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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  October 24, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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erratic chase through san francisco and across the bay bridge. all of this --- in a stolen police car! and it all ended just as wildly ast began. good evening, i'm juliette goodrich. the whole thing started as a routine call for police -- d ended up anything but. officers first ran into the suspect at chestnut and lyo the wild chase went through city to the bay bridge endit treasure island. but not before leaving a bunch of smashed in its wake. mark kelly is on treasure id with a story that sounds li hollywood movie. mark. it's here on the island whe the suspect eventually crashed the stolen cop car. police made their arrest. b
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the big question: how did t suspect eventually crashed e stolen cop car..and police made their arrest. but the big questio how did the suspect steal t cop's car in the first place 8:15 this morning. in the marina. police went to arrest a suspect wielding a knife --- so they tried. instead...that suspect flipd the script...stealing the officer's squad car. broadcastify: "i hear on chl six that the suspect has the keys to the car, but the a.s in the car. locked. but i he the key." bite chief hector sainez, acting chief, sfpd'e seen it in my career maybe happen once before, and i've been in law enforcement 27 s now." acting chief hector sz says the officer tried preventing the carjacking. but the suspect took off. broadcastify: "seen pd vehie seen toward golden gate park swerving and speeding. inside the squad car...the officer's guns. bite chief hector sainez, acting chief, sfpd--"but those firearms a secured with secondary lockg systems, so unless you are g those weap >> chief hector says the officer tried preventing the carjacking, but the suspect took off. >> p.d. vehicle told golden gate park, swerving and speeding. >> inside the squad car, the officers guns. >> those firearms are secured with secondary locking systems, so unless you're familiar with how to access those weapons,
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you would not know how to access those weapons. >> police say the suspect is responsible for several hit and runs this morning including one here in glen park before getting on the bay bridge fleeing toward treasure island. >> coming back to the main gate. get the citizens over the street. copy, here we go. shots fired, shots fired, 10- 22, shots fired. >> after the officers opened fire on treasure island the suspect tried escaping back over the bridge to san francisco but met his match crashing into this car at a stop sign. trapped the suspect took off on foot jumping from the top deck all the way to the bottom. the officer did the same. >> without any regard to his own personal safety continued to pursue the suspect. >> reporter: unbelievably both survived the jump and the suspect is in custody. >> reporter: sow you would
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think stealing a cop car and getting shot at would be enough for one day but when the suspect jumped from the upper deck of the bay bridge to the lower deck, he tried to carjack a second person before police made the arrest. >> mark kelly on treasure island. thank you. with all the police activity on treasure island, traffic turned into gridlock for those heading into san francisco. cars have been crawling toward the city for hours with traffic backing up into oakland and berkeley. the same was true for drivers leaving san francisco on the lower deck. drive times more than doubled for many drivers. the city of san ramon remains on shaky ground tonight. two more e rattled the city. one struck at 12:43 this morning. it was followed a minute later by a 3.1. hundreds of quakes have struck the area since last week, the largest so far, a 3.6. right now, this is what's
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left of hurricane patricia. doppler radar showing it over much of texas with houston taking a direct hit after the storm blasted through mexico yesterday. and it's dumping a lot of rain in the southeastern part of the state causing major flooding. it's so bad, floodwater derailed a freight train south of dallas. there are reports one man got swept away in a flash flood outside san antonio. kenneth craig has more on the flooding. >> reporter: the roof of this car is barely visible. too much rain and nowhere to go in corsicana, texas. more than a foot of rain came down friday. streets were submerged leaving many drivers stranded in their vehicles. >> i didn't think i could make it, so i stopped and freaked out and called 911. and they were like stay there. >> reporter: the relentless rain washed away tracks causing a freight train to derail 60 miles south of dallas. flash flooding also shut down a major highway between dallas
