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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 16, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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then warming up next week. captions by: caption colorado next. have a great day.
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to former staffers saying if biden enters the race, he'll need their help. >> cnbc has just agreed the debate will be two hours, fantastic news for all. >> a hacker based in malaysia is in u.s. custody. officials say he tried to pass personal information of american troops to isis. >> a wildfire in texas is burning out of control. >> the flames destroyed at least 34 homes. >> the morning mets aren't going to the national series. >> the california target store blasted audio from an x-rated movie. >> what is going on at target? >> boris johnson, the london
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mayor, bowls over a ten-year-old during a game of rugby. >> nobody covers ben watson. >> first back to hogan, how about this from stanford. >> did he catch that? utterly incredible. >> all of that matters. >> have you ever been in handcuffs? >> yes. i don't know exactly what you mean by that. >> all right. >> on "cbs this morning." >> the democratic debate was two hours. it was too long. everybody was bored at the end. >> lincoln chafee is threatening to pull out of the democratic debate if there are going to be questions. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning" as you wake up in the
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west. some of the busiest highways in southern california are closed after a powerful storm triggered dangerous flooding. fast moving mudslides covered interstate 5, stranding cars and trapping drivers. no one was reported hurt. >> carter evans is in los angeles following the unfolding story. carter, tough morning there. >> reporter: good morning. yes, it is going to be a rough commute as the sun rises here in the west. these are the northbound lanes of interstate 5. at one point yesterday, this was in five feet of mud. it all happened so fast, cars were swamped. there were reports of people climbing on top of their vehicles to escape the flood water. >> 911! help! >> reporter: violent thunderstorms lashed southern california thursday. torrential rains fell 4 to 6 inches per hour, flooding streets and triggering powerful mudslides, leaving drivers
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helpless. >> are we stuck yet? we're stuck. >> this area is devastated right now. >> reporter: california's busy interstate 5 became a river of mud, burying cars and leaving drivers stranded. firefighters rescued people from their vehicles and homes, swallowed in mud. >> mud just started pouring down the mountain, down the road, just kind of engulfed everything. >> oh, my god. run for your life! >> reporter: thousands of cars and trucks were backed up for miles. >> i've been out here for 24 years now. and i've never seen this much water in 24 years. you really can't tell how fast that's moving or how safe it is. >> reporter: the powerful system pounded the city of palmdale with golf ball sized hail and 60-mile-per-hour winds. this woman says she only had minutes to rescue 20 horses when her ranch began to flood. >> we want to pull them out immediately. within 45 seconds the water even became 3 feet higher. >> reporter: workers tell me
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there were up to a hundred cars buried in mud right here on the interstate. they all had to be did you go out and towed away. much of this interstate will remain closed today because there is a thin layer of mud across it, and it is very slippery. >> carter, thank you. the house committee investigating the deadly 2012 benghazi attack is questioning hillary clinton's long time aide and confidant this morning. she's the highest ranking clinton official to meet with committee members. her campaign spokesman says this investigation has zero credibility. nancy cordes is on capitol hill. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. abedi will be interviewed behind closed doors. they is clinton's longest serving aide and has been at her side for 20 years. she climbed the ranks to become clinton's near constant
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companion. recently released e-mails show the former secretary of state communicated with her more than almost anyone. the benghazi committee wants to ask her about events leading up to, during, and after the attack on the facilities. clinton has gotten bolder about criticizing the committee after since the house majority leader bragged the congressional investigation was hurting her in the polls. >> this committee is basically an arm of the republican national committee. >> reporter: she got some unexpected backup this week from a republican congressman, new york's richard hannah, who said in a radio interview: >> this may not be politically correct, but i think there was a big part of this investigation that was designed to go after people, an individual, hillary clinton. >> reporter: committee chair trey gowdy fired back in a statement, it is unfortunate
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that people don't know why the committee has done what it's done or the results of its work. >> we have an important mission to solve the riddle of how this preventible incident led to the death of four americans, and no one to this date has been held accountable for that. >> reporter: republicans on the senate judiciary committee are also interested in abedin, accusing her of a conflict of interest for drawing salaries from both the clinton foundation and a consulting firm with ties to the clintons during her last six months at the state department. the benghazi committee says it will not get into abedin's employment today, that that is outside the scope of their work, but they insist, charlie, that they are doing serious nonpartisan work and that they're just not discussing their findings in public because of the sensitivity of the subject matter. >> nancy, thanks. this morning a message from joe biden's inner circle is raising new specification about the vice president's ambitions. the letter from a former senator
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came out two days after the first democratic presidential debate. it urges biden's supporters to keep the faith while he decides whether to run. julianna goldman has more. >> reporter: good morning. the vice president's core supporters are pushing back against the narrative that hillary clinton's strong debate performance might have dissuaded him from getting in. he's putting former staffers on notice that a decision is expected soon. >> are you running for president? >> i'll answer in korean. >> reporter: on the steps of his home at the u.s. naval observatory, vice president joe biden couldn't escape a barrage of questions about his political future. >> have you made your decision yet? >> i can't hear you. >> have you made your decision yet? >> reporter: but he was on official business, greeting the south korean president. and as the press pool sprinted for a better shot, he gave no
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indication about his latest thinking. biden has spent the last few days reaching out to top democrats in early voting states like iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina. people familiar with his deliberations say he and his team are aware of upcoming ballot deadlines. >> i'm not just running because i would be the first woman president. i'm running because i have a lifetime of experience. >> reporter: they say the first democratic debate was not a deciding factor for him. last night, former senator ted kaufman, who has known biden for more than four decades, sent a letter to a network of former staffers, readying the cavalry and a piece of his potential platform. he wrote that the vice president is aware of the practical demands of making a final decision soon. he has been in public and political life a long time and has a good grip on the mechanics around this decision. he detailed the kind of campaign biden would run, an optimistic
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campaign, a campaign from the heart, a campaign consistent with his values, our values, and the values of the american people, and i think it's fair to say, knowing him as we all do, that it won't be a scripted affair. after all, it's joe. kaufman closed with, let's stay in touch. if he decides to run, we will need each and every one of you yesterday. this weekend the vice president will be in new york city, accepting a human rights awarded. norah, one source told us biden's decision could come in the next few days but cautions that he hasn't stuck to previously self-imposed deadlines. >> the candidates' newest fundraising reports include a surprise from donald trump. he's now using contributions to finance his own campaign. they raised $3.9 million in july, august, and september. trump had said he would pay for his campaign out of his own pocket. ben carson raised $20 million in the third quarter, more than any other republican. jeb bush was next with $13.4
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million. the latest national poll shows trump and carson still we will ahead of the republican field. the fox news survey finds them just one point apart, 24% to 23%. ted cruz is third, followed by marco rubio. jeb bush is in third place with 8% support from republican primary voters. governor bush joins us in studio 57. we're pleased to have him back at this table. welcome. >> thank you. >> when many people looked at this campaign before it really began, you were the guy they thought would be the frontrunner. the first vote doesn't take place until february, but people look at those numbers i just repeated and say, what happened to jeb bush? >> i wasn't one of those that thought i was the frontrunner. i know i have to go tell the jeb story. people know me as george's boy and george's brother. they don't know that i was an effective conservative governor who disrupted the old order in florida and made big changes.
