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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  October 20, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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heartbreaking is this intersection is a repeat offender. traffic is fast but at least during school hours pedestrians crossing the intersection of fruitvale and east 17th get help. >> i have seen people almost got hit. >> reporter: after the crossing guard went home last evening around 6:30 a man got hit and seriously hurt by a car speeding through the intersection. it was caught on video at the market. keep your eye on the man getting out of this white car. he is going to walk to the corner, stand at the crosswalk for a while, then try to cross. >> he doesn't see this car. hard to watch. cars sometimes don't adhere to the crossing coming in at high speeds. >> reporter: people crossing here are in constant danger. >> it has to stop. you know, it's an elected official and it's a neighbor. i live right around the block. this has to stop. >> this is the second major
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pedestrian crash at this exact same intersection this year. in january, we told you about another man guillermo velazquez hit by a speeding car here. this driver slowed down at first then peeled out and left the scene. >> maybe we should put like, um, the cross lights on? like they did over there? >> yellow lights are flashing. >> reporter: 7th grader samuel rodriguez may be on to something. the next intersection up has blinking yet lowlights. it seems to slow traffic down a little. councilman gallo says more needs to be done. >> if we have to create the red light, that's what we have to do. the drivers will be upset because it slows traffic down but i have to protect my children and families that are crossing the street. >> reporter: oakland police say the victim survived the crash. as for the driver of the car, he stopped to render aid. no charges are expected to be filed. in oakland, joe vazquez, kpix
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5. a man attacking cars with a machete is behind bars but tonight, he is not the only one in trouble. we first showed you this video last night. a man with a machete clearly out of control. a witness captured this cell phone video he begins swinging at cars passing by and two drivers turn on the man. one driver tries to hit the guy. seconds later the man is struck by another driver. and he was sent flying. >> oh!! >> the subject of the vehicle just hit the other subject with the machete with the vehicle. >> the man had minor injuries. he has been placed on a psychiatric hold. those two drivers are wanted for hit-and-run and police are checking our surveillance videos tonight looking for them. san francisco is still divided on whether to amend its sanctuary city policy. the issue and the city have
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been in the spotlight since the shooting death of a young woman on pier 14. kpix 5's mike sugerman on today's showdown at city hall. >> reporter: here are two players in the drama being played out in san francisco city hall. maria hernandez is an undocumented immigrant saying she was being abused by her husband. she wouldn't go to authorities. [ speaking spanish ] >> i was afraid of being deported with three daughters. >> reporter: the other player is kate steinle who was killed on pier 14. the suspect had been deported five times. >> it avoid rod. the suspect what's held on a -- was held on a 20-year-old marijuana conviction. the sheriff followed a policy of not sharing information with the feds. supervisor mark farrell wanted that policy changed. >> it absolutely flies in the face of public safety.
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he wanted a gag order removed. but these immigrant rights advocates didn't. not only did they not back the move, they turned their backs on farrell when he spoke to the supervisor. >> in the end the board of supervisors decided not to make any changes. it still could. at this meeting they voted to kick the can down the road. take it up another day. >> the motion to table item 12 passes. [ chanting ] >> reporter: these people liked it. mayor lee did not. >> i think that everybody including immigrant families and immigrant communities in san francisco want to remain safe. they don't want criminals in their communities, as well. >> reporter: san francisco continues to be a thorn in the side of immigration officials. but this is all symbolic. these were just resolutions. the policy actually rests with the sheriff and in a month there could be a new sheriff in town. ross mirkarimi faces a tough battle for re-election with vicki hennessy. and vicki hennessy says if she's elected, she will change
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the policies. in san francisco, mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> reporter: today in washington, a measure that would crackdown on sanctuary cities failed in the senate. republicans have been pushing a bill to block funding to those who don't cooperate with federal officials. that was not passed. american airlines flight 2232 headed from san jose mineta to dallas/fort worth had to land in phoenix. a phoenix police say the crew reported a 26-year-old who appeared to be drunk. he became disruptive. he had to be restrained. the man was removed but the airlines didn't want to press charges. no word on the name of the guy or where he is from. the flight went to dallas eventually. checking other bay area headlines shell oil has been ordered to pay more than $200,000 for emissions infractions at its martinez
