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tv   CBS Overnight News  KPIX  October 27, 2015 3:12am-4:01am PDT

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to engineer. kasich said this entire controversy was another example of trump's "empty, false rhetoric." >> major garrett, thank you. vice president biden is letting us is on how he decided not to challenge hillary clinton for the democratic nomination. in an interview for 60 minutes. he told nora o'donnell it all came done to the calendar. let me put it this way. i gave my word as a biden. i think that the first caucus was april 1st. we probably would be running. because there is time. >> how often did the two of you talk about this decision? every night? >> well, some mornings we would say, lake i rike i remember a mo on the porch at home. i said. maybe we should just. i don't know if we will get there in time. maybe we should say we are not going. joe said what about the supreme court. jill said awhat about supreme
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court. >> what about education, what about community colleges. everything we had worked so hard for in this administration, could all -- could just all change. >> did you make a list of pros and cons? >> no. >> no, no. >> uh-uh. >> we knew why we wanted to run. we knew that two years ago. two and a half years ago. i have known that since i joined the administration. but the other side was, it wasn't just since may 30th, when beau passed away, it was for the last year. we have been dealing with this -- with, being up and down, and beau would go through a pretty kol th protocol with few people in it. there would be hope. initial signs. okay. beau would say, come on dad, we are going to be all right here, you know? so it was -- it was a roller coaster ride. but look, i can die a happy man, we can be a happy family, mine
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never having been president as long as we continue to stay true to what we believed in and keep pushing on the thing that have animated our life. >> vice president joe biden on "60 minutes." today in the canadian pacific. the search continued for a sixth victim after a tourist boat capsized yesterday, five body were recovered from the whale watching tour off vancouver island. 21 were rescued. no word on the cause. tonight we are getting a look inside last weak's mission to rescue prisoners that were held by isis in iraq. kurdish troops backed by u.s. special operations forces freed dozens of them. and american master sergeant joshua wheeler was killed in the fire fight. elizabeth palmer is in northern iraq. the video captured on a helmet camera shows dazed prisoners emerging one by one from their cells to be patted done by kurdish special forces. although you can clearly hear
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the american backup. the kurds released this individually to show their close partnership with american might. on the well fortified front line near the key oil city of kirkuk, a morale booster for the peshmerga fighters who make do with outdated weapons and get their salaries late or not at all. general kamal kirkuki its the area commander. >> it was great thing for america and us to liberate these civilian people's lives. >> reporter: to isis fighters hiding and watching less than a mile away the pictures will come as a blow. but freedom has a price. in this case, a compulsory camera call for the prisoners to embrace their kurdish liberators and say thank you. saad khelef ali feraj, a
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policeman, he was overcome as isis told him he had only an hour left to live. with this video the kurds want to underscore how with american help they are winning against isis. in contrast to the iraqi army, which gets four times as much money from the u.s., but is struggling to take back the country from extremists. the fact is though, scott, the kurds have pretty well consolidated most of their territory in northern tie rack whereas the iraqi army has thousands of square miles to take back from isis. they are making progress, at last, but it is painfully slow. >> liz palmer in northern iraq for us tonight. liz, thank you. we were struck today by pictures from a dren thone that captured the scope of the refugee crisis in europe. a grim procession of thousands walked through a field in slovenia after escaping the wars in syria and afghanistan. their march to freedom in western europe was detoured by
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today a medical panel urged high school football leagues to ban certain types of tackling to save lives. another player died last week in chicago and dean reynolds was there. >> reporter: friend, neighbors and coaches of andre smith gathered to mourn the 17-year-old senior whose life was cut short playing a game he loved. his brother eric had a warning for andre's teammates. >> protect yourself. be cautious. because, something just as simple as a football injury can -- can, can end a whole
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life. >> terrell alexander is a coach. >> there is no practice for something like this. you know, it is not something you can write down and come up with a script for these young men. >> reporter: smith played for chicago's bogan high school and injured in a collision on the last play of the last game of the season. he is the seventh high school player in the country to die in 2015 from a football related injury. in his case, blunt force trauma to the head. now, the american academy of pediatrics says the way we play the game must change. proper tackling technique must be emphasized and there must be zero tolerance for illegal head first hits. dr. greg landry co-authored the policy statement. >> those are high risk maneuvers, associated with catastrophic injury to both the brain and the neck. >> reporter: landry said athletic trainers should be available to assess injuries.