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i tell that story each and every day and it resonates. >> why can't you have more resonance after to debates, what's the problem to connect with the voters about? >> it's not a problem. we're just starting. the important race is iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and nevada. then you go into the super tuesday states. we're building an organization in all those places. i feel pretty confident about where we are right now. >> bernie sanders said the american people are sick and tired of your e-mails, hillary clinton. are you sick and tired of the donald trump? he seems to be getting all the attention in the racial, and the other candidates are saying, look, we're over here, we have something to say. how are you and your team dealing with donald trump and his candidacy? >> first, i admire the fact that he's not politically correct. we're a little too up tight in this message. i admire that he's not embarrassed about his wealth. what else do i admire about him? let me think. i admire his family.
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ultimately people are going to want to know who's going to sit behind the big desk, who will be making decisions that will impact millions of americans. >> is there anything about donald trump that makes you think you would not be safe and ordinary if he was there? >> i have no clue. that's the point. he talks about foreign policy, he talks about how putin ought to take care of isis, and the week before, isis ought to take care of assad. he would send refugees back to syria, to their slaughter. these are serious times. you need a person who has the temperament and leadership skills, to do it with passion and conviction but also has the leadership skills to lead. over the long haul that's the lane i will stay in. i don't know about donald trump's views of leadership because he talks about himself the whole time rather than what he would do. >> governor, i want to ask you a couple of policy, serious questions. you talked about being your own man. do you see your brother george
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w. bush coming out on the campaign trail with you? >> i don't know. he's been helpful raising money. he's been giving me advice. he's the last republican to have been elected, and the one before that. he's the one guy i rely on on, you know, the ebbing and flowing of politics. it's pretty wild. he's done it. >> let me talk to you about afghanistan. president obama leaves office in 15 months, essentially saying the drawdown will be left to his successor. you've said obama is short changing our military commandser. be specific. how many troops would you leave on the ground in afghanistan? >> i would take the recommendation of the general that was responsible for it who is now the chairman of the joint chiefs. 10,000 troops or 9800 troops. i think that's the proper place to be. >> so you agree with president obama's -- >> without at timeline. the minute you create a timeline, your opponents, your enemies, are organized for waiting you out. i think that's the proper thing to do. i'm pleased the president has not worried about a campaign promise six years ago.
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conditions change. and i think he made the right decision to keep troops on the ground. but it looks like it's political, cut it in half and off we go. and you're right, the drawdown will take place in 2017, so the next president will have a chance to engage with the commanders and make a decision based on a long term strategy. we have none, really, in the middle east right now. we're just reacting to events. it looks pretty ugly. >> at what point do you think the president needs to react more, and how, to russia's increasing presence if syria? >> he should have earlier, because that void now is filled. we see even cuban generals in syria. we see the iranians as well as the russians. >> what should he do? >> create safe harbor for refugees, allowing us to rebuild the remnants of the syria free army. we need to engage the arab world to provide support for a unified effort. we need to have no fly zones.
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and the argument is, well, we'll get into conflict with russia. well, maybe russia shouldn't want to be in conflict with us. this is a place where american leadership is desperately needed. russia is there to prop up as d assad. we're there to deal with both assad and isis. we should garner the support of europe and the middle east countries to do just that. >> your advice to joe biden this morning is what? >> continue to speak korean as effectively as he does. >> all right, governor, thank you. nice to see you. >> thanks for joining us today. this morning escalating violence in israel has many people living in fear. israeli troops are clashing with protestors following weeks of violent attacks. palestinians threw fire bombs at another site which some believe is the tomb of joseph in the west bank. security forces took extra precautions before prayers
7:17 am
ended. johnathan vigliotti has more. >> reporter: good morning. israeli defense officials confirmed another attack took place, the victim a soldier. officials say the attacker was a palestinian disguised as a news photographer. the attacker was killed. the officer is recovering. the last day of rage was on tuesday, sparking four separate attacks on israelis and clashes between israeli security and palestinian youth. already, overnight in the west bank, israeli officials say dozens of palestinians set fire to the tomb of joseph, a sacred israeli site. israeli officials wanted to limit access to palestinians. in the last three weeks palestinians have attacked israelis at least a dozen times. in most cases using knives. israelis say they have no other option but to defend themselves,
7:18 am
and jerusalem's mayor has called on israeli citizens with gun permits to carry their weapons out in public. palestinian president mahmoud abbas has condemned the torching of that tomb and is calling for peaceful resistance. meanwhile, israeli defense remains on high alert. >> thank you, johnathan vigliotti in jerusalem. this morning, this morning, the mets are baseball's king of new york. >> the pitch, swung and missed strike 3, put it in the box. the new york mets aren't going to the national league championship series. >> the mets eliminated the dodgers with last night's 3-2 win in los angeles. daniel murphy was the unlikely star. he scored the time run after stealing an extra base on a walk. murphy then hit the game-winning home run in the sixth inning. the mets play the cubs for the national league pennant starting tomorrow night. all of us can't wait. >> that's going to be good. >> congratulations to them.
7:19 am
>> fans very happy today. nevada tells fantasy sports sites to get out.,,
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us airways is about to make its last flight after its mega merger with american airlines. but this morning there is little time for nostalgia. >> ahead, the scramble to stop massive headaches for passengers. >> the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by all day breakfast at mcdonald's! guess who's having mcdonald's brkfast for dinner 2night?
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♪ i want to take you higher a fight over marijuana is hitting defendants of a u.s. president against each other. ahead the state that could chart a new course for pot legalization. and tomorrow on "cbs this morning," what is called the
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and big rig fire has shut dn 680 in walnut creek this rning. good morning. we continue to follow that breaking news at 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. let's take a look at walnut creek. a major accident big rig fire shut down 680 in walnut creek this morning. got a live view here from chopper 5. the big rig caught fire several cars hit by debris and there are four people injured including the driver of the truck. traffic now being diverted off the freeway on to the northbound side as the clean-up continues. a diesel spill there. southbound 680 is back open. go to for the latest information. gianna will have another update in just a couple of minutes away from that. coming up on "cbs this morning," as airlines merge operations, will your next trip be easier or cause headaches? that and more on the traffic
7:27 am
situation and weather too right after the break. [announcer] through sunday at sleep train, get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale ends sunday at sleep train.
