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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  October 25, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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. tonight police have identified one of the gun men in a deadly ambush in a
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shopping center parking lot. the question now is where is he. >> livermore police say two people were shot as they sat in their cars at the arcade shopping center on first street last night. maria medina with a search for the suspects. >>reporter: >>reporter: police have not released motive or identities of the victims but they are searching for those suspects and people here are confident they will be able to find them. >> her ruthless and evil. this is a very quiet town and we don't have these type of thing that happen very often we take it very personal when someone comes to our town and commits a crime like this. >>reporter: livermore police identified the man they say ambushed two people in their cars saturday and jason brown a man who now faces charges of murder and attempted murder. >> definitely really scary because it's livermore. >>reporter: a few reminders of the brutal attack were left behind at the strip mall for people who live here the news is a shock to their normally
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quiet town. >> my jaw definitely dropped of it was really scary. i meet my daughter here all the time. >> it's scary really not so much that somebody got killed but he's carrying a semi- automatic or had a dangerous weapon and disappeared. >> reporter: police say after the shooting brown and a second suspect took off. police chased them to oakland before they got away. but witnesses got brown's license plate giving investigators the clue they needed to identify him. investigators searched brown's home in oakland but he was nowhere to be found. >> i thought they would have got them a lot quicker. i would have thought they would have caught them today if not last night. >>reporter: and police have not identified that second suspect. one of the victims did survive and he went into surgery last night. live in livermore marie medina. emergency crews respond to a hang glider who slammed into a hillside at the ed listen county park in milpitas.
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a number of great white sharks spotted off the coast of pacifica is piqueing the interest of bay area scientists. why they getting so close. that's the question. >>reporter: it may be the warm water but the scientists are still not clear. but what they are saying is more people are sighting them more pictures being taken of great white sharks closer to shore in the bay area. two coast guard helicopter crews snapped these photos. they spotted about 20 white sharks all between 10 and 18 feet in length within a hundred yards from shore. the sites took place on a 12- mile stretch of shoreline between pacifica and ocean beach a week ago. around that same time there was another white shark sighting
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inside the bay off the island of alcatraz a tourist shot this video of a shark devowing a seal. >> it's unusual to see so many sharks offshore. >>reporter: a conservation group wants to point out the sharks spotted by the coast guard were not cluttered together in one place. >> it's not a school it's not a swarm it's not a group of vicious man eating sharks they out there praying on their normal prey which is seals and sea lions. >>reporter: >> it might make people nervous to go in the water. >> if people are afraid to go in the water this might not be the best time to go in wait till the sharks leave the coast later in the year. >> if people are not afraid, go ahead and swim? >> we all have risk in our lives, and use the best information available and then use that risk the regulate your behavior. >>reporter: it's worth noting
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that most of the sharks were smaller than 18 feet they may not be adult sharks. the larger sharks tend to be further out. you heard the expert himself if you don't feel comfortable don't go out in the water, but heed the warnings if you decide to. and that means brian that every time this sort of thing happens a shark is cited you should avoid getting in it was for a couple of days. by the way it is worth noting that attacks of sharks on human beings are still extremely rare. >> absolutely. but you know joe i kind of get the sense from the way you're asking the scientist the question, that you kind of have a personal interest in this. >>reporter: well, like a lot of people i go out in this water i swim this the bay not in ocean but there are mentive surfers we've seen. it's a passion for a lot of people in this area so they are paying close attention. i have talked to several s people about this who have been out here and in the bay swimming and no one's changing their actions yet.
