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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  October 12, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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several white bands pulling a quickly unmarked vehicles with the sheriff's department and they with them to the county jail and chopper 5 was rolling when the suspects, you can see at least two of them in this video and red jumpsuits being escorted into the jail where they will be held and likely face a trial in marin county. the marin county da filed first- degree murder charges against 23-year-old morrison hate lampley, 24-year-old sean michael ingold, and 18-year-old scott all good. police described them as drifters. they are responsible for shooting and killing a well- known marin county therapist. his name steve carter, 67, while hiking on a trail in fairfax early this month. it was carter's stolen car in the jeep -- dps on is that helped police tracked down the suspects in portland where they
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were outside a dining hall. the three also charged with the murder of 23-year-old audrey carry. a canadian woman touring in san francisco. her body was found face down in golden gate park on october 3. even though one body was found in san francisco, the other in marin county, suspects are facing charges for both of those murders here in marin county. also the suspects are charged with what is called a special circumstance allegation that could mean something like multiple murders, lying in wait, and those sort of serious charges could lead to the death penalty. live at the marin county jail, mark kelly kpix 5. south bay businesses say they are losing money because the construction project has gone off track. bta is working on a huge extension that is ripping up alan rough and e. santa clara st. in san jose. right now the contractor has been fired and nothing is getting done. kpix 5 devin fehely on how san
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jose's mayor is looking to help the businesses in the construction zone. devon? >> reporter: imagine have a construction zone on the doorstep of your business for over one year and as you mentioned, to learn that the original contractor had been fired and the work that could drag on for months, if not more than one year. this is what the project is supposed to look like by now. a special express lane for buses only connecting east san jose to downtown. but this, a maze of orange cones and idle equipment. it's a grim reality of a project that seriously is over budget and behind schedule. caught in the middle of it all, business owners. >> people do not want to stop by our drive into the parking lot or deal with the mess works business owner says he was prepared for the inconvenience of struck -- construction until several months ago the work came to a standstill.
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>> it was a mess. there were pipes, equipment, rocks. >> reporter: valley transportation authority says they shut down the project at the contractor ruptured a gaslight. they says fire the contractor and are looking to help businesses hurt by the delays. >> we could not continue with the project under the unsafe conditions. we are committed to delivering it as safely as possible and moving forward, looking and working with the businesses. >> vta has a plan to come up with $1.5 million to help struggling businesses in the construction zone. san jose mayor says businesses have lost an estimated 25-40 percent of revenue per customer simply stearyl -- steer clear of the area. >> they are being heard by construction and we have work to do. >> reporter: the original contractor, $54 million, not clear how much over budget they
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are. or if the 1.5 million they have set aside for affected businesses could grow as the project drags on. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5 . this is not the only but project in san jose with problems. the county recently fired of the contractor that was building a new -- building the new valley medical center and that project is delay significantly. investigators in zeroing in on what was behind a deadly balcony -- balki -- balcony collapse of berkeley. try to figure out how water got in the structure. experts have been testing the balconies in the complex side- by-side. scientists will review the findings. the collapse in june killed six college students and injured 7 others. doctors say train hero spencer stone is recovering after a near fatal stabbing last week. his buddy, alex collado paid him a visit. then 2 foiled at paris --
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terrorist attack in paris. surveillance video captured the street fight and sacramento. one man pulled a knife and stabbed stone several times. doctors say his condition has been upgraded from serious to fair. sonoma county sheriff's office is looking for three armed suspects in a violent home invasion robbery. this one took place in a house out died pitcher rose up along stony point road. 10:30 pm last night. deputies say a 50-year-old man was bound with the zip ties and then pistol whipped the family was forced to the floor. suspects got away with cash, collectible coins, several pounds of marijuana and a toyota pickup truck which was later found abandoned. being called a revolutionary way to protect pedestrians. they are called hac crosswalks. one made its debut on snell avenue near marshall caudle part in san jose. mark sayre says residents are thrilled but some are confused.>> reporter: this new