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good morning. let's jump right back out to chopper 5 right now over the walnut creek area. we are dealing with this major accident with delays. again, you have some closures still in effect so northbound it's shut down because of the big rig fire. they are diverting traffic off the freeway. southbound some lanes are open. you can see traffic is flowing better. some cars are being diverted on 24. and i do not ignacio on-ramp is closed. scattered showers to start the day. primarily east and south bays showers on doppler right now. these will likely taper off later today and then we are looking at mostly cloudy skies with mild temperatures today topping out in the low 80s. tomorrow, another round of showers best chance for the north bay, sunday drying out temperatures build into the 80s
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i've never seen, in my life, a greater marketing campaign. you were on the i've never seen in my life a greater marketing campaign. we can't get away from you. >> if you slammed into an abutment in my car, my face would explode. >> i was moving from nashville to baltimore as a young reporter. i had a smaller campaign, but i was on billboards and buses. this is like 1976. the campaign was like, "what is an oprah?" and you're on everything in the bus. then when i came on the air, i was just me, and people were like, "that's oprah?" >> who is that girl with the funny name?
7:31 am
she was on stephen colbert, they had a good time. >> you were there? >> i was backstage. >> you had a nice video of her singing on your instagram. >> hopefully we can show it later own in the program. stephen colbert's studio guys are amazing. it's my turn, i'm sorry. welcome to "cbs this morning." coming up, fantasy sports websites could be out of business in nevada. regulators say draftkings, fanduel, and their competitors need a license. plus us airways, the airline where captain sully sullenberger made history, is about to fly into the sunset. this makes me sad. why this merger could bring hassles for passengers. the "new york times" reports on the arrest of a computer hacker with alleged ties to isis. a cokosovo citizen was arrestedn malaysia, charged with stealing
7:32 am
the personal information of 100,000 people. alleged victims include 1300 american service members and federal employees. he's accused of passing the information to isis. the wall street jud"wall st says a laboratory firm is backing away from a blood collecting method. after recent fda inspections, the agency considers the method not viable. >> what about those who say that's not enough blood to do all the tests that need to be done, especially if someone is very sick and you're trying to figure out what it is? >> every time you create something new, there should be questions. to me that's a sign you've actually done something that is transform transformative. >> the fda has approved only one of 100 proprietary tests submitted by the company.
7:33 am
the "salt lake city tribune" are investigating a man who left a rifle on the floor of the utah state capitol. security guards saw the man's suspicious behavior and evacuated the building. the box was covered in writing but police are not saying what it revealed. and the las vegas review journal says nevada gaming regulators shut down fantasy sports websites in that state, following reports that the justice department and the fbi are looking into the online industry's business model. critics say it vitals law. >> the federal government doesn't consider these companies to be promoting gambling. but at least in one state, it looks like their luck is about
7:34 am
to run out. if you've watched any sporting events on tv this year, chances are you've seen the commercials. >> winners get paid the next day and there's no season-long commitment. >> the fantasy sports industry has exploded in popularity, bringing with it a tidal wave of cash. but that industry is largely unregulated. >> play for your share every single day. just pick your sport. >> on thursday, the nevada gaming control board ordered the fantasy websites, which are dominated by market leaders draftkings and fanduel, to cease operations in the state unless they obtain a gaming license. >> the nevada gaming control board didn't say this is illegal. they said it was gambling, and therefore you need to apply for a nevada gaming license. going through that investigation is not an easy procedure. >> but the fantasy sports industry maintains they aren't a form of gambling. rather, a game of skill, not chance. their defense is rooted in a
7:35 am
federal law that passed nearly a decade ago which outlaws online sports gambling and online poker. >> daily fantasy sports has been unregulated. and now with the nevada gaming control board saying if you want to do it, you need to come under the regulatory structure, it means they need to join regulated entities like nevada sports books to participate in it. >> in a statement issued last night, draftkings said it strongly disagrees with the decision and fanduel added it is terribly disappointed. both companies say they are shutting down their operations in nevada, at least for now, charlie. one of the best known names in the airline industry will disappear. us airways and american will complete the final steps of their merger which created the nation's biggest domestic carrier. the final us airways flight leaves san francisco tonight. kris van cleave is at reagan national airport outside of washington showing us why some
7:36 am
fear there could be a bumpy start to this new era. >> reporter: good morning. merging two airline reservation systems is a huge challenge. it doesn't sound sexy, but an airline cannot function without a reservation system. they've had several dry runs to make sure saturday runs smoothly. still, for folks flying this weekend, many are crossing their fingers. one last hurdle remains before us airways and american truly become one airline, merging their reservation systems. >> it's like doing a simultaneous heart and brain transpant. >> reporter: the reservation system stores flight information, number of available seats, and baggage tracing data. the challenge with combining them is all existing us airways reservations have to become american reservations, across two different systems. >> this is like performing a ballet in front of a dictator who will chop your head off if
7:37 am
it goes wrong. in that case, the dictator is us, the traveling public. if it goes wrong, passengers are going to be angry, and american airlines does not want to have angry passengers. >> reporter: which is why american began planning months ago, first merging frequent flier programs. the airline will have extra staff working saturday for the main event. the merge was problematic when u.s. air and america west did it in 2005 and caused huge headaches for united and continental in 2010. >> are you going to have disruption? of course you will. but how much? they're going to catch whatever glitches they have, they hope, so by monday, they'll be ready. >> reporter: american airlines will have a command center running 24 hours a day for the next couple of weeks to deal with problems that pop up. if you're flying this weekend, particularly through phoenix, charlotte, and philly, get to
7:38 am
the airport early, give yourself extra time. also print out your entire reservation and bring it with you. and check in ahead of time. print out that boarding pass or use the mobile app. >> good information, kris. >> pack your patience, could be a little bumpy out there. >> there you go. ohio tries a different path to legalized marijuana. >> do you support issue 3, ma'am? >> no. i really don't. >> i'm undecided. i think maybe. >> no. >> up next, why this referendum campaign is dividing a famous political family too. if you're heading out the door, set your dvr so you can watch "cbs this morning" any time you like. we'll be right back. vo: today's the day. more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir®. as my diabetes changed,
