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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  October 23, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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griego? >> a very long time! am i right? >> you're right. [ laughter ] good morning, it's friday, october 23. i'm michelle griego. >> frank will be bac. that's the good news. tuesday. [ laughter ] >> i just think it's so special in honor of our 49ers liza has red, brian has gold. >> better late than never. >> we're "friday light." >> where are we?! [ laughter ] out the door we have a lot of clear skies and a little bit of fog at the coast and inland like santas rose. currently 48 degrees there. then all the way to 60 in san rafael. these are current temperatures. later today, if you liked it yesterday, you will love it today. very similar conditions. upper 60s at the beaches and 60s common across the bay today to the mid-80s inland. tell you what. we have rain in the forecast. i want to be talking about that 18 minutes after the hour but first, let's send it over to the lovely liza battalones. good morning. we have slow traffic already.
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unfortunately for this westbound highway 4 commute, with those delays beginning from "a" street leaving antioch no delays for 4 through pittsburg. just keep in mind that pittsburg-antioch highway a section shut down at loveridge because of last night's fatal accident. i'll have more on this with "kcbs traffic" still ahead. thanks, liza. this morning, a manhunt is on in the east bay for a suspect that police say stabbed three people at a market during a shoplifting attempt. kpix 5's lisa chan is at the winco food store in pittsburg where it all happened. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. last night police released a picture of the man they are looking for. take a look. this is the man that pittsburg police believe stabbed three employees here at winco foods. it happened just before 8:30 last night on north park boulevard. the man allegedly stole shaving razors and when some employees tried to stop him, he stabbed them. >> they tried to stop him.
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he started swinging a knife. started stabbing everybody. >> reporter: was he yelling or anything? >> yes, he was saying let me go. let me go. that's it. >> reporter: the three employees were stabbed with a medium-sized knife, one in the back and two in the arms. all three victims were taken to the hospital and are expected to be okay. the suspect fled before police got here. last night search dogs and helicopters were used to find him. but they never did. we are live in pittsburg lisa chan, kpix 5. a stretch of the pittsburg- antioch highway is closed this morning following a deadly accident. police say a car driving near loveridge road overturned around 11 p.m. the crash ejected the two passengers from the vehicle. one died. the other was taken to the hospital. rescue workers say the overturned car brought down power lines forcing the road closure. no word on when it will be reopened. and breaking news in san jose. an early-morning house fire forces people and pets into the
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street. kpix 5's kiet do is at the scene with the latest. reporter: good morning. looks like firefighters are wrapping up right now. they were shooting water directly into the walls of this garage to make sure that they douse any hot spots. looks like they have done that now and getting ready to clear the scene here. this all started at around 2 a.m. when neighbors noticed a lot of smoke and flames coming from the garage on the 1500 block of sundown lane. they called the fire department. the garage was fully engulfed by the time the crews got here. and residents tell us when they woke up and saw the flames it was a mad scramble to get five people and seven dogs out. but they did it. everyone is okay. they are all together now. investigators say the residents have not had power since march and they have been using generators ever since. investigators also say the tenants have been using candles to see at night. and those candles are what started this fire. san jose fire says this is not unusual in the bay area where rent is sky high. >> just before 2:00 we were notified by several callers saying there was a fire at the front of this house.
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the first engine on scene got here and found the garage was fully involved and the fire was spread together interior of the house. >> reporter: and it looks like the red cross is now making the rounds with these residents to make sure they have the basic needs also housing vouchers and a place to stay. they will be that way for the next couple of days and it's up to residents to figure out what else to do as they try to figure out a new place to live. live in east san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. the battle over benghazi, hillary clinton testified before congress again. this time for more than 11 hours. former secretary of state and presidential candidate fielded questions about the attack on the u.s. consulate that killed four americans. and ken bastida has more on yesterday's hearings. reporter: the day started with handshakes. but the camaraderie did not last long. >> i think if you look at the statement that made, i clearly said that it was an attack.
