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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  October 20, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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now what to do. to wash your hands carefully to not prepare food. >> reporter: marisco's is shut down during the investigation. the restaurant did get high marks during its last two health inspections receiving an 89 in august and a 93 in january. but even long-time customers say they may think twice before eating there again. >> that's not something i would have in mind coming to somewhere i'm going to eat is am i going to get sick. >> reporter: one of the challenges for doctors and health inspectors is that someone can be a carrier but not show symptoms. the health department certainly would want to pinpoint exactly how this bacteria was being spread before allowing the restaurant to re-open. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. we are just getting word an american airlines flight that originated in san jose had to be diverted because of an unruly passenger. flight 2232 was headed from san jose mineta to dallas/fort worth when it had to land in
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phoenix. phoenix police say the crew reported a 26-year-old passenger who appeared to be drunk. this is a photo from someone on the plane. that passenger became disruptive and was restrained. police in phoenix removed the man from the plane but the airline apparently did not want to press charges. no word on his name or origin. the flight continued to dallas. earthquakes keep rattling san ramon today. they have had hundreds since last week. kpix 5's maria medina is in san ramon where the swarm of quakes is the talk of the town. maria. >> reporter: and veronica, add another one to the list. more than an hour ago, 1.5 magnitude quake hit san ramon. people have been stopping us all day asking if we are covering the earthquakes of the it's definitely what people are talking about. >> fairly an atmosphere thing but maybe it's something that's just part of the drought. >> reporter: in his english and history class -- >> some of us get pretty excited about this. >> reporter: where the focus is
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usually on the medieval period -- >> the science of this is truly, truly fascinating. >> reporter: -- science has found its way on his lesson plan. you can say it's shaken it up. >> boom, earthquake, here we go. the one thing about middle school years is students are so aware of what's going on in the world around them. >> i was in the car and i was terrified! >> reporter: many students felt monday's 3.5 magnitude quake after school sparking conversations between their parents about what to do if the big one hits. >> since we live on a hill, we have to go out the front door so the hill -- house doesn't slide on us. >> our plan is to take the aid kit and then run to the field. >> reporter: jay says earthquakes have been a hot topic in his class since the swarm started exactly a week ago. u.s. geological experts say this type of seismic activity has happened before and this swarm could last a few more weeks. >> get a little bit nervous about the things, right? >> reporter: if that's one lesson they say they have learned -- >> it's natural. >> reporter: it's natural to
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expect a quake when you live in california. >> it's just natural. so it will pass and hopefully nothing bad will happen. >> reporter: she may be on to something. experts say when these swarms have happened in the past, it has not led to a big one. live in san ramon, maria medina, kpix 5. crews are busy replacing a fence that fell on 880 causing a huge pile-up in oakland. this is the 23rd avenue overpass today. chp says nearly 500 feet of fence came down. to give you an idea how long that is a section that came down blocked traffic on both sides of the freeway. as for the cause, the chp is investigating that. the cell phone video was taken after the crash last night. a cadillac went up in flames but the driver did make it out okay. two other people involved in the wreck had to go to the hospital with minor injuries. and the freeway was closed for more than an hour while the fence and smashed up cars were cleared. there's a new twist to the story of a man with a machete attack passing cars in oakland.
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two of the drivers are also in trouble. emily turner is here with details. >> reporter: we showed you the video last night. the man with the machete is out of control but now two drivers are wanted by police for hit- and-run. the trouble began early yesterday morning. you can see the armed man yelling at passing vehicles. then as he is ranting in the street, he takes a swing at a car that's going by. that driver seems to maneuver back around apparently to try to hit the machete man twice. second later just take a look as the white car then slams into the man right there and sends him flying off the hood! [ screaming ] >> then he gets up! >> the subject of the vehicle just hit the other subject with the machete with the vehicle. >> reporter: amazingly that man as you can see got up and walked around again after he flew off of the hood of the car that hit him. police arrived a short time later and arrested him.
