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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  October 24, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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and toni ill on the run. the deadly shooting at a bay area shopping certain, the victims am bub -- center, the victims ambushes in their car, the suspect is still on the run, good evening, i'm brian hackney. >> it happen and i'm -- and i'm good good. station -- juliette goodrich. >> reporter: that man hunt underway for the suspects who are considered to be armed and dangerous. you can see a prosecute heavy precedence -- pretty heavy police presence here as investigators wrap up their investigation out herement here's what we know so far. this happened after 6:00 in the parking lot as you can see outside of the cvs and the safeway.
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police say those gunmen ambushed the victims as they sat in their cars but police say there were a lot of witnesses here including a 12- year-old who we spoke to. he says he saw what happened but he was smart enough to get the license plate and he gave it to police. here's what he had to say. >> then that's when i heard the gunshots and then i got scared and that's -- on my scooter and i ducked down and got the license plate. and then their head down that way. towards autozone. and then all the way down and the last time i saw them. >> anybody that can find information or sees the car, i would consider both of them armed and dangerous individuals and not to approach them can call local law enforcement. >> reporter: and here's the car are police are looking -- that police are looking for -- again, the driver dead. police just giving us some new information that one of the victims did survive. he is now in surgery and again, those suspects considered to be armed decision. live in livermore, maria
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medina, eyewitness kpix 5. tonight a man is under arrest. it started the morning near the presidio. and it ended with a bold move on the bay bridge. kpix 5's mark kelly reports from treasure island. >> reporter: 8:15 thorn in the marina, police went the arrest a suspect wield a knife. so they tried. instead that suspect flipped the switch stealing the officer's squad car. re familiar wi accessing those weapons, you would not no access those " police say the suspect is responsible for several hit and runs this morning...including one her glen park....before gettingn the bay bridge fleeing towa treasure i we're sti >> i've seen it through my career maybe happen once before and i've been in law enforcement for 27 years now. >> reporter: acting chief synizeses says the officer tried preventing the carjacking but the suspect took off. flush own safety...continued to pursue the suspect." evably...both survived jump. and the suspect is in custod broadcastify: "one i shut down code 3." mark kel: so you'd think stealing a cs car...and getting shot at w be enough for one day. but po jumped from th >> reporter: inside the squad car, the officer's guns. >> those firearms are secured
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with secondary locking systems. so unless you're familiar with how ho access the weapons you would not know how to access those weapons. >> reporter: police say the suspect is responsible for several submit runs this morning -- hit and runs this morning including one here in glen park. before getting on the bay bridge fleeing towards treasure island. >> reporter: after the officers opened fear on treasure island the suspect tried escaping back over the bridge to san francisco. but at the on ramp, met his match. crashing into this car at a stop sign. trapped, the suspect took off on foot. jumping 30, 40 feet from the bridge's top deck all the way to the bottom. the officer did the same. >> and without any regard to his own personal safety, continued to pursue the suspect. >> reporter: unbelievably, both survived the jump and the suspect is in custody. >> slow down and response, one
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car -- it is now code three. >> reporter: you would think stealing a cop's car and getting shot at is enough for one day but police say when the suspect jumped he attempted to carjack a peck certain before -- second person before police made the arrest. on treasure island, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> two post office a civilian driver were hurt in the case and they were all expected to be okay. the suspect's name has not been released. al broken taillight led san francisco place to a gun that had been stolen from an off- duty cop. officers pulled the car over yesterday near south van ness and 26th street in the mission. they say 29-year-old sergio maniquez was driving without a license and also on probation. his weapon was reported stolen from an off-duty's locked car last weekend. new at 11:00 more questions tonight about the integrity of
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the steel rods anchoring the new span of the bay bridge. the chronicle reports that an engineer who studied the tiny cracks found rods at the base of the bridge's tower found similar problems in other areas of the bridge. caltrans has admitted it did not inspect the rods when they were delivered to ensure they met standards. the agency's downplayed the cracks and the potential for trouble in the future but one expert suggested easing the tension on the rods to prevent more cracking in the future. tonight mexico's government says as many as 3500 homes are damaged in the wake of hurricane patricia. but the destruction is far less than forecasters feared when the category 5 storm slammed ashore yesterday near the country's resort filled west coast. so far no major deaths or damage have been reported. the storm dissipated rapidly as it moved inland. by this afternoon, it was no more heavy rain and all airports had reopened. kpix 5's maria medina was at