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>> calling it an attack is like saying the sky is blue. of course it's an attack. >> reporter: republicans accuse her the ignoring ambassador chris stevens for more security before the attacks. >> how many instances would it have taken you to say, hey, we need to look at the security over there? >> no one ever came to me and said, we should shut down our compound in benghazi. >> i'm not saying shut it down. i'm saying protect it. >> reporter: california democrat adam schiff noted the committee has canceled every, single hearing the past nine months except for this one. >> i wonder if you would like to comment on what it's like to be the subject of an allegation that you deliberately interfered with security that cost the life of a friend? >> congressman, it's a very personally painful, um, accusation. it has been rejected and disproven by nonpartisan
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dispassionate investigators but nevertheless, having it continue to be bandied around is, um, deeply distressing to me. you know, i would imagine i have thought more about what happened than all of you put together. >> reporter: ken bastida, kpix 5. >> after the hearing, the republican chairman said that he doesn't believe clinton testified any differently than she did on two previous occasions. one american is dead after a combat raid in iraq. yesterday's raid freed 70 hostages facing execution at the hands of isis. officials say commandos killed and captured a number of islamic militants and recovered what the pentagon calls valuable intelligence. white house officials say the president never approved this mission. this is the first american to die in combat in iraq since november 2011. students at an east bay high school are recovering this morning. kpix 5's joe vazquez reports on the pills that sent nearly half a dozen student to the hospital. >> reporter: students say the chaos at pinole valley high
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school was a strange sight. >> just really random, i guess? >> reporter: ambulances and police cars crowded the campus after teachers called in unusual behavior on the part of several students. >> i just seen there's a bunch of officers got here and the fire department and ambulance and couple of kids were taken into a classroom. >> they were found to be under the influence of a controlled substance. after a little investigation, it was found that it was xanax. >> reporter: xanax, the anti- anxiety tablet designed to calm people down. ambulances took five kids to the hospital two others sent home with their parents. at this point it's not exactly clear how the medication may have affected the students here or for that matter when or where they may have taken it. is there any reason to believe somebody perhaps a student gave other students the drug during school hours? >> we don't know. law enforcement is investigating this. obviously, it's something that's significant and important for us to find out and we will do so. >> i think it's a little overboard. it's too much. >> reporter: some here think calling in the cops en masse
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was an overreaction. >> utilizing resources for something that's inevitable is going to happen regardless. >> by inevitable you mean what? >> i mean kids are going to experiment. they are in high school. it's what happens. >> reporter: in pinole, joe vazquez, kpix 5. 8 minutes after 5:00 on friday morning. the most powerful pacific hurricane ever to make landfall in mexico will do just that within hours. we'll have the details. >> also, the incident that prompted a local transit agency to agree to a big settlement. >> and besides that hurricane patricia that brian just alluded to, we have a hurricane that will be impacting our own local forecast. i'll tell you exactly when that's going to happen. >> and it's still "friday light" at the bay bridge toll plaza. but that could change later this morning. we do have roadwork eastbound. i'll give you an update on that and a complete look at "kcbs traffic" still ahead. ,, ,,,,,,,, ♪
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all of our legendary racing heritage. all of our pioneering four wheel drive experience. come together in one amazing new vehicle. this is the all-new gle coupe. a mercedes-benz suv with the heart and soul of a race car. three alarm fire is raging n apartment building in suisun city in solano county. it broke out around 2:30 this morning. tall flames are bug this morning, a three-alarm fire is raging at an apartment building in suisun city in solano county. it broke out around 2:30 this morning. flames are burning inside and outside the building and so far it's not clear what caused this fire or whether there are any injuries. but it does appear that the damage is quite extensive. well, they are still getting shaken up in the east bay as a quake swarm continues. four small quakes rattled san
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ramon early this morning. they ranged in magnitude from 2.0 to 2.8. and all in the same area along the calaveras fault. [ pause ] ding her bike along san pablo av n emeryville... when all right. and we are going to take a look at traffic and weather in just a moment. >> really? >> with liza and then we are going to check out roberta. [ laughter ] >> with weather. but we're waiting for liza to get here. >> we want to remind you that a moment of silence in the morning is always a nice thing. >> a moment of silence is -- >> sometimes you need that to settle yourself and prepare yourself for the day. exactly. we're going to talk about this morning's commute. everything is as it should be at the bay bridge toll plaza. now, westbound traffic has been "friday light" leaving oakland bound for san francisco. the metering lights are still off. just keep in mind there is roadwork in the eastbound direction. caltrans has been out there and they will be in place until at least 6:00 this morning.
