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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  October 15, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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che it is a sinkhole about the size of a swimming pool, and it's giving union city worker ace headache today. good afternoon everyone. i'm frank. >> i'm michelle
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the gaping sinkhole on a busy street was drained today. it will take days before things are back to normal. kim is at the scene -- kidnap is at the scene now. >> reporter: that was 45 feet wide. crews have opened it up now. it's considerably bigger. we're watching this scoop up dirt bucket by bucket. i want to draw your attention to the flat rock next to the man in the orange t-shirt. that's the chunk that came loose and ruptured the gas main below. that much they know now. the rest is amies amies re. they're slowly getting to the bottom of this. when they do, there will be answers hopefully. >> can you say this hole has stopped growing on its own? >> that's undetermined at this time. yesterday the sinkhole appeared
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and just a big dip in the road by 2:00 p.m. it got bigger. by 3:00 p.m. it was the size of a mini cooper. by night fall, asphalt above was sagging rupturing the water main which filled the sinkhole with water. crews had to shut off the main which cut off water to two apartment buildings. for benjamin, that meant he had to get creative. >> i had to use water bottles as my shower. >> the city is providing water to roughly ten families affected by the outage. the sinkhole, now the size of a city bus, is blocking the distance to the middle school. parents will have to park several blocksway and walk in until the mystery is solved. >> they have to big to the bottom in order to determine what the cause is. clearly, without having the ability to take out all debris
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from the hoax they can't do -- from the hole, they can't do that. the cause is undetermined. >> i said gas main and meant to say water main. crews tell the us they will be working around the clock until this thing is fixed. an hour ago, police announced they arrested this man believed to be involved in a deadly hit and run tuesday. he turned himself in yesterday police found his truck seen near florence avenue around the thyme a man was hit and killed there. he has been booked into the santa clara county jail. the lieutenant governor newson provided a measure aimed at stopping gun violence. we have the plan now with anne. >> reporter: the lieutenant governor made the announcement at 101 california. this was the scene of a mass shooting back in '93.
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this package includes measures stalled in the legislator. it could go before voters in 2016. >> i have every confidence in the world california will embrace this. >> the proposal would make california the first state to require licensing and background checks before selling ammunition. it would ban magazines with more than ten rounds requiring anyone with them now to get rid of them, possibly selling them out of state. it would set up a clear process for if he longs to relinquish weapons they now own illegally. >> it would strengthen our laws. >> and anyone who's guns are to be reported. stolen guns were used in three high profile murders in the bay area murder, including the killing of kate steinle. >> we will lead the nation. >> what a mess that will be. >> peter buckston is a life long
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member and believes -- >> the only thing to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> california has the toughest gun control rules in the country. many think the proposal is over the top. >> they're blownny bologna measures. >> he has a message for nra. >> you can intimidate politicians, but you can't intimidate the public. we're bringing this directly to the pup lick. >> -- the public. >> this will require 366 ,000 signatures. >> according to the poll, newson with the former mayor and current la mayor have the most support to succeed jerry brown
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as the next governor. 42% villalgrosa. the edge over newson was within the polls margin of era. only newsom has launch aid campaign so far. it's the largest earthquake registered so far, 3.4. since yesterday, there are more than 30 quakes in that area most range from magnitude 1.6 up to 3.0. the annual shakeout taking place today in california for people to brush up on earthquake survival skills. people took cover in schools and government buildings during a drill this morning. >> a lot of times when an earthquake hits it starts shaking. in your mind, remember drop, cover, hold on. you're going to dive under a
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table or somewhere. you'll know what to do. >> transit systems took part including bart that briefly slowed trains to 27s miles per hour. the shakeout began in 2008. officials have identified the occupants of the small plane that crashed into a lake tahoe neighborhood last week. the old aredo sheriffs office said the two died in the crash. the owner and pilot of the plane was new. they're trying to determine what caused the crash. el nino can't fail. it will bring wetter than average weather to california. that means southern california and bay area. the mountains will also see much needed rain. julie joins now. the rain is great but it can cause issues. >> anyone around in 29/7 el --
