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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  October 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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your health. strike one bay area city.. less than 24 hours! the easy fault working overtime tonight.. on an ominous anniversar . >> more than two dozen earthquakes strike one bay area city in less than 24 hours. the east bay fault working overtime tonight on an ominous anniversary. good evening. i'm juliette goodrich. the quake strikes in san ramon have been going on for nearly three -- 30 hours now. it's all happening on the 26th anniversary of the 1989 loma prieta earthquake. that 6.9 /# magnitude quake struck during the rush hour at 5:09 p.m..
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most of the people died when a chunk of. -- of the cypress bridge fell, and the a's giants world series came to a quick end. >> you know, it's not just that it's the anniversary, excuse me, of that big quake. people haven't /tproegt -- forgotten it, but it's even more in the forefront of their mind because of all the /kwaeubgz that have been happening here, and it serves as a very big reminder. >> so we are actually on the fault, and you always been expecting that there would be a big one, so i think this might be sort of warning for a big one. >> in the last 24 hours there have been more than two dozen earthquakes in the -- earthquakes in the san /ro moan area, and -- ramon area, and when you ask them what they're thinking, they say the big one. >> this lady didn't have to feel
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any /khruft -- of the cluster to know what they mean. >> i think we're going to have a big one really soon. >> according to the u.s.geological sur /sraoe -- survey, it's not a -- an indication of things to come. >> the only thing we know is interests /ae an -- there's -- if there's an earthquake, get your kids, run out of the house. we don't know anything more than that. >> just the fact that there's been so many on top of each other here in san -- san ramon, are you going to get prepared. >> i think we should get more prepared. >> the biggest earthquake is a 3.0. none of these have been big enough to cause any kind of damage, they were, however big enough to wake people up out of their bed. >> disaster drills were held all over the bay area today to mark
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the loma pre -- prieta anniversary including members of the san francisco fire department's neighborhood response team. they fort -- gathered at mason park for a drill in prepares -- preparedness. >> loma prieta, our first responders, our police, our fire, our government, were very overwhelmed, and a lot of citizens wanted to help, and so the government -- city government said, why don't we train them so if something big comes up. >> the event concluded with a memorial ceremony for earthquake victims. >> this was the scene along highway 58 in mohave tonight. cbs 4 reporter carter evans on the race to clean things up and get things moving again. >> on a sunny california
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morning, workers began the long task of freeing nearly 200 vehicles. they've been stuck here on highway 58 since /trepbl rain unleashed a wall of mud on unsuspecting driver's. new cell phone video just -- reported just how dire things became. >> we just started floating and banging into cars. it was awful. >> this man was driving his 18 wheeler. >> all this stuff started pushing this truck in park, with his foot on the break. >> parts of the highway could be closed for several times. that's how long it might take to remove a mile long stretch of cars and debris. more than an inch of rain fell in this part of l.a. county in just 30 minutes. the national weather service is called -- calling it a 30 -- thousand year rain event, but
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this cobe regular sights because of the el nino that's poised to hit. >> /aáfr four years in california, the weather -- after four years in california -- of drought in california, the weather may go from one extreme to another. >> by the way, there isn't any suggestion that el nino had anything to do with that rain storm, but it might show you what things will be rain when rain comes in this win rescuers were able to save the two people inside as the car sank. no word on how they're doing tonight. >> at least one person was killed when two cars collided head on near the stanford campus /topbd -- tonight. it happened around 7:300 just east of campus drive, so far there's no word on exactly how the crash happened or who is at fault. the chp is investigating. >> police in south san francisco are calling what they call a terrorist threat, and it all started with a fight over a pack
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pack -- parking space. they say a man flashed a gun near the cost -- near the costco on el ka -- camino real. they're still on the look out for the man. they say he was driving an older model black sedan. >> a woman said an uber driver threatened to kill her after a comment she made sent him into a rage. >> after a night out with friends, this lady /haeuld an uber. >> -- hailed an uber after a long night out. >> i'm going to find you, i'm going to rape you, and i'm going to kill you. i had people say stuff to me before, but this people had a different meaning to it, and a different ten or to it that made -- tenor to it, i felt it was a
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genuine threat. >> he was very angry and started swearing immediately, and i said you know, i'm not comfortable with this. let's just cancel the ride. >> but she says her cancelling the ride seemingly angered the driver even more. >> he figured out where he was and was pulling onto the platform. >> she said the driver eventually drove off, and uber released this statement: we want to apologize to the rider. this driver's access to uber has been permanently removed. she doesn't plan to sue, but she just want other people to know. >> in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> she also /tpaoeufd -- filed a report with san francisco police. >> a quick thinking schoolworker
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thwarted an any idea -- kidnapping in antioch. she spotted a kid she knew in a truck she didn't know. she used her car to block his truck -- truck while she called police. and a substitute teacher from santa rosa is facing child porn charges. ethan monroe morse morse, he's free on bail and due in court next week. these are the men who attacked the 23-year-old spencer stone outside a bar last week. they're the one wearing white shirts in a /surlts -- surveillance video from a nearby store. it all started when stone tried to break up a /tpaoeugt between a woman and her boyfriend. stone has been
