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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  October 18, 2015 7:30am-8:31am PDT

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good morning, i'm anne mako. i'm phil matier. i'm mark kelly. it's 10:30 am and thanks for joining us. we have a lot to talk about. voters will decide on top new rules for gun control in california. we would be the first date with stringent requirements on the sale of ammunition. >> our political insiders weigh in on ted nuisance proposed measures. >> he is running for governor. what else me be in play here. one of our congressmen got back from russian working to establish diplomacy. as russia continues to interfere with the mess in syria. the meeting with high-level
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russian leaders behind the scenes. after three young people known as directors -- drifters, were murdered, there is a new focus. new homeless bazaar and greg suhr will be joining us live. >> lots coming up. let's take a check on your for seven day forecast. here is a live look of the golden gate bridge. mild temperatures and a few clouds in the sky. it will feel like if all like day. 49 right now in santa rosa. 59 open. 61 san francisco. weather headlines, partly cloudy, patchy fog. mild temperatures. slight chance of showers around the bay. extended forecast coming up. cleanup crews have a huge job in front of them after flash floods buried vehicles and damaged homes in kern
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county. 200 cars have been stuck on highway 58 this thursday when torrential rains unleashed a wall of mud on unsuspecting drivers. a part of the highway could be closed for several days and cell phone video shows how tense things became. >> oh my god. >> oh my god. this car is going to hit us. >> a strong el niƱo expected to bring more heavy rain in the coming months. police in florida are searching for a government they say killed one person and injured for others at a zombie themed festival. the zombicon in fort myers draws 20,000 people. police say produce events were packed together shoulder to shoulder last night when someone started shooting. it's not clear what led to the shooting. police are investigating
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what they are calling a risk threat during a fight over a parking space. a man flashed again you the argument on friday. he took off when he witnessed threatened to call police. the officers say he was driving an older model black sedan. [ music ]. art and pumpkin festival wraps up today. visitors were treated to live music and serious pumpkin carving skills yesterday. it continues from 9 to 5 on main street. admission is free. that's the top story on this sunday morning. a new effort. for gun control measures in california. >> the proposal focuses on ammunition. it would be in possession with more than 10 rounds. all dealers would have to get a license and perform background checks on customers.
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our legal analyst said it should meet second amendment muster. >> he's not seeking and then on the sale of ammunition. if you tried to do that, that would be found unconstitutional. >> the proposed to make it easier to get guns out of the hands of balance and requires anybody who has a stolen gun or had it stolen and reported immediately. they want to put all of this before voters 2016. >> it's an interesting and bold move. >> it is a safe one in california where we hope things like this poll at 70% plus. >> the eyes of the nra are on this. >> sometimes that's a fight you want because that galvanizes your side and makes it an issue. it will be interesting because one of the side effects of this we've seen before is when something like this is brought up and put in front of the
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voters, people buy more ammo in gun sales increase. it's going to be the hot political topic for the next year and we will be front and center. >> our political insider will weigh in on this. let's take a walk down the street in san francisco. i spoke with the city's new homeless director and how he's going to tackle the issues before him. >> we can do better in san francisco. >> we saw the challenges facing san francisco's home -- homeless bazaar. it was sprawled out in front of city hall. >> what can we do? >> we can do a lot. it doesn't look like it to the average person walking by. >> it's part of our right as a citizen to sleep in the parts has -- during the day. >> how do you change your behavior that is a protected
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right were tolerated quite >> defecation and urination and petty crime. >> we have to have a heavier dose of self-discipline. the problem is most people do it and other people are those that are drug-induced. they can make a rational decision. >> in the hate neighbors are getting upset about the younger homeless street people. >> there holding residents of haight-ashbury hostage. i want people breaking the law to be uncomfortable. >> making the homeless and comfortable is not what the homeless bazaar is about. >> it's called housing. that is a solution. >> we can work with them to get them into a shelter. >> where do you guys sleep? >> hotels. >> we had to leave the hotel because they want to rent us a room for more than a week. we have to find another one.