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sfo earlier tonight and spoke with some bay area travelers just after they stepped off the plane from puerto vallarta. >> reporter: with smiles on their faces joanne and charlotte are back home in the bay area. where the story about their vacation they never expected to tell. >> all of a sudden, it's like 11, they said we're evacuating. we're evacuating now, only take what you absolutely need. >> reporter: joanne and charlotte for given minutes to grab what they could and bused to an evacuation center. >> i was really nervous but you know you have to just couple -- it was so organized you have to feel confident that they were doing it right. >> reporter: they stayed there for about nine hours waiting for their record-breaking storm to approach. >> so you're sitting in the closed room. you don't really know what's going on. you're waiting for the building the shake. >> it that i've ever experienced
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before. >> reporter: robin her husband who are also evacuated had in idea how serious the -- no idea how serious the threat was until they connected with family back home. >> they were able to to on facebook and other social media and we saw a lot of concerns from our friends and family here at home. and then that made it more real. >> reporter: but last night, patricia's strength weakened although it missed them. it left quite the mark on many vacations. >> we lost our last day in the sun. but it will be okay. we'll be back. >> that was maria medina reporting. the winds are gone but the rains are epic as what's left of hurricane patricia now unloads of texas tonight. more than 20 inches of rain have fallen in parts of south texas. the result is you probably know has been massive flooding. the relentless rain washed away a set of railroad tracks near dollars causing a de-- dallas causing a freight train to derail. >> we'll take it one hour by a time and see how it goes. as the tide comes in and the wave gets bigger we'll make a
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decision if we need to get out of here. >> flash flood watches will be in effect for parts of texas through monday and here's why. the storm has had the breath knocked out of it but the latest develop to p shows in tonight -- moving in with more to come tomorrow. other news now, at least five people are dead after two cars collided head-on in the sierra foothills tonight. it what happened just before 7:00 along highway 120 near groveland. two other victims are in serious condition in the hospital and right now, it's unclear exactly how the crash happened. the highway is expected to remain closed for the rest of the night as the chp investigates. a 2-year-old boy is among four people killed when a car barreled into the crowd at oklahoma state's homecoming parade. brian webb reports the woman behind the wheel is under arrest on suspicion of driving drunk. >> reporter: victims were treated in the middle of main street after a car plowed into a parked police motorcycle, then crashed into a crowd of
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spectators at a high rate of speed a few blocks from campus. >> we can kind of hear a little screaming and sounded like a vehicle accelerating and luckily this car hit a big pole i think it would have hurt a lot more people. >> reporter: at least four people were killed. dozens more were injured. some victims were airlifted to hospitals in tulsa and oklahoma city. >> the oklahoma state homecoming parade is probably one of the most wholesome happy events in the country. and to have it fouled like this and these victims, these -- this terrible tragedy. >> reporter: 25-year-old still water resident adash yea chambers is in jail -- adacia chambers is in jail charged with driving under the influence. they don't know if the accident was an accident or intentional. >> probably take several days to get additional information. >> reporter: the game was played as scheduled just a few hours after the incident. with stadium flags flying at half staff and a moment of silence in honor of the
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victims. brian webb, for cbs news. >> 44 people were injured in the crash and eight are in critical condition tonight. well, the president of ireland will be traveling to berkeley next week to honor the victims of this summer's deadly balcony collapse. five of of the six young people who died in the accident were from ireland. during his visit wednesday, michael higgins will personally thank the first responders and medical workers who aided the victims. the state is now pushing for stricter building codes for balconies in the wake of the tragedy. movie fans around the world are remembering actress maureen o'hara tonight. the hollywood legend died today in her sleep at her home in idaho. she made her debut in 'jamaica inn" in 1939. from there to america to star in how green was my valley. the quiet man and "miracle on 34th street." she never won an oscar for a
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particular film but he received an honorary academy award last year, maureen o'hara was # 5 years -- 95 years old. well still to come, they say no good deed goes unopinionished. >> just not the right thing to do. >> tonight californians forced to pay up for saving water. >> biologists have never seen anything like it. why great white sharks are suddenly swarming off bay area coast. >> the next big thing for high end hotels am room so small, it fits inside a shipping container. >> and we've got rain on the way for the bay area? we've got it on the horizon, we'll have the details for you as we look live. it's all coming up after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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morning. it was followed less than a minute later by 3.1. the quakes just chemoon coming near san ramon. the latest one struck early this morning and that was followed less than a minute later bay 3.1. neither of them big, both of them unsettling if you're right on top of them. and none expected to lead to anything bigger. but you never entirely know. and it's not just a cluster of quakes but a swarm of sharks that is getting the attention of bay area scientists tonight. the coast guard spotted a group of about 20 great whites just off pacifica last week, it's believed that warmer ocean waters are drawing them closer to shore to feed like this shark that feasted on a sea lion off alcatraz earlier this month. wildlife experts say actually this is a good sign. >> ed exciting for -- exciting