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/haeuld -- hailed for help to thwart a terror attack on a paris train this summer. one of the grateful dead is battling cancer tonight. -- the musician survived a bout of prostate cancer back in 2006. >> well, still to come, the little pink pill hits the market, and it promises to boost female libido, but there's /wub thing you can't do after taking it. >> plus new /rul -- rules on the horizon for remote controlled aircraft, and why you may soon have to fly your drone to the d.m.v. >> and transforming the bay into an incident active classroom, how sailing school is helping to prepare these kids for the careers of the future. >> and see if there's enough wind to fill their sales, and
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any more rain in the future. as we look live to coit tower. it's all happening after a break. ,,,,,,,,
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"addy" is prescribed for won with low libido. but doctor lapook says: it's not witho its risks. 34-year-old sher . >> the so-called female viagra hit the shelves today. ad i didn't is supposed to help with libido, but it comes with risks. >> i have no libido, last of desire, no sexual thought, and it's been like that since i was 17. >> ad i didn't is approved for use in -- addyi is approved for use in premenopausal women, and she is willing to give it a try. >> i've tried several different supplements, i've tried vitamins, me and my husband have tried counsel, i've tried hip
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know therapy, but -- hypno therapy, but none of those have worked. >> it was expected to be prized at $20 a month for those with insurance. the drug also carry /ez -- carries a black box warning because taking alcohol with it can cause low blood pressure and fainting, and doctors emphasize that any benefit won'ting immediately. >> it's not approved for use in post menopausal women. there is -- there are still more you had studies due to make sure -- find out if it can work for them. >> tonight, california's unemployment rate has hit an eight year low. it dipped just below six percent for the first time since 2007. that's according to new numbers from the state employment development department. the numbers are even more impressive in san francisco. the city's jobless /raeugt now stands at just 3.2 percent. >> well, the days of flying unregulated drones appear to be
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coming to an end. the department of transportation's expected to announce some new rules next week, among them, drone /pwaoeufrz -- buyers would have to register the devices with their state's d.m.v.. now it's unclear if those who already owned /tkroepbz would have to do so, as well. a new hands-on learning program is taking bay area /staoupts on an ad /srer -- adventure out to sea. we hopped board -- aboard the sailing classroom. >> what looks like a sailing class for small kids is actually much more. >> heads down, here we go. >> without realizing it, they're learning science, technology, engineering, and math. the program is called set sail, learn. >> it's a wonderful way to provide the kids with a hands-on
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experience of learning with the san francisco bay at their classroom. >> this year, nearly 1500 fourth graders with -- from 58 san francisco high schools will -- san francisco schools will come through the program, and many, like eight-year-old emily have never been on a boat. the program is funded by the st. francis foundation. >> there's also a classroom where kids learned -- learn about history, he /kolg, and -- oco -- ecology, and of course paper boat races. >> the looks on their faces just say it all, it's a look of sheer delight. >> the set sail learn program isn't specifically for san francisco schools -- schools. they say with proper founding -- funding, they'd like to work with any of the other schools in the bay area. >> groovy music and /skwraoeu
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abbott -- giant gourds helped kick of pumpkin carving festival. heavy -- heavy weight pump kin's are on display as where -- well as harvest inspired crafts. it continues tomorrow on main street, and admission is free. >> that's why they suggest you take 282 to 290 to /phaf -- half moon bay. on the kpix high -- hidef doppler -- there's a little /kol -- volcano that last e -- erupted a few hundred years ago. just in case you forgot, that's what rain looks like on your windshield, probably on 80 heading toward the summit today, rain not turning to the -- snow, but we'll take every drop
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we can get, and those were from a few thunderstorms that unwound over the spine of the sierra. currently, livermore at 65, and in san jose, 63 degrees. santa rosa's got 57. here's what's happening, this low pressure system is going to spinning -- swing in over california tomorrow, so with that other low over the coast, there's a chance as it moves over california tomorrow, of getting a drop or two. it wouldn't amount to much, if it amounts to anything, so it'll be a little unsettled tomorrow. it's a can't miss forecast. variable clouds tomorrow, slight chance, 20 percent, of showers, and then more sunshine coming in with warmer weather ahead on monday. looks like a dry week ahead. numbers will recover to the mid80's by midweek, instand. -- inland. it will recover for the half moon bay pumpkin festival, and also, the treasure island music
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fest, clouds and /saoupb -- sunny from time to time, and /#-d nike women's half marathon. that'll be here in the city: 61 degrees under partly cloudy skies, and if you're heat -- heading out of the city, 75 degrees at redding, and 75 for sacramento and fresno. may be an rogue shower and 75 degrees, and a higher chance of lake tahoe and yosemite. yosemite up to 85 tomorrow. tonight, oakland down to 60, same for san francisco. san jose 58, and livermore, 57 degrees. tomorrow looks nice. variable clouds, some clouds, some sun, and some drops, especially up in the north bay. that would be all it would be. in livermore tomorrow, 72 degrees. livermore will reach the mid80's by wednesday. 73 out at fairfield, and 71 for santa rosa.