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signal has been up and running for a few weeks and it may be making things it -- safer for pedestrians but residents who live your say drivers are downright confused. when it comes to snell avenue, there's one thing everyone agrees on, >> it is very busy. >> reporter: the exact right his bike every day on the way home from school and he says anything to help cross the road is welcomed news. >> it's great. >> reporter: of the system is called hac or high intensity activated crosswalk. helping people get safely to a from the park the lights are completely dark when not in use. but when a pedestrian pushes the button, single yellow lights on the bottom of the lightbox began to flash and then to solid red lights come on at the topic that is when the -- mandatory stop at after a few seconds, the red lights began to flash and drivers can continue on as long as the crosswalk in front of them is cleared.>> people are not sure what the lights are for. >> reporter: he lives next to
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the crosswalk is that some drivers are confused. >> it's a good thing but it is like people do not have enough knowledge about it. people are not sure what to do because sometimes people stop in some times people just break and it scares people. >> reporter: at the moment, there is only one other light in the bay area on slope boulevard in separate cisco. so it's not familiar to many bay area drivers in san jose councilmen are scholars says the city will need to do more outreach. >> i think drivers will get used to it but there is no doubt we have to educate folks on the light. >> reporter: the goal is to help cut down on potential accidents or fatalities involving vehicles and pedestrians. in fact, other bay area cities are looking at this technology including santa clara, oakland and berkeley. reporting live in san jose, mark sayre kpix 5. expect more of these hawk
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crosswalks will debate in the upcoming months. of the bear headlines, the oakland police department getting a 290,000 grant to jumpstart programs to prevent traffic deaths. the funding allows officers to conduct more dui checkpoints and allow the department to do more field sobriety test training. the san francisco medical examiner has released the name of the bicycle is one or by a muni bus. 47-year-old mark the carrier of berkeley died while biking on market street near sutter yesterday. the victim was between two buses when he lost his balance and fell and it it is unclear who was at fault. san francisco's nta is considering a ban on cars along a stretch of howell street. an increase in stop and go vehicle traffic is causing cable cars to stop more frequently and that is causing the cables to frame more often. the agency says the conditions make a severe accident more likely. the mta wants to ban automobiles on powell between alice and gary for one that.
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google maps can get you where you need to go and soon they may be able to help you breathe easier. tracking pellucid street by street. california schools forced to change the mascot. they have had it for years and it will not retreat -- it will not be cheap. one native american tribe says it is heartbroken. that's a great white. >> holy crab -- holy crud. >> kids watch as the great white pizza seal. -- eats the sea lion. lots of both the no clouds. self-review, -- south libido, 80s. northbay, you may see rain showers later. here comes the things that in your seven-day forcast ,,,,,,,,
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if a denture were to be put under a microscope,
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may not just be mapping the roads. it could be mapping how welu breathe. kpix 5's maria medina on the bay area scientists who want to mease poll next, google streetcar rolls around inmate -- may not be rough -- mapping the road but how you will you breathe. maria medina on the site is who want to measure palooza one neighborhood at a time. >> reporter: from car exhaust to suit even cigarette smoke, soon google maps will show pollution you breathe in in your city, neighborhood and even street. >> it's interesting and it will increase awareness around the city and hopefully around the country. >> reporter: at berkeley national laboratory, scientists created a sensor that measures palooza -- measures pollution and will be a start on -- installed on google cars. sizes have worked on the air pollution sensor for years. the sensors way the smallest particles in the air that find its way into our lungs. >> if you ride a bicycle or going on a walk someplace, they
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may want to know how polluted it is. >> reporter: san francisco company is working with google to put the sensors in its cars. eventually posting data by next year. >> the hope is that one day the information is as accessible as the weather. >> reporter: the question is, will the data be accurate. >> school has their work cut out for the. >> reporter: a realtor has the information -- says the information could help homeowners are hurt them if the data is wrong. >> the more you know about your purchase the better. this is often times the largest transaction for people, personal but finances. >> reporter: they air quality finance district measures smog and they are working to make sure the data comes close to the bears but they would rather sacrifice less accuracy for more information on the bay area pollution. >> anytime we get data about quality, the better.
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>> reporter: of google map go where the sky is the limit. >> as an individual living in the world at large, it's important. >> reporter: is ephesus, maria had medina kpix 5. the berkeley air pollution sensors may be put on buses and buildings in the future and they say sensors in google cars are already collecting data. golden state warriors have purchased the land they need to build the new arena san francisco. the video shows what the project would look like one it is done. the team purchase a 12 acre plot from salesforce in the mission bay neighborhood. the terms of the deal were not release. location is across the street from ucsf hospital. just last week, the warriors scored a big endorsement when you ssf says it would support building the new arena. the new top major for women at stanford university. officials a computer science is now the most popular degree among female students. 214 woman are currently majoring in computer science.