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the man was placed under a psychiatric detention and meanwhile police say the drivers involved are wanted for felony assault. investigators are checking surveillance video looking for leads on the drivers who literally tried to serve up some street justice. veronica? >> thank you, emily. a marin trail where a hiker was gunned down this month could be renamed soon. the marin county parks department says from now until december 1 it is accepting proposals to rename gunshot fire road in fairfax following a request from the public. on october 5, 67-year-old steve carter was shot to death near the trail as he was walking his dog. two days later police arrested these three suspects in oregon. sean angold, and two others face murder charges. they are due in court this month. san francisco will remain a sanctuary city at least for the immediate future. the board of supervisors tabled a resolution that would have encouraged some cooperation
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with federal immigration officials. the sanctuary city policy is under fire since kate steinle was shot and killed at pier 14. the suspect is an undocumented immigrant with a long criminal record. he was released from a san francisco jail despite the feds' desire to deport him. >> whenever there is a suggestion that somebody could harbor a federally convicted felon from being potentially prosecuted or caught, then we're left with a open question. >> we believe that public safety requires that we make a very clear distinction between local law enforcement and immigration enforcement. >> with the sanctuary city policy in the national spotlight, politicians are divided on what direction to take. we'll have that part of the story at 6:00. in washington, dc today, senate democrats blocked a bill that would crackdown on sanctuary cities. it would have cut off federal funding for cities that are
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uncooperative. republicans have been pushing the legislation since the killing of kate steinle. two burglary suspects were caught on surveillance video. a woman carrying a guitar knocks on a front door using it as a ruse in case someone was home. when no one answered a man went into the backyard and broke into the home through a sliding glass door. the suspects are both believed in their mid-20s. they were last seen in a late model red chevy camaro. other bay area headlines, a san rafael -- headlines, san rafael police arrested a person after an assault. the woman told police an intruder was rubbing her roommate's shoulders while she was in bed. she and the victim locked themselves in a separate bedroom until the police got there. 38-year-old daniel trujillo is in jail in santa clara county on two counts of attempted murder accused of stabbing his parents after their home yesterday. his parents are in stable condition at the hospital.
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the cause of the incident is under investigation. a family is demanding answers tonight after a florida police officer shot and killed a respected church drummer. the musician killed is the cousin of san francisco 49ers receiver anquan bolden. ken bastida reports the man was waiting for help after his car had broken down. >> reporter: a lot of questions in this one. cory jones is the grandson of a church bishop. and a well-known drummer who played in several bands in churches in the florida area. 31-year-old was on his way home from a gig in jupiter, florida, early sunday morning when his suv broke down on a highway exit ramp. jones was waiting for roadside assistance. that is when police say palm beach garden officer newman raja arrive in plainclothes and in an unmarked police vehicle. officers say raja stopped to check out what he thought was an abandoned vehicle. police say he was confronted by
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jones, who was armed. they did not say specifically what prompted the officer to open fire. jones' family says the whole thing seems way out of character. >> anything you need, coreey would be right there. he would give you his short. he would be cold just to keep you warm. >> reporter: officer raja joined the force in april and is on administrative leave. he was not wearing a body camera and none of the police department's police cars have dashboard cameras. there are questions over whether this may have been a misunderstanding since the officer was not in police uniform or in a marked police car. jones' family has hired the lawyer who represented the families of trayvon martin and michael brown. back to you. >> thank you. tesla's stellar reputation tarnished. consumer reports once gave this luxury ride a perfect score. now, a surprising turnaround. the questions about its reliability on the road. >> everything you thought you knew about breast cancer
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screening just changed. the new guidelines on when and how often women should get mammograms. >> sunshine, breezy, very dry and mild throughout the bay area, san francisco in the 70s today, many of you inland in the 80s. we'll talk about how long this pattern sticks with us and if there's any rainfall in that seven-day forecast. >> and a google employee snowed up with bay area rent, he traded his studio for this. the truck lifestyle that's saving him 90% of his income.
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dollars after consumer repos cut its rating on the model to "worse than average" becaus reliab cons tesla stock dropped $15 after consumer reports cut its rating on the model s to worse than average because of liability concerns. consumerwatch reporter julie watts on tesla's latest bump in the road. >> it drives like a dream. i really love the car, luxurious. >> reporter: but leila says she has been surprised by minor issues she wouldn't expect from an $80,000 car, like a problem
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parking sensor. >> the sensor didn't work and i did not see the pole and so i had to get the car fixed. >> reporter: it's a slew of minor problems like hers that prompted consumer reports to downgrade its recommendation for the model s, which until now had its highest rating ever. the car still gets a perfect score for performance and a 97% for other than satisfaction. but citing complaints ranging from squeaky sunroofs to problems with the door handle and the center console, the model s now has a negative 43 for reliability from consumer reports and that sent tesla stocks plunging. >> consumer reports taking away the recommendations because of problems associated with a car that starts with $70,000, that causes concern for investors. >> reporter: kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks explanation they are reacting because tesla is valued at $26 billion even though it never made a profit. >> its promise is in the future and tesla has to make sure
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these problems are under control. elon musk is going to be on top of his engineers and his design team. >> reporter: in a statement, tesla points out over the year software updates allow it to diagnose and fix most bugs without the need to come in for service. >> you cannot do that for everything. >> reporter: you can't fix door handles and sensors with software. but her biggest issue is tesla released its new model s with no warning, just two days after she bought hers. >> so basically i got a car that was discontinued within a week and they never told me and they didn't take it back for the newer model. >> reporter: although like 97% of other tesla owners she says she would buy a tesla again. consumer reports rates customer service and loyalty among the best in the world although overall they say the brand-new ranks about 19th. it's important to note they did have consumer reports' highest rating ever overall. they still have the highest rating for performance. it's just these other issues that of course tesla is working to address. >> people love 'em. >> they do. >> they're loyal. >> julie, thank you.