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in the '97 el nino knows it can cause flooding. this is u.s. winter outlook. you can see the southern half of u.s. looking at likely a wetter than average winter. let's zoom to california and talk about what we can expect here. basically southern california expecting greater than a 50% chance of above average rainfall. our neck of the woods greater than 40% chance. north of us, greater than 33% chance. keep in mind this is where our reservoirs are. we need rainfall here. a good snow pact would be perfect. they're forecasting a warmer than average winter. we'll likely see snow and plenty of precip in higher elevations, not necessarily a dense or great snow pact for us in the winter. look at the bottom of your screen. this isn't going to happen until
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late this year, early next year. december into february. no, before you ask, this is not the first round of el nino showers but a good sign we're going to see it. here's what we've seen today. scattered showers unsettled today. we'll talk about our next round of rain coming up in a bit. >> we'll take what we can get. thank you julie. sharp increase in train strikes. eight cars have been hit on cal train track this is year, six since august. the broadway crossing is the site of three incidents. they're planning to have warning signs to alert drivers at that intersection. third time in 40 years o no increase in social security benefits next year. government says low gas prices are keeping inflation down, the basis for increase. this affects benefits for 70 million americans including disabled workers and federal
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retirees. congress has fewer days to deal with the debt sealing. -- debt zealing. congress is expected to debate to suspend or raise the debt ceiling next week. spencer stone who ordered the -- who dodged the terror tack in london. stone was stabbed three times in the torso. he is now recovering. candlelight evict ill in san ho say at the spot three were killed in the street racing crash. there was a steady flow of friends and family of the victims throughout the day. some prayed. others broke down in tears.
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this is the aftermath of the crash. teens were speed racing in a stolen vehicle. they lost control, slam into a lamp post and tree. one killed was 18 -year-old oscar gonzalez. those that knew him are in disbelief. >> we heard it was a stolen car, we couldn't understand why. what happened, who's at fault or anything. you know, probably teenagers being kids. i don't know. like i said, he's a good kid. >> also killed in the crash, 15 -year-old jaylin and a boy from gillroy also died at the scene. a surviving passenger is hospitalized in critical condition the other car sped off. more troops staying in afghanistan than originally planned. hear from the president about his plans. want to get away? it's a good time. airlines have discounted tickets in a big way. why you should buy asap, coming
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up green space sacrificed for new homes. we showed you how lot splitting is changing the character of south bay neighborhoods. plus, it was an affordable way to beautify this cemetery. it led to bottling fine wines. expect originalling reporting from kpix news. expect more ,,,,,,,,,,
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office in 2017. president obama will keep 5500 u.s. service members in afghanistan when he leaves office in 2017. that's according to administration officials that spoke to associated press. the plan was have a small military base in afghanistan. u.s. military leaders say afghans need additional assistance and support. >> america's combat mission may be over, our commitment to its people endures. >> president obama wants to give flexibility in how to deal with the terrorism threat in afghanistan once he leaves
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office. disgraced south african track star oscar pistorius will tuesday. he'll be under house arrest the remaining four years. a judge sentenced him last october to five years in prison for culpable homicide for the death of his girlfriend. he long claimed he mistook her for an intruder when he shot her. things are back to normal after a security glitch delivered to crowds. frustrated customers going through cuss toms waited -- customs waited hours. despite the task, officials tried to keep the lines moving. this comes days after a computer glitch delayed hundreds of flights. if looking for a bargain flight, now is the time to buy the ticket the. southwest, jet blue and spirit
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have slashed prices. this is a flight price war. analysts say it's a good idea to buy now. once the fuel prices stabilize, fairs will go back up. >> now is the time to do it. i was online earlier julie. >> how were prices? find anything? >> pretty good. >> you found a flight to denver round trip for what? >> 60 bucks. >> nice. i smell a consumer story coming up. i'll get on that after i finish weather unsettled weather on hi def doppler. active thunderstorms there, however showers here in the neck of our woods. showers and thunderstorms now in san francisco. just enough to get windshield wipers working if you pass through one of those showers. temperatures mild. 80 livermore. 69 san jose and santa rosa now.