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30 percent of the program. california has become the first state to ban redskins for team names and mascots. only a few schools use it and one of them is in calaveras county. report at leigh martinez found out it is going to be a very big expense for the change for schools. >> reporter: it's on shirts, uniforms, scoreboards and walls. removing the redskins will not be easy or cheap. >> somewhere between $100,000, three sets of uniforms for the football guys, at the freshman jv and varsity level $l apiece, $10,000 for set. so that's $30,000 without looking at anything else. governor brown's signature on the act makes the local illegal and must change it by january 1, 2017. >> my family has graduated through being a redskin and i would love to be a redskin. i hate knowing we have to change it and all of this i feel like
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is stupid. >> reporter: how do native tribes in calaveras county feel about the mascot change? >> i'm indian and my family is part of the tribe and my tribe specifically is fine with the name they think it is honoring a school unnamed after them. >> our county and citizens both native and non-native are very proud of our logo. it was heartbreaking to hear the chief had will be removed. . >> reporter: we interviewed someone last year who said they were happy to see it pass. in a statement he says he loves other states will pass similar laws because nobody school or team pride should outweigh an identity creating -- holder had high. >> we could not get comment from ministers on when the decision
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will be made on the new school mascot. leigh martinez, kpix 5. the governor signed a law for smokeless tobacco at parks that means please cannot be -- use that in parks or coliseum's taking effect next year. the most significant loss of the appeal of prohibition. governor brown has signed legislation allowing small craft liquor distilleries to sell their spirits in tasting rooms. before, customers could taste but you could not buy like you can in wine country. the local distillers say that hurt businesses and the law allows people -- to purchase three bottles in a tasting room . we need water because it is hot. >> near record highs today, close to 100 degrees away from the water but if you want rainfall, it is changing.
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mid-october, a better change soon. 95 degrees today in livermore. sunshine, san francisco, 86 close to the record. menlo park, 88 is the high. 90s in saratoga, novato and san leandro. warm low in the 60s were some including oakland, 61 livermore 60, san jose and vallejo 60 degrees overnight. change is coming. remember the low pressure they gave us the wind 2 saturdays ago, thunderstorms that night that kept things cloudy, cooler over the weekend? two weekends ago, that lowe was into arizona and now it's on its way back heading into central california. having an impact on the weather. heat finished wednesday because of the low. rainfall is close. likely saying -- thing to the south, near miss number one which means there must be an near miss number two. low pressure passing by the north this weekend. the second near miss which will give us rainfall just to the north on saturday. the majority of the bay area will not receive it rainfall
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wednesday or saturday but we won't feel the impact of the lowe's dropping temperatures not once but twice and it chance for a shower coming up on saturday. the last warm to hot day is going to be tomorrow. tuesday high livermore back in the 90s fairfield 93 montague 90, san jose 90, san rafael. extended forecast wednesday significant change 10 degrees cooler, cloudy day but rain just to the south. staying on the cool side thursday or friday. nobody hitting 80. a tiny chance for a shower coming up saturday pick all in all, patterned changing but we are walking in the right direction. the el niño is still in the distance. we can see it. thank you. the 42nd annual world's biggest pumpkin way off today. the winning pumpkin from oregon. tipping the scales at 1969 pounds.
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california growers say the pumpkins were not as big this year because of the drought. escape from alcatraz. the legendary break from the rock inspired a hollywood movie. now, a new discovery could make -- change everything. the evidence that three inmates can still be alive. >> like anything you would imagine. in a movie or right there. a few feet from us. leaving with more than a souvenir. tourists that shop is video reliving the wild shark encounter. , ,,,,,,,,
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[female announcer] for thousands of local foster children, extracurricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team... getting help with math... going to prom. i want to learn to swim.
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it's hard to feel normal... ...when you can't do the normal things. [announceto help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that for most kids are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... ...but anyone can help a foster child. the a new video clip showing that great white shark feeding near alcatraz. this happen near the ferry docks. tourists quickly took out their cell phones and began recording. kpix 5 on the somewhat rare sighting. >> reporter: new video of a great white shark in san francisco bay shot by this young man, jurors from texas.