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lexus and toyota topped the list of consumer reports' annual reliability survey for the fourth year in a row. they were followed by audi and mazda. and the worst for reliability according to the survey infiniti, cadillac, ram and jeep. and another surprise. despite its diesel emissions cheating scandal, volkswagen moved up 4 spots in the overall reliability rankings to 13th place. a consumer reports rep says the issue was irrelevant since the survey doesn't specifically addressee missions. how about this? a google engineer found a way to live rent-free in the bay area. he simply bought a truck and calls it home. his parking spot happens to be the google parking lot and that's key to this because the 23-year-old eats and showers on the google campus. the 16-foot truck cost him $10,000. now instead of renting he pays $121 a month for truck insurance. inside the ride he keeps only the bed, a dresser, a homemade coat rack.
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says the arrangement has helped him put a $6,000 dent in his college loans. marin county supervisors got an earful on plans to allow medical marijuana dispensaries. speakers after speaker weighed in on this idea this afternoon. the county plan would allow dispensaries in four unincorporated areas in marin. >> if you dohave any dispensaries, that's a great thing not to have. >> medical marijuana war is over. and medical marijuana has won. >> the issue will come back before the supervisors in november. after some minor tweaks, it looks like it will pass. breaking news from washington right now. it looks like congressman paul ryan has had a change of heart. he now says he is willing to run for speaker of the house if he is the party's unity candidate. ryan told republican colleagues he will take the job if he can get the support of all of gop members.
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he is giving them until friday to pledge their support. outgoing speaker john boehner decided to retire after being repeatedly blocked by the most conservative members of his party. campaign 2016. joe biden may be offering some clues as to whether or not he will run for president. it's coming down to the wire for him to make the announcement. he has met with labor leaders this week, which some say is a sign. he has also taken a number of veiled shots at front-runner hillary clinton. >> the two great secretaries of state, um, but when i go, they know that i am speaking for the president. >> analysts say now is the time to announce since the pool of candidates vying for the nomination is dwindling. jim webb announced today he will end his bid for the democratic presidential nomination. today's decision doesn't mean he is out of the race entirely. webb says he is considering running as an independent. lamar odom is continuing his recovery. now is he in los angeles.
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the nba champ was transferred to cedars-sinai medical center last night after spending a week recovering in las vegas after being found unconscious in a nevada brothel and put on life support. he awoke friday with his estranged wife khloe kardashian at his side. his family says he has taken a few steps since arriving in l.a. the american cancer society is changing its mind about when it is best to get a mammogram. the new guidelines say women who face an average risk of breast cancer should undergo annual screenings starting at age 45 instead of 40. another revision? once a woman turns 55, she should get a mammogram every other year. it's been 12 years since the american cancer society updated its guidelines for the timing of mammograms. weekend thunderstorms in arizona causing dangerous flooding. this woman was trapped for about an hour. she had to be rescued when rising waters submerged her car. emergency responders used a life vest and rope to pull her to safety. man, we're seeing more and
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more of that. >> i know. >> weather service preaches turn around, don't drown. people want to get home, they want to get somewhere because it might be an hour to go around. that could cost you your life. half foot of water rushing water can carry a car away. amazing. things for us to remember. weird to be thinking we're heading into our wet season and we can't buy a drop of rainfall around here yet and we are talking about flooding. we need to be prepared. it's fall and it feels warm outside and there's no chance of rain for the next seven days. 80s and 70s out there. look at santa rosa. 87 degrees today. not too far behind oakland and livermore, san jose you're in the 80s. san francisco a comfortable 71. san bruno also 71 with sunshine. checking the radar, we were active yesterday in the north bay even had thunderstorms north and east of clearlake at 6:00. that low pressure system is gone. it's now raining in arizona because of the low but not us. north bay chilly again, santa rosa dropping to 49 degrees as the winds relax, the coldest air settling down, you will be
