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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  October 13, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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children when he saw the flames suddenly erupt and a man standing nearby. he shot just a few seconds of video of the flames before running outside. another shopper was inside the store earlier and shutters at the thought of what could have happened. >> it's kind of scary. >> reporter: back to a live picture, the wal-mart store has just reopened. you can see they've put these shopping carts around the costumes. police say there is no motive. the suspect has been taken to a hospital for evaluation. he will likely be taken to jail here in san leandro. we have just learned that investigators have determined that the accelerant was actually a later fluid which the man picked up from inside the store itself in the garden area, then apparently wandered around the store with that lighter fluid in a cart, putting the accelerant on all different parts of the store before finally igniting the halloween costume section.
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nobody was hurt. mark sayer, kpix 5. police have strong leads on a hit and you run driver who struck and killed a pedestrian. the collision happened this morning at the intersection of north white road and florence court. it was two blocks away from a high school. kpix 5 says the driver and his car were caught on camera. maria. >> reporter: police say the victim was standing on the roadway, normally where cars park, when that suspect swerved and hit the victim. the victim was thrown 50 feet. police are urging that driver to turn himself in. >> if he's a smart guy he's going to realize that did he make a miss stay, recognize it, come clean, contact the police department. >> reporter: san jose police say this is the man who hit a pedestrian and left him on the street to die. >> we are going to find him. >> reporter: now they're hoping if he doesn't turn himself in someone recognizes him or his truck from these surveillance pictures taken at a bakery just across the street. take a look at the white ford
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truck with tinted windows and missing bumper. >> then i heard like a car burning rubber. >> reporter: lisa heard the impact outside of her window just after 7:00 a.m. senate's sad. i don't know what the person who hit him was thinking. >> someone's dead, family members don't even know that he's dead yet because we haven't been able to determine his identity. >> reporter: the victim, thought to be in his 60s, did not have an id. now the search is on not only for his identity and his family but the man who left him to day. >> my mom knows a lot of people that usually walk around here in the morning so she's hoping it's not someone she knows. >> reporter: at this point police say they do not have any leads but they are canvassing this neighborhood. as you saw in the surveillance video, the suspect at the time was wearing black hat, a white t-shirt, and black pants. live in san jose, maria medina.
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three officers appeared in court this morning. the next court date is november 9th. marin county prosecutors have identified the triggerman in the murders allegedly carried out bey a trio of drifters. they say morrison lampley was the shooter in both cases. the three suspects will be arraigned tomorrow on first- degree murder charges. they are accused of killing audrey carey and steve carter. if they are convicted they could face the death penalty. near record heat in the south bay today. some spots 20 degrees above normal. let's check in with meteorologist paul. >> 18 days away from halloween,
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and we have temperatures close to, almost hitting 100 degrees today. gilroy 99, napa 98, livermore you hit 99 today. wind so vallejo, mid-90s. even pacifica right at 90. a record was set in livermore. with that 99 today, a new daily record high. but things are changing. a low pressure area name pact us 11 days ago is now heading towards los angeles. it will cool us down starting tomorrow. we'll talk about when we have a chance of reign 10 minutes. >> thanks, paul. of course we have seen the hot weather lead to tragedies in the past when parents forget and they leave their kids inside the car. a san jose woman has invented a device now to prevent hot car deaths. kpix 5's devon healy says it's
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getting backing. >> reporter: today was perfect reminder of the dangers of leaving children inside hot cars where the temperature can quickly climb 20 or 30 degrees above the outside temperature. it seems unthinkable. how could any parent forget a child in a hot car? and yet it happens dozens of times each year. >> forgetting about what kind of parent it is, let's protect the child. at the end of the day it is about prevention, and to me prevention is parenting. >> reporter: san jose native marty mccurdy has invented a device she hopes will prevent this tragedy. if the parent or caregiver walks away from the car with the child still inside, an alarm goes off on their smartphone or tablet. >> if the parent or caregiver gets out of the car and forgets the child accidentally, it will
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trigger by proximity. it will trigger an iphone that will alarm both audibly and visually. >> when i hear those stories my passion goes out. i forget things all the time. >> reporter: the mayor attended the unveiling of iremember which was developed in san jose. he says he hopes to some day see the technology adopted by car seat manufacturer. >> reporter: the device costs roughly $100, but that price would likely come down as the device becomes more popular. in san jose, devon healy, kpix 5. the democratic candidates are squaring off for the first time tonight at a las vegas
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casino. danielle nottingham is there. this is going to be a little different from what we've seen from the republicans so far. >> reporter: definitely different from the republicans. one of the first things is the number of candidates. only five tonight. they will each get about two minutes in the beginning of the debate to introduce themselves to the audience. tsks gop candidates, the group being so large, they weren't able to do that. also, we might not see the fireworks that we saw from the gop. so far this has been a very cordial group of challengers in the democrats. they haven't pensioned each other by name. they haven't attacked each other very much. it will be very interesting to see if they keep that same environment here tonight. hillary clinton hit the vegas strip ahead of the first democratic presidential debate and attacked republican front runner donald trump at a union rally. >> some people think mr. trump is entertaining, but i don't think it's entertaining when