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refinery. the bay area air quality management district identified a dozen air quality violations in 2013. the company was also cited for late reporting and mislabeled components. shell says it has corrected all of the violations. a suspected squatter in jail accused of living inside a decaying san francisco mansion and selling off its paintings. 39-year-old jeremiah kaylor told police he was buying the place but a real estate agent says that's untrue. investigators have since found $300,000 worth of missing paintings up for sale on social media. and a palo alto cemetery is seeing more than its usual share of visitors. people suspect steve jobs is buried at the alta memorial mesa park based on published clues about his final resting place. one unmarked grave has been the target of flowers and messages. new at 6:00 a former san jose gang member and graffiti vandal went from tags to riches. len ramirez has a story of this
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incredible young man who is now giving back. >> reporter: tony sanchez is 25. he bought this lamborghini in cash just a drop in the bucket for a man who has more millions than he has years. >> i was a millionaire by the time i was 23. my net worth went up in the past 12 months to over $30 million. >> reporter: not bad for a kid who just a few years ago was running on the streets of san jose as a tagger and a gang member who was arrested 14 times. >> he was hard. he was a hard guy and had an attitude and, um, he came into my office and i saw what he had done. >> reporter: but instead of kicking him out of school, geneva offered him school credit to attend an after- school teen intervention program run bypass store sonny lara. >> education is going to determine your lifestyle. >> reporter: himself a former gang member and parolee. >> at that moment i decided to improve a lot of my
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associations. i decided to get out of street gangs and selling drugs. i got on a regular job working at a shoe store. >> reporter: he got a job at a stockbroker's office, earned commissions and invested well. he created an online marketing company and a fitness products business that has customers worldwide. >> speaking engagements. we have a lot of them. >> reporter: now he is giving back. sanchez is donating $5,000 in cash and his former san jose office building to pastor sonny's program called the firehouse. >> he could have become armed and dangerous. he could have been someone that was wanted on fugitive watch and now he is wanted because he inspires young people that you can turn it around, too. >> i was willing to do whatever it takes to move ahead in life. >> reporter: sanchez is now doing what others did for him, telling kids that they too can make it if they try. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> sonny's program serves over 1,000 at-risk teens yearly. the ground is still shaking
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in san ramon. the latest on the swarm of mini quakes and the damage they are doing to people's sleep schedules. >> their numbers have been decimated but now some new hope for the monarch butterfly. how the drought may contribute to their comeback. >> and a wine tasting room the size of two football fields. why some people in napa feel this is the last straw. only on "5", what they want to do to limit tourism. >> mother nature limiting cloud cover today. zero cloud cover in san jose where your highs made it to the low 80s. when are we going to see some clouds? any chance of rainfall in the seven-day forecast? live look from the pyramid looking over the financial district. we'll talk rain chances in our seven-day forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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count now well above 200. kpix 5's ma another day a couple of dozen earthquakes shaking parts
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of the east bay. the quakes count now reaching 300. kpix 5's maria medina found people who are tired of this constant rattling being woken up overnight every few minutes. >> reporter: that's what they are saying. last night, there was a 2.8 quake here in san ramon. a 2.2 right before my 5 p.m. live shot. did you feel it? >> i have had about enough earthquakes for a little while. >> reporter: san ramon one town more than 200 quakes in one week. >> i have grown up in oakland and san ramon my whole life and i'm used to having earthquakes. they don't scare me. >> reporter: bob says enough is enough. >> they haven't been big enough to alarm me. but it sure has been a lot. >> reporter: the middle school up the street. >> where were you when that happened? >> reporter: one group feels