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nationwide, 37% of high schools have full time athletic trainers like brian robinson. >> why aren't you on the sidelines at every game? >> the most common exkus i hear is budget. i think in today's society, schools who use that excuse are making a mistake. >> reporter: nevertheless, 30% of the high schools in the country, scott, have no athletic trainers. >> dean reynolds. thank you very much. a university has removed a divisive symbol when we come back.
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the deep south in deep water tonight. the gulf mexico wofld up on
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highways in dauphin, island, alabama. and these are the remnants of hurricane patricia, the most powerful cyclone ever in the western hemisphere. it hit mexico friday night. but the damage wasn't nearly as bad as feared. all that moisture now is headed north. a sign of changing times at the university of mississippi. the school removed for the last time, the state flag because it includes the confederate battle emblem. the student and faculty senates urged ole miss to take it down. it is the last state flag to incorporate the emblem in 2001, voters decided to keep it. today a british airways 737 crash landed in johannesburg, south africa, after part of the landing gear came off in flight. sparks flew as the left wing scraped the runway. but no injuries. the folks at a home for seniors are fighting to get a beloved pet back. and their story is next. ,,,,,,,,
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each spring in california, the swallows return to the san juan capistrano mission. did you know, 400 miles to the north there is a mission this fall to have a duck returned to san anselmo. john blackstone is there. >> reporter: in a locked pen at a wildlife hospital near san francisco, a duck named juanita is tied up in red tape. meanwhile at bello gardens assisted living center residents are campaigning to win freedom for juanita. >> it doesn't seem right. i want that duck back. >> reporter: nor ma manning
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misses having juanita in the backyard. >> she was just a nice pet. everybody loved her. >> reporter: juanita arrived two years ago an orphan duckling. the cook, walter paredes fete her back to health and she quickly became part of life here. neysa hinton. >> the staff built this area for her put the pond in and the water fall. >> reporter: one day in september, juanita wandered away. someone found her and took her to wild care a local animal hospital. that's where the red tape started. she gets checked into wild care. all of a sud sheden she belongs the state of california. >> wild care insists giving the duck back would be a federal offense with dire consequences. >> we would lose our license. >> reporter: the federal government would close you down itch you gave one duck to a
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senior center? >> yes. >> wild care is helping bello gardens to apply for a permit to keep a wild duck as a pet. the residents can visit juanita trying to make the best of a situation that is all fowled up. john blackstone, cbs news, san anselmo, california. >> that's the "cbs overnight news" for this tuesday. for some of you the news continues. for others check back later for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm scott pelley.