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>> it will be interesting to see what the new homeless person will do. there's pressure saying it's one thing to be compassion but this is getting too far. we have public defecation and now things are getting violent. >> there doesn't seem to be a solid strategy. we are hoping that homeless people practice self- discipline. that's not what happened. >> it's not. the problem is he also said is people are beyond the point of self-discipline. they have drug problems and other problems so severe. >> there are different categories of homeless people. some people are down on their lack. >> if you can get them housing within a month there's a good chance they will return.>> people you spoke with at the end of your story were like that. >> have living on the streets
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as a lifestyle and bring in heavy drugs and self-medication things go bad. >> we've seen plenty of wildfires raging. the state needs every bit of manpower to battle the flames. >> 3800 inmates help them on the front lines. officials admitted that nearly 40% of the states inmate firefighters have violent past. date called for an investigation. corrections officials say the inmates are crucial for the firefighting effort and the need to bolster the force. >> we're looking for five years down the road and we know that eventually the pool of inmates that we have to pick from is going to get even smaller than it has in the last few years. >> department of corrections say it will continue to search for ways to increase the pool. firefighters need help in this is easier on california's budget than hiring more firefighters.
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the thing is, the second there is publicized incident where one of they go wrong and it's out, there will be hell to pay. >> there's an equation in play. we are incarcerating fewer and fewer nonviolent criminals. we have a realignment program transferring them to the counties. your prison population tends to have a violent past. if you are going to be drawing on them that is what you got. >> construction projects are a hassle. a necessary evil. in the south bay, it's wearing thin. a project in san jose would create an express lane for buses. right now, there are orange cones and idle equipment. the project is over budget and behind schedule. >> our sales decrease in people
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don't want to drive into the parking lot. ordeal with the mess. >> bta shut down the project after a contractor ruptured the gas line. the contractor was fired. the mayor says businesses have lost 25% of revenue and he's vowing to help them. this is not the only big construction in san jose. they recently fired the contractor that was working on valley medical center. >> we could go from project to project and that which is planned and that which is planned for different things. the 49ers have another home game today. they are playing the ravens. >> you better be better watching it off life. in the second season levi's stadium is getting less than great reviews. people are complaining about limited shade. the team is pretty bad.
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$117, the second highest in the league for a ticket. >> we go a few years with this type of football. i think the stadium will be empty. how long have you been selling tickets? >> 20 years. >> have you ever had a heart attack selling tickets? >> i would say no. >> buyers of trying to get rid of those 3000 licenses. they are on the market. for the new york giants they cost between 2000 and $80,000. it's an interesting phenomenon. maybe there are better options. all the nfl in the 49ers are talking about that they will be at home watching tv. but the cost. >> it's easier to go home then
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getting traffic. movements made on the stadium. it plans for the east bay. will talk about this after the break. we will be joined with eric's while well who's just gotten back from russia. and tension in that area and what may be done to relieve it. you can call it a some where the changing a political tides. dianne feinstein may be too old to run again. political insiders will weigh in. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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an will begin to m a milestone in the iran nuclear agreement. they will make changes to an underground facility and a reactor and a site for enriching uranium. after that is finished verify the international community will lift sanctions on tehran. the russian military said is it will continue to use drones over syria despite an unmanned
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vehicle were shut down near the turkish border. they are using data collected from the drones. they criticize the bombing campaign. they say they want to keep alistair in power. >> good morning. how was your perception in the kremlin? >> i went there to tell the russians that in syria we need to make sure their plans are not shooting down our plans and we may not be inside of this but things can get ugly if we don't keep those plants. >> it's interesting. the united states and russia. trust your motives. we have impacting dictators and being involved in these complex for years. are we to tell them to stand up. >> the biggest concern is to make sure we fight isis. russians want to do that but they also want to support the side. what i'm most concerned about is making sure we don't have an unnecessary escalation.
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>> russian will be there post -- biggest enemy. this is a marathon with russia. we don't have to chase them everywhere around the globe to fight them every time. >> in addition to syria they will be building up the spores around the former soviet republics like pakistan and kazakh extent. after 14 years we're not doing a great job there and things are falling apart and he says he doesn't want to spread into russia. >> russia fell after their last adventure in afghanistan. they will see the same demise if they try to do that in the ukraine and in syria. i was in estonia where they are in fear that russia will try to come in. 5:00 umass schow and you see a state that is crumbling. the drawer fronts are empty and
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people are out of work. russia will be its own worst enemy. the united states does not have to go [ null ] for tat with them. >> what i noticed on the media, we rushed back to the cold war. we want everything to find of those terms. russia continues to be the enemy. but who are our friends that will help fight isis or contain the taliban? i don't see anybody else stepping up. >> we need to make sure we continue to alienate russia with the european allies. the nato allies, germany, france, britain. as they try to take more ground over there proving -- they will alienate themselves further. we should think about strength -- strict sanctions. we can put tougher sanctions on th. >> you mentioned congress. we're having this meltdown on the republican side. you don't even have a speaker of the house lined up or anybody that wants the job.