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the opposite. >> boom, earthquake, here we go. >> reporter: the first topic of the day in his english and history class, earthquakes. >> i think the energy and the excitement about them, but also really disclosing that there's a lot of fears that young people have. >> all of a suds the car is just back and i'm terrified. >> reporter: the swarm of quakes that hit san ramon is the talk of the town. >> since the earthquake swarms we talk about this every day. >> reporter: sparking conversations about what to do in the big one. >> our plan is to take the aid kit and run for the field. >> climb up the pole. >> reporter: u.s. geological experts say the swarm may last a few more weeks and so it appears some like bob may have to put up with a semi-automatic quake a little more. >> it's natural. >> it will pass. hopefully nothing bad will happen. >> and she may be on to something. experts say when these swarms have happened in the past, it
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has not led to a big one. ken, i think you might have felt a couple of these yesterday, right? >> yesterday, the day before, the day before that, yeah, it's nerve-racking. >> the last week. >> the last week. this is not the first time we have had this several times out there. i think the last one there were over 400 quakes and they are constant. it's like you're walking around in some sort of amusement park. it's nerve-racking again not dangerous to anybody but just freaky. so -- >> yeah. >> reporter: people here are definitely on edge but they say, you know, they are hoping that these small little ones release some pressure so there isn't a big one. >> yeah. let's hope so. maria medina in san ramon tonight, thank you. a temporary barrier is now up where a fence fell on to an oakland freeway. this is the 23rd avenue overpass above interstate 880. almost 500 feet of metal fencing came crashing down last night. that caused a huge pile-up. couple of drivers wound up with
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minor injuries and traffic was stopped in both directions for an hour. the chp is looking into why the fence came down. >> reporter: australia struggled with the drought for 12 years and now california lawmakers are heading down under to get water saving tips from the pros. lawmakers are joining environmentalists, business owners and labor leaders to see firsthand how australia managed its worst drought. the group kicked off its nine- day visit on monday. in california harvest has begun for navel oranges. the drought reduced acreage for the popular fruit but even so growers expect an above-average crop. they had to pay big money for the water. that means customers will pay more per pound. new at 6:00 lawns may be going brown all across california. some beautiful butterflies have caught a lucky break. don ford has the story on how the drought is helping them thrive. >> reporter: it's hard to
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believe such a delicate creature could benefit from the drought. it's because folks are planting more drought-resistant plants. >> people are planting a lot of native flowers. native milkweed and that's wonderful because that's who our butterflies need. >> reporter: milkweed. that's the key. it's critical for the monarch butterfly survival. >> they will only lay eggs on milkweed any type. there are hundreds of varieties in the world. >> reporter: local nurseries were having a tough time keeping up with the demand of the drought-resistant milkweed. the native california milkweed is so popular that last weekend they were sold out here at berkeley horticulture. >> hopefully there will be more in this week. we have them ordered. >> reporter: didn't milkweed just used to be that, a weed? >> in many places it is a weed. >> reporter: while the plants are in short supply, the seeds are know. if you want to plant milkweed,
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here you go. meanwhile back at ardenwood historic farm, the seasonal monarch migration hasn't started but in a few weeks these at least have hundreds of thousands of them. and their drought-resistant food will be waiting. >> once the eggs hatch and the caterpillar emerges, they do nothing but gorgeous themselves on milkweed leaves. >> reporter: at the historic farm, don ford, kpix 5. >> what did mom say? always drink your milkweed. >> no. >> the u.s. fish and wildlife service has done its part to keep the monarch population strong. it invested $1.2 million in a project to send milkweed seeds by mail. >> i don't think my mom ever said that. >> always drink your milk -- weed. [ laughter ] >> conflicting messages ken. you know, who is sick and tired of talking about the drought? >> we could use some rainfall. and are we going to get any
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this week? will we get some this winter? the answer is yes with an el nino winter coming but for the next week, the answer is unfortunately no. 80s san jose, oakland 86. livermore santa rosa the hot spot 89 degrees. great shot from the top of sutro tower looking down on the financial district and shadows are longer as we say good-bye to tuesday. is this el nino going to be a bust because we have gone 0 for october for many of you? no. we don't see a market increase in rainfall above average. we are well into the strong category. 196 days since our last widespread soaking rainfall have to go back to april 7 the last time that happened. santa rosa 49. vallejo 56. san jose 55. even san francisco dropping a degree or two below 60. a very amplified weather pattern the jet stream not moving due west or east.
