than congress! he says he plans to run for president in 2020. and president obama had this advice. >> this is some stuff they picked up along the way. first of all, you've got to spend a lot of time dealing with some strange characters who behave like they're on a reality tv show. [ laughter ] >> so you've got to be cool with that! >> he also hit kanye close to home ask figure he really thought america would elect "a black guy from the south side of chicago with a funny name." paul ryan is still the pick for speaker, and while he has repeatedly said he is not interested, that may not actually be true. >> reporter: paul ryan is in
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seclusion with his wife and three children, contemplating his next move, after a barrage of house republicans begged him to run for speaker. >> he has the clout, the stature, that he could overcome a lot. >> are you going to run for speaker? >> i don't want to be speaker. >> reporter: while he has publicly insisted he doesn't want the job, cbs news has learned he is seriously considering a run. >> he's got to decide is he going to come in and try to herd these unherded animals or not? >> reporter: former house republican tom davis says ryan is the clear choice. but the position could jeopardize his political future. ryan, a candidate very nice president in 2012, may be eyeing a future white house run. and the stop as speak sernot on the tactical roadmap. >> this is a meat grinder to, try to take this thing over. and a lot of people who have
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been his friends won't be his friends after a couple decisions of >> reporter: even if ryan decides to run, the same group of hardline conservative who is discouraged kevin mccarthy from running may not give him the number of votes to secure a win. if ryan does not jump on board, it's unclooe clear what the -- uniclear what the republicans plan to do. two bombs ripped through a peace rally in turkey today. in the a >> two suspected suicide bombers set off the explosions. there were about 13,000 people in the area at the time. no one has taken responsibility for the attack so far. our first look at one of the heroes of the french train attack since he was stabbed in sacramento early this week. skarlatos and a third friend
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helped stone subdue a suspected terrorist on a paris-bound train in august. his latest brush with death came wednesday night when he was stabbed three times in a brawl outside a sacramento bar. the suspects got away in a black toyota camry and police are still looking for them. a bay area man arrested for trying to bomb the local golf course. >> the governor approves a new statewide ban on guns. where you won't be able to carry them. >> and tearing down a town in order to rebuild. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to bomb the local golf cour. the bomb squad was a man behind bars accused of trying to bomb the local golf course. the bomb squad was called out to the foxtail golf club this morning after employees found who was described as a homemade acid bomb on the fairway. the squad blew it up on the driving range. and the man was arrested on suspicion of manufacturing the device. uc davis is investigating a hate crime on campus. police say a vandal who scratched religious slurs into nearly a dozen cars on campus is now being sought. several vehicles also had their tires slashed.
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the suspect was seen running from the area but hasn't been found. jerry brown signed off on a bill banning concealed weapons on california school and college campuses. local police and school districts will still have discretion over their own concealed carry policies. gun owners groups promised to challenge the law. if you drive a car in california, you'll soon be registered to vote as well. governor brown just signed off on the motor voter law. eligible voters will automatically be registered when they obtain or renew their driver's licenses. the bill aims to boost voter turnout. but opponents say voters shouldn't be forced to sign up. and a new law prohibits meat producers from routinely giving hormones to healthy animals to promote growth. the excessive use of antibiotics in meat production
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reduces the effectiveness of the medicine in humans. the law takes effect in 2018. a surfer lost part of his leg in a shark attack off oahu. he was surfing with a group of friends and a shark charged him. other surfers paddled to help him and got him to safety. his boss told reporters if it wasn't for their quick thinking, he would not be alive tonight. >> there was a real capable group of surfers. and they did a -- without them, he wouldn't have made it. no question. it's kind of heavy, man. >> warning signs have been posted all along the beach, and swimers are being encouraged to stay out of the water. south carolina got more than its share of water. an inch of rain fell in 15 minutes, adding to the worst flooding in state history. at least 20 people have died. it has been nearly a month
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since a valley fire tore through the lake community of middletown. it was the third worst fire in california history. the victims who lost everything are determined to rebuild their community. >> reporter: how long does it take to rebuild a life? in middletown, that process begins with tearing down. locals seem to feel the worst has already happened. at the senior center, there is one-stop shopping for people who have lost the everyday things of life. >> people get driver's licenses, birth certificates, your tax records, your assessment records. that could have burned up in the fire. >> reporter: fema has already handed out $4 million to cover housing and living expenses. from trailers and tiny houses, the community is using its
