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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  October 26, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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was too thick to get to the scene. you can see the heavy response on the ground and in the water. crews are using boats to look for this missing man and it is not clear how long the search will continue. we're told the nau with the boat capsized -- capsized will be dangerous to those of the side -- tied. it's calm at the mouth of the bay you have water coming for a five different directions simultaneously. it is very treacherous part of the water. >> it's not clear what caused the boat to capsized we have across the way and we will bring you an update. traffic stop raising eyebrows in the east bay, woman pulled over and threatened with arrest. joe vazquez on how allegations the police may have been playing politics during the encounter. were -- >> reporter: position she was pulled over by police officers in berkeley back on october 7.
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her license plate was missing and she got the ticket. and now as they say, the rest of the story. in terms of the officers of told ms. cordova over on marin street in berkeley were not berkeley police officers. they were from kensington, miles away. and miss cordova is not just any ordinary citizen, she's a member of the kensington protection and qed district where they ever sees the special district population 5000 that has no mayor or city council. she has been an outspoken critic of the police department following a incident when sergeant. keith was with a prostitute and we know awoke up realizing someone has stolen his badge, handcuffs, 40 caliber pistol and ammunition. the police chief at the time got fired and sergeant. barrow has kept his job . miss cordova says barrow was in the car with the officer who pulled her over earlier this month out of uniform. >> great to see if they'll
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investigation of not less be transparent. >> reporter: police chief has asked richmond police averment to conduct an investigation. the da is also looking into the matter as is the fbi according to cordova who says federal agents have advisor to temperately move out of kensington. >> what we officers doing a berkeley making a traffic stop? >> that's part of the investigation. the question that will come out during the investigation >> reporter: it's unusual for police officers to take action outside of their own jurisdiction. >> kpix 5 legal analyst , ladoris cordell. >> on a stale -- scale of one today, one no problem and 10 being suspicious, i give this a 10. on one starts to think, is this retaliation, some way to intimidate or threaten or scare her >> miss cordova the client to interview but agreed to give
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the evidence to was pulled over by the officers in berkeley. traffic taken it and paperwork and she will fight it in court, joe vazquez kpix 5 . bta and san jose's tried to make amends for project that has gone on longer than planned . business owners are hurting. kpix 5 on how the transit agency is trying to share pain. >> reporter: -- workers are up to their eyeballs to get the transit project started. after enduring torn up streets of their case, followed by months of work stagnation, business owners feel they are the ones going under. >> business went down, 10 percent of the sales -- 30 percent of sales. people don't want to deal with this >> maxillary that's mexican owner bakeries sell said he knew there would be ahead but due to safety violations -- all summer long, he says the transit
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agency was not transparent about a. >> they ignored the issue and pretend nothing was happening. it was a very bad business for bta. >> we apologize for this inconvenience. >> bta is helping to calm the waters offering financial compensation and opening a field office on our lonerock avenue to address neighborhood concerns >> the project was here but we were not here next to the project because that was not part of the original approach. >> reporter: the project will add a bus lane to our maroc avenue and processing to speed up the commute from downtown and east side but from the chopping down the street trees, swerving, curving rough roads and the strain of businesses, it's been nothing but a hardship so far. >> this construction material, construction equipment. it's a
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mess. >> reporter: workers restarted the project and the neighborhood still has a long way to go. final completion of the bus lanes is not expected until december. final completion of the bus lanes is not expected until december 2016. san jose, glamorous, kpix 5. know what serious for the san francisco giants but do not before, the team is in battle mode. kpix 5 phil matier on how the fight this fall is about land near the ballpark. stakes are as high wind that's right. most of us will we think of the giants we think of the stadium. but they are not in the playoffs. as far as gaetz, and money goes, the play that is going on across the street could add series go to the orange black. here's the story. right now, it's a parking lot but if the voters get the nod , election day it would take a giant step toward becoming a new neighborhood. filled with parks, affordable huizinga and high-rises. and if at work so, a lot of new money for the san francisco giants as well.