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three lanes are shut down for that construction as you leave san francisco bound for oakland. and in the oakland area, 880 as it rolls past the oakland airport traffic still okay with no big delays there. highway 92 at the san mateo bridge, it's looking good. no roadwork overnight. so westbound traffic still flowing well for the commute heading across the bridge into foster city. do keep in mind, we have placed a call to the pittsburg police department for an update on this closure we had since last night. it had been shut down in both directions. the pittsburg-antioch highway shut down in both directions approaching loveridge because of a fatal accident and downtown power lines. it may still be shut down again. we are waiting for calls back when the pittsburg police department -- just keep in mind you may see a brief delay. highway 4 is open just a slow delay from antioch to "a" street. those are the things to watch out for. the silicon valley commute flowing well northbound 101 moving well leaving south san jose bound to santa clara. that's a look at "kcbs
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traffic." here's roberta always ready to go. 5:13. good morning, everybody! tgif to my weather watchers people in our microclimates who are my eyes to your climates in your neighborhood because, you know, i'm in san francisco. i want to see what it's like perhaps in napa. this would be dave at 47 degrees. thank you, sir, for checking in with us this morning. let's go over here. this would be steve reporting 55 degrees in los altos. i thank you, sir. you get up early every morning, don't you, steve? i have to tell you, you know what i love about this picture of keith besides everything? a's fan! way to go there, keith! good morning, bay area! let's take a look at the conditions in and around our microclimates right now. we have temperatures in the 40s in santa rosa, 50s in san francisco. out the door this morning,
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clouds north of the bay area. a stagnant weather pattern until we get cooler on sunday. this right here is hurricane patricia olaf. i'll get back to that in a second. this is the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere. right now its wins are 200 miles per hour. expected to make landfall to the south and southwest of puerto vallarta. it looks like at that particular time we are expecting catastrophic conditions with those kind of gusty winds by the time the remnants make it up to the contiguous 48 states we could see a foot of rain in texas. but olaf as it continues to wobble out over the pacific, it's going to bang upper deck against the ridge of high pressure, break -- it's going to bang up against the ridge of high pressure and break up. then it will make its tracks to the bay area on tuesday, with mugginess, rain on wednesday. 83 for this friday in sacramento. 73 monterey bay. 65 in the greater lake tahoe area. our numbers similar to yesterday. upper 60s in pacifica. it was 85 on thursday in
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livermore. going with 84. you won't notice the difference. low 80s in throughout the santa clara valley. here's the forecast and again we are calling for rain showers. don't have an accumulation total as of yet. it's a long-range computer model and lingering showers on thursday. boo at the zoo this weekend 65 degrees. enjoy. we have boo at the zoo at san francisco and the oakland zoo so knock yourself out. >> let's go! san francisco's lake merced district pet owners are becoming increasingly concerned over frequent coyote sightings. a group called project coyote and san francisco leaders hosted a workshop at the lake merced boathouse. one dog owner says he doesn't believe pets and coyotes can coexist especially in san francisco. >> san francisco has been urbanized for over 200 years. we don't need coyotes here. i would hope that they would trap and remove them but i
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would be willing to bet that that's a totally unfeasible concept. >> in stern grove a small dog was attacked and killed by a coyote last month. near coit tower on telegraph hill our joe vazquez shot this video earlier this week of a coyote. a park ranger told joe that she has seen a coyote many times. he has a mate and litter of pups nearby. and oakland bicyclist will get more than $2 million from ac transit. that's after surveillance video shows the bus driver appears to be speeding. a warning to viewers the video is graphic. andria borba has the story. reporter: it was july 17, 2012, cara mcclendon was riding her bike alon san pablo avenue in em -- along san pablo in emeryville when an ac transit taking a turn three times faster than that agencies' regulations allowed plowed into her. >> at the moment of impact the speed's around 15 miles per hour. >> reporter: we are showing you ac transit's own surveillance video of the crash from driver
5:18 am
lynn jackson's bus right up until the moment of impact. [ impact ] >> impact was cara's face on the windshield of the bus. >> i just killed somebody. >> reporter: cara suffered multiple facial fractures and mild traumatic brain injury. doctors at highland hospital in oakland placed her in a medically-induced coma for 12 days. >> cara knows that she will never quite be the same. >> get the ambulance here! >> reporter: the ac transit board recently approved a 2.5 million-dollar settlement for cara because of both the crash and the bus driver's history. >> this bus driver almost from the day she started work there was a history of insubordination of yelling at supervisors, on the few occasions yelling at vehicles on the roadway. >> reporter: and six weeks before cara's crash her attorney says the driver had almost the same problem taking a turn well above ac transit mandated speeds. the speed of the turn dumped a bus passenger out of her seat.
