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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  October 18, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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are being told -- to get to higher steady rains prompt a flash flood warning for one corner of the bay area tonight.
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where people are being told to get to higher ground. and good evening. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. when it rained, it poured by vacaville, leading to fears of mudslides in areas stripped barry by summer fires. as a result, the first flash flood warning of the season is still in effect tonight for brief heavy rain in a small section of solano county. the good news, the hi-def doppler is showing the heavy rain earlier easing up and the warnings expire at 7:00 tonight. meanwhile, crews digging trapped cars out from under tons of mud in southern california had a bit more 0 drizzle to deal with today but it was nothing compared to the thunderstorms that unleashed that massive mud and debris flow on thursday. tonight at least 30 vehicles still stuck in the now hardened mud along highway 58 in kern county. the major trucking route will be shut down at least a few more days. and tonight there's talk of
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bulldoze ago popular park in marin to make way for a flood pond. the park sits right along sir francis drake boulevard west of 101. our emily turner is there tonight and tells us people are fired up. emily. >> reporter: they are fired up, juliette. this debate began months ago. it is going to be on the ballot innovember but there are signs in almost everybody's yard in this neighborhood surrounding this park. the city wants to make this park, memorial park, into a flood basin. they would eventually put everything that's in here back into that flood basin, but in the time it would take to make that, there would have to be construction which would take about two years. it would very likely be smaller than it is now. there are some folks who say it's not worth that because this is all in the name of flood relief. they say the amount of relief that would it provide for a flood is simply not worth the down time for this park and what would happen on the tail
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end of it, he is special because they say this park is going to cost $17.5 million. >> this park is beloved. it's probably the most popular playground in central marin county. and to ruin it in the ostensible name of flood protection when you are not going to get any flood protection is near criminal. >> it works in conjunction with other projects like bridge replacement. we can't just do bridge replacement without having a place to hold the water during flood times. >> reporter: clearly a very emotional issue with a lot of people on either side of this topic. it's become so holt debated that it did, in fact, become a ballot measure. there's a ballot measure for this flood basin and one against it. again that will happen in november, but already absentee voting has began. meanwhile crews in union city are still aiming to have this massive sinkhole repaired
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by tuesday. the pavement gave way on alvarado boulevard last week. workers had to expand the hole to fix the underlying problems before patching the road. it's now about 55 feet wide and 10 feet deep. it's also blocking traffic in front of a fire station and nearby alvarado middle school. the quakes just queen on coming in san ramon. the largest struck about 3:30. it was 3.1. at least one person called the newsroom to say they felt it, but there have been dozens of small quakes along the calaveras fault since wednesday. these types of swarms happen from time to time in the area. none of the quakes have been big enough to do any damage. tens of thousands of pg&e customers across the monterey peninsula are still without power after a massive power outage. at the height of the event more than 55,000 customers were in the dark. the exact cause is still in clear but it may have something to do with an early morning explosion at the moss landing
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power plant. pg&e hopes to have service restored bey 11:00. if you are traveling on bart give yourself extra time. passengers can expect delays of up to 20 minutes between the fremont and hayward stations because crews are working to modify tracks near the high ward yard, forcing trains in the area to share a single track. work will continue through the night but it will be done in time for tomorrow morning's commute. and some bad news for caltrain commuters. your fare is about to go up. our mark kelly caught up with drivers who say enough already. >> i think it causes problems more than anything. >> reporter: luis reyes shakes his head when we tell him cal tran prices could be going up. >> i don't look forward to paying for the train, at least not that much. >> reporter: caltrain wants to raise the basic price and parking rate by 50 cents. monthly parking would go up $5. for some that's reasonable. >> 10 cents or 25 cents, i
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don't think it's going to matter in the grand scheme. >> reporter: but others want to get something more for their money. >> you would pay more for a faster caltrain. >> yes. >> reporter: no idea if caltrain will one day be faster, but there are plans to have the trains run on electricity with no government funding that pricey project, plus the fact current fares don't even cover half their budget, is why caltrain is putting out its hand. >> i think they're getting a pretty good amount of money as it is now. >> reporter: if a ticket hike sounds like deja vu, it kind of is. just last october caltrain raised some tickets a quarter, others by 50 cents. and new talk of a rate hike has riders crying ticket fare fatigue. >> the way that it is now, the economy, i think it affects a lot of the middle income families. >> caltrain's board is expected to take a vote in early december. if they pass, they would go into effect in 2016.
