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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  October 19, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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swarms are common in this area, but what's going on right now, it's very complicated to explain. >> these events occurring, it's sort of this clump of events right now and even at this point even though it's been going on a week they aren't lining up very well along a known fault structure and so we really don't know. we know they're straight clip events, but we don't know which direction they're oriented between the two possible fault surfaces and what we'd call plains. >> they don't know what's going on. to give you an idea how active the area is right now, six earthquakes measuring 1.0 to 2.0 have occurred. there have been five earthquakes in the 2.0 range and this afternoon the two quakes in the three's. kpix5's juliette goodrich is in san ramon and felt the shaking this afternoon and probably continuing to feel it, right? >> reporter: hi, ken. did you feel it? we did. it happened at 4:21, a
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magnitude 3.5 earthquake. i was in my car writing my story. my photographer was editing it in the news van and both of our cars shook only to find out it was an earthquake. up until then we've been talking about these swarms. a lot of people didn't feel them until 4:21. >> absolutely. i am on high alert here. >> reporter: christina san juan works in san ramon and said she has felt dozens of little earthquakes the past week, but her co-workers haven't. >> literally every time it's happening she's like i felt it. i felt it and i don't feel anything. >> they're doubting me looking at me like i'm kind of crazy. oh, no, christina, maybe you're just hungry or a little dizzy, but no, i've been feeling earthquakes. i've been feeling five a day. >> reporter: so she decided to prove it documenting everyone she feels and then verifying them on the usgs website and then at 4:21 today a magnitude 3.5 quake hit. her co-workers finally believe. getting a little jittery?
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>> yeah. very shaky like i can't even explain it right now. >> reporter: today's small earthquakes just add to the tally of hundreds of earthquakes to hit the area the last 10 days according to the usgs. so what does an epicenter look like? well, i'm standing on it. not much to see here, but according to stop a lot to feel. people as far away as vallejo, sunnyvale and fremont have reported feeling them. >> last night, yes, it was just a sharp shake. >> reporter: but for this woman who lives in san ramon, nothing seems to rattle her. >> i have not felt a single one yet. >> reporter: we're not making it up. >> no. no, you're not making it up. i believe you. >> reporter: we felt it firsthand. we are not making it up. these swarms happened in this area before. back in 2003 there were these swarms and it was not a precursor to the big one, same happening in 1990, a lot of quake swarms and there wasn't a big one. now the usgs says don't expect these swarms to end any time
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soon. they can last 30 to 40 days. so hold on. in san ramon juliette goodrich, kpix5. a traffic alert on the golden gate bridge, a mechanical problem can make it harder for commuters to get home. allen martin has been keeping an eye on it for us. the problem has to do with the bridge's two zipper trucks. >> those trucks are responsible for moving the median barrier during commute hours including this evening, but it's not happening tonight. since september in the evening those trucks move the median between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. that leaves four lanes going north, two lanes coming south to help traffic heading out of san francisco, is opposite configuration true -- the opposite configuration true in the morning. bridge officials say there's a mechanical issue with both zipper trucks. so the lanes will stay how they are in the middle of the day, three lanes going in each direction. officials say the trucks have been reliable since they were first put into service back in january. it's when the bridge replaced those yellow pegs with that
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median barrier. they expect to have the trucks fixed in time for tomorrow morning's commute. in the newsroom allen martin, kpix5. campaign 2016 california is a popular place for the presidential candidates to come for cash, but tonight new numbers are in on who exactly is opening up their pockets. mark sayre follows the dollar trail. >> you bailed out wall street. >> reporter: democrat bernie sanders is leading the pack when it comes to small donations. the latest campaign numbers show only 270 of the total 6,050,000 donors to sanders gave the -- 650,000 donors to sanders gave the maximum allowed, according to this political science director, that is very significant. >> ultimately the money needs to translate into votes and the more people you have committed to supporting your campaign, the more you can reach out to those people, not just for donations but also to talk to their friends, to get people to volunteer and attend rallies and post things on facebook. >> reporter: on a national
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level republicans ben carson and donald trump are also drawing a higher percentage of smaller donations. voter grace clark says she feels even a small donation can be important and has even donated to make a point. >> it wasn't for one of the major parties and it was more of a statement of disagreement with the major parties i guess just to -- the little guys are getting some money, too. >> reporter: an analysis by kpix5 political analyst melissa cain breaks it down in california. hillary clinton is raising the most money by far, but look at the contrast between jeb bush and sanders. jeb has fewer contributors, but he's bringing in more money because each person is giving more and cain notes sanders is doing well also outside of california's urban centers. >> there's this perception that sanders supporters are all white liberal city dwellers, but this map shows that his support does go beyond that. >> reporter: it's not just about having the most money. it's about ultimately having the most supporters.