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somebody insults immigrants, insults women. >> reporter: clinton will be center stage as bernie sanders, martin luther king, jim webb and lincoln clay fee try to claim some of the spotlight. strategists say clinton will need to deflect attacks about her e-mails. >> i think it's an opportunity for hill '83 to start fresh. >> reporter: the debate here is the first of six scheduled for the democrats. for clinton's lesser known challengers it's their first chance for a breakthrough performance. sanders will try to broaden appeal beyond his supporters while former governor martin o'malley is expected not to be here. >> you deserve a president who will never quit own! >> reporter: a super pac called
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draft biden released an ad today. initial polls still show clinton leading the pack. and we're not expecting to hear an announcement from biden before the debate tonight. live in las vegas, danielle nottingham. >> danielle, i understand they were prepared, just in case, right? >> reporter: absolutely. everyone, i guess, they were hopeful that perhaps he might make an announcement and join the debate tonight. so there was a lectern waiting for him, but of course he will not be here tonight. he will be watching the debate from his residence in washington d.c. >> he still has us talking, though. danielle, thank you. donald trump confirms he will be watching and live tweeting the debate. he tweeted he expects it to be a very boring two hours. to which hillary clinton replied, quote, glad will you be watching. it's going to be huge.
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a traffic alert for the evening commute tonight. we have some trouble on caltrans, getting word that a caltrain struck a person. this is a northbound train. there are delays in effect. expect those for the rest of the commute tonight. a navy veteran has filed a $5 million lawsuit after claims a 16-pound pine cone hit him in the head. the tourist says that he was napping under a tree at fort mason last october when this enormous pine cone landed on his head. his lawyers say he has suffered brain damage and has needed multiple surgeries. now, the suit alleges there were no warning signs in the park, or adequate fencing around the trees. a man accused of stealing and killing cants san jose is going to remain behind bars.
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a judge will not allow 24-year- old robert farmer to be released unless he posts $75,000 bail. police say last week they found him sleeping in a car with a dead cat inside. investigators say he also matches the description of the person seen in this video taking a cat from in front of a san jose house. san francisco bay staff that helps fight parking tickets is now 18 fight of its own. and twitter tells more than 300 employees, you're fired. why some are cheering the announcement. >> new video tonight of that feeding frenzy off alcatraz over the weekend. ,, ,,,,,,
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c-e-o jack dorsey announced today the company will be lg off more than 3- hundred a big shake-up at twitter. the company will be laying off more than 300 employees. the tech giant says company growth has not reflected user growth. the layoffs come as part of a
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"we brand" strategy. the announcement, of course, was made on twitter. he tweeted, made some tough but necessary decisions than able twitter to move with greater focus. >> the other big social networkers may cheer this announce mint by twitter because they're rivals, and it shows that they are doing better. investors seem to like the idea of the social networking site slimming down. at first, anyway. twitter stock shot up after the news broke. it ended the day up 1%. overall stocks ended the day down. the dow snapped a seven-day winning streak. nasdaq and s & p also closed lower. a park ticket fight in san francisco that's pitting a savvy tech app versus the city. smartphone users cano longer use the app called "fixed" to
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contest parking tickets. the app says san francisco, oakland, and los angeles have blocked their access to important websites. this has forced to the suspend service. >> people are mad, you know. they're mad at the city. they're sending us tweets, e- mails, all these things about how unjust they think the situation, how we should keep up the good fight. >> fixed" says it can't even fax the agency which oversees parking. the agency tells a different story saying the fax machine broke down. >> they can submit protests on- line and bring us our copy and still work with us. they can still operate their business if they choose to do. so we did not request a change from xerox to block them.
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>> xerox is the company that operates the websites for san francisco, oakland, and l.a. sfmta says only asked for bulk e-mail messages to be stopped. officials believe a retrofit of the east span of the bay bridge would allow for repairs of the span. plans are in the works to build a suicide barrier along the bay bridge. cbs reporter collar lee
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charlie d'agata. >> reporter: the doomed boeing 777 left amsterdam for what should have been a routine 12- hour flight. all passengers aboard were killed in a war they had nothing to do w. the vast majority were dutch nationals which is why that country has taken the lead in the investigation. most everybody except russia blames russia that the missile was fired either by its own forces or the separatists that it backs. but the russian company that makes the missile believed responsible contends the plane was shot down by a missile launched from government held territory. the dutch findings shop short of name which is side pulled the trigger, and it will bring little comfort to these heart broken relatives who may now
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know the what and the why but is still asking who. the answer to that question will be down to the findings of a separate criminal investigation, also led bey the dutch, which won't be complete until the end of this year or maybe the beginning of next. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. >> a team of international prosecutors investigating the downing of the flight said today they had identified persons of interest but did not identify anyone bey name. there is already talk about turning the volkswagen emissions scandal into a hollywood movie. for now the clean diesel drama is the subject of a back proposal by "new york times" journalist jack ewing. but get. this leonardo dicaprio just teamed up with pair mount pictures to option the rights, and the story could resonate with many viewers. volkswagen admits that 11 million vehicles were fitted with the faulty software. new video in of that shark feeding off alcatraz. people have been talking about this for the past few days so here's another look.