5:19 am
>> one page letter in her file that had -- there's some medium role in the disciplinary process but no discipline, no training of any type, no taking her off the road. >> reporter: he says cara is getting on with her life and is back on her bike ready to move on from the ride that changed everything. in alameda county, andria borba, kpix 5. >> we have reached out multiple times to ac transit but so far no comment. now it is 19 minutes after 5:00. hurricane patricia, never seen anything like this one! just ahead the latest on where the powerful hurricane is headed today! and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up from levi's stadium, it was a must-win game for the 49ers. how did they do? we'll have highlights and reaction coming up. >> they didn't win. in this morning's jobs report jill schlesinger has tips on unique jobs in the healthcare industry. reporter: the country is awash in pink as we mark breast cancer awareness month.
5:20 am
but if you want to make a difference all year long there are a couple of professions to look into that you may not have thought of. sighter technologists are disease detectives. they spend a lot of time peering through microscopes looking for abnormalities in cells helping pathologists diagnose cancer and other diseases. unlike pathologist, cytotechnologists don't need to attend medical school but require a bachelor's degree. in california, you also need a license. wages for cytotec meteorologists closely track the broader group of laboratory technologists. in the bay area these workers can expect to earn over $93,000 a year. another healthcare job you may not have considered, biostatistician. anytime you read about a health related finding like an effective cancer treatment or link between behavior and disease, those numbers were crunched by a biostatistician. you may land an entry level job in the field with only an undergraduate degree but typically will need more
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advanced education. the average salary is $75,560 a year. i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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landfall as a category fivet will be the most powerful pacific good morning. new information from pg&e who is managing a power outage they have had since last night following a fatal accident and downed power lines near loveridge road. it's 19 pg&e customers without power at this time. it started off at 3,000.
5:24 am
so they are making progress out there. and pittsburg-antioch highway is expected to re-open at any time. we'll have more coming up. if it makes landfall as a category 5 it would be the most powerful pacific hurricane ever to touch the west coast of mexico. hurricane patricia is expected to make landfall late this afternoon. already having an impact in the u.s. yesterday, thunderstorms stemming from the hurricane drenched parts of texas and triggered flash floods. dozens of people had to be rescued from their homes and cars, but the real trouble will be unfolding in mexico. over the next 24 hours, it will take a direct hit. good morning, everybody, from levi's stadium. you know, against the seattle seahawks, the 49ers have struggled mightily. colin kaepernick and company had scored just 13 points in three games against the rivals from the pacific northwest. something must have not sat
5:25 am
well with seattle's marshawn lynch. didn't bother him on the field, though, on their opening drive. he goes in from one yard out to give seattle a 7-0 lead. he rushed for 122 yards. late 2nd quarter 10-0. wilson up to the lockhead for a 43- yard touchdown to give seattle a 17-0 lead at the half. with the 49ers struggles on offense it might as well have been 170-0. colin kaepernick and the offense manages 142 yards. that's their lowest total since 2006. kaepernick sacked six times. seattle cruises 20-3 and the 49ers fall now to 2-5. >> do you still feel you can make the play-offs? >> we're going to fight every day to make the play-offs. as long as there's a chance to make the play-offs we are going to play like crazy to get to the play-offs. >> it's hard to get by this, it is. i'm not going to stand here and lie because it is, you know, seattle and they've, um, we haven't really had much success
5:26 am
against them. >> the defense is very talented. they have great players over there. they have lost a few games late. that's why they're 2-4, 3-4 now. but they are talented and we didn't match that intensity today. >> and there is more bad news. cal loses to ucla last night and the sharks lost to the kings. it's a losing trifecta. i wish i had better news. but i tell you what. how about the raiders and chargers right here on the big 5 this sunday. the "5th quarter" to follow. reporting from levi's stadium, dennis o'donnell, have a great weekend. and coming up now at 5:26, the bay area will only play a bit part in the next tour of california. why the bicycle race will skip san jose for the first time ever. >> reporter: i'm lisa chan live in pittsburg where police are searching for a man who stabbed three winco employees after they confronted him about shoplifting. we'll have that story coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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just ahead... what led to t sudden violence. also ahead... workers stabbed at a bay area grocery store just ahead, what led to the sudden violence. also ahead, hillary clinton grilled by lawmakers about the benghazi attacks. the potential effects of this marathon hearing on her presidential campaign. >> two hurricanes and one that will definitely impact our local forecast. i'll tell you when. >> an accident clearing will still delay traffic for highway 37 in vallejo. i'll have details. >> good morning. it's friday, october 23. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney. frank is off this morning.