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>> we feel it is a risk worth taking because there's opportunities for fans and all of us to keep the giants on the solid footing and compete favorably against other teams >> reporter: it will keep control around the ballpark for decades to come. >> we want to make sure fans have as good an experience as they have now pork --. >> reporter: john says it's a nice idea but it's just too tall for the waterfront. >> a business decision not baseball. there's millions of dollars at stake. andy teaches sports management and says the giants are doing what a number of other teams are doing these days. including the warriors with the proposed billion-dollar arena and office complex down the road. >> in san francisco, it has exploded and the giants to take advantage exit cannot lose money on the deal.
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>> reporter: my money could also level the playing field when the giants go up against bigger markets like new york or los angeles. it's not a direct relationship but it will do nothing but help the giants stay competitive and get back to the world series. >> is going to enhance the value of the franchise which is already a top in sports. looks like a win for a lot of people and if the polls are an indication, the parking lot is going to be a new neighborhood soon. in san francisco, phil matier, kpix 5 . san jose is continuing penalties for people who do not -- dumped trash on city streets. the city council will talk about violators. it's the first time the punishment has been considered for san jose. first, vendors will be fined $1000 and it goes up. city leaders say the problem of illegal dumping and so bad the measures to take care of it are not doing good.
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santa clara county try to restore faith in the criminal justice system. president abortus supervises announcing a blue ribbon commission to look into the death of an inmate in august. 23-year-old michael tyree was found in his cell in august at the corner says the mentally ill inmate had been beaten to death. three guards have been charged with his murder. the charge of death of michael tyree must mean something. his death was the other town for new paradigm as to how our society treats those in custody gas independent police auditor will chair the panel among those selected for the commission supervisors, judges, law enforcement and civil rights representatives as well as former inmate an inmate families. on the multipurpose crime- fighting tool getting off the ground and contra costa county. the start three helicopter the next generation of aircraft for law enforcement. the chopper can find -- fly
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more than 135 mi./h and uses infrared technology panay searches, can fight fires and perform rescues. one of only three like it in the bay area. the warning tonight for dog owners, someone leaving hazards on the ground. what may bring the tech -- pets to danger. >> cloud cover outside of your house now is the leading edge of the weather system that will give us our first widespread rain of october. we have gone mostly cloudy, looking for the. toward angel island find out when the rain arise and how much we will get coming up. napa valley goes high- fashion. new partnership combining an iconic brand with california wine. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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reports of a fire burning a market street. the call came in as fire on market at breaking news out of san francisco now.
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a fire burning along market street. the call came in as fire -- it was spotted at dolores. evacuations underway at the building we had crews on the way to the scene and we will give you more information as soon as we get it. new details coming out about an ambush at a busy shopping center parking lot in livermore over the weekend. please have a suspect in the killing and they say he is dangerous. kpix 5 maria medina is in livermore and found out this is not the only crime this guy has been wanted for>> reporter: tonight livermore police are conforming the men decided to meet in this parking lot before something went wrong but the motive is unclear. >> the subject is determined and very callous and cold-blooded. >> reporter: jason brown, 18 on the run for a second day from livermore police.