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chilly around sunrise. oakland tonight 59. san jose 55. concord, fairfield, vacaville in the mid-50s overnight tonight. so we have that low moving out. still some heavy rainfall now for texas. new mexico, utah and arizona same low that gave us showers over the past couple of days, no longer a factor in our weather. now we have a building ridge. we are getting a north wind. breezy this afternoon, a dry breeze coming from the north so you will be chilly overnight tonight. it's why we won't see widespread fog. we would love for this ridge to move out, let a storm move in. it will hang out for six or seven days keeping us dry or mild about 5 degrees above average through the weekend. next week as the ridge slides to the south, we will get a greater opportunity for seeing some fronts moving in from the north but right now there are no guarantees that we'll see rainfall between now and halloween, which means some of us may go 0 for october when it comes for rainfall. certainly not the start we wanted to our wetter season. winds tonight breezy. napa, fairfield, watch out solano county, watch out napa
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county, winds could go up to 30 miles an hour and it will be breezy throughout the day tomorrow with that ridge to our west. clear tonight, breezy in the hills as we showed you. sunshine warm again tomorrow, love some rainfall, would be nice. we'll be dry for the next 7 days. concord 8 degrees above average tomorrow. tomorrow 84. sunnyvale 83. san mateo 81. comfortable at the beach half moon bay 69 degrees. a lot of pumpkins growing in half moon bay this time of year. antioch 84 with sunshine. chilly start from novato finishing at 85, even oakland 80 degrees. lakeport 85 degrees. set it and forget it. look at this forecast! man, if you are visiting town for a week and you don't care one thing about the drought, this is great. this is amazing. but the fact of the matter, we need that to change. it will change. but not anytime soon. >> it's the calm before the storm. just enjoy it. >> let's hope we get a lot of storms one after the other. thank you. a horrific crash seen by
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millions looks like a case of road rage. tonight the driver has an unexpected excuse for swerving to hit the motorcycle. a texas man crashed his car
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his passenger-- and... he
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isn't saying sorry. the a texas man crashed his car right into a motorcyclist and his passenger and he isn't saying sorry. not at all. the 68-year-old driver is blaming the whole crash on a spider. dashcam shows the motorcyclist tries to pass illegally and the driver crosses the double yellow line swerving into the bike sending it spinning. when the man who filmed this crash questioned the driver, mr. william krum didn't seem to feel too bad. >> what were you doing, you hit them! >> i don't care. >> the car goes way over. >> krum told the reporter he has watched motorcyclists do wheelies at 60 miles an hour on that same road and this wasn't his fault. he was distracted by a spider. >> i do not feel like i intentionally done anything. it was a reflex. >> unfortunately, for mr. krum, the police didn't buy it. on monday they charged him with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
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the driver of the motorcycle has scrapes and the girlfriend has a broken wrist. in tonight's jobs report, jill schlesinger looks at the boom in construction jobs. reporter: when the housing bubble burst it took 2.2 million construction jobs with it. now that the market is normalizing and inventory remains low, many of those jobs are returning. the government predicts that there will be 1.6 million new positions by 2022 making construction one of the fastest growing industries. and you don't need to be a plumber or carpenter to take advantage of this building boom. someone needs to oversee these projects from beginning to end. a construction manager communicates with a client, obtains work permits, works with architects and engineers to plan and budget, oversees the building process and takes care of all of the details in between. and that attention to detail pays off. here in the bay area, a construction manager can earn over $124,000 a year. people with a degree in
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construction science, construction management or civil engineering combined with on the job experience have a leg up when trying to land a management position. i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we have some graphic video one of oakland's most danges intersection five, the spot tha i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. we have graphic video at 6:00 of one of oakland's most dangerous intersections. only on "5" the spot that has seen more than its share of crashes and what the city is planning to do to make it safer. and closing the doors on wine country. the proposal that could force wineries to turn people away. we'll have those stories and more coming up tonight at 6:00. >> see you then. >> we'll look for that. thanks for watching us at 5:00. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. ,,,,,,,,
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not everyone can be a foster parent... ...but anyone can help a foster child.
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>> pelley: a big change for millions of women. new guidelines for when they should be screened for breast cancer. also tonight, candidate in waiting biden is not waiting to go after the front-runner. >> we've had two great secretaries of state, but when i go, they know that i'm speaking for the president. >> pelley: a black motorist breaks down on a florida highway and winds up dead, shot by a cop. and we'll go back to the future. >> wednesday, october 21, 2015. >> pelley: because the future is about to arrive. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. we begin tonight with a story that could affect virtually every woman.


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