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♪ ♪ we are the new america early voting is underway in ohio this morning, the hot issue
7:43 am
legalizing marijuana. four states and washington, dc already allow recreational pot, but only after they approved medical marijuana first. ohio would make history by okaying both at the same time. a new poll finds most ohioans support legalization. it's not the pot stirring up the controversy. it's the campaign. >> how many days do we have left? >> reporter: the pro-marijuana camp is ramping up, as the days until the vote are counting down. >> we're just doing some polling. sir, do you support issue 3? >> reporter: they aim to knock on a million doors between now and election day. >> working with the national obama data team, we were really able to accelerate this. >> reporter: ian james spent 30 years as a campaign strategist here in ohio. now he's leading the charge to legalize pot. what is it going to say to the country if you win this issue in ohio? >> i think you've got that old saying, as goes ohio, so goes the nation. >> reporter: politically ohio is
7:44 am
known as a battleground state. in this election it really is about the ground. this ground. this is one of the fields that would be turned into an area where marijuana would be grown. but unlike other states that have legalized pot, a "yes" vote would amend the constitution to allow only ten groups of already hand-picked investors the exclusive right to grow the state's entire supply of pot. >> this is not the right way to do it. >> reporter: popular two-term former governor bob taft is one of the amendment's most vocal opponents. >> you're talking about ten growing sites that are going to control the entire market in a state of 11 million people. that's an exclusive commercial right. >> reporter: when a taft speaks, ohio listens. for a century, the family has produced politicians from senators to a president. >> i don't think that the tax benefits outweigh the hazards,
7:45 am
the risks of going full bore, recreational medical all the way, flooding our state with edible products that are attractive to our kids. >> reporter: woody is bob's distant cousin. and this taft finds himself on the opposite side of the issue, because woody is one of the investors who will get to grow the pot. >> i'm in this first because i believe in it, that it's right. i'm in it, second, to make money. >> reporter: so far woody and the other investors have funded 20 million of the $23 million pro-legalization campaign. it doesn't look clean and open to me. it looks like what the other side says, a monopoly. >> look, someone is going to step forward to do this. it does take money in ohio to get on the ballot. it takes money to run a campaign. >> reporter: opponents are fighting back with their own amendment on the ballot to ban monopo
7:46 am
monopolies. if both of these pass, in your understanding, what's next? >> if there's one lawyer alive in the state of ohio, there's going to be a lawsuit. >> reporter: it's a battle in yet another state to turn a back market into the newest big business. for cbs morning, barry petersen, columbus, ohio. >> we'll have the answer in november. a different kind of family feud in ohio. >> really interesting. >> i think so too. instagram. do you use instagrainstagram? >> yes. >> charlie rose is working on it. it's fun. ahead, the co-founders take us behind the filter, so to speak, and share their thoughts on selfies. and throwback thursday. attention, shoppers. what happened when inappropriate audio from an adult film played over a target store's p.a. system. >> that's not good. >> the news is
7:47 am
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and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit >> target shoppers in san jose, california, caught some unsuspected sounds. sounds played for several minutes on wednesday and the store was filled with women and their children for mommy and me day. many say the sounds brought their kids to tears and some abandoned their carts and left the store plmimmediately. a similar incident happened earlier this year in another target store. when they found out who is responsible, that person is going to lose their job. >> apparently it went on for 15 minutes.
7:52 am
>> because they couldn't figure out what it was? >> that just seems -- >> that would be very disconcerting. i was joking about it, but it can be very deseisconcerting an very upsetting. >> do we know the possibilities in terms of how it was done? it was hacked? >> we are wondering if it was hacked or an inside job. it's under investigation. they will figure it out. students are protesting over the violent take-down of a classmate. we will show you what led to the confrontation between a 14-year-old boy and a school resource officer. thas head on "cbs this morning." that's ahead on "cbs this morning." t's ahead on "cbs this morning." really. straight talk. now based on your strategy i do have some other thoughts... multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. the uncertainties i don't wantof hep c.with
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in walnut creek is still sh down ... after a major acci and big rig fire. this is breaking news continues at 7:56. i'm anne makovec. northbound 680 in walnut creek is still shut down after a major accident and big rig fire. this is video from chopper 5. the big rig caught fire and several cars were hit by debris. at least 4 people were hurt. traffic is now being diverted off the freeway in the northbound lanes as the clean- up continues. southbound is open again. in vallejo, another big rig, this one carrying hay, crashed and caught fire on westbound 37 near wilson avenue. 37 is partially closed right now. no word on how many people may have injured in that crash. traffic and weather coming up. ,,,,,,,,
7:57 am
good morning from the traffic center. [ signal breakup ]
7:58 am
this is near wilson. your traffic is going to be messed up. looks like we'll see so delays on 80 as a results people avoiding 37, as well. so jumping over to the maps. we have a couple of other things to tell you about. we are dealing with another traffic alert this on 680 all lanes shut down at south main for a big rig fire that happened earlier. southbound 680 lanes are open. they are diverting traffic on highway 24. big delays also "sig alert" eastbound 580 at airway. >> scattered showers right now passing through the south and the east bays. you see a cell right here this one passing through stanford, redwood city, the peninsula. scattered showers for the first part of the morning. later today, mostly cloudy skies. temperatures in the low 80s for the warmest spots inland. another chance of showers mainly for the north bay tomorrow. [announcer] sunday's your last chance to save big
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good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, october 16th, 2015. whoo-hoo. welcome back to "cbs this morning". there is more news including the founders of instagram only on cbs this morning they talk about the challenges of serving more than 400 million customers. but first, here's a look at today's eyeopener. >> at one point yesterday this was in five feet of mud. it all happened so fast. cars were swamped. >> if anyone knows what hillary clinton was thinking and doing the night of the benghazi attack, it's her. >> may be readying for a possible campaign. the vice president is putting former staffers on notice that a decision is expected soon. >> i add mirt fact that he is politically incorrect.