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you can see the shark actually jump out of the water right there as it targets its prey. it appears to have part of a seal or sea lion in its jaws. that's how they eat. the new video is from alcatraz cruises. earlier video was taken by tourists on their cell phone while standing by the dock. >> did you to have say jaws? >> it is fascinating to see it. >> they're feeding. >> remarkable. >> and, you know, animals and fish have really been impacted bey the warmer water. they're all in different places because what they eat is in different places because the water is rung five to seven degrees warmer than average. off the coast of los angeles, 80-degree water, and an overnight low of 75 degrees earlier this week. today it's pretty toasty around here. livermore 97 degrees. i guess we can say ear cooling
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down. san jose 87, even san francisco is 78 degrees. good evening to you in san bruno where it currently is 80. tonight we're going to be warm again, 60s. oakland, san jose, livermore, even fairfield not dropping below 60 tonight. change is coming tomorrow. speaking of los angeles they will receive rainfall tomorrow because of this area of low pressure, the same thing that 11 days ago passed right over the bay area, made a loop after working its way over new mexico, mexico, and nevada. the temperatures near 100 degrees that is finished because of that low. unfortunately the rain will stay just to our south. and we have a cold front. this guy will drop our temperatures down further. some of you in the north bay may get some rainfall but this thing is just the bitter irony
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of the past couple of years. almost the entire west coast will receive rainfall over the next five days except for a swath of land from u kiah -- from ukirks ah -- ukirks ah -- ukiah south. san ramon, you will hit 84. still mild in san francisco, 74 with part sunny skies. berkeley 70s, novato mid-80s. low 90s in the lake county and men did mendocino county. getting closer. kind of smell the rainfall, if
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you will, but we're not to the pattern where we want to be. >> paul, thank you. well two, of the world's biggest beer makers are raising a toast tonight. >> the mega merger that is in the works next. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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the maker of budweiser.. is buying miller for a reported 104- billion dollars.
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this is the biggest beer deal in history. >> the maker of budweiser is buying miller for a reported $104 billion. anheuser-busch announced plans to buy its main rival, sab miller. it would bring 20 of the best selling beer brands under one company. now for a look on what's ahead on the cbs evening news. >> scott pelley is in new york tonight. scott. >> here's the cbs evening news tonight. the stage is set, and we'll take you there as democrats square off in their first primary debate. plus, we'll look at what the lapd chopper pleat is doing to combat reckless drones over l.a.'s skies. and finding the source of deadly ice cream took a scoop of luck. more from our cbs news investigation. all of that tonight on the cbs
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evening news. are you good at crunching numbers. >> jill schlesinger, and she has the jobs report. >> reporter: if you are looking for a new job you might want to check out accounting. the number of openings in this field subpoena 19% in the first 35r9 of this year, according to workforce data firm wanted analytics. here in the bay area the average accountant or auditor earns $86,000 a year. employers plan to boost starting salaries for staff accountants by 5.1% next year. you don't need to be a certified accountant but it would help you earn 5% more. but becoming a cpa takes a lot of work. you are required to have 150 hours of education and a years worth of accounting experience under your belt. you locals need to pass the rigorous cpa exam. the skills learn are useful in any field, which means you can pursue a position in practically any industry you
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choose. i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5. >> the bay area job market report is sponsored by university of phoenix. let's get to work. ,,,,
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great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
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x. but is it just a tax break for the rich? who reay nefit. new at 6:00, a chance to save thousands on tesla's new model x, but is it just a tax break for the rich? what stands to benefit? plus, the drifter problem in the spotlight after two high- profile murders. people in one bay area neighborhood say they've been living in fear for years. their call for action tonight. >> thanks for watching. the cbs evening news with scott pelley is next. and remember, the latest news and weather always on we'll see you back here at 6:00. ,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,
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>> pelley: the democrats take the stage, but can sanders put a dent in the clinton lead? also tonight, as the floodwaters also tonight, cop shot and the verdict the in. finding the source of deadly ice cream took a scoop of luck. >> a low-level outbreak was going on for five years. >> pelley: and for one magazine, no nudes is big news. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: our western edition begins with breaking news from milwaukee where a jury has found a gun store liable in the shooting of two police officers. the officers filed suit, claiming that the store was


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