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in mountainview, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> the board will hold a public meeting tomorrow night to get input. the commute through oakland could be less crowded. a new hov lane is opening up along a three-mile stretch of 880 from hegenberger road. while san francisco is about to take bike safety to new heights, and we mean that both literally and figuratively, work begins tomorrow on a new elevated bike lane that's going to run for two blocks on market street. it should encourage more cyclists to trined lanes instead of on the sidewalk. an estimated 3,000 cyclists commute down market street every day. still to come, divers to have jump to the rescue after a car drives off a crowded santa cruz wharf. plus, her fiance got cold feet, but a jilted northern
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california bride went ahead with her reception anyway. the only thing is that there was a whole new guest list. ,,
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after a car plunge one person is dead, another in critical condition tonight after a car plunged off a santa
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cruz whrarve. it happened last night. police say the car jumped an eight-inch parking block, then barreled through a rail before plunging 20 feet into the water. divers underin to pull the driver and passenger out. tonight there's no word on exactly why the driver went out of control. san francisco's department of public works may be in hot water tonight. crews working on an excavation project may have damaged a plaque on the rainbow honor walk in the castro district. the sidewalk tribute honors members of the lgbt community. workers reportedly scratched at least one of the cost plaques between 17th and 1st street. the plaques cost $5,000 each. they're paid for through private donations. the city of oakland is reaching out to residents for ideas to improve its downtown. it will be taking public input for a week starting on tuesday. as you probably know the demand for downtown space is increasing. as we've seen in san francisco, it is threatening to push out
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people who have been there for years. the city is working on a formal plan for the future of downtown including which areas are ready for growth and which should be preserved. it was supposed to be a beautiful wedding overlooking the sacramento skyline. but when the groom got cold feet, the bride's family decided not to call it off. instead the family invited the city's homeless for a once-in-a- lifetime meal. the four-star feast included salad, salmon, even tritip. >> i think it was very generous to lose out on something so important for yourself, then give to the someone else is like really giving. >> while full stomachs and smiles were everywhere, the night was still painful for the bride's parents there. ' 27-year-old daughter chose to stay home. part of the $35,000 wedding price tag included a nonrefundable honeymoon. so mother and daughter plan to take the trip to belize
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together instead. and still to come, it's like a straight scene out of the movie "up." the tiny bay area house that got a new home today. and after flash flood warnings today, fire weather warnings for tomorrow. strange but true, as we look toward mount diablo. we'll have the details after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,
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a big adventure today. kpix ramos shows us: the a little house in oakland went on a big adventure today. kpix 5's john ramos shows us the home that was given away for free now has a new lot in life. >> reporter: in the pixar movie "up" an old man refuses to sell
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his home as the world grows around him. that same thing has been happening right here at oakland's children's hospital. >> he was a fan of the hospital. he just didn't want to move. >> reporter: when the man who lived in this house passed away in 2001 his heirs finally sold his house to the hospital that surrounded it. but just like in the movie, the house itself was able to escape. today was moving day as the 80- year-old home began its journey. despite months of preparation, the operation still had its challenges. napely, the overhead bart tracks. >> we made six inches of clearance underneath that. we had to measure that a few times. >> reporter: once past that, the procession picked up speed. >> the rest of it was pretty easy when it was actually going down martin luther king. it was moving faster than a parade. >> crazy. i don't think anyone in their life serve going to see a house
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on a truck move across the street. >> reporter: the landowner plans to turn into it a rental unit. and just like in the movie it's possible the house may actually get to fly. the general contractor says there are plans to raise it up so a second story can be built underneath. >> our plan was always to give it away and help with the moving expenses rather than seeing it torn down. >> reporter: so the hospital gets the room it needs to grow, and this old house gets a new life. it may have taken awhile, but now that it's happened, things are definitely looking up. in oakland, john ramos, kpix 5. >> when the hospital first offered the house for free, they didn't expect many takers. they were wrong. they got more than 40 requests, including one man who wanted to move it to ukiah. right now we have breaking news in al media. there is a two-alarm fire burning off seaview parkway and
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norwich road. it is unclear whether it is a home or a business, but a two- alarm fire in alameda burning now. we're going to get you caught up on the other big news that is the flash flood warning posted until 7:00. it is purely academic at the moment. it's only posted for another 12 minutes or so, and most of the activity and the precip has dried up by now. but, boy, for a time earlier today they really had some good thunderstorms moving just east and south of lake buriesa. nevertheless there is a flash flood warning posted until 7:00. they're worried that they could get debris flows with the fire area that the thunderstorms are moving through, and we have seen dramatic evidence of what rain plus mud can do in southern california. but so far no real problems reported that we've heard of yet. right now concord 67, oakland 64, livermore at 67, san francisco 63. as we look out from the roof of kpix toward the bay bridge, at
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santa rosa it's 6 degrees. low pressure circulation over northern california triggered those thundershowers. that low moves east and out of the area by tomorrow afternoon, and we're going to be looking at clearing conditions and slightly warming temperatures tomorrow, but even more warming for tuesday and wednesday. for tomorrow afternoon it's not looking bad. 80 inland, and mid to upper 70s around the bay. logos away, high pressure replaces it. partly cloudy skies for the most part on monday, and we will be very warm by midweek. mid-80s inland. and along the shoreline, nice mild shoreline, and a few low clouds tomorrow. futurecast does show the potential for a few clouds over the santa cruz mountains and the diablo range, but after that clouds clear out. we'll dry out completely by monday night. that's actually looking live from mount vaca. a warming trend begins. travel forecast 80 degrees.