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and also wanted by fresno police for weeks for a murder of a man at a restaurant last month. we all question why here, why our town. >> reporter: livermore police said they believe brown and the person he was with new the 2 victims they are accused of ambushing in their car at this busy parking lot outside of a strip mall. they are not saying yet -- not much yes. >> is at again, john's or weapons it would be safe to say it to be one of those but we are not specifying what the motive is >> reporter: the only thing that i could come up with was it was far from oakland. far from where they were. >> reporter: hours after the shooting, investigators searched his own but he was gone. the question remains, where are brown and his partner hiding and how long before they are caught. >> i have faith that our police department in livermore will do their best to make sure we're safe. >> reporter: the second suspect
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has not been identified. the victim who survived remains in critical condition. live in livermore, maria medina kpix 5. new information on a deadly head-on collision in the sierra foothills. 4 people killed belonging to the same bible study group and saratoga. the vehicle they were in burst into flames after the collision and you can see the charred remains loaded onto a truck and one woman from the group survived and is in critical condition. the crash happened saturday on highway 120 near the town of groveland. the driver of the other vehicle was also killed. a passenger survived and is in critical condition. a warning for dog owners. workers in the grand lake neighborhood of oakland, silver thumbtacks popping up on sidewalks. all of them facing spike up. neighbors say for months someone has been purposely placing these tacks on the ground hundreds within a six block radius and worse in some cases, dog food has been
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sprinkled near the tacks tumor and pets. >> our guide stepped on one while we were concerned about the issue and it went between his toes. it did not stand him but almost did you very scary someone would do that. you question what goes to people's minds >> reporter: neighbors posting about the problem on the community website next-door and there are surveillance cameras placed outside many of homes. shigella cases is up to 182 . the santa clara health of the premises the illness has been spread to five counties, more than half the people who got sick ate at morris goes san juan restaurant in san jose. the others likely came in with -- contact with them. the restaurant was closed by health inspectors and 2 people have filed suit for negligence. really from the way for one of the busiest beaches in the bay area. the problem, too many people with not nearly enough parking spaces. new at 6:00, john ramos
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found out about the big purchase it could change all of that. >> reporter: you can swim here and the water is warmer than it is at the ocean and calm her. it's quiet today but on weekends and holidays, crown memorial beach and i'll leave draws thousands from the bay area. the area close to downtown called kraft, there is a problem. >> the problem is it gets crowded. >> reporter: the parking lot has room for 50 cars and the narrow street dead ends causing creative u-turns. the tide is turning because east bay regional parks has an agreement to purchase the property across the street to make more room. there is in all federal government office building. >> what we plan and hope to do is demo some building here and create a parking lot and a broader picnic area, open this part of the shoreline.
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>> reporter: it will draw people to the stretch and expand use of the visitor center. the property will cost $2 million. pay through measure w funds. and despite bureaucratic hurdles, the district hopes to have the new area open within two years. in alameda, john ramos kpix 5. crown memorial beach is the longest public each inside of san francisco bay. we heard about a possible monster el niño this winter prompting state officials to urge people to think about getting flood insurance if they do not have a. the state insurance commissioners is california need to be prepare for disasters and homeowners need to have flood insurance at least 30 days prior to a flood in order to be covered. checking in with paul deanno. spread too soon to talk flooding but we have rain in the forecast. >> hopefully we transition to the wet winter suddenly. we don't want to get hit with the flawed but we could see --
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with the flood but we could see rainfall this week and rain chances next week. it has been very job. this great moonrise over the bay bridge. outdoors now, it popped up over the east bay hills. warm day today. it is not october weather. 10 degrees above average, 80s for dominic campbell. 79 petaluma, the mattapan test have low 77 cemetery. -- san mateo. rough surf. 1-2 feet above average weights because of a loop area -- low pressure area above alaska. we are waiting for a soaker. 200 today since the last widespread half inch rainfall. we may get close to that this wednesday but i don't think we will see a soaker, just widespread windfall -- rainfall. some rain is on the way.
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looks impressive. the coolest shot i can show you on the satellite image. cloud cover from anchorage and juneau, alaska down to west of kabul. it is not connected. we were talking last week, the hope was we have this front coming and it will draw up tropical moisture and that would feed and more rainfall and we may get a soaker. the front is coming the most of the tropical moisture is staying disconnected to the south which is a problem because we want rainfall. we will get some rain wednesday on average one quarter of an inch. let's talk about what we can expect northbay will get the most, minimum one quarter of an inch, max three quarters of an inch. peninsula and south way at most one quarter of an inch. and high elevation with the mountains receiving more. we will see you rain wednesday not as much as we thought but
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beggars cannot be choosers and we are beggars. on court, 75 cloudy everywhere in the bay area. mountain view, 76 upper 60s san francisco and pacifica, low to mid 70s san rafael and napa. a wet wednesday some you down. thursday, sunshine back. after a dry and warm halloween after we fall back saturday night and game one hour of asleep, monday morning we will see some more rain shower. -- rainfall. sneaking another chance >> you are welcome. >> thank you. >> i will take credit. napa valley is getting a taste of french luxury. the designer brand chanel is buying a line array. chanel owns two in france but this is the first step into the american wine industry. the purchase takes affect next month. was on your dinner plate?