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so having a lot of small donors is actually a really important thing for a campaign as well. >> reporter: for those donors who have not yet reached the $2,700 individual contribution limit that campaigns can keep in touch with them and ask them to continue to contribute in. san jose i'm mark sayre, kpix5. an estimated $7 billion spent on the last presidential election. 2016 election fund raising is on track to dwarf that. some of silicon valley's biggest companies are pledging to join the president's climate change push. tech giants facebook, hp, sales force and san francisco-based retailer levi-strauss are some of the latest companies to commit to cutting green house gas emissions. 81 businesses have signed in all including google, apple, mcdonald's and starbucks. today the president met with 10 ceos at the white house to talk climate change. the companies have vowed to make changes to their supply chain to reduce green house
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gases and invest in clean energy. an election controversy in a bay area middle school, the winners of a student body vote yet to be named. kpix5's mike sugerman on why the principal is changing the outcome of this vote. mike? es you regist >> reporter: yeah, it's election season around the bay area and at everett middle school student council. now generally we wouldn't be telling you about a student council election, but yet there is a controversy and we have an update. the winners have been named, but still not everybody is happy. . sot cg: lena van haren/prinl "we're not doing a do- o ancelling the you can't vote unless you register and you can't register after tonight. >> people can come down to city hall and register or update their registration. >> reporter: you can vote early. you can come down to city hall and get your ballots and vote now. >> i vote in every election. it's important to vote. what i'm teaching." the san jose state waterpolo team is mourning the loss oe of i know it's trite to say, but every vote does count.
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i've covered enough elections determined by one, two, three votes to know if somebody didn't vote of, somebody else might have gotten elected. >> that one vote could be the one that makes a difference. you just don't know. >> reporter: generally there are no do-overs in municipal elections. >> no. >> reporter: but here at everett middle school they're having a bit of a kerfuffle over a recent school election. in a school 20% white and 80% other the results of last week's election were not diverse enough. it was several days before winners were announced and some changes were made. >> we're not changing the elections, but we are choosing to take input from students and community about possibly adding some positions. >> reporter: african american and latino students will be appointed to serve on council even though none won. >> this was reflective of an issue that is a part of her agenda which is to have the many voices of her school
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represented. there were, she took a moment to consider what is the next best step? >> i'm really encouraging all my friends to register to vote and to vote and this is a lesson i'm teaching my kid and i feel like the school undermined all of my teaching. >> reporter: some are saying this is one of those only in san francisco stories and i think once the national commentators get ahold of this, we haven't heard the end of this. mike sugerman, kpix5. the san jose state water polo team mourning the loss of one of their own. 24-year-old ryan harryman was practicing laps tuesday when he fell unconscious and went to the bottom of the pool. his family took him off life support saturday. his team posted this picture on their facebook page signing their condolences on a ball to pay their respects. marryman was a senior -- harryman was a senior studying anthropology set to graduate in may. a body found floating in the bay has been identified.