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>> right now we don't have a leader of the republican house. this is the fewest bills we've ever had ever. right now if kevin mccarthy can't get enough votes to be speaker of the house -- >> and ryan doesn't want to. what is the word on the next pic? >> can you imagine where someone is passing up the opportunity to be a ceo? that is the state of affairs. no one wants to work for these guys. >> is there any chance that the moderate republicans and moderate democrats could team up and fix and pick someone or are democrats going to stand and go this is great and crazy and we weigh need help. >> the republicans have not come to the democrats think we would like to work with you. i know that leader pelosi is a collaborator. i would love to see her work with willie brown and get the
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majority vote. >> willie brown could reach across the aisle. they have to come to us and ask for help. they haven't done that. instead they are kowtowing to the lowest denominator. >> what is going to affect is the bills that the government must pay in a few weeks. the government shutdown that will come in december. and the american people come on -- government reserves to get by. the needs of the american people without a ceo has a problem. >> thank you for joining us. let's look at the weather. we have a fall like day out there for sunday. here's a live shot of the san mateo bridge. the traffic alert just went up. half moon bay, expect delays. here's what you can expect weather wise, partly cloudy and
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mile. 20% chance of showers in the north bay in a warming trend starting tomorrow. more on that in a second. first the highs today are not getting all that high. a lot of lows, 70s in santa clara, 69 sunnyvale. slide over to the east bay, 73 antioch. valeo 70. 69 phoenicia. san francisco 77. northbay 68. mill valley 70. we had the oregon pumpkin festival today and it will be 66 at half moon bay today. and partly cloudy. there's a look at the seven day forecast, sunshine returning tomorrow. temperatures will bump up by the middle of the week before they take a dip. by friday we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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california voters decide on gun control laws. some is leaving and letting voters vote on gun control laws. the first day to our licensing and back on checks for ammo sales with possessions of magazines with more than 10 rounds. anybody with guns that a been stolen to reported. support is will collect 365,000 signatures to put that on the ballot in 2016. >> i spoke with willie brown about this play. the lieutenant governor put his support behind it.
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>> now guns. they took about an hour at this press conference for the nra to make a lot. that is a win for someone who wants to one -- run for governor. >> used to win the democratic primary and that was it. then you went on against a republican in an open primary is coming out against guns. mayor brown is mark. >> bill, not only is it that issue but we have this crazy system now of the top two-tier people running in the polls. you have the vision and the fact that you have to talk to the voters. one could very easily put together the conservative democrats, the democrats from the valley for one example. and all of the republicans and some of the coastal people and then look what democrats from berkeley and san francisco. >> that could put him in a
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different situation. >> he knows how to navigate these issues. he had a press conference, a place that everyone knows. he talked about his kids in the public fears of these mass shootings. when you look at what happened in california this could be an issue that resonates with voters. >> he also made it very clear that he was talking about these things that most people agree with. the business of how many bullets or magazines can you have. whether or not there should be the appropriate background checks and he didn't say we won't do it legislatively. he said i'm going out to collect signatures. just think, you have the brady people back in your signature collection curing your name and your image. newsom is mark. >> you are both missing -- by doing this he gets himself out from having to be the lead
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cheerleader and spokesperson for the legalized marijuana industry initiative. it was interesting that the marijuana qualified and gavin newsom came out was saying i want to have a crusade called guns. >> i don't think he's trying to win that. i think is trying to occupy the field. just think if you could discuss guns and pot everywhere you stop and nothing else you have safe platforms. >> this is going to be tough with oregon's gun-control fight. part of this law is taking back some of your ammo and that is one thing that with israeli firing up. >> confiscating things. >> they are going for that one because they think of the right thing to do but they are not afraid of that. in california they will take on the nra. sound bytes you want
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to have. gave you some wants to have this fight. he's going after gun stores. >> it will be interesting to see how this played out. less to talk about. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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o'clock. good morning, i m phil matier. i'm an welcome back. the time is 8:00. i'm phil matier. >> on man haron monis of that. greg suhr is in our studio and is ready to answer questions about what happened before officer shot and killed a man in the middle of a busy market street morning. >> a new pattern of drifting. stolen guns and random killings. we will be belting out joyful hymns the sunday morning. there is one that caught flak for doing that. >> a cease-and-desist order from the city telling them to pipe down. how old is too old to be effective as a politician. our insiders breakout results that have california and saying it may be time for dianne feinstein to wrap it up. let's take a quick check of your rather -- weather forecast.