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before you take a bite, no water main -- warning about meat and cancer. >> the bay area senior is getting into new technologies. a special tour at google. ,,,, [female announcer] for thousands of local foster children, extracurricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team... getting help with math... going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal... ...when you can't do the normal things. [announceto help, sleep train is collecting donations
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for the extra activities that for most kids are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... ...but anyone can help a foster child.
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eating processed meat causes cancer... and that red meat probably does, too. but before y a new report from the world health organization says eating processed meat causes cancer and red meat probably does as well. before you completely overhaul your weekly menu, tina krause breaks down the risk. >> reporter: world cancer researchers essay people who fill up on processed foods like bacon, sausage and hot dogs face a real risk of colon, stomach and other cancers. scientists from the world health organization say eating processed meat including those that are small, cured or salted opposes the same cancer is as smoking. >> to put it in perspective, the lifetime risk is 5 percent for colon cancer. if you have a hot dog every day, your risk goes to 6 percent . it is very, very small.
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>> while doctors have long warned against eating too much meat, the who report goes one step further, classifying processed meat as cancer- causing. and red meat as a likely cause of cancer. >> bread meat has been a part of my -- and red meat as been a part of my diet. >> i.e. food anyway but it's like anything else, anything in moderation. >> north and camp -- north american meat institute calls the report dramatic and argues cancer is a complex disease not caused by a single foods. but the who says it has hard evidence that came from evaluating 800 studies from several continents about meat and cancer. tina krause, cbs news london. the report said grilling pan frying overcooking red meat at high temperatures produces the highest amount of chemicals
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suspected to cause cancer. groundbreaking, and an ambitious project, jerry brown and mayor will be shot among those making the first day, the project including new six-story outpatient center and will we build the main hospital, a new surgical, diagnostic as a poor clinics will be added. the children of oakland deserve the greatest children's hospital in the world and we will make it happen. >> the fiber jamaican dollar project is expected to take 10 years to complete. parts of south asia are reeling after a massive earthquake. new video of the impact and aftermath and talking to bay area families hoping loved ones are safe. >> a new republican front- runner emerging and a key state according to know ball. how donald trump is dealing with second-place. college with no books or classrooms? and you work 8-year-old pace. a new app making it possible.
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>> the five million dollar project 's .stories, the search is going on now on tamales bay for missing boater, a boat capsizes morning sending 3 people into
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the water and one person died, another rescued and the third has not been found. no word on what caused the boat capsizes. questions about why a woman was pulled over by kensington police and threatened with arrest. she is an elected official and has been critical of the police department. the stop happened in berkeley and kensington's police chief asked for an independent investigation. retired judge ladoris cordell named to head a commission looking into the santa clara county jail in the panel is a response to the beating death of a mentally ill inmate inside of the cell last august. three county jail guards have been charged with michael tyree's murder. the death toll from today's 7.5 quake in afghanistan is rising gets of this is a more than 260 people are confirmed dead in afghanistan and pakistan . among the dead, 12 schoolgirls traveled in a stampede as students ran from their collapsing school building. the
6:30 pm
quake left hundreds of buildings in ruins and most are made from light and bird. kpix 5 -- made from moderate and brick. watching developments from the homeland>> reporter: as a traditional bread is being baked , regulars are coming in like they do but store owner says he and his customers have spent time today talking about the quake. >> and customers are worried about loved ones and family and they do not know if they are good or not. so a lot of people are concerned. >> he just returned from his state of pakistan saying he had the worst fears when heard about the quake. >> my first reaction was i remember almost 10 years back, we had a same disaster, same area. i said is coming again
6:31 pm
for mac -- >> reporter: he wants of foundation focusing on outreach and disaster preparedness in pakistan and the quake was in afghanistan but he says the ktk province of pakistan is where most casualties that been reported. he also called both his brother and sister in pakistan. >> i called and my elder brother lives in the slum and apparently he was not taking the phone and i called karachi asking about my elder brother and she says yes, i spoke with him in the afternoon and they are fine. >>'s foundation has emergency tents in pakistan but at this point he doesn't have information to decide where they are needed the most. reporting of fremont, mark sayre, kpix 5 . an update on breaking news out of san francisco. reports of a fire burning along market street.