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44-year-old richard radel from phoenix, arizona, was pulled from the freezing waters between angel island and alcatraz sunday afternoon. police are investigating the cause of death. police are searching for three suspects who brutally beat a machine in north beach early this -- man in north beach early this morning. the attack happened on the corner of vallejo and grant streets. what started out as a verbal fight turned violent when one of the suspects punched the 59- year-old victim in the face. the other two jumped in leaving the man unconscious on the street corner. a serial vandal busted on the peninsula, police in foster city say they caught the guy responsible for this graffiti. this morning officers got a call to sea cloud park where they caught the man in the act spray painting. after a brief foot chase police arrested miles harper. police say he's connected to many high profile vandalism cases in the area. raiders fans will get an
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opportunity to let the nfl know they want the team to stay in oakland. a town hall meeting is scheduled for october 29th at the paramount theater in broadway. fans will be able to ask nfl officials about the team's future. the raiders have been in talks to move to los angeles if they can't get a new stadium in oakland. big changes at the top for one of the bay area's most controversial casinos, the mercury news is reporting the ceo of san jose's casino matrix has stepped down. eric swallow faced a slew of legal battles during his leadership. the state attorney general accused half tricks of hiding revenue to -- matrix of lieding rev through to skirt city taxes and the casino lost a fight with the city over allowing high roller rooms on the top floor. swallow operated the hollywood park casino in southern california. pete lanardi has taken over. a scuffle on a san francisco bound flight over a
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reclined seat. >> and this lady was screaming he choked me! >> a bay area tv star saw the entire thing. now hear the scramble in the cockpit to turn that flight around. >> on the football field before the game even starts, what happened to a school marching band that has even the adults fired up. >> don't go in the water. beachgoers grabbed their cameras. the rare shark sighting that had lifeguards shutting down a southern california beach. >> 15 minutes before sunset and the golden gate is looking glorious. that said the radar is not completely clear. i'll show you a few showers on it in the north bay and if there's any additional rain in our seven-day forecast. we'll be back in a minute. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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is investigating a fight th broke out on a southwest airlines flight from l-a-x s-f-o. tonight the fbi is investigating a fight that broke out on a southwest airlines flight from l.a.x.
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to sfo. it all started when a passenger tried to lean her seat back. the plane ended up turning around. we have the story from sfo with what the pilot told traffic control. joe vazquez is live with the story of. >> reporter: it happened pretty early on in the flight. witnesses say a woman began to recline her seat back and then the man behind her suddenly started choking her. >> it was pandemonium. i thought it was a terrorist. people were going crazy. >> reporter: mark curry was on the flight 2010 from l.a.x. to san francisco last night. 15 minutes into the flight the pilot called the tower to say he was turning the plane around. >> southwest 2010. >> go ahead. >> flight attendant just called. evidently we've got two passengers that are in a physical altercation, so we need to get turned around back to l.a.x. >> this lady was screaming he choked me and she wouldn't get up. she stayed down. she sat in her seat he choked
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me. he beat me and the dude was just sitting there. >> reporter: you may recognize mark. he played many tv roles. he's a radio host now in san francisco at kblx. >> they asked me to restrain the guy and i was going to go down and beat him down. i don't care. i can't have him open the door or some situation like that at 30,000 feet. we got to go. >> reporter: according to witnesses, the passenger had pulled her seat back. so the man behind her reacted by attacking her. a passenger who did not want to be identified gave us this video of the man as he walked down the aisle. >> i said what dude are you talking about? i said him? he wasn't nerdy, but it didn't seem like that was the guy that did that. i think he shocked his own self. he problem was just having a bad day. >> reporter: this video in the aftermath of the attack shows the flight attendant trying to talk the tearful woman into filing charges, but this is not shown in the video.