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overnight lows in the mid-50s, sunrise at 7:22 a.m. forecast highs tomorrow a little warmer with 73 in the city, 80 at concord, 77 in oakland. in the south bay mid-70s, clouds in the morning, sun in the afternoon. near 80 inland. up in the north bay we'll see plenty of sun and 77 at petaluma. at ukiah tomorrow 77. a warming trend now with temperatures in the mid-80s. sufficient warming tomorrow. there are fire weather concerns with winds and low humidities up in the north bay tomorrow. we shall see, especially in the mountains. as we look into next weekend a few clouds but no big changes. so some good news in the weather department. really good news in the sports department. the news is getting better. it was inevident afternoon. two weeks ago 49ers fans were calling for collin kaepernick's head on a platter, but those
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jeers have turned to cheers. that's next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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brother ravens coach john harbaugh told the bay area media this week that getting revenge for brother jim was, quote, irrelevant. harbaugh's ravens headed to levi just 1-4 this season. second quarter, collin kaepernick dials up the deep ball to torrey smith. 76-yard strike. 13-3 san francisco. the former 49er cornerback wright chewed out bey harbaugh
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for getting burned on that play. not much going right for the baltimore offense. flacco looking for aiken over the middle of the field, but michael wilhoyt picks it off. third quarter, flacco pressured by brooks. he throws off his back foot, uncorks a terrible pass. 19-649er lead. later, flacco with better results. steve smith, beautiful catch, ravens cut the 49er lead to just six points. same score in the fourth quarter now. kaepernick finding all kinds of time. patent was jacked out of his mind. 49ers up 12 after the levi's leap. aiken jumps up and catches the
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football. 25-20 san francisco after that extra point. the 49ers gave it back to baltimore on down. six seconds ago, hail mary time. into the end zone for the win for baltimore. and it falls incomplete. the 49ers snap their four-game slide, 25-20 is the final, baltimore drops to 1-5. >> this was a must-win game. both teams needed it. i'm just happy that we came out with the win. >> i know you don't spend much time think about what other people talking about you but due look forward where there isn't that much discussion about your play? >> i mean, people can talk all they want. that doesn't affect how i go about my business. >> do your action on the field. steelers and cardinals, michael vick sidelined with injury so they turned to the third stringer. he fires a strike to martavis
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bryant. two touchdowns in his 2015 debut. less than three minutes to play, arizona down five. carson palmer into double coverage. not a good idea. takes off by mike mitchell. the steelers win 25-13. both teams now 4-2. in the defeated carolina panthers in seattle. four minutes to play. seahawks leading 23-14. panthers' jonathan stewart goes up and over carolina misses the extra point so seattle still leads 23-20. panthers got the ball back in seattle territory. less than 40 seconds left, cam newton to a wide open greg olsen for a game winning touchdown score. carolina comes back to shock seattle. seahawks fall to 2-4. panthers are 5-0. how about golf? a lot of drama for the final round here in napa. but how about a five-way tie? silverado providing a heck of a
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backdrop. emiliano brio sinks the birdie. later, kevin needs this putt to force the playoff. drops it. on the first playoff hole, grio needs this tap-in for his first tour win. he crushes it past the hole, and we go to a second playoff hole. and on the second hole, it was gnau's turn to make a mistake. man did he shank it, using a driver off the fairway, and that allowed grio to win with a birdie and his first pga tour win. nascar chase continuing in kansas. we'll have that for you on game day tonight at 11:30 along with dave newhouse, legendary writer. coming up at 11:00, the charging wars are heating up. there are growing complains
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about drivers unplugging someone else's electric car to charge their own. we will tell you about the ev etiquette survival is pack to ease the attention. >> things you didn't think about when electric cars came along, and now you're going, oh. >> that's right. thanks for watching. "60 minutes" is coming up next. >> your latest news and weather always on thanks for watching. we'll see you back here at 11:00. thanks for watching. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> cooper: hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing war in the middle east. if they survive the journey, they are landing here in greece. most of them hope to make it to germany. we spent the last few weeks following the asylum seekers on the hard road north. but when we arrived in germany, it was oktoberfest-- music, bratwurst, and plenty of beer, a culture shock for anyone, but imagine being a muslim who just escaped a war zone. do they have a real sense of what life in germany is going to be like? >> i often hear germany is a jannah, and a "jannah" is an arabic wor


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