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one burbage is on the scene >> reporter: is started at 5:48 this afternoon. voters taken by twitter users showing flames shooting out of the second story window. the house -- fire is on the lower street. neighbors tell us there are four units in the building. san francisco of fire appears to put the majority of the fire out but they are looking for no hotspots. neighboring buildings will not be allowed in. they will check the buildings to make sure the fire did not spread between the fear -- buildings. burned out will be -- buildings on the second floor of this apartment building near the corner of market and dolores. firefighters are on the roof. ladder trucks are out
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inspecting the buildings next story trying to figure out is that building suffered damage as a result of this fire. >> thank you. other headlines, three more earthquakes shaking san ramon since last evening. the latest magnitude 2.7, 11:33 before noon today. and a 2.6 early this morning and 2.9 last night. hundreds of earthquakes have hit the same area since last week. cal fire, five, 5 acres burned near bailey wrote in an area populated by transmission towers. no word on the cause but crews checked the area for downed power lines. smoking on a bar train suspecting causing the scene riders covering their noses as they pulled into san francisco 24 street station a 10:00. it was smoky, bart blamed equipment failure taking the
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car out of service. trains delayed 20 minutes in the morning. crews are continuing to search for one person missing after a well watching boat sank off of canada. the vessel was carrying 20 people when it went down. 5 people visiting from the uk were killed. the rest were rescued. the cause of the sink -- boat sinking is a mystery -- mystery. >> >> it will be months before we learn. >> the call came on him clear and sunny day but the boat may have been an a rocky area home to a feline colony. campaign trail where the front runner in a race for blood public and presidential nomination is trailing in one key state. the ben carson has taken the lead over donald trump in the key state of iowa. craig boswell on the shift in momentum. >> reporter: donald trump is going after the man who has replaced him at the top of the polls in iowa.
6:35 pm
a new poll shows ben carson with a double-digit lead over trump in iowa 32 percent to 18 percent. >> i don't believe the polls. i see the response. >> reporter: in addition to questioning energy, he questioned his religion at an event in florida this weekend. >> i'm presbyterian. that is down the middle of the road in all fairness. seventh-day adventist, i don't know about. >> carson said he and trump went through something like this a few months ago pxe daughter was questioning his face and he went ballistic -- his faith, it's interesting that he would be doing that now . >> reporter: of both will be center stage at the third gop debate wednesday night. the two assistant on changing the debate format which includes opening statements and will be limited to two hours. jeb bush huddling with donors and family members as he struggles with the dynamics of the race.
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>> i have cool things to do other than sitting around being miserable listening to people the web -- demonize me and me feeling compelled to do the same. >> his campaign cutting back on salaries. craig boswell. app's can help us to get a college degree. coming up, the program leading to a diploma no classroom require. don't let her age fool you how this seniors keeping up with innovation. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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college education -- throug app. a new program offers t chance to earn a degr et -- without ever getting a college education through an app, a new program offers is a chance to earn a degree on your ipad or tablet without setting foot inside of a classroom. chris martinez and shows us how
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it works >> reporter: virtually anywhere he goes, colin gray can work toward earning his college degree at his own pace. >> i do not really feel the pressure. i set my own deadlines and can work toward the >> reporter: is using a nickel called my path offered to brandman university. there are no books that everything is done on his tablet, even exams monitored the instructors the webcam. it was designed with nontraditional students in mind , especially those with busy work schedules yet you can find yourself with a spare 20 minutes and i can walk -- work on a paper or complete a quiz or do something. >> reporter: colleges and universities offer online options according to the us department of education, one of four college students take at least some of the courses online . brandman is helping to set the program apart by offering an app with the unique payment plan for $2700, students can earn all of the credits they can handle within 6 months tax this provides an incentive for students to finish quickly. if
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they finish in 2.5 years, bachelors degree will cost $13,500. >> standing on his schedule is paying off. >> i hope i can have my complete degree in 12 months >> reporter: apace he says would not be possible any other way. chris martinez, cbs news at irvine california. it is unique. brandman university is accredited nonprofit college having a campus in walnut creek. a marion county woman leaving a .5 man dollars state to a gardener. tonight the woman's daughter is suing thing home otherwise manipulated. i will have the story and more tonight on bay area, 10:00, on our sister station 24 cable 12. did you get caught in the fog? is state. did not burn off until lunchtime for parts of the area. looking toward the bay bridge, did not burn off until lunch.