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and houston for hours. traffic was backed up for miles. south and central texas are preparing for another round of misery. remnants of hurricane patricia which hit mexico as a category 5 storm are expected to dump more rain on the saturated ground saturday night into sunday morning. saturday afternoon officials also issued a voluntary evacuation order for residents in part of galveston county and are offering them transportation and shelter. >> we'll take it one hour at a time and see how it goes. so as the tide comes in and the waves get bigger, we'll make a decision if we need to get out of here. >> reporter: it's not a question of when the rain will come, but how much. kenneth greg, cbs news, galveston, texas. >> flash flood watches will remain in effect for parts of texas through monday. 100 flights were cancelled at dallas-fort worth international airport on saturday. government officials in mexico say the country dodged a bullet. it appears hurricane patricia
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caused little damage. the country was pounded with high winds and heavy rains as the storm made landfall. it is mostly parts of mexico's pacific coast, then went into the mountains. it avoided a direct hit on the resort city of puerto vallarta. officials are still trying to reach some of the remote areas blocked by downed trees. so far they have no reports of death, injuries or major damage. the president of ireland will be in berkeley next week to pay tribute to the students killed in the balcony collapse last june. five of the victims were from his country. the president will personally thank the first responders who rushed to the scene to treat the injured. the apartment balcony gave way during a birthday party near u.c. berkeley. the state is looking to develop stricter building codes for balance con nice with improved -- balconies with improved steel enforcement. a homecoming parade turns
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tragic. a car plows into spectators at high speed. also ahead, remember the fiery star of hollywood's golden age, maureen o'hare who died today at her home. ,,
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dozens more injured after a
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driver plowed into the crow rs had lined the s horrific scene at a homecoming parade. some dead and dozens injured after a driver pulled into the crowd. it was blocks from the oklahoma state campus in stillwater. witnesses say the car first struck an unoccupied police motorcycle and then barreled into people. some were sent flying in the air. eight people remain in critical condition tonight. >> we can kind of hear a little screaming and sound like the vehicle accelerating and lukely, this car hit a big pole. i think it would have hurt a lot more people. >> the driver, 25-year-old adacia chambers is under arrest. so far, she faces a charge of driving under the influence. after much consideration oklahoma state played the football game a few hours later. tributes are pouring in for actress maureen o'hare rah who died in her sleep at the age of 85. fans are leaving flowers on her star at the walk of fame.
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she is from ireland. she came to america to star in the hunch back of notre dame and that turned into a long career which includes films such as how green is my valley and miracle on 34th street. >> would you please tell her that you're not really santa claus? that there actually is no such person? >> well, i'm sorry to disagree with you, mrs. walker, but not only is there such a person but here i am to prove it. >> she became known as the queen of technicolor because the film colors picked up on her bright red hair, pale skin and fiery nature. >> everybody in ireland was so proud of her, you know. like, i mean, in the movies like the quiet man and stuff like that. she just brought ireland and the actress of ireland to a new level. >> o'hare was never nominated for an oscar but received an
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academy award last year. students attend a private school by day. by night she comes home to a very different challenge. weather department, what is left of patricia as well as what's on the way for the bay area. we'll have the details coming up and on sports. >> we check in the raiders versatile o. linemen as they face the chargers. the warriors will start the season without someone. later in sports. ,, ,,,,
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for the "make a difference
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celebration. double duty this weekend. it pulled into richmond today for the make a difference day celebration. volunteers were crawling all over john p. kennedy park renovating it. the work is being paid for by a grant. the super bowl host committee. those taking part see this as an opportunity to lift up the entire community. >> i think it's really important to rejuvenate the park, because a healthy park is actually a healthy community. it gets the kids involved, gets them out of essentially the bad things that you can do in the world. >> the mobile exhibit also came to the park and features all eight super bowl trophies won by the raiders and the 49ers. the 50s tour is part of the count down to superbowl 50 at levi stadium. let's catch you up on what is left of patricia. this hurricane blew up from out of nowhere and into nowhere, it has now receded. the leftovers are causing problems. in the path of that hurricane already in texas there's been more than 20 inches of rain
