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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  October 17, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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struck so far. and that's
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. it is the bay area city that can't stop shaking. more than a dozen earthquakes have struck so far, and that's just today. good evening to you. i'm juliette goodrich. the quake swarm along the calaveras fault in san ramon started on tuesday. 15 so far today, the largest a 2.9. it's all happening on the 26th anniversary of the 1989 loma prieta earthquake. it struck during rush hour at 5:04 p.m. 63 people were killed. most died in the collapse of the cypress freeway in oakland. a chunk of the bay bridge also fell. homes burned to the ground, and the a's-giants world series stopped. the '89 quake was the most destructive natural disaster in the bay area since the great quake of 1906. the san francisco fire department's neighborhood
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emergency response team marked the anniversary with a preparedness drill at north mason. the community training program teaches individuals the basics of personal preparedness as well as hands-on disaster skills just in case. >> after loma prieta, our first responders were very overwhelmed, and a lot of citizens wanted to help, and the fire department said, why don't we train these people to help. so they have trained about 26,000 people so far. >> the event concluded with a remembrance ceremony for loma prieta victims j. a quick thinking school worker stopped a would-be kidnapper in his tracks. she was driving to work when she spotted an 11-year-old student in a car with a man she didn't recognize. she used her own car to block him in at g street and putnam and called police. officers arrested 51-year-old santiago salazar on suspicion
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of kidnapping. they say he lured the girl to his car as she walked to school. a san francisco woman said an uber driver threatened to rape and kill her on his way to pick her up. mark kelly spoke with her today. >> reporter: after a night out with friends, eve hailed an uber. >> i was tired, i wanted to get home. >> reporter: but she says the ainge agree driver on the other end of the phone add clear and terrifying threat waiting for her. >> i'm going to find you, i'm going to rape you, and i'm going to kill. i've had people say weird stuff before but this had a different tenor in a way that made me feel like it was a genuine threat. >> reporter: according to her the entire thing started because the driver couldn't find her. she was waiting for him on that correspond but his map put her on that corner, just feet away but far enough that he couldn't find her. >> he was very angry and started swearing immediately. i said, you know, i'm not comfortable with this, let's
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just cancel the ride. >> reporter: but eve said her canceling the ride seemingly enraged the driver even more. he. >> he had figured out where i was and drove onto the muni platform. >> reporter: uber says, we want to offer our apologies to the rider. the driver's access has been permanently removed. >> we think, oh, we live in a city, let's just let it go. you do that and you're just letting that person do to the someone else. >> reporter: mark kelly, kpix 5. >> eve also filed a report with san francisco police. police have released two new suspect sketches in the stabbing of train hero spencer stone. they're the ones wearing the white shirts in this surveillance video. the suspect got away in a black toyota camry.
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a witness said it all started when stone tried to break up a fight between a woman and her boyfriend. stone has been hailed a hero for helping to thwart a terror attack. he was released from the hospital on thursday. all lanes of i-5 through the grapevine are back open after heavy rain buried the freeway in mud. the busy stretch of southern california interstate wasn't the only major roadway impacted. highway 58 to the east remains closed tonight. rescue crews spent the day searching through acres of mud. up to 20 feet of mud and debris pummeled the area, trapping some drivers in their cars. some people who escaped quickly realized the danger was far from over. >> i didn't think that it would be that deep, and i get out, and i walk, and when i walk, i fall, and so the mud and the water was too intense, so i just turned around and went
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back and got my dog. >> many people who got stuck had to leave their cars behind. some are staying in shelters tonight. meanwhile greg mills reports there's a frantic search going on right now for one man what is still missing. >> reporter: they came in four- wheel-drive vehicles mostly. >> i'm a good friend of him. >> reporter: john williams and a dozen other people who know richard from boron are here searching for him. they're joining search and rescue teams. the sheriff's department says quite honestly they don't know if it's a rescue mission or a recovery mission. all they do know is they're looking for a man in a car swept away in thursday's massive storms. friends say he has property back up there against the hills. >> it's in the middle of the canyon. and he's got a trailer up there. >> reporter: they say he stays there for weeks at a time, going home to boron on weekends. friends have been here before, and had to come back now.
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>> he's my friend. if i was out here lost, i would hope that my friends would come looking for me. >> if i could, i would be here all night looking for him until we find him. >> reporter: a few miles north is highway 5, the highway smothered in mud from unstable hill sides, leaving those in its path fearing for their lives. two days later, the parade of dump trucks is nonstop. one company told us they have 62 dump trucks on this job. so far, 35 vehicles have been removed but chp said there's many other vehicles still packed in mud. and the cleanup along highway 58 is expected to take days. now, still to come, an unusual celebrity sighting in san jose. why snoop dogg showed up to coach a youth football game. and we are also live in san
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jose for home coming but not just for home coming. we've also got a trophies on tour. we'll have the details and the forecast coming up. and el nino is bringing more than rain to california. where these highly venomous sea snakes are washing ashore.