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in the right place at the right time. >> it was big and had very big teeth. >> a rare sighting. >> a frenzy. that's a great white. >> holy crud. [laughter] . >> reporter: this is a white shark eating either a harbor see or sea lion. a few feet from the ferry landing on alcatraz island. a few feet from the san antonio boys choir they can't their feet out of the water. >> what did you think? the best thing i've ever seen in my life. >> reporter: the video has gone viral. thousands of views and climbing. i caught up with the group at sfo just as they were about to return to texas. >> crazy. it was a massive pool of blood and you see the fence, pick like anything you would imagine and a movie. it was there. a few feet from us. we were pulling the kids back.
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>> reporter: it turns out lots of boys shot video that day. >> the dead corpse of the sea lion comes up and the great white attacks again. >> it's right there. >> reporter: tourists can't -- elite with san francisco with the teacher that usually ends up in the laundry basket but they are going to return home with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. san francisco, don ford, kpix 5. new evidence suggesting three prisoners survived a daring escape attempt from alcatraz. >> the escape, the greatest unsolved mystery. >> long been thought they drowned in the bay but in a documentary airing on the history channel, relatives of clarence and john anglin say they have proof the men made it off the rocks successfully. they main desk claim their mother with the christmas cards three years after the breakout without postage and suggest the
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brothers may have been alive in the 1970s. coming up in the next half- hour, would you want a felon protecting your home? well we will talk about the new plan to get violent criminals to help fight wildfires. a search for two missing bait area children takes a bizarre turn. what forced deputies to draw their guns. hillary and bernie, but tonight you will hear the underdogs hoping for a breakthrough integrals first democratic debate ,,
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chopper five is over the sce of an investigation in los gat after the discovery of a hun lara county breaking news coming out of south bay. chopper 5 is of the scene of an investigation going on now in los gatos after the discovery of a human skull. santa clara county sheriff's department says it was discovered in the area of my divina road. investigators say someone spotted the skull this morning and called 911. cadaver dogs have been brought into the area to try to see if there are more remains around. authorities say they do not know if the skull belongs to a man or woman, male, female or how
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long it has been there. we will continue to follow this breaking story and we will have the latest coming up tonight at 11:00. other top stories, san jose's mayor is looking to pay back his assistant who are losing out because of a construction project going off track. vta is wrapping up alan rough for an extension. but the contractor has been fired and the project has granted to a halt. vta is talking about a $1.5 million bond to help businesses. 3 drifters wanted for murder are back in the bay area tonight of writing from portland, oregon over 1 hour ago under very heavy guard. as you can see kpix 5 mark kelly is outside the marin county jail where the third suspect has been taken in.>> reporter: they have been taking the suspects from portland, oregon. more than 1 hour ago they arrived here in san rafael. chopper video of them taking the suspects into the county jail in san rafael. you can see two of the suspects in red jumpsuits being exported -- next boarded -- escorted by
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deputies picked we will have to reason -- understand why, but the third suspect remain in the van even after the other two suspects were taken into the jail. the third suspect in the red jumpsuit state in the van for about 45 minutes until you finally see him also escorted into the jail. once again, no idea why the delay. we will find out the reason. a closer look at the suspects. the marin county da filed first- degree murder charges against maurice levy, michael angle, and all good. the trio are drifters responsible for 2 bay area murders earlier this month. one was on a trail in marin county and the other body found in san francisco's golden gate park. due to special circumstance allegations, we could actually see these three suspects put in prison without parole or even face the death penalty. live at the marin county jail, mark kelly, kpix 5. the family of the bay area
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a man imprisoned in a -- iran waiting to hear from him. frank mallicoat says iran accuses the reporter for the washington post of being a spy. >> reporter: the washington post called the bill -- guilty verdict outrageous and contemptible. his brother says it's not clear what jason is guilty of. we are waiting. they made claims that they need to have a translator present in order to pass on the judgment. >> reporter: iranian tv said jason was accused of entering iran under the guise of journalism. only to then start spying on iran's nuclear program. given the us government details on people and companies guarding the us sanctions. >> jason is innocent. the idea that he should be held in prison because of something that somebody else did here and the us when he was in iran doing a job as a journalist is offensive to me and should be offensive to everybody. >> reporter: his dad immigrated from iran to the rest opening