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we will talk about whether it returns tonight and whether rain , not one or two chances right now. charles barkley waking -- weighing in on the chance for repeat. >> not many are picking the 49ers these days. there's going to be had across the board and from one guy with a lot to say to one guy who has nothing to say. find out why coming up. at the age of 97, one great- grandmother isn't looking bk on life... she's looking to,
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the future. cnet dot-com's lexy savvides meets the senior who got her wish to visit google. at the age of 97, one grandmother is not looking back on life. she's looking to the future. >> meets a senior who got her wish to visit google. >> reporter: 97-year-old grew up before computers and smartphones. >> we had no electricity or radio, horse and buggy.
6:45 pm
>> reporter: on this day she was not only writing a car but a self can't -- google self driving cars yes it's amazing. format that was in the only stop on her google vip tour. there was touring with the google doodle team, trying out technology that helps people with tremors. >> wonderful >> reporter: and his introduction to virtual reality. >> all the way around? >> reporter: [laughter] where are they coming from? the day was full of first, all this from a technomic -- tech novice uses her laptop to email and was called apple text support to fix her computer but she wants to learn about how technology works including what many wonder, what exactly is the cloud? >> the cloud is basically a computer that i don't have to hold in my hands that have access to
6:46 pm
>> reporter: to a partnership with her assisted living community brookdale and the organization wish of a lifetime, she was not just searching google, she was touring it gets make-a-wish and have it come true for mac is -- her expenses than a lifetime in mountain view, lexie sabine. cbs news. looks good for 97. weather watcher, things are changing the weather pattern is changing and you will get rain. we'll find out what weather watchers have to say. last the 60s and 70s at the bay area. temperatures running above average. a cool weather day. starting the morning, linda showing us a shot of the fog in napa this morning. and sunshine and clouds rolled in. roxanne giving us a shot of the sunset filed this morning, sunset and clouds increasing. moonrise of the bay bridge.
6:47 pm
looks gorgeous. fantastic city. oakland, 73. livermore, 80s. 77 now san francisco, 70 santa rosa 74. watching the radar all week. tomorrow night, we will seem rain entering the north bay and by the morning, roberta will have a forecast for you. rain will fall this week. concordes, 52 san jose, 55 santa rosa 48. impressive system on satellite imagery looking like they should be rain within this cloud cover marching toward us. the cloud cover gets you tomorrow. completely cloudy from sun up to sun down. a disconnect between the parent low-pressure area in alaska which is a front draped with it and the tropicals moisture we would hope would get pulled in from the hurricane olaf. we're not grabbing the tropical influence. we will have a front and
6:48 pm
rainfall but not as much as we were hoping for because we're not getting the rich tropical moisture lead to more rainfall. let's talk about how much to expect which is not bad hit late october and not in the rainy season, not bad news. up to one quarter of an inch in the east bay, one quarter of an inch of the peninsula and san francisco south bay, 2/10 of an inch of rain fall. heavy rain will fall in the north bay and one quarter of an inch-three quarters of an inch there. the rain within wednesday morning. cloudy skies tomorrow for everyone. rain late tuesday night. steady rainfall from the drive to work the commute will be sloppy. cloud cover is warmer than average. palo alto 75, cloudy in concordes, 75 and antioch, 76. close to 70 in sakiewicz is still -- in san francisco. rain wednesday. thursday sunshine is back warm rather friday and halloween
6:49 pm
will be fun. no rain but more rainfall next monday. to chances of rain over the next seven days. two chances of rain over the next seven days.