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since thursday. weakening now, it's not a hurricane, just an extra tropical lull. there's 10-20 inches still due in the direct path of the hurricane and the texas flooding will worsen over the next 24 hours. by comparison, high clouds over the bay area right now. 79 degrees at cochran. san francisco 65. in santa rosa 74. tomorrow afternoon a little cooler than today. we'll still continue with a cloudy regime. the numbers in the mid-70s around the bay. clouds and sun from time to time a little bit of a chance. the cloudier pattern does remain. high pressure gives way to a trough that moves through on wednesday. there could be enough moisture to give us our first rain of the season coming in mid-week. no sooner does it come in than it leaves. by thursday and friday will be dry. futurecast, see the green echoes around the sonoma county coastline? could squeeze out some drops along the coast range. aside from that, we'll go to
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mostly clear. as the sun begins to sink into the ocean, well, sort of, we're looking in that direction, sun will not actually sink into the ocean. it's an illusion. mild monday and tuesday. and a good chance of mid-week rain in the bay area. stay tuned on that. 65 degrees tomorrow at san francisco and at oakland. and pretty nice day in both locations for the boo at the zoo. heading out of the bay area, pretty good with temperatures in the 80s. 61 at tahoe and 62 at yosemite. mild tomorrow. for monday and tuesday also. wednesday we increase the clouds that will lead to a chance of showers bay wide. by the weekend we'll clear it out. by friday and saturday, also warm it up. so expect wet on wednesday. looks like a pretty good chance. that's weather. for sports, here's andrea. first an east bay teenager
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is rising above challenges at home to find great success at school. wendy tokuda shows us how she's growing up without her parents and balancing two very different roles. >> reporter: this may not look like learning to you, or this, but for brittany deweaver, it is. >> having knowledge and learning about the things, opens up your opportunities. >> reporter: brittany has close to perfect grades this year, at a private colocalial -- colloq owrksial school. >> she had to exist in a world of privilege. >> reporter: she got here on a scholarship which sends low income kids to prep school. some of her classmates have no idea what her life at home is like. >> i've never really gone to
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the doctor really. >> or the dentist? >> the dentist, not really done that regularly. >> reporter: she takes the bus and bart home to east oakland which has one of the highest poverty and crime rates in the bay area. her father has been in san quentin for 17 years. i asked her why. >> i don't know really. >> is it something you would almost rather not know? >> yes, sometimes. yeah. he's turned over a new leaf, i believe. and i like to focus on the positive. >> reporter: brittany has lived with her grandmother almost since birth. her mom has been in and out of jail. >> i know that you loved me because she told me that she loved me, but she's not there as a mother. she's not there. >> reporter: so brittany has latched on to programs like girls inc., students rising above. >> she knows how to find resources. >> reporter: chief counselor perez gave us an example.
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when she offered a math tutor to help some of the struggling students. >> it was brittany who was in honors and geometry and had a b plus that said i want to get tutored, because i want an a. >> reporter: which she did. >> i was lucky enough to have a support system. >> reporter: brittany creates her own luck. >> because she is assertive and she is determined, she sees an opportunity, she focuses on it and she goes for it. >> she has learned a lot from her lived experiences. from what she's been through. i admire her wisdom. >> don't try to be like everyone else. be different, be yourself, want more. >> reporter: next year, brittany will be looking for more in college. wendy tokuda, kpix 5. >> and brittany wants to be a judge. to find out how you can help students like brittany go to our website. we will be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right, we have the season opener at home. can't wait. >> tuesday. should be a good one. the warriors try to defend their title. they'll have to do it without their head coach steve kerr to start the season. good news is kerr was at practice and more involved with the game plan but he will not coach on opening night as he continues to recover from two back surgeries during the offseason. luke walton will run the team in kerr's absence.
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plus the 2-3 raiders face their division rival tomorrow the san diego chargers also 2-3 this season, both trying to avoid losing 3 straight. the raiders coming off their bye and have sometime to come up with maybe some surprises. they used the tackle penn for more than just blocking. he caught a t.d. pass in last season's win over the 49ers. it was his third career touchdown pass. vern glenn sat down with penn and asked him how he got his soft hands. >> linemen, they get a bad rap for, you know, judge gossett brick hands. you've got soft hands. where does that come from? >> man, i've got to put it in my basketball background. played basketball my whole life. didn't won all state in basketball. big basketball player. i've got to give it to basketball probably. >> you're probably the best player on the team. >> yeah, i probably am. >> probably was the center, too.