6:32 pm
persian rug stores in both mill valley and petaluma. jason who has dual american and iranian citizenship went to high school in marin academy and san rafael. his family says he's a big fan of both the warriors and the oakland a's and kept rooting for them when he moved to tehran to work for the post in 2012. >> more than 450,000 people have signed a position asking iran to release jason but iran has already ignored official request from both the white house and the state department that jason be freed. now jason is spending his one 47th night in custody. in the newsroom, frank mallicoat, kpix 5. a search for a couple of missing boys ended in a violent confrontation with a transient. alameda county deputies were searching for two missing brothers and cast a ballot yesterday when they came upon 46-year-old james saunders saunders charged the officers with a knife. the deputies had
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to fire weapons, shooting him in the leg. the two boys turned up safe about midnight at their father's home. the suspect, james saunders turned out he did not have anything to do with the specific -- with a missing boys but will be charged with assault and attempted murder of a police officer. inmates convicted of climate -- violent crimes may join cal fire is to battle wildfires in california. that is a proposal from the department of corrections. it is because the number of inmates and the pool of nonviolent offenders is dwindling. the department of corrections has to dig deeper getting inmates convicted of assault and armed robbery to help. >> the program has long been a win-win for everybody. the inmates, us, state and corrections. it gives a huge workforce at a relatively small price. >> only in make a good behavior showing they have taken steps to redeem themselves can be considered for the program. zimbabwe is no longer present for the extradition of a minnesota dentist for killing
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a well-known lion. animal lovers were outraged when james palmer shot and killed cecil the lion during a hunting expedition. zimbabwe officials now say he received lot that's legal authority to hunt and will not be charged that the lion was lowered from productive environment in july and killed. incident forced palmer to temporarily close his dental practice. walleyes turning las vegas tomorrow for the first democratic debate of campaign 2016. reporter diane gallagher on the underdog candidates who will try to steal some of hillary clinton's spotlight. >> reporter: hillary rodham clinton >> you know her, and by now, you probably know him. but do you know them? chafee, and jim webb. each looking for a carly fiorina moment of their own tuesday night hoping a strong performance -- >> it's not about the words, it's about the action sports leading to point to the polls. all three registering at less than 1 percent in the latest
6:35 pm
cnn orc poll in nevada pick back up clinton with a healthy 50 percent of support in the state. >> for each of the candidates they have to define themselves and the public understands every election is about the future and that is what they want to hear about. >> reporter: even though there will likely be questions about sec. clinton's email server which president obama called a mistake on 60 minutes sunday night, bernie sanders who leads or in new hampshire plans to focus on something else. >> i have to respect and like hillary clinton. i don't get into personal attacks. but are there differences opinions that should be discussed? of course. that's what an election is about. >> reporter: if vice president joe biden decides to join the race, there is a fifth podium waiting for them and they vegas -- in vegas. diane gallagher, reporting. how does this sound, unlimited vacation time. linkedin says more time off from -- for employees to pay off of the company. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all time. dell announced today it's tg
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over software, storage and security giant, silicon valley buzzing over the biggest tech deal of all time. dell announced today it is taking over software storage and security giant emc for $67 billion. the deal complete dell's transition from a consumer pc business to an it solutions provider for companies. dell says the new company will remain private. beginning next month, san francisco based link and will soft -- offer salary employs unlimited vacation tactic employees used to accrue 15 vacation days per year. but now there will be no set minimum or maximum time off. linked in vice president says the policy is a growing trend intended to put focus on results and empowerment. not hours worked. after a nightmare travel weekend, southwest airlines says they fixed a glitch causing hundreds of delays. passagers waited in long lines unable to check in. officials say the glitch affected over
6:39 pm
500 flights. no word on what caused the computer problems. a police officer in full uniform went to olive garden for his birthday. then the staff told him get out. we will tell you what happened. the story more on kbcw and kbcw 44 cable 12. not the typical kickboxing class in the east bay. they are kicking cancer. literally. not even chemotherapy is slowing them down. the workout for a cure sending a powerful message. still in the mid to upper 80s in fremont, concordes and gilroy. a warm day. one evening. san rafael checking in at 78. we would talk about when the heat and and when rain may begin. between now and then, check out a gorgeous sunset. ,,,,,,,,,,