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let's look at the bay bridge. temperatures pretty mild. san jose, 60. san francisco and 61. oakland 59. outlook, clouds around for most of the day. while temperatures and slight chance of showers. extended forecast coming up. a small earthquake continues to take -- shake san ramon. six since late last night. the strongest, magnitude 1.9. two dozen have happened in the past day and half. there were reports of damage. the geological survey says the small quakes don't mean that larger quakes is imminent. investigators are looking into the cause of a deadly head- on crash near the stanford campus. it happened last night. just east of campus drive. one person was killed.
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what started out as a sinkhole in union city is now a crater. last week the payment gateway on alvarado boulevard. this morning -- this morning it has grown to 55 feet wide. they're hoping to fix this you troll by tuesday. police have released sketches of the men suspecting of attacking a sacramento airman to stop the terror attack on a french drain. these are the man police say stabbed 23-year-old airman stone outside a sacramento bar last week. it when you said you started winstone try to break up a fight between a woman and her boyfriend. jury selection will begin in the case that brought down legal entity. >> the key defendant in the racketeering investigation facing murder and solicitation
8:03 am
charges. he try to have alex dale killed. he was the leader of child's community organization and allegations that he denied including being a -- doing a kpix interview. >> no. i have heard people a lot. but those people i believe they deserved it. >> leone was killed in 2006. challis tied to another murder in 2013. attorneys are not worried. >> we looked at the disclosures and it's the best news we could get because the evidence they disclosed shows how weak the cases. >> child faces racketeering charges and a wide range corruption scandal. former senator yee pleaded guilty to taking bribes. how about this period. it died down.
8:04 am
>> a lot of people said this was what prompted the feds to get involved was that initial chow was involved in this murder. and that led to this sting operation to bring him in. at the end as we go to court that that that charge out. >> i'm waiting for a tv movie on this. >> eastern bridge is two years old and it's already causing an international group of maintenance experts to urge your breadth of -- a retrofit. >> they believe it would keep the cable from corroding. they recommend to use humidifiers to keep the cables on the bay bridge drive. >> it's a pump system that pushes dry air through the cable. we haven't already on the bridge. in the key areas.
8:05 am
>> in the past two years technology caught on and it is widely used in europe. >> we get reports with what's going on with the bay bridge. shourie worry now? there are some faults at this thing. these narrated boat tours. they are talking about the new bridge and i am shaking my head. >> it has been a mess. >> we wanted a one-of-a-kind world iconic bridge and become one. unfortunately maintaining it and keeping it up because it is one-of-a-kind and their questions about the design that it will cost millions. it's up to $50 million now and will cost more to maintain it. a plan to prevent teenagers from buying tobacco is on hold. >> the city has reached the age from buying tobacco from 18 to 21 but that was until big
8:06 am
tobacco stepped in. >> it went into effect in july. the retailers association has threatened to sue. one teenage smoker inhales burke said raising the legal buying a son there. >> i thought it was bogus. if i can go to war i should be able to smoke a cigarette. >> it's my choice. they shouldn't decide for me if i can buy cigarettes. >> the police want to enforce the ordinance until they get a second legal opinion from the state attorney general. expect joyful music at church this morning. the city has french church leaders with a fine. >> this will grab national attention. officials sent a cease and desist order to pleasant grove missionary baptist church saying the fund would be issued if they continue to sing late into the night. neighbors complained that the gospel music is too loud.
8:07 am
>> after 11:00 it was cited in the letter after 2 am. >> it's hard to believe because you hear about people and begin concerned about noise. >> hefty fines. $3500 nuisance fee and a $3500 per day if the noise doesn't stop. the church cannot afford this finds. naacp is standing with the pleasant grove folks to demand more specifics from the city in criticizing the handling of the issue. >> this is not the first church of this is happened to. it happened to seven other churches in the past two years. one did result in a citation. >> these are the neighborhoods where gentrification is going on. what was once accepted is now you have new homeowners and renters and they are not too crazy about it. >> they have to play nice. new radiators -- greater
8:08 am
stadium. >> the oakland tribune reports of southern california developer done cal could take on the expanded role of the coliseum city project. they drop negotiations with this guy, float port. sent out has been invited when they met with city officials. none of the players commented. binding $400 million in funding for that stadium will be difficult. >> $400 million for the building of it and also the raiders want it land free and they want the city to help with infrastructure. there is always staff and details that could cost money. >> we are still dealing with this. >> what is uncertainty with the raiders? i thought that was the norm for them. >> deadlines, forget about it.