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up to the north being dragged down to the south. the problem is that dip in the jet stream no longer includes california. it includes arizona, new mexico, the four corners. that's where the low is now. moving away. moving toward us and deciding to stay for a while with this ridge of high pressure. it's going to give us a dry or mild north to northwest wind pattern over the next several days. that means we are not going to be hot. we'll be sunny. we'll be mild. and we will be completely rain- free for at least the next week. i'm talking 10 days and beyond. the hope is that ridge will fly to the south allowing fall weather. fremont more day in the 80s. concord 84. napa 85. san francisco sunshine 83 degrees. we are sunny and mild. even the beach and mid- to upper 60s. 70s another the bay. 80s inland. patiently waiting for the
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pattern to change. >> it feels like fall outside in the morning. warm afternoons, nice chilly morning. a fast-food giant taking steps toward a healthier menu. what subway says it will stop selling. >> and the base coating burglar. the bizarre clue provided by some south bay surveillance video. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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but the so- it was designed to bring new business to san francisco. but the so-called twitter tax break is costing the city and big. san francisco's controller says businesses in the midmarket area avoided about $34 million payroll taxes thanks to the controversial incentive program. that's five times what companies avoided in the two previous years combined. the tax break was designed to keep tech companies from bailing out to silicon valley. people have noticed an unusual fleet of uber cars around town.
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but you can't hitch a ride with them. uber has been using these cars to collect street level mapping data. the idea is to improve driving routes and estimated times of arrival and longer term to use the data for its autonomous car project. the company says the uber branded mapping cars have been on the road for a few months now. the best job for work-life balance. marin based glass door released the lives of the top 25 jobs with the most flexibility. data scientists tops the list, seo managers, talent acquisition specialists and social media managers. the data comes straight from employee feedback shared with glass door. possible trouble tonight for bay area automaker tesla. consumer reports is yanking its recommendation for the model s and consumerwatch reporter julie watts says the stock is plummeting. jules. >> reporter: yeah, back in august, consumer reports gave tesla's model s all-electric car its best rating ever. now three months later, it says
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some of those fancy cars aren't holding up as well as they should. the magazine surveyed 1400 tesla owners and they reported problems with the cars ranging from sunroof and door handles and charging equipment to a variety of squeaks, rattles and leaks. but customers also praised tesla for its quick and thorough response to their issues. now, the reviews sent stock down 6% by the of the day. the model starts at $76,000. subway is changing its ways. the fast food giant will phase out antibiotics from its meat supplies making it the largest restaurant chain in the u.s. to do stow. the company says it will start selling chicken raised without antibiotics early next year and plans to follow with drug-free turkey by 2017. then beef and pork within 10 years. and the force is with the new "star wars" movie. "star wars: the force awakens"
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has set a box office record for presales of tickets. it's out selling the previous winner "hunger games" catching fire eight times over. some imax screenings are already sold out and some buyers are trying to resell what they have. we found tickets going for 40 to $50 apiece on craigslist. that "star wars" sequel opens december 18. there's your commercial for the new "star wars" flick. >> ken paid like $1,000 for his, isn't that what you said last night? [ laughter ] >> just kidding. >> no. the force is strong with this one but not that strong. thanks, julie. if you were a "back to the future" fan, tomorrow is the big day. october 21, 2015, you know what that means. it is the day that marty mcfly and doc brown landed in the future. a man in japan has spent thousands to mark the milestone. he has taken a real delorean and outfitted it exactly like the time machine from the movie
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right down to the flux capacitor. it does not run on garbage. but it does run in part on bioethanol fuel. another difference? it can't go 88 miles per hour because that's not street legal. [ laughter ] coming up in our next half- hour, it could send shock waves through wine country. changes are being proposed that could curb tourism in the popular area. why some feel they are long overdue. >> and a san jose restaurant forced to close its doors. why the city stepped in after customers got sick. >> and medical marijuana in marin. the hot topic back before city leaders. we'll hear what the public and politicians had to say today. ,,
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calling for change after a horrific crash. surveil our top stories in oakland a city councilman is calling for change after a horrific crash. surveillance video shows a pedestrian getting struck and seriously injured at east 17th and fruitvale yesterday. the intersection is one of the most dangerous around. a young man in san jose went from gang member to millionaire. with a little help interest a pastor and a lot of determination to turn his life around, 5-year-old tony sanchez is now an international
