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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  October 19, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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good afternoon, i'm frank . an unexpected four-legged tenant turning up in a congested san francisco neighborhood. >> hi, everybody. good afternoon. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm in for michelle. jackie warren is live with more on where that coyote was spotted this morning. good morning, jackie. >> yes. it's an increasingly popular sighting, coyotes around city
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environments like here by coy tower. kpix's joe vasquez shot the video this morning on his phone and couldn't believe how calm it was. he said it was unphased by the tourists and people walking around at 8:30 this morning around it. in fact, a san francisco park and recreation park gardner said she sees it every day. it's part of a pack consisting of the female partner and pups. tourists from michigan are being extra vigilant. >> and it doesn't concern me right now durk daylight. however, if -- during daylight; however, if was here in the evening or if i had a little dog in the neighborhood, i would be more concerned. >> reporter: she makes a good point. small dog owners should be extra careful when taking the dogs out and about. since july, dozens of people reported coyote sightings and two cats and dogs were
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attacked. park officials are warning small dog owners to keep a short leash on their pets and never leave them unattended. new at noon, an unexpected guest at a san jose restaurant. the owners are left to clean up quite the mess. the san jose -- trying to figure out why a driver slammed into the restaurant on north capital avenue before 7:30 this morning. you can see the car made it inside the restaurant there. investigators said the driver didn't git hurt and is -- get hurt and is cooperating. a san francisco-bound flight is turned around after two passengers got -- got into a flight. a woman from l.a. last night on board 2010 said a man began choking her when she klined her seat. the the pilot turned back, the passenger was taken off of the plane and passengers were put on another fight. the new regulations requiring registration now. >> reporter: two years ago, this was not an issue. now, you have it happening more in the silicon valley than in
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any other part of the bay area. with the last report by the if, aa, it said that mineta, san jose, had more close calls with 15 from december to august of this year. to give you perspective in the same timeframe, there were 650 total unauthorized sightings nationwide, nearly triple of all of last year's number. one pilot for a fed ex flight 767 into san jose reported a drone buzzing past him, 60 feet away, at an altitude of 11,000 feted. the department of transportation is set to announce the day that all drone operators are to register their unmanned vehicles. the feds will make the announcement with members of the drone industry standing at their side. the officials are forming an independent drone advisory committee. in 2012, congress decided not to regulate drones. the enthusiasts said that getting every kid out there to follow the new federal law is going to be tough. >> ands pandora box is open. it's out. all of the kids will be getting them for christmas this year
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and they're supposed to register them, i don't think it's going to happen. >> reporter: they hope to have the drone registry in place by the holidays. >> and a consumer electronics association estimates more than 700,000 drones will be sold by the end of this year, up 63% from last year. 25,000 cal state employees taking a strict authorization vote starting today and tickets went up as aldating began. the union workers want a 5% increase and the administration is offering 2. >> we have had years of no raises. the economy is doing better, the faculty helped lobby the legislature to get more money into the csu and that was affective. we deserve a chance to catch up. >> the average yearly earnings for faculty members at csu is $45,000. the strike authorization vote continues the next 9 daws. >> and a private school in san bruno is hiring armed guards to
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watch over the students. the san francisco examiner reports that school leaders at church of the high lands took safety measure response concerns about mass shootings, school is kindergarten through the 8th grade. the guards will be in plain colleagues and patrol schools with guns hidden under their clothes. and a meeting getting why underway in san francisco about a deadly officer-involved shooting. henry benedeez was shot and killed on -- benitez was shot and killed thursday. he was throwing bottles and when they tried to stop him, he went for a sergeant's gun. a meeting is just starting at the bill graham auditorium. a medical examiner is trying to identify a body discovered from the san francisco bay. it was pulled between angel island and alcatraz and no word on a cause of death. and a woman is dead and her older sister is in jail. the shooting happened saturday in the city of rodeo on garrison avenue. the victim is 69-year-old zana
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thomas, her sister june thomas from washington stat reportedly got into a fight with her on saturday morning and a neighbor said there was a struggle between the victim's husband and that alleged shooter. >> and he grabbed her arm and pushed it up like this. the gun went underneath the bed and dawn was trying to call 911 and get the cops here. >> there have been tensions in the family lately over money. >> and san francisco is taking bike safety to new heights, from 12th street to goff. raising the lane by two inches will keep cars off of it. the agency hopes cyclists will use the raised lane instead of the sidewalk. an estimated 3,000 cyclists use market street every single weekday. and the commute through oakland could be less crowded starting today. a new hov lane is opening up along a three-smile stretch of