8:09 am
>> any plans they do say needs to happen sometime because the nfl is set to make a decision about whether a shared chargers stadium will be greenlighted in southern california. more drama. >> we will be right back after this break. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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hall meeting for tomorrow to discuss the there is a town hall meeting tomorrow to discuss the shooting of a man near the letter headquarters last week. police were called to do with a man throwing bottles. police say the man thought back and went for the sergeants gun. another officer shot and killed him. >> greg suhr is here to talk about this and other issues facing the city. this is the fifth officer involved shooting in the year. you come across a situation where this guy was throwing bottles at a construction site. did the officers try -- did they directly confront him? one of the theories now is stand back and wait. talk and weight. don't confront someone when they are showing this. >> a person that has endangering themselves, the
8:13 am
policy is create distance. and assistance it was a hazard so the officer went to talk to him. not a full court press but said hey, move over here. and he went at the officer. >> he went at the officer and then they both went down. on the ground. >> well, they went down in the suspect used a takedown move into the officer down. and then landed on top of the officer. >> the officer hit a curb and was stuck between the meter and he started chopping at his holster to get the gun out of the holster. >> that is when the shots were fired. >> the sergeant notified his part of that he's getting my gun and he's got my gun and shoot him. >> that is where we stand now. was there someone there with a cell phone? >> we can have a different interpretation.>> no.
8:14 am
i would think we would have a great demonstration of what happened. that is what we were hoping to get. >> how will that give you a great demonstration effects wouldn't it be confusing? >> the picture is worth 1000 words. if we show the officer being the aggressor in the officer taking him to the ground. it would have the audio. of him saying he's got my gun. that would be a value. >> what is slowing down us getting this out. >> there is the getting of the cameras and the contract process. that takes time. in the policies going to the commission. we have a meeting wednesday night with the community. >> one of the policies that they don't want the police to review before their interview. >> some people. those people so far to this
8:15 am
process would have in all instances -- it would make for the officer to look at the video. we did this for video already. the video is not going to get changed so to say that is not meant to be gotcha video but evidence of what happened. >> it's good to another topic in the haight asbury. someone broke into a car and they still a gun in the gun was used later to kill two people. we talk about gun control in california all the time. and laws to keep things like this from happening. that stolen gun was possession, a felony or misdemeanor. it would depend on the value of the gun. >> correct. since prop 47 it has to be over $950. >> that god was worth less than
8:16 am
$950 and the person you found in possession of it having stolen it would get equivalent of a ticket? >> yes. if you knew that is the person who stole it. that is a felony. but if they have begun and you knew the gun was stolen and it was a misdemeanor and they met the criteria they would get a ticket. >> possession of a stolen gun could wind up being a ticket. >> in san francisco there certain misdemeanors and firearms is one of them that requires a booking. you would be cited from there. it's not a felony. if it's under $950. >> people through guns away. the officers do it all the time. we see 1000 tons a year. >> how many people get charged with possession illegally of the guns? >> i don't have that but i would say immediately not that many because the process has
8:17 am
been that district attorney's office want to wait for the dna test to come back. >> so if it comes back and they are in possession of a gun when it is stolen it has a misdemeanor then? >> valued at $950. spirit plus prosecution. in less it hasn't obliterated sell your -- serial number. >> if we have laws where possession of a gun industrial and gun is a misdemeanor, what is the point? >> >> a felon -- a parlay convicted felon with a gun would be a felony but the lion share of the don't have a can felony conviction, that will be a misdemeanor and prosecution if we get the dna back. >> has anyone made a move to make it something more? >> there have been conversations but i'm not sure
8:18 am
of any move right now to make that happen. >> that's amazing. i know that for the officers -- i have taken guns from people and there is a moment when you realize the person has a firearm. and i don't know it's like any other that a police officer has. >> a person could have a firearm and it's a misdemeanor even though it is stolen. and the value is under $950. >> okay. that's the way we are today. thank you for joining us. it's a nice fall like day out there. it's good to curl up with hot apple cider. we got clouds out there to start off our sunday. partly cloudy and mild today. 20% chance of showers in north bay and a cooling trend starting tomorrow for a good part of your workweek. highs today staying in the low 70s. 70 in fremont. 69 in mountain view.