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>> announcer: this is the "cbs overnight news." welcome to the overnight news. i'm michelle miller. there is a major shakeup in the race for the republican party presidential nomination. donald trump is no longer the clear front-runner at least not in iowa. which holds the first in the nation caucuses february 1. a cbs news poll shows a dead heat, trump and ben carson both at 27%. but a monmouth university shows carson with a wide lead. 32% to 1%. amid the new numbers, things are getting testy on the campaign trail. major garrett takes a look. >> reporter: confronted with three polls showing him trailing ben carson in iowa, donald trump
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went on the attack. >> by the way, carson is lower energy than bush. i've don't get it. i saw him being interviewed. he is lower energy than bush. >> reporter: that was today in new hampshire. this was friday in florida. >> donald trump has fallen to second place behind ben carson. we informed ben, but he was sleeping. >> reporter: carson a retired neurosurgeon offered a less cutting response. >> i would like to see him stand up for 18 hours and operate on somebody. >> reporter: trump's reaction to losing ground in iowa. disbelief. >> i don't believe the polls. i see the response from the people from iowa. >> reporter: trump offered a glimpse into what he considers hardships of his early real estate career. >> it has not been easy for me. i started off in brooklyn the my father gave me a small loan of $1 million. i came into manhattan. i had to pay him back and pay him back with interest. >> reporter: trump entered the new york real estate market in 1971, $1
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million adjusted for inflation would equal $5.8 million today. trump tried to take credit for a ford motor company decision to shift some jobs to ohio from a plant in mexico. >> mexico took a ford plant. i have been very tough on the ford. you heard me talking about ford. i heard last night. ford is moving back to the united states. >> ford is moving about 1,000 jobs from mexico to ohio. a decision the company approved in 2011. and one a gop rival of trump's, ohio governor john kasich helped to engineer. kasich said this entire controversy was another example of trump's "empty, false rhetoric." >> major garrett, cbs news, washington. as for the democrats it is shaping up to be hillary clinton's job to lose. senator bernie sanders gets his next shot at derailing hillary clinton in iowa. cbs news hosting the democratic
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debate. as for joed by any decision not to challenge, clinton for the nomination. he discussed that with nora o'donnell for "60 minutes." >> the oval office. this is right before you went out to the rose garden and told everybody that you weren't running for president. what advice did the president give you? >> i called the president early in the morning. he was in the gym working out. and he took my call. i said, "mr. president, i said, we have decided." i'm not going to run. he knew how close it was. what was going on. and i said, i'm going to go out and announce it to -- this morning. or early afternoon. he said, joe, i would be proud to stand with you. >> did the president want-up to run? >> the president wanted me to do what i thought was best. >> that speechen the rose garden sounded a little bit like a campaign platform, did you have a speech written for whether you were going to run or weren't going to run? because part of the speech
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sounded like, i'll be ready. i have a plan if you need me. at some point. >> the truth is, there is some truth to that. because what i wanted. >> but are you leaving the door open if something happens? >> no, no. i was making the case that i do want to influence the democratic party. i want to make no bones about that. i don't want the party walking away from what barack and i did. you said you will not be silent? >> i will not be silent. i want to the extent that i can influence the democratic party. >> you didn't mention hillary clinton at all during your speech but did seem to be referring to her if i don't think we should look at republicans as our in mes. was that a reference -- >> that wasn't directed to hillary. >> she called republicans enemies in the debate. >> i think she was being more humorous than direct about that. >> she said that in the debate.
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she said which enemy are you most proud of the she said the iranians. then mentions the republicans. >> she was smiling when she said the republicans. i don't take it that is her view. i do know it is the view of many people. when i made the statement, there were two big articles, why is biden so naive. these people are our enemy. serious people. they're not my enemy. how, how in god's name can be govern this country? if we view the opposition as an enemy? >> did you watch the democratic debate. did you watch hillary clinton? did you think she is unbeatable? >> i didn't think that. what i thought was she did a great job. i thought bernie did a great job. look, i have debated hillary, 13 times in national presidential debates. i know hillary. i know her debating skills. i know mine. i have never had any dut about her intellect or capacity to debate. i thought she did, comforted herself really well. >> but you wouldn't have kidded running for president unless you
3:36 am
thought, or had some doubts, about hillary clinton? >> not at all. that has nothing to do with it. i said from the beginning. look, i like hillary. hillary and i get along together. the only reason, i still think i could do a better job than any body else could do. that's the reason to run. i wouldn't run against him ear. >> but you also said in the rose garden. democrats should run on the record. >> that's right. >> the president's record. >> i believe that. do you think hillary is run og in that or something else? >> will she will run on part or not. she has made a decision on two important things. doesn't mean she won't be a great president. >> when "the new york times" reported there is real tension between you and hillary clinton that the mere mention of her name makes you fume according to some advisers. >> well, let me till you something. it must be the same guys who knew i was going to run. because that's never been the case. go back and find anybody who says for the four years we worked together, hillary and i
3:37 am
weren't friends. >> what do you think uh donald trump? >> the one thing i, i am disappointed in donald trump, i know what a showman and all he is. but i really, i really don't think it's healthy and i hope he reconsiders this sort of attack on all immigrants. i think that is i think that is beneath the country. i don't think it is where the american people are. i hope he doesn't really believe it. >> you have 15 months left in office. what one or two things do you think you can get done? >> i think we can get a number of things done. one i think we can really begin to nail down this commitment to work on cancer and -- head toward a moon shot. the president and i have talked about that. number two, i think we can -- make some real progress with paul ryan, a good guy on working toward an accommodation on the budget and keeping the government open. >> this white house has not been able to get much done with this congress. do you think, as speaker ryan will change things?