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for someone to witness but also it's a sign that the bay is getting healthier. when you have predations that means the ecosystem is becoming more balanced. >> it's unusable to see such a -- unusual to see the large number of mature sharks so close to shore. but danielle nottingham reports many are now facing bigger bills for cutting back. >> reporter: when the call came in to conserve water, californians listened. lawns went brown, less came out of the tap. >> shorter showers nothing heroic, just sort of regular stuff. >> reporter: michael says he, like millions of los angeles customers, cut way back. >> it's nice to not -- not quite as much as it used to be. >> reporter: but now l. a.'s department of water and power saying conservation has reduced projected revenues by $110 million want some of that money back. >> now we know what you're thinking. great. a rate increase. but -- >> reporter: the agency posted this video and asked for comments on social media. >> did you immediately go to
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twitter? >> as soon as i could. i said jerks, you're punishing us for doing the right thing. hashtag #finealternative. >> reporter: he wasn't the only one. how dare you ask us to cut water usage and then charge us more because we did? read one tweet. do you think that it was interesting that they asked for responses? >> yeah. that was -- dumb. >> reporter: the dwp says customers who cut back are already seaying more than $5 -- saving more than $5 a month. even with the rate hike they'll still be seaying $3 a month -- saving $3 a month, customers aren't buying. >> i turn around and they say well, no. sorry but you lose. it's just not right. it's not the right thing to do. >> reporter: just like the drought he says, a appearance is everything. danielle nottingham, cbs news, los angeles. >> and tonight the feds are urging california homeowners to stock up on flood insurance whether they live near the
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water or not. fema is anticipating a flood of claims once el nino hits this winter. the heaviest rains are expected from january to march. but there's a 30 day waiting period for new flood insurance policies to take effect. okay, cramped quarters may be the next big thing for the hospitality industry. these 185 square foot rooms are the size of a shipping container. we are introducing them under its new moxy hotel brand. it's targeting travelers looking for urban efficiency. and the lead designer says they have everything you need. but not a lot more. >> so with this much square feet, you really don't have room for all the things that you might want. >> right. >> and you can kind of tell how close -- >> not that much space betweens. >> no space between us to really put a closet here. >> marriott will roll out the tiny new rooms in new york and
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los angeles early next year. so no mini bar, no bar. >> that room is so small it looks like have to go outside just to change your mind. >> very good. >> thanks. let's have a look at what's happening now over the texas and louisiana border where there are some cells coming down but good. all the remnants of what was the hurricane of the century and suddenly deflated to not much. not much except in the right department. they have gotten more than 20 inches of rain. it's weakening but that much rain in its direct path and because they're getting more rain tonight, texas flooding almost worsen in part -- will worsen in parts of south texas tomorrow. we'll watch that. right now concord 63-degrees and oakland # 1 and livermore 65 and in san francisco, 58 degrees. here's what's happening. we've got high pressure that's over the coast on the other hand there's all the subtropical moisture coming up from what was a hurricane south of hawaii. and we saw those high clouds.coming in over the bay area today. tomorrow is nice but by wednesday low pressure off the pacific northwest will usher in some subtropical moisture. for the first time in a while
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it looks like we have a chance of rain bay wide coming in on wednesday. when wednesday? can't narrow it down yet and andrea wanted know exactly weapon it was going to happen. i said 9:12 a.m. wednesday morning -- we can't tell. but sometimes during the day wednesday we're going to get wet. on the futurecast also tomorrow a chance of a few light showers up in the north bay. north of the golden gate bridge. wouldn't amount to much. most of it will be squeezed out over the coast range. outside of that tomorrow looks nice. it will quickly clear and plenty of sun but in the early going, maybe a little bit of drizzle and some light drops so in the headlines slight shower chance in the north bay for tomorrow. immediate on monday and -- mild on monday and tuesday and then a good chance of midweek rain. hey bioat the zoo tomorrow. at -- boo at the zoo tomorrow both at san francisco in oakland. in both places it should be a nice day for a little halloween action at the zoos. sounds nice. overnight lows tonight will be in the 50s. sunrise tomorrow morning at 7:27 a.m. the forecast for tomorrow still a nice warm day in the bay area with 70 in san francisco.