8:01 am
i admire the fact that he doesn't feel embarrassed about his wealth. and what else do i admire about him? let me think. >> hamas called for a day of rage and israeli defense officials confirm a short while ago another attack took place. >> and the new york mets will meet the chicago cubs in the national league championship >> draft kings and fall duel will be shutting down their operations in nevada, at least for now. >> attention shoppers, what happened when inappropriate audio, an adult film aired over target stores' pa system. that's not good. >> the heavy breathing, charlie rose. >> it's friday, y'all. it's friday! >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and nora o'donnell. major parts of interstate 5 in southern california are closed
8:02 am
this morning after powerful thunderstorms. >> oh, my god. the rain sparked flash flooding and mudslides that crippled major roads. up to five feet of mud covered the northbound lanes of the interstate. >> several trapped drivers had to be rescued. nobody was hurt. carter evans is northwest of los angeles with a closer look at the damage. carter, good morning. >> good morning. it's not just mud, it's big rocks like. this imagine seeing this come down the road as you're traveling down the freeway. at one point, these are the northbound lanes of interstate 5, it was covered with up to five feet of mud. there were reports of people standing on top of their cars to escape the floodwater. now the rainfall was significant. falling at four to six inches an hour. it sent that water, mud and rocks rushing across roads all over the place. hundreds of vehicles were trapped in the mud. in some cases, it went well above the hoods of cars. people could not get out of their vehicles. some could not get out of their homes. a river of mud backed up traffic
8:03 am
for miles. and then the mess carried over well into the night. at one point up to 30 miles of interstate 5 was closed in both directions. now workers tell me there were about 100 cars along the roadway here that were buried. they all had to be dug out and towed away. it was a huge mess that they are still cleaning up. and they're going to be cleaning it up for some time. and while it looks like they got most of the mud off the road here, the concern is more rain which would make it extremely slippery. >> all right. carter, thank you so much. this morning a key figure in vice president joe biden's inner circle is urging supporters to wait just a little bit longer. former senator ted kauffman has known biden for 40 years. in a letter obtained by cbs news, the vice president understands he must decide on a presidential race run soon. he said he would need supporters yesterday if he runs. he said this about the type of campaign it would be. "i think it's fair to say knowing him as well as we all
8:04 am
do, that it will not be a scripted affair. after all, it's joe." this morning police in rhode island are investigating a violent confrontation between law enforcement and a high school teenager. amateur video shows a school resource officer slamming a 14-year-old boy to the ground. it happened wednesday. hundreds of students protested outside the school yesterday. providence affiliate spoke with both boys in the video. elaine quijano shows us what led to this he encounter. >> good morning. the police say the confrontation began when a school resource officer was arresting the teenage student for disorderly conduct. that's when police say the student's older brother allegedly interfered with the arrest and the officer used what the police are calling a takedown. >> reporter: amateur video shows a police school resource officer at tollman high school grabbing and throwing 14-year-old tyler divergo to the ground.
8:05 am
>> down the. that. >> police say tyler was threatening to fight another student and was throwing punches at a wall. something he denies. >> i was angry. i just, like, hit my fist on the bench and that's it. >> reporter: earlier, the officer is seen handcuffing tyler's older brother, 17-year-old ivander who says he was only trying to calm things down. >> i got in front of him. i held his hand down to get off my brother. his arp was literally like. that i got his hand down. from there, he took out the pepper spray. >> reporter: while ivander was being arrested, tyler approached the officer. >> look, look, look. >> reporter: tyler says he was just standing there. >> i already got pepper sprayed. i didn't know what to do. my eyes were blurry. and then he comes from behind and grabs me on the neck and slams me. >> reporter: hundreds of students protested the incident on thursday claiming police used excessive force. >> you want to protest? go on the other side. >> reporter: police say they were threatened and used pepper spray to help control the
8:06 am
crowds. eight juveniles and two adults were arrested. >> i'm asking you to put your trust in me. >> reporter: the mayor who met with a handful of concerned students at city hall is calling for an investigation. >> as bad as it looks or as concerning as it looks, there is always more to the story. that's what we have to investigate. >> state and city police are leading that investigation. tollman high school has not yet responded to cbs this morning's request for comments. >> the investigation is continuing. thank you. only on cbs this morning, they let us in. we're going behind the scenes with the founders of instagram. they never do. this five years after they made it click. >> we passed the button a little after midnight to launch it to the apple app store. immediately people just started flowing in, all the e-mail addresses signing up. first day we had 25,000 people sign up. and, you know, both of us looked at each other and said, whoa. >> yeah. >> whoa is right.,,
8:07 am
8:08 am
a disturbing secret in sin city. >> i'm peter van set. in the nevada desert, not far from the famous las vegas strip, it was out here that detectives found crucial evidence in the bizarre murder of a beautiful cocktail waitress. a murder that shocked this community. that's coming up on "cbs this morning." if you're an adult with type 2 diabetes and your a1c is not at goal with certain diabetes pills or daily insulin, your doctor may be talking about adding medication to help lower your a1c. ask your doctor if adding once-a-week tanzeum
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8:12 am
♪ if you ♪ >> video on instagram. that was last nist own "late show with stephen colbert." i don't normally do videos.
8:13 am
i couldn't resist when i saw her doing that happy dance. >> how many pictures do you think you post every day? >> i don't do it every day. i know it seems like it. normally it's whether i'm traveling. but i enjoy it. >> that's a good way. >> i joan seeing them. >> i do, too. >> wait until you see. this this month marks five years since instagram started snapping up users in a flash. the social media phenomenon keeps finding new ways to capture your heart and eyes, to, including on our instagram feed. only on "cbs this morning" the co-founders give us an unfiltered look at how it all came together. you ever ride in from san francisco on your bike? >> no. >> here in silicon valley, kevin systrom has proven that a picture is worth more than a million words. >> most of the people are not in the united states. >> in october 2010, systom and mike krieger launched instagram.
8:14 am
it is use bid 400 million people around the world. >> when it started five years ago, neither one of you could have predicted or expected this. so what was your expectation? hat was your hope for this company? >> we pressed the button a little bit after midnight to launch it to the apple app store. immediately people just started flowing in. all the e-mail addresses signing up. the first day we had 25,000 people sign up. you know, both of us looked at each other and said, whoa. >> yeah. >> before developing instagram, systrom called on kreiger, a software engineer, to work on a location sharing app called bourbon. >> what did he say he wanted to do? >> the website captured it well. you went to, a new way of communications and sharing in the world. i was interesting in helping people share their stories when they're on the road. but that instant right then and there. >> yeah. what did you see, kevin? >> a hope and a dream and not much reality. we just had to, like, go after the idea that we could create an
8:15 am
app that let people take advantage of the phone in their pocket. we sat down in a room together, one of the first days, and we listed the things that people love most about bourbon. at the very top was photography. and we just circled. i remember we crossed everything off. from that point forward we worked on instagram. >> today systrom and kriereg are joined by 250 employees. the instagram employees has a community feel of a college campus. there are conference rooms named after popular hash tags where employees strategize to create new ideas. i love the name instagram. it comes from where? >> very long brainstorming exercise. at some point, that's why it helps having a co-founder. we know things have to get done before launch and we needed a name. >> what were the rejects? >> gather. >> it had an acorn and squirrel as the icon. >> i designed a very nice acorn
8:16 am
in photo shop. >> okay. >> instalux was another one. we had the list. it's funny, i remember the exact moment when we saw instagram. and we were both kind of like, yeah. that can work. >> let's talk about the selfie for a second. when i saw the selfie feature, i said why would anybody, why would i take a picture of myself? and then so you go to that -- here i am at the jay z concert. so it goes from that to who would ever do it to now everybody does it? how do you feel about selfies? >> if you look at art throughout history, a dominant subject is pictures of people. so, like, port trats araits are new thing. instead of paying someone to paint your portrait, you tap a button and have an instant portrait. an entire generation of people will get to record their lives and look back on them. >> i'm seeing more ads on instagram. is that a good thing? >> two things --
8:17 am
>> you're going through the feed and then there's an ad. >> yeah. >> someone has to pay the bills. >> instagram is not cheap to run. and we want to make sure we can invest for the future. >> an average of 80 million photos are shared on staingram every day. giving people a platform to share their view of the world is what systrom is most proud of. >> there were riots in baltimore. and devin allen, a photographer on the ground was taking photos as a photojournalist but really as an instagram user. one of the photos he posted to instagram became the cover of "time." when snowstorm juneau hit in this past winter, the front cover of "new york times" the next morning was a series of instagram images by normal people just using instagram. i think it speaks volumes to the power of, you know, citizen journalism and citizen participation and photography being in the world. >> what makes a good instagram for you? is it a good day?