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an early-morning house fire badly damages a home in san jose. kiet do is there with the story.>> reporter: good morning. an active scene as san jose fire department has now --they have their ladder truck above this garage to shoot water directly into the walls of this garage so that they can douse any hot spots right now. they had a lot of dogs in the house. it started around 2 a.m. when neighbors saw smokes and flames from the garage on sundown lane and called the fire department. the garage was fully engulfed by the time the crews got here. five people and seven dogs got out okay. they are all together right now. investigators say this home has not had power since march. and that the residents have been on generator power since. they have been using candles and they say that's what started the fire, candles in the garage. they say it's not unusual in the bay area because rent is sky high. >> there's more property and
5:32 am
more people to get out of the house because of the sky high rents. >> they can judge us all them. they don't know us and they don't know us and they don't know what's really going on. >> reporter: the red cross gave people some housing vouchers and toiletries and needs to get them through the next couple of days. live in east san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. a stretch of the pits antioch highway is closed this morning following a deadly accident this morning. a car driving near loveridge road overturned at 11 p.m. last night ejecting two passengers from the vehicle. one person was killed. the other was taken away by ambulance. it brought down power lines forcing the road closure. no word on when it will re- open. police in the east bay are looking hard for a man they say stabbed three workers at a
5:33 am
market in pittsburg after trying to steal razor blades. kpix 5's lisa chan is at the winco food store on north park boulevard. lisa. reporter: good morning. the suspect fled the area before police arrived so they released this picture of him and need your help finding him. pittsburg police say this is the man they believe stabbed three employees. it happened just before 8:30 last night on north park boulevard here at winco foods. the man allegedly stole shaving razors. he was confronted by five employees as he left the store and stabbed three of them with a medium sized knife. >> they tried to stop him. he started swinging a knife. stabbing everybody. >> reporter: was he yelling or anything? >> yes. he was saying let me go, let me go. that's it. >> reporter: all three employees were taken to the hospital and are expected to survive. one was stabbed in the back of the the other two were stabbed in the arm. late last night search dogs and helicopters were used to find
5:34 am
the suspect but never did. anyone with information should contact police. lisa chan, kpix 5. today hillary clinton returns to her presidential campaign after a long day of testimony before the house benghazi committee. don champion reports on that marathon hearing. >> reporter: hillary clinton heads back to the campaign trail today after being grilled by lawmakers investigating the 2012 benghazi attack. in testimony that spanned 11 hours, clinton managed to avoid political missteps. >> i thought more about what happened than all of you put together. i have lost more sleep than all of you put together. >> reporter: she not only defended her actions as secretary of state, but also her use of a private email account. >> i did not conduct most of the business that i did on behalf of, uhm, our country on email. >> reporter: things got heated when republican committee chair trey gowdy about her email exchanges with long-time friend sidney blumenthal.
5:35 am
>> our ambassador was asked to read and respond to sidney blumenthal's driven. >> reporter: democrats sparred with republicans and called the hearing a show trial meant to hurt clinton's presidential run. >> we are better than using taxpayer dollars to try to destroy a campaign. >> reporter: in the end, chairman gowdy admitted the committee walked away with little new information. >> i don't know that she testified that much differently today than she has previous times she has testified. >> reporter: the latest poll shows clinton in the lead in iowa with bernie sanders close behind. don champion, cbs news. >> by the way, on the republican side, the same poll has ben carson leading donald trump for the first time in iowa. and democrat lincoln chafee may be ending his run for president. within the next hour the former rhode island governor will address the future of his campaign. he just made the announcement in a speech to the dnc's women's forum.
5:36 am
it was not a surprise after chafee raised just $11,000 in the most recent quarter and his performance in a recent democratic debate was widely panned. congressman paul ryan says he is definitely running for speaker of the house. last night the wisconsin republican formally declared he is a candidate after getting support from three major caucuses within the gop. that includes the hard-line freedom caucus which had held back its support initially. ryan is likely to be elected speaker next week. one american is dead after a combat raid in iraq. yesterday's raid freed 70 hostages facing execution at the hands of isis. officials say commandos killed and captured a number of islamic militants and recovered what the pentagon calls valuable intelligence. the president never approved the mission. >> that support role, they are allowed to defend themselves and also defend partner forces and to protect against the loss of innocent life. >> this was the first american to die in combat in iraq since november 2011.