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the pentagon has released dramatic video of last week's rescue operation in iraq. helmet cameras caught the action as kurdish fighters backed by u.s. special forces soldiers swooped in and raided an isis operation center. the raid freed 69 prisoners and captured a half dozen isis gunmen. but also led to death of an american soldier, master sergeant joshua wheeler. the u.s. involvement in the battle against yes has been mostly limited to the air war against targets in iraq and syria. david martin got a firsthand look inside the command center in the persian gulf nation of qatar. boy the b-1 is carrying 17.5 tons of bombs and 170,000 pound
3:41 am
of jet fuel. it strains to get airborne in the reduced lift of 100-degree heat. it will take nearly three hours to reach the target. with two aerial refuelings along the way. mr. martin welcome to the combat operations floor. >> yeah. >> reporter: lieutenant colonel david hayworth takes us in to watch as b-1 and all the other aircraft carry out the day's attack plan against isis. >> doesn't have any windows but nice view. >> good look at arabian golf through iraq and syria. >> reporter: the air war going o 14 months. this is the first time news cameras have been allowed into its nerve center. >> the weapon of choice here is information. the more information we have about the enemy and our friendlies, the better we are able to make decisions. >> on one wall, a giant map showing the location of every plane. green or american and allied. the blue are commercial aircraft.
3:42 am
on another a video feed from an unmanned drone. one of dozens orbiting over iraq and syria. we make our way around the floor to a spot in the center called the crow's-nest. >> you were standing right now at the nexus, the center of the air campaign against isil and daish. >> reporter: general charles brown is the commander of the air war. how much effort does it take to mount a strike like that? >> from just the one airplane, schedule wise, a three day process. some of those we looked at for, for -- days, weeks, sometimes months. >> i can't from here see any human activity around there. >> there is today's target. on the wall of the command center the a live video feed from an unmanned drone pointing its camera at a cluster of buildings believed to be hiding isis explosives. we can see the green track of the b-1 on the screen as it approaches the target.