8:18 am
is there a good time? >> i mean from the very beginning we realized our weekends are huge. weekends are our prime time. >> my favorite is throwback thursday. >> that's your favorite? >> yes. that's awesome. seeing pictures of my parents when they were kids, my friends when they were kids and seeing memories that people care about. it's become this crazy trend with #tbt. and now everyone does it. it's very cool. >> instagram was only two years old when facebook took notice of its cool factor. in 2012, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg signed a $1 billion deal with instagram to purchase the app. >> it's one of the things where there are clear pros and cons. >> what is the con to not acceptinged 1dz billion for your company. >> we built this thing from the ground up. felt very much that we have ideas. it's our baby. there are so many things still to this day that we think we would like to do with it. is this going to mean we don't get to do what we love? phe's talking about it being independent. will it really play out that way?
8:19 am
>> is there a little teeny, tiny part of you all that just thinks, god, we should have just kept it. all of it would be ours? >> i would say that if we were in a bad spot right now. if we weren't growing as quickly as we are, if modernization doesn't look as promising as it z i'd worry about it. frankly, tend of the day, and pren muir measures the impact they have on the world. >>, so mike, you never get a call from mark zuckerberg that says why are you doing this? why don't you try fill in the blank? >> i'll have opinions. it took maybe a year actually for him to fully, like, you know, settle into how he works with us. with other product groups, no, you guys are doing. this this is why. there are numerous times where i've said, no, we're not going to do that and he said, are you sure? i really would do it the other way? and, like, yeah, we're going to do it this way. and top of his credit, he's allowed us to run this thing very independently. i know there are times where we don't necessarily agree. sometimes i'm wrong. sometimes he's right. basically, we find that it's
8:20 am
50/50. and i think that's part of the fun part of learning. >> and now i look at instagram and i can't imagine the world without instagram. such a good name, too, instagram. such a great name. >> we could have called it anything and, like, as long as people loved it. but the good news is we didn't call it gather. >> i was going to say. >> back to that, it's fascinating. >> i think so, too. you said you love my staingrams. it was so sweet. they gave me a book of all -- some of my instagrams. i know you love following me, i'm going to make sure you get to look at it. instagram comes from the word insta and telegram. >> it's great. >> five years he and counting. >> interesting match with facebook. >> very much. >> all right. only on "cbs this morning," miami dolphins owner on how he plans to turn around his team and new project. plus, some are already calling it the catch of the year. the hug that turned into a touchdown. that's ahead. the catch of the year. the hug that turned into a touchdown straight ahead. into a touchdown. that's ahead.
8:21 am
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8:24 am
here is mccaffr here's mccalfry giving way. how about this fr! that? pinned against the defender's back? that is utterly incredible. owusu. that may be the play of the year so far! >> all right for that excitement! check out stanford wide receiver francis owusu's amazing catch
8:25 am
last night in the end zone. stanford beat ucla 56-35. >> haven't seen a catch like northbound 680 in walnut crk is still shut down ... aftea major accident and big rig fire. t good morning. i'm frank mallicoat. 8:25. we are following breaking news in walnut creek. northbound 680 in walnut creek still shut down after a major accident and a big rig fire. this is video from chopper 5. the big rig caught fire, several cars were hit by debris. at least four people were injured including the driver of that truck. traffic is diverted off the freeway northbound as they continue to clean up that area. southbound is open once again. but it is mighty slow going. taking you to vallejo another big rig, this one carrying hay, crashed and caught fire on westbound 37 near wilson avenue. 37 partially closed at this hour. no word on injuries associated with that crash. but the commute is pretty
8:26 am
fouled up right now. more on traffic and weather coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:27 am
good morning. i'm gianna franco in the "kcbs traffic" center. let's get you updated on the delays for those problems along 680. north- and southbound we are still seeing big delays again southbound lanes are open but you're backed up at least to concord, highway 4 at this point slowing conditions on the northbound side as far as sycamore valley road. northbound closed.