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players he's "coach snoop."
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gg brought his dia . you know him as a rapper but to youth football players he's coach snoop. snoop dogg brought his team for a game against the san jose hit squad. snoop has been coaching and sponsoring inner city youth teams for 11 years. now his snoop league unlimited weight youth football program is expanding into the bay area as well as texas and colorado. >> just a great day of football. we wanted to make sure that we came and blessed a couple of teams in the bay area with our presence to let them know that we love and care, and we want them to be a part of this league for a long time. so just showing our presence, having a great football game, showing brotherhood, that's what it's all about. >> apparently snoop can coach. check out this run by one of the players. snap's 12 and under squad was up 25-0 by half time. so far three of snap's former youth league players have made
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it to the nfl. speaking football, brian hackney is at san jose state, the latest stop for the super bowl 50 tour. hi, brian. >> reporter: how are you, juliette? we are down here because the spartans are taking on the aztecs and it is home coming night. the people are doubt, beer is flowing, so that's why we're going say let's go to video as soon as possible, because we've got the super bowl 50 tour. this is where we've got all of the trophies accumulated bey the bay area football teams, all on tour, here in san jose tonight. tomorrow they'll be at oktoberfest in campbell. and it is super bowl 50. it seems just like yesterday when the green bay packers took on the kansas city chiefs in super bowl 1 back in january 1967, won by the green bay packers, vince lombardi at the
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hem, bart starr the mvp. you can see not that trophy but our super bowl trophies. they are right here. they are in campbell tomorrow. juliette, i have to tell you, the clouds are gathering in the sky. the question everyone has been asking me, is it going to rain? and we're going to have that answer a few minutes from now. it is so loud out here, i can't hear you, but if i think if you were to say anything to me, it would be, brian what a nice job you did handling a sports assignment. >> absolutely. still to come, how sailing school is helping to prepare these kids for careers of the future.
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el nino is bringing more than just rain to california. highly venomous sea snakes are now washing ashore. a surfer spotted this one. the yellow bellied sea snake is not normally found in california but scientists say the warm water is driving them north. dawn ford hopped aboard a sailing classroom. >> reporter: what looks like a sailing class for small kids is actually much more. >> here we go. >> reporter: without realizing
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it, they're learning science, technology, engineering, and math. the program is called set, sail, learn. >> a wonderful way to provide the kids with a hands-on experiencial learning with the san francisco bay as their classroom. >> reporter: students from 28 elementary schools will come through the program, and many, like 10-year-old emily, have never been on a boat before. the program is funded by the st. francis sailing foundation. >> we're touching these kids who might never have this experience. it's a very exciting day. >> reporter: there's always classroom where kids learn about history, ecology, and, of course, paper boat races. >> the looks on their faces just say it all. it's a look of sheer delight. >> reporter: the set sail learn
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program isn't exclusively for san francisco. they say with proper funding they would like to work with any of the other districts in the bay area. on to brian hackney now with the latest on our weather and this super bowl countdown. hi, brian. >> reporter: juliette, how are you? we're live at san jose's spartan stadium tonight where the spartans are taking on the aztecs. we're also on the road to 50, the super bowl tour with all of the trophies down here. tomorrow they're going to be at oktoberfest in campbell. it should work out fairly well. let's go to the kpix 5 hi-def radar to show you where it is raining. we've got a few thunderstorms in the sierra, rainfall totals no more than .01 or so and a trace elsewhere. and now, ladies and gentlemen, juliette goodrich by way of reporter participation is now going ready you the high temperatures. take it away, juliette.
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>> here we go. in concord 68 degrees. oakland and livermore you are looking at 70 degrees. san francisco a cool 6 4. in san jose 67 degrees. in santa rosa 69 degrees. >> reporter: wow, i clearly have no job security. beautifully done, ms. good rate. and let's look at the satellite. we've got a double barreled blow. that low pressure over the bay area, off the pacific northwest, triggered a few showers. so another low off the coast as that first one moves ahead it will be unsettled through sunday. that means there's the chance of a sprinkle or two around the bay area through the next 24 hours. after that it is going to warm up. soto sum it up, plenty of clouds tonight, a few sprinkles, partly cloudy skies on sunday, 20% chance is where we're pegging it at, then warmer on monday. heading now to the bay area, 61 degrees and partly cloudy skies, 75 for sacramento. maybe a thunder bumper or two at yosemite and lake tahoe.