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entrepreneur who is giving back to the community. and the earth just keeps moving in the east bay. more quakes have hit the san ramon area today. the latest was a 2.2 about 90 minutes ago. this brings the total to over 300 since the swarm started last week. the usgs says the quakes could go on for weeks. there is war in wine country. traffic is often impassable especially on the weekends. the number of accidents has jumped and napa county is now saying enough is enough. only on "5", emily turner with why this is upsetting the area's major attraction. the wineries. emily. >> reporter: new regulations are now being created that may limit how wineries showcase their products and the way that visitors enjoy it. but it's a battle to figure out exactly what those regulations are going to be. wine and napa county go hand in hand but the influx of people enjoying them has change the landscape, the industry and
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many argue the quality of life. >> the kids can get on their bicycles if they live in the valley hop on and within 10 minutes be in an oak woodlands. they can't do that anymore. >> reporter: diane moved out of the city to avoid urban sprawl but now it's reached her napa haven 30 years later. a wine tasting room the size two of football fields is going in next door and bring 25,000 people a year to her one lane road. so she and her group vision napa 2050 are fighting for stricter regulation of the wine industry cluck the cut back of -- including the cutback of special events and return to the focus of wine making over marketing. >> it's long overdue. >> reporter: the rules regulating the wine industry haven't been changed in 25 years. they are now 800,000 more tourists and 230 more wineries in the county so for the first time in a quarter century napa county is creating new rules and that process has become a bitter battle. >> it's sort of like the perfect mix.
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self-righteousness means self- righteousness. boom. >> reporter: the winery owner says it's explosive because a major winery revenue source is under attack. new restrictions could cut back on the tourism and tasting industry that make up 30% of its business. >> we can sell to them directly as opposed to through an increasingly clogged distribution system that's got lots of brands, lots of competing areas. >> reporter: if that changes, he says smaller wineries would face major economic impacts and new brands wouldn't be able to enter the market. he understands the need for more controlled development but worries that process may hurt the industry that spurred it all in the first place. >> if we say we're done, then it's kind of like what woody allen said about sharks. you know? if it doesn't move forward, you die. >> napa is a world famous wine producing region for good reason. um, and now it's becoming an adult disneyland. >> reporter: the deadline for these new regulations is
6:33 pm
november 10. and that's when the planning department will present their recommendations to the county. before then, though, there's at least one major winery project that's up for review and that meeting is tomorrow and there are sure to be fireworks at that meeting. >> it's kind of -- be careful what you ask for. there are a lot of reasons to live in california. you can go taste wine without a problem in many other places with other options. >> thank you. at least 11 people are in intensive care after a food poisoning outbreak at a popular san jose restaurant. our devin fehely is live from san jose to tell us how so many got sick. devin. >> reporter: the size and the scope of this outbreak has risen sharply throughout the day doubling from 40 to 80 confirmed cases. the health department so far has not been able to pinpoint exactly how the food became contaminated. however, all of the cases involve people who ate at morris ceo's restaurant outside downtown san jose friday or
6:34 pm
saturday night. the customers doctors say were sickened by the shigella bacteria likely spreading from an infected employee to food and then customers. doctors say this bacteria is highly infectious. it causes intense stomach upset. once a customer says the three days since she ate at the restaurant with her family have been horrible. >> horrible. we can't sleep. it's fever after fever. fever, upset, diarrhea. we can't throw it out. it's too much. >> reporter: this outbreak is extremely serious. so far, at least a dozen people have been treated in the icu with severe symptoms and the message from the health department, if you ate at this restaurant friday or saturday night, go to the doctor and until you're sure that you're well, make sure you thoroughly wash your hand and avoid preparing food for other
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people. in downtown san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. police are hoping some newly released surveillance video leads to arrests. take a close look at this. police say a woman carried a guitar as a ruse when she approached the front door of this home on casey way. when no one answered a man went in through the back and rummaged through the house stealing property. couple later got away in a red chevy camaro. daly city police are asking the public's help in identifying a sexual battery suspect who resembled this sketch. 16-year-old girl says a man tried to attack her as she was walking in the area on first and castle streets early this month. she got away. a drag-racing crash involving two seattle seahawks players, coming up. >> and an important change in mammogram screening. when the cancer society says women should start. >> it happened again. we'll show you another plane struck by lightning. ,,,,
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my name is jeff richardson, the vice president of operations here at c.k. mondavi. to make this fine wine it takes a lot of energy. pg&e is the energy expert. we reached out to pg&e to become more efficient. my job is basically to help them achieve their goals around sustainability and really to keep their overhead low. solar and energy efficiency are all core values of pg&e. they've given us the tools that we need to become more efficient and bottom line save more money. together, we're building a better california.