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>> what do i do? i'm going to stay here all night? >> she said do i have to get off the plane when the officer asked her if she wanted to press charges. >> reporter: fbi agents and local police boarded the plane, took the man into custody, but so far no charges have been filed. reporting live at sfo i'm joe vazquez, kpix5. new addition on market street in san francisco aimed at bicycle safety. crews are installing elevated bike plays on the stretch on the lane between goff and 12th. they raised about 2 inches above the pavement and just below the sidewalk. the idea is to keep cars out of the bike lane and cyclists off the sidewalk. it's the first time it's being tested out in san francisco. a san jose sandwich shop is badly damaged after a car crashed through the front doors. it happened about 7:30 this morning at the tong wong on
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north capitol avenue. incredibly nobody was hurt. silicon valley apartment res keep soaring-- but a few bay area the driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating with police. silicon valley apartment rents keeps soaring, but a few bay area cities are starting to see relief. apartment trackers real numbers crushed the numbers, the average rent for a one bedroom in santa clara county $2,300 up about 11% from last year. in san mateo county it's more than 2,500 which is up about 9%, but in some cities rent is actually starting to drop. mountain view in palo alto saw slight declines in average rent for all units compared to the last quarter. the most dramatic rent increases were in the north and east bay. in napa and solano counties rents are up about 16% from last year, contra costa county up about 12%. a video going viral tonight showing an east bay high school football team mixed with the
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opposing team's band and this is before the game. pittsburgh high school -- pittsburg high school band was performing in this past weekend's game against deer valley high, but watch closely. the players from deer valley stayed on the field and disrupted the show. people started booing as the players warmed up and the band played the national anthem. >> it seems that the coaches ignored that and encouraged the football team to disrupt the band. >> those kids from deer valley were all in the end zone and the coaches called them back. that's not right. su ll be >> pittsburg school district spent the day investigating the incident. the superintendent said that she will be meeting with antioch district officials to get deer valley's side of the story. tonight a stretch of beach is closed off in southern california because of a shark sighting. cell phone video shows the shark in newport beach today.
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lifeguards quickly got people out of the water. warning signs were posted and a mile of beach was closed. the area is not expected to be open until tomorrow morning. this comes after two shark attacks in hawaii over the weekend. one swimmer suffered severe injuries to his feet and leg when a 10-foot tiger shark attacked him. the second attack happened about eight hours later to a surfer at waikiki beach. he survived but lost several fingers and his left leg. well, it was 24 years ago today one of the worst urban fires in history ravaged the oakland hills. firefighters thought they had the fire under control and out, but winds picked up on the morning of october 20th , 1991, and the firestorm tore through thousands of homes. 25 people died. 150 more were injured. oakland's mayor says while the area has been rebuilt today, residents need to protect their homes. >> i urge each and every resident in the city of oakland
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to take seriously that while we are blessed with living in this beautiful natural setting here in oakland, it has its dangers. >> libby shaft lost her family home during that fire and homeowners are required to clear what's called defensible space. in california that means all brush within 100 feet of your house. we need rain. it is just so dry out there. >> fire danger is going to stay super high for the foreseeable future until it rains. it's just that simple. there's so many things. we're talking about the drought and el nino. just rain and a lot of problems would be solved, wouldn't they? mother nature is making it very hard on us and next week is another week without much rainfall, although there's some rain on the radar. we'll get to that. today's highs the warm spot sonoma 81 degrees. radar is not clear. north bay mountains are getting much needed rainfall. that will dampen the fire danger a bit and that's
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wonderful. right up where we had numerous fires in lake county hidden valley lake towards st. helena you can see showers between now and 7:00 leaving clearlake. it's been a long time since we've had a widespread rainfall. we'll keep this tally going until we get it. 195 days since we've shinleaf seen 1/2 -- seen 1/2 inch or more throughout the bay area. an overall trend does have us wetter than average from october 27th until november 2nd which could include halloween, mom and dad. this is still at least a week away and the pattern now will be dry as this low which is firing some showers coming down from northern california now, that's going to move out and a ridge of high pressure will move in. as the ridge gets closer, sunnier, chilly mornings, but mild afternoon. it won't be hot because we'll still have an onshore flow. next week when that ridge sags to the south, it perhaps opens the door for some fronts and