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82 at concord and 78 in san jose. forecast for the bay tomorrow and the south bay, mid 70s a few upper 70s. plenty of sun by later in the day. and then over in the east bay the numbers are going to be in the upper 70s and plenty of sun after a few -- few high clouds in the early going. up in the north bay tomorrow it looks pretty nice with 73 sausalito and 76 at mill valley. then yucaipa the numbers are going to be mid 70s. looks nice for tomorrow for much of the bay area that sprinkle chance don't forget up there in the north bay. chance of showers coming in on wednesday between now can them, mild weather and -- now and then. mild weather and sun mixed with some clouds. next weekend sunny and warm into the mid 80s. so -- interesting weather week ahead for the bay area and a lot happening in sports, here's andrea. 9:12 on wednesday right brian? coming up in sports, san jose's thymier irving carries his team over the low bows as he reaches a huge milestone. and a battle between the pac 12 top-ranked defense and offense on the farm as the cardinal
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welcome the dawgs to town. sports is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mccaffrey leads the nation all purpose yard there's no stopping the best offense in the pac 12. the cardinals leads the nation in all purpose yards with 253 per game for christian mccalf fee. they face the best defense in the conference, against washington. opening drive of this game.
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stanford's kevin hogan, he fakes pitch and then throws it to austin hooper for the 20- yard touchdown pass. the cardinal lead 7-0 just three minutes in. early second quarter, ramon wright dives into the end zone from a yard out to give stanford the 14-0 lead. second half now. hogan, he finds a wide open christian mccaffrey who races 50 yards for the touchdown. to make it 24-7. hogan threw for 290 john edwards two touchdowns -- yards and two touchdowns. later in the third quarter it's mccaffrey on the ground getting it done in the air ask on the ground. seven yards out to make it 31- 7. mccaffrey had 300 total yards as stanford wins 31-14. they are 6-1 and 5-0 in conference play. san jose state tyler irving with a huge game versus new mexico this afternoon. opening drive, he goes right and up the middle. for 71 yards and the touchdown. irvin finished the game with 263 yards rushing. his second best of the year.
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and surpasses the 1,000-yard rushing mark this season. late in the third, san jose now leading by seven. spartans' qb kenny potter scrambles around before finally scoring the 12-yard touchdown on his own. san jose state wins 31-21 evening the record at 4-4. usc looking to hand number threatth their first -- three utah their first loss of the year. but travis wilson is picked off by cameron smith smith with three ints in the game goes 54 yards for the pick 6. to make it 28-14 usc and they rolled after that. up 35-17 in the fourth. cody kessler finds smith shuster for the td pass and usc upsets utah 42-24. the utes suffer the first loss the season. and jimbo fisher and florida state tied at 16 with georgia tech. the seminoles trying to win the game with a field goal at the very ends but there is a great
11:26 pm
finish. >> georgia blocks it! the jackets pick it up back at the 25 and austin is returning it down the left sideline. past the 50. past the 30. inside the 20 -- inside the 10, and he's got it! >> oh my goodness, they return it 78 yards for the game- winning touchdown and georgia tech pulls off the upset 22-16 handing florida state their first loss of the year. well, warriors' head coach steve kerr will be mia. >> and the shark find out exactly what they were missing this their first three losses as the hurricanes visit the pink. more sports after this. ,,,,
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e next 3... as def the sharks started the season red hot with four straight wins, then they lose the next three as defenseman paul martin sits out with a lower body injury. tonight, martin returned to the ice and the pieces fall into place at the tank. joel ward and sharks go off to a fast start tonight. versus carolina. first period, already 1-0 san jose, ward goes down the center of the ice and scores his second goal of the game. ward finished the game with a hat trick. and third period now, 2-1. fight for the puck in front of the net and joe pavelski pokes it under the legs for the goal. san jose wins 5-2 snapping their three game losing streak. the warriors start their season at home next tuesday against the pelicans but steve kerr will not be on the bench.
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gm bob meyer says kerr will not coach on opening night as he continues to recover from two back surgeries, kerr though was at practice today. but there's no timetable for his return. luke walton will run the team in kerr's absence. >> once a coach always a coach. maybe just be coaching from another location. >> i'm sure he has a lot of input in that game and he'll be there for the ring ceremony which is a great celebration. and hopefully he'll return to the sidelines soon. >> hopefully very soon, okay good thank you. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tomorrow morning a thanks so much for watching. >> yes, our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 7:30 with anne makovec and the fellow with the mustache can writes -- and writes for the chronicle? >> hmm, phil matier. >> already preparing i know. news and weather updates always on good night.
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