8:28 am
traffic diverted from that earlier big rig problems. westbound 37 at wilson activity there off to the side for that big rig fire through there. also traffic alert continues eastbound 580 right at airway three right lanes still shut down. looks like the delays are beyond 680 at this point. westbound 580 taking a hit as well through the altamont pass and some delays for your muni metro on the n-judah line so plan for that. bart though is on time. here's julie. thanks, gianna. you know, the scattered showers we have been watching for most of the morning now starting to taper off. they have been primarily in the east and the south bay this morning. and starting to diminish a little bit as we head throughout the day. temperatures today mild partly to mostly cloudy probably more partly. 82 livermore. temperatures in the 60s at the coast. 70s by the bay. next round of showers moves in tomorrow. best chance of showers in the north bay. then drying out sunday, monday our transition day. high pressure building. temperatures warming tuesday through next week. [announcer] sunday's your last chance to save big
8:29 am
during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time, you can choose up to 48 months interest-free financing on a huge selection of tempur-pedic models. or choose to save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. you can even choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular stearns & foster mattresses. the triple choice sale ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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♪ ♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, miami dolphins owner steven ross made major coaching changes four game into the season. he's in our toyota greenroom to talk about that and another initiative that he is very proud of. he really wants to talk about that, too. we'll get to that, steven. you'll hear about it only on "cbs this morning." >> a popular vegas cocktail waitress murdered in her home. her estranged husband had a strong alibi. but "48 hours" shows us how a tip provided police a stroke of luck in their investigation. that's ahead. >> right now, time to show you this morning's headlines from around the globe. "the new york post" reports on reaction to graffiti on
8:31 am
homeland. that criticized the show. one phrase that "homeland" is racest. the show winner says they wish they caught the images but admire the act of artistic sabotage. "homeland" is on show time. >> prince william delivered an emotional speech to a child bereavement charity on the grief he suffered after the death of his mom princess diana. >> what my mother recognized back then and what i understand now is that grief is the most painful experience any child or parent can endure. my mother was determined to help those in need and she would have been immensely proud as i am of all that you have achieved these last 21 years. >> boy. i was thinking about that, too. princess diana died in 1997 in a car crash in paris. bloomberg reports drinkers are not the only ones paying a price for having a few too many. hangovers cost the united states
8:32 am
businesses $77 billion in 2010. the overall economy takes a much bigger hit. almost a quarter trillion dollars that is because of reduced productivity, increased crime and health care costs. tomorrow night "48 hours" investigates a murder/mystery in the shadow of the las vegas strip. shawna and george tiafay were married with a daughter. she was a popular casino employee. her husband was paid to save lives. their world fell apart in 2012. here is a preview of the report. >> customers at the casino loved shawna. she made close to $100,000 a year as a glamorous cocktail waitress. as her sister paula recalls. >> always had the long hair. you know, just looked perfect. like a little china doll. >> she met george at the casino where they both worked. he was an army man, after graduating from west point. later becoming a las vegas fireman. george's sister maria.
8:33 am
>> they're both hard-working people. they're both good looking people. they made a lovely couple. >> they had a beautiful baby girl. but as good as things were, after two happy years of marriage, shawna complained to her sister that george had become jealous, controlling, and critical of her. >> it was all those little things that built up over time. >> and shawna was uncomfortable when george brought a homeless man into their lives. to do odd jobs around the house. friend, stephanie vargas. >> she called him creepy. god, he's so creepy. why is he around my house? >> after ten years together, shawna moved out. into this town house. on september 29th, 2012, after shawna left work in the early morning hours, someone lay in wait for her in her home. >> she enters the hallway. it's dark much there's no light. >> dan long and terry miller are investigators with the las vegas
8:34 am
metropolitan police department. >> she moves towards the stairway to go upstairs to her bedroom. >> when suddenly shawna was attacked by someone wielding a hammer. >> and she was savagely beaten with this metal head of that hammer until she was dead. >> cops soon learned her estranged husband a rock solid alibi. he worked an all night shift at the firehouse. but within 48 hours, detectives get a crucial tip. from an unlikely source, a maintenance worker, william penex known as big will. he told police a friend nicknamed greyhound boasted he had just murdered a woman. there were clues everywhere in the desert tent where he was living and on his cell phone. >> what kind of numbers do you find on that phone? >> we find a guy by the name of george in his cell phone. and when we asked him who is george, says, that's my friend the firefighter. >> there is vegas. you just hit all sevens, right?
8:35 am
>> yes. exactly. >> peter van zandt joins us at the table. you've been working this case for three years. sounds like george has some explaining to do. >> he does. we have a link between greyhound whose real name is noel stephens, handyman and potentially this murder. but the defense says well they talked all the time because he was his handyman. >> so the phone records were really important. >> phone records become very important because they discover 87 calls between these two people and eventually they focus in on noles stevens who admits did he the killing. but did george put him up to it? and it ends up at trial and noles stevens becomes the strangest witness i have ever experienced in all my years on 48 hours. a man who admitted to be meantally ill, hears voices, hallucinates and he's the star witness in this case. who do you believe, him or a west point grad?
8:36 am
very dramatic style. >> that's called a good tease. thank you. you can watch peter's full report tomorrow night on "48 hours." that's at 10:00/9:00 central on cbs. the miami dolphins owner says sports can help us all get along. only here on cbs this morning, stephen ross is in our toyota greenroom. he's leading a new campaign fighting racism and bullying. we'll talk about t,,
8:37 am
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8:40 am
♪ ♪ welcome to miami >> steven ross is a real estate power house. his net worth is estimated at nearly $7 billion. in 2008, he became part owner of the miami dolphins. he took majority control. plus this morning is tackling a bigger challenge. he wants to fight racism and bullying. his new nonprofit group is called rise. the ross initiative in sports for equality. it is launching a nationwide campaign. the goal is advancing race relations in sports and beyond. stars are stepping up to deliver the message. >> i pledge. >> i pledge. to treat everyone with respect. >> respect. >> and dignity. >> i will not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind. i will speak up.
8:41 am
>> speak up whenever i know discriminate sgs happening. >> and you will stand. >> get up. >> rise up. >> for victims. >> stephen ross is here for an interview you'll see only on "cbs this morning." welcome. >> pleasure to be here. >> it's good to have you. we have a lot of things to talk about including football and politics. but first this campaign. why did you do it? >> well, when i had an incident that was on the front pages for about two months in miami and i saw what it was. i was troubled by it. and, you know, when i really looked into it and knowing that i kind of owned that space, i thought i could, you know, you want to look positively. how can you really do something? that would have an impact? i talked to a lot of people. thought about it. and kind of put together this nonprofit. it's kind of unprecedented in using sports to create change. because we all know that sports is probably the common denominator, you know, in this
8:42 am
country if not the world. >> you're talking about richie incognito and jonathan martin who were both on your team. >> that was the incident. >> richy was suspended for -- accused of making racial and homophobic slurs. how do you think football can help with this, stephen? what is the reaction you've been getting around the league since you started? >> i've talked to -- it's not just the national football league. i mean if there is anyplace in society where there is equality, it's in sports. so it's not the leagues that have the problem. it's really the country today where there is discrimination. it really is our problem and we can see what it does all the time. but using sports to create change and bringing all the leagues together, there's no league that has a real problem with that. but using sports to create change because people really look to sports and have such an important role in our society today. >> heroes and role models. >> right. exactly. no matter what age you are, you're a role model if you're an
8:43 am
athlete. everybody looks up to you. so using the power of that and together with education, put together an organization that can then really change, create a new paradigm. >> you talk about football. you just fired your coach. >> i mean, he's a good man. you know, the team wasn't performing. and the role is -- it is objective. you measure wins and losses. the team wasn't performing this year. we spent a lot of money. everybody had high hopes. and, you know, after four games, there wasn't any real improvement. so, you know, you don't want to waste a year. i'm very still optimistic about this year. >> you said you admire and respect coach philbin. you considered him a friend. i think that's a difficult thing to do. >> a very difficult thing. probably one of the most difficult decisions. >> how do you determine it's a coacher problem and not a player problem? >> can you look and see -- i
8:44 am
mean the coach is there to motivate the players. you can see how the players are playing. and if you have a good roster or great expectations, you want to see improvement. and the first four games, you know lshgs is great expectations. the team never really -- it didn't feel they were really playing to the capability. >> let me talk about politics for a moment. donald trump is in your business in part. you know him. he's a fellow new yorker. what do you think of him and his campaign? >> well, i know donald. i like donald a lot. i think -- i think he's surprised by how well he's doing. i respect him but i don't see him being president of the united states. >> you're supporting someone else? >> yes. >> why don't you see him as president? >> well, i mean, i think the ability to put together a leadership cabinet and organizations and i don't think he's really dealt with that in
8:45 am
his life. he has a small organization. i mean donald is the world's best promoter, there's no question about it. and i don't think he's really stepped, you know, really in a position to really run the united states of america. >> but he lays out that his business experience that he run the trump organization, that he's worth, he says, close to $10 billion. that that qualifies him. >> well, i think if he can show that he can bring people on and not just talk about it, create a cabinet. i mean people are frustrated with politics today. that's why his popularity is what it is. and i think -- and what's odd is it's continuing. when you look around him, you know, i think it surprises a lot of new yorkers. >> maybe the question is, too, is there a sense amongst -- since you've been involved in republican politics that trump may actually become the nominee? >> there's a good chance of that. i mean it appears more every day, doesn't it? >> yes.