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moisture to make it into the bay area. between now and then it's going to be sunny and filed, fremont 74 degrees -- mild, fremont 74 degrees, san jose 79, san francisco tomorrow 74 degrees. sunshine at the coast through the weekend. somewhat cooler, cloudier conditions by next monday, but if you're looking for rainfall, you'll have to go somewhere else. we will be dry for the next seven days. >> how about just a little taste of fall? >> we get chilly mornings. >> we get hurricanes, but we can't get rain. a massive air bag recall gets even bigger and that means getting your car fixed could take even longer, how you can get the dealer to budge and maybe even jump the line. >> and declare your drone, big rule changes coming up, what the feds are doing to keep the skies safe. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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federal regulators today indicated that their investigation into faulty ag inflators is gro the already massive recall
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of takata air bags could get even bigger. federal regulators today indicated that their investigation into faulty air bag inflators is growing to include more automakers beyond the 11 that have already announced recalls. the national transportation safety administration is expected to announce those additional companies later this week. meanwhile many car owners who have already received air bag recall notices are still waiting for fixes. consumer watch reporter julie watts on how you may be able to jump to the head of the line or at least get some relief while you wait. the huge recall of takata airbags.... but as this letter states "parts to repr the vehicle are not current lution ??? "d >> reporter: when jessica bartolo drives her sons to play football, she plays defense. >> we can't bring extra people. >> reporter: she recently found out her pontiac vibe is included in the huge recall of takata air bags, but as this letter states, parts to repair the vehicle aren't available. gm's solution, don't use the front passenger seat, a tough
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call for the carpool mom. >> i now have a car that only fits three people plus me of. >> reporter: naturally she asked her dealer to provide a loaner car. >> they said no. they didn't have the authorization to give a replacement car. >> reporter: safety consultant shawn cain says while federal law requires carmakers to either buy back the car or replace the vehicle they can't fix, they aren't required to offer a temporary replacement car in the case of a recall, though some do. for example, gm has provided loaners to more than 85,000 customers affected by its ignition switch recall, but that only amounts to about 3% of all the affected drivers. what's your advice to consumers? >> people who are getting loaner cars are getting in there and complain to the manufacturers. you can't use the vehicle for its intended purposes. >> reporter: so we reached out to gm and the carmaker agreed to give her a loaner car and it immediately rush ordered the part owner to fix her vibe, good news for the busy mom and
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the kids she drives. cain says this is a lesson for all car owners. the squeaky wheel does get the grease often. those who escalate their complaints or call multiple dealers often get their fixes done faster. remember if you have a consumer problem, call us, 888-5 helps you. >> wow. >> does a squeaky wheel have to get their story on the news is my question? >> that definitely helps, but he gave us a handful of people just by calling and calling and multiple dealers, not one. >> julie, thank you for that. coming up in our next half hour, reining in rogue drones, too many close calls in the sky, why your remote control hobby soon come with some mandatory regulations. >> how a google executive is trying to keep the peace in the parking lot. >> and oprah brings her golden touch to weight watchers, what one of the world's biggest
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celebrities could do for the diet industry.
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quake swarm. the you're watching kpix5 news. our top stories tonight, earthquakes shaking the san
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ramon area. as part of an earthquake swarm, the largest hit about two hours ago, fell from martinez to fremont, measured 3.5. more than 260 earthquakes have struck since last week. and the fbi is investigating a fight between passengers that forced a plane headed to sfo from l.a.x. to turn around. it started when a woman wanted to recline her seat on the southwest airlines flight last night. witnesses say the man sitting behind her got upset and attacked her. new rules for drones coming soon, the feds may require some owners to register those aircraft with the faa. it comes after a number of close calls with the drones flying way too close to airports and commercial flights. kpix5's devin fehely with why the new rules are coming sooner rather than later. >> reporter: it's an industry whose popularity is soaring, with 1 million new drones expected to be sold this