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of course you can see the raiders and chargers tomorrow on kpix 5 at 1:00. after the game it's the fifth quarter with dennis o'donnell and vern glenn who will be in san diego. college football, peyton manning nervously watching his alma mater tennessee. under 6 minutes to play tied. volunteers heard gets to the outside and scores from 12 yards out. tennessee with a 1-point lead. there was plenty of time for alabama to come back. derrick henry ties the lead with a 14-yard td run. he rushed for 143 yards. alabama wins 19-14 and moves to 7-1 on the season. the baylor costumed fans were out there in the heavy rain. they attacked state's defense early and often. he goes 17 yards all the way to the house. he rushed for 171 yards. late fourth quarter in this one, 38-20, the quarterback
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rolls and finds coleman, a 12- yard play for a touchdown. coleman has 16 t.d. catches this year already. second ranked baylor wins 45- 27, improving to 7-0. over at cal, the bears are having an impressive season so far despite their loss this week to ucla. in the classroom, one of hair classmates is a coach who's trying to fulfill a promise to his mom. here's dennis o'donnell. >> fortunately because i played 13 years in the league, that is definitely rewarding and i was able to walk away from the game. >> he played four seasons at cal but left with an nfl contract and not a diploma when he was taken 7th overall by the 49ers in 2001. >> my mom got on me, when are you going to finish getting your degree? i said next year, mom. then five years, six years. 13 years later, mom, i'm getting my degree. >> reporter: he hopes to graduate in may with a bachelor's in american studies. when he's not hitting the
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books, he's hitting the turf at memorial stadium, trying to learn the nuances of coaching. >> what's changed is the technology. the internet was there. now i sound old. but now you go to college, everybody has a laptop. you've got to have a laptop. and so sitting down in my first class, the professor's basically saying i want you to go on b courses. i'm like what's b courses? one of the young ones said calm down. i'm walk you through it. >> reporter: easing back in the classroom wasn't his only adjustment. he rents a small apartment where he stays during the week. on the weekends it's down to southern california to see his family. >> my son has his own itinerary. daddy, we're going to play football, then basketball, then wrestle, then watch tv. i'm like, okay, man. by the time everybody's asleep, i've got to study. >> reporter: carter actually shares classes with a few kids on the team. >> we'll be talking about film but we might also talk about
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the paper that's due as well. >> i'm asking them and they're asking me, do you understand the material? what do you think? this is what i'm thinking. >> i see him in there activitily taking notes. i'm going man, i need to make sure i'm taking notes all the time like him. >> he plied for both the 49 -- played for both the 49ers and the raiders. a great role model to not only the players on the field but also his children. >> he's probably getting more out of it, too, going back as an adult. >> you're wiser and appreciate it a little more maybe. >> i have this recurring dream that i'm going back to college and i can't find any of my classes and i haven't studied. >> that means you have more to learn. >> i better go back, huh? >> that's a great story. thanks. you're going to be with us at 6:30 more so, huh? you had some eye drops put in. what do you have going in there? >> i was dilated today. there's a lot of glare out here. >> that's it for us at 5:30. he'll be more around at 6:30.
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we'll see you then. more updates at bye-bye. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> axelrod: a deadly tragedy at oklahoma state university's homecoming parade. a young woman plows her car into a crowd full of families and is arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. a monster hurricane hits south of the border and is dumping more rain on texas. even a trait train is no match for the floods. pencils down-- the federal government is changing course on standardized testing. californians pay the price, not for wasting water but for conserving it. >> this one could be surprising. >> axelrod: and how do you grow a one-ton pumpkin? or better yet, why would you? >> reporter: it sounds almost like an addiction. >> it's pretty bad. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."


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