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san francisco's m-t-a is mel marijuana on the minds of my in the north bay. new at si kpix 5's john ramos on how supervisors and sidents are handli medical marijuana on the minds of many in the north bay. new at 6:00, kpix 5's john ramos on how some supervisors and residents are handling a dispensary dilemma. >> reporter: they had a public hearing in marin county today to discuss whether medical marijuana dispensaries should operate here. but before anyone from the public spoke, it seemed clear how the supervisors were leaning. >> the ordinance will provide patients much-needed access to medical cannabis while providing the regulation and structure that have been lacking. >> reporter: but people spoke anyway and many are against the plan to allow four dispensarieses in unincorporated areas of the county. despite a restriction again locating within 800 feet of a
6:39 pm
youth facility, there are those who worry about the message it sends to kids. >> you're communicating to kids that marijuana is okay. that if it's medicinal it must be healthy. >> you have the power to make sure that our youth do not partake of this poison. >> reporter: marijuana supporters included lynette shaw, who just scored a big win in federal court that would allow her to once again operate a cannabis dispensaries. >> the medical marijuana war is over and medical marijuana has won because it's the truth. >> reporter: but in the end, what matters here is what the supervisors think. >> and what we have found is that a responsible operator adhering to all of the rules and regulations can function properly as a licensed business. >> reporter: so the four supervisors in attendance said with some modest revisions, they would support the proposal and begin the process of legally selling pot in marin
6:40 pm
county. in san rafael, john ramos, kpix 5. >> initially marin county will only issue licenses good for two years. that way, they can change the rules once state regulations take effect. kids sold on the streets for sex. tonight, the oakland city council is talking about human trafficking and how to deal with the problem especially during super bowl 50 in santa clara. i'll have that story for you on bay area nightbeat; come join me at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. well, a chance to have your own personal insect. we are going to show you how you can name a moth. [ laughter ] >> how do you follow that? >> here we go. we have clear skies everywhere but two entirely different weather patterns. you in the city along the coast with a west wind and humid. or are you inland where the wind is howling at 20 to 30 miles per hour? your humidity is down to 20%. that's what we do with the microclimates around here. clear skies outside now. we'll talk about rain chances in the seven-day forecast
6:41 pm
coming up. it's a once fetime and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the 49er quarterback goes for the low hanging fruit. >> we are not in a position to lose any more games. >> and it's back to school for a former 49er. >> my mom always got on me when are you going to finish getting your degree? >> and a shortstop pitches in the american league play-offs. we'll show you how he did coming up. ,, ,,,,
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the chance to name a new sps of moths... and your can bu it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of scientific history. the chance to name a new species of moth and you can buy it on ebay. a new mexico scientist discovered it a few years ago. and instead of letting the moth be named after him, he is auctioning that right off. the standing bid now is over $11,000. how about the ken bastida moth?