6:33 pm
christmas alone. >> if unmanned aircraft operators break the rules, clearly there should be consequences. >> reporter: but along with the popularity and still largely untapped potential of drones have also been problems including close calls with commercial aircraft as well as unwanted drones literally dropping into the middle of sporting events. one owners to register their aircraft some day rush. >> if the regulations doesn't start at some point, there will be an incident at some point, some person, some in considerate person can create a real hazard. >> reporter: drones plus store's manager says he hopes the newly announced plans to require all drone owners to register with the u.s. department of transportation will instill a sense of responsibility amongst new hobbyists, but others worry that too much regulation could clip the wings of an industry that is just now taking off. >> a lot of these drone hobbyists like me are actually building completely custom rigs in our garages. so we're buying a part from here, a part from there. now how the government is going to insert themselves in there
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to register it is still up in the air of. >> reporter: the feds say they hope to come up with new regulations by next month and begin requiring drone owners to register their aircraft sometime before the inevitable holiday rush in. san jose devin fehely, cbs5. >> officials say the drones are not only pestering airports, they also got in the way of air crews battling the wildfires this summer. san francisco police chief hearing about the officer involved shooting, the 207-year- old man was killed thursday. -- 27-year-old man was killed thursdays. witnesses say he had been throwing bottles and when officers told him to stop, there was a struggle. the chief said benitez went for the gun and the officer fired. his friend said that's not the man she knew. >> my heartbreaks for you. my heartbreaks for hubert. i knew him personally and his
6:35 pm
mom. the hubert that you're describing is not the hubert i knew when i would see him tuesday nights in bible study. >> she coal the crowd the officers involved -- told the crowd the officers involve have decades of experience. there is investigation continuing into what happened. a rally kicked off the start of a union vote. talks have stalled over a salary increase. the faculty wants 5%. the administration is offering 2. the number of electric cars on the road growing every day, but it's getting harder and harder to find a police to plug them all in. kpix5's john ramos shows us drivers are getting so charged up a google employee is now stepping in to keep the peace. e cars.s what it's gonn >> reporter: this small parking lot in mountain view is said to be the third busiest tesla charging station in the world. it's an example of how fast the cars are outpacing the
6:36 pm
chargers. >> we see the station is full here and tesla is selling more cars. so i want to know what it's going to look like in the future of. >> reporter: regardless of brand, the market for electric vehicles is heating up and so is the competition for time on a charger. there are growing complaints of drivers unplugging someone else's car to charge their own. this video shows a man explaining scientifically why a girl should have given up her space to him. >> can i talk to you? >> reporter: clearly there is a growing need for some kind of order in all this and that's where jack brown comes in. the google employee has created what he calls the easy etiquette survival pack. for $14.99 you'll get a placard to hang on your charger indicating when you'll be finish and also has courtesy notice to discourage drivers from stay doing long or god forbid, a gas guzzler from
6:37 pm
parking in a charging space. >> those who have learned to with deal with the anxiety have learned to be cooperative. it's the people just getting into the cars. for the most part they don't really understand the etiquette. >> reporter: the etiquette boils down to three golden rules. don't park in a charging station if not charging. move your car out when you're done. limit your charge to what you really need. it's not far fetched to think someone who pays $100,000 for a car and gets their own lane to drive in might end up feeling a bit, well, entitled. >> when i first got the car, i kind of had that feel and then i realized everybody is trying to get off of gas, change your mindset and be more cooperative and i think that's really helped out in the long run. >> reporter: in mountain view john ramos, kpix5. >> brown says when tesla introduces a $35,000 model, the market will really take off, but he believes that demand will be an incentive to increase the number of chargers.
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oprah teams up with weight watchers, how the media mogul's backing could save the struggling diet company. ,,,,,,,,
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,,,,,,,, it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. [extracurricular activitiessands help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team... getting help with math... going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal... ...when you can't do the normal things. [announceto help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that for most kids are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent...