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but as more and more sightings come if it's certainly fodder for conversation. >> makes you think about it a little bit. beautiful sunset too. joe vazquez in san francisco. a fierce battle is taking shape in san francisco over the housing crunch. it has brought out some of the biggest political names in the city. betty yu with what's behind the so-called airbnb initiative. >>reporter: you have one people who say airbnb is taking rental units off the market and it's causing rents to go through the roof. these are the supporters of prop f. they include dianne feinstein and former mayor. >> we've lost between 10 and 12,000 units of housing when the city is suffering through its worst housing crisis in a
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hundred years. , on the other side, no on prop f. . >> prop f will ban short term rental of inlaw units encourage neighbors to sue each other. >>reporter: in fact, by big money. >> on the pro airbnb side you have gavin newsom and ed lee doing commercials day after day in a well funded campaign communicating directly to the voters that's how you win campaigns on california. >> spend a lot of money on tv. >>reporter: next tuesday voters will decide prop f would limit short term rentals to 75 days a year and require hosting cites to pulleysing take proper -- allow neighbor toss go after hosts and companies like airbnb in lawsuits. >> what we try to do with proposition f give airbnb other companies skin in the game. if you list a unit that isn't
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registered or is illegal you can be fined. >>reporter: share better sf says this is a david versus goliath fight. his group has raised about $375,000 in support of prop f. by comparison airbnb has donated $8 million to defeat the measure. in the newsroom betty yu kpix5. >> a broken levee flooding waters and it's good news for the north bay we'll find out why. why target is receiving praise from parents for this ad for halloween costumes. ,,,,,,
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new halloween ad that many y . >> make a retailer target is getting plenty of interest and praise for a new halloween ad take many say is spot on. the ad shows little girls dressed in principle test costumes look at the little girl wearing the elsa costume from the hit movie frozen she has braces and arm crutch. many advocacy groups have taken to twitter to thank target for the ad. teddy opally posted this shout out to target for including a child with a disability in their halloween ad. #representation matters. yale wrote so target featured a girl with a disability on their halloween
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ad as a person with a disability who used to model this makes me so happy. target responded by saying its advertising team tries hard to include all of its guests. a levee breach north bay is spilling water everywhere. but as you'll see actually a good thing. john ramos on how this is going to help bring that part of the bay back to how it looks over a century ago. >>reporter: this morning hundreds of people hike down a sonoma county levee built generations ago. they came here with an unusual mission. >> what a great day to beach a levee. >>reporter: these levees were build 140 years ago to claim farmlands from san francisco bay. they were called wasted lands good we've viewed the marshes as impediment rather than as a resource. >>reporter: times have changed we understand importance of marsh lands to the environment and overall health of the bay.
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on this day man came here to return what he had taken. nearly two square miles of the sears point ranch property is being opened to the bay of it will take days for it to fill up and 20 years to like this again. but when it does it will be a haven for young fish and sea birds. >> it is going to be sonoma county's best place to witness restoration over the long term. >>reporter: with a predicted rise in sea level areas like this will act as a shock absorber during heavy storm surgeries. >> there's nowhere for the water 0 to go either it's going here or downtown san francisco. so thank god for this project. >>reporter: those who built this levee did so in the name of progress. and it is being destroyed for the same reason. >> my family was here when these levees were built in sonoma county. it was good for their purposes at that time. and this is good for our purposes now going forward.
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project is likely going to
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an important deadline. . california's high speed rail project is likely going to miss an important deadline. the la times says it will not be finished by 2022, and on top of that it will go over budget. the newspaper looked what lies ahead and said state officials under stipulated costs. the big one punching 36 miles of tunnel through the merchandise outside los angeles. the original price tag is $68 billion. construction started this past summer 2.5 years behind the target date. well, the force is strong tonight at san jose airplane. a stars wars themed dreamliner landed for the first time. it's paint inside the likeness of r2d2. japan's al nippon airways will be flying from here tokyo next couple of. there are plans for two more star wars themed planes. you can soon own a piece of disneyland.
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next month van eaton galleries in los angeles will actually auction off 800 vintage memorabilia items from disney theme parks they include some rides and these restored train cars from the people mover will be on sale. organizers expect them to sell for $200,000. this space mountain ride car is stilted to fetch $50,000. bidding for this bench a 1955 original from disney lab's main street will start at $5,000. >> there is a lot going on in the weather department but we're going begin with something local a beautiful view as we look from dublin to a live view of the nearly full moon as it losts slowly into the skies. clear skies over the area but we're going to start with what is left of patricia and revisit it in a minute. but patricia creating showers and thundershowers around the gulf a lot of rain stretching into the southeast right now. and we have a hurricane that will affect our own weather. olave that right now is due
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east of the hawaiian islands women move north and east over the next few days and inject enough moisture into the atmosphere to have an affect on our weather by midweek. let's revisit what is left of patricia in retrospect it was the strongest pacific hurricane on record and it developed like gangbusters from out of nowhere to the strongest hurricane on record in time at all. it came ashore with maximum gulf of 211 miles an hour unverified number but nevertheless impressive and yet no sooner did it come onshore it was downgraded to a remnant low within just 21 hours. so it blew up big time and it deflated in no time once it hit the rugged terrain of mexico. here it is tonight. unwinding over louisiana where new orleans is reporting showers and thundershowers. but it's on the other side of the country the west coast where for the next counsel of days we're going to have sunny and mild weather with high pressure off the west court yet