6:45 pm
>> i don't know. bob the moth? you know? in sydney, australia, a storm chaser captured dramatic video of lightning hitting a qantas jet as it came in for a landing during a big storm. that plane touched down safely. and nobody was hurt. so you don't like the bastida moth? >> i think he wants to keep his $11,000, frankly. smart businessman right there. >> paul knows. >> he will crowd fund that between now and 11:00. temperatures outside courtesy of our kpix 5 weather watchers. nice day to be outside. antonio daly city 62 degrees. robert sullivan redwood city 71 currently. it's 79 degrees in antioch. so says jerry wilcox. lindsay in pacifica, 66. 10 degrees warmer and brian in san ramon and alameda darrell ye. 71 degrees. very comfortable outside. actually still in the 80s in livermore right now. great post sunset shot of the
6:46 pm
11th busiest airport on earth sfo international. oakland 76. the city is cooling down because your wind is coming from the ocean much higher relative humidity whereas inland places like napa santa rosa and livermore your wind is from the north. that's a dry wind. you're warmer and drier. it's warm. two conflicting air masses over the bay area right now. one thing that's not conflicting radar nothing on it nor will there be for several days. kpix 5 hi-def doppler is dry. overnight cooling down to the mid-50s. fremont 56. livermore 55. napa 56. the north bay you're typically the coolest spot this time of the year and you will be tonight. santa rosa dropping to 49 degrees. san francisco 59 degrees. low pressure out. high pressure in. sometimes it's a simple one couple word sentence and there it is with low pressure right here which is causing big time problems again for arizona and colorado and new mexico. they need the rainfall too and they are getting it perhaps too much too quickly but that's no
6:47 pm
longer an impact in our weather. not the strongest ridge. it will be strong enough and close enough to keep the rain away. three to five degrees warmer than average and sunshine for the next week. maybe by this time next week and i stress that word "maybe" the ridge slides enough to the south that here comes a little face of fall with the chances of rain likely crossing the oregon-california border. the jury is out whether it makes it south to the bay area. we'll see. tonight watch out for the wind. our peak gusts are calling for 20 to 30-mile-per-hour winds at the delta and napa county. that decreases the humidity further and somewhat increase the fire danger. tomorrow the wind will not be as strong. tonight clear, breezy in the hills but not much fog. we are sunny again tomorrow and we are dry again for the next seven days. san jose tomorrow, 83 degrees with sunshine. campbell 83. hayward 75. 84 for san ramon. concord 84 degrees.
6:48 pm
84 in kentfield. 76 in san leandro. here's your extended forecast. sunshine across the board no rain, 70s near the bay. and 80s inland. that's your kpix 5 forecast. back to you. well, today the super bowl 50 host committee announced the venue for its 25th annual party with a purpose. it will be held at the cow palace on february 6 or super bowl eve. group's founder made the announcement at st. anthony's in san francisco this morning. >> every dollar that we end up with after doing the event and the season long campaigns that we have, 100% gets distributed to food banks across the united states and the nfl cities. but the largest percentage will stay here in the bay area. >> the party pairs chefs and nfl players as they serve tastings for 2500 guests. at least live music and a silent auction. the host committee revealed its 34th playmaker today. this week it is james gardner
6:49 pm
of good karma bikes. the organization started in 2008 by teaching the homeless in san jose how to repair bicycles. that's grown and now helps foster children, as well. the playmaker grant will help good karma bikes rehabilitate more bicycles and there will be a total of 50 grants given out that coincides with super bowl 50. seat ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
the same without harbaugh around..the rivalry was intense because he and pete carroll had a history of bad blood..b ed $4ers matchup with seattle -- the 49ers matchup with seattle isn't the same without harbaugh. he and pete carroll had a history of bad blood but the hawks coach was all compliments today. >> it's good he is out. he was tough. we wish him the best. he had a fantastic run in this division. >> what a far cry from when they met in the nfc championship in 2014 but despite both teams being 2-4, the rivalry definitely still exists at least in one locker room. >> i think there's always been a little beef between us and them and, you know, it makes it more fun and really just a physical game. >> we need this to gain
6:53 pm