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...but anyone can help a foster child. reporter laurie perez tellss how oprah winfrey teaming up with weight watchers, this that news sent weight watcher stock soaring. >> the story of how the two brands are coming together. >> reporter: anyone who saw it remembers the day oprah minus 67 pounds wheeled her weight loss into america's living room. over the years as she stepped on and off the scale to more and less weight, the world and maybe especially women have felt her pain. >> obviously she wasn't born bone skinny of. >> reporter: oprah is on a new diet. this time she's putsing her money where her mouth is. winfrey -- putting her money where her mouth is. winfrey has taken a 10% stock in weight watchers, joining the board of directors sending the stock soaring. >> that is the power of open. are. >> reporter: no surprise to this professor david stewart. he said the alliance is a perfect marriage as weight watchers announces its growth
6:41 pm
beyond weight loss into overall wellness programs. >> because oprah is identified not just with weight loss but with health more generally, she's a really good match for that expansion and a really great spokesperson for a whole array of products. becoming one of oprah's favorites is really golden. >> reporter: in this case it's especially her very public weight battle that experts think might be most valuable to not only investors, but the general public. as the media mogul begins another diet, lmu professor molly omstead says oprah will once again draw an audience. >> especially women of an underrepresented minority group where they might see oprah winfrey and think if she believes in weight watchers, maybe i should try. >> reporter: after all some say -- >> everybody listens to oprah. >> reporter: in culver city lori perez, kpix5. more than $300,000 worth of artwork stolen in san francisco tonight. we'll tell you about the art heist. i'll have that story for you on bay area nightbeat. join they on our sister station
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at 10:00, kbcw 44, cable 12. sunny for most of the day in the bay area, the north bay mountains would be an exception, a couple lightning strikes and some showers right now. find out if there's any additional rainfall coming up in the seven-day forecast. you see the clouds off to the north looking over the tower. your seven-day is next. >> i'm dennis o'donnell coming up. remember this? well, everybody had a set of harbaughs this season. >> and folks, another shark sighting, but don't worry. this one had no teeth coming up. an added attraction for visitor's to san francisco s coit,,,,,,
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well, a special added attraction for visitors to san
6:46 pm
francisco's coit tower, this little coyote wandering around this morning. the dealt male seemed unafraid of people. -- the adult male seem unafraid of people. the park ranger has seen the coyote many times before. he has a plate and a litter of pups nearby. there you go. >> wedding time. >> we got to share the place. >> why not? it was theirs first. well, kpix5 weather watchers were checking in, a lot of 60s and 70s. farther north is the rain falling over lake county visible to everybody in the north bay especially in napa county now and it's cloudy in and around mount diablo. current temperatures 60s, 70s livermore, santa rosa 75, sunny to cloudy in short order, san
6:47 pm
francisco 64 degrees. there's the rainfall, one cluster of light to moderate rain intersecting 128, highway 29 right on the napa/lake county border. st. helena, calistoga, that may be for you as the rain works its way north to south. we see a few shower north and east of clearlake and a couple showers around american canyon and vallejo. we aren't completely done with the rain, although when that line moves out we are finished for a while. livermore 55 tonight, san jose 56, san francisco 59, sunrise 5:23. we have a low pressure system, the same one that gave us a little rain, cloudy and cooler conditions. that is on the way out now centered over the nevada/utah border and the counterclockwise flow around it is feeding that unstable airworking into the north bay mountains. what's moving in is an area of high pressure. that won't sit right over us. it will hang out offshore
6:48 pm
giving us a light northwest wind, enough of an onshore component to get the sunshine but not heat, sunny and mild that. guy will hang out about a week. so after tonight no rainfall the next seven days. next week high pressure pushes down to the south which will allow and it's about that time of year the low pressure areas to come down from the north and west perhaps making it into the bay area by the middle of next week. that's really our next rain chance after tonight. so we'll have chilly nights. it will feel like fall at night in and -- and the mornings and rain chances are next week. san jose 79 degrees tomorrow, your average 75. redwood city 79, upper 60s for the beach, 78 in fremont, hayward, sunshine, 708 degrees your high tomorrow. ant -- 78 degrees your high tomorrow. sonoma 82 tomorrow. mill valley 82 and st. helena after a couple showers
6:49 pm
overnight tonight. said it and forget it, not much changing between now and the weekend. 70s near the bay, 60s along the coast, dry way slight increase in cloud cover monday. dennis, sports on a monday evening, that's coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids.
6:51 pm
they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
6:52 pm
eyebrows with this comment. talk the talk, you better wk the walk..and kaepernick di after losing to the giants last week, colin kaepernick raised a few eyebrows with this comment. >> we have the opportunity to go 12-4. that's a good record and that's what we're aiming for. >> talk the talk, got to walk the walk. 340 yards, two touchdowns, no interceptions in a 25-20 win and maybe kap should keep on talking. the 49ers can move into second place in the nfc west with a win over the seahawks thursday night, but jimmy t. is not getting caught up in pomp and whatever. >> i don't really pay much attention to the pompanstanca around it, if that's a word -- pompanstance around it if that's a word. >> all smiles today.