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overnight lows tin mid to upper 50s. sunrise tomorrow at 7:20 a.m., maybe a sprinkle or two. the numbers in the bay area mostly in the upper 60s and low 70s. oktoberfest tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen. campbell, and the continuing tour of the super bowl trophies, all eight of them on display tomorrow in campbell. extended forecast, variable clouds tomorrow, then things warm up into the mid-80s by tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, in the 70s. a beautiful week ahead as soon as we dispense with this chance of showers coming into the bay area tomorrow. as we come back, the spartans take on the aztecs. we'll be crossing our fingers for the hometown team. and juliette, i will see you back at the station. as for now, i think i deserve a beer, don't you? >> you are where the party is. a fiesta back there. >> san diego state, san jose state, beer, brian hackney, boy! straight ahead, in the spirit
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of yogi berra, it ain't over till it's over. truer words never spoken, and it applied to the shocker of an ending in college football today. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[announcer] through sunday at sleep train, get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale ends sunday at sleep train. bit by it... ...let's take u ann arbor, michigan... rivay game... college football. if you didn't see it you won't believe it. i'm still shaken by it. ann arbor, michigan. rivalry game. jim harbaugh amped up for michigan state in white.
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goal line defense. could not hold. he pushes, breaks the plane of the goal, he gets in. michigan up 17-7. yeah. fast-forward to the fourth quarter, nine minutes left. the spartans' l.j. scott took it in and cut the lead. 10 seconds left, just go ahead, punt it away. michigan's won, right? no, bobbled snap. it's in the air. jackson takes it and goes into the end zone for a touchdown. incredibly enough, michigan state won the game, 27-23, a stunner. they come in all shapes and sizes in memphis, tennessee. he loves memphis tigers. tigers' best start since 196 1. but ole miss is 13th ranked for
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a reason. touchdown. kelly made it 14-0. lynch to mo stranger. the tigers are now 6-06789. let's go from that to a little golf. how about the open. 8th hole, rory mcilroy, how does he do it? tap-in birdie. he's 100 today, tied for 39th. brandon steele is at the top of the leaderboard. had a two-shot lead coming into the beginning of the day, andy maintains a one-shot lead over the field after a three under 69, 14 under total. over to baseball.
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alcs. josh donald son, toronto, had a lead over kansas city, game two. didn't look happy about it. 6th inning, here's how they got the third run. troy tulowitzki brought home mr. bautista to make it 3-0. david price on the mound was nasty. retired 18 in a reat one point. and then in the 7th, it all imploded. royals come back. here's alex gordon. gordon gets a double. brought home the go-ahead run. the royals scored five runs in the inning, to knock price out of the game. incredibly enough, the royals won game two, final 6-3. game three coming up on monday in toronto. and now, for something really different, and it takes cat quick reflexes, too. >> you've got to move fast, but the other thing that's very important, you've got to be
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thinking. >> reporter: coach greg is talking about fencing. >> up, and go. >> reporter: the highest ranked on the planet compete this weekend in san jose, one of eight stops leading to the world championships and the real olympic games. no one knows the game better than him. the u.s. olympic coach in 2008. >> you need to be able to move, explode, lunge, get back. >> there's a lot of stuff. there's really fast action, and a lot of decisions in a short situation. >> fence, all the way. name of the game. boom! all right! >> there's all sorts of characteristics, big, tall, faster. in an ideal world, you want someone like lebron james, huge and fast. the attack is good!
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my coaching held up. >> action without the apple is going on at the san jose convention center. they started with 200. down to 64. going on right now. >> it's a mental sport and skill, and a lot of luck? >> yeah, that, too. >> and guts. all right, thanks for watching. sigh at 11:00 on kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,
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>> i had told her at the time that, you know, if this is something you truly want to do, then i support you. >> announcer: she wanted plastic surgery to...measure up. >> judge judy: you meant emotionally supporting her. >> that's correct. >> judge judy: let's go from "emotionally supportive" to "forking up the dough." >> okay. >> announcer: but is it this mom's priorities that need work? >> judge judy: instead of putting it in a bank account for your two young children, you're blowing it on plastic surgery. there is something wrong with you. >> announcer: "judge judy."
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you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution david kozik is suing his ex-girlfriend, jacqueline mcgirt, for a loan to have plastic surgery. >> byrd: order! all rise! this is case number 242 on the calendar in the matter of kozik vs. mcgirt. >> judge judy: thank you. >> byrd: you're welcome, judge. parties have been sworn in. you may be seated. >> judge judy: mr. kozik, this is your former girlfriend. it is your claim that you made a loan to her for some plastic surgery. she says that there was never any discussion of her paying you back for this and that the plastic surgery that she had was a gift from her boyfriend. is that right? >> yes. >> judge judy: okay. mr. kozik, would you tell me the circumstances surrounding you making this loan to the defendant? >> yes, your honor. what had happened was, she had


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