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from the satellite perspective, you can see the area of low pressure ushering in subtropical moisture. scattered showers today for those that don't see it. it will feel sticky and humid because of that moisture. tomorrow, we dry out as we wait this front that will approach friday into saturday. as it passes through saturday, we're going to see our next chance of showers. this time around, mainly north, and i do stress the term chance of showers. future cast paints a good picture for you. today a stray shower or two passing through from time to time. friday mainly dry. saturday, really not impressive showers. could see stray showers, south we as well. sunset 6:32. sunrise tomorrow morning 7:19. here's a look at highs throughout the bay. temperatures mild low to mid-80s in warmest spots.
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up 70s along the bay. 76 oakland, 69 today in san francisco. extended forecast shows again unsettled weather today, little muggy. more muggy tomorrow. as muggy tomorrow. not going to see the rain. saturday, our next chance of showers. we start to dry out. high pressure builds in early next week. sunshine and above average temperatures in the extended forecast. >> somebody's weekend is starting soon. >> yeah, mine >> you got it. she may have dreams of her own, but she's using them to brighten future of kids around her. we'll introduce you to this week's jefferson award winners coming up next. a remind tore pet lovers. send us a message about their health and well being. our pet expert is in tomorrow to answer your questions right here at nooning ,,
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achieving goals. allen martin has her story. patricia manubay has a drea. patricia manubay - dreambox my dream that i kind of established when i was 12 w that i wanted to change the world. you could say she dreams bi and this may be why... patr manubay - dreamboxes i was bullied a lot in midd and was a bi this was me down here. my dream was way up there. >> patricia has a dream. >> my dream i established when i was 12. i wanted to change the world. >> you could say she dreams big. this is why. >> i was bullied in el ninolement are you and middlele school. i was an awkward person >> and i bit of a -- a loner.
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>> i wanted to change that. >> changing it turned out to be the beginning for the now 17 -year-old college freshman. derrick was patricia's high school teacher and advisor. >> i've never seen a student with this kind of drive. >> the first step was to become a good leader. >> now when she steps foot on campus, she's like a mini celebrity. they want to be part of this magic. >> i felt there was something more to life. >> sia is students in action. a leadership program developed through the jefferson awards and accounting firm. for two years patricia was the sia president at el camino high school. >> the night before the projects were due, i said might as well turn one in. >> this was the night before? >> like 11:00 p.m. i didn't finish homework.
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>> that's how dream boxes was born. on the assembly line, patricia and volunteers fill each with donated school supplies. dream boxes have gone to st. jude hospital,. notebooks, school flies, supplies. in each box, letters. >> they're telling you amazing things telling you you can do it, i support you even though we have never met. i think that's the true power of dream boxes. >> so for inspiring children to dream big, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to patricia. allen martin, kpix 5.
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>> her goal is distribute 100 ,000 by the end of the year. she's half way there. nominate someone who inspired you for a jefferson award. use the online form on our website. we have breaking news in san francisco where there has been a shooting that involves the police we're getting reports a police officer has been injured. our reporter is heading to the scene. police have closed off several streets in the area we'll update that information as soon as we get information to pass along we have a reminder, if you have a consumer problem or question, e-mail our hotline. call the hotline 888-5-helps-u. we'll be right back ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we're continuing to follow breaking news of an officer involved shooting. we'll have more later
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>> caroline: you told brooke about the vasectomy? >> ridge: i should have told you. >> caroline: you said one could know, but know brooke does? she knows that you can't have children, and when she finds out that i'm pregnant, she's gonna know that the baby isn't yours. >> brooke: these will need to go to accounting. >> charlotte: sure thing. um... i just heard thomas is in paris. >> brooke: yeah. so did i. >> charlotte: do you know why? >> brooke: he didn't mention anything to you? >> steffy: charlotte! i thought you might be here. not with brooke, though. >> charlotte: were you looking for me? >> steffy: no. >> charlotte: oh. then, uh, i should go.


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