8:19 am
in the east bay, 68 dental. 73 pleasant hill. san francisco, 67 for berkeley and in north bay 70 today. 70 in petaluma. sunshine returns tomorrow. temperatures will crank up a little bit by the middle of the week before they dip down again by next weekend. we will be right back with more politics and news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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half of those who respondedo th d be dianne feinstein up for reelection in 2018. half of the respondents things it would be a bad idea for her to run again even though she has a favorable rating. >> she is 82 and has served in the senate since 1982. >> we spoke with willie brown and carlo manna nucci to get their view if there is ageism in politics. >> if you are in od oh death
8:22 am
-- health and to the job and can be with everybody who shows up with a multiplicity of things you need to do in the job then you are you are still as interesting as you've been. your twitter account is in good shape. >> that is not often the case with politics. sometimes they have been there too long. >> you have challengers in some races. age is an issue but the fact is in some races somebody's candidate shows they are strong in their vital. willing to take it on. >> she has an incredible, very forceful narrow driven response on issues. that makes a good platform for her. >> it translates into common language. >> that would be i am going to solve the issue.
8:23 am
i'm going to put together this elaborate research project that could be rivaled only by the brookings institute. i will bring in the most brilliant minds and brains and i'm going to look the part and it's never going to be trending. that is diane. >> we've had another senator there for just as long, and she doesn't get the press or the attention of feinstein. >> the fact is she has an agenda. she has been straight and forward on think she believes about. there are different styles of the senators. dianne feinstein is the oldest member of the u.s. senate now and you do not want to ask her about that. >> you have to understand you take a look at diane and she functions better now than she did four years ago. four years ago there were accusations that she had low- energy and couldn't make it wanted to appearances.
8:24 am
now she is everywhere. she is always relevant on the serious issues. think about the question of security and snowden in that crowd. diane is a california spokesperson on those issues. >> this is good term limits? >> dianne feinstein is the one who has put herself out there and there is no one out there that will take her on at this point. >> mayor brown, if you had the choice and ability do you have desire to run? >> please. i managed to stay out of jail. that achievement can be repeated. >> [ laughing ]. >> she would be 85 where that race in 2018. >> but she still has more pushing power. americans are living longer. >> big dreams, young people are achieving their goals. this week's jefferson award winner. this was me down here in my
8:25 am
dream was way up there. >> patricia moore new bay has a dream. >> that i establish myself and wanted to change the world. >> you could say she dreams big. >> i believe -- i was bullied in elementary school. i was an awkward person. and was a loner. i had the cooper friends that would encourage me to get involved. so i wanted to change that. >> changing it turned out to be the beginning for the 17-year- old college freshman. deric padilla was her high school teacher and advisor. >> i have never seen a student with this kind of drive. >> the first step of getting to my dream was to become a good leader. >> which he sets foot on campus she is almost like a force. they want to be part of this magic. >> there was something much more to life. >> sia is students in action.
8:26 am
a program developed for the jefferson awards and accounting firm deloitte. she was the president at el camino high school at south san francisco. with a little pressure to lead by example. >> it's the night before the projects review and i said to myself i might as well put one in. >> this was the night before. >> 11 pm. i hadn't finished homework. >> that is how dream boxes was born. on the assembly line patricia and her volunteers fill each box with donated school supplies. dream boxes have gone to st. jude's hospital, foster care homes, and the ones being assembled here will go to schools and families in the bay. she's even hand-delivered boxes to students in a small village school in the philippines. in addition to the regular school supplies and notebooks and glue sticks, every dream box comes with something extra special. letters. >> a letter from another
8:27 am
student that you don't know and they are telling you these amazing things that you can do it. even though we have never met. i think that is where the power of that comes from. >> for inspiring children to dream big this week so jefferson award in the bay area goes to the tricia neuman ube. ,, p-i-x five." your local news continues in just a couple of minutes...,
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>> dickerson: today on "face the nation" the showdown over benghazi. hillary clinton prepares to testify before congress. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about damn e-mails. >> dickerson: may have gotten help from her opponent at the first democratic debate last week. but the spotlight will be intense as she appears before the congressional committee investigating the attacks on u.s. facility in benghazi libya. committee that is faced own share of controversy lately. we'll talk to chairman republican trey gowdy and top democrat ellijah cummings. we'll talk about the democratic debate and presidential campaign with our political panel. journalism legend bob woodward. also talk about revelations in his new book, the last of the president's men, the story of a te


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