3:43 am
while the drone takes one last look, lieutenant general brown explains what is happening. >> it is a weapons cache as well as a -- vehicle borne ied. >> exactly. >> reporter: the first planes over the target are a pair of dutch f-16 a awe decrease. >> here we go. >> now is that a second ear? >> probably a second ear. >> that means they were explosives in there? >> correct. going off. >> right. >> so i guess if there were any body in the other three you would have seen them running out by now. >> exactly. >> there goes the vehicle. >> next the b-1 with the bombs. >> look at that. >> the second eary are going of. and indication. level of explosives inside the
3:44 am
buildings. >> total of 16 weapons. >> prob blably a weapon. >> for a month and a half. u.s. and allied planes have struck 47 facility like this one. >> they're going to go set up another factory in another building some place. >> potentially. and, our goal is to -- to haunt them wherever they are and take the things out so we can rely on security and stability in this region. >> how does today, this one day of strikes we have witnessed, how does that -- bring the u.s. closer to -- to defeating isis? >> well, every day we go out and strike, it's one step closer. i can't tell you how many steps it is going to take. it is going to be more than a handful. that's for sure. >> and every day, more bombs are unpacked and assembled. these are the 2,000 bunker busters used in the attack we witnessed. and insert fuses and dial in
3:45 am
delay of several millisecond. so the explosives inside won't go off until after the bomb penetrated its target. next, tailfins that will guide the bombs are attached. the geographic coordinates of the targets will be programmed into the bombs and gps satellites, the same ones you use to navigate your car will steer them. the bombs are haul out to one of the busiest airfield in the world and along with smaller 500 pounders, loaded aboard b-1 bombers. the u.s. is spending $10 million a day. launching aircraft from bases in kuwait, qatar, the united arab emirates. jordan, turkey. counting al l inin ining allied. the air campaign began last year, president obama warned, it would take time. >> it seems like it is taking even more time than -- than
3:46 am
people thought. >> it is in some regard. part of this, not only working at the pace and the way we would operate, it is also the pace at our partners operate. a tee effoam effort. we look to move faster. >> one hold-up is the iraqi army. still trying to regroup after being routed by yes last year. the strikes are supposed to pave the way for it to retake lost ground. but now, iraqi officials from the prime minister on down, are saying publicly, we are not getting enough air strikes. >> i tell you that is a bit frustrating. because we have air purr over iraq. 24/7. just for the record are the iraqis calling for more strikes than you are tabable to deliver? >> no we, have a lot of air purr out there. >> every time the iraqis call for a strike. wear's able to deliver. >> were's there. >> why are they complaining? >> that's a good question. because the i think we have been a great support of what the iraqis have been doing.
3:47 am
so i guess i take, i have a different opinion the i've really do. >> reporter: the answer at lest according to american military officers, is that the iraqis are making excuses for their failure to take greater advantage of the strikes. which pentagon statistic shoz have destroyed tore damaged nearly 14,000 isis targets. everything from tanks to buildings to staging areas. and although the pentagon refuses to put out an official body count, lieutenant colonel h hayworth. >> i'm seeing it. enemy fighters being killed in action. at a rate on par numbers you are hearing 1,000 a month. >> reporter: isis has been able to replace its dead with snu recruits. the estimated number of enemy fighters remains unchanged. 20,000, 30,000 last year. 20,000, 30,000 this year. >> so as long as they can keep bringing fighters in there, are
3:48 am
you just shuffling sand against the tide? >> i don't know if that's the way i would put it. you have to eliminate the folks. you have off to take then me off the bat ltd fietlefielbattlefie. they're not as seasoned. we'll take them out. >> best measure of progress is the amount of ground isis has lost. the pentagon released a map to show how much land has changed hand since the air campaign began. some territory held by isis, the areas in green, have been retaken by friendly forces. isis has also made some gains seen here in dark red. but overall, isis apares to be the net loser. >> this is, this is isis controlled here. >> you know, that is an interesting term. isis controlled. i have seen a lot of maps. reports about the pieces. there is big large swaths of red territory, isis controls. but really you are seeing very small pockets of where isil really is. this is vast open desert.