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imagination to provide shelter for the displaced. hundreds of new power poll poles line the main roads. >> it's still really busy. but it's changed. >> reporter: sharon is a professional photographer who lost her home and a lifetime of possessions. she says the enormity of the disaster still has a lot of people in shock. >> it takes herding cats to the next level, except we're the cats! and we don't know what we're supposed to do. >> reporter: perhaps she can take a lesson from her neighbor arlene who came home from vacation to find everything she owned gone. except for one perfectly preserved antique clay jar. >> my girlfriend said to me, you're just like that jar. you're strong. and you're going to stand the
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heat and survive. >> reporter: that's what everyone here will have to do, and there's no timetable for that. for those who lost everything, rebuilding their lives will take the rest of their lives. we're going to start out by showing you a video of these -- okay, they were there. [ laughter ] >> the reason we're also showing you this, the strong rip currents sitting out there in the ocean. and enhanced by the fact that there was a hurricane out there a few days ago that's causing big northwesterly swells, and enhanced rip currents. concord
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86, livermore 64 degrees, san francisco the same. santa rosa cooler at 62. high pressure begins to nose its way back into california. so warm temperatures continue. tarm about the same as today. low clouds in the morning. things clear up in time for the blue angels. and warming up tuesday and wednesday. futurecast, you can see the low clouds filling in for the golden gate tonight. we're going to freeze this at 10:00 tomorrow morning. and there's still a few puffs of bay clouds hugging the shore proper. beside that, sunshine tomorrow as the day goes on. and a very nice sunday on tap. tuesday, 94 degrees inland. make one last heat spell before we sink forever into autumn. 75, san francisco. 86 in concord, 83 san jose, 80
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at oakland. above average for this time of year. tomorrow in the south bay looks nice. plenty of sunshine, temperatures mostly in the low to mid-80s. in the east bay, another day much like today. temperatures in the mid-80s to nearly 90 degrees. in livermore, 88. 89 for brent woodwood. we'll finish with the sun. and then up in ukiah, 86 degrees, and the extended forecast. monday, tuesday, wtsdz, we'll be in the mid-90s. and we'll -- wednesday, we'll number the mid-90s. and we'll cool it off later in the week. you will feel it in the east bay. did it happen? we've got the hostile cal football, looking for some history. did it happen? we've got the story! ...big front of a,
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...big front of a national audience for cal football... win...and you're the king..a place where no one wins... college football, big test in front of a national audience for cal football. a place where no one wins! 5th ranked utah! only two unbeatens left in the pac-12. called it for the u! 1st
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quarter, jared goff, look at him! what a pass to trevor davis! 7-3 bears. the cal defense had no answers for booker. bounced off! scored. utah up 24-10 at the half. tray watson gets outside, scooteds in, and the bears -- scoots in, and the bears hanging in, trail big 3. 27-24. middle of the 4th, cal driving, goff under pressure, picked by dominic hatfield! his 5th interception of the game, and they still had a chance to win! 4th down, inside the 25. no, no, no! not the way! utah holds on to win, 30-24. the bears fall to 5 and 11.
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rock? pound it...pound it...pound it...tyler irvin...was he in? what would the spartans do with the rock? i know. how about pound it, pound it, pound it. spartans record, 3 and 3 for the year. washington state, oregon. tom williams came down with it, the waiting seconds of the game. cougars tie today to 31. overtime. double why are the why overtime! it's like the immaculate reception! deflected touchdown. and they shock the ducks, 45- 38! oregon dropped to a record of 3 and 3. boykins needed this to
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avoid an upset at kansas city. 55-yard prayer! they came back from 18-points down and pulled it off. 52-45. and they remain unbeaten. and...the team giants fans ahead, an overlooked home opener tonight. and the team the giants love to hate on display in the nlds! #dodgers! ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪ the ducks down...2 rapid fi
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should i grow a beard like brent burns? i've been thinking about it. sharking hosting the anaheim ducks. goalie jones shut the ducks down! game was score little in the final minute of the 2nd period. hat-trick, over 400 in his career. they won the game, 2-0. raised their record to 2 and 0. adam sandler chewing on the dodgers against the mets, nlds. cespedes, that's a man shot! off of zack greinke. mets went 1-0. bottom 2nd, now tied at 2.a, drian gonzalez ripped out a 2-out double. the dodgers come from behind. they win the game 4-2, tie this at one a piece. game 2 in st. louis between the cardinals and the cubs. top 2nd.
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2-run lead for the cubs. jorge solaer, part of a 2-run shot. ties that series at a game game apiece. soccer, usa and mexico. no! raul jimenez, booted over the head of paul aguilar for the game winner. mexico edges the united states, 3-2. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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