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they'll do it in front of nv analyst charles barkley who infamously picked "against" warriors in the finals.. the warriors get the rings tomorrow on opening night and they will do it in the front of the nba tv analyst known as charles barkley who infamously picked against the warriors in the finals. spirit is interesting people think we care who wins. it's like i'm the only person who picked the cavaliers to win. >> the rest of the turner broadcasting crew and san francisco to discuss the season. sir charles at a chance to make amends about the pick. >> i think there are four teams that can win the championship. and they are one of the four but i'm not picking them. i'm picking oklahoma city. >> when will he ever learn? the raiders improved the three and three after a dominant win in san diego enough to make anybody happy, even with the receiver amari cooper.
6:53 pm
>> the cameras have you smiling on the sidelines. you have a reputation for not smiling all the time. turn your frown upside down. best game, racking up 133 yards and a touchdown. it's obvious he does not like talk about himself so we will let someone else do it. >> is amazing. he's also one of the best in the league. obviously he's a rookie and has not done it for a certain amount of time, that what people will say but he is one of the best. >> as someone said you will be 3-3 in six games what you tell him? >> we should be better. >> he put back in his face. colin kaepernick and the 49ers are under fire after 2-5 start. report of discontent in the locker room and as president has said, the buck stops with him. i asked cbs five and was jeremy
6:54 pm
newberry about advice you may have for the owner. >> i would have a similar conversation i had with his father when he asked what was walt disney module that he messed it up. they had a good leader in harbaugh and a good thing going on but a power struggle and i have to go back for the award deal and if they are watching it may not be hugs and handshakes but i have always giving you the truth and they have to do a better job in the front office of giving a product worthy for the fans to watch. >> the truth hurts. changes are coming. they are coming to detroit. firing joe lombardi the place with quarterback coach jim bob cooter to replace it. other coaches were let go. jim bob cooter. and they play the raiders next month. he probably did not have a weekend as good. kirk cousins
6:55 pm
had a good weekend. place of the weekend. >> you like that? why was he fired out? he overcame a 24-0 deficit against the bucs. the biggest comeback win. josh mccown one not as fired up. he left with a shoulder injury. hit a beer between syracuse. dungeon level, out cold but came back it he was only out briefly. cowboys and giants. tiptoeing to make the game time grab. did you see this? seminal game- winning field goal is block picked up by lance austin reversing and out running every player to the end zone. yellowjackets, florida state undefeated season. somewhere harbaugh feels better. cowboys and greg hardy, furious
6:56 pm
at the world tour -- in dallas was losing exchanging words with dez bryant on the sideline offering this x one nation -- explanation after the game. >> no comment. next question it. no comment. next question. no comment, no comment do have a question? no comment any other questions? thank you for coming out. appreciate it >> starting out 2-0 and they lost four straight since a quarterback when doctor kirk cousins, can i hear that again? >> you like that? you like that? >> pretty good. down 24-0 comes back to win. i like that. >> my favorite guy, jim bob cooter. see you at 11:00.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: all right, everybody. i appreciate you. thank y'all very much. i thank you. i appreciate it now. thank you. ha ha. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day with a total of $20,000 from sacramento, california, it's the neuhart family. and from chi-town, chicago, illinois, it's the klein family. everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new bold ford edge.
7:00 pm
let's go meet the klein family. marc, how you doing? marc: i'm doing great, steve. how are you? steve: good. chicago, huh? marc: windy city. your hometown. steve: yeah, man. i live there 8 months out of the year, man. marc, what do you do for a living, man? marc: i graduated from law school in may, and i'm a first-year attorney in chicago. steve: oh, man. you're good. man: hey. steve: well, introduce everybody. marc: sure, i am joined by my cousin joe, my-- audience: [cheering] marc: yeah! my cousin alex. my cousin ben, the birdman. ben: [cawing] all: birdman, birdman, birdman! marc: and my big brother jeremy. woo! steve: good luck to both families. let's get it on. give me danna, give me marc. ["family feud" theme plays] top 8 answers on the board. name


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