5:37 am
a moment of silence, for a bay area marine killed in a jet crash. >> please join us in observing a moment of silence for major taj sareen. >> sareen was rememberedbefore the start of the women's volleyball game at his alma mater. the university of san francisco, where he graduated from the school in 2004 and played on the tennis team. he died on wednesday when his f- 18 crashed in england. the number of people sickened by shigella has reached 110. cases go from santa clara to santa cruz. health department officials pinpointed the source of the outbreak to marisco's restaurant in san jose. on 4th street. >> what we're on the lookout for is secondary cases or cases that might be related to those initial cases. right now, we have only documented a handful. >> the restaurant is shut down indefinitely as health officials investigate. three lawsuits have been filed
5:38 am
against the restaurant's owner. the tour of california bicycle race will bypass san jose for the first time. it's all because of logistics. next year's race will go from south to north. the race starts on may 15 in san diego and finishes in sacramento. san jose's the only city to host a leg for all of the events for the first 10 years. the closest that next year's race will get to the bay area is going to be on may 18. the anniversary of saint helena blowing up, by the way, and later in santa rosa. >> it's jeopardy! with brian hackney. [ laughter ] >> you can hear a big, ah! across the east bay and south bay last night when this was announced. the east bay from mount diablo to calaveras where they swing around and then ride up to mount hamilton. >> when you say mount diablo to calaveras, i think it's calaveras i think of the faulty
5:39 am
think of the reservoir. what are you thinking of? >> our ride. >> where's calaveras? >> when i ride from pleasanton i ride out from sunol and then highway 84 up to calaveras. we did to the wall and then you make a trek towards about 80 miles to mount hamilton. >> you are an iron woman. >> it's a great ride with my friends on a saturday. good afternoon everybody, yeah, i'm already in the afternoon mode because i have already went on a bike raid! hi! let's head out right now. [ laughter ] >> take a look at the temperatures. 48 degrees in santa rosa. yesterday was the coldest morning so far this season at 44. we have temperatures in the 50s and this is how we'll stack up today similar to yesterday. 60s and low 70s beaches. 70s and 80s across the peninsula. 82 degrees morgan hill. east of the bay, numbers stacking up to about 85 degrees in the warmest locations. and then you trend on over to the north bay, 68 in stinson beach. 70s mill valley to the low 80s towards napa and sonoma.
5:40 am
82 in cloverdale today. we have sunny skies and then cooler by sunday. rain by wednesday. liza, we'll talk about that coming up at 48 minutes after the hour. hey, hey, roberta! good morning, everybody. we are going to talk about great news for the vallejo drive. an earlier accident on the east 37 connector ramp to i-80 has been cleared out. both 80 and 37 moving well. eastbound 80 looks like we may have a delay as you leave the vallejo area bound for fairfield. we did have roadwork in the area that could be part of the reason why we have that slowdown now. southbound 101 heading across the golden gate moving well there with no big delays either for the richmond/san rafael bridge, just a brief delay in a couple of the toll lanes and over at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on. we now have a backup on this friday morning extending to the 880 overcrossing. that's your "kcbs traffic." now to brian and michelle. >> that's right. >> i'm here. today a toy that could pose a choking hazard is being recalled. >> hena daniels. joins us now from new york.
5:41 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning, brian and michelle. happy friday. a recall to tell you about. "build-a-bear" is recalling star bright dragon stuffed animal. the consumer product safety commission says the seam can open exposing stuffing. that poses a choking hazard. if you have one return it to the store for a coupon to get another bear. lumber liquidators pleads guilty to environmental crimes involving illegally sourced wood products. the embattled company has agreed to pay over $13 million in a federal investigation. the company was allegedly tearing down wooded areas and trees that endangered siberian tigers live in and that's illegal. the latest guilty plea is not related to the "60 minutes" report about their flooring containing toxic chemicals. shares of mcdonald's surged over 8% the biggest daily increase in seven years. mcdonald's reported restaurant sales rose for the first time in two years.