3:49 am
really, they're concentrated on a few small locations along these lines of communications leading into syria. >> syria, where isis has its headquarters and where the civil war only promises to get hotter now that the russian air force has intervened on the side of syria's dictator bashar al assad. the russian jets in yellow on the screen are tracked by the command center. >> whale they intend to operate in syria. and we intend to operate in syria like the past year. >> you don't want the russians to come too close, obviously? >> right. >> how close is too close? >> well, i don't know. i throw a definition out there the what we didn't want is to have a midair. we want to maintain level of safe sepp ratiaration. >> russian aircraft have come within 500 feet of u.s. planes. russian defense ministry released the video of one of the pilots checking out an american drone. the f-15, e strike fighters
3:50 am
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3:53 am
front stoop. maria villareal has the story. >> reporter: rick was expecting ups to leave two packages on his porch instead home surveillance video captures an unexpected visitor pulling up in a u-haul stealing his stuff in second. >> i was blown away. i couldn't believe this was actually happening. he was in such a hurry to go get the box, get out of here and follow the ups truck to another location. >> reporter: police raided the alleged thieves apartment using a license plate captured by deckman's surveillance video. inside they found hundreds of packages police believe were stolen and would have been resold. >> they were doing this for a very long time then? >> correct. there were just piles of stuff everywhere. >> reporter: porch piracy is happening across the country. in pittsburgh, a woman pushing a toddler in a stroller swiped packages from inside a screen door. in chicago, a neighbor filmed this interaction on his cell
3:54 am
phone after he saw a man taking packages from a front porch. >> why you picking them up? you are not delivering. you went and picked them up! >> reporter: law enforcement says the problem is growing, as shopping habits are changing. according to the nrf, consumers say all most half of their shopping will be online this holiday season with free shipping and shipping promotions meaning major selling point. when we are talking about an increase in the crime, how big of an increase is this? >> i would say an increase i see, or calls i get is 50% more. items being stolen that it was last year. >> reporter: developers in san francisco say they have a solution. a new app called doorman that will hold your packages in a warehouse and deliver them to your home when you are hope. >> delivery. >> the whole idea of the company is, be able to schedule packages on your schedule. we deliver from 6:00 p.m. to
3:55 am
midnight. seven days a week. >> reporter: as for rick deckman, he still has his packages, but from,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a high school football player in tennessee left in critical condition after suffering a head injury during a game friday night. the injury comes as a high school in chicago mourns the death of student athlete andre smith. he was badly hurt during a game. it has got a lot of parents taking a hard lack at alug their kids on to the field. dean reynolds reports from bogan high school in chicago. >> reporter: while high school football fatalities are down from the 1960s and 1970s. but in a sport by its nature is violent, the question remains whether it can ever be made truly safe. friends and family gathered this weekend to remember 17-year-old andre smith, who suffered a fatal injury playing football for his high school.
3:58 am
he was rushed to a low cull hospital. he died there the following morning. >> he was always there. he was always there for anybody who ever needed him. >> reporter: over the weekend the cook county examiner ruled it accidental by blunt force injuries due to football. >> you understand the risk i's a game, you know. it's a game. >> reporter: smith is the seventh high school football player to die in the u.s. this year. just days ago, cameron matthews. and last month evan murray died from a lacerated spleen he suffered during a game. >> high school football deaths are disturbing. >> reporter: the american academy of pediatrics issued new guidelines aimed at improving the safety of youth football. recommendations included having
3:59 am
athletic trainers on side lines of games, offering nontackle football games as an alternative and zero tolerance for illegal head-first hits. >> too many head-to-head hits. leading with the head. known as spearing. been against the rules since 1976. >> we thank you. >> reporter: to andre smith's teammates his brother had this to say. >> just be aware, you know. protect yourself. be cautious. because, something just as simple as a football injury can -- can, can end a whole life. >> reporter: now the chicago public school system says it follows all of the rules governing high school football. andre smith is the first high schooler to die in illinois, playing the game. since 2012. and that is the overnight news for this tuesday. for some of you the news continues. for others check back with us a little bit later for the "the morning news" and cbs this
4:00 am
morning. from the broadcast center here in new york city, i'm michelle miller. ,, in. >> it's tuesday, october 27th, 2015, this is the "cbs morning news." caught on camera, an ugly crash inside a high school kassroom, a student is seen being thrown from her deck by a school resource officer. heightened tensions on the high sea, the united states issues a bold challenge to china's growing influence in the south china sea. and black friday blackout the retailer that's pledging to keep its doors shut during one of the biggest shopping days of the year and why it's doing


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