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southbound 880 from haguenberger road to marina boulevard and that is an extending of the train connecting to san leandro. and the proposal for another fare hike is to raise the ticket by 50 cents. caltrans said the increase would cover the cost of switching to electric tracks. the board is expected to volt on the increases next -- vote on the increases next month. the meeting will be held at the mountain view city hall. hillary clinton gets a bump. can it last with another grilling ahead over benghazi. >> and an old home getting a brand new view. an incredible job of moving anty-year-old house. roberta. >> and good afternoon, everybody. as we head outdoors, we're heading to the trivalley where we have few lingering clouds and blue skies. we have a big change in the forecast and that is coming up as the news continues after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the ship... carrying 33 people... sank . the u.s. navy is searching for a missing cargo ship that sank during hurricane joaquin. it carried 33 people and sank in the atlantic ocean near crooked island. the naval vessel left from virginia to try and recover the ship and is believed to be 15,000 feet under water. it will take two days to get to the search area carrying equipment to help retrieve the data recorder on the sunken ship. hillary clinton is preparing for her testimony about the benghazi attack. craig bosswell has more on what to expect when she testifies on thursday. >> reporter: democratic voters think hillary clinton won last week's debate. it's not led to a big boost in her overall be ins. clinton is at 45% in the latest poll. three points higher than before
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the debate. bern sanders gained five points to 29% while vice president joe biden dropped four points to 18%. 47% said the vice president should go ahead and jump in the race b you that is down from 53% in october. this -- in august, this weekend, he quoted that he still had feet in him. >> she used to say joey, as long as you're alive, you have an obligation to strife and you're not dead until you have seen the face of god. >> reporter: if he has an opening, it's in part due to the opening in benghazi-libya during clinton's term during secretary of state. she'll be on capitol hill thursday to testify again. >> i don't know that i have very much to add. this is after all the 8 other investigation. >> reporter: some republicans hinted the benghazi committee is focused more on derailing her presidential hopes than looking into the attack and that drew the ire of committee chairman trey gowdy. >> shut up talking about things you don't know anything about.
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>> reporter: he said his committee found new evidence not previously discovered in the other seven investigations. craig bosswell, cbs news, washington. >> secretary clinton is expected to face up to eight hours of questions from committee members on thursday. and a texas teen is taking a special trip to the white house after his arrest made national headlines. you remember him? he is 14. last month, the freshman was handcuffed after bringing a homemade clock to school because his teacher thought it was a bomb and tonight, me laps to enjoy a night of science at the white house's astronomy night. the president personally invited him after the arrest. >> good for him. and heavy rain causing trouble in solano county over the weekend. a thunderstorm is rolling through the area causing rock slides and flooding along 128. the hillsides badly burned in a fire this summer. the rocks came down easily and there were no reports of significant damage. this is what it looks like
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as the rain was coming down. amy grano shot this video outside of her home in vacaville. you can see and hear the showers were heavy and steady and in southern california, hundreds of cars are being dug out from under mountains of mud that is proving difficult. you get a better feel for the impact. incredible of thursday's 30- minute torrential downpour where three inches of rain turned a dry landscape into a mud pit leaving 300 cars and people stranded. highway 58 is a major trucking route expected to remain shut down for a few more days. and a pair of shark attacks left a swimmer and surfer injured in hawaii. a 44-year-old swimmer suffered off oahu and before that, a surfer was attacked boo i a serve-foot tiger shark off of the north shore. he suffered severe injuries to the feet and legs. >> it took me a second to realize it was a massive shark, you know, and i push him off of
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this end, two fingers and i punched him with my other. >> and doctors had to amputate his left leg at the knee. an earlier attack is being blamed on an eel. and. >> let's go to roberta and alex. >> and this is heading up to my favorite day of the workweek and we have in child temperatures out there and some clouds floating by. a few weather watchers checking in with us at this lunch hour. they're outside playing right now and we have reports. it's steven, the high, reporting 71 degrees. bill moon in ari in, da reports 67 and charlie in vallejo is reporting 73 degrees. thank you so much for those reports. loving my weather watchers and light look at the current conditions in and around there and a beautiful view of the golden gate bridge and you can seed flag is barely on the fly. lots of blue skies there.
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temperature in san francisco, 64 degrees and same in oakland. seventy in santa rosa after dropping down to 48 degrees in the early morning hours and areas of dense fog and that is in the mid-60s in the concord area. we have a fire weather watch going into affect tonight for the yellow highlighted area that encompasses the north bay mountains. we will see increasing wins out of the northwest at 20 miles an hour. pretty gusty at times. relative humidity will be trailing off as well. this is a gorgeous view. our mount ham cam picking up a batch of low clouds streaming in over the santa clara valley. and this is another view of that stratus lining up over the bay from sausalito toward san francisco and one more view. how about let's go to the coast where it's clear. the temperatures today, partly cloudy, mild numbers and clearing at the skies tomorrow night and dry and warmer conditions begin with a setup of an offshore flow and that area of low pressure is winning
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the wheels out and hightailing it into utah. the area of high pressure will build into the bay area and dry out, increasing our temperatures and that begins on tuesday all the way through next sunday. and 75 today, state capital. also mid-70s in reading, high 50s for the most part in the truckee area. sunset at 6:27 and by the time it comes back up tomorrow morning at 7:22, we will have real life temperatures in the 70s, pretty much everywhere. the cool spot is 65 in half moon bay and 68 at pacifica. northwest breeze at 15 and into the dry valley, the extended forecast. fire weather watch in affect for tonight and into tomorrow and wednesday and north bay mountains, something we need to be on and we could see the watches expandfo a warning. we could even see it drop depending on the winds. you might want to top that and this is in the bay area. we want to you be one of our weather watchers. visit >> yeah.