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and october fest, the grand tour of the eight super bowl trophies accumulated by bay teams, eight -- five by the 49ers, ride -- raiders have three, will be on display tomorrow at campbell. by next weekend, our numbers will fallback into the 70's, but a fairly warm week ahead for the bay area after we dispense with a few clouds after -- tomorrow. it's not looking bat ad ought -- all. >> billion -- well, you know him as the rapper, but some kids now him as a coach, coach snoop. snoop has been coaching and sponsoring inner city youth teams for 11 years, now he's expanding his snoop league youth football program out of southern california into the bay area, as well as texas and cal cal --
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colorado. >> it's a great day of football. we wanted to make sure that we came and blessed, you know, a couple of teams with the bay area with our presence to let them know that we love and care, and just wanted to they tell -- let memory know that we love them, and showing love and brotherhood, that's what it decide -- it's all about. >> and so far, three players from his league have made it to the n.f.l.. snoop's real name in calvin broddus. >> and who drew first blood heading to the n.l.c.s.? ,,,,,,,,,,
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league championship series business... nlcs first...w'l take you to queens, ny... oenis cespedes . >> baseball on top. we're addressing league championship series business. let's take you to queens, new york. yoenis cespedes and the mets hosting the cubs. first inning, there goes daniel murphy, homering for the second straight game to get them on the board. mets up 2-1 in the sixth, and travis d'arnaud, he did something about it. he upped the lead to 3-1 when he went out of the yard. mets win, 4-2, the second game is sunday night. blue jays and kansas city. tulo out to right and out of
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the reach of alex rios, but the royals pulled a come from behinder against jay david price. they scored five runs in the seventh. alex gordon broke a three all tie. they won did 6-3 and lead -- won it 6-3 and lead the series 2-0. charge to brooklyn barclays center. san jose, sharks attack. third period, tied at three, kyle lapos -- laposo, he missed once, but got it by the second time. n.b.a., we've got steph curry with preseason action against the --
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l.a.. n.b.a. -- m.v.p. had 19. the floor was so slippery, they had to call the game in the third quarter. l.a. won, 85-75. rory mc ilroy, par eight, and he put it right where he was it /tkp-rb-he wants -- he wanted it, for a top -- tap in birdie. brendon stills has been the man. cleared the field after a three under 69. he's at 14 under total for the tournament. college football is next, have you seen the shocker yet? a play that will live on as one of the most unbelievable in college football history. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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simply " soul crushing" losses... jim harbaugh's michigan team lead number-seven michigan e 23- 21, . >> college football, there are heart breakers, and then there are simply soul crushing losses. jim harbaugh's mitch team let michigan state 23-21. ten seconds left, all they had to do was punt approximate away. >> and the ball is free. it's picked up by michigan state. jaylen bell walks it, /skper scores -- jackson scores on the last play
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of the game. >> a stunning finish for the amazin blue. >> it's just a matter of catching it and punting it, and i messed it up. >> competed well, both teams, like main /kwrabgs. played win -- maniacs. plead winning football and didn't get the result. >> san jose state spartans? how do you stop san diego state? you know -- you don't. they're up 14-0. san diego state rolled 30-7, and sparty fell to 3-4. u.s.c. at notre dame, they couldn't stop this third quarter
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drive. 14th ranked irish held 31-21, as s.c. fell to 3-3 for the year. that, my friends was a whole lot of college football. >> it was good, though, and entertaining. >> bad day for punters, just bad all around. >> wow. >> and that punter is getting death threats now. >> really? >> that's sad. >> that's not good. all right. we'll be right back. don't like hearing that. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ thirty. . >> all right. we're going through our snoop dog lyrics of the night. >> what we do on our commercial break. >> hey, thanks for watching. our next newscast is tomorrow at 7:30. >> news and weather always at sfe -- hey, that's a happen --
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rap. that's the closest we're going to get. >> good night. ,,,,,,,,
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