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by wednesday with low pressure developing off the pacific northwest remember olave some of the moisture gets swept in the low in the bay area we get a chance of rain by wednesday. stay tuned. meantime tomorrow looks good. we'll have low clouds coming in along the shore line but in janay nice sunny day like we had day. few low clouds to start sunshine to finish. and to sum it all up we've got a chance of rain coming into the bay area by midweek. overnight lows near 60 degrees. pleasant evening in the bay area. forecast highs tomorrow much as we saw today. 70 in the city, 79 concord. 78 san jose 785 in oakland. in the extended forecast we're going to be looking for sunshine on monday and tuesday. increased clouds tuesday night. that will lead to a chance of rain late tuesday extended into wednesday then we'll turn the other direction by friday, saturday and sunday we'll be smoking again in the east bay temperatures in the low 80s that won't be the only thing smoking according to what happened this weekend. >> you got it. the raiders were back on the field after taking a week off and as brian said they came out
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smoking. but would their fast start in san diego be enough to hang on for another win. tell you about it next. ,,,,,,
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. if this is the chargers final year in san diego the raiders certainly saved layer best for last. they have thought won in southern california since 2011. charger fans they had a sense of humor what's going on down there. phillip rivers franchise record 65 types in green bay came out throwing again today. instead deflected intercepted
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by malcolm smith. brings it down inside the five. inside the five airs every saturday channel 5. latavius murry punches it in for the touchdowns early 7-0 lead. third score of the season. 10-3 raiders 2nd quarter derek carr touchdown pass rookie tied tithe end clive wall ford. raider lead 17-3 that is his first career touchdown. was not a memorable first half to rivers. pass to keenan allen off the mark. easy pickings for t. j. hey didn't. 20-3 rayers. the look at the short pass amari cooper and then watch him work he got four huge blocks on this play. he goes 52 yards. the raiders head to the locker room. they are up 30-6. 133 receiving yards for cooper. raiders got the ball to start the 3rd quarter picked up where they left off same play this time for crabtree. 25 yards score. it's 37-6. now it's 37-13 raiders the 4th quarter. rivers wide open dany wood head
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that's a touchdown. they get the two-point conversion so s a two possession game. under 10 seconds to go. rivers to wood head again and again they get the two-point conversion. now it's an 8 point game. are you kidding me? san diego will attempt to get the ball back and go for a hail mary, but michael rivera recovers the onside kick to ice the game. raiders hold on 37-touchdown improving their record to 3 poe. >> every now and then you know you can have a game like that when it seem like everything is going your way and it felt good. but you know you look at that first half and then allow at the 4th quarter and it kind of takes a little bit you know that excitement away the way you would like to celebrate a win like that because of the way we finish that was almost like a blueprint how not to finish a game. >> tom brady and patriots trying to remain unbeaten jets
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had other ideas. ryan fitzpatrick. threw for 295 and 2 touchdowns but brady he was even better. of course he was. 365 yards two touchdowns. its when you got that guy. gronkowski 7 of 11 catches in the second half. patriots beat the jets 30-23. saints visiting indianapolis. 3rd quarter new orleans already leading 20-0. mark ingram scores on the one yard touchdown to make it 27-0. ingram goes for 143. but the colts rally back trailing 27-21. indy going for their onside kick gets batted around. thunderstorms ran out the clock. they are 27-21 the final. both teams now 3-4. sad news from the nba where timberwolves head coach flip saunders passed away at the age of 60 after a battle with cancer he was in
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his second stint as minnesota's head coach went won over 1200 games in 1 seasons as head coach with three teams. saunders had announced friday that he would have to sit out the season while battling the disease. sam mitchell will be the team's interim coach when the t-wolves season begins on wednesday. joey logano looking for his third straight chase win at talladega. logano on the left battling dale earnhardt, jr. for the lead right after the green flag falls a crash occurs behind the leaders. so that brings out another caution ending the race. that is car determined that logano led with that yellow flag came out giving him the victory. earnhardt is eliminated from the chase. 8 drivers are still alive for the championship with four races remaining. earthquakes in dallas they needed a win to keep playoff hopes alive. 9th minute tied at one san jose turned it over. fabian castillo passes to
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victor a. they miss the playoffs for the third straight year which is a shame we were looking to go hosting the show. >> jeremy newbury i call him the most objective analyst in the market and he's very frank on what he thinks the 49ers should go from here and who should be held accountable. >> has a good answer. >> definitely. >> we'll student. thanks for watching. 60 minutes is up next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> o'donnell: is it that you think you couldn't win or that you didn't want to run? >> i couldn't win. i'll be very blunt. >> o'donnell: in our interview, the vice president talked about his decision not to run, his thoughts about, the republicans, and how his son's death affected his family and his decision. >> some people have written that, you know, beau on his deathbed said, "dad, you've got to run," and there was this sort of hollywood moment. nothing like that ever, ever happened. >> martin: what does the air war against isis really look like? >> mr. martin, welcome to the combat operations floor. >> martin: tonight you'll see for the first time when "60 minutes" goes inside the


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