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks
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at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. i'm a customer relationship i'm roy gmanager.ith pg&e. anderson valley brewing company is definitely a leader in the adoption of energy efficiency. pg&e is a strong supporter of solar energy. we focus on helping our customers understand it and be able to apply it in the best way possible. not only is it good for the environment, it's good for the businesses' bottom line. these are our neighbors. these are the people that we work with. that matters to me. i have three children that are going to grow up here
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and i want them to be able to enjoy all the things that i was able to enjoy. together, we're building a better california. class in the east bay. .... they are kicking cancer ... literally. raising money one kick at a happening at 9 rou this is not your typical kickboxing class in east bay. >> kicking cancer literally raising money one cake at a time. it is happening at nine round cake basket -- nine round cakes boxing. 90 then chemo slowing them down . >> reporter: connie naylor a breast cancer survivor. she kicked cancer 10 years ago. and now at the age of 64, she is kicking to raise money for tri-valley socks, all a local resource organization. -- research organization, she's training at nine rounds
6:44 pm
kickboxing fitness in pleasanton. during the october 15 kickoff, nine round owner jason moran is donating a penny per cake for the entire day. -- take. a lot of kicking for good cause. >> you will have to ante up. >> i think we will be able to get in at least a few hundred from each member because it will be a special workout that day. . >> reporter: 9 round, 30 minutes and each round has a different exercise. mastering the cake and says she is ready for the fundraiser. >> it brings awareness and every penny helps. i will be taking for my friend catherine, she is diagnosed with breast cancer last year. >> i am week 19 of 20 weeks of chemo. >> reporter: catherine stopped at nine round after her chemotherapy. her energy level surprisingly high. >> chemo comes with steroids.
6:45 pm
i'm not kidding. >> reporter: 2 days after her chemo is when she becomes fatigued. but on this day, she came ready to kick. and ready to share her message. >> felt like something was wrong and even though i had pain was unusual but they were dimpling of the skin and a lot of people do not know that is looking like cellulite and i thought that was odd so i went in and finally he found it luckily. >> reporter: the kick event isn't just about workout, it's personal. >> on kicking for my mom. >> his mom was diagnosed with cancer last year. >> we're doing everything we can to really help her out and i want to help out not just my mom but everyone's mom. >> reporter: jasons and floors passed away from breast cancer. >> i try to do everything i can and use my place as a platform to share how important it is to get the regular checkup and
6:46 pm
take care of yourself all the time. >> reporter: catherine and connie are proof mental attitude check -- is everything. >> you can join in on the event . can, paul. >> i'm in. >> anyone can participate in the kick event and every kick heads up. >> you are taking a way to help your pal. >> it's thursday. let's go. >> i will kick something. >> kick the weather. >> raise money. kpix 5 weather watchers getting the heat. out of here. in the 70s and 80s. robert sullivan reporting and 93 degrees with sunshine and redwood city. across the bay, hayward, katie, sunshine there as well. 88. despite the heat and the fact that it is so warm, have you
6:47 pm
noticed this? leaves are changing. so is the picture of leaves changing from green to orange and red. it is october although it does not feel like it today. beautiful. sunset, san francisco international airport. 91 illiberal market san francisco, 75. a high of 86. in the 80s in oakland. san jose, santa rosa. nothing on the radar now but that will change first of the south and then to the north of the next couple of days. closer to the wet season. beginning november 1 county down for the past month. 20 days , less than three weeks before the rain should begin. we made get something earlier. perhaps. the same low-pressure they gave us wind and thunderstorms 10 days ago is making a trek through the desert southwest and mexico and now sitting to the south of los angeles returning to california of the next few days. this guy will not bring rain fall just to the south, near
6:48 pm
miss but wednesday a southerly flow will bring cloud cover and much cooler weather. after another hot day tomorrow, cooler and cloudier coming up on wednesday. then we have another meet -- near miss. high on saturday from the opposite direction from the north with a cold front most of the rainfall staying north of ukiah, north of napa and we would see showers in the north bay saturday. the pattern is changing and getting closer to rain chances. a widespread rain chance in the bay area unlikely. way to the south, rain to the north, the one spot without rainfall is of the bay area. the next five days wet. one spot with an exception here. sunny, warm tomorrow cool and cloudy wednesday and the rain comes close. northbay what may see showers coming of saturday but tomorrow well above average. oakland, 70 degrees above average for the high. 87 tomorrow. sunny beer, 90. union city, 2 degrees shy of 90. dublin, 90.