5:42 am
they attribute the sales jump to menu tweaks. the new ceo has been on the job for eight months trying to create a new corporate image. and joseph a. bank is ending its buy one get three free sales. the men's apparel chain says when "saturday night live" is making fun of your pricing, you have a problem. the ads haven't been good for business. they have been running since 2012 and were making people question the quality of the clothes. joseph a banks 2nd quarter sales dropped over 9%. brian and michelle. >> hena daniels of, have a great weekend. thanks. >> you, too 5:42 right now. a west coast grocery chain is calling it quits. coming up why "fresh & easy" will soon be down and out. >> a live look at 880 in oakland right now. you can see that it's getting busy there on the freeway. liza will let us know what you can expect walking out the door this morning. ,,,,,,,,
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it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed, dropped and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled.
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it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... the cold... and dragged through the mud. introducing the all-new mercedes-benz gle. it's where brains meet brawn.
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good morning. time check 5:44. put your hands together! it is friday! [ applause ] >> oh, yes. taking a look towards the bay bridge, clear skies there. fog along the coast. the weekend forecast is still straight ahead. hello. >> again. [ laughter ] >> let's check -- we jess checked the forecast. let's check traffic. >> sounds good to me. we want to talk about the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a backup now. the metering lights are on and traffic is backed up from the foot of the maze. there are 8 incidents. so there's a quiet start to the commute. no big accidents just a couple of stalled cars around the bay area. no delays on bart. all mass transit is on time. do keep in mind that howard street is closed at this hour.
5:46 am
it's an extended closure because of the oracle openworld convention at moscone center. so it is shut down between 3rd and 4th. you're going to want to use harrison instead. it will be shut down through next week. good morning, everyone. just in case you couldn't bear it any longer and had to turn away from the tv set, couldn't watch anymore that 49er game, i thought i'd share with you a beautiful morning. look at levi's stadium where currently we have clear skies and the air temperature standing at 56 degrees. now, yesterday was the coldest morning so far this season in santa rosa at 44. right now it is 48 degrees. feeling a little autumn in the air. we start off with sweatshirts in the morning inland and end up with tank tops because temperatures again today in the mid-80s. it will pan out to be a little bit cooler on sunday. we have rain in the wednesday forecast with this right here. this is hurricane olaf. i'm going to talk more about that. but all eyes are on hurricane patricia. this is a hurricane that just blew up in the overnight hours. it has winds up to 200 miles
5:47 am
per hour. anticipated to make landfall to the south and southwest of manzanillo and the puerto vallarta area. it will have catastrophic results. it's a category 5 so we'll be watching that. blocking ridge of high pressure stays put for the next couple of days. and then we have the remnants of olaf. it will push into the bay area by tuesday with increasing clouds higher humidity. and then rain likely by wednesday. currently it's 27 degrees in truckee. sun-up at 7:26. by the time it sets tonight at 623, we'll be experiencing temperatures in the 60s, 70s and 80s. very similar to yesterday. it was 85 in livermore on thursday. today 84 degrees. west winds 5 to 15 miles per hour late day. ditto saturday. sunday turns partly cloudy. otherwise, increasing clouds on tuesday and that rain likely on
5:48 am
wednesday. boo at the zoo! at the san francisco zoo and the oakland zoo this weekend, take the kids and make it a great weekend. 3,000 people are about to lose their jobs as "fresh & easy" grocery stores announce they are going out of business. "fresh & easy" is closing its remaining 97 stores in california, arizona and nevada. about a half dozen stores in the bay area. a spokesman for the store says that they hope to sell all or part of the business. and amazon has a new promise for customers. deliveries in just one hour. >> at least that's what the company says. but does it deliver? our julie watts put it to the test. reporter: i happen to be an avid user of home delivery services. my biggest pet peeve substitutions. i ordered aquifer for diaper changes on another delivery service and got foot cream. of course, they refunded my order but i still needed my aquifer. enter amazon's new home delivery service where they say substitutions won't be a problem. unlike the other delivery
5:49 am
services, amazon ships from its own warehouse instead of individual stores. the catch? you have to download their app. for now it's only available to prime members in certain zip codes. san francisco is the newest. once on the app, simply type in what you need, let's try aquifer. turns out amazon doesn't have it. they say you can make recommendations for things you would like them to carry. but you do have to have a minimum of a $20 order so you may have to buy a bit more than you actually need. two-hour delivery is free although you can pay $7.99 if you would like it within one hour. and once you order, we get to track our delivery via an app ala uber. although we placed our order at 2:00 and by 4:30 no movement on the map. our order still being prepared. by 5:22, still nothing on our map. we are told our delivery is downstairs. three hours later, not exactly