momentum moving forward. we are not in a position to lose any more games. >> you think the 9ers have issues? the seahawks have a few. this is the car of their running back fred jackson wrecked near the practice facilities after he was reportedly racing marshawn lynch. now, jackson avoided any serious injuries. no word if marshawn lynch was fined for not talking. game four of the alcs40- year-old r.a. dickey making only his second career play-off start didn't go well. top of the 1st ben zobrist two- run shot to right. the former a hitting 361 in the post-season. dickey got just five out. toronto bull pent wasn't better so pennington had to pitch the ninth. the former a's shortstop gave up a couple of hits but got zobrist out. royal 14-2. they take a series lead. they may want to see if they can grab madison baumgarner for a couple of days. cal is trying to bounce
6:54 pm
back from its loss to utah when they head to ucla for a thursday night game. despite it being a busy sportsnite with the nlcs and the 49ers player, bears tight end steven anderson feels their fans have an easy decision on what to watch. the giants are in the play- offs so that's a big viewer count that hopefully will -- -- i know the 9ers are playing. they are having a bad year, too. so between -- unless there's a lot of seahawks fans in the bay area or a lot of baseball fans who don't care about football, we like our chances with a good a viewers. >> makes it seem like a slam dung. when cal players are not on the field they are in the classroom and among the classmates is a coach who is fulfilling a long- time promise to mom. >> i played 13 years in the league. that's rewarding. i was able to walkway from the
6:55 pm
game. >> reporter: audrey carter played four seasons with cal but left with an nfl contract and not a diploma when he was taken 7th overall by the 49ers in 2001. >> my mom got on me when are you going to finishing getting your degree? i said next year, mom. but then five years, six years, 13 years later, mom, i'm getting my degree. >> reporter: he hopes to graduate in may with bachelor's in american studies. and when he is not hit had gone the books, he is hitting the turf at memorial stadium trying to learn the nuances of coaching. >> that thing that changes was the technology. the internet was there, now i -- the internet was there but, um, i mean, now you go to college, everybody has a laptop. you got have a laptop. and so sit down in my first class the professor basically saying okay i want you to go on b course or -- i'm like what's b courses? calm down. i'll walk you through it. >> reporter: easing back into the classroom wasn't his only adjustment.
6:56 pm
carter rents a small apartment near campus where he stays during the week. on the weekends, it's down to southern california to see his family. >> my son has his own eye continuery. daddy we gonna do this, we gonna play football, then we gonna play basketball and then we gonna wrestle and then we gonna watch tv. i'm like, okay, man. so by the time everybody is asleep, i got to study. >> reporter: carter actually shares classes with a few kids on the team. >> we'll be talking about film but, you know, we might also talk about the paper that's due, as well. i'm asking them they asking me you understand the material? like what do you think? this is what i'm thinking. now when i see him in there actively taking notes i'm sit there is going oh, man i need to make sure i'm taking notes all the time like him. >> great story. juggling family and being a coach and juggling classes at cal. you know, you always hear players say they are going back to school and get it. this guy will get his degree. >> the latest is always on whoo! i mean, whoo.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how's everybody today? i appreciate y'all. thank you very much. i appreciate you now. thank you all very much. i appreciate it. thank y'all very much now. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. returning for their third day with a total, 20,905 bucks, out of omaha, nebraska, it's the champs, it's the white family. and from lawrenceburg, kentucky, it's the young family. everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash and a possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new,
7:00 pm
state-of-the-art ford edge right there. hey, let's go meet the young family. hey. troy: how are you, sir? steve: how are you doing, sir? troy: wonderful. it's great to be here. steve: where are y'all from? troy: lawrenceburg, kentucky. steve: lawrenceburg. troy: in central kentucky. steve: central kentucky. troy: yes, sir. uh, we're known a little bit more for our bourbon--wild turkey. steve: wild turkey good? troy: i just collect their taxes. i actually don't drink. steve: y-you--what do you mean you collect... troy: well, i'm the sheriff of our county, and they pay a distillery tax. audience: [laughter] troy: ha ha! they pay a lot of taxes. they do great for our community. steve: i'll bet they do. lot of jobs, too. troy: absolutely. steve: well, let me find out. whatcha do, myles? myles: i work for the kentucky department of corrections. i am a victim advocate. steve: a victim advocate. myles: yes, sir. steve: that's good. marcus, what about you?


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