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>> and thank you. all right. >> thank you. and let's look at wall street. good start. and not a great fetish, though. not by a lot. a mild day, down over 7 points at this hour. and still to come, a pizza delivery man gets a tip of a lifetime. how much and why they came at the right time. >> and what is cool about the school. e-mail your nominations at i will be in pleasantville tomorrow. would love to hear from you. we'll be right back. e some new ,,,,
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over t . star wars fans have new memorabilia to hang on their bedroom walls. over the weekend, the official poster was released. a new trailer airs tonight during monday night football and if that is not enough, advanced tickets will go on sale after the trailer airs. they'll be available at theatres and take part in special promotional giveaways and we have details at and this boeing 787 dreamliner painted like r2d2 and is they stopped in vancouver during the first international flight. the film hit the big screen and
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ma, your calendars on december 18th. a house in oakland gets a new home. it was moved over the weekend to its new address. the new owner passed away in 2001 and the family sold the property to the children's hospital and for years, the hospital was unsure of it and given away to whoever wouldup do it. >> and i don't think anyone is going to see the house on the street. >> and he's going to fix it up and rent it out, of course, the bay area. a wedding overlooking the sacramento skyline was scrapped when the groom got cold feet. >> the bride's family decided not to call off the reception. instead, take a look. the dwayne family invited the city's homeless to a banquet for a once-in-a-lifetime meal. the four-star feast included
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salad, salmon, and tripped beef. many brought the families and providing the kids with a rare night out. >> and it was -- out and something so important to yourself. then, give it to someone else is like really giving. >> while full storms and smiles were everywhere, the night was painful for the bride's parents. the 27-year-old daughter chose to stay home and part of the $35,000 wedding price tag included a non-refundable honeymoon. so, this is what they're going to do. mother and daughter plan to take the trip to belize together instead. >> go have fun. >> yeah, runaway groom, huh. a pizza delivery guy got the surprise when he needed it the most. >> he did. he had no idea what was about to happen when he showed up at a church in anchorage. the pastor called the boss the day before and described him as a fantastic employee, dealing with medical issues and financial hardships. ki it, sani was delivering four pizzas to the congregation when
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this happened. >> so, let me ask you what is the best tip you have ever gotten for delivering pizza? >> like $100. >> $100? how does a tip of $1,900 sound? >> oh, heck no. >> oh, heck yes. >> pretty cool. he delivered pizzas for 14 years and said while the money will help, what means the most is knowing that people out there really care. so. >> and cool. speaking of pizza, i like mushrooms on my pizza. >> i like everything on my pizza and tony and stephanie tantillo are here with the perfect pizza. >> i love the musham shoos, they're good and when you mix it up with pasta and wheat pasta, makes it better. >> it does and they're great flavors together. and it's a warm feeling. >> and then we added the stage and i said i like the feeling of whole wheat with this more
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than a regular white pasta and, of course, a touch of that pasta water and tobring it out. >> huh. >> and and it was the cream sauce that did everything involved. >> uh-huh. >> and that is beautiful. >> y somes like fall. it's good. >> it does smell like fall. if fall had a smell, that is it. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> bye, bella. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ♪
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friday night. we'll show you the video.. going viral ne. that story and m . school district, officials in the east bay are investigating a fight on a football field on friday night. we're going to show you the video going viral. we have much more coming up at 5. by the way, tony tantillo makes his pizza a lot like pasta. >> yeah. >> and i heard you guys talking about pizza. i have -- [ indiscernible ] >> don't you really? yeah. >> and tony made that, actually. >> and this is what we need for breakfast. >> there you go. >> smells good. [ laughter ] >> bye.
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♪ [ camera shutter clicks ] >> steffy: now, she's a little nervous. >> yeah? okay. >> steffy: so you're gonna have to be patient with her, okay? >> i got it. >> steffy: nothing too provocative. we're selling lingerie, so sensual and classy. >> okay. got it. >> steffy: thank you. >> caroline: [ clears throat ] hey, are you sure that ivy's ready for this? >> steffy: yeah. she said she was up for anything when i rehired her. >> caroline: yeah, i know. and you're putting that to the test. >> steffy: well, it's not like i'm asking her to take off her clothes in front of the camera. >> caroline: i mean, that's exactly what you're asking her to do. [ laughs ] but, you know, i mean, especially for sod


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