6:53 pm
now the 49ers beat john harbaugh just one day after harbaugh's brother jim suffered one of the most dramatic losses in college football history. >> jim harbaugh has to decide what he wants to do here. >> as the final seconds tick down against michigan state, even a reporter was reporting a wolverines victory. >> unless they're coming up with a crucial stop and are able to run out the clock, people are spilling onto the streets of an arbor celebrating. >> whoops. >> oh, it's trouble. the ball is free picked up by michigan state. jalen watts-jackson and he scores! on the last play of the game! >> from the thrill of victory to the agony of defeat, a stunning blow to harbaugh's team. >> reporter: have you ever been in a finish like this in a game? >> no. not exactly like this, no. >> reporter: punter blake o'neill whose fumbled snap resulted in the loss received death threats through social media prompting michigan's
6:54 pm
athletic director to issue a public letter. "today i awake to a shocking reality that a community who cares so much about this program would send hurtful, spiteful and vicious comments to one of our students. i'm asking that our community not lose this game twice by condoning thoughtless comments." >> kaepernick standing back all day takes the cheap shot down the far side. he's got it, 30, 20, 10, home run. >> one day later in santa clara john harbaugh's ravens were beaten by two players he let go, antwon bowl den and torrey smith who -- boldin and torrey smith who dealt them a loss. >> there's a lot of wins in front of us this season. we'll find a way to get them. what anybody else says or thinks or writes or whatever any scoffer or mocker wants to say, they're not in our shoes or anybody else's shoes in this
6:55 pm
league playing about. >> not a good weekend for the harbaughs. sharks wrapping up their four game roady in the big apple and the rangesser star goalie len rick lundqvist -- rangers star goalie henrik lundqvist with the night off. rangers win 4-0. the sharks drop to 4-2 this season. fox has hired alex rodriguez as an analyst for the playoffs, but they may want to keep a rod seated at the desk going forward. >> we got jake on the other side. can you lit him? >> nice. >> -- hit him? >> nice. >> the mets took the first two games. curtis granderson took a home run away from chris coghlan and jerry seinfeld, no series for you. needed a birdie and the
6:56 pm
second shot in a hospitality tent tabling any talks of winning for him. >> that's playable, come on. >> very playable. >> one step for man, one giant leap for mankind. jamie collins leap over the colts offensive line to block the extra point. new england deflated -- i mean defeated indy for the second straight time. apparently safety is not a top priority in greece. this player may regret not trying to walk it off. okay. keep it, wayne. don't pull out of this tape. it gets better. >> no. >> now watch him. for >> he's on the sideline now. >> yeah. >> next time try and walk it off, folks. >> he probably wasn't hurt to begin with. you see these guys flop. >> who had a tougher weekend? that guy or jim harbaugh. >> the harbaugh brothers. >> see you tonight here at 10:00, back here at 11:00. i mean, whoo.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: all right now. how you all doing? i appreciate that. thank you very much. i appreciate it. yeah, i do. i appreciate y'all. thank you. thank y'all. thank you very much. wow. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their second day, from omaha, nebraska, it's the white family. and from the boogie down bronx, new york, it's cavigliano family. everybody's here trying to win
7:00 pm
theyself a lot of cash and the possibility driving out of here in a brand-new, state-of-the-art ford edge right there. let's go meet them. cavigliano family. >> my man. steve: rob, how you doing, man? rob: i'm doing well, steve. steve: you from the bronx. rob: boogie down, born and bred. steve: boogie down bronx. what do you do, man? rob: i kind of have a double life. so i'm kind of a financial services auditor at kpmg by day, but by night, you know what i'm talking about, baby. whoo. whoo. oh, yeah. steve: what the hell happens at night? rob: well, i have a nickname. they call me bobby late nights. steve: bobby late nights? rob: bobby late nights. steve: yeah. 'cause you stay out late at night. you married?


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