8:46 am
how do reporters and others understand how to evaluate wealth. he says $10 billion. we said you're worth $7 billion. how do you know? >> i don't know. you talk to forbes. they do all the research and see what assets you own and -- >> are you worth $7 billion? >> i never thought i would be, i'll tell you that. >> are you optimistic about the economy? >> no. >> all right. stephen ross, thank you very much for joining us at the table. congratulations. >> thank you. >> coming up next, the most unforgettable moments of the week. you're watching "cbs this morning." ,,,,,,,,
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during break we asked steven ross why he thinks the economy is in trouble. can you see his answer at
8:50 am have a great weekend. >> he want to talk about what the american people want from the president of the united states. >> this is a more serious performance than expected and clinton's campaign gave her campaign a dad baedly needed shot in the arm. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> are you sick and tired of donald trump? >> i admire the fact is most likely political incorrect. what else do i admire at him? let me think. >> you see. >> it's an embarrassment. >> is there no doubt it did not work. >> it took a two week trial for 12 people to do what congress could not and would not do in years. it's momentous. >> after a listeria outbreak the company halted production. >> isn't that closing the barn door after the horse gets out? >> oh, i think all of the
8:51 am
animals got out by the time they shut that door. >> trying to talk to people about a dolphin show. >> if you want this to be your last trip, you do it. >> remember if we interview people, we can't come to north korea? >> i think they thought the dolphins might say something dangerous. >> they are unaware that not far from here a court drama was set to play out. >> when i said maybe he was going too fast he couldn't stop, my head was removed by this. >> chase utley. >> the chicago cubs are heading to the national league championshi. >> i feel like we are getting better at celebrating. ♪ >> "playboy" will stop publishing images of nude women. >> what was the last time you read "playboy"? >> probably '78. >> gave me all of the "playboy" reads today. just say it. >> because i wouldn't have read it. >> for a behind the scenes of my football life and my life, cbs
8:52 am
newsn starts now with gayle? >> leave me alone with tony! ♪ >> all that. ♪ here comes the night >> i just came here to get a cup of coffee and i woned und up geg a house. >> a very expensive cup of coffee! >> he is very good, that noin ma anthony mason. >> how do you say, do that over, tom hanks. >> i guess my mantra is similar. that was great, that was brilliant. once more. >> and all that matters. >> can we ask what you're doing hiding behind the turkey of "o" magazine? >> don't you know that is me? >> speak into the magazine! >> speak into the turkey! >> the news is back morning, if i can lift my leg. >> on "cbs this morning." >> but i can't!
8:53 am
back to you. back to you. >> don't hurt yourself,, today we're gonna talk about trucks. works for me. which truck brand do you think offers best in class hd towing? ford. i would say the ram. ok, lets move to the second door. best v8 horsepower. the ram. i say ford on the v8. chevy. what about this year's motortrend truck of the year? chevy. what do you think? the ford. there's no reason why they shouldn't be. let's see how you did. oohh! that's the chevy silverado hd, the chevy silverado, and the chevy colorado. no way?! chevy, chevy, chevy. wow. that's a clean sweep.
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fires causing problems for e morning commute. video from chopper 5 showing the damage good morning. it's 8:55. i'm frank mallicoat. an update on our breaking news in the east bay. multiple big rig fires causing problems for the morning commute. video from chopper 5 showing the damage done in walnut creek with a big rig that caught fire northbound 680 several cars hit by the debris. at least four people injured. traffic is being diverted off the freeway into the northbound lanes. southbound is back open but moving slowly. in vallejo a big rig carrying hay crashed and burned on 37 near wilson avenue. route 37 closed at this hour. no word on injuries. okay. time for weather now. let's check in with julie and see how our weekend is shaping up. >> the showers have been tracking for most of the morning, they are starting to taper off. here's san francisco looking back from oakland. you can see partly to mostly
8:56 am
cloudy skies the story for today. hi-def doppler showing just what's left of these showers as they taper off mainly in the east and the south bay. we have another round of rain on the way. high temperatures today mild, low 80s inland. 50s at the coast, 70s by the bay. dry for the better part of today but saturday, another system moves in bringing showers primarily to the north bay but we could all see a shower or two. sunday drying out. monday the transition day. temperatures building with more sunshine tuesday through next week. we'll check your traffic after the break.
8:57 am
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8:58 am
good morning from the traffic center. we have been monitoring 680 all morning. southbound and northbound major delays. northbound completely shut down at south main street for an earlier big rig fire. southbound lanes are open. but the damage is done. big delays through there. your drive times in fact southbound benicia martinez bridge to 24, 30 minutes. northbound upwards of 73 minutes from 580 to highway 24. so avoid northbound 680 until they get in a mess cleared up. they are hoping before noon at least. now, if you are on the eastshore freeway, heads up, westbound sluggish through there. bay bridge no delays at all into san francisco. better westbound 37 at wilson,
8:59 am
blocked. eastbound lanes open. a traffic alert continues eastbound 580 at airway.
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