5:50 am
as expected. but no delivery charge, no substitutions, and i never had to leave the office. on the nightbeat, i'm julie watts. >> and the oreo cookies ended up on the diner's table here at kpix 5. coming up, a new project for silicon valley's multibillionaire couple. how bay area kids will soon benefit. >> and it may be many weeks away but it's not too soon to get ready for super bowl 50 in santa clara. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
mark zucerkberg and wife priscilla chan are opening a private school.. good morning. similar conditions from today on the weekend, 60s and 70s and 80s. a tad cooler on sunday. and then by tuesday, increasing cloud cover leading to rain likely. subtropical moisture bringing muggy conditions. a chance of lingering showers on thursday. it's looking like rush hour at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have delays from the foot of the maze. the metering lights are on. and once in san francisco, be prepared for delays later this morning near moscone center. we do have oracle's openworld which will shut down howard street beginning at 10:00. we'll have details on that with
5:54 am
a complete look at your friday drive in just a few minutes. facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg and his wife priscilla chan are opening a private school and won't charge tuition. the couple plans to open the school in east palo alto to serve disadvantaged children. zuckerberg and chan are expecting a baby girl of their own soon. chan is a pediatrician at san francisco general hospital and a former teacher. it's called the primary school. the classes will be offered from kindergarten through 8th grade. and students and their families will also have access to healthcare services on campus. the school is expected to open in august and chan will serve as the ceo. despite the 49ers' ugly loss in santa clara last night, bay area football fans have a lot to look forward to. >> that's right. the games are helping planners even if tune for super bowl 50 in february. staff at levi's stadium is improving efficiency with each game. the stadium is already
5:55 am
preparing for the huge influx of fans and security will be tight. >> a lot of the parking will be eaten up by the security perimeter which the nfl will put around the building. it extends about 300 feet on all sides of the building. so what that means is that we lose parking. >> stadium officials strongly advise taking public transportation or one of the shuttles provided while fans are planning their big super bowl sunday. so are we. each 49ers game leading up to the super bowl serves as a warmup for the cbs sports production crew. they will be pulling out all the stops for the big game in february which will be seen right here on kpix 5 including additional mobile production facilities to cover what will be the nfl's biggest super bowl ever. santa clara and san francisco will certainly be cashing in on super bowl 50. now cities in between are vying for a piece, as well. san mateo is going to host the nfl alumni game on saturday february 6. city officials are thinking up other fun ways to
5:56 am
get the city involved. >> it's developing a passport for 50 fun things to do in san mateo. >> 50 fun things to do in san mateo. up. have you filled the list yet? >> not entirely. >> reporter: working on it? >> we are working on it. >> a million people are expected to visit the bay area during super bowl week. i'm kiet do live in east san jose at the scene of a house fire that's left five people and 7 dogs homeless. what this has to do with the housing crisis here in the bay area coming up in a live report. one touch, and unlike life, no mess. your favorites. your way.
5:57 am
how do you become a superstar? saving superstars. with pg&e's free online home energy checkup. don't let your neighbor enjoy all the savings. visit and get started today.
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i'm brian hackne good morning, it's friday, october 23. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney. frank is off this morning. an early-morning house fire badly damages a home in san jose. our kiet do with more on why so many people were in one house.
6:00 am
>> reporter: yes. good morning. you know, this looks like a typical house fire in east san jose but when you dig a little deeper you find out that this actually is connected to the bay area housing markets. it began at 2:00 this morning when neighbors saw smoke and flames and they called the fire department. the garage was fully engulfed by the time the crews got here. and residents tell us when they woke up and saw the flames it was a mad scramble to get five people and seven dogs out. but they did it. everyone is okay. they are all together now. investigators say the residents have not had power since march and they have been using generators ever since. investigators also say the tenants have been using candles to see at night. and those candles are what started this fire. san jose fire says this is not unusual in the bay area where rent is sky high. >> rents are high as rents go up, they put more and more people into the house to share the expense. that means there's more property and more people for us to get out of the house. >> they can judge us all them. they don't know us. they don't know


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