6:49 pm
antioch, pittsburgh, they point, pleasant hill, concordes, seven score 82. alameda, 86 and windsor, sunshine 91 degrees bit cooler, cloudier wednesday. cooler was it thursday and friday. a couple showers possible in the morning. the trend is not much rain but more clouds and not as hot. such a forecast. sports next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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texas governor greg abbott out a tweet congradulating e astros for advancing to the american league championship t was quickly today texas governor greg avocet out a tweet congratulating the astros for advancing to the american league championship series. the tweet was taken down quickly. does this kid look different? close to rail looking it -- looking at the look. loving the look. the governors sent out the tweet. they hit and hit and hit and then morale us hits one back out the box. array of webs the plate. -- which the plated time run scored, the royals wins 9-64 game five, correia those from hero to the goat.
6:53 pm
the governor has not tweeted since. everything is bigger in texas especially the hats. >> it's the worst that i've ever seen. you buy like -- ahead like this you get three -- a free bowl of soup >> good on you. bluejays teeing off. -- to run blast rocking for six runs, 2 innings winning 8-4. >> the cubs first postseason game at home in seven years. against the cardinals game three , there is the rookie launching into the bleachers to run. they when -- win 8-6. leaving the series 2-1. 49ers lost the fourth straight game last night but colin kaepernick remains optimistic about the chances going forward. >> to me there's 11 more games.
6:54 pm
we have an opportunity to go 12- 4. >> nobody is laughing at the effort the 49ers offense put together for last night. kaepernick engineered what seemed to be the game-winning drive against the giants. manning marching down the field to throw a touchdown pass. a perfect basket rate coverage. what can you do. despite the 1-4 record nobody has jumped ship. >> i don't feel like we have lost at all. everybody's fired up, excited and ready to play and they are giving everything they've got it so you can ask a guy. >> one day after out to take a leave of absence, usc hired -- fired football coach who has an alcohol problem and showed up to meetings yesterday on campus drunk. offensive coordinator clay held takes over as interim head coach for the trojans. if you're busy getting
6:55 pm
skunked while fishing in the ocean this is what you missed. chase utley broke the hottest light on this takeout sliding into second. suspended for two games appealed suspension and eligible to play guesstimates in new york. it's going on now. tight and gary but with the catch of the year, he makes this. take a look. how to lose -- how to use your legs. cleveland beating the ravens. ravens coming to the stadium near your pet bailard taking kansas to the woodshed. i call this a supersized touchdown. 400+ tight end, 66-7. jim harbaugh up 31 foaming at the mouth, michigan is not allowed a point in three games. ellen coach randy edsall shaking hands with prayers before the game. he was asked after the loss if
6:56 pm
the handshake meant he might be getting fired. >> have you been to any of the games since i've been the head coach at the university of maryland? if you would notice i do that every single game. every single game, every single game. >> they lost and he did lose his job yesterday. obviously, it was a rough day to be a college football coach. sad story at usc. i think at some point the athletic director has to be responsible. he hired has to be responsible. he hired lane, kiffin and that didn't work out and now sarkissian. >> we hope the best for him and his family. >> absolutely. >> the latest on ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how you doing, man? thank y'all. thank y'all very much. i appreciate y'all now. thank y'all. yeah. i appreciate it. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. look, we got a good one for you today, folks. from lafayette, california, it's the gonzales family. from trussville, alabama, it's the shelnutt family. everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new, state-of-the-art ford edge. give me girlynda. give me shay.
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all right, everybody, top 8 answers are on the board. name an animal's nose you wouldn't want your nose to look like. shay. shay: a parakeet. steve: a parakeet. girlynda. girlynda: pig. steve: a pig. girlynda: whoo. steve: pass or play? girlynda: we're gonna play. steve: they gonna play. hey, ed, name an animal nose you wouldn't want your nose to look like. ed: i'm gonna go with a baboon. steve: a baboon nose. lexi, give me an animal's nose-- [laughter] when the hell we start using props?


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